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The revelation - How the Cosmic Egg was brokenThe Her of Him - The Gods - HER-HIM - The Secret - The face of the soul- The Circles of Return

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The comrade - The dream - The dog on the frozen plain - The Master of the Sphinx - The Master who understands the language of the animals and flowers The signs - Allouine - What she looked like - The White Gods - Don't lose your self-control'The Narrow Passages' - The suitor - The flight - The Wounded King - He asks the question - The supplicant - The kiss - The body of the Absolute Woman- The scabbard of the sword- The test- The 'tiny spark' - The exchange of hearts - The lefthanded sign - The Ring of Resurrection - Midday - The Disc


Nos, book oj the Resurrection. Translation Nos, libro de la resurreccion, . I. Title. PQ8097.S57N613 1984 863 84-6956


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The garden of childhood - The face - The violets of childhood - 'Ego' - 'Uninhabited blue' - My comradeThe great war of the Mahabharata - The Master and the serpent - The Court of King Antarcthus - The stone which fell from heaven - The initiation - The search once again - Carl Gustav Jung - 'Self - Anima, AnimusA-Mor - 'Synchronicity' - 'The Art of the Fugue' Hermann Hesse - The Wounded Warrior

The secret chamber .Lernuria .The plumed serpent .The return of the beginning to life . AGE THE RETURN OF THE GOLDEN 169 OF INITIATION OF A-MOR DICTIONARY 171 .The lord of the names .The astral tunnel. Omar Caceres.Dreams about water .The house on the mountain .It is also a grave . Rabindranath Tagore.The seal of the wordFather Ether .The Orphic Music THE MET AMORPHOSIS OF THE ELEPHANT ACKNOWLEDGMENTS 107 In which the war of the Mahabharata begins .I interpret the giants . Copyright 1926 by Ezra Pound. Leopardi. 161 I recover the dog . I am grateful to Faber & Faber Limited and New Directions Publishing Corporation for permission to quote Section II and Section IV and the first line of Section VII from the poem 'Sestina: Altaforte' from Collected Shorter Poems by Ezra Pound (Faber & Faber) and Personae by Ezra Pound (New Directions).Death and resurrection in Titicaca .The leap into the Void THE END OF KALIYUGA.'The navel of the world' .She . In this book I have reproduced lines and poems by Irene Klatt.'Zarathustra' .The Bird of Paradise .On the other side of the mirror .The cry of the bird .The transcendent light . D.The reunion with Jason .The Cathar stars THE SOLITUDE OF THE TRIALOGUE The illustrations for this English edition have been specially drawn by Wolfgang vom Schemm.VI Nos: Book oj the Resurrection OF ALLOUINE THE RETURN 83 The unknown legend of the Princess Pap an . Virgil. Rilke. Lawrence.The burning bush DEATH IN ANAHATA 135 The young fawn .The difficult test once again . and a translation by Ezra Pound from the poems of the troubadour Bertran de Born.Father .The baptism of the Man-Bird .How can I bring her back to life? .The last supper . She is the soulDon't stay in Anahata . Shelley.The supplication .The path of A-Mor .The initiation of the Manu-Tara . H.The secret marriage . William Blake.A woman has no soul.The glance . Holderlin.'The land of tears is so mysterious' THE MASTER SPEAKS ABOUT WHAT FOLLOWS 145 Dejection .The Triad .

o you. Why wilt thou turn away? The starry floor.The grave watered by tears. fields of wheat! Turn away no more. The only representative of God on earth is the soul MEISTER ECKHART . The watery shore Is given thee till the break of day.

the recomposition of the primordial Cosmic Egg. Book of the Resurrection I have been forced. Book oj Magic Love. Their II II II II Ii. but always symbolic..This face does not have enough ugliness in it to be truly beautiful. the work which preceded this one. However. nor a novel. so as to introduce lengthy semiconceptual. they are the defects which are necessary for a grandiose ultimate diapason. I was forced to write it in this way. which NOS. even by those who come upon it for the first time. in the Initiation of A-Mor.:Re~Ur. I:: 1.8ptYtt _OP. ~. In NOS. sought the reintegration of him and her. I imagine that the ultimate solution is a leap into the Void. Of course.. passages. In accordance with the required limitations. The whole of my creative work falls outside the boundaries of any specific literary genre. to violate the aesthetic formula. from the peak of Mount Meru.s. I am going beyond the Androgynous of the beginnings.'1::'.~-e{!ttO-n dJ&kc~ $tde %t"d INTRODUCTION TH U LE. over the Sahasrara chakra. Book of the Resurrection attempts to reveal (with great fear and difficulty).~({a£t. nor a philosophical essay. and it can be assimilated with no more difficulty than that inherent in its symbology and essential obscurity. which apparently break through the web of a parallel world in order to situate themselves in another one _ thus forming the arrows which assassinate time. I have also been permitted to reveal the Martial Initiation of A-Mor. as I said. G)Itttrnate dftO'WeJ. in search of an absolute differentiation.i[ This work possesses all the defects needed to defeat time. it is neither a poem. where the Magic Wedding of Siva and Parvati took place. although it contains a little of each of these. I conceived it within a rhythmic unity of the soul.t. (. 11 i I 198} WNf><fAN<J VOM ~<H~MM TH E WAY OF A"'MO~ .') ELiELLA. the Absolute Personality.

totally mutilated. The divine humanity of the Hyperboreans. The Androgynous had a female companion who was not its 'her' inside the Great Egg but had always been outside it. we have given them names like Evenor. . Some of the extraterrestrials 'fell in love with the daughters of men'. The origins of this most ancient martial initiation are lost in the mists of time (if indeed it ever did have any origins). Poseidon and Clcito ~roduced the five pairs of twins who were the ten k~ngs of Atlantis. Creation is the dance of Him and Her seeking and losing each other throughout infinity. The Dioscuri. which are in fact mantrams. the Morning Star?). From there the intention is to reach Sunya. From the union of Poseidon and Cleito were born ten kings of Atlantis.2 Nos: Book of the Resurrection Introduction 3 union in sacred matrimony is called Gal1dharba . who protects the Oath and the Golden Law. astronomy and agriculture. unrecognisable beings (Evenor. Cleito and Lilith. Apollo. showing us that the Vanir and the i'Esir have extraterrestrial origins. of which the Book of Enoch tells us? The angels. Because of the impossibility of writing their real names. the Greek gods are he heroes and kings ot Atlantis-Hypcrborea. From them were descended the semi-divine heroes. Perhaps this is the fall of the divine extraterrestrials. Is the twin a material entity or only the' double' in an astral. He was called Evenor and he married Leucippe. and that of the animal-men. Cleito. who supports the pillar of the sky. They are also the lords of the Ray of Green Light. the sudra. they found everything changed. Jason. going to other planets (to Venus. who somehow managed to survive its sinking. which are taken from the truncated mythologies of a more or less recent past. There they hoped to be able to recover those who had turned into semi-divinities through consorting with the terrestrials. parallel world? It can be deduced from all this that various levels of humanity exist. After him comes Apollo. travelled to Hyperborea every nineteen 1 Hyperborca is a mythical lost continent surrounding Some people believe that it was the real Atlantis. That is to say. even before it was broken. the seeming Void. According to the Orphic Cosmogony. ages later (Lucifer was one of their leaders). Only the divine Hyperboreans escaped from it in their vimanas. the pasu. before the loss of the Paradise of Hyperborea (Hyperborea means 'beyond the Ice and Storm'}. On the surface were strange. Castor and Pollux (Pole) are one of these pam. Apollo. Plato tells us the story of the destruction of Atlantis as if it refers to a catastrophe which occurred a very long time after the immense tragedy that is only recorded in the akdsic register of the universe. Closer to what really happened is what Plato tells us about Atlantis in his Critias and Timaeus. expurgated. the Second Earth involuted. At the very least. Love drives the Cosmogonic Eros to break the Cosmic Egg which encloses it. he is a king of the Grail. and then only in a tremulous. and women to adorn themselves by making cosmetics. perhaps the 'robots' of Atlantis. almost inaudible voice. In the beginning 'a man issued forth out of the earth'. So also may be Jason. or 'flying discs'.the Hieros-Gamos or Mvsterium Coniunctionis. Hollow Earth. who were no longer immortal. dividing the Androgynous. it says. 'the slaves of Atlantis'. When the divinities returned. The First Earth became the 'hollow' Interior Earth. Cleito?). The Book of Genesis is known to be an Atlantean story which has been adulterated. fell in love with the 'daughters of men' and consorted with them. Lucifer and his hosts entered the interior. beyond the Sun of Gold and the Black Sun. Did the Vanir or the i'Esir consort with the daughters of men? Perhaps they the North Pole. Lucifer. The Edda refer to the same subject as the Book of Enoch and the Mahabharata. where they built the cities of Agharti and Shambhalla. Leucippe. and it is based on the Orphic Cosmogony. The axis of the earth shifted. according to the Greeks. Leucippe. It is important to be able to cast light on the mystery of the Twin Kings of Atlantis. They had a daughter. There is a mystery which has rarely been spoken of. The ultimate aim of the Hyperborean Initiation of A-Mor. like Heracles-Hercules. The god Poseidon fell in love with her. the Non-existent Flower. the seasons were born. to the 'White Gods' who lived at both poles and were later submerged in the interior 'Hollow Earth'. In reality. the semi-divine humanity of the heroes descended from the intercourse of the gods with the daughters of men. They are the 'angels' of the Book of Enoch who taught men the arts of building. belonging solely to the polar divinities and semi-divinities. the magician as opposed to the saint and the mystic. which is a Hyperborean revelation. Thus. as opposed to Vedantic Samadhi.' The Book of Genesis calls her Lilith. years in order torejuve_nate himself. the definitive separation of tantric ecstasy: Kaiualva. the eldest being Atlas.

They also had Atlas. In the Nordic cult. there appeared the colour green. It was the Tree of Life which grew in the Nordic. the Insula Pomorum. the Vanir and the JEsir. led by Odin. The way and the life. Soon Atlas. as they also did in Avalon. The pillar and the life. who gave his name to Atlantis. which might have become a star. With regard to the Hyperborean Magic Wedding. The tree and the serpent. because the point of origin is to be found at the pole. like something which happened before the seconds and the hours. the tree then became the symbol of the legendary pillar. worshipping their Hyperborean ancestors through the symbol of the Pillar of the Sky. who were blood relatives. Its golden fruits were the stars. The Edda tell us that the sacred Tree. the JEsir apparently came from the Caucasus. The Vitis. it should be borne in mind that the name of the God Poseidon comes from the Greek posis. A music. From there came the cult of the Magic. entered into military strife. a sound. coiling itself around it. the God of the Axe. which was all the non-created world. Apollo and the divine Hyperboreans went there to eat them in order to rejuvenate themselves and return to life as immortals. Sacred Wedding. In the Garden of the Hesperides grew Golden Apples. 111 Hyperborea. And also with the mysterious Woevre Saelde (Isolde") whose sons the Minnesiinger claimed to be. or Wotan. the root-name of the most important of the Gods. And this was where HIM-HER lived. within the Eternal Return. the King of the Gods celebrated his marriage. took shape. but which remained as the motionless. where it reappeared among the Proven~al troubadours and the Minnesdnoer of the High Middle Ages (Tristan and Isolde). too. which was also called Y ggdrasil. the Betrothed. Polar pillar and also Vitis. He was the supporter of the pillar of the sky above the North Pole. Charlemagne felled it. being better expressed in the myth of the Eternal Return than in the rationally elaborated concept of Hinduism and Buddhism. In the breathing of the Great Egg. It is the Irminsul (IR-minsul). the Island of Apples. from time to time. later called Gandltarba in Aryan India.gg was broken 'There was an Egg.J'" I II~I . support. its insinuated trembling. or a ray oflight. Sacred Grove. cosmo gonic Great Egg.Vita. The Nordic legends are closer to the great mystery of the point of origin than the Christian and expurgated ones. like a fiery Serpent. inside the . They may have gone down into the Second Earth from the peak of Mount Elbrus.Vita. like the Book of Enoch itself. while the monk Boniface cut down the sacropatriarchal Oak called Donar in the cnousarid-vear-ojd grove. I have been permitted to reveal certain pages of the sacred book which refers to the cosmogony of this Martial Initiation of A-Mor . Euripides said: 'In the Land of Amber (Hyperborea). The Tuatha De Danann in the Irish legend are also the JEsir.thanks to the same acceleration of time which foretold the catastrophe. the seed of a music. Irmin. There is effectively little difference between the two names. According to the Greek legend. the divine ancestors of the Atlanteans. and because the places of those who will be saved by the Flying Discs of Light have almost been filled. whose real name is IR or ER. With them they took the Goddess Frigga. he is the son of the God Uranus and the Goddess Gaia. The husband of Cleito. or rather. THE REVELATION Because of the proximity of a new cataclysm. worshipped Odin's axe. with his head touching the Pole Star above. along with the Asag (see the Dictionary ofInitiation of A-Mor at the end of the book). polar.1 1'[ both did? Just like the Pandavas and the Koravas in the great war of the Mahabharata. Axe. axis of the earth and the sky. or Twilight of the Gods. And the being which was there. the May Bride and the Countess of May. was destroyed in the Ragnarok. an ash which stood in the Eresburg (EResburg). the Castle of ER. Both converted the 'pagans' by force. From the union of the JEsir and the Vanir came the Norsemen. Up its trunk climbed the vine Vid-Embla. They were the JEsir (Ask-Embla). and which the Germans wok with them to the Languedoc. 4 Nos: Book oIthe Resurrection Introduction 5 1. with transparent walls through which there could be seen no one and a non-outside.' The belief in reincarnation is also essentially nordico-polar (of both poles). the extraterrestrials who came down from the stars. The Vanir lived in the north. ASA. which means the married one. which means POWER. The pillar and Kundalini. Here is what appears in the book which was salvaged from the fire: How the Cosmic 1:. The crown of the tree supported the sky and was the sky. The Vanir had Freyja.

'There are two types of women: the seductress. seemingly complete and eternal. it was He who began to breathe Her. He experienced the vertiginous sensation of his own flesh touching itself on the other side of a mirror. imagining that if he regains his eternity. retaining her substance and form. This mystery is revealed only to a few in the initiation of the Grail. drawing him into herself. so as not to let Her escape. and she who places her eternity in the hands of her lover. as if paralysed. projecting Her like the image in a dream. 'But. until He breathed Her in as if He were drowning in a horrible pleasure. the turnings of the wheel. And as this event occurred for the first time. the time was foretold. and that He remained motionless. because she believes in him with faith and love. first to the inaudible music of the Black Sun. And when He returned from his ecstasy. like an inviolate act. because the entrance had become smaller or had closed. whether it was Him or Her. 'It has been said that She was the one who smashed the walls of the Great Egg. conserving the increasingly tenuous hope of resurrection and of becoming immortal. more Eggs. This knowledge drives her to suck in the man. And each time the Being breathed out. Because this drama takes place in only one of them. play and dance. And She began to dance more and more quickly. And He saw Her for the first time naked in her body made of breathed time. uncontrolled. to the 7 Great Egg. The Egg turned into a star. because She didn't fit. prolonging within the species the possibility of the Eternal Return. In the others there is still the eternity of HIM-HER. And from its light which surrounds us. beginning the uncertain separation and to . enticing the warrior in order to desecrate him (Ecce Deus fortior me qui veniens dominabitur mihi'). that stone which fell from the Ray of Green Light. could gaze upon Him from outside. Because she was projected.6 Nos: Book o_( the Resurrection Introduction believe that He loved. as an even more obscure act. She was alone for a moment. then to the audible music of the Sun of Gold. a myriad of stars. It was He But it has always been said that green-veiled ballerina. rapidly. The Her oj Him 'We are coming down from the Ray of Green Light. Chance became Destiny within the Great Egg. he will make her immortal. And as He carne closer to Her. She could no longer do so. too. covered in a green placenta. rapidly. And the longing. gave off a green vapour. Someone stood waiting as if beside a spring. all his efforts to reincorporate Her were in vain. as we have seen. And a new chancedestiny occurred. is there not perhaps another hidden being. becoming HIM-HER once more. He will become the son. until She. She perpetuates herself in reproduction. But this was 110t at all the same thing. who gave waters of the river of rorrns. Hurriedly He reincorporated Her. and in that tenuous music the vapour condensed and She stood before Him. where the history of the Cosmogonic Egg is guarded in the secret depths of its impenetrable mystery. But. the seductress. who was the active one. it was She. But She did not yet exist. we have managed to extract the knowledge that the cxtcrnaliscd woman does not have a soul or a "pre"-existence which would make her immortal. She became hard. too. but in the opposite way. And all his eternity could not suffice Him to gaze upon her nakedness. who wishes to go on dancing outside so as to imagine herself alive and with a soul. solely through His immortality can She become immortal. so as to see Her unfold. repeating the original event. In an ecstasy of green fear. that cup of eternal life. who "dies so that he may live". The green veils fell away from Her. She emerged and danced a little. who invented this almost-love. the a beginning to the flow of the hallucinatory game oflookmg at oneself in mirrors. breathing in deeply. as if in the pla y of a breath or the simulation of a dance. into the music of the spheres. And it was She who took him into her body. although it still stayed within the walls of transparent icc. 'Whoever has the good fortune to meet this woman should 'It will never be known who smashed the walls of the Cosmic Egg. who pre-insinuates the drama? Another being who has discovered the way to get in through the walls of frozen glass? 'Outside there is nothing but Eggs. but in that moment She realised that being alone could be a pleasant sensation. She couldn't get in. 'But. the experiment had now been made. either inside or outside the Great Egg. However. so that the hope of reintegration can continue. And although She tried to return. The breathing became rhythmic. circular like his breathing which was now spinning like a star. leaving the terrible female at liberty.

Neither by sea nor by land. within which the Cosmic Eros has not divided. nothing can ever be the same again. Deep are the waters Of death! Where. everything must be put at stake to bring her back to life. was believed in. Has ever discovered it. beyond the cold and the storm. The way is agonizing. because She is the Her who came out of Him. are the Gods who watch us. There never was a passage. Wind and green light. since Earliest times. in their absolute darkness. through the frozen glass. because it is still being sought on the outside of women. And She will never again go back inside Him. because no one can succeed in replacing his Her. our fore-seen chance-destiny. irreversible destiny. Here is the song of the wayfarer: "0 Lucifer. And it is a crime to continue losing lives in other non-essential searches. 'But. the Cosmic Eros. or too early. The secret 'There is no single species of woman in the world. has never been heard of again. However. our dance of pleasure and pain. Now She will lose herself outside at speeds which reach the other side of light. This slender thread of crystalline water.8 Nos: Book of the Resurrection Introduction 9 respond to her with loyalty and honour. They are the para-Him and the para-Her. She has been singled out for him in some register of the universe. so that the vibration projected by our drama. This cannot be changed. it is not always given to them to meet. to resurrect Her within his soul. perhaps they hope that from our movement. their black holes. When the Egg of . It should be known then that. the solution is to be able to bring Her back to life. Whoever is inside it only sees through blinded eyes. HER-HIM 'It is whispered that there was once a woman who did not e~a~ate from HIM-HER. This sighing of his breast. submerged in fury. like an imperious meaning which will force them to cross the walls of real glass of their Eggs and which will smash them. Has it ever been successfully achieved? 'No. was not loyal to his Her and was not able to bring Her back to life! 'There is only one her for each him. But this is no longer spoken of. the first companion of the Cosmic Eros. because this darkness is a different kind oflight. Thus. 'HER-HIM. as She once was before the beginning of time. The way back never reaches the same point in the turning of the spiral. from one pole to the other. 'The Way of Return is a hard one.' 'In the darkness of the primordial Egg. In the turning of the wheel of the Eternal Return. HIM-HER sees HER-HIM. One or other might arrive late. But if they do manage to meet. The Gods 'Those Eggs whose walls of ice have not yet been broken. The illusion of a return to HIM-HER and the possibility of reabsorbing her into oneself. and did not escape from It m a sigh of imagination and desire. conscious light may emerge for them as well. being Androgynous herself. this darkness IS only so for whoever is looking at it from outside. And no one. And she was believed to have an immortal soul. Shall we cross this immense sea?" 'With Luci-Bel we have lit this fire which never goes out and which leads us to a superhuman. and should one day try and return through the walls of transparent ice. she was the first companion of the Androgynous. 'Woe betide the one who. having received the gift of eternity in the cup of death. may illuminate the darkness of the inviolate ones. following our enterprise from within their frozen immobility. through their walls of real glass. once the Great Egg has been broken. The inviolate ones. because she has staked her immortality on his. becoming frozen for ever. 'However. eternal love has been created. in their physical bodies. And it is better so. 0 Lucifer. in reality. .

'h'·C IS de aC Ie -roman dies. each.. whic 1 11 as E . th t you have heard these words. It 0 n Iy WI . too. reaching a world that is even more glorious than that of the Gods. repeated.. thanks to a chance destiny..IS mind. some day. eca .. succeeding in loving one another in such a way that a para-Love which occurred on the other side of space and time can reach an eternity of another light. She is not the primordial and illUsory female... b t the Absolute Man and the Absolute A droaynous... to be foun d i 1I1S1c Great gg IS f thi s the act of losing is eterna y b broken Because 0 1. u die i d to hi -ve the .... S ca d . clothing their images with immortal substance. Rend your veils. y ashing the walls of this f G L ht succee s 111 sm . Midda Sun and.11 .That we lived ' . ie 111 or . illuminating the non-existence of the Black Sun with the light of this Other World. rising out 0 f t h e waters.er h..th t exit repeating each Image. because the .umes an b C And this is so. not only will they have been immortalised. " .d h f so that as it is 'Drive your sword into the mirror. hie... he initiate ac ieve .. immortality passes roln1 B cause he who continues to procreate ·ncurable sten ity. . id 1 P nied heart can t f the species to the indivi uai. I h the VIsion 0 ide an other still larger one. smashed her wall and projected her own him... hi the Grail In the warnors of t c or ef. children of pens ~mmortals is the square pupil. And in the immensity of the universes.. so that I may see the hidden face. e by an 1 ... And in the rebellion of this game from which there is no escape. in the depths of midnight... can fulfil this mystery of love and resurrection. beloved h 111dh.... the aspiration is not to .... etc y. never d een . She must..10 Nos: Book of the Resurrectioll Introduction 11 HIM-HER was broken. . seen 'You have the Impressl~71111~inates each of these pages.. still attached to its him and its her by a golden string. eac but limited . £ ·1 cogmse him and you at to re . 'HER-HIM has also put everything at stake. Woman. n b . Veiled by your disc.. She couldn't resist following suit. O~ntil ~omcone. reaches the d . And if love triumphs.. they have been able to penetrate the virginity of their own and each other's Monads. of a Ray 0 reen Ig th to the existence of a reality which other huge Egg.... ' d sk " reflected in it "everything looks as if It IS 111 an upside. Look closely at the 'The sign of traveller the I you mee t . . Let forgetfulness never agam fall upo .. . f the Cosmic Egg erore.. supremely personalised.of a umversren~... like an arm holding it. illuminating the darkness of the Primordial Egg in a different way. .... .own s y ... on the polar Mountain of the Revelation.. in hIS splr. existing only in IS e ith tile memory of his r turn to ... Withdraw your luminous shadow. She is the woman who leads the elect to the heaven of Absolute Love. openmgdt e ~a~ the greatest of the searchers of has never been Imagme even y longing. but they will also have given a face to HIM-HER and HER-HIM. star.. and had the fire that cons.... b . risking her mortal him.... And passmg your sword over the fire.. eSI . And now we have a divine woman who is also seeking her lost totality within the Circle of the Returns. sing: "0 Sun of Gold that reflects the Black Sun! . . projecting him into the irreversible enterprise. Because the one who is hidden there Is I myself. _l ~e whe is the warrior's companion. lest an immortal cross your path eyes a fry eve . and so she... By the revolving of your swastika.... h ble flesh cannot resurrect. . Someone who has been waiting as if beside a spring. S.. The face of the soul 'Only those who have recognised each other.. thus modifying the Monad..... . HEH-HIM watched the event from Within her city of blue-green glass..sti intacth b use the revo Ive s within the walls . to sLlcceed in eternalising the her of HIM-HER and the him of HEHHIM..e t eire... it is difficult to know how this story will end and whether both will be capable of smashing still other walls of even thicker matter. in the fragment.. She will never get him back again in the same way.. 'Someone is watching this drama. Because through drinking the liquor of Eternal Love in the Grail of green stone. aCCOm a . with the sword depths of midnight. within the fatal circle of meetings and losses. ~ ·~I·S·· ·l·~~ ·.. . The Circles of Return 'In the initiation of the warriors of A-Mor. o Black Sun that hides the Ray of Green Light. Iongmg ...

unsheathe it. this does not imply a return to the original Androgynous. that is.. of a nonexistent A-Mor.. defending you against the dark waters of death.. achieving One-Self. The face of the Lover and the Beloved.. However. with A-Mor.. The AMor of HIM-HER and HER-HIM. as the book explains.. in the immortality of a resurrection which has thus been invented and created. because now a face is being given to the soul. . HIM-HER and HER-HIM have found each other again in a different way. of Her 'him' and His 'her'. Hoc est ergo magnum signum in cuius investigatione nonulli perierunt! MIGUEL SERRANO To the May Bride ETERNAL RETURN I know that I will meet you again and that everything will happen once again exactly as it did so long ago. I will remember that you have already died.. but more real than anything that exists. IS searching for it .12 Nos: Book of the Resurrection through in the Eternal Return not find us again without memory. becoming transfigured in a total Absolute Personality.. enter it. will I remember? Casa Camuzzi Montagnola . Separated and united for all time in the separation of HIM-HER and HER-HIM. which Jung conceived of as the reintegration of the Anima and the Animus. Continue your search for the city. one can deduce the following: loveless A-Mor consists of a reintegration of her in Him and him in Her. ' . the moment has arrived. psychologising a sacred mystery. a recomposition of the Cosmic Egg which had divided. withoutdeath.' From this vision. Because this time I will remember everything. let us engrave it for ever. I will hold you in my arms. She. Except that this time I will not allow you to die. without recollection.. too. 'Draw your sword. But .

he saw nothing. His sword and armour weighed him down. searching for that city. The man decided to spend the night there. he was dragging a cauldron. protected from the prevailing cold. WO~f:'<IAN~ YOM ~<H~MM 15>S} . with stalactites that gave off a crystal-like brilliance in the reflected light of some flames.~. The man appeared not to have heard him arrive. He was approaching a hillside covered with stunted trees and a few sickly flowers which had been twisted by the southerly gales. Also. There was a blazing fire and two lighted torches fixed to the wall. It was a cave. He stepped forward into a central square and saw a man seated at a round table which had been carved either out of the rock or. At nightfall. A feeble light was shining from inside it. His eyes were closed and he was drawing circles on the top of the table. with a star on its forehead. others ran away when they saw his blue eyes and golden hair.perhaps out of a gigantic stalagmite. He had been able to save himself by grabbing hold of the branches of an apple tree that someone had planted in that wilderness. It was some time since his horse.1 __ ~ -----------A TURN OF THE WHEEL a_. had leapt into a ravine. On the ground were scattered a number of scrolls. lakes. a shadow appeared on the rocky wall. THE COMRADE For many years he had been travelling through these inhospitable. unpopulated regions. high snowcovered passes. An Ancahuinca. they called him. an inhabitant of the City of the Caesars. drawing ever closer to the Great South. He had crossed forests. Some natives greeted him reverently. At first. in fact. some were spread open and he could see that they were maps.-----------------'/ 1. Then he realised that it was a big cave. They didn't know that he was exactly the opposite: that he was. becoming clearer as he came closer to it.

' 'Alas!' he said.. 'that in the Polar Oases.16 Nos: Book of the Resurrection A Turn of the Wheel 17 III !I I Approaching the table. the White Gods. Why do it again?' 'That is true. he is dead and yet not dead. with the result that I felt the dizzy sensation of going against the current. like a fiery Disc. near a lake. Can you feel how the ground trembles as we go forwards?' 'This is because we are struggling to walk backwards. where my dog could answer me with words that I could understand. The indecipherable signs protect the wisdom and the history of a great myth of love. I was expecting you. These southern regions of the world are plagued by earthquakes because they have always held out the possibility of this meeting. where the animals and the fruits conversed with the humans. so he leapt into a ravine. Because the Grail keeps one in a state of non-death. in the form of a stone on which is inscribed the Law and the Great Secret.. Now we have both reached the same point. The mystery is guarded at the South Pole. the Grail has been called the Stone of Exile. backwards through time? I have. he pointed to certain regions with his dagger. on the sinking of the Polar Island. which is populated on its surface by the slaves who escaped from Atlantis. with a broad forehead and black hair. It was brought here by those who were defeated in the great war of the worlds. And then we fell into the circle. He is alive and yet not alive. 'y ou must continue your journey towards here. its "Double". And your dog's name is Leo.' 'Now I remember. These stalactites and stalagmites are made of that mysterious substance. the outlaws. Lucifer. They are the vestibule of immortality. It is also an Emerald Chalice. your name is Jason. The Insula Avallonis. you will find its entrance.' 'That is the thirst of the pilgrim. You were the first warrior-troubadour. as if preserved in sleep. between these mountain ranges. They are the Regions of Pleasure. which can only be quenched by drinking from the Chalice of Green Stone. It is the terror it feels knowing that it will be overtaken. the capital of Hyperborea. the White Gods still live. 'You have come at last. And now I know that it is not here. But in that city for which we are searching. entered the Interior Earth. From the maps that you see at my feet you can tell that the city is not far away. It is said that possibly He himself carried it to the North Pole. who still preserve the piece of the broken crown of their guide.' He bent down to pick up one of the scrolls. towards the pole. this name was . he interrupted. in which a liquor made from the blood of extraterrestrials is drunk. Are you capable of drawing a perfect circle with your eyes closed? Only if you can do this. when it was broken in his battle in the heavens. our guide lies asleep and that he will be awakened when time has ended. which displeases the Second Earth. I had become convinced that the opening to that subterranean world was to be found in this cave. the White Land. can you enter the city.' 'It is guarded in a sanctuary somewhere in this area. It was thin and pale. is really in Albania. Its liquor alone can sate our longing for eternal love. The dark. The man opened his eyes and stopped drawing. When Hyperborea and Atlantis were destroyed. The Grail is ajewel which fell from the crown of our guide. Perhaps it is farther to the south. who had already emigrated to this other continent. the Continent of the White Gods and Giants. I have searched for it by concentrating my mind and drawing circles with my eyes closed. Because of this. My horse could not follow. And the women who possess powers of healing.' 'I have heard tell'. There was another stone seat beside the table. ' 'Have you also retraced your steps. he had the strange impression that he had already lived this scene. The liquor is the blood of our guide. The road we are following is the road of Amber.' 'We have already done this. The armies that accompanied Lucifer are the defeated forces from a war between extraterrestrials. The apples of Avalon moved. in very ancient times. Lucifer. when he was struck by the sword of the enemy.' 'Oh! Speak to me of the Grail. Spreading it out on the circular stone. It is also our fear of something alarming which is about to occur: the meeting with that being whom no one can look at face to face.. When the stars were scanned. He struck the stone cover three times with his first. in that First Interior Earth. He sat down and was able to examine the man's face. as a signal. the Hollow Earth. descending like a bright light.' 'Now my dog's name is Aries. the exiles.' 'It is believed that the name Grail was read in the stars. Farther to the south. coming closer to our hearts . There he founded Ultima Thule. feverish eyes fastened themselves on his. comrade. 'I feel an insatiable thirst. which was believed to be in Albion. That is the true name of this world which is older than the other one.

A Turn of the Wheel 18 Nos: Book of the Resurrection


discovered. Yes, the Grail fell from the stars. ' 'But we should not speak of this except at the given time and in the appointed place. We run the risk of our faces changing colour and shape.' 'It could be that this is the time and place. The Discs of Light that we now see appearing and disappearing in the sky, moving at the speed of thought, changing shape and colour as they emit music and "seem to read the minds and feelings of men", are the New Grail, the reincarnation of its legend. They have carried off our guide, and they will return him to us. They are all-powerful. They can bring the dead back to life. If we do not forget to ask the "question", like Parsifal, they will take us to our guide. But beforehand we must triumph in the great tests of the mystery of the Grail. The light from the Disc is blinding. When it appears, the lights of the city go out. The Disc takes us outside time, it makes the sleep of centuries seem less than a second. In it the White Gods came down from the sky .... I have revealed the secret of the New Grail to you .... Look at my face .... Do you recognise me now?' 'Yes,' he said, 'your name is Jason. ' 'The Land of the Grail trembles. I tremble. No other light can compare with the light of the Grail. He who has foreseen it, or dreamed it, is lost to this world, because the Grail is the driving force behind every enterprise. It is at the origin of the war we are fighting. Once we have stepped on to the road which leads to the city where the Grail is kept, it would be better never to have embarked on the enterprise than to abandon it. Even falling and getting up again, wounded, dying, we must go on until we find it. We must never turn back; because the Grail is the medicine, the food of eternal life. It is transfiguration. Without God, without all the Gods, who do not want us to succeed, with only our ancient Hyperborean fury and the memory of the Beloved in our heart, we will achieve the Grail.' 'The Grail is the Stone of Light,' he cried. 'It quenches our thirst, it multiplies our food. It feeds us internally, creating inside us the light that enables us to find the narrow passageways that lead us to the room where our Beloved lies sleeping. Before it was found, there were no roads. The fire which has been lit will never go out agam .... 'I lived in the forest like a pure madman. I was the son of a

" 0 erhaps you were? My first fight was against her, for WIdoW. r PhI hi' ind dence of my soul. But how muc owe er. ... the 1D epen . h d " The light of the torches slowly dimmed. The m? twas rhawdmg it would be midnight. The mterplay ofhght and s. a ow on Soon 1 1 . h d .h 11 of the cave and on the sharp edges of the sta actites a on t e wa s " . st hypnotic effect. HIS eyes were slowly closing. an aIrno " h 1 1" , He heard him say: 'You are the sword. She IS t e c .ia Ice. Then, a melodious whistle, which seemed to come from his childhood. . . . And the dog called Aries came and lay down at hIS feet, in the circle. THE DREAM The men entered the cave and came into the centre. They wore black gowns and carried swords. In all, there wer~ now t:vel:e of them. Around the table were thirteen seats. A milky-white hght, seemingly given off by the amber, enveloped the scene. Then hIS comrade changed his seat, looking for the thlrteent? one. . He felt his heart stop beating, an icy coldness gnpped him. He wanted to move, to stop his comrade, but was unable to. He managed to force open his lips, which felt as heavy as stone, and tried to shout to him: 'Don't do that! Don't sit there, 111 the SIege Perilous! Don't do it again, comrade. Don't die again, leaving me alone in the fight.' His comrade didn't listen to him and sat down in that scat. The other eleven people (for the guide was not there) took hold of the top of the Round Table with both hands, as it had begun to spm wildly in the direction in which the First Earth revolved. An earthquake flattened the walls and the stalactites and stalagmites of the cave, while a huge cleft opened in the rock beneath the SIege Perilous and swallowed Jason up. Above the polar circle appeared the Disc of Light, in the form of a celestial stone, an emerald chalice, announcing its presence within each of them as a star. , And then there was no one left but the man and his comrade s dog. THE DOG ON THE FROZEN PLAIN

'Why have you woken me? I was much happier there. I was living

..---------------------------------II ...... --------------------------~·
Nos: Book of the Resurrection A Turn of the Wheel 21 in a dream. Don't you have anything better to teach me on this side of things?' Jason had said. He remembered having heard him say that, many years ago, in the past, or perhaps in the future. But no,",,:, he was no longer here. He had been swallowed up by a dream which was more real than any reality. A cleft had opened beneath the stone circle, beside the Siege Perilous, along that path of pure dreaming which he had chosen in a remote past, during the years of his youth. The .man left the cave, followed by his comrade's dog. It was ~awn in those icy regions. And he began the next stage of his Journey as the Pilgrim of Longing. H~ loo~ed ~or his star in the sky. There it was, twinkling gently, s~ndmg him Its secret, as yet undeciphered message. It seemed to ~Im that, m its velvety and penetrating light, it was telling him: Jason IS not dead. In some part of this world, his life has been transformed. ' He stroked the head of the dog, which shook its curly coat and stared at hi~, asking him the reason for its existence, why it was there, why It was a dog. It was only for a second, because instinct quickly to~k over, the instinct of the guide dog, the dog which leads the bhnd. It began to sniff the sickly bushes, the rocks which stuck out of the snow. Now it would be the dog which would follow the non-existent road, inventing it for him, following the scent of that flower which is also non-existent, called Calafate, which grows in the inhospitable regions of the south, where the cold and the light of the Black Sun of midnight and the polar ices begin to make themselves felt. For weeks and months they walked on without meeting anyone. They were rounding the edges of the peaks of the Cordillera of the Andes. A delicate perfume wafted towards them, as if from a border land, or a universe cut off by the waters. Then the dog began to descend the mountainside. A frozen plain appeared, with two or three bushes on the horizon, bent by the wind. The dog came to a halt, panting, with its wet tongue hanging out; it looked at him fixedly. The man said to himself: 'How can people say that dogs can't speak? It is saying farewell to me with its eyes. I understand perfectly. ' The dog sat down, there in the space between the peaks and the frozen plain. Still looking at him fixedly, it began to speak to him in his own language: 'I have fulfilled my duty towards you, comrade. I am going to join Jason, drawn to him by his enchanted whirlpool, his whistle which seems to come from a distant childhood. They are calling me. You don't need me outside you any more. I will howl inside you, like my brother the wolf, when the hour of your leaving also comes, when you will be reunited with us in the City of Dawn.' And it began to run, slowly at first, then faster and faster, straight across the frozen plain. Some black birds appeared in the sky and flew very close to it. And as they all faded into the distance, approaching the twisted trees on the horizon, it seemed as if the birds were swooping down on to the dog, on to its coat of golden curls. And then he could see it no longer, because a thick mist covered the plain. For a long time he walked in this mist. He never knew how he managed to cross the plain, because he walked as if in a dream. And thus it was that eventually he found himself either inside a house with an old man like a gigantic mountain, whose face was marked with crevices of mineral and whose eyes had square pupils, or walking beside him. THE MASTER OF THE SPHINX

The old man sat down beside the piled-up bones of the skeleton of the prehistoric Milodon.1 'Let us talk,' he said. 'Question me as you would question yourself. The man stretched out beside him. 'I am surrounded by dead - both men and animals. And as if that weren't enough, now there's this skeleton. Can you tell me if any part of us continues to exist after death?' 'Your question is badly put. What you should ask is whether there is any reason to believe that anything survives death.' 'Is there?' 'A child, in whom the "ego" has not yet appeared, who talks in the third person, still has the dreams of an individualised being, with a clearly defined personality, which affect his whole adult life.
I A prehistoric animal from the time of the great reptiles, found frozen in a cave in Patagonia in the south of Chile.







Nos: Book of the Resurrection

A Turn of the Wheel


Where is the "ego" which is not there, which is not yet conscious? Perhaps in his "Guardian Angel", which has not yet lost its wings) If the mind is capable of functioning outside the mortal body, then it is incorruptible, it is outside the confines of time and space. It lives in the stars, in the Ray of Green Light. If it has once been outside the body, it will be so again. Which docs not mean to say that you can rid yourself of your "ego". On the contrary. Your "ego" can rid itself of your body, but you can never rid yourself of it. It will always be there. Even in a moment of great ecstasy, there is an "ego" which knows that there was such a moment. There will always be an "ego" to know that you no longer exist.' The Master vanished. He remembered that a long while ago, in a faraway land, he had met him beside the Sphinx. Then he had spoken to him of love and crime. He had told him that it is necessary to love like one committing a crime. On his finger, the Master of the Sphinx wore a ring on which was carved a serpent.

ossible that my "ego" was dispersed among them, before it ~ntered my body. Perhaps a part of it still remains in the landscape. And thus my love of nature may be no more than love of myself .... ' " 'Happy are those who, in old age, are permitted to expenence once again the emotions of their earliest infancy, to listen to the same melody!' 'I have just met the Master of the Sphinx. But he spoke to me in symbols. I would almost say t~at he interpreted, them.' . 'He has the right to do so, he explained. Because he IS an immense mountain.' The smile of the Master who could converse with the animals and flowers was so gentle and his blue eyes were so clear that the man felt his heart fill with a deep, melancholic presentiment that this meeting, too, was drawing to a close. THE SIGNS When fundamental events are close to reproducing themselves, although they almost always take us by surprise, there are signs which should alert us. They are signs which appear in our souls and in the landscape around us. Like a muted music which appears in a ray of light and moves across the waters. The sky was a cold, pale blue. The snow and ice made walking through the rocky pass difficult. Now and then he saw some ferns, looking sad and limp as they struggled to grow in crevices in the rocks. A ray of cold light illuminated a solitary stone on which lay a Copihue ', like a bell of crystallised blood, transparent in this almost polar light. The man picked up the flower, because he knew that it had been left there for him. And on the stone he read the message: 'Come what may I will proceed To walk the way Of beauty, The way that leads towards the height That seems to touch The sky.





When the mist dispersed, he found himself standing beside a handsome old man, with clear eyes and a sweet smile. He was contemplating the mountains and a blue lake set in a landscape whose vegetation reminded him of the Valley of the Flowers in the Himalayas. 'I have lost my friend's dog,' he explained. 'But really he was my dog.' 'He will have gone to rejoin Leo,' he replied. 'Who is Leo, Master?' 'Leo is the astrological age in which animals conversed with men .. " There are magical happenings in this world. For example, a dog which finds its master's house after being abandoned more than one hundred kilometres away. Nature is wise. If you listen to it, you can hear the voice of God, of all the Gods. Leo also understands the language of the flowers and the plants. ' 'When I was a child, I, too, could speak with the flowers. It is

National flower of Chile (Lapageria


which is the name of the God of our lost continent. I was brought here by a miracle. which cascaded over her shoulders like a golden waterfall. the man took months. I am the roof which will shelter you from the storm. The walls of ice. which appeared opaque from the outside. In this lonely. '0 Gods!' he said to himself. . Her hands.. And you will have no other companion. like that of the statues in a temple. And he realised that she was about to fall into the fire. if you believe in me steadfastly. And your bravery will protect us to the end. I have the power to put you in contact with your star. maybe even years. Therefore I shall call you Avris. And he felt that.' A Turn of the Wheel 25 ALLOUINE On a plateau on the mountainside near the unattainable peak lay a small lake and a semi-petrified forest of fir trees and tall pines. with a tracery of delicate blue veins. I will be constantly at your side in the Great War and if you remain loyal to me till the end of time. dewy light. He laid her down on the skins. Her forehead was like the disc of the Moon. and the white peak rising into the sky. becoming entangled in the branches of the Hyperborean oak trees. The embers of a dying fire gave off a blue light. Only because I had to wait for you. The fire.' she said. I am you. I am within you. WHA T SHE LOOKED LIKE Meli = four. making her a bed of cinnamon and fir branches. However. The night filled with stars. And it was traversed by those musical lights which can 'read the thoughts of men'. He rekindled the fire. . 'We are Hyperboreans. Only with you can I enter . But it will be I who will fight within you. so that in places one could walk on it. stood a woman. dressed in a thin red gown. her slender legs were like the roads that lead us to and from the Enchanted City. 'Let us look at each other. gently stirred the air. Beside it. for the first time.. He opened the small door and found himself inside a circular room. The radiant summit of Mount Melimoyu 1 stood out clearly. giving a view over the lake and the semi-petrified forest. bravery and good fortune will never forsake you. ' 1 'I. too. 'The earth was shaking. Her delicate arms. 'It is Allouine!' For a moment he lost himself in the magic of her eyes. A headband of the same colour held back her hair. Stretched out beside the light of the green flames. which revolves but stays still. On the floor were deerskins and some branches from a cinnamon tree. he was being stripped of his 'ego'. The water of the lake was partially frozen. which from a distance looked like slender serrated mountains. Her eyes shone like the Morning Star. leaning at a perilous angle. which quickly gave off its blue-green light again. Her voice was like music flowing from the depths of night: 'I saw you arrive riding astride an arrow. my fate is linked with yours. Her golden lashes were like petals which had fallen from the sun in autumn. You will find peace in combat. 'My horse leapt into a ravine. seemed transparent from the inside. the room was not cold. as if weaving her dreams. . now or in the depths of the grave. The branch of the apple tree couldn't support my weight. Who left on every jutting rock A lantern glowing With their dreams. Moyu = breast. with a deep. Avris loved Allouine. it seemed as if the wings of birds had shut out the light of day. icy landscape stood a cabin.24 Nos: Book of the Resurrection Steep is the path. Her golden hair floated in the breeze from the glaciers.' she explained.' Where had he heard this before? Then the woman began to tremble. Her neck was long. is burning out . My love will give us peace and defend us from all danger. to walk round it and reach the entrance to the cabin. It seemed to him as if it was dissolving in a sweet emotional sensation. When they were closed.. carried by a ray of light. But filled with light From those that climbed Before me. She looked at him fixedly. she herself was 'beyond the God of the Cold and Storms'. He managed to hold her up. Although the lake was small. the fifth-born daughter of the City of Transparent Ice.

'In this Interior Earth arc the Cities of Agharti. searched for the path. dreaming it all for both of us. 0 Avris! . which enjoyed a temperate climate during the Golden Age. But I am a woman. beyond the Sun of Gold and the Black Sun. our guides. When that continent disappeared. The green light that streams out from both poles is the dream of the Black Sun as it longs for the Ray of Green Light. 11. Our star is close by and appears to the Walkers of the Dawn to show them the way. the sign. if you don't bring me back to hfe.. Shambhalla and the Caesars. will I be able to do so. With them they. Perhaps you will have to change your body. a whole Turn of the Wheel.. but from that Sun which lies on the other side of all the suns. ' Suddenly he was overcome by tiredness. to hand you the chalice filled to the brim with the liquor of Immortality and Eternal Love. You will find it when you have stopped searching for it. 'Because the Black Sun of Midnight doesn't shed its light outside the earth but inside it. their ancestors. like . when you think you hav~ lost it. Through his clouded eyes he watched the fire. In your mind. It is the starting point of the journey to our star. the Hyperborean bear. in the memory of your heart. Quetzalcoatl. the gateway. live. They came to search for them and built their monoliths and towers here as signs for those who would follow them. became Antarcthus. and much. inhabited by the immortal Siddhas. at the point where Arcthus. That is where the White Gods. They carried our guide off to a place of safety. a lance and a cauldron. as well as in the Antarctic Oases and possibly on the top of this mountain.. the White Gods withdrew into the Interior Earth. fly out from there. much more. Abraxas.. Perhaps the gates of the city are the gates of death. she told him the legend of their ancestors. had come together in this momentous peak of the spiral. became Tiahuanacu. on the continent of Hyperborea. the Kmg of the White Gods. because that was where the Black Sun of the South Pole rose. Siva. and he stretched out beside the fire with his head in his hands.. whom others have called Apollo. . 'This has happened so many times!' he exclaimed. ~hat a great risk I run and what great danger I face if you don't Imagine me.. too. -------------------------26 Nos: Book oJthe Resurrection . came to this ancient transoceanic land. The Discs of Light. Only in your mind. when the catastrophe in the skies was repeated. You will have reached it without realising it. from whence love and dreaming come to us. But they didn't find the Enchanted City. covered in orichalcum. And when you have reached it.. ' To comfort him. you will find me waiting there for you. Arthos. The story goes that they came down to live at the North Pole. where the Midnight Sun rises and which is traversed by a river ofliquid gold. to the west. 'The ancient Celts and the Vikings knew that the White Gods. where the Sun of the Golden Age had not yet set. in your dreams. They moved from one pole to the other. If you don't love mefor all eternity. 'The memory oflight shows us that the White Gods are the fallen warriors who sought refuge in that star. together with the Soma plant. to the mansions of the Ray of Green Light. America-Albania was the land of the White Gods after the disappearance of Hyperborea and Ultima Thule. They carried a sword. the bearless bear of the Southern Continent. if you don't recreate me. as if the great effort of travelling and scarching through many ages had exhausted him. THE WHITE GODS 'We are a solar race. the transmitter of Venus. carrying me III your most secret thoughts. This is the mystery. They can be reached by travelling through the deep waters which flow beneath the ices. The entrances to the Interior Earth are to be found at the poles. DON'T LOSE YOUR SELF-CONTROL 'There must be purity in thc defeats which lead to victory.. the seekers of the City of Dawn. where Stonehenge. Until he was again able to tell her about his lost comrade and his dog. She touched his forehead. -----------------------A Turn oj the Wheel 27 the city. where the science of resurrection and eternal love is guarded. It is the invulnerable Paradise which our people have rediscovered. also brought the stone which fell from the broken crown of Lucifer. 'I. 'And I have been unable to change a thing!. without speaking. Don't allow your desire to reach the city to become excessive. the star of Lucifer.. and I know that I will not attain the city by my own efforts. It seemed to him as if a whole life. although a few of them went to a transoceanic continent. the Observatory of the Sun. There the Golden Age still exists.

when they put it on. Her eyes also began to close. we will have died for ever.. which revolves like the pole. like a non-existent flower shedding its petals. a pair of gloves. Perhaps in this way they might be able to enter the city. They heard a soft. He was blind. ' And the ghost ship sailed off into the distance with all its lights on. Inside each boat was a glove. She placed some branches as a pillow beneath his head and lay down beside him. Don't allow desperation to enter your search. which moves beneath the surface of the water and is crewed by ghosts. They had to take one each. They began to hear a faint melody which rose out of the water from a half-submerged object that was gliding along like a seawolf. turning in the opposite direction to time. Finally. Or reach an island in the middle of the Ocean. When one falls. cut into the rock. it was a ship which was navigating beneath the A mythological legend. with all its lights on. almost inaudible whistle. he read: 'Every seven hundred years the laurel will flower again. Each boat was drawn along by a parallel current until they reached some very narrow entrances. like the Wafeln in the Nordic . It was covered with the leaves of laurel and cinnamon trees. turning her face towards the flames. surrounded by flames. In the floor of the cabin was a flagstone which could be raised to give access to a subterranean world. And you yourself will become convinced that it was all an illusion. Before them flowed the dark waters of a subterranean river. And El Caleuche' sailed away while its crew sang: 'To every sailor the Gods Have given a comrade. never lose your self-control.28 Nos: Book of the Resurrection A Turn of the Wheel 29 a piece of clothing.' 'THE NARROW PASSAGES' surface of the water. They will make you invisible. They realised that. When one doubts. In reality.' And he saw carvings of a dove and of a man in the form of a swastika. Take good advantage of the South Wind That makes us sail swiftly. and all the time there was this clear white light from an unknown source which surrounded them. or a castle of diamond. And with your incorporeal body. 'Then. perhaps. They began to descend a staircase which at first was made of ice and then of marble.' And then: 'Be ready to tally the sails. Tauten the braces to the wind. The other gives him his faith. On the wall of the rocky quay. That is where the women with supernatural powers live. However. The other keeps watch On the bridge.. it will vanish in a fraction of a second. the staircase came to an end. he had a third eye in the middle of his forehead. Or. being able to move equally in two worlds. Its captain climbed up on to the bridge. to lower two small boats into the river. vessel of the South Pole. who wore strange garments. beloved. The other discovers the oasis Of ice for both of them. which was open and shone like a carbuncle. For a long while they continued their descent. when you have reached its walls.. in this world and in the other world that lies on the other side of the light of this earth. While one sleeps. you will cross the walls of the City of Dawn like a wind blowing from the stars. It was crewed by dead rnen. listening to the musical sound of her words fading further and further into the distance. The captain ordered his crew. born out of the flames of that island. 'Listen. And they both dreamed the same dream. The boats were very small. Then he held a spyglass to his third eye and pointed it towards the region of the Ray of Green Light. which you must take when I die. They will give you a glove. indeed. navigate in a ship with all its lights on. in order to enter it. they would be only partially invisible. If you fail at the gates of the city. which looked as if they were made of shiny metal and which seemed to be 1 He fell asleep beside the fire. A thousand delights that you will never forget Await you in distant lands . And it will be as if it had never existed.

And in the clear light of midday. He experienced the sweet anguish of losing his beloved during the day and recovering her in the evening. where the possibility of meeting again was always a lucky occurrence. Below them were rocky precipices. He tried to discover the ghost of the dog. happy in the knowledge that she was close by.30 Nos: Book of the Resurrection A Turn of the Wheel 31 revolving. They passed gently above the rocks and tried to decipher their inscriptions.' she explained to him. THE SUITOR Early in the morning. 'There is no Pole. each bearing the sign of a revolving cross. And they all spoke an intelligible language. He knew that rock.' They went back. They flew southward and saw the City of Hunger and Thirst. he picked up a fistful of snow and crushed it to his breast to cool his ardour. Let us go inside. the tops of the trees and the deep chasms that yawned open in the earth and the ice. the remains of its Golden Fleece. gliding gently alongside the skuas and the condors. he would have asked her: 'Who are you and what do you want of me?' And if she replied: 'I am your beloved.' As they went deeper and deeper inside. still holding hands. with a feeling of great freedom. rivers of turquoise. they saw flowers made of precious metal. the City of King Philip of Spain. appear on the horizon. the fruits. They were on the edge of the plateau on the great mountain. Today it lies in the neighbourhood of Puntas Arenas in the most southern part of Chile. And with each deep sigh. the flowers. until they landed on the icy plateau on the mountain from which they had taken off. moved by the same impulse.' They could see an enormous circular aperture. two figures appeared. in an ecstasy of love and desire. concentrating intensely. He was walking round the foot of a sacred mountain and sighing with love. He walked through the forest beside the lake. 'Funnels of orichalcum'. Until one day his sighs forsake him. The castle was made of stone and shone brightly. And also terrified by the doubt that it was only a dream. Of going away from her so as to be closer to her. Then the Great Ocean. Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa. that he had recovered her within that circle which turns endlessly. spending most of his time in its dingy thickets. on the edge of the lake. THE FLIGHT Again they dreamed the same dream. the animals and the golden water. 1 The ancient Ciudad del Rey Felipe. If he had seen her appear at that moment. during the eternal return of these events. they thought. He used to return there frequently. which invited them to drink it. they found themselves gliding above the landscape. The island was surrounded by fire. He walked some way off so as to retrace his steps towards the rock and examine it more closely. it's an apparition. the carved faces. which appeared to have no exits. oflosing her so as to recover her. lay the immense Ocean. It doesn't exist.' This is what happens with the suitor. and they realised that they were not yet to be permitted to reach the city. in which the tiny boats only just fitted. Beyond. But instead of falling. 'Look carefully. he went towards the forest in search of food. as he called out her name. 'This is the impregnable Paradise where our guide lies sleeping and where one day he will awake. the City of Petrus Sarmiento de Gamboa 1. looking at the signs. 'The Pole is in there. They continued ever farther southward until they saW an island on which stood a castle with twelve black towers. let us fly higher. It was a coniferous forest. It was founded by the Conquistador. And then they couldn't see each other any more and didn't know if they would ever meet again. with his eyes half-closed. leapt into the abyss. inside this aperture. he would have said: 'Oh! I am so busy with this love that consumes me that I have no time for you any more. On the farthest borders of the south lay the Pole. and I have come because you called me'. But they were unable to stop there or go still deeper inside. invisible. gigantic animals of a race which had disappeared from the surface millions of years ago. He had the vivid impression that he was reliving something that had happened before. A drawbridge linked the towers with the central keep. . They took hold of each other's hand and. he had been here before. THE WOUNDED KING One midday he found himself in front of a pyramid-shaped rock. nor if they would land in the same place at the end of those narrow passages.

inside this energy recurrence. the subject of the 'ego' and time. which was still raised. this king and this woman. there were two objects: a fruit and a ring. caught hold of an object given it by an eagle. as if toasting him with a non-existent cup. when the images and the reality coincided. it will be reproduced not once but ad infinitum throughout eternity. This is what happened to this king. she passed the object over to him. When the energy in your body becomes exhausted. His eyes were feverish. The same story. And the same rock. In fact. She said: 'This is the king who was wounded by a cruel lance. And you will be "yourself'. precisely. ifall the "egos" are not just "myself'. let it be so! And he was permitted to listen with impunity to what they were saying. or non-law. And. 'Do not eat it with y. owing to a strange trick of the light from these mountains. but was dressed in strange. Or rather. was mistakenly projecting these images. Because there was no time. Oh. Perhaps that rock was a sensitive spot in the earth with a capability of projection. or would encounter. in an eternal present. Stretching out her hand as if through the rent in space and time. surrounded by shadows. This rock produces blindness in whosoever looks at it from within a feverish circuit of light. the same grass will still be here. 'That is the Fruit of Return. But. Dionysus and the Crucified One . Alexander. beside this rock of revelation. His situation. or a rent or an inversion in space. He realised that the couple couldn't see him. beside this Midday Rock. will become "myself'. restore his ravaged lands to him. he must have encountered. She turned towards where he stood and raised her hand in a regal gesture. She was tall and slender. the liquor of eternal lIfe! . The last becomes the first once again. Oh. seeing the end approaching. Ambrosia. But you may wear the rmg. it will seem only a second to our returning consciousness. And although an eternity may pass before energy repeats us. the man was not wearing armour or a sword. and will and energy abandon our exhausted bodies. this "ego" which has always been here. ' HE ASKS THE QUESTION He didn't leave the cabin again. The only way to escape from my "ego" lies in madness. He had uncovered his head and was speaking politely to the woman. if only t?ey could drink gold and silver. this midday.our Beloved. And so will "you" and "I". when the Will to Power again crosses the same circuit of light. He collected conifer resin and turpentine. because he was standing inside a still-distant vibration of the light.• 32 Nos: Book of the Resurrection A Turn of the Wheel 33 Curiously. he preferred fasting to the horror that had been revealed to him.. he knew that th~ man was a king. find him a way out. did not coincide in time with the event which. When that extinguishing of consciousness that we call death occurs. Despite this. which could make time travel towards the past and the future come towards us. without going outside time. The man explained in a low voice: 'Everything repeats itself eternally. as if terror-stricken. While he spoke. His forehead was broad. Time is infinite. the same air. sunken. And I will again say: Ich fiebe Dich Ariadna! 'And I will go mad again as the only way to escape from this horror. His pain increases whenever Saturn shines. but energy is not and it has to reproduce its creations. The clothes were from some future far-off time which he had somehow foreseen. being Caesar. And this "ego" will never know if others really exist. He could only find the Fruit of Return in these latitudes. he thought. She was also wearing a darkcoloured.. There is no way to escape from this. in some other law. in the depths of midday which is also the depths of his midnight. even if an eternity passes between one turn of the wheel and another. It grows in the wastelands. You must avenge him. The serpent bites its own tail. it is impossible to free oneself from the "ego" and its recurrent experiences. And what they were talking about was. time will also disappear. And I will call this the midday: experiencing all the "egos". ' The woman seemed to sense the presence of a stranger. his whole body trembled. It is the Ring of Resurrection. of the 'ego' and eternity within time. And this "ego" which I feel myself to be. The thick moustache of a warrior covered his lips..' she explained.' The woman's hand. dark-coloured clothes and was leaning on a thin walking-stick. break through the circle with your sword. close-fitting gown. And in this hallucinatory situation. in the belief that ifhe made a drink from them it would prolong his beloved's life.

beings who are more than one go who live in 'several places in the universe at the same time. Now he was going to ask the question. because I am going to answer your question. if I am the only one who can feel myself to be this "me" nd no one else can feel like this. The Master who could converse with the animals and plants told me the following: there is a basic note which is given at the beginning of life. what they write. They spoke to me and I understood them. perhaps on this w . When the TWilight of the Gods began to fall over the world and iron took the place of gold. Some people are lucky enough to be able to repeat it at the end.. The Master of the Sphinx stated: "If in the moment of greatest ecstasy the' ego' were not present.. although I'm not certain.if ever I do perish she. You explained to me that even after the emergence of your conscious . And this ego which feels like this.. If the world comes to an end.. I have thought about love.. he has gone mad . And when I observe them closely. What others say. if "my" consciousness doesn't register it? Perhaps all the people round me.. or somewh~re else in the imme~se ~l11verse.. who sees the beloved.om~ time. Don't you see that half my face is yours? Only half of it is still mine . in the middle of an ocean of other "me's" who also feel themselves to be "me". It is possible that I retained that faculty for some time: feeling myself to be "me" and yet still being "them". The Master of the Sphinx would say that the way out may be found through strengthening the "ego" until it becomes an absolute ego. I have seen the Wounded King. And the Master of the Sphinx completed the idea for me by explaining that this note affects some people's whole life. their faces. It is my "ego" that registers it. Also. But with human beings it was different. this "me" that I feel myself to be . Or did I speak to myself through them? When the "ego" finally took possession of me. an absolute personality. Do you understand? Can you grasp this? Can you comprehend this feeling? 'We have heard tell of the Tulku. I believe I stopped being able to understand that language. and I could also converse with the animals and flowers. to penetrate with her the ultimate mystery of life and death. very spot. 'Before you were "I". ' Gently she interrupted him: 'Look at me. Oh! It is impossible to explain this experience. and who do not say "I" but "we" when speaking about themselves. I heard it in what was almost my earliest childhood. I have to make an effort to recognise myself in a hallucinatory hall of mirrors." It is impossible to escape from the "ego". The painful question I asked myself was this: is it possible that they fecl themselves to be "me" in the same way as I do? It was impossible for me to believe it.. of reunions and losses. in their almost infinite varieties.. there would be no one there to know that there had been a moment of ecstasy. across the frozen plain. 'When I was walking through the mist. How can I be sure that other people also exist and that the world can continue if "I" disappear. This is how it was given to me: suddenly I felt myself to be "me".. How can I not believe that I projected her if. Think for a moment: everything that happens in the universe is known only by "me". "I" am the one who knows it. who live and die. simultaneous consciousnesses. nor were you a plant. magic love could open a door through which I could escape from this circle? . can I seriously believe that my "ego" can perish? IfI am "me". Before that. underlining their parallel existences in different bodies or in one single but ubiquitous one. being in "them". I had felt myself to be dispersed in the landscape.. not just its beginning and end. e with'. are projected by my fevered imagination. to be this "me" of mine. of the longing of the endless pilgrimage. "my" consciousness. don't fall asleep. Now he wanted to know. only "me". "I" know. I. the discoveries they pass on. if our Great Guide loses the war. I believe I met some Masters. of the Eternal Return and partings. Beloved. Might it be possible that individualised. But it will always be "I" who loves. when I perish . citing it .34 Nos: Book oj the Resurrection A Turn oj the Wheel 35 I' :1 I II I I ! He didn't leave her side.if ever I do perish . I had lost my comrade and his dog. because that is my note which has been sounding since my infancy.. but not "me". will perish? . someone will agam feel himself to be me. "I" register.. if the Continent of Hyperborea is submerged. In order to escape from this circle drawn in the belly of a demon. And even this is "I" who am saying this. that is.. Only if my "I" returns will she return .and my "I" doesn't feel it because it cannot verify it from its own experience. a hen I perish . even yours which is so beautiful. feeling myself to be "me". dreamed by my "ego". too. what were you? You were not an animal.. although you could converse with them. will be "I" myself. Wotan or Odin whispered a great secret in the ear of Baldur as he lay dying on his pyre of perfumed sandalwood.somewhere. in many centres of space-time. Let us imagine what it might be. at .t~e Tulku theory .

But you don't have a face either. began. you must fight the battle as a warrior. because I will put you to the tests that could make you lose the battle.. th~ persona becomes weaker. when the "ego" was not inside your body. But. in the deep south of the world. who moves awav as your body and mind become hardened.. in the Interior City of Green Glass of his Star.. attaching it to the persona to make a form and consciousness that can never be destroyed. Someone is waiting for you somewhere. although I need your victory so much. 'Only the "ego" enters the body.. seems to remain outside. Yes. your soul doesn't have one. Because while wishing you to be victorious. 'This is a struggle against God. the Master of the Sphinx said that even a child has the dreams of a mature person which can affect his whole life . And this is the ring. but dreams that you WIll bnng It one. Here. It dissolves. just as you are the face of mine. I repeat: I am the face of your soul. It is a solitary struggle. As your "ego'" becomes stronger.. it knew the Importance of the ring and knew that it would never let it drop. you have given your persona a face. So. awaiting your return. 'Without giving up your "ego". I was projected. and once outside rebelled and put everything at stake. the persona becomes a personality. The persona. Because you are a man. I remember. . you will regain the faculty the persona has of conversing with the animals. without quarter. I must fight as a woman: by dying. unless you bring me back to life. its reflection. where was It? And you. And the "ego". .. because they were afraid that I would let it drop. it will have a different meaning. As you were by a Great Her. Where is this persona when the child still has no sense of the individual "ego"? In my case. so that you can bring me back to life with your face.' . it was a phIlosopher who asked himself the question. in the animals and the plants. Kaliyuga. In this way.. giving you my nothingness so that you can make it immortal. in the landscape. when I was a year old or perhaps less. how did you feel without your "ego"? Were you a persona or not?' 'Let me remember. dreamed by a Great Him. and you will fall and get up again many times.. Yes. The person waiting for you doesn't have a face. you won't be able to give a face to your persona unless you accompany me to the very end. . Because I am the face of your soul. What was at one time outside you is your "guardian angel". It felt dee~ly offended by this lack of trust.. It is not a question of renouncing the "ego" but rather of making it eternal.36 Nos: Book of the Resurrection A Turn of the Wheel 37 "ego" you continued to converse with nature. And you will only have me in your mind and in your heart. including my nothingness... the "I am I" . which is very old.' . I am the "her" who longs to be your Her. For a time you didn't lose this faculty. And even if you arc victorious in the harsh tests set in this mystery. that child felt itself to be a persona. it disappears into the distance. a shadow of the light which has taken on a shape in order to travel around and gain knowledge in this world. as if beside a spring. Because I am the "her" who one day emerged from Him. you WIll never reach the same point.' THE SUPPLICANT Thousands of years ago. That child was a very old and WIse man. Although the spiral may seem to reach the same spot. . plants and stars. and I am a double-edged sword. all the Gods and your "angel". I remember. even if you walk back along it.. You have become individualised. The road ISIrreversible. the Darkest Age.. Can you ever get out of that? Perhaps by feeling that the persona which you were before you ~ere "ego" still exists. he and she were lying on beds of cinnamon branches. We will be Nos. Your "guardian angel" has abandoned you . The women of the house ran to take hold of me. ' :But I am listening to you teUing me aU this with my "ego". I was leaning out of a tower holding my grandfather's ring tightly in my hand. And we will put on the mantle of Absolute Personality because we will have escaped from the fatal circle of returns. I have recovered it. Journey ever onward until one day you and your "ego" enter the city where I await you. Neither of them had a face. with his White Horse. Kalki Was at rest. And when the "ego" became defined. That is the difference I believe . Or perhaps it only becomes partiaUy incarnate. in reality they don't wish it. on a plateau near the peak of the sacred Mount Melimoyu... the "ego" bong only a part of it and the body its exact image. beside the fire in a small dwelling made of blocks of icc. it leaves you alone. Because.. And perhaps you may be able to become this persona again afterwards.

with her eyes almost closed. very slowly. Then your forehead.. the warrior had succumbed. and the reflection of the flames brought magical changing lights into it. It is the visible double of the others which you as yet cannot sec. All my other bodies will feel it. alongside the martyred coasts of the south of the world. his hallowed reticence. Her long lashes cast shadows on her cheeks. He could also read her thoughts. exclaiming: 'Allouine. while the flames enveloped her in a light which was nevertheless incapable of clothing her Absolute Nakedness. we will open the doors to a universe which not even the greatest dreamers of longing have ever imagined. Only half your face belongs to you. as delicate as the breeze which stirred the crowns of the ancestral oaks .. And as he caressed her aura. were visible through them. we will smash the walls of the circle of returns. Her chin was like a fruit of paradise. 'There is more than one body. with love expressing itself in a glance.' He began to move closer to her. like liquid gold. honey from polar bees or the midnight sun. so that he could feel the agitated rise and fall of her breasts. he whispered: 'First here. as my world would be extinguished and I am already blind to all other light! Your exquisite nose is a bird which flutters in the sunshine and the scents of spring. as if in a trance. Her hair hung down to her waist. 'How was it possible to create so much beauty?' he asked himself. Now I am caressing the aura of your neck. its secrets. its shadows.. in some undefined place. He could smell the woman's integral perfume. his blood. ' He reached her side. .38 Nos: Book oj the Resurrection A Turn of the Wheel 39 The sleeves of her gown were full and her snow-white arms. with an inconsolable sadness. Her lips were smiling sweetly.' THE KISS She came even closer. with its seas. varying from copper to deepest gold and finally pale gold. by loving and protecting one another. Either it causes him to lose his spiritual virility. imbued with the water of love.. Allouine! I have always loved you. like a breath of soft air flowing from a universe preserved for him alone.. its hills. And now he remembered that. It was like the touch of a petal. through an eternity. or of honey stored in drifting icebergs. The other half is mine. The closest thing to this body is the aura. Such a kiss produces unexpected consequences in a man.' she explained to him. where you hid the moonstone in the depths of the glaciers of the dawn.. We will drink from the glorious cup. because "honey and milk are under your tongue". honey from a Copihue surrounded by a halo of light from the Morning Star. constructed from the heavy materials of this exterior earth. Her neck was long and slender. on the other side of the light. I have sought you through all the worlds. making him realise that she had always belonged to him. with a tiny cleft in the middle. They are the ones that love. non-existent centre. THE BODY OF THE ABSOLUTE WOMAN She let her red gown fall. thus giving rise to the infinite turnings of the wheel. Only you will give me eternal life. the amber road which leads me to the primordial continent. he exclaimed: 'It's true. their union would be possible. And your marble shoulders. or else it instils such strength in him that he is able to free the giants from their prison in the rocks and raise the Continent of the Spirit. too. near your hair. a swan which will reintegrate us with the race of the kings of our blood. The last one to do so must be the one you can now see. In an uncreated. without opening her eyes. through all the turns of the wheel. when he first contemplated the woman. The man closed his eyes. She raised her hands. do not close them. A whole continent to explore. And she stood naked. And he felt that a subtle emanation from her skin and her veins was penetrating him. as though from the wings of an Andean condor. covered by a soft golden down. Together we will attain it. 'All of ours are enveloped in an identical substance. as wide as the disc of the Moon which fell upon the world like a stone from the broken crown. to the nuptial homeland. Oh. ' She trembled. fusing with his cells. and began to caress his aura. Her clear blue eyes were once again piercing into him as if to tell him that there. Love it. And she brushed his lips with hers. his destiny as a sacred warrior. And your eyes . When at last they opened them and could see each other again. Your lips are that door which will open to allow me to gaze upon the City of Dawn. EL-ELLA. caress it.

Hyper orea 0 . We must do everything in our power to drink from the cup of immortality. f h . ~~ the end of our road. it loves pious reticence. IVIng In a dream 0 unfulfilled glories. Do you remember the words of the ascetic of the ran: . do not fall asleep! Watch with me through this long night.' . Creating wor. .' 'I am the scabbard of your sword. giving him a face. never returned' . from the Hyperborean oaks. They demand to be. discovering the stone of change. He drew his sword and placed it between them. of attaining a world beyond God. from the Tree of Paradise. hvsi 1 b d she explained to him in her musica VOIce u other's _P YSlca 0 Y'. . Now is the dept so IS ~l!. ou bet' 1' dO ~~~~:~ . Let us awaken tonight. How many times has this happened already in the Circle of Return! We only have a limited amount of time in which to put the pieces of the broken scabbard back together again.' THE TEST Thus were completed the different stages of this most ancient Hyperborean Initiation of A-Mor. made of wood from the apple trees of Avalon. 'I u~derstand. Ou. do not mi n~gb~ allowed into heaven.. . ~ reverent flattlhtu e . Light fl gmg for etermty.ace In A . the refusal to tolerate all th~. . I will make you pregnant WIth the son of death And we will both remain virgins. the Primordial Fema e. loving each other inside and outside etermty. an d And I will not destroy your magic ity. beside the fire. di id Is when such a great possibility already exists or to ot er In IVI ua .. m love. . .' 'How could we sleep! May this sword protect us. 'The chastity of the sacred warn~r is the nobility of his sexual act. Transported to the icy wastes of the south ld with Parsifal in a Ternplars' ship. e h f ? on trul li ht in the depths of midnight. as the saga tells us. ki 1 nd while the ultimate test of this initiation ~as ta Ing p . in a dream which not even the most impassioned Walkers of the Dawn could dream: to break down the walls of the great circle and end the turnings of the wheel. of the White Gods who have become separation of . They will show us the path and inspire us. And together we will have triumphed. ld absorbed into the sources of creative en. We are gomg to try an d c h an ge God . 1 wa known us I will not lure you into loving my body In the on y y I '11 to 'the dark age. md b' sword without taking possession of each id separate y a. andf Cross on . IS brutal. you will break me.t . y t h e magicians. .g ht with a man and a woman lying naked SIde by that ancien. us not crea e cbildren of the flesh. To the true.' he whispered. because that way death will swallow you u w~ never be the Great devouring Mother. revealed in the mystery of the Grail.. after which we will lose each other. . We will be two sleepwalkers allowing ourselves to be guided by the legend of our White Gods.ergy. 1 . with the Vermilion of the worIts . do not take possessIOn 0 f my b 0 d y. b~cause they ~e1 :hat they have done everything possible to ment being deified.lItgis ~n immaterial irrevocability . . If you sheathe me carelessly. ht fh: followers of Lucifer. w Of . vm . I shall give you my death. because his feeling for the bea~ty ~f . She stretched out an arm over the blade and clasped his hand. Kingdom 0 'whence It from b f the White Gods of America-Albama.hat act prevents rm doin so The Wounded King also said this. di IVId 1 . . '1' ng your es . Because it is your magic virility which will enable us to travel along the river of death. I know that they will not be calmed merely by my taking possession of your body. Therefore. s. livi will turn you into a vanquished warnor. hild f the flesh to bring new opportumties mme gIVIng you c 1 ren 0 .. from the tree whose silken threads join the earth to the sky. The Grail doesn't toler~te unbridled passions. of the Morning Star. You must also fulfil the Myth of Virile Immortality. no fusion with a God or redeemer awaits r wa is not the way of ecstasy of the saints but the way of us. I shall place my eternity in your hands and fulfil to the utmost the Myth of Feminine Immortality. We have a limited number of opportunities to sound our notes in their purest form. absorbed into HIM-HER and HER-HIM. Your sacred virility WIll enable us to life. And we will have lost our only chance of resurrection. of giving a face to our souls.w h'· He sal'1s an d' all its lights on . We do n~t h~~ the lunar troubadour: "Take us back to where you too us rom.40 Nos: Book of the Resurrection A Turn oj the Wheel 41 He carried her to the bed of branches. Let . I will be the She who leads you to heaven. in the esotericism of the troubadours and the Minnesinger of the High Middle Ages. I am ready. My love and desire for you are more powerful and inextinguishable than this fire. "Th light doesn't come from the east. THE SCABBARD OF THE SWORD 'Beloved. . beyond all the Gods. f 11 SI e.

He stayed by her side. if he we:e . when we are no longer made of mortal flesh but of red. so that they remembered everything. Sheathe me gently. trying to fight the. As I will find in yours. In the Dark Age. There were moments when her eyes became fixed on a point b~yond t~e fire and the walls of transparent ice.' . They will rescue them from the Dark Age before the final cataclysm. nor sacnfice.A Turn of the Wheel 42 Nos: Book of the Resurrection 43 will become a woman if you love the body of a woman. which lies beside you. the cities of the immortals still lie hidden to help those who seek them with courage and who still possess the "tiny spark". breaking down the doors of the city. nor even a feeling for beauty. When we become fore h ea d . tomght.'1 THE 'TINY SPARK' She was dying. Fate is testing you.never to find her again. This holy war maintains the balance between the opposing universes. We must discover this love together. my love. when it sends . . However. One is born different. too. True possession is the mental possession of all her other bodies. . h the glance with the pleasure that never dies. I believe that a balance w111 be achieved. . the amorous racing of my blood intensified. w1~he turned to~ards him. The memory of the love lost at t e Mmne. . sung 0 ur d 'Hei/!' . As the end approached. When you remember what your blood tells you. we have fallen so low that it is almost impossible to go back along the current and return to the time when immortality was almost a permanent gift from heaven. Thus. seemed to waver. what if she were never to return to life. W . but what 1S the qualification for attaining it? It is not kindness. without being able to intervene in your conflicts. you will achieve the Grail. The chaste warrior is the most virile one. of all our bodies at once. and which is produced by your contact with my invisible bodies. nor intelligence. who were not touched by this chance-destiny which launched us on this enterprise of death and resurrection. he asked himself. They were closer to the point of origin. 'In the Golden Age. h . faced with the inevitable. 'After death. you will make it even more material. you will turn it into a body made of lead.. . his gnef increased. my love. The genuine orgasm isn't a physical one but another which is endless. giving inspiration to the Seekers of the Dawn. because he loved her with an intensity that was equalled only by the fire which ~urned there. Another day she opened her eyes very wide and looked at him m that indescribable way that he could only compare with the impression produced by the Morning Star at dawn. but without intervening directly so as not to transgress the secret code. Only a little time remained to her on this earth and in her lovely body. because only by becoming effeminate could you satisfy the erotic sensibilities of a woman's physical body. See me in your 00. di . We will belong to this order even when we will be immortals. this road which was now coming to an end? She. who will ave ream of resurrection and eternal love for all etermty. against the Prince of Slavery and his armies of strange beings who advance in the opposite direction to our Myth of Resurrection and Eternal Love. Immortality is not given to all. a Minnesdnger. the warmth of my lips. .. Blood Memory. f the ether we will know how to love each other so e y v1bratlOnS 0. smg keep 1t pure. Perhaps it 1Shonour and loyalty. k me i bl d beginning of time flows through the blood. crossmg the most iverse nsClOUS II c~ .. By loving my body. And we will be more than the Gods. causing him to doubt everything that had been said. I will also follow your enterprise when I am dead. it. imperishable matter.. Do sea bar k e Your sword is double-edged. they will carry them to the city. So our combat is more heroic. the Iron Age. We have lost many turns of the wheel. Its scabbard is called not rea me. without letting go of his hand: am the bb d of your sword. the heroes. To take physical possession of the beloved is to lose one's soul. You will be a warrior-troubadour. of green light. men lived for more than a thousand years. in order to help those who bear the sign. his search his dream. where they will become part of that timeless order which. What if none of this were certam. losing themselves m the diaphanous midday sky. it will wish to see you triumph through your courage alone. In their Discs of orichalcum. 'We are living dangerously. where you will find the perfume of my visible body." This is so. fights against the forces of darkness. angel of love and death who possessed them both: the consummatlon of the myth and the legend. With the memory of your beloved in your heart. in all the worlds and as Sons of Light. You bear the sign on your e belong to a different race. . . if only nothingness lay at the end of this Journey. somewhere. softly. h .

The spark creates. 'Will the laurels flower again some day? . In the silence of the white peaks. pained By their immense fragility. which was now very weak. Hope reawakens. Within us is a "tiny spark". As he went to spread the perfumed resin over her left breast. And slowly impregnates each thread Of frozen mist. She raised herself up with difficulty on her bed of branches. the Land of Resurrection and Eternal Love. The soul turns and turns Within the black space. Crackling and magical. the Lefthanded Swastika which signifies the return to the Nuptial Home.. The leaves fall. Did they preserve the key of the seminal atom. collected the scattered branches together and went out into the forest in search of resin. of the Seekers of the City of Dawn.44 Nos: Book of the Resurrection A Turn of the Wheel THE EXCHANGE OF HEARTS 45 us a message through its deep.' And in her musical voice. THE RING OF RESURRECTION It was on examining the ring that he had the idea of embalming the body of his beloved. He held her tightly and implored alone in this house of ice . Kissing him with open lips. He imagined that by doing this he would preserve it through all the turnings of the wheel.' He obeyed her and felt his heart die in her. For the last time she looked at him intently. The warm flame grows and grows. Twisted by the strident clamour Of the being which struggles To escape the inevitable. conclusion.. when the Golden Age returned. He undressed the body of his beloved and began to cover it with the resin. he made a cut in the bark of a conifer tree and drew some off. The Egyptian pharaohs had lost the faculty of bringing the dead back to life. Blooms the fiery lily of eternal love. 'Give me your heart. don't leave me THE LEFTHANDED SIGN He put out the fire. Don't leave me without a heart.' she whispered. deep within her. she sighed deep into him and gave him her heart. With his sword. resigned.. die nicht irre gehn! (. And with her last remaining strength. until he could bring it back to life. Conceiving a vague desire for self. 'Now you must breathe out inside me. end. ' her: 'Don't go. The mists disperse in its heat.Lead us along the righteous path of those who do not err. he discovered a red spot on it: the sign of the Walkers of the Dawn. All is death. den graden Und derer. The renewed certainty of eternal Development rises out of infinity. velvety light. she recited a poem which she would compose in another turn of the wheel: 'The tenuous melancholy spins Its delicate web in the soul And the muffled murmur of memories Darkens space. ' Fiihr uns den Weg. when it was . I felt it light up last night. as beautiful as before. He mixed it with some water and ice from the lake and returned to the cabin. Now they would never see again in this world. Then her head fell back and her eyes closed. filled with nostalgia for the universes that lie on the other side of other suns. which. Wasn't the mummy a sign? They hoped to preserve the body until that Hyperborean science was rediscovered one day. hurry!' She asked him to kiss her. ') 'Come. my love.. she embraced him.

almost as if it was breathing. on her sledge of branches and flowers. my beloved. He had lost the given opportunity for both of them. A Disc of Light stopped in space in front of him. he thought he heard a rustling sound. As he examined this magic stone. He covered her with snow and ice. They would stand motioriless at the centre of eternity. he knew that one day he would be able to decipher its message. apparently a woman. with bodies that only they could see. dance that dance. Her blood now flowed through his veins. like the summit of. and of red Copihues. In this way she would be preserved for ever. They would leave eternity behind after an eternity. Perhaps it had been Allouinc's name in an earlier turn of the wheel. the mountain. in the chosen gesture. The image was that of a mummy. And he would have to wait another seven hundred years before the laurel flowered again. like the oak trees of Hyper bore a. larch and laurel branches and laid her on. it is only important to fight it properly.earing the sign to enter the city. They would play that game. l~lt doesn't matter if a battle has been lost. like the trees which live their whole lives without moving. And the chosen gesture would be that of their first kiss. He dug a grave there and placed her inside it. In the and hi hest range of the light of another world. Indescribable! It was throbbing. while at the same time it 'read his thoughts and feelings'. it. He thought he could make out the name Phosia. to take an active part in creation. which was played danced far above this earth's visible and audible scale. until it became no more than a star which grew paler and paler. like their present ones but also very different. but never lost. For our Myth of A-Mor. mingling with his and inspiring his every act. I keep watch. cover~ng her with her red gown. ' THE DISC Standing beside her tomb and the Midday Rock. MIDDAY Within his breast there now beat a woman's heart. repeating the action time and time again. foreshadowing the mantle of immortality he would one day give her. like s. The mummy was the symbol used to represent Osiris. This has always been the way to win. with her arms crossed over her breast. Soon it became soft music.ed the sledge over the snow.stars'.46 Nos: Book oj the Resurrection A Turn oj the Wheel 47 deciphered in the Eternal Return. And it looked at him as if it was sending him a message. He felt clearly that he had been doing this for an eternity. the bell-flower of blood drawn from his woman's heart. As . For a long time they gazed at each other. as if concentrating on a point. In a blinding flash. He took his sword and traced the sign and the lines: 'While you sleep. until the Light began to move around and upwards. separate and together. 'far beyond the . within which they would live WIth their faces. helping those who were ~orn b. he tried to imagine what that timeless time would be like when they would be together. like cathedrals.. He built a sledge of conifer. like the temple of the sun and the moon. It is a dance. the emblematic flower.he dragg. like the touch of a snowflake or a sigh from the light of the Mornmg Star.' He reached the pyramid-shaped rock. he realised that he had been in the presence of the Grail of the Andes and hadn't asked the question nor ordered it to take him with it. because they would b~ on the other side of the light. with honour and loyalty to the end. that sacred bush of the South Pole. like a combination of notes and sounds. like an eye blinking. ~ike rays of light. And the entire firmament was covered with green rays of light. It closed like an eyelid and moved rapidly towards the horizon. He wove her a crown of cinn~mon leaves. would breathe fresh life into the 'image and the figure'? And also into memory and glory? On t.tatues. the Irreproducible God of Resurrection. a game. like the apple trees of Avalon.he a?a~e set in the ring was a silhouette surrounded by carved inscnptions. . . losing and finding each other.

with doors which opened onto a gallery supported by hand-carved pillars. it took almost a day to travel from Santiago to the family estate in the foothills of the Andes.. The huge gates were open to allow the carriage and its snorting horses to pass through. the everlasting fire of the heavens. The mansion was over two centuries old and was a singlestorey. L-shaped building.--------------------------. with fig trees. which lived up to its name by flowing down the mountainside as a crystal-clear stream. At the back stretched an enchanted garden. willows and chestnuts. mahogany and oak. Nearby were the kitchens. The penetrating scent of the myrrh trees pervaded the whole valley in spring-time. one was driven through the tiny provincial town in horse-drawn carriages. of antique furniture made from jacaranda.. a scent of accumulated years and time. The domestic dogs and fowl used to drink there together with the wild birds.dried or ripe. On alighting from an ancient train. roses and hydrangeas. smelling of meat. Inside the rooms was an unforgettable aroma of old wood. A road bordered by farm cottages led to the estate houses. crossing the River Claro. In his heart he always carried the memory of the eternal snows on the mountain tops... . murmuring over boulders and rocks..<iii &ramoa ANOTHER TURN OF THE WHEEL THE GARDEN OF CHILDHOOD In those times. The dusty road wound up into the hills. The entire main body of the mansion was painted the same red as the outside wall. painted a colonial red. roast chestnuts and fruit . These were surrounded by a high wall. until it was lost in the distance.~p---------------------------. Attached to one end of the house was the colonial-style . at the bottom of which was a tiny brook whose water flowed from the Andes and whose banks were covered with a shady tangle of brambles. They were the white blood of the giants and the condors. according to the season.

The tree. Now he seems to remember that some tremulous secret revealed to him by the grass made him cry on more than one occasion. the violets of today don't smell the same as they used to. with the tree. with double-headed eagles whose bodies were shaped like hearts. a former master of these lands. with gildings and a pair of strange candelabra made of myrtle wood. the secret of that glance. But the child's paradise lay in a tiny circular garden in front of the house.. the plants begged him to do so from the other side of a wall of glass which was growing less and less transparent.$ --~ --------------------------~. Bevond lie other rooms and a door which opens onto a gallery with pillars and vaulted niches. where there is always a light which seems to come from other worlds. . a face emerged from a rose. Even today he has difficulty in remembering it. he lived only A cake with five or maybe four candles . from that moment on. And during that time. I am standing in one o~ the rooms 111 that mansion which is over two hundred years old. People are moving around.q Another Turn of the Wheel 51 for love and to seek the face of that flower in all women. Someone came and took him out of the garden. 'Take us with you for ever. surrounded by bamboo canes up which climbed roses. because he only spoke the language of the plants well. invent some Non-Existent Violets. perhaps from the Morning Star. But. foaming milk fresh from the cowshed were brought to him on a tray.. far away. And the sweet scent oflighted candles and evening prayers. We want to make ourselves invisible within you. their sorrows mostly.' He lived that moment as if outside time. It seemed to say to him: 'Seek me. with the grass that grew so sweetly and was so fragile. The tray was bordered with ~ garland ~f violets covered with dewdrops. . Its eyes looked at him as ifhe was not a child but a timeless being. it was a shady place. the land of Avalon. behind me is a brass bedstead. This chapel contained the tomb of a seventeenth-century Spaniard. climbing up the huge tree until he reached its topmost branches. in the precarious and mystical country called Chile. he used to go into the garden and not leave it again until midday. smelling of damp violets. in the garden of childhood. And he realised that now he would have to create. He lost that faculty. for ever.' THE FACE One day. with an altar carved by artisans from Cuzco. The child suffered for all these defenceless creatures who came and told him little things. in front of me is a table. THE VIOLETS OF CHILDHOOD 50 Nos: Book of the Resurrection chapel. with the birds and. a Non-Existent Garden. 'Don't forget us. . the flowers. It is a . said: 'Happy birthday! Now you're not a child any more. In their · 1· n their souls he sought the scent of the garden of bo dres. To bring them back to life. On summer mornings.' The violets also told him so (because they didn't smell the same as when he was a child). even before he felt himself to be 'ego'. 111 the foothills of the Cordillera of the Andes. or perhaps at that precise moment. timeless. Between him and his garden. . The white-haired woman who came into his room carrymg his present. forget-me-nets.and warm. And never afterwards was he able to speak freely with the animals and flowers. which he now confuses with an oak in the Central World. as if clothed in a dignity conferred on me by the passage of centuries. 'EGO' I am a very young child. above all. To my right stands a big wardrobe which gives off an aroma of old wood. he had been glVen his diapason. His 'ego' interposed itself between him and their scent. like a priestess from the valley of the Andes..he couldn't remember which . The face said something to him that he didn't fully understand. In his memory.. where was the child? Mingling with the plants and the flowers. the illusion of that love . Oh. and asked him not to forget them but to take them with him when he was separated from them and could no longer understand their language. the key of his melody. but at the same time I feel myself to be a very old person. love me.' they begged him. In the middle grew a huge pine tree. the scent of the violets of h1S childhood! Like so many things.. from earliest childhood. jasmine and convolvulus. There. childhood. urged on by an intense desire to get closer to the condors who glided in the clear skies and who would stop in mid-flight in order to look at him. The child conversed with the flowers.

I see myself at less than a year old . 'uniquely-me'. . who awakens and directs his sure gaze over the world and over himself.52 Nos: Book of the Resurrection Another Turn oj the Wheel 53 beautiful day full of summer sun and moving light. so to speak? Furthermore.I open the secret ark of wisdom. where was it before? And what was the 'ego' before? Or who was it? And. a person filled with antiquity. And the walls were older and the gilded sculptures m the chapel were damaged. I never wanted to go back.of n. I will remain the same until the end of our eternity. fearing I would let the ring drop. solemn.. h~ldmg tightlv in my tiny fist my grandfather's blue sapphire ring WIth hIS initials engraved in gold. because I In I would 'never have done so. Or I couldn't. older than my ~ran. the road dusty and the River Claro running over steep rocks. the old walls still painted red.always m search of the City of Agharti and Avalon. is it possible that. or 'who' engraved this recollection on my memory?). For the first time . legendary personage. And it happened that one day I went back. I entered the abandoned garden. Everything smells and sounds as If It was new-born. Only the violets didn't smell the same. I haven't changed. that child can ask himself such fundamental questions. of a.n ontological occurrence. I made to the land of my birth: 'And now. late in life. Whenever I read the following poem. all the beings ~ovi~g about here. but as yet WIthout an ego. Scenes repeated themselves in the light. returning from time to time. with a recently-incarnate 'ego'. There were no flowers. the places I have . Although I believe I can't understand you. so recently emerged from the secret coffer of the universe. I rested my forehead against its ancient bark and embraced it. but with a clanty and lucidity that no philosopher ever had. this ego which suddenly appears. With deep wonderment.the Pilgrim of the Great Longing . you know that I do. but without being surprised. 'uniquely-me'. of th~ central face m the garden of my childhood. is the following: is it possible that in the midst of all the people around me. so clear. The tombstone had become encrusted in the floor and ItS inscription worn away by the passage of time. remembering inhabited.I have a sense of my 'ego'. no ~irds. impelled bv longing . . saying: 'Speak to me as you used to. d0 ors . because it has been recreated. tell me everything. However. firstly. has affected my whole life from earliest childhood up to the present.' Thus I spoke to the beloved tree of my childhood. And the most important thought that comes into my mind at that time which I believe that I am thinking for the first time. I say to myself: do they also feel themselves to be 'me'? It isn't possible that each of 'them' also feels himself to be 'me'. I felt offended. myself. Or in reality. that is 'him'. gaining such a clear experi~nce. immediately this centre is open. 'me' and not 'another'? And then. this unique 'me'? 'Me'. The fields were still transparent. WIthout anyone seeing me there. because I am a child-philosopher and my thoughts are experiences.so I believe . a centre whI~h opens up at a given moment in a child's development. everythmg was exactly the same. that IS. obeying orders. The street below was full of vehicles and pedestrians. 'them'? And this experience. 'me-myself. my newlyappeared 'ego'. no faces I could see or hear. that is. the mountain tops snow-covered. The double-headed cagle had lost its talons but still had its heart. And also of the Face m t~e Flower. And I am surprised. my former self. lookmg at the people walking along that gallery. whenever . I am the only one to feel myself to be 'me'. thinking I heard the ghostly VOIcesof my ancestors. And at that precise moment I begin to think like a philosopher. And I stood beside the huge pme tree. in my memory ('who' remembers. to feel myself to be 'me'. I wandered aimlessly. part of the mechanics of growth of the body. Almost all the same people were there.dfather.y childhood.. filled WIth the fear that the thought of coming face to face with a dream or the ghosts of an idealised world produces in us. . tell me your sorrows and your joys.whether I wish to or not . because that child was a knew that . which had lost its protective fence and had been invaded by weeds.before the appearance of that 'ego'. (this 'ego') -leaning over the balcony of a house in the city.. I observe. I am both a very old and a new sage. I travelled the whole world. I remember the pilgrimage which. And when the women came to bring me . And ~continue asking myself: supposing that the ego ISan electro-chemical phenomenon in the brain's biochemistry. 'UNINHABITED BLUE' More than half a century pas passed.

In order to feel how. Together we lived solar times. whose key was given me in the land of my birth. I have gone through life singing a certain obsessive melody. also. but that I have repeated it thousands of times."! MY COMRADE I I . It was the Master who explained the significance of the great war to me and the reason why I had taken part in it. with difficulty.------------------------------~ PI' i 1 " I Ii :I Ii 1\ .. I laugh joyfully. on returning. I thought to describe _. If you leave. in a remote.but the By the Chilean poet Omar Caceres. He wou continue 11S searc 1the turns of the wheel in those to come and those that throug h a 1 ' came before. embodying them in my life. although his name was really Hector. . has also gone far away. unri h t so as to He wanted to remain pure an d upng Jason d I . Thus there will be a dog m the sky WIth us. If you sleep. without beginning or end. you will also return to life in me.. I understand that the feeling. guided by the 'blood memory'. h would be more propitious for him.------------------------~~ Another Turn of the Wheel 55 idnight dreaming of and searching for the City of Dawn. THE GREAT WAR OF THE MAHABHARATA 54 Nos: Book of the Resurrection And which still carry my sacred thoughts. entering upon this combat with no other weapons than the memory of the face in the flower in the garden of my childhood. this legend. As I narrate this 'hermetic biography' which is not accessible to everyone. because I also lost him very early on. saying the word then. 'which rules both poles. that he "still" enriches and impoverishes steps on the earth But who is there. The guides who didn't die on the corpse-strewn battlefields had to embark once again on the long exodus towards the ices of the south of the world. 111 times w IC cont1l1ue .. the plea with which all strange solitude surprises us. his whole being explodes within a great number. Is nothing more than the evidence which remains of human sadness. And it was this war that led me to the Mast~r and to be initiated into an ancient circle. the light of the one who breaks through his security. I have dedicated myself to explaining a Myth and a Legend. ' And if I return to life. 111 search of the SUbterranean City and the doorway opening onto the Star of Origins. Because the Noms had spoken. I think because I was impelled by the 'blood memory'. was a r111 ed young. polar region. attaining itself. I don't remember if it was here. At his graveside. enveloped in the mists of passing years and turns of the wheel. my paternal grandmother.. I will look after it. I grew up in the forests of this southern land like a 'pure madman'. his consecutive atmosphere. I took part in this war although I didn t know the reason for it. Nothing more. ld conti 1.' hi h . I II In this turn of the wheel. and it would repeat itself endlessly. absorbed. . I keep watch for you. Very soon I rebelled against the Great Widow. and it was not night that fell upon the defeated . I was orphaned as a child and was brought up by a widow called Fresia or Freyja. As before it ended with the defeat of the followers of the God of the Losers of the Kaliyuga. So that no man can console the one who suffers thus: All that he seeks. whom I believe I called Jason. Because to each warrior The Gods have Given a comrade. It seems to me that none of this is new.among whom I was numbered . Without God.. the search in a new turn of the wheel. The war had taken place many times. without direction. the same. And if you have a dog. And I will enterthe CIty WIth It. I sang the Song of the Comrade: 'If you doubt. those for whom he now weeps. I shall fight for both of us. Solitary as a mountain. . and as I sing my melody softly. or in another place which is even farther away.my meeting with and loss of a companion of my youth. in a midday which 1 Jason left this Second Earth shortly before the great wa~ of the Mahabharata began. Or.. All that he loves. in many turns of the wheel. . And to know that he "still" exists.

stirring up a fundamental. I knew that no cry for help would reach a human ear. But there is also the 'blood and its memory'. enveloped in the phantasmagorical mists of the mystery and legends of the Grail. Your first meeting with Her was in the garden of your childhood. But don't think that this has only just happened. immortal. which had appeared for the first time in the garden in which the golden apples of childhood grew. perhaps. The same vibrations of icy fire. knowing that no one kills anyone else. "because those you kill on the field of battle have already died in Me". a soft. causing different centres or 'wheels' to vibrate. which will bring us out of the battle as either victorious or defeated. When the raging fire neared my forehead so as to try and touch the top of my head. Nevertheless. to disappear for ever. THE MASTER AND THE SERPENT I am standing before the Master.. Her poison is already circulating through your blood and if you don't find the antidote.. the face of our beloved. establishing its rule in each. incorporated in the old soul. risking the loss of your "ego" with honour. . raise Hyperborea. go into combat with a light heart. as Novalis says. And the "ego" which you are going to overcome will return to life in a different form. something was gripped by an unutterable fear.56 Nos: Book of the Resurrection Another Turn of the Wheel 57 hope of resurrection in the Oases of Ice. creating a thin crust which talks another language. who had also drawn his sword and fought against identical ghosts. as a face looking out of a flower. an icy fire paralysed the parts it touched. you will die. And what was involved in that desperate struggle.' THE COURT OF KING ANT ARCTHUS As best I could. the Land of the Giants. you will recover the face of the serpent. having been led into his presence by one of my companions in the great war. Defeated with honour. which has come between Her and the Elect. Luciferan origins. As it spread. my 'ego'. Now She is inside you. behind the Yellow Sun and the Black Sun. And it struggled between what it believed to be nothingness and its only known existence. Go down to the depths of the Ocean. nothing is exact or certain. out of duty. looking at his blue eyes. I followed the Master's advice. you saw Her outside you. as if from the thick forests on the horizon. make the legendary continents ofMu and Gondwana. something which believed that it was going to die. reappear alongside the narrow coastline of your present homeland. But at that time. as the invasion mounted. 'in our heart of hearts'. which no longer speaks for the animals and the flowers. From far off. melodious sound could be heard and the fiery chariots began to approach like discs of white light. Although. our solar. And it is also our great war. nor can we make use of any conscious decision or rational will there. which we fight with honour. was the 'ego'. I hear him say: 'You have been bitten by the serpent. we may be able to decide on a course of action a little before we come face to face with events. And don't forget that the battlefield is your own body. reborn. in the Ray of Green Light. When the lost continent rises. having 'awoken without waking' while I thought I was asleep. between fear of a black void and its earthly light. taking one city after another. It will be returned to you. Only when the "ego" is dead can he live. And the enemy you will be fighting in this great war will be your "ego". Because the sky is also shaped like a man's body. nor understands them. and the new sun was superimposed above it. I feel that I have stood here many times before. The 'battlefield' was ready. don't resist. like flaming icebergs. Accept its death. united with the face of your flower. I came to the Master in the middle of this war by a 'lucky occurrence filled with meaning'. in the depths below. Harsh is the judgment of the Noms! And the warrior must accept it with honour and a joyful heart. A current which originated at the base of my invisible spine began to rise along the length of my body. If we face defeat with honour. 'Don't be afraid. in the roots of the tree of your childhood. then that defeat is good! Such an ending is a spiritual adventure which has been successful in a parallel world and time. And you will return to life with Her. in that Him-Her who waits beside a spring. I lay down on the bed and waited for the signal which would start the conflict between the two armies. its only possible light. . One night I lay paralysed in my bed. because in those hazy regions. When it reached my throat. the same growing paralysis. his virile hands grasping the sword. The ancient continent of Hyperborea was submerged in the terrifying flood. This is the Resurrection. perhaps cosmic happening.. And the memory of our beloved. Hyperborea still exists.

e outside me could at the same time also be happemng inside me. nor above and below. but you are alive. as if I was entering a Disc of Light. but played in the highest possible key. a parallel world and time. In the middle was a Round Table. The whole earth shook that Other Earth. both earlier and later in time. a return of the same thing. not tomorrow. 'I can reveal to you the . I fell further and further. of blue-green ice. where time was different and travelled towards the past. And as I went deeper into the abyss. The 'ego' fell back to the upper reaches in order to fight the decisive battle at the summit. a funnel which was rotating fast. 'There is no inside and outside. I heard King Arcthur. because he had changed poles. through the window of my room. there is an order and a hierarchy. each with a lady in a red gown standing on his left. On it stood a cup filled with a golden liquor. And I knew that It would never cease to keep watch over me. because it is connected with the Black Sun and the Ray of Green Light. what IS inside IS outside..' And I gave in. The thirteenth is the Siege Perilous because in order to it there you must fight a well-armed knight. the face. No.. were seated twelve knights in shining armour. An alien wisdom which reminded me: 'You are a follower of the God of the Losers. Is this reincarnation?' 'What is commonly called reincarnation is an error reached through the thoughts and language of this continent which is superimposed on the one we were speaking about earlier. of nobody. wearing the red gown of resurrection. but not yesterday. urged on by a music which was my melody. The King. Around the Round Table. 'True. I seemed to know that the table was my own skull. which bore the number 13. and handed over the 'summit'. was produced. Evidently they were waiting for me. the Morning Star rise over the sleepmg Andes. so as to make usc of them according to a plan and a strategic rhythmic law. say to me. And then I was on the other side. or Just didn't exist. And once again. An error of this new earth and new sun which appeared within time. A memory of something that I have already lived through or will live through. keeping control there on the very brink of defeat. There is no reincarnation.58 Nos: Book oj the Resurrection Another Turn 4 the Wheel 59 causing these centres to revolve in unison. It seems to me that I have had this meeting and this conversation with you. There is no here and there. perhaps the Master. 'A break in space'. Also. where it had earlier thought itself to be victorious. D ' with your lady. like the central eye of the giants. Strangely. before.. I've explained this to you.' When I found myself lying on the bed again. who was called Antarcthor. However. as my body had by now also become. Our order knows and uses the language of the lost Continent. or the 'memory of my beloved'. Huanacu!' I obeyed. because there was an empty seat. I saw. which is far more perfect and accurate than the Calendar of the Sun of Gold. Something in the 'blood memory' decided that for me.' . like an eye filled with a watery light. I didn't want to. I found myself travelling inside the fire and the light of the Disc. THE STONE WHICH FELL FROM HEAVEN I went to see the Master and tell him about my experience: 'How is it possible that all this. and that the cup was an eye open in the middle of it. here in the circle. too. like luminous discs or stars. It was something like a room with glass walls. I thought. on t return here without her. Five names are mlssmg. Today. The vibratory sounds of the Orphic music. said: 'This seat bears the number of your star. I stopped resisting. Sit down. I had sat in the 'Siege Perilous'. now I wanted to lose. Afterwards came the awakening. but you are dead. when the garden of childhood sank along with Hyperborea and Thule. many times. only a repetition of the same thing. However. according to the Venusian Calendar of Tiahuanacu. but have only just remembered it. which was taking place somewhe. where victory awaits those who know how to lose with honour 'here'. It is a language of sacred signs. something like the return to a pre-existing point. As the table is round. I have explained this to you so many times. We were travelling through a metal-like tube. made of stone. 'Ah!' he exclaimed. we can begin WIth anyone of them. You will win by losing. and an eternity of nothingness. . You are alive. who was now called Antarcthur. as well as one of mine. the playmg of the same note in different intensities of the same tone. So . of seven of these knights. which would permit me to reach the Other Earth. you belong to his army. I asked. you must come 51 . And fell into a huge abyss. You seem dead. A whirlwind of fire enveloped my head. because it was my guide on the Road of Return.names .

hiding in the City of the Caesars. a warrior of the order of the Morning Star. These are his orders. for 1 By Rilke. the Morning Star. from the rose of our star. from life to death. a Guardian of the Dawn.' After a long silence. then. The Archetype has been debased.60 Nos: Book oj the Resurrection Another Turn oj the Wheel 61 that because it is always happening. there is also a castle. a member of the circle of Lucifer. Better still: when they have found it outside. die. the star of Lucifer. Master?' 'We are warriors from the most holy of wars. 0 world. which flows through the "blood memory". but to make yourself invisible within us?) 1 Outside. a Walker of the Dawn. This is what has mistakenly been called "astral journeying".. from a broken crown. cosmic war. inside and out. like a double-headed eagle which has a heart for its body. a hidden. What is inside is outside. takes advantage of this. 'Yes. a Hollow Earth. it's as if it never happened. engraved on your forehead and your arm. with the red gold of the alchemists to the Grail. but with the intimate knowledge that they are also seeking it inside. Purely terrestrial people do not believe in this Myth of Resurrection and Eternat' Love. Or as if it is happening for the first time . I am remembering it as if it has already happened or as if it were happening for an eternity. which I will obey through all eternity. The Twilight of the Gods has taken place. in the mysterious oases of the South Pole. Not all who inhabit the earth are the same. Here everything is outside. so as to preserve a myth.' I am. a Pilgrim of Longing. despite having lost their War of the Mahabharata. Plato showed us that Atlantis was drowned because of an indiscriminate mingling of Archetypes. Amongst us. They still defend their solar soul. a Grail.. are the White Gods. It came down to this earth in the Discs of Light. because of their destruction in the "blood memory". a stone which fell from heaven. in the same way as the face in the flower in the garden of your childhood appeared to you.' I listen to what the Master tells me extremely carefully.' 'This is because you have reached midday. It is not a journey. Also those who have come from opposing stars. They did not fall from another planet but are the "slaves of Atlantis". You will have to search the exterior world and try to enter its fortresses and gather together the scattered fragments of the broken . an exile in this world. beside the Polar Mountain of Revelation. are fighting against our myth. 'And the war. from a mythical. And you must go towards it as if you were interiorizing it. (What else do you desire. they will have also made it invisible in their "heart of hearts". the Master continued: 'The rebellious dross overflows from the forge where the alchemist is preparing the gold of resurrection. Your mission is to seek them. eternal. And the war will finally be won by a Horseman riding on a white horse which gallops towards the past or who descends in a Disc of Green Light.. It is a "falling from the flesh into the soul". And it really had fallen from heaven. Only Zarathustra's Persian and Rarna's Hindu are unconditionally on our side. with the stone which fell from heaven. Because there is a myth to be defended. It was brought to this external earth with its slow vibrations. Counter-Iriitiation. from inside to out. And they will return to clothe it with an immortal body. And you will be initiated into our order. from different universes. with the stone from a crown which had been broken in a stellar war. which to fight and. This is why we are fighting. as if it had fallen from heaven or emerged from inside a great rose. of the Great Loser. ' 'Nevertheless. a legend. in the secret refuges in the Andes. The warriors of our order must first seek all this outside. You bear the sign of the warriors of our star. subterranean city. your Beloved who awaits you and a Disc of Light which will carry you to other constellations. Defeat in the battles of this war will not be defeat if the myth is preserved in all its purity. during which he seemed to be contemplating some undefined point as if someone standing there were telling him what to say. The sound of the horn can be heard echoing sadly in the forests of Hyperborea. I remember it. Prince of Darkness and Slavery. in the south of the world. an acolyte of the God of the Losers. without being either alive or dead. because the Archetype will rise like a phoenix from the blood-stained ashes. There is a Holy War to be fought. returning it to life there. The youth of today has been influenced by black music. along with the White Gods. a Round Table of King Arcthur. in the depths of midnight. And from then on they will be able to move freely between these two worlds and in many others. 'The Legend of Eternal Love is on the point of disappearing because of the hybridisation of the "blood memories".

alone. suffering thirst. by Lake Nahuel1 A fruit of the south always return there. There is only one sword. It IS the Sword of the Two Consciousnesses. . But whosoever sets foot upon this path which leads to the great beyond may not go forward ifhe ever has the intention of turning back. W IC IS a-natural. At first. Other signs will be given to you. By his constant courage in battle. consulting. I penetrated its borders. 'No one kneels in our company' Thde others formed a circle around us. . hai even 1 It means approaching that table at which mex austible supply f f( d i d an . in search of the oases of warm wate . looking deep into the eyes of every pilgrim I meet to see whether he is one of my comrades. 'There are two swords 0 d ill b . Leap!' THE SEARCH ONCE AGAIN Since that day I have travelled the world from end to end. across burning deserts and icy plateaux. ~o that. too. h [. You mus~ go d~w~~~t~~al or ers of the Antarctic. The warriors were all ~~ ressed In black and carrymg their swords. spoken in the h y of the Caesars. searching.e the centre of the ice-field. a warrior serving the White Gods of Albania. but looks on it as an or gorr :f somethmg supernatural.ea ed eagle. You are now an Ancahuinca.' The Master drew a sign on the blade of the sword and handed it back to me. but it has two edges: a oU e. d. Now you can never turn back. where Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa tasted the bitter fruit of return. usque ad mortem. and the Master decided to iruuare me. ne ay you WI e the Warnor of the T wo Swor d s whe . of Chile. on the dangerous road which you will be following. was suspended from e vau te roof.u WI ave come accompanied by your beloved. Ilwas shummoned to the Circular Room of Glass. It is your defence and paralyses those who are opposed to your myth. 0 fthe awakening.' he told me. opposing Nos. The warriors pointed their swords at my heart. he will have gained the right to resurrection and eternal life. ' THE INITIA TI 0 N Ih d . He must go ever onward. Then they raised them towards the Emblem of Return. ~ drew my sword and passed it to the Master. called Calafate. you must search your own country you . you may sit in the Siege Perilous because yo. he lives it. I allowed myself to be dragged along by the current that flows ever farther towards the south. d . May the Noms be propitious to you! May the immortals give you their blessing! Go. 'The Circle is called Huilkanota. as they become necessary to the glory of your fight. e great SIgn of Return. carried mine. a t~ walt many years before I was accepted by the guides who contro us from the Ray of Green Light. He is immersed in this alle~ri~ ~.62 Nos: Book of the Resurrection Another Turn of the Wheel 63 crown· if . finally. it is not enough mLto. Whosoever sets foot here can never go back. an anti-spirit. like a counter-initiation. Moreover. which had been b III t m t e south as a c f h fi h th . it affects the two heads of the double-headed eagle and instantly reaches the Two Earths and all your bodies. which is the language of Avalon. A fire burned in the centre of the room.1 In the Sarmiento Mountains. because the warrior o~ alle order does not scorn nature and its laws. When you trace it over your heart. e ieve In ImmortalIty. The Master passed m·y swor over the flames. which revolves in the opposite t~rectlOln ~o the turning of this present earth. which awaits transfiguration. reactivating them. He who has attained the human state and doesn't try to go beyond it is like a man who commits suicide. seek! And never return. You will be the Warrior of the Two Worlds Jik: m~er ~~d ~ut~r. h~u. 0 00 IS serve and the liquor of eternal]jf< IS drunt. ~o~eland. its drawbridge. It is believed that whoever eats it will .~h a:. opy 0 t e irsr orne. to receive some sign or indication that would help me find the path that leads to the gates of the City of Dawn. without the warm embrace of a living woman. beneath the Black Sun of Midni ht r~ 11) d dIscover the entrance to the Interior Earth where our gre~t g'uind awaits you You I· e d . I ' n you regain t e acuity of conversing with the ~~~ma s and plants. must ove your native land as you once loved th gar en and the flowers of your childhood. You must stand. .' And the Master gave me the first sign in our initiation: 'The sign is the language of Atlantis-Hyperborea. by his "fury" alone. its hidden entrance. half-frozen. without human comfort. the ~a~e time he is amazed by the eternal singufor hi b ~go . either by me personally or by the guides. until one day he reaches the diamond-encrusted walls of the City of Dawn. e FIrstly. He is the Man of G reat ongmg. J.

of the South Pole. On my return to the west. . in this land inhabited by the "slaves of Atlantis". their immense submerged powers. the Himalayas. h Master of the Sphinx once more.64 Nos: Book of the Resurrection Another Turn of the Wheel 65 latest war of the Mahabharata has become like a body without a Huapi. should not have CARL GUSTAV JUNG children . He put some large pots and the old the South American one. what happened to my golden-haired dog.. lackmg m ~yth of Resurrection and Eternal Love. Sometimes I think that my fellow countrymen. side the tower to rest beside the fire while he prepared a meal for I don't know.. . in the Transhimalayas. I am a stranger m gomc dr~ams. whether it fell ~. He was carvmg a serpent on a seemg the oaSIS which was the entrance to the Interior World. near a forest of petrified conifers. which Ashram. I burst into tears beside a small lake and a rock I wa . or whether it was devoured by nd the following day. above the whose symbol is a clover with four leaves. as if half of my Its sa soul lay dead in that place. Like you. I searched for the City of the Caesars. has remained a part of a Celtic confederation on t?e sacred Mount Kailas. 'Why didn't you risk your all? to a planet of lead. the leaf of the number of But I was prevented from doing so by the other races who had destiny. Without SOU . This homeland of mine. The Master had told me that its entrance was to be found was once druidic. It has always been so.s told that the Grail had been taken by Parsifal to Albania. . guided by a golden-haired dog. near the peak of Melimoyu. And thus it because only poets will be able to understand me and contmue my was. When I have left this life. or it never had it. I lived in work will remain unfinished and only poets. land of the Morning Star. and invited me mAnd m the expectation of their resurrection. In Switzerland. exhausted. A creator. I met An~arct1c. the ~o~k. saw me arrive. while the waters of the lake lapped gently rou~d his feet. Because of this: my the CIty of Agharti and the Masters of my Master there. I was on the point of reaching it. Only the judgment of the Noms can save our You were also a son of your mountainous country. I am a Hyperborean. And one day I found the 1 I discoveredthat"a noble White Spirit had left Europe for ever. t name for America in a Templars "shi s lp WIt which stood. beside a lake. and which after the Thirty Years War and . We Othe~ Spine of the Earth. leaf which is the Hyperborean polar spirit. because it lacks the fifth rainline. 'h He offered me wine in a metal jug and we talked all that mg t into a bottomless Antarctic abyss. on a plateau. palaces and golden ghosts of Gondland in which I am living in this turn of the wheel. h a fiery cross on . . the decomposing skeletons of the men of Lemuria I endanger their materialist. a to Its Golden Fleece. I have lost the war. in the work. in a tower built by his own hands And I continued my search until I reached the icy wastes of the dreams. in that European world which is not like He poured out the wine. to the new kingdom of the ants. as I have said. those Antarctic seagulls which flew ever closer a 'Like you. the refuge of our guides. He Hollow Earth. And the sword called Blood Memory'. or :vhether I lost It m this turn of the wheel or another. still lie in its depths. their cosmofrom this world. At least your homeland is the taken control of those regions and who were opposed to our myth. 'But you are to blame. a warrior..' I agreed. 1'1 which revolved in the direction of return. It lost it.. hate me. myself at a great altitude. because wana and Mu. near Lake Manasarovar. I shall try and reproduce what he told me. And one day I reached the this world. I have said that I travelled to all the ends of the earth. WIll be India for many years. the ferocious skuas. searching the holy mountains for the Siddhaable to understand it and carry it on. thirsty and hungry. I am not their treasures. 'I would have lost the little that I had salvaged in the battle. always with the hope of W d whose construction had been determined by his . the knowmg why. m this tiny knowledge that the temples.' I broke in. appear in the thick mist. And the Disc of Green Light and the return of sacred fury.' the White Gods.. money-orientated way ofhfe. because I thought to find lost this stage of the war of the Mahabharata. And now it will be the sons of my own flesh who will take part in the destruction of my work. . I crossed the great Ocean which eats away at our coasts. It Was anCIen ' . conspiracy will take place against me. towards the oases with great difficulty that I came down from there. ' 'That is true. ' forcing Kahyuga towards its nadir.

'Well . Without an answer. If ever I do disappear. "crucifixion of the ego". .mg survrves death? The "ego". 'That is why I have come. there can be no individurenunciation of the "ego". there would be no one there to you don't believe me.ut If I really do die. Persona which existed before the "ego" and which felt itself to be the wor~d comes to an end. But did 'SELF' he really escape?' 'I h b . you cannot possibly believe me. when you were king standmg beside the Sphinx?' a . everything comes to an end with it On d I' d . this narrow path which seems to leave us without a way out. . feel myself to be "me".~d I ~annot escape from this. of the o exist. ego . I learn 'What is the "ego"? Where was it before it entered a child's that the world goes on after me. their robots. that only I am. a fold in the mantle of the persona. b . too. "your" return? What is this "you"? Is there. will be "I" myself. with the ego ee myself to be. when the "ego" enters way out for my ego. a nothing. Combining them in the ic:? Only because people tell me so. . pI'1gnl1) you ave eaten and drunk. you will never be able to understand it. exactly as I do now. a ways body?' I asked. just as if nothing had ceased is the "ego" a point. ave een a. From your know that he had ~een in samadhi. because how can "I" know that it will go on WIthout" me " . Do you wish to rest or would you rath ' er open your heart to me now. then everything comes to an end He answered me with other questions: 'Perhaps it was the even the world.and he became all people in one. I can only think and feel the following: his body? Or perhaps the "guardian angel" is that wise man.' w 0 ears It. a "third"? Or . Or perhaps he didn't know that point of view. Separate consciousness. And it is "I" h h . . so filled with dignity. I "I" Ah b '.t hi i no consCIOusness. And it cou~d well be a projection 0 myse or a splitting of myself m two.' I replied. t you feel yourself to be an "I".. And this "I".so they tell me . You know? There is none! The only thing I can confirm to world. without "ego".skmg myself the same question for an entire eternity 'This has been my obsessive melody.' because someone assures me it is so. too. There IS persona but not personality And the" "h' " " I fi I . Only can answer me. t IS supreme affirmation. Nietzsche also had discovered this . perhaps. At 'I will talk to you. "vour-I"? Only because I hear t ha . The sleep. ~nyt?. e ISa stone for ever.ho fe~1slike this. ' . a onologue in front of a mirror in which I am looking at myself. Absolute Personality. It exists even in a flower a stone "A ston . The Eternal Return. questions and answers that I am puttmg to myself. The anguish of this WItho." said Meister Eckhart. after a whole eternity if there IS no "I" . That is to say. to talk to you. answer is: there is no way out. I h re IgIOuS silence. words that I am saymg to myself.t here ere IS matter? Have you ever considered the possibility that the technoIso comes to an end. too. With your "me". but in its anon. a sigh. at one and the same time. you %e end of his dramatic life. how can it die? If it dies. er at a most . the ecause It has no ego-consciousness. talkmg to them as if they could understand him A fit d I I' . w h en "I" di so old. so ancient.66 Nos: Book of the Resurrection Another Tum of the Wheel 67 'I have come here to consult you. no answer. This is how it is he was in samadhl~ Because there is individuality without ego. there is ego dies. f If yOU tell me so.for you. There is no possibl~ "guardian angel" which the child later loses. . Is there any reason to believe tha. he looked at me fixedly' . for example. for example? Can it die? If the mental brick wall. Because his profoundest state of samadhi. electronic brains. If a yogi. someone in eternity will goes away when the "ego" enters the child's body and waits for agam feel ~Imself to be "me". there would be no none. A poor answer. who when I dIsappear. merely by moving a lever? Mightn't metal frying pan into the cupboard. so that time ' Monad. no answer. to think with How can Lknow that you really exist. even when I can assure you that it is the same for me. because In the Immense interval. the repose of the Gods. He passed his old hands across his forehead. combining it with an entelechy. The crats of the science of Kaliyuga managed to give an "ego" to their dIsappearance and resurrection of the world. A. truly. Because. you. There is no way out of this. had stripped himself of his "ego" in you is that I. . The way does not lie in WIthout consciousness. as you did long ago. while I am still here. that you arc also "I". of which only a tiny part can enter a body made of dense a IS "I" . like all the rest.ut obtammg an answer. succeeding in escaping from the CIrcle into madness. e ay you exp arne to m~ that if the "ego" didn't exist. He greeted them and thank e them. only "you" feel yourself to be "me". A moment.

in which the Beloved lies asleep . The light of Gnosis. This love makes you immortal. which is created. with all its lights on. You would both be destroyed. This is Individuation.. bringing light as far as possible into the darkness. And the centre that appears there. castrating his magic virility.. seeking to give itself a shape. breaks the Cosmic Egg. Combining the "ego" with the Self. the individuation of both partners. ANIMA. a circle whose circumference is everywhere and whose centre is nowhere. a castle surrounded by flames. This is the true Her. which is differentiation. who does not drag him down into hell. She is not the devouring mother. in one of the turns of your wheel.is not a good thing. There lies the gate through which one can enter and leave Ultima Thule. placing her eternity in your hands. to which the accent of individuality has now moved. It is a Non-Existent Flower: the Self. because she does not resign herself to her widowhood and so castrates her son. a miracle. which consumes everything and projects you to heaven. Changing the accent of individuality.. the her of him.. as Goethe said.. Giving a face to the Self. is an icy. a city hidden in the depths of a mountain. Only poets will be able to understand me . red-green fire. Cosmic Egg: Phones. I have called it Individuation. in another way. loving beyond life and death. who is not an illusion. Parsifal and Alexander had to employ Phobos (Hatred) in order to escape from the Great Mother. into the Self. jumping into the abyss. So as to acquire consciousness. the Stone of Change. an oasis of warm water in the midst of the ices. who leads the warrior to heaven. and that it uses the human being in the same way as it would use the machine .68 Nos: Book of the Resurrection Another Turn of the Wheel 69 something similar have happened in the case of the human being' Will the "ego" survive when the robot is destroyed? Will the same "ego" be reproduced in other machines? This horrifying possibility is for me a further proof that consciousness is an archetype which forges a path through the universes. united for ever. Resurrected. hatred (nothing is closer to love than hatred) disunites. projecting the "ego" into the Persona. It is in effect a change...' 'What is the Self?' I asked. "The Eternal Feminine leads us to heaven. Only love can make you cross the deep chasm.. a Sleeping Beauty in a Wood. And do you know where I found the concept of the SelfI used in order to allude to this mystery? In the greatest psychologist of all time: in Nietzsche. which I have called Individuation.. leads to separation. turning man into woman. because once there was a King. into the Monad. so as to be able one day to give a face to the Cosmic Egg. is the Self. Love her as if you were committing a crime. without ceasing to be conscious but with a different type of consciousness. the unus mundus. 'Das ewig Weibliche zieht uns hinan. This . don't make the mistake of marrying her.' I said. The fulfilment of the totality of a being. the little widow. so as to achieve the Grail. the drawbridge that separates your "ego" from the castle in which your beloved lies asleep. individuality. Yes. to the "Guardian Angel". I have never managed to say this openly: That the "ego" is an Archetype. who was the first to discover it. in an effort to return to the original Androgynous . but Phobos. moving from the Yellow Sun of rational consciousness to the Black Sun of Individuation. New receptacles for an old wine. moving it from the rational consciousness closer to the Ocean of the Unconscious.' 'I understand. ANIMUS 'Eros was united with his Beloved inside the Great Orphic. in the loved one. 'If you have the great good fortune to meet your beloved again. Fall into this flower and you will find the face of your Beloved there. profaning him. using the German word Selbst. so that he and she can come together again separated but. 'They are only words. giving a face to the Gods. fear.. Totality. It goes against Individuation. What you must do is help her to die outside you. which the Greeks called Xoanon. your "w ounded King". "lighting the darkness of the Creator". the Monad. the widow who is not the Widow. invented." Because the impulse which drives you to fulfil the ultimate mystery. making the Creator conscious ... a Queen. for all eternity. Meister Eckhart's "tiny spark" which navigates in a ghost ship on and beneath the surface of the Sea of the Unconscious. it is the Continent of the Golden Age. Let us return to the point from which we have strayed: combining the "ego" and the persona. 'It is an island of glass lost in the middle of the Ocean. the immortality of the persona and resurrection. an Eternal Love . is none 'other than love. This love... And which emits a Ray of Green Light. Eros unites. Erika Paios. this impulse.. 'Complete fusion -losing oneself in one's opposite. The beloved must die in order to return to life as an immortal. I know.

I have called Anima m the man and Animus in the woman.I I 70 Nos: Book oj the Resurrection Another Tum of the Wheel 71 I face. ' 'I am surprised to hear you use the word "psychologise". which went from the choice of the initiate by the "glance" of the Lady of the Castle . the tantric hero of the Grail. supreme Individuation Absolute Personality. And in the midst of all this is the Self. his Self. He possesses all his "I" while also being conscious in various parallel planes or times of existence. the androgynous of the alchemists . We do not know whether as well as his "fury". The troubadours' esotericism became a sort of Platonism. "Bound Man" and Drut. was resisting a participation mystique. This is why I have said that only poets will understand rue. I could have linked my concept of the Collective Unconsciousnesses with the mysterious Tibetan doctrine of the Tulku and the Hindu-Buddhist doctrine of the Bodhisattva. from the Gods of Greece and India and of the ancient Germans? And my two or more Collective Unconsciousnesses. the ultimate solitude of the Superman.Beatrice. Isolde. incompatible between themselves? Isn't this the "Blood Memory". which the troubadours and Minnes{inJ!. doesn't await him at the end of his road.m a. as he was su~posed to have advised his friend Gawaine to do.er called Woevre Saelde. like the troubadours of Occitania and the Minnesdnger. and of being a gnostic follower of Meister Eckhart. For this very reason. 'The mystery of the ~rail has preoccupied and moved me deeply SInce my youth. but all. A Tulku never says "I" but "we" when referring to himself. . because I had a presentiment that this was something sacred that should not be "psychologised". like an ideal centre. this Fire of Love. his own "fury" that Parsifal achieved the Grail and his IndIvIduation. of its Esoteric Order of Knights and the hermeticism of the German and Provencal troubadours and of the Fedele d'Amore in northern Italy. his totality. This is the difference between the Liquid Road and the Dry Road. Unfortunately.. the River of Samsara. "Implorer". and that the man who hates him needs only three.:. Having done so. he who has exchanged hearts. the Siddha. the betrothed . What awaits him is Kaivalya. a handkerchief or a glove. not lost the war. It possessed a ritual and an initiation by degrees.. astrolo~y. yOU have gamed nothing. and with Nietzsche's conclusion. somehow. situated in no particular place in the immense Ocean. then. for the Hindus.Rebis. having enveloped your ~rofoundest experiences in the language that was in vogue at the time.?eless ?nd yourself laid open to the accusation of "psychologlSlng traditional and sacred knowledge. "Suitor". transcending the human psyche. :v . Illusion. Having stopped m mIdstream. too. ' 'I know. 'In the west. He is ubiquitous. I could have gone much further. Parsifal. It is without God but lth . which you raised. total separation. had I. I did not wish to touch it but passed it by on tiptoe.to the giving of a protective ring. For example. in cipher. the Minne of the German troubadours. his Phobos.ert.. I have handed over the "cipher". you n~. out of a desire to preserve the "scientific" nature of your school at all costs. He then passes into the degrees of Fenhedor. there was once a way of individual initiation into love: the mystery of the Grail. such as alchemy. have sung in code. a girdle (Brunnhilde's Girdle in the Nibclungenlied). or rather. hermeticism and even the I Ching. He is the Tantric Sadhaka. Samadhi.. like a NonExistent Flower. A-MOR I I I I I ~It has been said that the man who loves God needs seven Incarnations in order to enter Nirvana and liberate himself. Hinduism's Samsara is also my Collective Unconscious. or his hatred. The initiate has been accepted. "memory of a beloved". I am not sure that others may not do so in my name after I have gone . uniting with his lady only in the mind.. haven't I said that Archetypes are psychoid? That is to say that. or an alchemical Tantrism of the Left Hand. in the Maithuna. I. What difference. Thus we link up with the theme of "I". because your enemies will always accuse yOU of mystic arnbiguirie . The cosmic isolation of the risen Purusha. with his "fury".. so as to escape the accusation of mysticism and magic. Because this would be the way of sainthood. Precador.he who has surmounted the ultimate test of Asag. of those archetypal forms: Maya. He is a Race Spirit embodied in an entire people. who sang of the memory of a Love lost at the beginning of time? What difference between this and the "Race Spirit" of which the occultists speak? Without doubt. Because. in the case of Dante . his fear of the Mother Parsifal carried with hi.. the Primordial Being. fusion with Adhi. too. This'is the way of the magICIan. which is no longer one. they are beyond or before it.

. desecrating the warrior. . in the Lords o~ th~ :'~' perborean Blood Memory an the eternal war with the enemies of the divine myth. all too human. Is poetry and .. o(A Mor Without-Death). with the troubadours of the Languedoc. d the entry into a new morphic. behind their language. . t h e magIc n e 0 f t h e trou b a d ours '1 ove Roma. In alchemy. in which the ·oined forces wit f years of t e ge eart h h as J ·11 occur in the irst . t e w to Roma. because It WI been adulterated by an exoteric. the Sahasrara chakra. . . from the original polar continent. . y The has gone over to the diffusion of a physical. of the e llows your footstepS.th you I t to d . di ver w at 1 les . the Iegen d 0 f the Grall. the Cat~ars. day C wo which come the names Albama.or. K nIB appeare d . . esotericism. w d which may and the Fedele d'Amore. . it was western man. In tThose ard'Amor . h The end of Kahyuga an The earth by itself your tnUmp . . there he should achieve resurrection. M eister . of which we have already spoken. with the Minnesdnger 'ThIS IS why dml the Minnesanger. of the troubadour. "lIs love . where the female initiatlon of A. ibl Double externalised Eve triumphs. the umversa to do with t h e exotericism of the Church of Rome. Parakletos. the initiated bride of written. t h e A· masw Uxor. a s col as h lee.. Morgana and A loume. the state of definite separ_ Chnsnamty. to be: A way of initiation totally oppos~ istianity of tlc distance. d the unhealthy sexua b dours of arion. Albi) and Rubedo. Love . has not ing . It is the assassination of the sacred way of Kundalini. Albion. eca use Knsto IS healed the wounded warrior and the Sick King. . I· fR An esoterIC. a private. by an anthropoh with equal anxlety. . .. . I h e trie to reac maglCians... Albedo (frol1l the initiated knig h 0 . And she is the Yogini and Parastri. the feminine Holy Spirit. 1 love of the . . Toda the 'The initiation of "loveless love" has been destroyed. Arnor spe t h· ch it was 1 Mystica. thanks to d ro the way me 'This miraculous Hyperborean initiation comes from a great That ~s. R a destroyed Amor. ·11be transfigure In 'The eart IS a. ed into the novel.or. everythm~. . rat the mystical Tantric coitus. ove es d . The crown of thorns overcome 1 Uk rna Thule. ~ich may have destroyed with the Cathars and the Ternplars. An d also the women who. f lfllling the mystery 0 of rhis earth. The SoraI' did not mean t~e~am t was a code word. the woman who is always at the side of the alchemist. us has become human. . has churches. at the summit of the invisible 'SYNCHRONICITY' skull. . condition In the uman externalised in the cult of the heart of Jesus. . the Opposlt~ to "a" and "mor". Tantric road of the chakras. . the Self for S .. A d mine. w hiic h h as ta k en posseSSIOn 1 an of one's neig . unique. Amor broke down in immortal. u warrior.. lunar religion. of centred purely on the physical body of the woman. of Its symbols and adulterated them. f humanity. . 1 backwards is resurrection in the red immortal energy-matter of Vajra. meanmg I h way of Tantrism. . comes to us from an unfathomable distance. That IS'. is (Love) was a cip her. 1 thousand petals. f 1 "Wh e talk a ou h RoslcruClans. The Gnostic Lady. matriarchal love. Because av . . hb our. . h f the Grail. In istos in his sou. try to ISCO e thing as it does m oUI . . Individuation in the Absolute Personality. es the ove hi whatsoever . as cutting as a sWO. imposing her phe WI the InVISI e great catastro fi d the entrance to M " the female urgency and her "Demetrian" fever for procreation. ted woman and man .repres W·thout-Death. The love of . This mystery man to resurrect r he Templars. . . rd an d w lC b een populansed as the Virgin Mary. solar Kristianity. cannot finish the wor t a h man in his destructlve pahssIO~. Frorn he unresurrec .. The "loveless love" of the Aquan . exclusively materialistic cult. . and man Golden Age depend o~ h t Nature leaves incomplete. of t e true h d ys love ts his soul. . the results of your war. Eckhart.73 Another 72 Nos: Book of the Resurrection Turn of the Wheel ·5 1 h f R me lunar the Churc 0 0 . What had been originated in tl e o{ar origin. 'Th e love ta e . the equivalent states are Nigredo. or d er to reac t e w hiICh is IS in In reality the awakemng of the Ana h ata c h a k ra. is the mystery of the Grail.. kaivalic the popular literatubre atnthe religion of love of the trou a we must . tory poem has deteno f day . The Gnods r h western . h b 1· d i h had a po ar. eternal.. In the west. h as b een p 1· me. brid . 0 ome. The mltla hsm 0 OUI . aristocratic imtiation as ecome vu ganse In ave lk d d written a out so . A hermetic initiation of solar love has n i live and it fee 1s WI . . purushic. the priestesses of maglC love. h h Kingdom of reali . Sophia. magazm. and the rosary have replaced the Ternplars' alchemical rose of a the lmmorta s. to a11t h a t Rome . h : a harsh disClWoevre Saeldc. in the way m w ired Also en. lov~. But if you can m f "loveless A. your scare . The Mysterium Coniunctionis. ord indicated. the Exchange of Hearts. the Dove. whlC ISh· h aspires to . s b much m nove . With the face 0 the Be oved in en w .

a ream" an who was explaining "" t0 me Gothic church.. Immobile within centring on the immobde.lehemi.u" it ". Non-Exi>tent Howee. . . ''''''ing new hw.un". "It mlg]. l Hce foct ..t1 h oug h peeh 'P' not h" m 'v.ble to t"n.~. "tmml:n~ of Green Light.ymbol of the Self. .ihle and.12 Gee" Ro". the 1"t '" .d.1 to". man. ch.d" of gccen hght.fotm. cove red . surmounting behind ." And the .d . tn acts The A"hetype rs " a >CCCet cent" whae De"./Oem I"df.nnc" the eflctt. unknown hiend.Imo" 'Wet m".u"fol. taking this Moe And w h en tel d emerges frorn the depth."ncc. They have been . are univeNI 'nd valid fOt .cc how alone you "e. I. saw myself mSI insid e an 0ld.mfigu"tion of thctettC"n~.ynchwuiclty". it has become an " d" ""d c you. even thoogh that the purest God. And onte you h."du.noted d the wbole line of tbe bmldmg been t. to em Ift0.nd to hce ""ce. pcodueing icceve"lhk effect. An d .d ong." . "ying '"pee"" it well: "If. fl" h And she repeate ..ynchconiclty" bctween the sou] and tht bnd"'pe.f Then. 'TilE ART 01' THE FUGUE' . I h a d a vision. withm the n "" It '1ue k y movement of C lorccs. "'''ning to you. thinks t]..u"l.n. N. it might "em" if it Were so". bell which . A Iotky o"unence whid.'ppen. "". '0 th" it i. " "1 " a HER-HIM.nd."ing' theme' '" '"' urn. the face of " g each drop et 0 Ig H" C We weee k" '''m. . [ said to totali . nings back to Hyperborea left-hand direction.".nnouttc" a triumph 0' a defcar.ll 'ppe" " " " "" to become the same as before.1 Onefor all time HIM and HER. flowering. towards t. the e"'hgu'ke will "'" and th. be"o... united m separatlon.elf into e"my. . The two towers had tbe "yle h. it folly comcid" with your . AI" ist while I walked through In the d awn.ny " "" indlvi."emed to defy c"thly gt"tty 'd to me in German: Das eWlg 'upecme 'g t. If 'The Rose on the Cross is the A' I was leaving.nged fund. bee. t h vee" "I is the masculine. thcoug:."" w. the Andmgynou\ ~t . The world presents you with a "lucky OCCurrence filled with tn"oing". e c.n and Nature. m the although scarcely altenng Its "ew forces'. of the cross I. as Rilke would say. it h" given it. composed on Fugue'. with yOOt '"i. oV in this way. Thc nld Chin". y.y huvc eh. as if nothing had happened" Neveetheb" evetything ]u. but WIthout D creatmg discovering m Eternal Return of the same orce. Wh. fl 0 we. He. . Nie""he "lled "lucky occurrences filled with meaning"" It becomes a poetic dialogue. "It doesn't m.p I. 'oom. Joms t B the cross revolves dizzi y. f t h e l revo ves direction. of bgo".ke "f. t 'khtmi"IIight. 7::I:~ n:"h of France. " .~g the red enetgy of Vajra. he will be heard tho". It is the face of the sou].un.df up to you '0 th" you "n m. .'111 d pme m " I . self.qge. it hands you a su btle..1 m.mm.". too.d'''e ". """ This bemg exactly whar the world "Ioobng "" foe. 'Th".' . Y'"' wodd. with '0 event m your hfe." 'Wh" [ h. ".d tocned into tht 'An of the The Brandenburg Concerto t" n of Bach's soul.o-m'gici. 'dneved evceythmg w.to fot two violin" between the m.oing.t kern" if It Weee '0.II time. t e gether it is HIM-HER and The Rose unites t h em .'gh the only onc> to know it will be you 'od the e". She. The horizontal line rr. the most We Ii"ene d to ted I k ". . the flowce.v.Ith".. Id ccp. wh"h w"' to me h.'nd.g~'min~ circle.. of the tott . now Y'"' ""h.v. to the Morning Star. holding h..11 ete. thar you shoul. the . we kissed. like the tinging of.74 Nos: Book oj the Resurrection Another Turn of the Wheel 75 vole".l. narrow P'''"'. which extend. an essenrij] ". 'ight though".h cc which I. And tt w". will come to your aid. the infimte m . po ~t ing each other with Iovelcss Amovement.t you "hieve In you"elf w. 'itting In hi.". .'y. If you do tme work.JI become cohn. Wcibliche zieht uns hman" d b g Concerto by Bach.] extracr thar tn"ning hom it.ontethiug ti 1 whic 'PP"ent ''''00. tnn'fo'med I'. I" '" d" umv"" m" mg m.oged. '" hooh :~~ne the evening . which you alone arc "p. to use your own words" And you will be a creative God of the wotld. if you once conftont it in an ""nti.med mto one.ynchwni". ° th.1chembi "ying. 'w. Witb me was 'bw~:nd in Germany. a Conce. You h've given.".ll the suns as fa as t e kir y them into ar im m 0".ble of 'ccing. bathed m t af r ht from the flower. d greatest crca 10 d " fi "t the high"t p"b of h" WOtm. "lIed ".nnd to ""in tow"d. deopIet>. :~th." you hove conceiv.vold. the face ofh thecross Be ove c"'''mphe will be . The "nh h" m. .' movement.. window which epee" ." of mind. bot which you " h ]. ing " mto 'n cxplo. the feminine.JII"ve "petCu"iom In even the temo"" com er of the un Ivc"e.de ""If invisible inside you". into legend D 'nd de"iny. rna .tOn .men"lly 'nd fo. w"hout " ee "rs fi011of m"nmg.n h last Bran en ur d " d m'gic..fo.

'This is Klingsor's Garden. When I have gone. 'I have been in Bollingen. How much time had passed since our earlier meeting. It reminds me of the Villa Rufoli in Ravello. I met the Master who had not lost the faculty of conversing with the animals and plants. from here. brought the possibility of 'ordering and determining human bemgs in a new (although illusory) way'. There were magnolias and palm trees and a huge fig tree. with the Master of the Sphinx. You are one of us. a conspiracy in which the sons of the flesh will take part will adulterate me. he has a right to confront the idea of death in peace. One must give a wide berth to the door of his house. I have sung in code. But I will survive all that.. In Steppenwolf. the like of which I have only seen in India. drugs and sexualism. when a cycle has ended for you. I met Abraxas.' he replied.' 'It's the age we live in. no secrecy. who sing 'of the deep longing for the Hyperborean north. is the Great Widow. like the Matterhorn. the sons of Woevre Saelde. I seek the Princess Fatima. When he saw it. I live. We are those who believed that we could change the world by "magic idealism". he exclaimed: "This is Klingsor's enchanted Carden!" Here. the Minnesdnger. I will give yo~ refuge. They will turn me into a comic strip phophet. I envelop myself in it. in the turning of the Great Wheel! He saw me appear and approached me with a luminous smile greeting me with his clear eyes. In reality. you the Princess Papan. Kleist. Hermine is the feminine of Hermann. However. _you will discover th~ secret of the resurrection. Him and Her. and which reaches ecstasy with Holderlin. It isn't good to visit this man or to talk to him. Bach. as much or more than him. with small ones.' 'In some Spanish translations of that work. expresses them. but more real than all the flowers in the gardens of this world. and may even reserve me a place of honour in the Valhalla of Disneyland.. transfigured. Because I am a Minnesdnger who has sung in code. This is what distinguishes a Swiss from a German. ' 'We couldn't leave yesterday for the Upper Engadine because of an unforeseen occurrence .my wife was stung by a bee. burning leaves and branches. you will set out to attain It.. 'no mystery. have influenced my work. the Mother of Parsifal. 'because the name Armanda has been substituted for Hermine. Mozart is present in SteppenwolJ. A lucky occurrence which turns into Destiny. my Anima. which inspired Wagner to write the first act of Parsifal. as he would say. Weare Cain and Lucifer. Papageno and Papagena by the dancing rhythm of its notes. trying to link me with Negro music. He was in the garden. his mother. lowe him much. in this Casa Camuzzi. or who had recaptured this condition of youth in his old age. from the Minne. as if no one lived there. the poet who. because only in us will you find your kin. Eve. I baptised it by this name in memory of the magician in Parsifal. without interpreting symbols. "Damian" is the Self. no gnosis .' We sat down on a bench in the shady garden.' I interrupted. HERMANN The Alpine mist dispersed. there is something that separates me from the Master of the Sphinx: music. We ourselves are the sons of the Widow. My magic work begins with him. I belong to that insensate. when interpreted. ' Once again. The Magic Flute already reveals the mystery of HIM-HER and HER-HIM by leading us to Pamino and Pamina. I am the poet he is seeking. A Non-Existent Flower. and him and her. in the shadow of the chestnut trees. Like a Minnesanger. Mozart. In this house. and because .' 'He is a mountain. like San Salvatore which we can see from here. HESSE One midday. which. My work is enveloped in his secret gnosis. An enchanted fountain murmured melodiously. with capital letters. which flows like a river of gold from the ices of the far north. Novalis and Nietzsche. like Monte Generoso. I found myself once again outside the door of a ?ous~ v:here someone had hung a sign which carried the following mscriptron: 'When a man has reached old age and has fulfilled his mission. tenuous current of men of the Great Longing.76 Nos: Book oJthe Resurrection Another Turn oj the Wheel 77 occurrences filled with meaning'. the cipher has been lost. Thanks to the Master of the Sphinx. Our Master of the Sphinx doesn't live music with his blood.

I recite d hiIS poem . tide warrior wor . never in its own truth ('the false is the essence of the real'. telling im a out my il ~tma e to the land of Occitania. named Minne. Between reincarnation and resurrection. 'B bp o d y agam. to As If mterpretmg my t oug . the desire Govm a It my h.. motionless. which is only perceived in part. being both experience and symbol. also emerges in 0 agdea . . ymg 0. rebellion . . " c when It leaves t c . The devil is the mind of Natural Structure. ongmg. between t he sai t an d the magician . live its cycles. which becomes visible and conscious in the smallest space-time. of a state which is in another reality..hlm.' That is to say. Because ot staunching t e 00 w . An involution exists. William Blake wrote: 'Nature teaches nothing about Spiritual Life. stated: 'God must be separated from Nature.eprtran e ' raise 0 f let himself freeze to deat h'. hat rni h VI a b -n thcse two masters is the difference t at mig t fusi h d· fference etween I . only about Natural Life. Novalis himself. 1 t dumb . while nevertheless loving it so much. hi b I t down at his side and talked to him.hought 0 a~ tea sa about the 'second childhood of the old.' d On an old battlefield. f hildh d . He is the goal of Nature. becomes only persona once mor . h hts he told me: 'Don't forget that. on a new day. in order to return from there to the circle. .' Nos: Book of the Resurrection the Sword of Goldmund. . I said to f . h d d I remain both Narcissus and Goldmund. with essentlha y id 1d 'even more with what he didn't say. ' As I left. Symbol. he bl d hich flowed from his wounds. A heroic woman was en '. 1 e a tree absent hardly even listening to me. And precisely because it doesn't know it. therefore.. I hope. f An' tthe . He would soon be leavmg this was amos . e ven before .Ii 'I. a wounded. "Blood Another Tum oj the Wheel 79 /1 Ii I' I' 11 11 il II I[ II I 'I II . id e teo h b d y. Allegory.. d escen d an t of the Tuatha De Danann.. between the USlOn. 11 with the silent drama of the Master of the Sphinx. along with the inescapable reality of the sentiment of my 'ego'.78 I also carry Memory". our 'darkest age'. a Golden Age was lost. ' I know that a great difference exists between my melody and that of the Master who knows the language of the animals and the flowers. Something with which Nature will one day need to harmonise.. 'synchronistically with my resurrection'. Terrestrial matter is therefore on the border of identification. driving away our mutual Kaliyuga. I know that it connects me . THE WOUNDED WARRIOR The Master had also said to me: 'See k t h e cornra des who were scattered by the great war. of the Gods . LUS10n.I II ii Ii 'I II !I 'And death? And your grave there in Gentiline?' 'Death is like falling into the Master of the Sphinx's Collective Unconscious. I d War' which the warrior had trans ate . I' which when it entered the body became me. u t for the fact that it possesses the face. to be able to transfigure it one day with my 'magic idealism'. Nature. to pure form . to forms. which I cannot help feeling is sometimes a little morbid. only a change of state. he clasped my hand. I found the greatest of these comra es. ' Initiation docs not admit that the human condition is an immutable destiny. God has nothing to do with Nature. de' for surren er. He was badly t ding him I' n the banks of a canal. like a rock. death? again remains outs 1 . ormmg h ange . the warrior-troubadour . I t. Remembering t h e gar d en 0 my c 1 00 f d h ' n el' which might possibly have entered me. persona 1ty. t e e sam b I eXI~~ of oneself in samadhi and the separation in the A so ute 105 grin Kaivalya. As we have said with Meister Eckhart: 'A stone is also God. atemporal event. but it doesn't know it. the B om.. hIS . because it is essentially an ontological. there exists neither involution nor evolution. h ' the tortures to which his enemies had subjected . It does not admit to being only a man. which engenders 'another reality' and 'another'. And even if this might originate in the depths of the ancestral soul of Spain.Tonci . I" had an inspiration. only in the human era. into the Samsara. Is It not Y w at peoP e h ' r which seemed to float on the outside of possible t hat t IS ange . in old nd the body for a time during childhood. Siddhart a an the end' W' h soul 'divided by opposing tendencies. in the Cathar Languedoc" my ~li!b to ~he ruins of the solar temple of Montsegur and~he Sler~a Maladetta where our brother. Why does death preoccupy you so much? Listen to Nature.' The idea of death obsesses me. said the Wounded King). in his feeling of pantheistic fusion with Nature.. reality. lik The old warrior remained silent.. Better still. And the h t e sal a1 . ersonaliry'. and also the searc . There you can hear the voice of God. Perhaps he is too German for me. it is a stone. so beloved by him. is the magico-cosmic precipitation of an Idea.losing myself .

. for him: 'I love the joyous time Which gives birth to leaves and flowers I love to hear the happy sound Of the birds whose songs Re-echo through the grove And I love to see tents And pavilions erected in the meadows And I rejoice greatly When I see armed knights And horses in the field And see castles lustily besieged And I love to see when a knight Is the first to invade it On horseback... And let the music of the swords make them cnmson. .. except the ghosts of the dead heroes. 81 myself. . has been avenged. I took a step backwards.. MagIC would have deserted us . understands us.. so that OUrworld doesn't lose hope!' .. I will continue fighting for both of us.. ~esIdes.. And together we intoned the song of our beloved troubadour. would leave the warnor f~r ever. Now you can go. opposing.. "you know that I know that you have sung in code in your Cantos ... An~ when you have gone.. 'You are one of the few. at such an advanced age as that of this wounded warrior.80 Nos: Book of the Resurrection Another Turn of the Wheel When I see him so scorn and defy peace. And looking fixedly now at his bodily eyes. And nothing would then remain but an empty body.. So that... Now I can go.... covered with bloody wounds. Then I sang in my language. because now you know that the Gods gIVe to each warrior a comrade. the better to look at him in the dymg light reflected in the waters of the canal. his 'angel' can only be inside his body for brief moments. I spoke to him: 'Be Joyful. And it must therefore be sought on the outside... we have both scaled the ruins of the Solar Temple of Montsegur.. beside the doves of Saint Mark's Square. in another land. in the language into which he had translated it: l' 'In hot summer have I great rejoicing When the tempests kill the earth's foul peace. Bertran de Born... So I stopped looking at his bodily eyes and addressed my words to some~hl11g that might be found floating like an aura. for in another seven hundred years the laurel will flower again and you will once more lose the war. When the fire of cO~.. And I love to see the sun rise blood-crimson. And I watch his spears through the dark clash And it fills all my heart with rejoicing And pries wide my mouth with fast music He came even closer: 'Do you know why I stay silent? So that nobody can make me say anything opposed to what I wrote and did And because in the end. Also. if because of myoId age and ~he pain from my wounds they were to induce me to recant... or near the Colleone horse.. Bless you for coming at last! I was waiting for you.. And when the God of the Losers of the Kaliyuga. And the lightnings from black heav'n flash crimson And the fierce thunders roar me their music ' And the winds shriek through the clouds mad. Intensely. . we warriors are alone and no one... and one day we will rebuild it.. it could never be put out agam. our guide. over the dome of the Cathedral of La Salute..' His body trembled as if beneath a gentle blow from something that had entered It. projecting an Absolute Personality beyond time and space... enabling it to immortalise itself... exc~pt our comrade... While you sleep. warrior.. I pronounced the greeting of the legendary troubadour: 'Heil!' .' . dressed in black.. The Tiny Spark guides us... fearlessly.bat awoke I~ our hearts. Be faithful to the old dreams. I keep watch. when the Golden Age returns.' Then the warrior arose.. the spmt of adventure. well armed I love to see his valiant courage! And the horses galloped Riderless through the thicket.. And through all the riven skies God's swords clash.. His lone might 'gainst all darkness opposing.. and no one is with us.... 'Yes.. Something that was wandering in the light of that Venetian evening. although calmly. a little way ~bove hIS head.. which has never died. If I were to go back.

THE RETURN OF ALLOUINE THE UNKNOWN LEGEND OF THE PRINCESS PAPAN I am seated on a rock jutting out over the abyss. and which Perc Jacques. WN~4'AN1 VOM~(H~MM . together with the first Atlantis. When the continent of Hyperborea disappeared. I am reading a book which no one else in my country has yet read. reproducing it from our archives. Allouine. my brother in other turns of the wheel. And they planted it at the other pole. In pre-recorded times. The condor. eroded Cordillera of the Andes. From time to time. bare of vegetation. The White Gods were men of giant stature. He seems to be reading with me. And with its crew went the Priestess of Magic Love. Mu and Gondwana. so different from the other mountain ranges of the world. a condor has been circling above my head. which was the tree that contained the liquor of blood. I can feel the piercing gaze of this solitary inhabitant of the Andean peaks. Below me are spread vast tracts of land and brown and blue mountain ranges. like the agitated breathing of the waters of the Ocean. This is the mineral-rich. almost at sea level. For some time now. They founded the ancient civilisation of Tiahuanacu and the temples on Easter Island which have now disappeared. of Blood Memory. swirls a transparent mist. It is the unknown story of the Princess Papan. they sent one of their Discs of orichalcum to the south of the world. They took with them a branch from the Soma tree. hovers overhead. a member of the order. when the Hyperboreans realised that their continent in the polar north was going to be submerged. the White Gods were already safe in the oases at the South Pole and in the secret cities in the Andes. will publish shortly. Far away. he flies closer to me.

Astra. who believe that they can direct destiny all over the world. is that Quetzalcoatl's Beloved was called PapanAllouine. And as in Tibet. Homer also relates that the Garden of the Hesperides.from Albedo . El Caleuche. no one knows where (to the Interior Earth or the Morning Star?). The original magico-Hyperborean science was lost. planetary Opus. the Golden Age has been preserved. Everything has been changed by the catastrophe which pushes us faster and faster towards a new sinking. Some of them are reproduced in the runes. the Celts. The complete planetary Opus alchimicum. in Great Paytiti. in all those places. But in the hollow Interior Earth. America. The seasons were introduced time was born. the Land of White Men. tearing away even the Polar Continent. in its 'double'. the defeated armies of the war of the Mahabharata the great war which will never end. as Plato relates. The Viking chieftain was called Ullman. the tree of Blood Memory. the Vikings. For this reason. the warriors of the Morning Star. When the earth's axis shifted. which he hasn't yet written. i~ the secret cities of Agharti and Shambhalla. ' The surface of America-Albania. man of Ull. But everything changed. Albania. shifting the earth's axis. which the Vikings called Hvetramannaland. creating monstrous mixes of colours and races. without initiatory knowledge. Only in this way could they be rejuvenated. changing the position of the Andean Ocean. has been the traditional refuge of the descendants of the Luciferan Hyperboreans. each of which has a precise cosmic function to fulfil. submerging the Continent of the Spirit. faithful guardian.and its sinking produced the planetary. was guarded by three sisters. The Vikings came in search of the Soma tree. And they had to go there to drink its immortalising liquor. who came to Hvetramannaland. They created an entire civilisation in ancient Mexico. and Parsifal. because he swore that he came from Tula or Thule. The slaves of Atlantis received them with that mixture of respect which the atavistic memory of a glorious age produces in them. the Serpent with Fiery Plumes. He founded an important civilisation in ancient Mexico and in the land of the Mayas. causing the third moon to fall on Gondwana. is populated to the present day by the slaves who survived the sinking of Atlantis. who might also have been a Viking. Papan became 'as if dead'. according to Pere Jacques. They belong to the coloured races of the alchemical. whose alchemical name is Albania . because of the Drakkar. who came in a ship with all its lights on. turning like a luminous disc. with the emblem of the Lefthanded Cross on its sail and carrying the Grail. bringing about a most dreadful cataclysm. but . cosmic drama. one white. bringing new life to the divine race which was on the point of extinction. sometimes in the full light of midday. one black and one red: Albedo.the sacred land of the extraterrestrial guides of the Ray of Green Light . Atlantis severed the ties whichjoined it to Hyperborea . in the Disc called Astra or Wafeln.the Land of the White Gods.Losers of the Kaliyuga. in Elelin.84 Nos: Book of the Resurrection The Return of Allouine 85 They wrote using the signs which the order still uses. They rebelled. because of the repeated rebellion of the slaves of Atlantis. the followers of the God of the . and the sly arrogance of those who believe themselves capable of disregarding the Norns. the immortal White Gods. and all its lights on. of Lucifer-Abraxas. which can be eaten and drunk. who drowned it with their black magic. And when Quetzalcoatl went away. But the most extraordinary thing that Perc Jacques relates in this book. the Garden of A valon and the First Earth were lost. destroy- mg Tiahuanacu. the sole mission of the coloured races of American Albania was to watch over the entrances to the secret cities of the Andes and the Internal Land of the divine Ancahuincas. causing the catastrophe. without science. primeval Soma tree grew at the South Pole. in ancient times America-Albania was visited by the Druids. of aurum potabile. the Viking ship in which he had come and which appeared to have wings and plumes. where he was called Quetzalcoatl. That is to say that the Princess Papan of the Aztec legend was not the sister of Moctezuma. by consorting indiscriminately with each other.of the entrances to the interior world of the giant Dropas and the divine Siddhas of Agharti and Shambhalla. the Templars. with its apples of alchemical gold. if in fact they are not the exclusive product of the animal-men. where the Mongol race became the outer. It navigated beneath the surface of the water and was crewed by the souls of the dead heroes. without the Hyperboreans' magi co-alchemical knowledge. Through their Blood Memory they knew that a branch of the original. The ship was called Wajeln. with Quetzalcoatl. without tantric magic. but a semi-divine Hyperborean priestess. becoming degenerate. the Wildes Heer. the Golden Age. Nigredo and Rubedo were said to be their names. which makes them bow down in reverence. in the City of the Caesars.

A little before reaching this altitude. The Andes are made of dark-brown. copper. But the turnings of the wheel do have an end. possibly near the peak of Mount Melimoyu. strugglmg to return to those regions where he believed he had found the 'White Island in the Sky'. I had to resign myself to looking at the petrified guard for a time. mineral-rich material. I INTERPRET THE GIANTS I 'I '! i i Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa lost his turn of the wheel. He looked like a sentry guarding the entrance to a cave. in a region near the other pole. Now I knew that Papan and Allouine were one and the same. On a plateau stood a rock shaped like a standing man. Manko Kapak. but really she was only asleep. But I had had to give up my attempt because one side of the mountain fell away vertically. perhaps to a whole subterranean world. and hIS ship was battered by a huge wave which forced him to turn back. which was later called Chilli or C~ile and which is narrow like a double-edged sword. ever farther southward. I stopped reading. a region once inhabited by giants who will return to populate it when they emerge from their ancient pnsons In the mountains. but not in its force'. taking other names. because Sheba means South. Sue-ca. producing sporadic states of enlightenment. the gates of the City of Dawn. how to awaken the woman who lies sleeping. Alps and Pyrenees are covered with forests of pine and other types of trees to great heights. Pay Zume. Papan was called Neua and also Mama Occl and Mama Runtu. And it was Quetzalcoatl who rebuilt the civilisation of Tiahuanacu. When he had already reached the southernmost sea and could see the ices of the strait that cuts through those regions. A shadow on the rock face might well be this entrance. She lived in a land of lakes and volcanoes. But his ghost will always return to the place where a wind from another universe blows and the sun of the southern midnight bathes the frozen plains in its black light. the CIty of the Great Longing. in which he would reveal how to bring back to life the woman who appears to be dead. Turn after turn of the wheel. there is only bare. always the same. She was the Sleepmg Beauty. . The one who is still asleep. The slopes of the Himalayas. I had tried to scale a cliff. because his heart was torn between opposing memones and conceptions of the world. Poor Petrus! To the end of his days he would never do anything more than wander in despair. silver. They are not infinite for one Petrus alone. 'with tiny variations in its meaning or in its laws.· Ii! " Be was swallowed up by the sea without leaving a single trace. . that is to say. He fell just at that point in the secret geography of the world where the Fruit of Return called Calafate grows. the White Gods used to communicate with the stars. he was incapable of surrendering himself completely to a Hyperborean dream. and the thunderous roar made by the huge slabs of ice as they crash into the water sounds like the voice of the Gods as they half-reveal their secrets to us. and a Spaniard came to these regions. He was unable to discover the narrow passage that leads to the oasis of the ices. gold and lead. As I had no means of reaching the spot. driven by the same secret longing: he was Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa also known in another turn of the wheel as Petrus Toletanus who would write the Book of Magic Love entitled Rosarium 'Philosophorum. KontikiViracocha. on an island surrounded by a sea of flames. Thus Papan lay. breaking through their walls of rock. She appeared to be dead. Here in the Andes. There he was called Tamanduare. The condor resumed his flight. To my right. in a secret city in the Andes. Because before he went away for ever. eroded rock which gives off a powdery mixture of iron. Petrus (the stone which fell from a broken crown) will return to those regions to try and awaken the sleeper and bring back to life the one who 'is not dead. protecting the ice-floes that move silently towards the oases where the Hill of Revelation lies hidden. From them. She was the Queen of the South. but who is also not alive'. the Queen of Sheba. the man of Ull went southward. where he founded the Ci~dad del Rcy Felipe. and a subtle vibration of radium which can imperceptibly influence the mind. Centuries passed. These peaks were the places of pilgrimage and worship of a long-vanished race. which was really the City of Hunger and Thirst. awaiting the return of Quetzalcoatl. A psychic spinal column of the planet. the everlastingly snow-covered leaks of La Paloma and EI Plomo rise up until they touch the sky.86 Nos: Book of the Resurrection The Return of Allouine 87 not in Tenochtitlan but much farther south. he was assailed by doubts. .

my Master. She sat silent. she said: 'Behind the words is a secret dialogue which is also being conducted between us. Seen from the bridge over the river. The door opened. Papan. Since there were no obvious paths. the other bowed his head down until he almost touched the foot of the mountain. forming a roof 1 Alcina is the title of a novel by a Chilean writer called Pedro Prado with whom the author feels in sympathy. the City of Avalon. It is this dialogue that interests rne and to which I have been listening. How much you have explained to me through it!' . Only. whose branches intertwined. that there was a quadrangular hall and a narrow corridor along which she led me to a room at the back of the house. the oases of the ices. It is the story of a boy who grows wings in order to fly.eIls. which was stirred by the breeze. her hands lying quietly in her lap. our Hyperborean destiny. She lit some candles and invited me to sit in a wicker chair which creaked gently. I had to steady myself against the rock. And in the shadowy entrance stood the slender figure of a woman wearing a long red gown which reached down to her feet. this world was blotted OUt ~nd I could only see a black wall and two gigantic shapes outlined III the rock face by broken veins of gold. my heart began to beat with a strange rhythm. walking like a fearless sleepwalker through the streets of this city of Santiago de la Nueva Extremadura. 1 When we approach the central event in our destiny. I told her about the garden of my childhood. When I finally stopped talking. I stopped. because I also possess your heart. THE GLANCE Iremember almost nothing about our reunion. too. the heart had followed its own. SHE It i~ getting late. Jason. the many people who have searched its hidden corners. it was given to me to relive that vision exactly as it had ~rst appeared to me in my adolescence. I walked along a street bordered by tall trees. also dreamed that he could fly in this country. From the gardens rose the heady scent of jasmine and roses and the aromas of spring-time. the Memory of our Blood. the twilight w~Ich covers one end of the city envelops the Coastal Cordillera in :. we have met again in all lucidity. tortured by two contrary forces. 'My heart inside your breast caused me to recognise your footsteps. In the deathly light of the street-lamps. dragged upwards and downwards in a titanic struggle which will only cease when these veins of mineral gold manage to come together. my past comrades. of vermilion. One of the giants stretched hIS arms upwards towards the high peaks. Now I could return it to her. How many times through the years would I have to pass by this house! What will have become of her? Will she still exist? Will she now be another 'uninhabited blue'? When I reached her doorstep. A Chilean spring sky. Jason. sapphire and emerald green. I realised that the cosmic poetry which had taken possession of me was that suprapersonal 'spark' which her heart had brought into my breast. Alcino. the first poets who came here and founded the city. And she was always present in everyone of these stories. I cannot say precisely how long the vision lasted. She knew how to listen with the sweetness that always seemed to emanate from her whole being. At the opposite end of the city. vaguely.IIIjI II I 88 Nos: Book of the Resurrection The Return of Allouine 89 I stood up and felt suddenly dizzy. beside a window which was open onto the star-filled sky. the vast Cordillera of the Andes reflects this mirage and projects it into the silence of the approaching darkness. trapped in the earth. recognised mine as well? This time. I let my heart lead me. the dog in the Antarctic. in the depths of whose memory are stored the echoes of the footsteps and the dreams of people long-since vanished. ThIS time It will not be like that. because I carried her heart inside me. telling her all that I could remember about my existence since we had parted many ages ago. our mind becomes clo~ded and it almost always takes us by surprise. creating the optical illusion of a land of longing where the red men of the distant horizon live. the only brother that I recognise here. I again stared at the giants imprisoned III the Andean rock.' I sat there for a long time. my Master. the White Gods. as if the ability to string words together had deserted me. Perhaps you. the tree which almost touched the sky. turning into a liquid gold which can be drunk and gives us eternal life. But in that moment. sitting beside the window. as if my heart were guiding me. As If III a flash of lightning.

they disappeared as if into a faraway. 'Look at yourself in me. nor in loving each other. eternal. If I should ever have to journey through the constellations and were to meet beings with eyes like those of the people on earth. transitory. I was her mirror. Allouine. even the City of Dawn. Each of them pursues his solitary road. to the room with the window open onto a garden filled With fruit trees. They do not belong to you yet. The light of the Sun of Gold brings you the vision of my body. Her heavenly eyes suddenly seemed to go out behmd long golden lashes. which was always in shadow. and your bare feet are like young deer before whom one would shed tears of adoration. firm neck rises out of your sweetly shaped shoulders. I had once again become the Suitor. once more in this world. This is our great chance to get out of the circle for ever. Every morning. The pleasure which I can give you here with my body. as if from sudden cold. they are nevertheless far apart. in the union of our souls. or better still. Only in this way will our love be indestructible." And your chin. speak and love. and we will also love each other with our other bodies which arc invisible to the mortal eye. From there I would walk down the narrow corridor. And I began to describe her.' THE PATH OF A-MOR I lived in her house. because they will never dream the same dream. On the soft skin of your arms grow fields of young summer wheat. the touch of my lips. Your brows are delicately arched. She looked at me as if I was the window and she could see the starry firmament through me. water. When your eyes rest upon me. Your mouth is a delicious fruit: "milk and honey are under your tongue. is nothing to what awaits you beyond this world. and whoever possesses it once more will be she herself. your lashes are like the rays of light of the Sun of Gold. perish? This glance will never be lost. air and ether. blood. only once m the entire universe. one's whole life would change. It will return one day. which bring us the premonition of the Black Sun. mterior world. Your hands express your whole personality: you are in them for ever. separated by an impassable thread of air.90 Nos: Book of the Resurrection The Return of /sllouine 91 Yes! How much! I realise that I have told her that the face that I saw appear in the flower was hers. they transport me to the indescribable world of the Ray of Green Light. a tiny bird with blue wings came and woke her with its trilling. To be 'looked at' in this way. and for you to discover the entrance to the Interior Earth. I slept in the quadrangular anteroom. I should certainly never find anyone with this particular way of looking at one. but without ceasing to gaze at us. Only when lovers are capable of dreaming the same dream are they truly Lovers. When I left the house that night. without his companion. You will have to go there to be united with it. She would say to it: . Your nose is so slender that air can scarcely enter it. in the brilliant radiance of the Ray of Green Light. thus uniting earth. we know who we are. by the sword of forgetfulness. we have reached midday. my caresses. disjointed. I will teach you to dream the same dream. fire. Your forehead is wide and pale like the disc of the moon. fire. She took hold of my hands. shows the sweetness of that fruit. Your cheekbones protrude slightly and bathe your cheeks in soft shadows. The outline of your long legs can be seen through the cloak that covers them. If one were ever to be touched by them. THE SUPPLICATION I placed the palms of my hands together. Your long. 'Separate your earth. but in reality it is to be found in the Black Sun. with a tiny cleft: in the middle. In this turn of the wheel. Bodily pleasure is sad. I would give everything. When they love one another in their dreams. water. The gentleness of this glance was like the 'bejewelled island set in a sea of nectar' of which the ancient texts tell u~. Lovers who only pursue the joys of visible flesh have never succeeded in becoming united. because it is the supreme achievement of an Artist-Creator. air and ether. contemplate your divine beauty. Chastity is the world of the giants. When they lie side by side in their beds. ' She trembled. blood. all that I possessed. Your hair is a waterfall of gold which hangs down to your waist. it blots out the light of another pleasure which has no beginning nor end. as if they were open onto another reality which was more truly our own and to which they carried us. in their fingers which create. How can anyone who has once looked in this way.

and I began to sway to and fro like a pendulum. I ran faster because I knew that I must hurry to reach the end of the passageway before a door closed. I managed to get out of myself and found myself standing in a patio bathed in a mobile. ' FATHER I found myself in an uncultivated spot. like that in my childhood home. slowly at first. I also crossed my hands. my tiny bird. As if we were watching someone dreammg our own lives. . then ever more rapidly. He seemed to be telling him that I had arrived and asking him for instructions. but much longer. we would sit in the wicker chairs beside th . a new-born light.. another child. I could see the foundations and the scaffolding. thus creating the number eight with four fingers. in a state of contInUOUS consciousness. looked straight at me for a moment. ' 'This is perhaps the only possible way to supersede the "ego" and make "him" into "you". That is. Our dream is a more elevated form of consciousness. which looked like a clearing in some forest. "my" face. 'They are not those sequences of unconnected images. in someone else's imagination as well as in my own. And then I was aware of nothing more. My father was living by himself in a nearby city and couldn't leave it because he was looking after a child. That is. d ' e open WIn ow. corresponding to the restless. When I realised 1. I tr. And a man's voice sang: 'The time of the golden fruits is long past. which is no longer either mine or yours. or because I wouldn't be able to retain the image of this gallery in my mind for much longer or to continue imagining it.92 Nos: Book of the Resurrection 'Tiny bird singing At my window. seething activities of an energy which is at work while the body is at rest.. A light from another universe. then closed her eyes slowly as she sang a melopea. in order to be able one day to contemplate his face. Then I felt someone nearby. turning them inwards and concentrating them on a point between my eyebrows. it at tams a greater intensity.' Sitting in her wickerwork chair. 'And. a purer tonality. o friendly hearts! Where have you gone? The old home A waits us in vain . I looked closely at her beautiful face. those confused organic states. These dreams are not dreams. It IS as If the dream was dreaming us." . "me". which was a gallery of glass.aced the first sign of the order on my chest. And we are also this someone who is not really us. He walked over to a console on which stood a telephone and rang somebody. And I felt myself passing through it. Because all this was in some way taking place in my imagination. and then I closed my eyes as well. For the beautiful morning. A metal tube with a revolving inside appeared in front of me. They were both going to work on the spiritual bodies. because spiral currents caused first my head and then my body to vibrate. Men were working on a building site. Then I found myself running along a narrow passageway. I thought I heard her moan softly and mutter. like the light of dawn or dusk.all this is for the greater glory and life of that Someone who IS waiting beside a spring. I thought I might be able to help them. and filled with pictures in wooden frames and furniture that I thought I recognised. transfigured light. The frozen stone.' she explained to me. standing beside me. reciting a mantra as I did so. a superconsciousness. That was where we initiated the grand design of dr. which people wish to interpret at all costs as products of a vivid subc~nscious intelligence. A young girl was carving statues. carrying building materials. so as to remember it as clearly as possible. or as if we were dreaming ourselves through this dream..amIng the same dreams along our path of A-Mor. Then the site manager saw me. Thank you. The cold wind That comes from the sea . Finally. she placed her hands together in her lap. I realised that he was talking to my dead father. since I was able to imagine something that really existed somewhere. ' The Return of AI/ouine 93 In the evenings. Some young men were climbing ladders. At the end of the narrow tunnel a faint blue light began to glimmer.

. terebinths. I had the curious impression that this house and this tower belonged to me. 'Symbols. . I fou~d It increasingly difficult to return to this secret hldmg-place and did so less and less often. hundred-year-old lindens.. jalaps. I was walking through some hills. far below. 'I went alone. egnable that a wall that used to protect it had been destroyed lrnpr . When I reached the roof. she repeated. there was a fire blazing in the circular hall. ' Again the man's voice sang: 'Turn away no more. No one would ever ~now where I was. I couldn t concentrate. because 1 had to slide into this hole and crawl along a very narrow.' 1 felt terribly sad.. And the Gods love secrecy. eternally snow-covered. [ asked the site manager to let me speak to him. 'I will obey you. as time passed. 'joining together what was dIspersed. There were chests full of precious materials. symbols.. To the east and south stretched the vast Andean Cordillera the high peaks of EI Plomo and La Paloma. not yet!' 'Very well.' A gentle blow.' 1 said. Its secrecy was bemg lost. A fire was . This was the most difficult part. rot and grow old. Then I was outside myself. THE PLUMED SERPENT that he was on the other end of the telephone.' .' 1 told him. it's me!' There was a silence... Why wilt thou turn away? The starry floor. behold the wind.. d . airless passageway. I felt that it was not the same as before. I would push aside some boards to reveal a tiny entrance. The chamber was divided into compartments where there were beds covered with skins and shelves full of carefully classified books. sitting facing her as she looked at me in silence. She had returned before me. On the middle one stood a house with a circular. the Coastal Cordillera. I would find myself in a wide. 'I'm coming to see you. I was completely safe. until [ find the Oasis of the Ices. . If this mysterious chamber were to be lost. I passed my hand across my forehead. . which I had worn in the past. There I would mount a narrow staircase which I never climbed right to the top. The centuries had come together. Energy and dreams decay.. and I was back in my body again. Until Ijoin my father again. 'Father. 'No. saying: 'I must journey ever farther. The little that was gained. the ancient garden. the sweet indifference. nor as . impregnable chamber. A little before I reached it. behold all that was lost. I had disappeared from the house. almond trees and hawthorns. If I were no longer able to visit it or live in it. an inviolate paradise. I walked towards the tower along a path bordered by cinnamon trees. He handed me the phone. without you. Indian THE SECRET CHAMBER In the house there was a secret chamber. On the highest hill stood an octagonal tower. garments from every period. a whole world would have sunk beneath the sea. Pale traveller. a shudder. and that other people knew of its existence and use to VISIt It. as the years slipped away. There were three hills. conical roof made of sandstone.' I said.. But. If I was able to reach the end. exhausted. the ancestral home.. I went round its eight sides without finding an entrance. I would always find myself alone there. 1 understood the reason. The line went dead. I would turn aside and begin to climb imaginary flights of steps in the air or projecting from the wall. Beyond it. As always. This time my eyes closed of their own accord. . lay some blue lakes in the middle of ploughed fields. 'Symbols'. I discovered the way to it when I explored some darkened rooms.The Return oj Allouine 95 94 Nos: Book oj the Resurrection lways burning and armour hung on the walls. Then 1 heard him say my name. known to no one but me. behold the sea again . All around me were slopes covered in soap bark trees. the ultimate smile. who died long ago . Of course. To the west lay the c~ty of Santiago enveloped in cloud. To the north. I walked down once more to the middle hill and opened the door of the house . The watery shore Is given thee till the break of day. entering it freely from all sides. And I walked away through the clearing.

Lying on it was Allouine. Gently she took me by the shoulders and tried to lift me up. To the memory of another turn of the wheel. She watched me in silence. The time has not yet arnved when all my deaths can become one single life . Without hesitating. with her red cloak covering her down to her bare feet. Only snow and rock. A hole appeared in the inside wall. In the ice of the shore could be seen some lines. From this altitude. the limits. The bed was made of stone. but she was alive. Now I remembered it all.. on a bed made of cinnamon branches. The sign vibrated and she sat up on her stone bed. They were the borderlands. We walked round the lake. I leapt into the hole before the stone moved back into place again with a dull thud. 'ZARA THUSTRA' I recognised these regions. yet centunes had passed. corresponding to divisions of the number eight. Some petrified leaves and branches could be seen through the centuries-old layer of Ice. Its light fell directly over the rock. when she lay motionless holding her Quetzal feather. in reality? Didn't a mirage of the midday light project it onto the slope ~f a mountain in the south of the world? Wasn't it really in an Alpme Village m another part of the globe? But in the disturbance of the light.. But there was now no human habitation to be found at this altitude. Again I embraced this body desperately. I remembered her in her other deaths. Ultima Esperanza and the Sarmiento Mountains. I was inspired to trace the sign that would wake her. It was cold. this age-old snow. The rooms in this house had doors opening onto the hall. ' I began to dig with my bare hands until the blood ran from under my nails. Two candelabras which gave out a weak light stood on a pair of wooden pillars. with a gentle pressure of my fingers. to a far distant past which also belonged to us. dyeing the white snow red. A rock rose up m the shape of a pyramid. 'And a scent of sandalwood and resin would envelop the world . And it coagulated like a Copihue on an ice-floe. The room was in darkness because heavy curtains had been drawn across the windows and night had already fallen. We landed on the steep slopes of Mount Melimoyu. 'Close the tomb. or covered in Quetzal feathers. I did nothing.. She appeared to be dead. opening the passage which allowed us . I opened the tomb. always the same. She was scarcely breathing and her face was the colour of ice. because she was standing beside me. Blazing torches were also fixed to the walls. As if we were the fiery Serpent of Quetzalcoatl. Of course. Her hands were crossed on her breast and she was holding a Quetzal feather. She was so beautiful in her immobility. she couldn't be buried h~re. . between snow-storms and mists. I seemed to understand that in her sleep. I walked over to the chimney and pressed gently on a stone. that is. Where was this rock. They were those of the peak of Melimoyu. I climbed down its sixteen steps and walked along a passageway lit by a filtered light. I opened another entrance in it in the same way. In the middle of the room was a nuptial bed. moving in the same way each time so as not to be caught by the fire. leaning against the rock. It seemed only yesterday. I waited. intact. she was blocking an opening that led to or from somewhere. But we had come here to pay homage to the bones of the Milodon. Copihues and laurel which were still wet with my tears from other centuries. When I woke her. Rapidly. The tiny lake of dark-green water and the forest of petrified beeches were still there. which reflected the shadows of the forest and the mountain peak in its unfrozen part.. Her body appeared. The e~trance to the City of the Caesars and to the Interior Earth had to he somewhere in that remote area. I climbed up a staircase carved out of the wall until I reached an octagonal room with windows on all sides. and I found myself inside the tower. as if we were in a Luminous Disc. we would be able to pass through this passage. far off in the distance. The floor was covered with a 'choapino' with runic drawings. I stood at the head of the stone bed. like the thickness of the walls and the height of the building. Another wall suddenly appeared in front of me.together this time . we could just make out the confused outline of the Torres del Paine. I said to myself.. like the tracks of a primitive sledge.to fly over the mountains. which had inverted . almost grazing their peaks. forgetting the one which was standmg beside me looking at her own dead face. leaning a little towards the water. I found myself standing beside a staircase carved out of the rocky mountainside.96 Nos: Book oj the Resurrection The Return oj Allouine 97 'choapinos' were spread on the floor. ' The sun was nearing its midday zenith. Ah! And IfI were to open the tomb? The icy wind would certainly blow away these anCIent memories..

. and happiness also.1 . and enjoying the sun and also the shade for once. Silence! Silence! Hasn't the world just become complete? What is happening to me? Every corner of my soul is' expanding.. e idn t see us.. Then get up now.. Oh.. space as if it were making a hole and creating a break in time th W ounded Kmg ag .. -p! 98 Nos: Book oj the Resurrection The Return ofAllouine The coldest regions of the sky. He recited quiet y: 'Oh. Already youthful summer Clambers up the mountain. Woe to him whom the desert hides! 'What says the depth of midnight? I was asleep.. Do not stop...... how long the road appears. Don't sing.... solemn hour in which no shepherd plays his pipe ...... moving his lips. How uncertain in the night... 99 I.. bliss! Sing. Your bleeding heart beneath the ice.. 0 abysses of midday which make men tremble.. .. when. He was rooted in ISI~ears.. I want to live twice Now that I can look into your eyes.. through that break in the light .... when will you absorb my soul in you? 'The desert grows. pal~ ~~~: . after such good fortune!' He seemed to see us. while he gave himself . d H di ... to sense our presence in this confusion of light and time: 'You have given yourselves up to dreaming... How much time will you need to wake up after such a dream? 0 midday sky above me! When will you drink that drop of dew that has fallen on all the things of this world... Thick forests of oak and pI~e lcovered the slopes... break.... Ah... bird of the valleys. Aged Midday is sleeping.. e Was ac: IS eyes were fixed on the mountains which f~rmed an amphItheatre around the lake. It begins to speak..... For how long? Half an eternity. . Oh.... The sun is blazing directly above my head.. when will you drink this singular soul? When... but without waiting for anything and estranged from good as well as from evil.......... ' . Flee.. you. Tears ran down the cheeks of the Wounded King: 'It is midday..... my soul.. sing in the desert And hide. You stop.as he was still sitting there waiting.. most beloved of the Gods! .. of golden wine? That is how the Gods laugh. since you were mad.... o little 'Oh I love you.... I was asleep! But now I have woken out of deep dreaming.. as he looked at us and we saw him. continue your journey . Because without her the night is sad. Seated beside the rock. bird.. . wish to have a son . The light of triumph And the morning.. my heart.. I am call1llg my companion... streams flowed down them. This is the secret.... e hi am appeared.. 'My midnight is my midday! You alone are the woman by whom I bird! What have you done? What mystery is concealed in your song That you arrest my steps? Traveller. Like a sweet promise..... of golden happiness... eternity... Who kissed the stone For the first time... Without the Star . old heart. my melodies are not for you. Golden sadness lies heavily upon it. he held in one hand his slender wa lllg~stlck and m the other his wide-brimmed hat H dressed III bl k H' . Silence! What has happened to me? Listen! Hasn't time flown? Aren't I about to fall? Haven't I fallen into the well of eternity? .... Condemned to wander in deep winter Like the vapour that pursues ' And then... 0 my soul! Don't even whisper.. A drop of old happiness.. 0 wells of eternity. Enamoured of a tomb? ..

the Golden Age. She is Allouine. But. We often used Sanskrit terms because. 'What does she do in all this?' 'She is the female guru. the language of Akdsa Memory of th . fearing defeat. 0 ver passes t at way transmits telepathically the Irec. to the Antarctic. You will have to go to the south.. so to speak. entering the subterranean cities.. where our guide lies. You will have to overcome the Archetypes. 'Even the Gods are your enemies. 'What is this mysterious masculine force which spurs you onwards. Because. received us. u are gOIng on a . the lake and the limitless time _ ~uddenly he divided into two. but by means of that language which underlies a the languages In the world. it was still a living one on the Other FIrst Earth" an~ approximated more closely to that Music of the Spheres which ~s the language of the mind. Akdsa is a concept or metaphysical experience. at each stage of the "Honeymoon".. when we went on these Journeys. it gives rise to Samsara and human generations. Because one day we will bring them back to life as well. 1. or aWaIted us on another side. without Gods. spiritual sounds. THE ORPHIC MUSIC When we dreamed the same dream. although this was a dead language on the Second Earth. And we communicated with each other not b means of the words which are commonly used to represent th~ t~IngS of thIS earth. in this Pilgrimage of Immortality on which you have embarked. towards the ~omt of On gm. the Hlranyaga:bha-Cabda. whence comes this will. the forest. We bowed before his earth. It is hard. during the Great Catastrophe. made of ether. and so they resorted to artifice: they divided the man-sphere in half.. our conversation took place in a different state of conSCIOusness Integrated with a broader ego. These naturae names are locked into b e memory of human beings' consciousness through sleep and not eIng awa~e.71' /. 'When the water runs downhill. called Mdtrkd. behind the 'mask of words'. It is a very secret path which makes the river of your virility and the golden feminine liquid of your beloved run backwards. because the practices of your initiation have mobilised enormous forces which destroy men and drive them insane if they are not aimed in the right direction. From this stems the mantra.1 up to the midday... which. or flIghts. ' visible body. Do you remember the Greek legend? Man was a circular androgynous.0neymoonJourney . 'Little Moth ' letters of lIght. like the Imbunche1 of the Island of Chiloe. He began to roll up Mount Olympus. if you failed to travel the path to its end. to the circular movement of the involuted earth. Vajra-cita.. and Zarathustra passed beside 1m. Light. dethrone them. the . the divinisation of the hero. Mulabanda and Hamurini are the names for this process which reinverts everything. the Orphic Cabbala. And you are bemg carried by a bird called Eidelon. at the North Pole. when it runs uphill. this heroic initiative which seems to precede the start of the great journey? This is what prevents you turning back on the path. The Gods were frightened.. Although you are going to the South Pole.' 'And her?' I ask. Without her you will never reach anywhere. 1:1 I. We decided to visit the Master who told us' 'Yo . which has no equivalent In the terrestrial languages of Kaliyuga. root syllable. it provokes the mutation of the Gods themselves. You are walking ba~kwards. Logos is the closest equivalent for it. The signs will help you open a way for yourself in the virgin forest where no roads exist. This is the Road of the Warrior. it Creates a free. you would be guilty. I I f: i' 1 100 Nos: Book of the Resurrection The Return oj Allouine 101 I. because their impersonal lives are at risk in this war. BUa. eternal race. the poles also changed places. the oases of warm water. And you will have to embrace and lose each other again. The result was that he was so busy trying to find his other half that he had no time to make war on them. seminal syllable. 'as if it were waiting for us beside a spring'. giving them a face. which is the north. it is difficult to navigate a ong the rrvers against the current in order to reach the mountains where they nse. The Path of Eternity. a language of cosmic. .' . the one who flows in your blood: Vidya. although it leads downwards in the 1 !fhhis mythical being walks backwards in the folklore ofChiloe an island on t e south of Chile. because things come to him d~sIr1ng to turn Into symbols. Its Sanskrit name is Urdhavaretas. Whos e h " e di '. "H . luckily. reincorporating their tremendous numinous energies within yourself. in the opposite direction. without a king. the Gods made a mistake. in each city.t VISIon of the substance of things. sacred and dIVIne letters. really leads upwards in the invisible one. If you were to do so. you will finally reach the Continent of Hyperborea.

'Our White God is called Huirakocha. Korakenke. In old High German.Ii' i 102 Nos: Book of the Resurrection The Return of Allouine 103 Fifth Born of Hyperborea. ancestor. has this root. White God. Popul is . as the Spamsh conquistadors spelt It. dreaming together. of the Inka King. 'The secret language of the Quiche-Maya was Zuyua and that of the Incas was Scandinavian-Sanskrit. because Mero is Meru and ving is weg. the German for road. This is the Honeymoon of the Exile. Korakenke is therefore the Raven of the Inka.. destroying the living soul of a seemingly dead language. Ancahuinca also comes from there. And you will never have another companion here Or In the depths of the tomb. She is the Priestess of Magic Love. from Hyperborea and Atlantis. black and white. The giants directed the course of the stars by means of it. for example. like the sacred city of the Druids. Only if you arc in love can you go beyond your conscious "ego". 'The central city of the Incas was called Kusku. like German. from the Morning Star and also from the holy Mount Kailas. Kara. in the Arctic. in Sanskrit. with a "k". the language consisted of magic signs. like Lhasa in Tibet. in the definitive drama which unites the three of us. "Initiate of the Condor". the end of the Golden Age and the real Twilight of the White Gods. thus directly linking the Inka with the great war of the Mahabharata.. mystery. above and below the terrestrial crust of Kaliyuga. 'If. for the hero or Vfra. the Popul-vuh. the name of one of the factions in this cosmic struggle. which they never taug?t to the population of the "slaves of Atlantis" '. God. from which the Inka obtained his two feathers. of the magic bird Allkamari. it is because in the so-called living languages there are no sacred expressions that can be used to refer to sacred questions. Korak derives from the Sanskrit ledrava.. our star. was permanently maintained. Only with her can you attain a greater degree of consciousness. meaning "he who comes from Mount Meru". raven. Allkamari. with an Omphalos. The IndoEuropean languages. from the Continent of Hyperborea. Huitr means white (Huitramannaland. was more closely connected with Sanskrit than with any other. and ka. a circle. of the Hyperborean Raven of Wotan. from the lost land of Avalon. she InSpIreS you. have their roots in Sanskrit. Ing means derivation. 'The mysterious bird. An~ translation of these terms will always be equivocal and sacrilegious. from the Nuptial Homeland. the Inga and we who are his descendants are those who journey from Mount Meru. the Land of the White Men) and koc/za is an aboriginal deformation of the old German word. a fortress in Quichua. 'The Martial Initiation of our Order is only for you. who unites love a~d death and turns them into A-Mor. coming from viZ. . the first people to come to this continent in times immemorial? 'Before the disappearance of the continent of Mu and Lemuria during the first civilisation of Tiahuanacu and the construction of it~ legendary monuments. a Huilka. who came in search of their ancestors in the Course of later ages. where a centre of our order existed. In reality. 'Hav~ you ever thought what might have been the language of the White Gods. It is well known that the Inca rulers were white and that among blood relatives they spoke a private and sacred language. we need to use words from an ancient language like Sanskrit. korak-inka. Our circle is called HuiZkanota. Thus. when it was still a sea port and the link with Venus. The way without her is reduced to the imagination of a rational mind. She is your Valkyrie. Korak also comes from the Hyperborean sea. hidden. Onl~ through journeying together. perhaps Garuda. ancient Scandinavian and Latin. or to ~apture and reflect the symbols of these multiple vibrations which resound and explode in all the universes simultaneously. who possesses the power of VriZ and the VISIon of Urna. which is completely unknown in the west and almost so in the Orient of Kaliyuga. with the koravas. where the great exodus of Kaliyuga begins. "Navel of the World". Eternal ~Ife. lineage. Without-Death. But the language of the white heroes. from far away. 'The Sacred Book of the priestly caste of the Mayan white initiates is the Codex of Chichecastenango. She becomes interiorised in you through her death. ManuTara which is also a Sanskrit word. Wotan. who will hand you the Cup of Immortality. in the Great Exodus. the "Middle City". "Initiated Bird". Certain words will gI:e us the key: Inka is really Inga. which is the physical and visible double of the invisible Mount Meru. From there he derives his magic dignity. a state of superconsciousness. which is not dead . Because she IS this superior form of energy which originates from the submerged continents. Merovingian. meaning "Initiated Eagle". is also associated with the Inka. which is not living. she who keeps in contact with the Star o~ the POInt of Origin.. the vehicle of Vishnu.

. atchers of the Dawn. which appears in Peru and Chile. a circular plot of land.' Q' h Hamuranl 10 u~c ua. the Solar Bull. In Sanskrit kun means to direct: to direct Kundalini. who rebuilt Tiahuanacu. "Road of Diamond" .The Return of Allouine 105 104 Nos: Book of the Resurrection people in Latin and buch is book in German. 'If we search with a pure heart and an open soul. Gomg ac . until you succeed in becoming Chakravarti. perhaps the ox. 'Kunani in the language of Kusku or Cuzco. the initiates of southern Hyperborea. ThIS IS sword f . That of the warrior-heroes..' . Vajraydna in Sanskrit. A double-edged sword. to the N~ptial H. always return to this seemingly dead language. . the Lord of the Chakras. 1 d rO~t returning to the point of origin. the less you understand . ofImmortality. t e WIser you . Sanskrit prc behind which is hidden the secret. 'Yes. Demolishing a 1 plr a. that of the Atumarunas and also that of the Mayas was the runes.. that of the mantras of the Hyperborean magicians. Mantray dna is the Road of the Mantra. This document has been totally adulterated and mutilated by the missionaries and by the great planetary conspiracy against the White Gods. 'the less I understand you.a Ill1t1atlO:h~ch must be unsheathed. The sacred writing. b kwards ever further backwards. was lineal. Making the wheel turn is the road which you are following at present. the Master of a Chakra. 'Chakra means grange in Quichua. 'The writing of the most ancient lost world of the White Gods was also that of our signs. 'For all these reasons. the boustrophedon of the most ancient Scandinavian runes. the Rongo-Rongo. was written. . It comes rom t e . This is also the way in which the "Speaking Tablets" of Easter Island. we.. . Chi!: to bare. Because Chile is shaped 1. which is the involuted resonance of the inaudible Orphic Cabbala. in the whole of America-Albania we will find the sacred language. ti Of the Warriors of the Solitary Star. With an ~ve:hm~~: . W 'Master. the language of the Amauta. There is a River Buin in Peru and a city of Buin in Chile.' HAM from the Vishuda chakra 10 the f the Sansknt mantra . 10 Quicheme 0 our sacre . the Giants and the Men-Gods. 'It is in the Indo-Germanic languages. the the road 0 our mitia ion. the kellkas. QUlchua . the more I love you.k . a. ' he wi become me. thro. for example. Wheel (a turn of the wheel) in Sanskrit.. . To bare. its astrologer-sages. e . The Book of the People of the White Gods. which the Incas later prohibited.. in a land where cattle didn't exist.' I said to him. Sanskrit. means to preach. meaning un~heathe. Tula or Thule. den f na f h Old Flemish which in turn enves rom Maya. Or the d The sacre swor 0 lik :~~r . . the Pilgrims of the Dawn .ome an . in the style of the "ploughing of the ox". . H erborean Sansknt. the Old German. that one will find the meaning of the word Buin1. uns ea e distant orrgm 10 d yp d f the homeland of our initiation. Bole and Bullue are bull and young bull in old High German. The Sacrificial Bull. Shillen. of the search for the Mantra.' f the mystic homeland. C'akra means Circle. Nandi.' . which no one has yet been able to decipher. will also find the deep magico-symbohc mea?1Og of t~e where wfe d land Chile Chilli. in which it is also related that they came from Tule. . of Sanskrit origin. which is in fact only asleep and which must be revived: Sanskrit. . the vehicle of SivaLucifer.

I have woken to feel myself to be me and yet not 'me'. The enemy fleet has already taken the ports. 3 A black elephant. . I see the king approach."". and the attack will begin at daybreak. The king. has turned his face towards both sides so that he appears to have two heads. including me. Then. 3 His crowned head is turned towards the north and the south at one and the same A city in the desert of the north of Chile. I have reached the walls of a city which is preparing itself for war. rfftfleaca I am walking across the desert. They are moving off towards the walls of the city. Sand. No one is guarding them. A great war is about to begin. I tell them that I am going to fight alongside them. Sometimes I am 'me' and more frequently I feel as if I am part of someone else who is the one who is experiencing all this. It is night-time. the symbolic animal of the Muladhara 1 WOt. The war chariots and armies are milling around.' San Pedro de Atacama. 'The Desert stretches away.NAN<i V~M ~<H~MM 2 chakra. I realise that an extraordinary phenomenon has taken place while I was asleep. riding on an elephant. The majority of the soldiers are sleeping on the stony ground. because the land of the seas has announced that its forces are going to carry off the queen Draupadi. Its gates are closed. sleep overcomes me and I don't awake until the sun begins to rise over the desert.' Geysers spout on the horizon.WAR OF THE MAHABHARA BEGINS OF TA ~ft1Lflnooa. This signifies that his forces must fight to the last man. golden sand.THE METAMORPHOSIS THE ELEPHANT IN WHICH THE. seated on his throne. I sit down beside them and question them. but the square is guarded by soldiers in battledress. There are chariots and horses. I speak the word that opens them: LAM!2 I reach a central square shaped like an inverted triangle. The streets are empty. The mantra for the Muladhara chakra.

As if he has become invisible. He turns towards the charioteer and lays down his arms. He strokes her forehead with his fingers. who might be the wife of the friends and the enemies. A mirror of gold hangs in the centre of the temple. The dog guards the door. of the First Perfume. called Astinapura and also Troy. Peruvians. pineapples. of one who knows that he is going to lose. The flowers are very beautiful and are watered invisibly. The chargers leap forward and m a flash they are outside the gates of the city. the charioteer commands him: 'Acquit yourself of your duty. I know all these people: Chileans. even the bones smell. The noise of the fighting doesn't reach this far. 1 Water is the enemy of this world. central place. The priests of the temple know that water is g~ing to destroy everything. and they pray to the Serpent of the Earth. C~ose at hand is a chariot drawn by two impatient chargers. the Great War of the Worlds. He touches her golden hair softly and speaks the word which will bring her back to life: HUM! In the hollowness of the room it re-echoes like the bellowing of the mythological bull: Muuu! She opens her eyes and a moan escapes from her breast. mango trees and a huge fig tree in the middle which seems to touch the sky. he manages to get past the sentries without being seen. Everything round here smells. she who inspires the heroes.108 Nos: Book of the Resurrection The Metamorphosis of the Elephant 109 time. the Panda vas and Koravas. which began here in these desert sands. the sands. 'I have slept for such a long time! At last you have come. as always.at the colour of the driver is blue. The dog also recognises him and comes and licks his bloody feet. . In ecstasy. pale. Bolivians. Cai-Cai. The king's face is pale. with exquisite fruits. Ten-Ten. I thought that this time we would lose each other. He raises his trunk and trumpets his battle cry. Tremendous forces will be used in the struggle. A Sun of Gold. In reality. His name is Pandu. Up it climb some men afflicted by the same disease. the walls. Argentinians. ~ears. It is said that this is the City of Smell. They realise that the decisive hour is approaching for their world. it is barren. For four months he slept at the foot of the woman's bed. The woman lies sleeping.U IS t e expresslOn of one who knows what destiny lies ahead. infected with sacred leprosy. In it grows a tree whose top touches the sky. who alone is capable of combating the Serpent of the Waters. he gazes at the face of the sleeping woman. the thistles. This man jumps in and puts on the cuirass and the helmet.' Imperiously. As he passes by. the wounds. 'I can see my brothers. in some secret. A dog is guarding her. This Tree of Paradise bears no fruit. rushmg headlong a~ross the sands in a mad gallop. 0 warrior of the race of the White Gods! You will not kill anybody. towards the walls beyond which death and transfiguration await him. in the cent~e of the city. he looks at this man who is me and then h ' e seems to have four faces. There is great sadness in his expression' . Those who die today are already dead in me. From time to time they look through the windows at the garden. his compatriots from northern Chile. He walks through the door of her chamber and stands beside the bed on which she lies sleeping. eaten away by this white leprosy. No one will be able to see him but her.' THE DIFFICULT TEST ONCE AGAIN The Muladhara chakra is the centre of smell. The city holds out for a full year. During this time. It is there because this is the World of Smell. 1 The charioteer has abandoned him inside th~ triangle. raged for months. He sees th. The charioteer signals to the man who is me to climb in and pick up the shield and lance. of the great Bharatas. . And in them the man sees his relatives. The elephant walks heavily. He enters the palace and finds his way to the room in which lies the woman who has unleashed the great war of the Mahabharata. How is the war going? I dreamed that the sea would submerge our world. its favourite language. Th~ battle for the desert has been lost and the forces are falling back inside the walls of the City of the Elephant. they stay inside the room. fought for the possession of a woman and the City of the Elephant. the stones. 'I cannot fight. She sits up and her hair resembles an irresistible fire. h .' The war between brothers. Very soon they find themselves facmg the enemy lines. But we still have a little time left for our A-Mor. 'Oh!' she sighs. it is an oasis with gardens of semitropical vegetation. Tocopilla and San Pedro de Atacama. And for .' he says. She is so beautiful in sleep that he doesn't wish to wake her. papayas. He recognises it. because he suffers from white leprosy.

taking possession of his essences. using the word Aropa. Now he couldn't even think of touching her with the tips of his fingers. She reached his side and stretched out her hands to clasp his head. covered with sand from the desert. If during the night he occasionally touched her veils through some involuntary movement. She had crossed her hands her breast and was staring at the sky. Everything but her. Without covering themselves. completely idealised. she pronounced. . I can smell you. Locked m an embrace of A-Mor. continents. She moved into the centre of the room and slowly she began to take off her red gown and her veils. slender legs. which moistens and transcends your oases . 'Make your protective sign. too. her hair and her soft perfumed breath were an intoxicating liquor that transported him to that place inhabited by the 'people of dreams'. My whole being longs to be caressed. evoking a supernatural presence. larger than all the other stars in the sky.. of the flower of your breasts. My Impulse 1S to make you enter me. there like a heart. of your golden translucent liquid like cryst~l drops of dew in the garden of the City of Longmg. her long. feeling he had committed sacrilege. My other heart is on the pomt ofleap~ng out of my breast. who talked to him only of her. In silence: in supreme lucidity a~d ncentration. other.' In her melodious voice. gambling our destiny throughout all the turns of the w hi?' ee . she became transformed into a goddess. continuous pleasure which will accompany us for ever inside us. ' There followed a silence in which she uncrossed her arms. Let us drink our liquid gold. revealing her stomach. All his eternity would not suffice him to gaze on her. and her thighs covered only by the thin red gOWn. in the deep. so ~s to fill you with my nectar. The physical had been integrated into the supra physical. like paths. she asked the dog to leave. the world. her golden vulva. they died without-death.. He felt himself grow faint from looking at her. When the time had arrived. she pressed her lips to his. Afterwards he slept for four months to her right. naked. The veils dropped further. In this city. let us not allow it to be lost outside. where it will flow for an eternity. He felt her shoulder verv close to him. an ecstatic. quivering nipples. then her breasts. velvety silence of that warm night in the City of Astinapura. with a ritual cadence the word: 'KLlM!' It was as if a seal had been broken.h himg eac h caresses . dreamlike perfume of your golden fields of wheat. until they lay beside her tiny feet. which was still shining in the dark. countries. He felt as if he was being enveloped by a huge wave which was submerging everything. Until she spoke: 'My desire for you IS reachmg 1tS co k The fire of sacrifice has already been lit in my vulva and beats pea . W1t out touc . let us reabsorb it into our blood so as to experience the pleasure which has no beginning and no end. united in their breath. 'May it assist us!' And she led him to the bed. She put one of her gentle. Thus. to be reborn in that sea of nectar. . with their tender. fear m order to resist the terrible event to come. Reflections from the ~n light played over her beautiful body. First her naked shoulders appeared. A blue bird came and trilled his song for them both. When darkness fell. keeping our resolve firm by making the mudra that destroys. stretched out her hand and took hold of his. filling his cells like the female guru. filled by that flow of supreme virility. in his waking dream. she approached him. Very slowly.110 Nos: Book of the Resurrection The Metamorphosis of the Elephant 111 another four to her left in the bed. I can smell the subtle. of Soma. running along it like nre . She pointed out to him the Evening Star. he would wake with a start. My will no longer exists. touched by your hands andyour m~uth. Like the touch of a petal from a flower in the garden of the City of Dawn. There stood the Absolute Woman. flowing through his blood. their basic perfume. Quietly. they let the hours pass. I can feel you. the matrix of transcendental knowledge. he replied: 'I can feel you. Be felt her moving beside him. ~ho will g~ve us the trength to find the narrow path in this long mght in which we are s. and would move over to the very edge of the bed. the perfume and odours become intensified and reach the roots. . with a dreamlike motion. She always lay on her right side resting her head in the palm of her hand. And then. to be possessed. She opened the windows and let in the morning light. . in twelve months. by your river of amber. in your blood.. perfumed arms round his shoulders and began to undress him with her other hand. rosy. the Evening Star also shone through the windows. the pleasure which has never been experienced by earthly lovers. It flowed through the blood of his spirit.

Because those who have known A-Mor constantly dnnk hquor. revealed in this book. wine . Panshamakara. Mdmsa. their son. fj'C ble silence of my Beloved who has been reborn in the depths lOe la. fish . the Star of Him-Her bathed them in its deep. The final catastrophe was approaching. he put on a blue cloak and she her red gown. They prepared the wedding feast. And.'. From far off. the wife of another. Without landmg in the. Thus they were married.fire. The blue bird returned to sing at the window. and by the priestesses of Hyperborea.ether. They bathed together in an effervescent liquid of Soma. . riding astnde a Hyperborean swan. the liturgical cup.: 112 Nos: Book oJthe Resurrection The Metamorphosis oj the Elephant 113 in the Idea which produced bodies and forms. The feast called the feast of the Five M. which is now only to be found in the river of your blood. And now nothing more was possible. The veils signified that the material drink covered the secret drink. And on the crest of the biggest w~ve. to the ices. dewy light.' f .' the Spirit of the Secret Wine. t h e 00 . ' B perborean rite of the Mmnetnnke. the tantric magicians of Lemuria.. . was taught by the Uighures. The Orphic and Hyperborean irntration of A-Mor. sickly king was now able to rest and to make his way to the secret refuge where the women who possessed supernatural powers of healing could cure him. It had come to rescue them from the impending catastrophe. and Maithuna. they could see the earth shaken by conv~lsions. The marriage would be secret and valid for all eternity. m .I . the last ceremony had still to be performed: they had to marry according to the rites of this world. t e Soma. vibrating in that dear light.air. d of my blood. meat . going back to its source. the temples. desert. enter the 'h ' which leads to the Enchanted Land of the Kmg of the G osts. covered by veils. It speaks to me. of an Archetype: Parakiya. Afterwards. This most ancient ritual. h that love which was lost at the begmnmg 0 time. Nevertheless. a lost liquor of A-Mor. . A clear light poured into the room through the doors and windows. ordained by the White Gods. They held wands from which sprouted flowers. From tonight. the seas changing position. the mountain ranges beginning to nse. THE SECRET MARRIAGE They would have to leave before nightfall. Kalaca. 'There was a heavenly Soma. the continents of Mu and Gondwana. They managed to enter it before a huge wave submerged everything. cereals . And it reveals to me all that I still need m or er to City of Transparent Ice with her. . On the floor. They had begun at the end. as the day dawned. along the Path of Roses. while the warnors called a halt to the bat in order to surround them with a circle of swords. . appeared. 'SAHAM! I am you!' they cried. 1 and what had been his trunk on earth was now a 1 The whale is the symbolic animal of the Svadisthana chakra. with a gentle. the Disc called Vimana in the epIC poem of the Mahabharata had descended. One day. The Gandharba marriage. They then became. ' ~nd they sang: 'Fill my cup with wine. And it was their farewell to that city which had lost the war. which was also a farewell. The pale. she was his own wife proper: Sviyia. 'LAM!' they repeated in unison. This is a symbolical journey through the chakras from one to another. the rulers of this world in ruins. returning them partially to themselves. woman .the earth.*l Ii i . luminous caress. . the 'Saviour in Liquid form'.' i' Ii. with the Magic Possession. the gardens. because he had turned mto the Leviathan. It IS a svnchronistic pl1gnmage with the mystical landscape of the author's country" wIth.n. It flooded the city. Matia. the palaces. m t e memory of . a sacra! geography 'dreaming the same dream' WIth the Beloved in astral Journeys of some kind of tantric or martial minanon practised by the ancient troubadours or Minnesanger.' She stretched out her hand over the chalice and spoke the word fthe mantra of wine: 'HRIM!' o They uncov'ered the cup and drank from that inexhaustible . the elephant was still swimming.'. filled with liquid gold. because it is composed of Mudra. the liquor of orgasm which has no beginning or end. Now she would be the initiated bride: Parastri.water. Karanav ari-jnamrita. of non-death. from the Muladhara to the Svadisthana and so on. would come and rebuild it. They took the dog with them. the liquor which flows through the b I d h M'tnne. the volcanoes erupting. Madya. It returned them to that liquid gold which they were driving back to its source. Until now she had been the wife of a king. a spirit of secret wine.

nor with those who travel through space. whose earliest name was Svadisthana. the summit of a huge submerged mountain. waiting. from the Morning Star. searching for an entrance-hole in them. The ship changed course. she lay sleeping. Viracocha and Mama Occl no longer come down from Venus. she began to recall ancient times: 'Nothing has survived of all that glory. the Temple of Kalasasaya. Row backwards. It is hunting a white whale which blinded its captain and drowned its crew. so that anyone seeing it would take it for a fiery serpent with feathers of flame. The ruins of Tiahuanacu.--------. slaves of Lemuria. where once a continent existed in all its glory. and he called out the password which would make the captain heave to: 'V AM!'! He swam underwater for a few minutes. towards the point of origin. He repeated the mantra which would wake her: 'HUM!' And the music which announced her return was like that of 'a hive of bees maddened by love'. beneath the surface of the water crawls a ship with all its lights on.114 Nos: Book oJthe Resurrection The Metamorphosis oj the Elephant 115 continuous jet of water like a geyser in the ancient. Water.-. Nothing more in that vast expanse of water. 2 From Leopar di1.---.-~--------------""""- . perhaps Vajra. the interbred races of animal-men. For days they followed the vast expanse of its waters. As he walked. imperishable matter. which had arrived before him. upwards. now thousands of metres up in the Cordillera of the Andes. the huge Ocean. 'THE NAVEL OF THE WORLD' On the surviving islands. Gods. LEMURIA In the shade of the last three Toromiro trees. take a longboat and approach your objective with your back turned. waiting for the return of the Ancient Sun.-----. The Leviathan disappeared in that direction.f the 'Navel of the World'. has been confined on the borders of the precarious islands of Chiloe. also escaped 1 The mantra for the Svadisthana ~ Easter Island. The yellow. 2 The inhabitants of the lost continent were giants. 1 chakra. We are in the kingdom of the waters.' Inside the crater grew the last three Toromiro trees. The world of the giants. the ship will rise to the surface of the water. gigantic statues called Mohai. the Morning Star. accompanied by his dog. They crossed the empty region of Matakiterani. which is now composed of ghosts. a 'click'. The Svadisthana chakra the water. was waiting for him on the shore. temples and wisdom. which was in contact with the stars. its captain will recover his sight and the crew will come back to life with bodies of fiery. except this little island. The beach was covered with strange. the ancient entrance to the subterranean world. where the Leviathan's waterspout could be seen in the far distance. only an island lost in the vast Ocean was left: Tepito Tenua. water everywhere. He examined them with interest. At the foot of these trees. some shepherds. The Captain of El Caleuche said: 'E bello nauJragare in questo mare!'} Follow your destiny as a shipwrecked man. and making for the open sea. He saw this underwater ship from a beach in Chiloe. New Sun shone vertically down on them. more than Gods. Cai-Cai. If they succeed in capturing it. implore the Serpent of the Earth: 'Stop. that red wood. They came from the pole. The dog lay down at her feet. like all good oarsmen. How had these vast lumps of basalt got here? How had they moved from Rano-Raraku to the Ahu. They were going towards the crater of the volcano called Rano-Kao. men of diminished stature.' The dog. and was taken on board El Caleuche. filled with palaces. he mentally repeated the phrase he had heard in an old dream: 'Only the water which emerges from the crater of an extinct volcano can quench the thirst of the pilgrim. surviving with difficulty. are no longer in contact with other universes. When everything was submerged by the great wave. on the island of Lemuy. leaving the southern canals by the Gulf of Penas. ---. lost desert of Atacama. Along the southern canals. their platforms? The dog was indicating that he should follow it. walking round and round their huge mass. Ten-Ten!' And the Serpent of the Waters. Of all this. The giants have withdrawn into the Andean rock. wearing white cloaks. The Muladhara chakra represents the earth. 'The Home of Her'.

their Vimanas. Manu. straight ahead from this crater. 'All those who knew the language of the Speaking Tablets. the gateway of the Temple of Tiahuanacu and the secret entra~ce to Stonehenge . or pedestal. after the involution of the divine and the semi-divine began. Here is a Mohai with a beard. 'In a single night. They were of the same race as. represent those hybrid monsters: the man-fish.. the Big_ Eared Ones. The statues of Toromiro wood which are to be found on this island. It belongs to the Ahu-Mohai period. How did they reach these sites? One of them has fallen into the water and can be seen at low tide. everything stopped. Some look towards the Antarctic.Tara. the man without flesh.. as if people wished to make the vanished White Gods. These were imitated later. The script was hermetic. Some Mohai stand on promontories jutting out of vertical cliffs above the sea. their Manu. Then last survivors were killed in the gold mines of Peru.1 terrifying forces were used. They were called Maoris and were white priests. their hands with their long nails folded over their stomachs like buddhas. In to h h . the Interior Earth. who had es~aped from the great catastrophe and had remained on this extenor earth m order to preserve the tradition. And the malignant radiation spread across the whole world. like the serpent Ten-Ten. Someone has recorded the lost world. t~ overcome the force of gravity and disappear among the constellatlOn~. a White God. nor . They could also be said to be landmarks for their extraterrestrial vehicles. the man-insect. Huirakocha. with more than one meaning. Because one day the sea will take him again. Thus the Mohai may be said to represent a kind of exorcism practised in successive waves. where they had been taken to work as slaves. an unknown lineal script existed prior to ideographic script. and the Nanan-Momoko.116 Nos: Book of the Resurrection The Metamorphosis of the Elephant 117 to the higher peaks. Quetzalcoatl. the Giants and the Golden Age by means of the albeit inaccurate reproduction of their figures. with wood formed from the non-existent blood of a time without memory. the other demoniacal.the Dropas of Tibet the giant Ainos of Japan and Chma. first phase. The Mohai that are not covered with ivy are those that are still alive. were butchered. there is supposed be an entrance to the subterranean world. very different races tried to reproduce that art. And the fish. scouring the horizons. attempting to force the return of the White Gods. No one knows where their first builders came from. One sacerdotal.h America. order to penetrate it. on the Gate of the Sun. attempting to reproduce its glories and also the fruits of its destruction. Similar script is not to be found either in Polynesia nor among the Ingas. In all this. a tiny turning movement of t e Mo ai IS supposed to be sufficient for this stone iceberg to move and expose the lower part of its body. Perhaps this was why the Ingas prohibited writing in their empire. Many Mohai remained incomplete. which produced the catastrophe.. In the ruins of Tiahuanacu. The sightless eyes of the Mohai scan the firmament. Kula. which will only be revealed to man minutes before hIS new destruction . others towards the North Pole.. The same force that impelled the Golden BIrd. their closed mouths long to cry out to them: "We are still here! We still preserve your memory! You looked like this! Come back!" 'These basalt sculptures are alive. There are Mohai in the meditative position. in which they disappeared shortly before the cataclysm. Rongo-Rongo.. as If that moment m time had frozen. is the work of a race of giants who came from the east and from Hyperborea. In the war between the Pandavas and Koravas. The second period is a copy of the initiatic. What happened? What terrible event occurred? Are the Mohai robots or Golems? Are they the Gods who have been petrified? How did they move and change their positions? A force called Mana (Vril) levitated them. At night they formed the magic circle.. Subsequently. Their faces are turned in every direction. together WIth the entrance to the passage which connects with the great polar exits. The sublime art which has come here from an unknown centre.Tara. their Astras. between the Hanau-Eepe. Their rmssion was to protect all that had survived on earth from new floods. Orejona. they vibrate magically. their Discs of Light. towards Ultima Thule. white magicians. the great fish. There are no more than twenty Speaking Tablets to be found throughout the world. Did they move? Did they walk? It is related that they advanced 1 Aboriginal people of Easter Island. the Guanches of the Cana. The Kohau-Rongo-Rongo could read the Tablets. a great mystery persists. Beneath the Ahu.y Islands. there are figures with four fingers and three toes. like that of Ancient Egypt. As in Egypt. return. magical. and the Chachapoyas and Guayakis of Sout. and the creators of the First Tiahuanacu. some of them face upwards in their quarries. their Plumed Serpents. seeking their definitive positions.

place it on its Ahu. When you have triumphed. which guards the Great Secret.. The Mohai and the ancient objects made of real Toromiro wood are charged with the vibrations of Vril. of Leviathan. The Mohai keep their sightless eyes open in eternal vigilance. There is a mysterious link between this island. and_not only from a physical thirst. trying to prevent the repetition of the catastrophe. only the ideographic language of cords and knots of Peru. And the matriarchy of the Amazon Gaibomilla made war on the descendants ofKon. whom the Man-Insect fears. the Man-Bird. warrior caste of the Big-Eared Ones. be your Valkyrie in the battle.Ticsi Huirakocha. making the mudra which destroys fear.' 'Carve your own statue. walk on the waters.. carve a Mohai. You must stay here for a year. seat yourself in the centre of the Tororniro flower. meditates the Three-Eyed One. because they had been left outside by the giants. the White Whale. who knew of the priestly. which was once the Elephant. their Hyperborean ancestors.' THE INITIATION OF THE MANU-TARA ! aIr . Also like a drawn sword. 'Now we are in the Kingdom of the Waters. sitting under the last three Toromiro trees. The "Tablets" which disappeared were like the stone which fell from heaven and contained the law of the extraterrestrial race and the secret of the entrances to the Hollow Earth and to the passages beneath the Ocean which connect with all the surfaces of the new continents which emerged after the catastrophe. weariness and lassitude overcome me on this island. where their branches intertwine. The expressions on their faces change with the passage of the seasons and the solstices. But I am so tired.' 'The Green God who controls the three paths Of the high resounding Sun Comes from the year of Orur To the land of the rain clouds In the same way as the thunder roars. His thirst was for that Queen ot Rapanui. ' 'In the House of the Great Fish. recited the prayer of the lost Continent of Lemuria: 'Nan rururu Tuku Karumugil Urueli orur Edu etu ru uyarc1 Ir ar ire per Kadavul. is the work of the Vikings. ! I II ! . until you become the Manu-Tara. the last civilisation of the Giants flourished. ' She took him by the hand and led him out of the crater to a cave in the mountains. The Adored Third-Eye. Some of the signs carved on rocks correspond to their runic script and to the votive cult of Wotan. children were brought here and left in the darkness so that their skin would turn white in memory of the lost Gods. I will be your queen. make yourself lighter. Volcanoes erupt throughout the entire fiery arc of the Pacific. which will replace the Age of the Fish. An ominous age occurred there. rise into the Allouine. before they were imprisoned in the mountains. as far as the "Other Pole".. The Manu of the Age of Aquarius. in memory of the horrific conflagration that destroyed the world. which is all that survives of the old submerged world. "The Hearer of the Bird". when the Valkyries turned into Amazons. fight this battle to the end and lose it in the name of our God of the . of the Cry of the Bird.118 Nos: Book of the Resurrection The Metamorphosis of the Elephant 119 elsewhere. Like the dolmens and the menhirs. in the crater of the volcano called Rano-Kao. 0 warrior of the race of the White Gods. You will have to learn to . called Rakini. But the way to overcome and escape the cataclysm is only to be found in the Manu-Tara. when you are king. who had already diminished in stature. your Mohai. Make a statue of yourself. You will then be accepted as king of this island and your real name will be given to that year. I shall only accompany you in your thoughts. In the top of these trees. He was fainting from thirst inside that crater. this fragile strip ofland. and that sacred land which today is called Chile. For now. In former times. which stretches like a psychic spinal column of the planet. we dream of immortality. Chile and Japan are regularly devastated by earthquakes. The fire consumed everything. where our star is born. This cave is called Hakrongo-Manu. 'This is the cave of the God Make-Make. I shall. beneath the three surviving trees. they are here to hold back a new flood. together with that of this island of Matakiterani. the ancient moon and the ancient sun. the Man-Bird. In Chile. 'I want to do something with my hands. The reconstruction of the civilisation ofTiahuanacu.

Each of them played a different musical instrument and made the letters of the six petals of the Toromiro flower vibrate: ba.120 Nos: Book of the Resurrection The Metamorphosis ofthe Elephant 121 Defeated of the Kaliyuga! Overcome the terrifying waters! Our AMor is again at stake. It was a whole universe. Slowly he lost track of the time. A serrated iron wheel controlled the sluice-gate of the pool that collected the water which flowed down the hillsides. The Svadisthana chakra is the centre of taste and touch. He wanted to turn the wheel back to its original position. 1 2 Some men swam towards him through rescued him. There were villas and mansions. rna. He struggled to escape from it. flowed down the slopes. opening the sluice-gate. inside that other Mother. He found himself surrounded by high waves. with wrought-iron porches and doorways. between the mountains. How to break out of the final Mother? How to escape from the Circle of the Circles? This is the Liquid Road. Then he began to scream like a new-born child with a pale skin. His strength deserted him. but a sea of twilight. which was crystal-clear despite its great volume. which became ever more menacing. the Toromiro. The dreams about water continued. this world of icy lymph. He found himselflying in the cave once more. But the compact mass of water. There were countries. began to submerge even the highest mountains. He was floating in the waters of a bay in which ships lay at anchor. becoming imbued with turquoise. He ran to find himself a safe place. Then she devoured him. But with an immense effort.' he heard her say from within his blood. as painted in Indian iconography. from the horizon.. rivers of opaque oil. He saw her appear. la" Tiredness and lassitude might have made him spend an entire lifetime in this adipose world. He began to climb the slope to his left. he fclt safe. Now they would enter the sea together and swim away. continents of fat. but the water was already uncontrollable. channelled naturally along the gorges between the hills. and whether it was day or night. And he discovered paths that led him up hills with houses built on their slopes. amethyst and emerald. It was an almost superhuman triumph to have found a way out of the safe depths of the Mother's protection into the insecurity and pain of the other world. Inside the enormous body of the Leviathan. he overcame this feeling and searched for a vulnerable spot in the monstrous body of the Mother-Leviathan. at the foot of a hill. And then they were no longer sea water. ya. 1 He wanted to sculpture something. Sanskrit letters which are inscribed on the six petals of the Svadisthanchakra. the cave of Hakrongo-Manu. There he met the 'People of Dreams' again. 'the Road of Tears . nightmares. He went from Mother to Mother. Then the waters changed colour. causal water: Kdrandri. An enormous wave broke over a high mountain peak. It was either night or daybreak. The vast sea lay enveloped in the half-light of dawn. The whale became a tyrannical mother who forced him to drink her milk. he began to wander round the interior of the cave in his dreams. He allowed himself to act on an impulse and turned the wheel. this liquid colour and . His senses became blunted with the exception of his sense of taste and an incontrollable impulse which drove him to seize hold of stones and rocks with his hands and even with his feet. It flooded down the slopes on all sides. any hard material. The Land of Tears is mysterious!' DREAMS ABOUT WATER As soon as he had escaped from the Mother-Leviathan. And finally he managed to escape and stood on the outside. The water gushed out. ra. A current carried him out to sea. from Circle to Circle. and the vast mass of water began to rush down its slopes as well. He continued to try and escape along the valleys. The faithful dog brought him food. He had visions.. She called to him from the shore.. She said: 'E dolce naufragare in questo mare!' A final dream: He was still swimming. to shape the basalt. veins. Where to? The sea was covered with sargasso. She had come to meet him from the far distance. from the hilltops. emerging naked out of the waters. It took light years to move from one point of that body to another.' For months he remained in the darkness of the cave. He stopped in front of a lattice-work doorway. through the gorges. oases of heat in the midst of this bulky universe. bha. Waterfalls and cascades.

He realised that he was going to be destroyed in that powerful current from the vibrations of a fire which could not find an exit. ready to spread his wings and fly off on a new adventure. the 'ego' had shown resistance to the God of the Losers. the Primus homo terrenus had become the Secundus homo coelestis.122 Nos: Book of the Resurrection The Metamorphosis of the Elephant 123 He looked out of the mouth of the cave. The Manu of the age of Tara. to the loss of a greater city. he saw a metal basin of water appear in the air before him. while he repeated the mantra of water: 'VAM!' Vibrations rose along his spine.Tara's egg. At that point. his bodies. caught between two worlds. 'The Cry of the Bird'. as red as the flames of the Fiery Serpent. the bird flew over him and dropped it into his hand. transmuting them to their first level.1 His secret channels. he was the Twice Born. In vain. The exit to another state. the rebellious swimmer. becoming paralysed. towards the point of origin. he wouldn't be able to touch anything with that hand. He had begun to see blood spots. THE BAPTISM OF THE MAN-BIRD In the depths of the cave. Swimming back to the island. And he wore a sling made of tepu. he concentrated on the Moonstone between his eyebrows and made the second sign of his initiation. She was wearing a red cloak. The wanmg mOon shone in the sky over Matakiterani. climbing down from the crater at the top of the volcano. There he waited. unable either to go back. Baptized by lustral water. Now he could leave it. around the arm which had caught the egg. He realised that his final moment on that earth had arrived. the 'ego'. because the conscious. the Susumna nadi. towards its starting point. He was the keeper of the energy of the surviving island. because the road of the third Toromiro tree had been closed to it. The sluice-gates opened. The water's electricity was freed. in triumphant defeat. The Serrated Wheels turned. which maybe was not death but resurrection in another Ego amplified by the earth. plunge your hands into the water and splash it over your body!' A delicious coolness calmed the fire of the vibrations. level with his chest. He was the king of Matakiterani. He saw her coming towards him. In his dive. something had changed in that split second of doubt. Nevertheless. of Mana. One day. And he heard her order him: 'Quickly. He had passed from the lower waters to the heavenly waters. on the Lefthanded Road mapped out by the God of the Defeated ofKaliyuga. and he felt his body being galvanised by a powerful energy. He had risen from his ashes. In the blackness of the cave of Hakrongo-Manu. He was as red as the Tororniro tree. water and fire. or sandalwood. beyond the earth. At some moment during that secret. the serrated wheels turned wildly and the petals of the Non-Existent Toromiro Flower fell because it was unable to make its non-existence a reality. then he swam towards the tiny island of Hapu-Manu. woven from . In reality. up his 'Toromiro tree'. The husband of the Goddess Tara. fought against the current. the carrier of Vril. would disintegrate. because it wanted to control the uncontrollable. had been blocked. He only had a short time left in this world. El Caleuche. occult physiology. including the physical one. rational 'ego' had introduced an obstacle. as if in an 'upside-down sky'. and of the Mohai who scour the horizons. He ran towards the sea and plunged off the clifftop into the water. THE CRY OF THE BIRD He had been in the cave for a year. in which the Manu-Tara Bird would rise up out of its ashes. Then he shaved off his hair and eyebrows. An indescribable sensation of peace enveloped him. To the rebirth of the Golden Age. His name was Manu-Tara. wouldn't be capable of resisting the vib~ations. In the embryonic. the LivingMan-Bird. it refused to accept its approaching death. something remained incomplete. sometimes also represents the Serpent of Kundalini. that 1 In Tantric yoga. he looked like a mythological being which had surfaced out of the primordial waters. to a different fecling. because it didn't want to be overpowered and pushed aside. his brain. or to go down. imprecise happening. His brain was going to explode. During the whole of the following year. been born from the waters. In the symbology of this book the ghost vessel. upwards. tied a sling around his forehead and placed the egg in it. He also looked for the Manu. he managed to touch the submerged Mohai. On the ground at the mouth of the cave sparkled a Moonstone.

It is very difficult to fight a woman who has become a demon. He was fighting alongside the defenders. near Mount Elbrus. uncontrolled. the one that turns according to the present earth's time and descends to the lowest depths of Kaliyuga. from Asgard in the Caucasus to Shambhalla and Agharti in the Himalayas. another Golden Age. with the remainder of their decimated forces. asserting that the Twilight of the Gods would not last for ever. His armies retreated to the subterranean refuge of the Gateway of Kalasasaya. reversing the exodus and the movement of the Righthanded Swastika. Itzarnna. Kon. so as to make the great leap to the Morning Star. because in their heart of hearts they blamed them for all their misfortunes. the A:sir had had to abandon their sacred city of Asgard in the Caucasus. There. called or atumarunas. In the far distance. The eruption followed almost immediately. hanging from the branches of patriarchal oak trees. 'Keep this heart safe. 'giants with faces as pale as the moon'. for their dreadful falL And perhaps they were right. led by a Great White Chief. in the great Temple of Tiahuanacu. would reconquer Asgard. to the Nuptial Homeland. They were dancing the Raslila. You are the Toki-Manu. The renascent Viking civilisation ofTiahuanacu. which had lasted for a number of centuries. the last of the Vikings of America.' She played the flute and they both danced in a circle round each of the Manu-Mohai. Transformed into the skin of the lamb. going back. began to make itself heard. from which they made a Golden Fleece. And so. and the Templars of the Grail called Albania. had been partly destroyed by fire. THE REUNION atumurunas WITH JASON On the shores of Lake Titicaca. flew off in the direction of the midday sun. of the Thousand Priests of Wotan. The island was covered with the fire of an emerging centre. 'The Land of White Men'. externalised. it turned into a thunderous roar. or mirror-image of the one that disappeared with the Hyperborean Thule. left outside by the giants. 1 The Temple of the Lake of the Sun.Ticsi Huirakocha. returning to the point of origin. and from them to Ultima Thule in Polar Hyperborea. like the sound of chains being dragged along. Kukulkan. They saw how the Mohai collapsed. placed his last hope in the reinforcements which were said to be coming from the north. which they called Hvetramannaland. had prophesied that one day the descendants of the A:sir. The Amazons had consorted with the race of earth people. In the past. was dying. We will have need of it. this time in the direction of the Righthanded Swastika. . Quickly. of Quetzalcoatl. Led by Wotan or Odin. the matriarchal forces of Queen Gaibomilla. they had left the city. She brought him an aXe. with the semi-animals. swaying on their bases. of the White Gods. 'It is the axe of Cuatan or Wotan. to the Ray of Green Light. were fighting a desperate battle against the tribes of Amazons from the south of Chile. the ally of Cacique Cari of Coquimbo. the last of the Vikings. spreading his golden wings. Attacked in exactly the same way by the Mongols. 1 Cacique means chief in the Quichua language. the White Gods of the Morning Star. the Venusian giants. They stripped it of its skin. from City to City. descendant of Nayrnlap and of the White Gods. which had been . they had set out once again on the Exodus of Defeat. of the Odinic Order. as satanic hatred. up. with the robots of Lemuria and Atlantis. the white warriors. A clanking noise. Their features were bestiaL Their furious vengeance was directed against men. Huirakocha.124 Nos: Book of the Resurrection The Metamorphosis of the Elephant 125 the thin bark of the three trees in the crater. The Man-Bird put his arm round his Beloved's waist and. The great Viking chief. the Irish called Huitrarnannalandia. coming from the volcano. The sorceress Vola had also prophesied this. Bochica. was lost. the mountain of the Goddess Freyja of the smooth snow-white breasts. But the sorceress Allouine. were unable to find in themselves either the strength or the conviction to face such warlike fury as that exhibited by those demons of the south. it swayed in the wind. It was the beginning of the end. It had been recreated by these white warriors who had come from the north in search of their ancestors. the whale was caught by the crew of El Caleuche. She carried the dog in her arms. Its name is Toki. Flames and lava shot upwards and rushed down the slope. It was all happening once again. ' She was also carrying a flute and a heart with wings ofToromiro wood.

it could see his and the woman's shadows go out the other side and enter the Temple of Kala sasay a. definitive battle. I 2 changed the course of the Exodus. Guardians of the D~wn.. King and Father of the Heavens). going up to the South Pole and down to the North Pole. in the Great VOld. in the vast . . A high-keeled boat. m the Discs of Light. correct the balance of the Axis of the Earth. In the Bath of Tamascal. he went out through the gateway ofKalasasaya. I have passed through the Secret Door to the interior. leaning on his great sword. the sign of the Great Exodus from Hyperborea. because you will have n. Pilgrims of the South. at the appointed time at which we will bring back the Golden Age and rebuild Tiahuanacu. The next evening. warriors of the Morning Star!' .' he said. because I will reach the Green Light through these flames. From the branch of an oak tree from Dodona. turning it into a return. and also against the ice of the constellations. they were able to talk in the star-filled night. a reconquest of all that had once been lost. It is symbolised by the lamb.1 '0 faithful comrade. the sign of Rama. withou~ ever retreatl~g. ' The great chiefs dog. the Morning Star and our Lord and Prince Lucifer. called together his closest followers. Into battle. Perhaps these were the promised reinforcements. By doing so. . We will raise the Continent of the Spirit alongside the precarious coast of our native land . fight till the last drop of your blood is spilt. We WIll extinguish the volcanoes. too. reverse the direction of the Swastika of the Exodus. he found himself surrounded by corpses. Entering the hall ofTiahuanacu. who was also called Rama in this centre. Acolytes of Lucifer.. Aries. Medea also accompanied Jason. He raised his sword and spoke thus to the warnors: Soldiers of the Solitary Star. Asgard and Montsegur. enter the City of the Caesars. the Great Loser! Weare going to reverse everythmg. where I will wait for you to come. towards the point of origin. We are gomg to. avenging the God of the Losers. without ever surrendering! Die fighting. it is Maya. They fought furiously all through that day and mght.ude the enemy visible. 0 warriors of the White Gods. He leapt ashore and pronounced the word: 'RAM!. the one that is fought outside this earth. he climbed up until he reached the triangle where the sign of the Righthanded Swastika. reconquer Asgard. . 1 which fights against the satanic ice which comes from the farthest south. He jumped into the boat and they embraced. Shortly before the end. He thought he saw a vessel approachmg. While the oarsmen rowed towards their objective with their backs turned. The wife jumps into the funeral pyre where the body of her husband is being consumed. with his helmet and cuirass. 'You will make y~ur final stand in the ruins of the Temple of the Thousand Priests. nailed to the prow. I shall not die. An ancient ritual. 'Build a huge bonfire. 'face white as an egg'. 3 Sword in hand. slowly became visible in the dying light of the evening. 'Constellation of Flame'.". and she sang an ancient song 1 The mantra for the Manipura chakra.:m the war of the Mahabharata by losing all but the final. as if they had been renewed in those flames of pure energy. rebuild Tiahuanacu. It is another who has sacrificed himself for me. hung the Golden Fleece. We are going to bring our guide back to life and avenge him. because If you lose WIth honour. Illusion. 'None of this is real. A defeat which leaves honour intact ISa spiritual adventure which has been successful. the great chief leapt into it with his wife Mama Runtu. of the Glorious God of the Fhckermg LIght. in reality you will have won. And there stood Jason. like Kalki.The Metamorphosis 126 Nos: Book of the Resurrection oj the Elephant 127 rebuilt and had been destroyed once more in the fighting. he The Manipura chakra represents fire. a drakkar.' As soon as the fire began to crackle and blaze. 2 He continued talking from within the flames. 3 A sacred Inca bath. when you have lost here in order to come back to life there like Kontiki (Konticsi. who accompanied him. turning it into a Lefthanded Swastika which turns backwards.expanses of Father Ether and even farther beyond. you have arrived at the critical moment of the battle! So much time has passed!' 'Get in quickly!' Jason exclaimed. Huirakocha. However. Now you must take the name of Ram a. halt the earthquake. also leapt into the fire. addressing himself exclusively to him. among whom he was numbered. Hollow World. was hanging and he reversed it. while the red of the twilight dyed the waters of Lake Titicaca the colour of bl~od. fulfilling the Hyperborean ritual of Sati. change the course of the waters of destiny. He scanned the lake. 'My world is that of fire. reach Ultima Thule. of Hvetramannaland.

Her name was really Irene. ' 'Why. I would not come back to life or enter Valhalla without you. 'HUM!' he intoned.' Watching the receding shore and the smoke from the fires. I carried your corpse across my shoulders. When my comrade falls. what pain. I have always thought of you! After you left. This is the Sangham. I fought for the two of us. I laugh confidently. Enraptured. This geographical point is in the city of Allahabad. Opis and Arge. The dog.128 Nos: Book of the Resurrection The Metamorphosis of the Elephant 129 which struck deep. which sprmgs from the head of Siva on Mount Kailas. I was not loyal to her. weighing heavily on his solar plexus. Medea has deserted me. in the 'World of the Jewels'. I fight for both of us. in this America of Tiahuanacu. of the Great Guide Rama. Jason? Where have you been for so long?' 'In the Intermediate Kingdom of Death. lay down at the foot of the bier. pha. na. was like 'the buzzing of a hive full of a thousand bees maddened by love'. because if I were to arrive.. ta. appointed by Destiny and the Noms. which formed the terraces of . listening as though he was not alive. in the vast expanses of the stars. as yours was Hector. as if surrounded by a 'sea of nectar'. and fighting the war of the Mahabharata? What do these Andean mountains have to do with all this?' 'Y ou are asking me a question to which you well know the 1 The Sanskrit letters for the ten-petalled lotus of the Manipura chakra. The comrades stood on each side of the head of the bed. . She's sleeping. the Sanoham is where the two visible rivers. Or. in the imperishable depths of my heart. they discovered a red triangle. the tribes who interbred with the monkey. don't go yet. I will try and recover her in the eternal return.. Rarna and Sita. with the help of its light.. invisible river Saraswati. Her golden hair hung down almost to the floor. We are in the Land of the Lamb. leaning on their lances. he foresaw that the moment of parting was near. All this was already foretold to us by the prophecy of the sorceress Vola. which is really Lamella . A great wave of sorrow overwhelmed him. the two Hyperborean pnestesses. dha. Jason said: 'Only you are with me in this critical moment. becoming the Causal Waters of Life and Resurrection. 1 In the Hindu tradition. ra. I have come to meet you here. 'Jason. IT IS ALSO A GRAVE The two comrades walked through the darkness until they reached a wilderness area.l called Manipura. of the Golden Fleece. you would do so in me. They climbed down onto the quayside. . and it is also Sita. because It IS the Place of Reunion.' In an underground chamber of the temple. if you only knew with what nostalgia. One can only reach here by carrying a branch from the golden oak trees of Dod on a. Olen. It was a tombstone. although recently I have been calling her Allouine. When my comrade sleeps. to triumph. tha. as though he was not dead. the sadness in his voice. dha. in the depths of the Jewel Chamber. Because the Gods made me your comrade!' Jason gazed deep into the starry sky.the temple. pa. joined Medea and accompanied her in singing hymns composed by the Lycian bard. ' 'Ah. . the way he looked at him. Jason reflected: 'They are the fierce "rangunes". are we here. where the Three Rivers of Death meet to reverse their flow and arrive at another higher reunion. Because to every warrior The Gods have given a comrade.' FromJason's attitude. Ganges and jumna.' Jason smiled gently: 'Let us go. 'Her name here is Mama Runtu. distant chords in the hearts of the two friends: 'When my comrade loses heart. . which had escaped from the flames. speaking of Jason and Medea. ' 'Is her name Donia?' asked Jason. They lit a bonfire and. And the echo of the mantra. I want you to meet my Beloved. near Banaras. In the centre appeared a flower with ten petals and in each of these vibrated a root-letter: da. she lay sleeping. meet the third.' 'What happened to you. da. I watch for him. Carved in the top corner was the Lefthanded Swastika. perhaps. Jason. they contemplated her. rather.

the Sun.' Jason opened the tomb.130 Nos: Book of th« Resurrection The Metamorphosis oj the Elephant 131 answer. In the universe. in which she would be renewed. perhaps. the Poems exist. in your memory. he struggled until the very end. There you WIll bnng me back to life. almost . until I can see those si!cnt peaks where "the fiery lily of our Eternal Love blooms". Finally a force more powerful than his conscious 'ego' asserted itself: the Causal Waters of Death. he recounted to Allouine the last moments of his friend Jason. Bardo Thodol. that of the White Gods. the Wild Hordes of the Heroes of Parsifal. they await us! . the men of diminished stature who now inhabit the martyrised surface of the earth. The sensation was not frightening. Just think. which destroys fear. As if my ego was about to be immersed in the divine. too. he resisted. The others. together we have crossed ages. which is no longer mine. a melody of the high plateaux of Titicaca.Ticsi Huirakocha were White Gods.' 'I can foresee our separation. When they were nearly in the middle of the lake. the warriors read the Tibetan Book of the Dead. subterranean rivers meet.. and my consciousness to be submerged in the unconscious. but the weight of his armour dragged him down. but serenely. The atmosphere here is rarified. They had corne in search of Allouine to take her to the bath of fire. They are the Elementarwesen against whom the Wildes Heer. immeasurable distances. It was the puna which caused me to have this cataleptic fainting fit from which you awoke me. Sitting in the Jewel Chamber. which fired flaming arrows at them. with me alone in your heart. they recited it to the wandering spirit of Jason. The Andes are also the Spinal Column of Cosmic Man. palm upwards and fingers together. Thor and Lucifer. I can already see these vast distances. the men-"robots". In my imagination. Because . I must bathe in the energy of this fire. These ancient ashes! DEATH AND RESURRECTION IN TITICACA For many days. presided over by Villak Umu. Siva. these delicate. walking rhythmically from the ruins of the temple. and made the Vara-Mudra. where the bridges of reunion and meeting lie and the invisib!c. They were accompanied by a melancholy music. You will never desert me. Without you I could not endure the poverty of the exodus nor the tests of the return to the Nuptial Homeland.those that lie between the earth. they were attacked by the enemy's boats. All the rest is merely the involution of their Golden Age. he rotated the Lefthanded Swastika and everything was consumed by the fire.. However. the animal-men who caused the cataclysm and who will bring about its repetition through their rebelliousness and their ignorant pride. so that I can continue to climb a little higher at your side. Allouine. water and air of the high peaks. the men-ants. feeding this Andean lake. My lungs are not made for these heights ofTiahuanacu. with mineral resonances. one war. becoming rejuvenated in its flames so as not to disappear too soon. And he again pronounced the mantra: 'RAA1!' When the tomb had closed. Orpheus. A transmutation. Gathered in the temple. remote lands. was about to take place.' The Virgins of the Sun approached them. in the pure Kingdom of Cosmic Poetry. overtaking the Road of the Fathers and avoiding the Path of the Moon. beloved. And we will meet again. and by the Hyperborean Trinity Ollin-Tonatiuh (OdinThor.. in the hope that he might find the Road of the Gods. Abraxas. Suddenly his vessel sank and the entire crew drowned. scorched by the fires of passion and war.. He felt himself drowning. ' 'I feel something strange. You and 1 are involutions of the White Gods. are the surviving slaves of Atlantis and Lemuria. subtle spaces where the deer roams. Also. 'Yes.. Odin and Quetzalcoatl will fight their final battle. a process from which both would benefit. the Giant. escaping from us by leaping to safety in the forests of the air. because to each warrior the Gods have given a comrade and to each poet-pilgrim a beloved. beloved. Apollo. Before entering it. as if in the rarefied atmosphere of these high plateaux. he turned to his comrade and stretched out his arm. an enlarging of my consciousness. And his 'ego' accepted this with the acute intuition that it could do no more. light-years. Quetzalcoatl and Kon. You must climb ever higher. there is only one history. telling her about the nights during their youth when they had revealed to each other their dreams of adventure and heroic conquest in unexplored. from the City of the Elephant to these plateaux on which burns the fire of the intermediate regions . He tried to stay afloat by swimming. like Wotan. the High Priest ofInti. dreaming of the wings of Father Ether. A ship full of soldiers was also approaching across the lake. Andes is Anda: Total-Man.Tyr). He had to go aboard it to lead those who were still fighting. one civilisation.

Far off. which you and your lover have so courageously chosen!' Someone then brought in the dog. Its soft moaning would announce a New Age. because I will have given it to your soul. This is the Sanoham of the Three.within each pillar stands an angel'). . soft sound of the tiny hooves of the young fawn which was once the lamb. climbing back up the 'light. I can hear the hoofbeats of the White Horse of Kalki galloping towards the past. becoming the Return to the N oncreated Light.. Because the Mysterium Coniunctionis was being fulfilled. the Golden Fleece. half God: reintegrated into an Archetype . the Wife of Rudra. Arge. and which may. he knew that he could make the sign that would exchange the dog for a llama. But your name is Rudra. Within this fire was the World of the Jewel. until he reached the other side of that sky and that mirror. Osiris. It was going to be sacrificed in the burning bush. The Virgins of the Sun drew diaphanous veils in front of them. was consumed by the fire. which was also like that of the dog and that of a jackal. as if he had been freed from a responsibility which was too great for him. You must destroy the Kaliyuga. 1 Andean mammal. the conquest of all the turns of the wheel. They were covered with ash.. the second Virgin of the Sun. Only the dog will recognise me by my essential perfume. with the palm of his hand upturned and his fingers together. or lamb. Here. in the uncreated light. the Virgin of Apollo. With measured tread. towards the Constellation of the Great Dog? There. if your bravery doesn't fail. The peaks of the Andes were transfigured in its light. which was formerly the elephant. Lakini said: 'Not the dog! You must enter heaven with it. may our thoughts and tears follow you always on the sacrificial path of A-Mor. The Virgins of the Sun recited: 'War is the father of all things. This is the meeting-place of the fire from below and the celestial light. In this "Diaphragm". Rama. The pillars of the temple were still standing (.l' I i 132 Nos: Book oj the Resurrection The Metamorphosis of the Elephallt 133 joyfully. He was the One who had Escaped from the Waters. came to his side: 'Your name was Rama. in the centre of the triangle.' Feeling himself to be filled with a divine substance. You have been his loyal companion on the difficult pilgrimage to this centre. So there will be a dog from the City of Astinapura in the sky. he entered the triangular room in which she was being bathed in the fire of the energy of this centre.. He made the Vara-Mudra. where the direction of the Exodus changes. you acquire a new name because you begin to receive an immortal soul which you had not possessed up till now. how will you be able to recognise me when you travel towards the past. as a propitiatory rite and food for the wedding. He had come back to life. And it will lie down at my feet. also called the "Totality of the Jewel". And it was like a carousel. a mirror turning back to front until it can be looked into from the other side. If this were not so. rejuvenated. 0 beloved Lakini. Dono tibi lucem aeternami He went towards the ruins of the temple in search of his wife Isis. Today you are Osiris. and you can dream a dream that no one ever dreamed before: the way out of the Eternal Return. The fire had been lit from the ashes left by those who had passed this way before them.' Naked. And the sacrificial llama. the Rock of Revelation of Midday. where the Righthanded Swastika becomes the Lefthanded one. its rosy skin. the food of eternal A-Mor. in the distance. Afterwards he went up and up. Roads. I won't have a face. He looked at himself in the transparent water and found himself changed. Allouine emerged from the flames. a sky. they were placed on a pedestal between ruined pillars. hiding them from view. He found himself lying on the shore. With him you will get back the figure of your beloved in order to clothe it with immortal substance. of the carbuncle which had fallen from the broken crown of Luci-Bel. destroyed in his stellar battle. came and stood beside Allouine: 'Your name is Lakini. emerging as half man. a spinning world. the Reborn. his head Was that of a ram. They looked like trees climbing up towards the diaphanous peaks. ' THE BURNING BUSH It was a golden dawn. its aromatic flesh. dragging it along by a chain. He was Anubis.' Opis. the Twice Born baptised in Lake Titicaca. become the dove. the three-dimensional space begins to feel itself to be the prolongation of the fourth sphere. Although he still had the same body and his armour and his golden sword. I can also hear the velvety. 1 And so the dog was saved. She who had been reborn in the fire.

is the road which. from the roots of the tree of smell. She was holding a small book of poems by a Hindu author. I go everywhere. she began to read in English: 'Beloved warrior: My bonds are cut. the atmosphere of rarefied fire of the stifling plateaux of the 'Diaphragm'. my armour is put on. will turn you into a God. touch and taste. The secret of our dog is to be found in it. Thus the dog is the guide of the Blind Traveller. They count their coins sitting in the dust and call me back. as if the puna. She was watching me with her evanescent. unrhythmic. They crouch in their corner and weave their web of pale hours. my door has been opened. stretched out beside her window. my horse is eager to run. then. was still affecting her. But my sword is forged. Her breathing was difficult. of the Pilgrim of Immortality. I shall win my kingdom! 'The English language is mysterious. The dog. "Dog" spelt backwards is "God". otherworldly expression. if travelled backwards. In her musical voice. from the deepest depths.DEATH IN ANAHATA THE YOUNG FAWN She had returned before me from the Great Journey. my debts paid. It is God backwards.' .

A being from another world. She was having difficulty breathing. A waking dream. Something we couldn't control. An incredible 'being' had slipped in 'like a thief in the night. predetermined joy. This spring. a Virgin of the Sun. Noli me tangere! One day. although it took us by surprise. we must say: Y AM!2 This is the sound which will give life to this flower. But suddenly he stopped and said: 'Who has touched my cloak and taken away my power to cure?' 'Do you know?' said Allouine. the cure for her illness had still not been discovered. One day.we never knew which . We called it Sita. We stood and looked at it. na. we could understand the language of the animals. We realised that it was asking us to give it sanctuary in our home. very gently. stealing all we possessed'. bordered by lilies which raised their slender spikes as we passed. her visions. kha. The sign of dissolution was Samhara-Mudra. I saw myself as a little girl once more. 1 Symbolic animal of the Anahata chakra. could die at will. 137 In the garden of this house grew anemones. was being copied inside us. remembering Our adventures. Some evenings. the heart of a gentle breeze. 'Once I had a most beautiful dream. it watched us for a few moments. an alien consciousness. which was taking place outside us. We took it inside and fed it with magnolia leaves that grew from Allouine's fingers. So that it may really exist in the Kingdom of the Non-Existent. the Lord was walking along the narrow alleyways of a city. then immediately leapt through the window into the garden. ga. tha. ea. On each petal she drew a letter: ka. We almost always walked in silence. It did the same. honey from her lips and irridescent feathers from her breast. Then she took her brushes and painted the flower.' In that Santiago spring. People recognised him and began to gather round him. of the Odinic Order.' And round the flower she drew two interlocking triangles.a young fawn 1 leapt over our garden fence. iia. transmitting them to one another by a thought. something we had long expected took place.' 'YAM!' we cried together.136 Nos: Book of the Resurrection Death in Anahata he who had been lost light-years plateaux of the "Diaphragm". as if it already had wings. But air was no longer entering Allouine's lungs. were a foretaste of the worlds which she would never be able to reach while she was alive. leaning against his cloak. eha. by a delicate touch of our hands. at the appointed time. The Sanskrit letters for the flower of the Anahata chakra. She insisted that a Hyperborean priestess. The mantra for the Anahata chakra. which is more real than all that exists. pensively. And it was as if all this. gha. continually expanding within the dreadful confines of the recurrent Archetype. jha. also began to stir there. the most beautiful roses. it filled us with an inexpressible. The final years of the Great War were drawing to a close. She was very ill. This chakra represents air and is located in the invisible body near the heart. as if it wanted to fly by itself but didn't as yet have wings. a look or an expressive movement of our heads. This power was called Ieehamtyu. The female guru could make it. we would walk along a path in the garden. We came up against the boundaries of an air which was quivering. as tremulous but at the same time as ungovernable as the wind. at the feet of the Lord. In those final years of the Great War. And I say something we had long expected because. 1 2 . her dreams. He was going to heal a sick child. camellias and tall lilies. as if we were afraid of hurting each other. It was during one of our last walks in the garden that one midday we found a marvellous flower with twelve petals. as if jumping uncontrollably from time to time. as timid as a nightingale. With enormous eyes veiled by the vapour of its imponderable world. As if the flower of the heart was beginning to open and to give us a hint of the perfume exuded by its petals. Because we were of the race of A valon. Allouine took it to her room and looked at it for a long time. that I didn't want ever to return to this world again. At times. ta. in memory of the wife of Rarna. of protection. sacrificed on the high And suddenly we realised that we were no longer alone in our house. From one of the nearby allotments or from the street . ago. ja. 'This is the Non-Existent Flower. and the Lord of Voluntary Death was Matymjaya. the cottonwood tree lit the flames of its red flowers and the magnolias opened in response to the tender caresses of the moonlit nights. And such was my joy and the feeling of security.

t nons 0 t IS I . lotus flower has twelve petals. . h fi 1 hours in allegories o h'm g end . te she became afraid of the h' g For a m111U . Our then-current A-Mor. Fearing that it might be knocked down by the traffic. rnyse f from time to ionsv S hat I h ave ca lIed my 'Non-EXIstent . f wash her hands an nee . pamed By their immense fragility. I ran into the street after it. I beganto ran to fetch a towel and a basin I to her face I kissed her lips d k When came .. with her face.. . hi b xplame un es 1L ould see apprQ. the last years of the Great War. so as to dream my life better through it. neck and hands partly covered in blood. d fixedly into the depths 0 my and drank her blood. of all that will never exist. the Pilgrims of the 1 . inevitable.. or rather. resigned. but she sl?n~fewater. And it vanished from my sight. end . 2 It is said that the Anahata A Quichua name. beyond everyt mg. Sometimes it vanished into the distance. I' And behind It all IS own 'nother II usion. I know that my story may seem too strange and allegorical. Very gently. Deve opm h th ead And slowly impregnates eac r Of frozen mist. but it would always stop to look at me with its smoky eyes whenever it thought that I wouldn't be able to find it again. e e~erything . d Flower' might be Just a I shiver in the icy polar win . The leaves fall. . she enveloped er mar approac symbols. coming one after the other in my existence and in those of the defeated warriors. f hi life? More even t an . mental creations. Sorrow in Quichua. iorr of h hich transcends t e irm a brutal realisation 0 er w ies an and fi und myself crus h e d b y the enormous. I was convinced that Allouine was dying once more. 11 d that I was not to touch her. spread Over the city until they enveloped the high. h d weakened her in her strugg e. of all that has never existed. filled with a presentiment. I would not be able to relate it in any other way. we stopped to gaze at the dusk falling over Santiago. Her eyes stare. h er b e d . one of the two hills outside our city. In the pine forests at the top of the hill. . Like Condor. conclusion. Our Evening Star appeared. 'There. only nothmgnefss · th of this woman whom I have ' h moments 0 d ea hi b yond Especially t e anythmg inc in in t thiIS Hi I ved more mthan I e. a diaphanous longing. . I thought. The renewed certainty of eternal lent rises out of infinity. time. snowcovered peaks of the Andes. motionless. At that same moment. which had now become a black antelope called Tarukka. I clasped her hands between poem to her: mme an . The fawn began to climb it with great leaps which were sometimes almost twelve petals high.ac mg e e d b h Archetype of Eterna ove c h ossesse y t e h I h like me that s e was p . I followed it for hours. The other is the Huelen. in the slightly troubling.138 Nos: Book oJthe Resurrection Death in Anahata Dawn 139 And the Non-Existent Flower of the Heart opened up for us. And the muffled murmur of memories Darkens space. 'A fruit for Allouine. like the coagulated blood of twilight. the city of Santiago del Nuevo Extremo. nothingness. I I. 0. the garden. a memory. will I wait for you. d softly began to recite her 'The tenuous melancholy spins Its delicate web in the soul .. However. as this is the only form in which I can understand anything in it: inventing a meaning for it. All is death. And in this way we reached the Tupahue (Abode of God). consoling myself for so many misfortunes. 1 soul and told me everyt 111'. I bent down and picked up a dried flower. I found her lymg on. enveloping her house. a premonition of something that had already happened many times and Was now about to be repeated. And I returned to the dark streets. w 0 ' h l' . like Paloma. hi more than pure fantasy. Or perhaps my kiss a shaking her titanic resistance. 0 Gods! a e in face of the end which she How could her superhuman ~oudr g I s it was that she believed. ' 'YAM!' I replied. magical scent of all that doesn't exist. w . 1 With great difficulty I followed it. the fawn escaped from the house. Veils of purple.2 raised one of its hooves and pointed out the peaks of m y homeland to me.. I tell Perhaps none of It IS adnY t mg Iy the glorious victim of my " ' an an10n . The fawn. there. I I leaned over her.

where . she threw her arms round my neck and. You will always find my grave here. by your death. hear with your ears and try to think with your brain. for the last time. Because 1 opened up your heart as though with a knife. how can I make it crackle inside my soul again! Mehr Licht!' 'I love you more than anything in this world and all the others. My beloved. anxiety and repentance. our Morning Star. sobbed: 'Don't go away again.140 Nos: Book of the Resurrection Twisted by the strident clamour Of the being which struggles To escape the inevitable. As long as my ego exists . And she lay still.. Then she gave me the small bag which has never left me since. wrapped in her golden hair. a silver laurel leaf won in the last Great War by a warriortroubadour. my bones and my breath. so that we had only one heart between us.. trying to stop the spread of the cold of death.' I took her in my arms and.. Ah. And 1 say to you again that you will have no other companion in this life or in the gloomy depths of the grave. ' I covered her body with kisses.. The spark creates. Thus I found myself one day. vanishing . see with your eyes. ? And she begged: 'Lord. 1 shall live for as long as you live. For you. on top of her nightgown. my cells. a sound made 'as if two things were rubbing together' could be heard. In a weak voice and with a slight smile playing on her lips. her birthstone in this turn of the wheel. you have triumphed over life.. and I entered it and will live there for all your eternity. You have ensured that I will love you above all else and carry you in my blood. It is so similar to life because it always seems as if something is about to happen . she referred to the legend which we had dreamed of living: 'Santiago is enveloped in mist. of what mayor may not be. my being. I must not die so that you will not die. ' Death in Anahata 141 She placed the heart on her breast.. I began to breathe for her. which were fading away... saving you from the terrifying waters of death. you will be my coffin of perfumed. oJ I . 1 shall breathe with your breath. don't leave me here alone. with her last ounce of strength. help me .' 'THE LAND OF TEARS IS SO MYSTERIOUS' Clutching her body. I shall not die. A winged heart which might possibly enable us to fly to the silent white peaks where the fiery lilies of eternal love bloom.' With a great effort. Then. as if someone had entered or gone out. questioning me with her last remaining forces.you will be in it.. if the Gods choose. fighting to prevent the shadows from swallowing you up. placing my mouth over hers. !' In a corner of the room. Crackling and magical. centuries. 1 give you my eternity. and a small bag of golden brocade. The warm flame grows and grows. precious wood! Don't forget that resurrection belongs to the realm of magic. until I felt faint. inside her. you must not die. and a topaz. which was growing colder and colder. everlasting return . raising your throne in my heart. I shall but love thee better after death. 'like a flame in a place without wind. In the silence of the white peaks. Where.and it will always exist . To our Non-Existent Flower. I shall love with your soul and your body. and drew me down on top of her. in the eternal.. And so. Conceiving a vague desire for self.' 'For you. We still have so much further to go! Years... This city is a beating heart. Blooms the fiery lily of eternal love. For the last time'.. The mists disperse in its heat. Inside it are tiny things: a silk handkerchief stained with her blood.' 'Help me! 1 can't breathe any more. The soul turns and turns Within the black space. Because you alone know my real name. I shall never forget the way in which she looked into the depths of my soul. You alone can bring me back to life. in the grey fog of hope. the Nuptial Homeland! Once again I have been unable to hold on to you. she explained to me: 'This is Meister Eckhart's "Tiny Spark". For.. she got out of bed and fetched a winged heart made from Toromiro wood. she caressed me and kissed me. I shall make myself immortal. And. until we reach the City of Dawn.

also by Rilke: 'Nowhere.142 Nos: Book of the Resurrection holding her stiff hands.' fear and And these lines of Shelley's: 'Hope till Hope creates From its own wreck the thing it contemplates. beloved. My tears ran down her dead cheeks. And on the same stone 1 carved the following. I carved the symbol of the Lefthanded Swastika. can world exist but within. 1 must travel because to every warrior the Gods have given a comrade. . Lawrence had said to us: I wrote the words that 'A dead flower is not the corpse of a flower.' Yes.' Beneath the flower that she had drawn. in the city of my heart.' And thus the grave of my Beloved has remained. in the springtime of my native land. 1 made the sign that destroys read these lines of Rilke's: 'I must travel to a country you never saw. continually putting my mouth to hers in a constant effort to breathe for her. for ever. of the Road of Return along which 1 would now have to travel alone. 1 dug a grave and buried her. in the hope of being reunited with her one day in the vast icefields of the deep south and of death. D. 1 dressed her as a bride and carried her body to an agate bench in the Enchanted Garden. Standing beside her grave. who will continue fighting for both when one has already gone. Attempting to force that gate which refuses to open. On the gravestone. H. although it was as closely akin to you as one half of your senses.

Then follows the diminution of this light and the indecision of the choice of paths.of those who return . There are those who obtain liberation at the moment of death. of the "N ame written in the Book of the Stars". When consciousness disappears. 'The "ego" is really a reflection of an Eternal Form. the dejection particular to a change of state. without personal memory. In death. Of course. as if caught between two worlds. because this feeling doesn't exist between us: either I am able to overcome the pain of my wounds or I have to stop my journey. takes this eternal form. 'You now have forty-nine days in which to help her. in a prolonged dream. the Midnight Sun of the ancients. The Master doesn't speak the commonplace words of sympathy. his real \1 • . I am in the presence of the Master. a little like she used to do. and those who die in ignorance. the "ego" dissolves in the waters of death. returning to this life in other turns of the wheel.THE MASTER SPEAKS ABOUT WHAT FOLLOWS DEJECTION Once again. "as a flame lights other flames". when the dead person is swallowed up by the Whale of Death. The tWOpaths beyond the grave are: the path of the fathers . 1 look at him with vacant eyes. who has managed to wake up.and that of the Gods. he doesn't feel pity. 'In the moment of death. one has the presentiment of a great light. whoever has followed a discipline of initiation in this life will be in a position to overcome this great crisis of dejection and arrest the slow process of decomposition. when the spirit leaves the body. I have stopped at this point. Lacking the strength to continue my journey. only the one who has become alive.

" ment of rhi lif . lasts three dejection YTh· t IS ISdwhen the being finds itself in a state of great "J • e erm ay IS a symb I" . in the anxious yet serene hope that he will bring her back to life. In t e magic or.146 Nos: Book of the Resurrection The Master speaks about whatfollows 147 ~:~~e~ndJives it a face:.' A WOMAN HAS NO SOUL. the umbilical cord whi h ioi hi IS ire IS or four da s This i IC JOInS im to Mother Earth. The cosmogonic body of cosmic man: bee H ' Swedenbor ' ause eaven has the shape of a man. THE TRANSCENDENT LIGHT 'The . 'The grave mistake of the externalised woman.. A woman is Kundalini. doubt as to whether to continue along the path. a een outsid Hi Th survives will have to be able to identify :. "into an upside-down sky". e can do this because In life he was able to in S C_. There ISa been able to ask th to ~arry him away. which descends from Mount Meru.. A woman has no eternity. Hesitation. it must never again be repeated. nng many terrestnal ages. is produced in the Anahata chakra. She is Eternity. so to speak. immolating herself in order to give her eternity to her lover. d awa k ens to ' t ne f supernatural lucidity. within the . 'The secret path of yoga along which you are travelling is only for the warrior. eternal love. of the Eve who was left outside by the Giants and who enters into competition with man. the obverse and reverse of a mirror. the stars. its A-Mor. ThIS IS the. which is the face of hi . h stall a nte of loveless A-M . great test.t~~hi~ ~·ght e ego who every doubt reco nisi hi . irtcrent eavens WIth a I d .oddess In every secret corner of his Beloved's b d . like "falling out of one's skin into the soul". cut. whoever has y 0 IS caras In life does not follow the . She hands her lover the chalice of the Grail.. from Siva's forehead. transcendent light that the dead m an perceives at the mo o comp ete disconnection . The woman's road is that of magic. like a violent light like :'at:hnote. 0 y. A woman has no soul. h .. SHE IS THE SOUL The Master pauses. is to attempt to follow a form of yoga when she herself is a form of yoga. dejection. metaphysically they . fl. can continue du . 0 y rom outside. 'Once the symbolic possession has been accomplished. The authentic. the min . To die IS like . no Kundalini to awaken. . when the " SI ·1ver stnng . of the Valkyrie who has become an Amazon.. with the "p 1 f d' nge s an emblematIC animals eop eo reams" ofth 0 hi h . WIt ItS nectar and its poi I hi achieved the efficac f hi h kOIson. ' e Ig t. for the initiated hero. Because "chastity is a fortune which stems from an abundance of love. expressing themselves in Zodiac D·C~ 1 e th e astrological heavens.. ousan t un ers .0 IC expression. She is the soul.' at . In t e absolute idealisation of the woman. ' conquenng are the same' ("Lig~t s:ogr ILmsehlfl~?MIt. the face of his soul. It finds itself in th b 1 a s at~ 0 listening to the primordial sound i e a so ute. To die is like passing to the other side of a mirror. nen w 0 as been waiting for him beside a difficult path in death. because a woman has no chakras. I~S~eal .. assuming that he has e bosom of death as I·qt uhesdtIObn. with their houses of the . She dies externally and he maintains the sacred chastity of the Knights of the Grail. its without-death element. irst may seem definitive h d d ppearance of terrestrial consciousness as if 0 a entere a Black Hole ... After an early darkness which fi because of the disa. concrete for lik h ea man. said and a hell g . the chakra of the air and the heart. which tr: ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MIRROR 'It seems that in death th h k becoming visible for thee ~ ad ras are externalised. n It WI e Ike spring.a~~ wntten in Disc which also comes' . 'The great crisis of consciousness. absolute woman sacrifices herself voluntarily. beyond which rational consciousness is unable to go. the exterior and interior surface of a star. Because a woman is the world of the chakras through which the hero must travel.. and in the Vishuda chakra. Thhe shape of hIS chakras. Whoever has experienced mystic death during his life is already the Lord of the Two Worlds. like the invisible river Saraswati. They are different states of being. the Mvsterium Coniunaionis. It is not a path for a woman. filled to the brim with the liquor of immortality. her matriarchy. e r Llchtl) And i ·11b 1· a reumon with an old 6· d h h . each chakra being a heaven . the chakra of the ether and the throat. ' going to look at one's b d 6 e rp IC eavens. the energy of Vril must be preserved. un created lIght. from the summit of your own head. 'Life and death are two opposite faces of the same coin. . SInce this state . there as here. imposing her feminine power. n trns way." The treasure must be guarded.

if you wish to stop. Because will. of Gods with elephants' bodies? And however incredible it may seem to us. The places of those who will 'I~ spite of your immense pain and sadness. DON'T STAY IN ANAHATA speak of it? The hallucinatory descriptions given by the ancients exceed even our most fantastic imaginings. you must continue your march to the end. a Virgin of the Sun of ia uanacu. They only need a push in the right direction. don't stay in this city In ere she died. by Vril. from flower to flower. ecstatic voluptuousness. Overcome your feelings. exchanging his corpse for a sword. ~~ eternal.lt~ted warrior . a transcendent orgasn WIt out beginnin d I' 1. from city to city. A non-engendered ple Sure ad' a. made up of other elements. breaking in the gates of the City of Eternal Life. like the Glorious Body of the Gnostics. . the se arat permanent ecsta~y of the Tantric hero. eenng. The course of the river must be reversed i~ ord In to end the involution of the Kaliyuga. he wan i Iva crowne WIth th e wanmg moon. It just isn't possible. in the opposite direction to the current of the River of the Age of Kaliyuga. through its perseverance.148 Nos: Book of the Resurrection The Master speaks about whatfollows 149 doesn't exist. at the point you have now reached. as in the yoga of the Ancient China of the giants. against all the Gods and men. immortality is conditional. who made themselves immortal with a Che-kai body. It is useless to try and represent it in words.is a Hyperborean priestess.. gnosis. constant. Immersed in that cosmic poetry. permanent. not connected to the brain Th B I memory . without the assistance of any God. e can only speak of all this figuratively. Ecstatic Orgasm IS an effulgence which breaks through the bo un d so ffi'Inlte . . recreated. there is no room for the faint-hearted. she who Courses through the blood the f 1' p~Ilosopher. It must be invented. Just as a non-generated fire exists behi~d ~I~It eb I~e. their incorruptible body. The female Sophia gu~u of the soul. The Egyptians called this ability to maintain oneself erect in death Sahu. against God. beyond forgetfulness and . g or en. 'This is the supreme delight of non-engendered leasure of ~nthought thoughts. 'He who entered the city had to clothe his immaterial body with the immortal energy of Vajra. ~he woman who gives this magic possibility of A-Mor to the . m deepest midnight. The God of Desire i~arda'Ehas bbeen destroyed by the ray of light projected from th~ ir ye. the cowardly. She now lives in your unthought thoughts. He possesses a body which will survive even in ultimate dissolution. Only one who is born a hero or a warrior has a place in our order. He has come back to life without leaving a dead body in his grave. 'Thus. How else could we . wisdom. The Siddha magician calls it Siddha-rupa.' A memory w hiICh IS e e oved IS now the hidden beloved. continue the Journey of i:mortalIty. the reality surpasses all that the imagery. indecisive or cowardly man. the turns of the wheel t~~ gen~~at~ons of death. It isn't for everyone. It must be gained through merciless combat at every hour of every day of your life. "Rainbow Body". 'The places have almost been filled. who heroically puts her e~ermty at risk in order to give her lover immortalit and the possibility of resurrection. Only the Lord of Pure Will can march to the end. ' ema e . ts apogee IS the state of endless exaltatIOn that replaces all fleeting sensations of potency. from the ancient sun fro t e Mormng Star. flowing down from the head of S' d . consciousness and bestows Absolute Personality. the Virgin of the Grail. Sophia. Who else but those who had managed to immerse themselves in cosmic poetry could give us those descriptions and paintings of beings with many heads and arms. Only the Wild Hordes of Odin and Parsifal will achieve the Grail. ' u 'W . metaphor or painting can reproduce. v Urna. helping you overcome the " "b whene Ike ego. 'In the Great War. 'Even if you abandon the struggle. ecause di ver you 00 at yourself in the clear waters of her pool and iscover that half your face is her face you won't say "I" b t NOS (We). creates the thing it contemplates. The Jon magicians of Tierra del Fuego called it Huaiyuhuen. she who has died and buried herself 111 your bones and in your veins. expandg your consciousness. you have incurred punishment from heaven and hell because of your attempt. s?e IS Alloume. A criminal or an anarchist will be better conditioned than a bourgeois. The Hyperborean Dropas of Tibet did so with Ja-lus.h rvme. of the beloved flowing permanen~lY thro~gh t e flyer of nectar of unremembered memory. endless pleasure als~ XIS s e Ill. the dove. because he has de~ache~ himself from hIS physical conditionality. She is the Priestess of Eternal love. physical pleasure.

150 Nos: Book ojthe Resurrection The Master speaks about whatJollows 151 be imm~rtalised. the adamantine Ray of Light. She never had children of the flesh. as Paracelsus called It . which has shut itself off from ordinary man through dreams and fantasy. the particle. HOW CAN I BRING HER BACK TO LIFE? 'She is waiting for you somewhere in the universe. the VOId. in which sounds are expressed by the direct vision of the substance of things.e . not even yourself? 'When I refer to the resurrection of your Beloved. THE LORD OF THE NAMES ~ i 'The Living Word acts on the internal cosmic centres which produce the external. from the largest. You must give birth to it shortly: at the end of your pregnancy WIth the son of mystic death. It IS also by means of inaudible sound.' 'Master. ~~stIned f?r you SInce the beginning of time. will be like a ray of light or a flash of lightning which. 'Only loving like a pure madman can you continue along the roa~. physical for~. passing to the other age. She is your woman. beyond any physical comparison or p~~~h~. a voice which cannot be heard by any material ears. this earthly form? Because it is the only one. the Ether. "The sky has the shape of a he mantra for the Sahasrara chakra. h. and controlled the course of the stars at will. And so he could transform the Saham. a command-word for physical and nonphysical reality. without a king.'. The Discs of Light may come and rescue you before the great catastrophe. The road is synchronistic. The secret enchanted cities also exist. The hand of the sower scatters many seeds but onl a ~ew bear fruit. visible. the faces imprisoned in the planet's mountains and the non-natural islands and continents. passes through hierarchies until it imposes itself on the very vibration that determines and coheres matter. this "lucky occurrence filled with meaning". Material vibrations are the resonance of other more essential vibrations. ' man's body. Akdsa. cosrnic register. Stonehenge." it has been said. the Living Word. And before she left. the logos spermatikos. a language that he knows and understands. 'With this legendary Hyperborean knowledge. In the beginning was the Word. The word of command given by the one who attains this supreme plane of synchronistic meaning. so it was said.d ~ace. The substance of Akdsa is the inaudible sound. the force of gravity is overcome and the appearance and disappearance of the Discs of Light that "know the thoughts and feelings of men" is directed. but immortalised. She conceived you spiritually. if you have c~lled. . And in the end also. You are her child. a Hyperborean sorceress-yogini. with the cosmic language of the inaudible mantras. The earth WIll be left fallow for an eternity. to the smallest. the White Gods built Tiahuanacu.'It is related that Buddha also conquered the temptation of NIrvana thanks to a female guru. how can I bring her back to life?' 'With the living word. into Hamsa:2 him and her separated and united for ever. singled out In an Akaslc. the Macrocosm." And the shape of the man is the reproduction of the shape of the' sky. the atomic Gods. and c~n a~so ~atenalise the astral body. the Mohai of Easter Island. which. But how many times do you believe you love someone and in reality you love no one. and so she never lost her magic virginity. On this level. the word is the living word. belonging to an immortal re~urrecte. 'You may think: why this body. don't imagine that this IS only an allegory. without God. at the top of the invisible head. cosmically speaking. is the substratum of this phenomenon and of every act of one's life. Orphic music. But he who has entered the "City of the Inaudible Word" reads in nature as if in a book written in a language full of meaning.mantra for Sunya. And they are sufficient to make bread. When you wake up internal centres of superior consciousness. all the Gods. Your Beloved can also be brought back to life WIth the same body. to the Land of ResurrectIOn. depend on meanmg . a symbolic legend. hidden in the earth.the Tao of ancient China. in both directions and in various spaces. free.Agnppa s Eidelon - . of the warrior caste. Buddha was a chastnya. she made you pregnant With eternity. "What is within is WIthout. It is the magic voice of command. that the Vimanas rise into the air. on them correctly. in their turn.' But this IS not spoken of in the Kaliyuga. energy. as in the interplay of an infinite number of mirrors. you transfigure the landscape of the extenor earth. what is above is below. starting from a correct height. the voice itself of things.l the Nirvanic "I am her. the word.

a key note. don't reveal it to anyone but your comrade and your beloved. The name to which we refer corresponds to the supratemporal being and has nothing to do with the intimate. as the Hindu greeting says: Namaste. . chromr. being the faint echo of the inaudible Word. with its sign and its mantra. Then it is inscribed in the genealogical tree of the family. too. possess a sound. close to the ether of Akcisa and have discovered her real name. It is filled with the meaning of the root note. In this way. 'If! were to call you by your real name now. The elemental spirits.' . Sow your words and ~our writings in the deep. somatic. "as hard as diamond": the Adamantine Body. with such difficulty and singularity. a mysterious lucky occurrence filled with meaning. If anything is to remain after you. and the will to power. THE SEAL OF THE WORD 'The road of the mantra. actualising the subtle phenomenon of un created light behind the audible mantra. The spoken word stands at the very bottom of the involuted scale. an eternal designation.152 Nos: Book of the Resurrection \ The Master speaks about what follows 153 disintegrating and reintegrating it at will. one acquires the power to decompose and recreate it.cipher. you will be the Lord of the Names. only with the hand "of the dead who bury their dead". without magic. leading backwards. It is inscribed in the Book of the Stars. more than what you have been able to say. 'You must discover your Beloved's real name if you are to bring her back to life. And finally it must occur only m the mind: becoming a purely spiritual act. and this name may also be symbolic. are gone. entering as if through an openmg. with his larynx. is also a lefthanded road. 'The signs of our order are the seal which is placed upon the word the mantra and the immortal flesh With which It IS covered. 'He who only speaks audibly. from the Gods to mankind. even in your dreams. infinite powers of the Pllgn~s of Longl~g. I will always come. Then its rep~tit~on must become a mere outline. speaks. of the Hyperborean. of incorruptible Red Matter. awaiting its actualisation. 'Master. an essential name. Master of the Sceptre of the Adamantine Voice. Because It Will be what you don t say. "Of the God within you". w~ites and writes.. By discovering what it is. in the immortal circle of the Hyperborean initiation. It is a mantra. The secret has been penetrated. the Gods and the demons will be your servants. with the rhythmic sounds of a magic language behmd which hide the essential letters of the little mothers. how can I bring her back to life? 'With the mantra that acts on the seed of the phenomenon. inscribed m the scroll of light of Akcisa. "I greet the God within you. ithout the Word. They are the names of the God and Goddess to whom they will give a face. In current parlance: the individual. you Will be 111 a position to clothe her in the red mantle of resurrection and with the diamond of immortality. 'The Living Word has various dimensions in relation to pow-. 'When you possess this power. echoes of real names. and never reveal anything. because the primordial power has been lost. which is travelling through the light. He who knows sorneone's real name gains control over that person's life and death. If. I will give you mine so that you can call me when I have left. genetic code has been deciphered. The initiate of our order is given his real name when he has successfully undergone the most difficult tests. All beings. too. If there is still a world for them in a post-technological age. Never speak or write in this way. And yours. concentrating on achieving the correct intonation. The creative vibration acts upon the internal and external centres of the universe. Orphic Cabbala. He speaks and. It is also a mantra of voluntary death and resurrection. which will one day inspire the souls of the young heroes who will come after you and Will also fight the difficult battle. without power. towards the point of origin. But you must sing in code. m the meantime. When you know your real name. I have called you by it a number of times and you didn't hear me. Thus: the sign i~ also the word expressed through its creative . it isn't arbitrary. you have managed to catch up with the actual form of your dead lover. family name. you wouldn't hear me. only With the ~rynx. The Gods must obey those who know their names. evokes phantom sounds and ghosts. one comes back to life with a body of Vajra. But you must only use it if you find yourself in mortal danger. Our order has a special rite for this. First must come the hypnotic repetition of the mantra. always in . on the Tree of Life. although sometimes a delicate synchronicity is produced within a turn of the wheel." 'The essential name cannot be chosen.

Oh! Who can guide The wandering ship towards those golden shores! I direct my longing upwards. You will find it by travelling towards the past. 'You have travelled from a long way down. as if in jest. like those birds which meet in the middle of the ocean having flown from opposite continents. to this cemetery of doves where your beloved lies. Live and play happily in the eternal Porch of the Father. And like a zephyr it roams Scarcely visible in the thickets. You lifted me tenderly. into my nascent breast. Divine Ether! Does not the plant Ether! Through all the regions Of the earth The longing to live in your gardens drives us. we mentally recited Holderlin's Elegy: 'No God. as in the past The arms of Zeus did the fortunate youth. 155 vibration. And its explosion of Green Light. And I long to climb to the peak Of the Alps And there implore the eagle who is Speeding by To carry me. Towards the darkening distance. no man Raised me. Where your blue waves girdle strange shores. Whispering. Ether's favourites. From this prison To the grandiose Porch of Ether. also. would reproduce them eternally by means of its vibration alone.' FA THER ETHER There followed a silence in which we looked at each other. the existence of the sign which represented them. The hooves of the deer. Divine beverage. Even before my mother took me in her arms And her breasts nourished me. And my heart stricken with longing Miraculously yearns to fly with them. a long way off. The fortunate birds. In the Sea of Death. you nourish all things with your nectar. if the world and mankind were to be destroyed. And the steps of the Noble animals of the earth turn into flight. ' Then. stored in the memory of the light. Pouring sacred breath. they. In this way. It is the creation of the world by the gesture: the word concentrated in a formula. from the deepest depths. A smiling Homeland seems to call me From above. in the register of Father Ether. o Father o Father. Skim over the grass. But. that beings love you And fight and incessantly Struggle towards you Injoyous growth. And the inaudible word would once again be evoked. by common accord. You are governed by it. in the waves of its music. from flower to flower. It is for this. you descend towards me . In which part of the universe will you regain your Beloved? Where? You alone can find it. the imprisoned seed Breaks its coat. from the garden of your childhood.154 Nos: Book of the Resurrection I The Master speaks about whatfollows Seek you with its eyes? To meet you. trying to meet in that zone of the unspoken word. He stretched out his hands and touched my ring: 'The seal on your ring is the seal of resurrection.

or without any laws at all. 'In the cosmos. which was introduced into the world as an alien element. to meet your dead lover in the Ocean of Light. it reaches the "horizon of events". "it will seem as ifit is not the same. Kahyuga must be defeated inside you. between the mind and reality. And in this way you will discover that "she has never been dead and has never been alive". 'Something has fallen in on itself. of the eternal return of the same thing. If a body approaches it. it will be absorbed. consuming its own light. that speed greater than light. where the language made up of audlb~e words pla. They might represent the way out of the circle of circles. And happy. Because l~ you ~ake the great leap into the void. Father Ether! And you yourself calm My racing heart. its image will remain floating outside for a long time and may therefore be mistaken for the real body until. Because it is in A-Mor and in the atom in the atomic Gods. that those things which do not exist occur. turning into a "black hole" which alters everything and slowly sucks in and devours whatever approaches it and even what is far away from it. of the recurrence of the turns of the wheel. sightless eye that makes its presence felt through the events it creates and by which it is surrounded. uncreated light? Will it be the Black Sun which extinguishes the Golden Sun to give entry to the Ray of Green Light? Will the Vimanas. That is to say. 'When you mount the White Horse of Kalki. " THE ASTRAL TUNNEL 'It would seem that the energy..156 Nos: Book oJthe Resurrection From the flowery top of the fruit tree. the will to power. governed by diametrically opposed laws an anti-matter.. Entire galaxies become "hypnotised" by this invisible. You will see her coming towards you from the future which you have overtaken. I again live Close to the flowers of the earth. because it is beyond the comprehension of animal-men. It disappears. If you are able to get her back. with the self-same body. any localised movement rocks the universe. an anti-energy. and you will find yourself sitting once more at the window in the evening light of that city in which she died. which is the speed oflight.the fruit tre~ . And anything you do or fail to do will have repercussions throughout the whole of creation. The eternal recurrence of the light has come to an end. you will fall once more into the garden of your chlldh?od. without anyone ever being able to discover what happened to it or to its real body. However. the Golden Age will first ret~rn 111 your soul. The impulse which led to the breaking of the Egg of HIM-HER and HER-HIM. 'All this is A-Mor. on the death of the body. will never again waste or exhaust her.. beyond all the categories which are understandable to the darkest age. moving ever more slowly.. Will the same thing also happen to the mystic death of the "ego" and to the darkness which.incidences and produce the acausal phenomena filled with meamng. and time. And although everythmg may be the same as before. This mystery is unknown to the age of Kahyuga. or a trap.. And you will have to stop and walt for her. there are huge invisible "black holes" which may be the gateways to other universes that are totally different to the one in which we live. the anti-gravitational Discs of Light. Light has no power to escape from this place. which you will have regained. A chance-destiny. where they create the roots o~ new co. she will be yours for ever. travelling at such a . moving faster than the speed of light.ces itself as a screen. a counter-initiation. They might also represent what has been called the demon. And it will be you who will decide her resurrection. beyond the "top of. And her return to light and time. You will go back to the place m which you have never ceased to be. 'Our martial order encounters the same dangers and assistance in the cosmos as here on earth. it will be the "selective resonances" which will carry you like they carry the birds.. Then you will fill her with meaning. pass through here 'Y ou will go back to live close to the flowers of your country . as of old. Because none of it can be achieved unless you love like a pure madman. it will seem as if it is not the same . has left a secret entrance for the "apparent coincidences". or a mask. precedes the explosion of new. because you will have entered immobility. the nothingness. ' 'Once this point has been reached. ' THE RETURN TO THE BEGINNING OF LIFE The Master speaks about\what follows 157 speed. There it will stay for some while until it also disappears.


Nos: Book of the Resurrection

The Master lpeaks about whatfollows


towards other parallel or diagonal universes? Perhaps the light, when it has gone through this astral tunnel, reappears afterwards in another universe, changed, transfigured. Is this light of our world the shadow of another, more real light? Must one let oneself go, sucked in by a "black hole", in order to reach a state which is possible although it has never before been imagined even by the greatest dreamers of longing? 'Our order of warriors aspires to pass from this visible light of the Golden Sun, which is the shadow of the light of the Black Sun, to that indescribable state, that non-existence of the Ray of Green Light, where our exalted guides dwell. And from there to return hand in hand with our beloved. 'But there is a time for everything on the Second Earth and also in the plans of death. You will have to hurry to stop your Beloved being lured to the horizon of events and swallowed up by a "black hole" in which you will never find her again. Because she will have fallen into it without you.

image and that of your beloved, fulfilling the ultimate mystery, as children and envoys of the terrestrial light to the universes which lie beyond. 'The magic officiant of resurrection, the carrier of Vajra, the mysterious initiator of the process on this side of things, is LuciBel, the Morning Star, the star of your initiation and your homeland. Its light in this world is a premonition of the Ray of Green Light. 'Listen to me carefully. Only within this cosmic poetry is there hope. Because only poets, who have searched in their hearts, have been able to find the bond which connects what is and what is not. And perhaps they know things that the Gods, in the highest of all heavens, don't know.'

THE CA THAR STARS 'Who are these white stars, these supernovas, the remains of stars which, after committing suicide in the Endura like a Cathar Paifait, have left their hearts beating in the firmament as signs to tell us that the great secret has been penetrated? Perhaps they might be able to help us, perhaps we might come to understand them, because they are our friends. When they disappear, they leave in their place some tiny messengers which are also white and which go on beating, pulsating, moving their other lights, as an aid to the pilgrim, like torches which "light his way with their dreams". Because they were also warrior-monks, troubadours, Minnesiinger of cosmic space, who loved beyond life and death with eternal A-Mor. They know the secret of how to achieve immortality through endurance and adamantine concentration and could give us the formula which would enable us to cross the horizon of the event without disintegrating and pass through the "black holes" as if they were an astral tunnel, without losing our terrestrial light, becoming the envoys of this world and this light to the other light. Because resurrection and immortality must be achieved in our universe of visible light. Only with the incorruptible body of the White Gods will you be able to go beyond the Black Sun without losing your




I accompanied the Master to the end. No one else was with him at the moment of his departure. We were alone till the very end. And I have never seen him again. It was as if he had disappeared into the invisible world of the Black Sun. But I know that he will come if I ask him for help in the battle, if I call him by his real name. He will also be with me till the end. I travelled extensively all over the world. It was my pilgrimage in the exterior world, in a 'synchronistic' way, I suppose. And I have written about.this search, 'singing in code', as he advised. I will not repeat it. I went to both poles, I lived in India for many years, I climbed to the top of Montsegur, I searched for the oases of ice in the Antarctic, the entrance to the Hollow Earth and the Cities of Agharti and Shambhalla in the Himalayas, and the City of the Caesars, the Giants and the White Gods in the Andes of my childhood. And one day I found myself once again in my city of Santiago de la Nueva Extremadura. And 1 walked along the same streets, stopping in front of the window through which she had once looked at me, beside a garden in which her gravestone could still be seen. (,The grave watered by tears. 0 you, fields of wheat!') The dog had remained on this spot, without eating or sleeping, for all these years. It howled and howled. And it was its howling that made me come back. I caught hold of its lead and took it with me. As we walked away through the streets, towards the foothills of the Andes, I sang a song taught to me by my father, who had died long ago:


Nos: Book of the Resurrection 'There on the far horizon Sings the lark, She is waiting for me And I must return quickly.'

The Solitude of the Trialogue THE BIRD OF PARADISE


. The dog looked deep into my eyes and accompanied my singing m a sweet VOIce. THE HOUSE ON THE MOUNTAIN

Another day, I was visited by the tiny blue bird, which used to sing at my Beloved's window in the mornings of long ago. And it began to trill in a way which brought joy to my heart again. I greeted it saying: 'Tiny bird Singing at my window, Thank you, my tiny bird, For the beautiful morning. ' The blue bird stretched out its wings and opened its feathers, as if it were a peacock of the gardens of Vrindavan, where Krishna danced with Radha. The blue sapphire, the lapis lazuli, the amber of Hyperborea, the amaranth, the wild blackthorn the cinnabar the gold which can be drunk, all came together, we~e transfigured and began to dance before my eyes. Or, rather, before my Third Eye, my Vril, my Urna. Because the Bird of Paradise, Allkamari,l had come to dance at my window for days and nights, to comfort me, making me partake of its pleasure which has no beginning and no end. Its ecstatic orgasm. And before it was swallowed up by the night, crossing the Black Sun, the Bird of Paradise looked at the sky, far above the peaks of the Andes, and exclaimed: 'The Father and I are one!' 'OM!' I replied.f THE TRIAD I know that it is very possible that I have been talking to myself all the time, from the beginning of this story, that the Master, my Beloved and I are only one person, that my 'ego' is playing these tricks on me and has been putting my own thoughts, dreams and 'mental creations' into their mouths. In one word, my poetry. What can I do in this case? How can I get out of this 'ego', escape from its game, its dance of mirrors? How immense is the solitude of the Trialogue!

I built the house exactly as I had seen it in our waking dreams. I spent most of my time in the tower, reaching it by means of the s~cret passageway beside the fire. From that height, I had a dazzling VIew of the eternally snow-covered peaks, especially at dawn and at dusk, when they were dyed with the colours oflonging, covered in a sea of red or purple and a mantle of liquid emerald. At daybreak, when the Morning Star appeared, I would meditate, seated in my chair of Toromiro wood. I always held the sword called 'Blood Memory' and wore a golden cape from the City of Udaipur. In this way, I was the Guardian of the Dawn, the Pilgrim of the Dawn. Every evening, I would meditate again. And there were times when I spent the whole day in this state, stretching a golden string between dawn and dusk so that time flew by. And my midday became my midnight. And thus I was also the Guardian of the Dew, of the Waters of the Moon. One evening, the poet Holderlin visited me in my tower. He stood there outlined against the evening light, which 'washed away the colour of the mountains drop by drop', 1 and recited his Elegy to Father Ether to me. We took leave of each other saying 'HAMf,2 and with our hands extended and our fingers together. I also said 'HeW' because he was a Minnesdnger, a troubadour-bird, a son of Woevre-Saelde, our beloved Isolde. I saw him go off in the direction of the Pole and of the Star of Lucifer, riding on a White Elephant. 3 By the Chilean poet Omar Caceres. Mantra for the Vishuda chakra. 3 The symbolic animal of the Vishuda chakra. The Black Elephant of the Muladhara chakra becomes white in the Vishuda, in the 'Metamorphosis of the Elephant'.



The sacred bird of the Inca Emperor. The bird is the symbolic figure of the Ajna chakra, between the eyebrows. The mantra for the Ajna chakra is OM.

in light and shadow. I have fallen in love with her. Raising my cup. meat. They hadn't coincided with one another. I exclaimed: 'Let us look each other in the face. '5AHAM! I am THEM!. as if I had 'fallen from my soul into my skin'. fire.' And so the dinner continued until midnight. I prepared the meal myself. the Wounded Warrior. It will lead you in at Heaven's gate Built in the City's wall. Turn away no more. And I found myself sitting there alone. To my Round Table. There the lovers become one: ELiELLA. dancing and rejoicing. the Daughter. Who present. Amrita. among the lotuses. as mistress of the house. of the 'thousand petals'. the Master who could converse with the animals and flowers. And I give birth to a fiery lily.j I introduced them to one another and told them that the indissoluble bond which joined them together was to be found in my heart. moving towards a place which is perhaps coloured green and which is so far away that I can see nothing of it at all. but only superficially. discovering that I had always been so. Anna Perene. at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. I filled the Grail with this liquor and drank it to the dregs. Why wilt thou turn away? The starry floor. at the top of the head. fallen light renew. Then I felt a dry shock. water. who presided over the table with me. the Wounded King. The liquor was Soma. surreptitiously. And the morn Rises from the slumberous mass. in the silence and solitude of the white peaks of my Trialogue. and future. fish. 1 SAHAM is the mantra for the Sahasrara chakra. called that of the 'Five M'. air. In this way the three of us are spinning in a gigantic or a tiny spiral. earth. . All this seems to be happening in a non-existent space. who is his wife. We are Hyperboreans. And it is quite possible that they would have held opposing views. seesWhose ears have heard The Holy Word That walked among the ancient trees. or magic supper. It consisted of the five elements: cereal. and their Son. Calling the lapsed soul And weeping in the evening dew That might control The starry Pole And fallen. And. THE LAST SUPPER The end of another year arrived. the ether. spinning and suffering. the Master of the Sphinx. wine. 2 A tantric ceremony. inviting all my phantoms. and Her. I had invited my Master. Some of the guests hadn't known each other while they were alive in the turnings of the wheel. As is prescribed in such cases. in which there had grown the certainty that they were all Hyperboreans. I decided to give a dinner in my tower. and I have made her my wife so that the Father becomes my son and She becomes my eternal A-Mor.164 Nos: Book of the Resurrection The Solitude afthe Tria/ague 165 My Trinity is made up of the Father. Hear the voice of the Bard. which continues above the ether and is indescribable. 0 Earth. 2 And Her. past. return! Arise from out the dewy grass! Night is worn. who is my mother and my sister. Then I recited Blake: 'I give you the end of a Golden StringOnly wind it into a ball. And thus we come. who I am. The watery shore Is given thee till the break of day. o Earth.' They were the words of the Wounded King. all three.

'I'll explain everything. or the grass of the Andean plateaux. When he reached the top of the hill. ' And that midnight was my midday. Today you will be with me at Her right hand. and walked slowly towards the highest of the hills. stretched out his arms. coming to a stop close beside us. at daybreak.166 Nos: Book of the Resurrection that there was no one round my table. that there never had been that they had all left. The dog followed a little way behind him. the man stopped. Nos! . And this time I asked the question. The dog rushed howling down the rocky slope in search of the man's body. 'Stop!' I shouted at it. looked at the sky which was still dark and in which the Morning Star shone triumphantly. crushed and broken. I ran out and managed to catch the dog. without touching the jalap and cinnamon trees. at the bottom.' The Morning Star detached itself from the sky and began to descend towards us. was the man who had leapt into the Void and had come back to life with square pupils. wagging its tail. THE LEAP INTO THE VOID The man left the house very early. But he who entered the Disc of Light which would carry him to meet the image of his eternal love. which it believed must be lying. and leapt over the precipice as if he wanted to fly.

THE RETURN OF THE GOLDEN AGE The final age of Cumac And the virgin damsel has now arrived. since thy Apollo now reigns. Favour. chaste Moon. And the reign of Saturn and Rhea returns. (Virgil: Eclogues) .THE END OF KALIYUGA. full of joy. The Child who was born this day. Thou. He alone will cast iron out of the world And populate both Poles with A most precious lineage of gold. The centuries of the Golden Age return. Again the heavens send us long years And new people born of them.

The Vedas were collected and written down very belatedly. And. This Dictionary accompanies me everywhere I go. such as Allouine. Ahoma Magico-sacred drink of the Aryans of ancient Persia. resurrection. Agharta Name given in India to the subterranean city of the immortal guides. For centuries. As is trying to transcribe it phonetically. because it has been flowing through my blood since before I was born. Agharti Name given to this city in Tibet. as it is really the Breviary of a Warrior-Troubadour. The following Dictionary. even bearing in mind that the pronunciation is. legendary symbols are the runes . gives only their approximate meaning.DICTIONARY OF INITIA'TION OF A-MOR Trying to translate Sanskrit terms into other languages is a thankless. Ahu The pedestal of the Mohai. whose sacred. task. a magic love which came from the original homeland and was taught in Hyperborea by the priestesses of A-Mor. only approximate. It was the initiatory doctrine of the troubadours. it serves for my entire literary output. A-Mor Amor is made up of a = without and mor = death. Sanskrit is a sacred language. eternal life. where tantric. even sacrilegious. Asa means support. with a liturgical rhythm. both the grammar and the orthography frequently vary in the Western texts which reproduce them. a Minnesdnoer. . The name might have some connection with the supporters of the Pillar of the Sky.which are also. therefore. however. the Sanskrit language possessed no written form. on the whole. For this reason. /Esir The divine Hyperborean ancestors. containing some Sanskrit terms and others used in the Initiation of A-Mor. It means Without-Death. fragments of the cosmic. from which comes Ask-Embla. inaudible language of the Orphic Cabbala. and may well be derived from the language of Atlantis and Hyperborea. magi co-symbolic love is supposedly taught. It was a kind of tantrism. immortality. although it is of necessity incomplete. the Hiranyagarbha-Cabda. the Minnesdnger and the Fedele d'Amore. having been transmitted orally from generation to generation by the Brahmins.

It comes from the God Atlas who supported the Pillars of the Sky. where they established the cult of Apollo. the first ten kings of Atlantis semi-divine heroes. acting as if it had an existence independent of the human psyche. It has been mistakenly equated with the orichalcum of Atlantis. universal astral light. which he never defined clearly. Astra Flying vehicle of the Indo-Aryans. you will not kill anybody. His chariot is driven by the blue god. like Soma. and his wife. who is always at the side of the initiate. or of Asgard accordmg to the Edda is said to derive from this. It revolves hke a Swastika. Because of this. the White Gods. Evenor. Its exact location is not known. a raven. Hindu monastery. Ativarna Without caste. metaphysical mysteries in order to make them comprehensible to the age ofKaliyuga. on occasion separated by a sword. It IS referred to 111 the . It comes from the word for white. Ambrosia Magic liquor. Archetype has another meaning. like the Amrita of the Hindus. Arjuna hesitates when he sees his relatives among the opposing forces and doesn't want to fight. Thus. Ancachuinca Initiated Eagle (Manu-Tara) in Sanskrit-Quichua. an offshoot of the Vikings or a descendant of the Hyperborean White Gods.172 Nos: Book oj the Resurrection Dictionary oj Initiation oj A-Mor 173 Aino Race of white giants who occupied China and Japan before their present inhabitants. Atlantis Name which Plato gave to a continent or an island which was submerged long after the great flood.e. but It IS possibly in the region of Mount Elbrus. but the pillar remains motionless. the first divine inhabitants of Hyperborea. son of the Aryan race. It appears in the North Sea and the Baltic after the fall of one of the moons or the passage of the comet Phaeton. . Allkamari The sacred bird of the Incas. The Inca was a white man. Like the Dropas and the White Gods of America. (Where does he come from? Does he come from the stars? Does he fall in love with a daughter of the earth?) They father five pairs of twins. with the Archetype of the Opposite within oneself. Arge and Opis Hyperborean priestesses who came to Greece. reaching as far as Egypt. i. Jung found himself forced to 'psychologise' transcendental. The pillar. It is a covering for the instincts. love becomes a deep. for those whom you put to death this day are already dead in me. There existed Roads of Amber or Routes of Amber which led from Hyperborea and crossed the Alps. Cleito. They are said to have been buried there. Its origin is unknown. in the Caucasus. Albedo Name found in the alchemical Opus. The word Albania is said to derive from it. only partially reflected in the material world of shadows. the Archetype of everything feminine experienced historically (and not historically) by a man. Poseidon falls in love with her. or tree. the eldest. Plato asserts that the first inhabitants of Atlantis were a man issued forth out of the earth. (Issued forth out of the interior. with one's own soul. It comes after Nigredo. its opposite. the warrior-troubadour. The name has nothing to do with the Atlantic. projected here. It consists of sleeping naked with the Beloved Without touchmg her. at the end of his life. man is the shadow of the Idea of man. Atlas. The Greeks drank it. Ardhanasisvara The Androgynous Siva.) The sky revolves around the pillar which fitted into the Pole Star above It. But he didn't dare to touch on the mystery of the Grail. because the axis of the earth shifted after the catastrophe and the poles changed places. It is believed that the secret language of the Incas or Ingas was Sanskrit or a derivation ofIndo-German. Asgard The mythical city of the . he spoke about a psychoid existence of the Archetypes. but Knshna orders him to. supports the pillar of the sky.tEslr. Amber Resin from conifers of the tertiary period. Hyperborea. numinous experience. which is supposedly masculine and which concentrates in itself everything (historical and not historical) it experiences in relation to a man. which he subsequently exchanged for the tndent when he had . the magic bride of the Cathar tantrism of the Occitanian troubadours. Akdsic memory Astral repository of the images of the creation. Apollo protects the law and the oath of fidelity. was to be found in the polar north. Amasia Uxor The lover. Ashram Centre of initiation. Archetype For Plato it was the Idea.' Aryanabaiji Primordial homeland of the Aryans. to Delos. because only the North Pole points directly towards the Pole Star at present (the South Pole leans towards the northern edge of the sky. the farthest north. The Hyperboreans were said to be this. as an axis. in a Collective Unconscious which Jung also failed to define clearly. which is supposedly feminine.tEsir from which Odin emigrated with his divine companions. possessmg or combatmg men. Edda. Anima Expression used by Jung to denote the soul of a man (his ethereal double?). in its process of transformation and transmutation. but it is also autonomous. Albania Alchemical name for America. above caste and colour. Animus Used by Jung to denote the soul of a woman. Leucippe. as in Wotan. This test corresponds to the symbolic Maithuna of Tantrism. which conserves all the cosmic images of the visible light. Asag The ultimate test in the initiatory esotericism of the troubadours. saying: 'Acquit yourself of your duty. The Romans drank it. In this way. Arjuna Warrior in the epic poem of the Mahabharata. through which they could become the same as the Gods of antiquity. But this has doubtless changed. alchemy and tantrisrn. Poseidon is the God of the axe. The name of the . ether. their clothing. the beloved. Amrita Hindu magic drink. The A-Mor of the troubadours. For Jung. Hollow Earth?) They have a daughter. Krishna. they are Hyperboreans who moved south after the destruction of the polar continent. all express the same thing on a more sublime and spiritual plane. Akdsa Substance. Anna Perene Sacred liquor.

where the Hyperborean White Gods were said to have taken refuge. Its animal is the Lamb. crewed by dead men. Caleuche The ghost ship of the South Pole. in the Twilight of the Gods. Bardo Thodol Tibetan Book of the Dead. Avalon Name which is given to the capital of Hyperborea in the Celtic Irish legend. Cita Mind. the Island of the Apples. Its animal is the Deer. semi-divine Hyperborean hero-kings. And Chakravarti is the Lord of the Chakras. . I am HER. Its solar castle-temple was Montsegur. in Greek. It also sails underwater. the Androgynous. Chakra (chacra) Grange in Quichua. Its mantra is HAM. Brahma The uncreated God of the Hindu Trilogy. the married one. he who upholds the Golden Law and the pillars of beauty and celestial light. Cai-Cai The Serpent of the Waters in the mythology of Chiloe. Possibly the legend of Eros and his arrow of love originated here. solar and polar virility. who is liberated through tantric yoga and its practices.Candharba. In Old German. As he lay dying. Cuddhaouddhisvabhaya Conform with the principle of pure will. When Atlantis-Hyperborea disappeared. according to Otto Rahn. it is the fruit of return. Chastriya One who belongs to the warrior. of a thousand petals. Here the roads meet. from whence he returned to the polar continent astride a flying arrow (an astra. a wheel (a turn of the wheel) in Sanskrit. represented by Water. Its mantra is LAM. so to speak. The Cathars were destroyed by papal Rome in the thirteenth century. City oj the Caesars Mythical city in the Andes. Mutadhara chakra The basic chakra at the root of the psychic column. astral fire. Balder or Baldur The hero God of the Edda. Chakravarti One who has awakened all the chakras. in the years indicated by Plato. Apollo often travelled to Hyperborea and returned rejuvenated. princely caste of Hinduism. the Creator. the 'Master of a Chakra'. Sivaistic.words which were certainly the question and answer contained in the Grail. Bahkti Devotional yoga. Agharti. To unsheathe the Sword of the Mystic Homeland. Its animal is the Elephant. Chil To bare. C'akra is also a circle. Sahasrara chakra At the summit of the invisible skull. when they fuse to become HIM-HER. the City of the Caesars. Avris or Abaris A mysterious Hyperborean who also came to Greece. Bija Seminal syllable. It represents the Ether. The knowledge of eternal life and the resurrection. CalaJate In the legend of the extreme south of the world. Manipura chakra In the solar plexus. ruled by Buddh). a prefigurative Archetype of the solar Kristos. made of pure ether. The mantra is SAHAM. Whoever eats it will always return there. which sleeps at the base of the psychic. Hence the name Chile or Chille. Its animal is the Whale. It was the Insula Pomorum. It also symbolises totality. in Punta Arenas. shortly before the Templars. Its animal is the White Elephant. He is thus the betrothed in the Magic Wedding. The surviving Hyperboreans who had moved southwards were also to give the name of Atlas to the mountains of Africa. Odin or Wotan whispered some mysterious words in his ear . Its mantra is OM. Ajna chakra Between the eyebrows. Cathars Dualist sect which is not very well known. the self. Svadhisthana chakra Psychic centre at the base of the genitals. situated at the limit of the individual and supraindividual. City. It represents the Air. a Flying Disc of orichalcum?). by means of yoga and through awakening Kundalini. Chakras Wheels or centres of energy and astral psychic consciousness. Poseidon comes from Posis. the Grail. Its animal is the White Elephant. Druids converted to Manichaeism. Brahmin One who belongs to the priestly caste in Hinduism. Che-kai Immortal double of the Chinese. and also the Dove. These 'centres' exist potentially and they must be developed. the first person. He was said to be the lover of Allouine. in the shape of a long sword. Apollo-Lucifer. Shillen is to unsheathe (the sword) and has its origin in Hyperborean Sanskrit. who asserts that they guarded the Grail in their castle of Montsegur. the serpentine. He passes over the task of supporting the PIllar of the Sky to Heracles-Herculcs. root syllable. people came to believe that the Pillars of Hercules were to be found at the entrance to the Mediterranean. of what remains. resuscitated in NOS. It represents the Ether. Its mantra is RAM. made 'conscious'. Shambhalla. who chooses not to enter Nirvana but to remain in human form in order to help others liberate themselves. The Greek Gods are really the legendary. The tree with the golden apples grew there. etc. Bundy Semen. Anahata chakra In the heart. Hyperborean. Its mantra is VAM. astral spinal column. It is represented by the Earth. Its mantra is YAM. He stretches a golden string around the mountain and the Palace of the Magic Wedding . a circular plot ofland. Here the wedding between HIM and HER takes place. He reveals this theory in his book The Court oj Lucijer. Interior Earth. The The place of refuge of the Immortals. Bodhisattva Liberated being. Ardhanasisvara. It is awakened only through tantric practices.174 Nos: Book of the Resurrection Dictionary of Initiation of A-Mor 175 to set sail after the flood. They were said to be the forerunners of the Occitanian troubadours. in search of the submarine passages which lead to the oases of the Antarctic and the Hollow. according to Buddhism. Vishuda chakra In the throat. of a legendary sinking. It represents Fire. in Quiche-Maya. the astral First Earth. individuated in the absolute personality. fulfilment. Hieros-Camos. was said to have been preserved there.

EVidence IS glVen here as to how the Book of Genesis has been expurgated and falsified. Erika Paios The Cosmo gonic Eros. the man-god. Whosoever eats them. The mystery of the Gral. spiritual female guide. which Homer told us about. Garuda Winged vehicle (bird) of the god Vishnu. The Sacred Grove was encircled by a hedge of thorns and in its centre lay the Sleeping Beauty (Kundalini). animal-men. Gondwana Continent which has also disappeared and was believed to have comprised South America. By which the exact geographical POSition of the lost continent of the first Solar Age IS pmpomted: Hyperborea. the Consolamentum. It was in Atlantis-Hyperborea. Drakkar Viking ship. However.176 Nos: Book of the Resurrection Dictionary of Initiation of A-Mor 177 Divya Divine man. the Antarctic. in the City of the Caesars of the Andes. and its crown IS the firmament studded With Golden Apples. That of Siva IS the bullock Nandi. according to Agrippa. divine. They are the 'slaves of Atlantis' who rebelled. transformmg the apple into the 'fruit of sin'. Australia and a part of India. . Sometimes people committed suicide during the ceremony of Endura. that is to say Arctic. the Morning Star. Allouine. or Grail disappears from the surface of the earth with the destruction of the Ternplars. The forced Christianisation was discovered when it became known from reading Plato that the ten kings of Atlantis drank the blood of the sacrifice from cups of gold (and of orichalcum) at the magic ceremony in which they swore always to respect the law of the race of the divine beings from whom they were descended. like the noble Templar guides . It IS centred on the legend of the court of King Arthur (who IS the Kmg of the Grall and IS also called Amfortas). Fedele d'Amore Sect of poets initiated in the doctrine of A-Mor. Laurin. on the other side of which w~ nowadays find the Edersee. Embla Vi tis. an oak felled by the Monk Boniface in the sixth century of the present era. Fenhedor Stage which follows the 'glance' in the initiation of the troubadours. Endura Cathar ceremony. More likely a remnant ofMu. The Templars disseminated It. who descnbes this mystenous object as a precious stone which fell from the crown of LUCIferdunng his stellar battle. the female guru. and with which we must enter mto. that is to say. Divya-Deha Immortal body of the Divya.. . The apple symbolises the star of our ongms. . in the Languedoc. The equivalent of the Valkyrie in German mythology. in the Interior Earth. Bear. a part of Afnca. They are also the Grail. when the initiate 'sighs' with love for his Beloved. The legend of the Gral has a mystenous. Dante belonged to this sect. discovers eternal life. stars. The tree IS the Pillar of the Sky. Paracelsus called it the astral body. seat of the Grail. along With the ancient undeciphered wisdom. as in the legend of the King of the Gnomes.. Elementarwesen Elemental beings. it became a cup. when the myth was Christianised. Otto Rahn.Vita. The legend relates that. near Bolzano. The Valkyrie of the Germanic legend. which follows the new baptism. Drop a Race of white giants who inhabited Tibet before its occupation by the Mongol race. contact so as. at the end Parsifal set sail with the Grail in a Templar ship 111 the direction of America-Albania. And a Rose Garden. the German writer. or Lake of Eder. secret marriage. He searched for It in the caves of Sabarthe. In the Middle Ages. the Irminsul.also took the polar symbol of the thorns and the rose once again. It is interesting to point out that Arthur IS Arthos. Garden of the Hesperides The Garden of the Golden Apples. polar origin. in the north of Italy.who have today disappeared in Prester John's Orient. Gandharba The magic. Drut One of the final stages in the initiation of the troubadours. near the small town of Asel. which coincides with what Plato tells us about Atlantis. hands It to us With the Grail. The authentic Rosicrucians . asserts that the Cathars guarded the Luciferan stone of the Grall. Around its trunk coils the Serpent of Eternal Life (Vitis. in order to escape from the Second Earth of Kaliyuga. Grail The legend of the Grail reappears forcibly Christianised m the Middle Ages. from whence he never returned. Venus. and the village of Harb(i)shausen. in which the initiate exchanges hearts with the Beloved and thus becomes a 'bound man' for all eternity. How the Templars came to be connected with the Hyperborean legend can be seen in the fact that there was always a 'Grove of Thorns' near their 'gendarmeries' and temples. the one from which Christ was said to have drunk at the Last Supper. to be able to resurrect. Female Guru The interior. eternal youth. from which came the divine ancestors and knowledge. whose name comes from the JEsir as do Kassel and Basel (Base-l). the double. . in the Castle of Montsegur. born in 1170. . Hyperborean beings. the divine man. in the southern Tyrol. There was also a Giants' Castle and a Temple of the Virgins. Elelin Another name for the city. It stood in the Sacred Grove of the Norsemen which covered some thirty kilometres. where the ten first kings had engraved the law of the semi-divine race on . Embla). Gral German spelling for Grail. The female magician. and on which is to be found engraved the law of the first. Heracles-Hercules went in search of the golden apples. Eidelon The astral body. The star of Lucifer-Apollo-Irmm-Atlas-Poseldon. against whom the JEsir and the hero-gods of the Edda fought. or else the one in which Joseph of Anmathea received the blood of Christ as it spurted from his Side as he hung on the cross. in the Orphic Myth of the Creation of the World. Donar The Tree of Life. or enters mto contact with them. taken from the German poet-troubadour Wolfram von Eschenbach. Edda Writings which relate to the oldest Norse legends and refer to the destruction of Hyperborea as the 'Twilight of the Gods'. which are the apples of eternal life and of the resurrection.

Heil Greeting of the German troubadours and warriors. Heil! from the Old German. with Siva or Phanes. but between HIM-HER and HER-HIM. who have arrived from some common cosmic point. a man from Venus. Ercilla sang to us 'in code'. so Tacitus tells us. This is the ultimate mystery. In any case. free man. called Euripide. the Nuptial Homeland. the Hieros-Gamos. or IR (Power). may reappear. in the ultimate separation and in the union within this separation. Thus the Norsemen (and also the Merovingians. is a last remnant of the sunken Atlantis. into his ear as he lay on his funeral pyre. The God of the Friesians was Fosite . But it was only a century after that the holy Island was Christianised.which supported the sky in the original pole. was a Van. The land is laid waste. Guru Master. She must certainly have been a mythical. make him divine again. the Magic Wedding. the Visigoths and the Friesians) are a product of the interbreeding of the divine beings with the semi-divine lEsir and Vanir. Hamsa Without caste. It means Salve. Homer refers to it as the Island of the Phaecians. I maintain that the name Fresia. Shakti breaks it. and in the epic poem of La Araucana he wished to give us the key to the secret: the Araucanians of whom he tells us were nordic Hyperborean warriors. which includes the Pole Star. from Salvation. All this so that one day the submerged continent of Hyperborea. the semi-divine beings. They are one and the same. thus indicating the constellation of Ursa Minor. belonging to the cult of Fosite or Forsite. Helgoland The Vanir came from the North Pole. clearly a derivative of the God of the polar Norsemen. In NOS. the Reunion. in the North Sea. All of which continues to point to the end of the terrestrial Road of Return of the Lefthanded Swastika of the journey back to the Far North. impossible to express fully. Temples commemorating this sacred mystery existed on Helgoland. primordial catastrophe which was even more horrifying. comes from this goddess. It is an initiatory mantra. She is the first Companion of Evenor. Thus there is a non-created woman (the mysterious Lilith?). There 'the King of the Gods celebrated his marriage'. whose real name was Winfrith. who had been sent by Rome. Atlantis. with the terrestrial involuted beings. or rather of Hyperborea. Ultima Thule. cure the Sick King. a key word. into which penetrated the top of the Pillar ofIRor Atlas . Fositelandia.son of Baldur or Balder. which the Minnesdnger of the Middle Ages used as a greeting in code. whose real name is Irrnin. In ancient times. in Hyperborea. of the resurrection. They brought with them Atlas. out of sympathy with HIMHER. at the time of the conversion of the 'pagans' by Bishop Liudger. devastated mass of rock. Ercilla was a Visigoth with blue eyes and fair hair. as it continued to be called in Latin. in the Iliad. Frigga is the goddess of the lEsir and Freyja of the Vanir. converted the Friesians by force. like the Tuatha de Danann of the Irish saga. for Lucifer. of Ultima Thule. terra sanctis. It was always holy ground. In the resurrection. It is the Ave of the Romans. a surviving. The Friesian language transformed the name into Helgoland. this time formed through the union of Her and Him. only partially revealed. was being performed. It is in the Middle Ages that the name of Heligoland appears. Arcthus. in the Old German of the Minnesa'nger-troubadours). or rather a Venusian. She is searching for her Him. They did not respect this law and Atlantis was submerged. guide. which today is the South Pole. with the products of the earth. Arthur). Friesian means free. the king is sick. A jumping-off point for the Morning Star. In the seventh century. a polar anteroom. the Goddess Foseta. The most ancient name for Helgoland was Fostlandia. beyond Saham. Because the most extraordinary part of all this is that Ursula comes from Ursus. thus reincarnating the Archetype. by means of the divine wisdom which is preserved there. Poseidon. holy land. the original North Pole. Possibly Atlas. from no one knew where. a surviving part of the great lost Hyperborean continent. he was a Hyperborean. He IS searchmg for hIS Her. or with the degenerate products of a far older. but the final union has to take place not in the fusion of opposites. A primordial disorientation was already being anticipated. . the Twilight of the Gods was unleashed. Spanuth maintains that the island of Helgoland or Heligoland. fathering the heroes.the Fosite of the Edda . the Paradise of Avalon. Hamurani The mysterious white race of the rebuilders of Tiahuanacu of the White Gods. the gentlest of the Gods of Ancient Germany. the lEsir from the South East. like the land of the Grail. who did not emerge from the Egg of Him. To recover the Gral is to raise the First Earth. the cult of the God Fosite slowly drifted into a cult of his female counterpart. not in the primordial Androgynous. as exiles who have fallen into the later mixture with the sons of Even or and Leucippe. HER-HIM Another primordial Cosmic Egg. lEsir and Vanir are identical beings. But Odin or Wotan whispered a great secret. as patroness of the island. now. who in turn is IR. Or perhaps it was being made clear that on this Holy Island. was the first to fall through his relationship with Cleito.Dictionary oj Initiation oj A-Mor 178 Nos: Book oJthe Resurrection 179 a sacred stone. possibly with the 'robots' who were sent or left here. The mantra of the return to Hyperborea. It is a mass of rock which survives from a great catastrophe and from other islands which are now submerged but which still protruded from the water in the sixth and ninth centuries of our age. an ancestor converted into a god. dressing it up in new clothes. descendants of the White Gods of AmericaAlbania. which Ercilla invented for the wife of the 'Araucanian' Caupolican. the Little Bear. Boniface. derived from heiligesland. bring back health (salvation = Heil. Phoesia. a certain Saint Ursula mysteriously appeared. With his death. the kings of Atlantis-Hyperborea. Well. which is now called Helgoland or Heligoland. Paradesha: It is for this reason that the initiates in the warrior order of A-Mor still perform their Magic Weddings (Gandharba) in Fositeland. imaginary personage who was clearly conjured up to replace Foseta. which means bear (the animal of the North Pole: Arcthos.

HUM Mantra which awakens the Sleeper. the Golden Law. is much later. Euripides says: 'In the Land of Amber (of Orichalcum) the King of the Gods celebrated his Marriage.including Lucifer . . Ja-Ius Immortal body. Arge and Opis. By derivation. with Heracles-Hercules and the tW1l1 Dioscuri. by means of which the Absolute Personality IS achieved. the Self is achieved. Poseidon. rising up into the Pole Star. of the initiate who goes back up the chakras. A falcon or a Hyperborean raven. who rediscovered the sacred law of trovarclus (singing in code) on the Hyperborean tree (the Pillar). represents the pillar which supports the sky at the pole. its involuted descendants. In the mortal legend it became a pillar. A line says: 'IR ar are per Kaduval.' HIM-HER The primordial Cosmic Egg. the God of the Pillar. The astral double. They are really the Hyperborean Noms. according to the beliefs of the Greeks and other peoples. which. sets Kundalini in motion. Irmin The Hyperborean God who supports the Pillar of the Sky. totality. obviously in memory of the Sacred Wedding between Poseidon and Cleito in Hyperborea ". In reality. It is a symbol of the return. Imbunche Mythological being in the legend of Chiloe. the opposite of samadhi. a sort of ray (Vril) which rose directly from their foreheads towards the universe. Hyperborea means beyond the God Boreas. The greatest of the Gods. until the continent was destroyed by a planetary catastrophe. The age of its existence is a mythical one. immortalised. Hvetramannaland Name which the Vikings and the Celts gave to America. of magic love and the Sacred Marriage. which was carried out in Hyperborea to propitiate the celestial order. sitting on a branch of an oak tree in Dodona. supports the sky at the North Pole. gave it to him. Jason Mythical navigator who. When Hyperborea had been lost. Icchamtyu Ability to die at will. the Norsemen. Irmin. HRIM Mantra for wine. In the chapter entitled 'Lemuria' in this book. of the lefthanded road. Atlas. The sinking of Atlantis. formed through the union of Him and Her. To the Norsemen. the island of the south of Chile. Huilka Fortress. in Quichua. came to worship the tree Irminsul. also Papan in my own legend of a southern Hyperborea. and later by the Vikings. Huaiyuhuen The immortal body of the Jon magicians. It is an ash tree. the ancient civilisation of the Indus Valley.were supposed to have descended after losing a battle. Hvareno Magic energy. with the root IR. a sort of Siddharupa. Moderation). a kind of Siddha. In its shade. Hue/en Native word for the hill of Santa Lucia in Santiago. The kings of Atlantis were ten in number . Kaivalya Deep trance. since it keeps one 111 a state of eternal separation and individualisation. Castor and Pollux (Pole). Perhaps Jason was a Hyperborean king and his magic bride was Medea. and includes the disappearance of the islands which survived the primordial catastrophe. double. It is a term used by the Greeks to refer to the mythical continent of the nordico-polar divine race from which their Gods sprang. In the south of the world. returns to Hyperborea in search of the Golden Fleece (the lost Grail. which was Lamella. the Irminsul Tree. Vril. to which the first extraterrestrials . this 'column' was originally a power possessed by the divine Hyperborean giants to communicate with the ancestral star and other stars in the firmament. the pillar itself. the Priestesses of Magic Love. Allouine. before Phanes breaks it. to which Plato refers. with its heels turned right round. Hieros-Gamos Magical union between couples. Irminsul The tree which. on whose summit Siva and Parvati celebrated the Magic Wedding. In its shade. There they established a Golden Age. It walks backwards. engraved on a Stone of Gold (of orichalcum). of the giant Dropas of Tibet. in the Norse cult. it represented their divine ancestry. capable of modifying and transforming nature. enabling them to direct and even change the course of the stars. In reality. resurrects the Beloved. as the material representation of this pillar and also of the lost superhuman power. The Irminsul was felled by Charlemagne. Kailas Mountain in the Transhimalayas. It is the trance of the tantnc Siddhas. Hiranyagarbha-Cabda Aryan. It IS . It IS a giant Araucana. Allouine recites a poem discovered in Mohenjo Daro. it was a symbolic cult of the divine polar ancestors. a Patriarchal Oak. Chile.180 Nos: Book oJthe Resurrection Dictionary oj Initiation oj A-Mor 181 Hesperides Daughters of Atlas. Root of the greatest of the Gods. the sorceresspriestesses still perform initiations into the cult. It means Sorrow. whose origins are unknown but are believed to pre-date the Aryan invasion.five pairs of twins. and through the tree they worshipped their extraterrestrial ancestors. this name was given to the divine or semidivine being who supported it on earth. Huilkanota The circle. this tremendous power which was lost in the polar night of our origins. HeraclesHercules. an immortal divine man. In other places. Individuation The process by which the Absolute Personality. IR or ER This is the Hyperborean name for the pillar. it is a cottonwood tree. Hyperborea Original continent in the north of the world. Jon Magician-priest of the Selcnam people of Tierra del Fuego. It is also said that he was the first troubadour.' It names IR. the iEsir met in council. The worship of the 'tree which reaches up to the sky' was carried to America by the exodus of the Hyperboreans. It is also the sacred oak (Donar). the order. God of the Cold and Storm. It destroys the curse which afflicts it and can transform it into Soma. Castor and Pollux were also twins. Orphic Cabbala. They guarded the garden with the Golden Apples of eternal life.

Mero-Meru. In Sanskrit. Pay Zume. the memory of a lost' love. . when the Golden Age returns. the Superman. Subsequently everything was transformed and' modified in the epic which we know today. guide of a Kalpa. Mantra-yana Road of the Mantra. . that the dead bride is discovered and brought back to life. . his Kundalini. accordmg to Vedantic philosophy. Hyperborea. in Sanskrit. without beginning or end.' . Manutara is thus the total man who has found his Shakti. achieving immortality. it is achieved physically. Kali. Korava Raven. magical coitus in the tantric ritual and initiation. By means of Kunani the Amauta magician-sages of Kusku (Cuzco) directed Ku-ndalini.) Manasarovar Lake at the foot of Mount Kailas. when the sun IS resurrected in the northern hemisphere. which sleeps at the base of the psychic. until he reaches the void of the Black Sun behind the Sun of Gold and the Ray of Green Light behind the Black Sun. Potency. totality. These are the May festivals. He is blue in colour. Illusion. mterior sight. and IS now able to fly. Mantra Magic sound of the Orphic Cabbala. Kontiki Viracocha White God of South America. of the Acolytes of Lucifer. mythical. the Total-Man. KLIM Mantra of the indescribable pleasure of ecstatic orgasm. with special mental concentration. Matymjaya Lord of voluntary death.182 Nos: Book oj the Resurrection Dictionary oj Initiation oj A-Mor 183 the road of the magician. (Other names for White Gods include Neua. the war between the Koravas and the Pandavas. Bharata is the real name for India. he will always be the loser on the involuted Second Earth of Kaliyuga. May Bride The solar. Tamanduare. Central City. The German troubadours sang to it. Road of Meru. Manu: root-man. Manu. as it was known before the invasion of Alexander. etc. so to speak. Omphalos. Kunani To preach. Atlantean giants. and of the Cathar troubadours of the Languedoc and the Fedele d'Amore of Northern Italy. He came down from the Morning Star. Korava is the name of one of the opposing parties in the great war of the Mahabharata. Krishna Hindu god. Hyperborean background to the Love-Initiation of the troubadours can be seen in the fact that it is in May. the same blue as the cloaks of the divine Hyperboreans. his Allkamari. In the Way of the Right Hand. He must lose here in order to carry the earth back to its origins and transfigure it. Sue-ca. within the 'synchronicity' and the 'magico-symbolical geography' of the way of synchronistic divinisation of man and the earth.of the HiranyagarbhaCabda. generally only once. Maha means great. of recreating them and opening the third eye. Kaliyuga Dark Age of destruction and iron.Tara The mythical bird of Easter Island. the energy of Kundalini). The starry night. It is the Minne of the German troubadours. perhaps at the beginning of the great decline of the ages and the involution of the Second Earth. Mdtrkd Seminal syllables. Archetype of a race. his 'vehicle'. distant memory or recollection of the Hyperborean Thule. astral spinal column. Vmg or Weg IS road in German. in remembrance of the legendary ceremony of the Atlantico-Hyperborean kings. Meru The spiritual. Kula Extremely secret circle of the initiates in tantric yoga. Maithuna Mystical. He is the God of the Losers in the Kaliyuga and of the Return to Hyperborea. in which circulated the memory of the nordicopolar Minne. but he will be the victor on the Other Earth. Chakravarti. Venus. Agharti. with the dead lover. of the Goddess of Destruction. Potency. that of the Return. the Minnesanger. the Minnesinger. Illusion. of something lost at the beginning of time (the Grail. his Garuda. He dances and plays the flute in the Gardens ofVrindavan. The Merovingians are said to have come from there. which was drunk . like Lake Titicaca in the Andes. The Great Bharatas must therefore be the Hyperborean. Lucifer is also Odin-Wotan. . Manu Guide. the Hyperborean. Kusku (Cuzco) The capital of the Inca Empire. By awakening it (it is the Sleeping Beauty.. Tara: Goddess. Defeated in a stellar battle. ku means to direct. In Sanskrit. and entry is obtained into the City of the Immortal Guides. The festivals of Mary. Lucifer He is Apollo. the God of Light and Beauty. one of the avatars of Vishnu. He is also Abraxas and Quetzalcoatl. Minne A-Mor. the City of the Caesars. The Cathars called him Luci-Bel. invisible counterpart of Mount Kallas. with the Female guru who circulates in the blood. chakra to chakra. Korakenke The raven of the Inca. polar land. of whom Dante was one. moving from city to city. the Orphic Cabbala. Kaula Very hermetic tantric sect. Minnetrinleen Ceremony in which the German troubadours. In the Tantra of the Left Hand. as appropnated and adulterated by Christianity. 'Navel of the World'. according to Tantrism . retaining the semem. Mahabharata Epic poem which tells of a great war. a law) and which circulates in the blood's memory. The festivals of Maya (from Maya. the Beloved who is 'dead and not dead'). the Morning Star. Lemuria Believed to comprise everything that lies submerged in the Pacific. of the Atlantean Poseidon. who reached Easter Island after the destruction of the Empire of Tiahuanacu.. It is a question of ~eactivating the chakras. Maithuna IS merely symbolic. It has to be pronounced exactly. It is the sacred Soma. the potentiality of the chakras is activated. Mama Runtu White Goddess of America. the inhabitants of a primordial. Mama Ocel White Goddess of America. Shakti. Maya The phantasmagoria of shapes in creation. is achieved. He is the supreme Guide of the Pilgrims of the Dawn. Kundalini Serpentine energy. It is the Way of Initiation of A-Mor. Atlantean solar Kristos. called 'Little Mothers' . The present age. in Tantrism. drank blood. interior. who rules an entire age. His emblem is the Lefthanded Swastika.

towards the extreme ends the poles which symbolise Kundalini. he breaks the primordial egg and divides the Androgynous. ' Oases of the Antarctic Another symbol of totality. another of the knights of the legend of the Round Table. when the troubadourinitiate implores his Beloved and describes her beauty. Mongolia. 'Popul' is people in Latin and 'Vuh' is book in German. which the Edda give to the Ship of the Dead. who rides on the Hyperborean swan. There are runic mudras which act on the introatomic vibrations of the umverse. in Hyperborean Atlantis. supports the Pillar of the Sky. she saw the White God Quetzalcoatl returning in a ship sailing over the Ocean. animal-men. In the central cities. the mistresses of Karma In nordic mythology. Numinous Ecstatic state which is produced on contact with the Grail an Archetype or Oneself. Susumna and Pingala. In the patnarchal oak-thickets. Some contemporary researchers (Spanuth) have tried to say it was the same as amber. perhaps the Hyperborean weddi of Poseidon and Cleito. It was said to have been written by the Hyperboreans and later reworked by the Vikings. Popul-vuli Also called the Codex of Chichicastenango. in which is related all that is remembered about the creation and destruction of the world. Onchalcum Mystenous metal referred to by Plato in his story of Atlantis. Pasu (Sudra) Inferior men. Mulabanda The proc~ss which reinverts everything. Precador Stage which follows that of the Fenhedor. they whisper to them. Noms The Fates. Poseidon comes from Posis in Greek and means the married one. The most Important nadis are Ida. It generall accompames the mantra. Malaysia. Mmnesanger German troubadours who sang the Minne in memo f I I h b . who finds it through fighting only with his ancient fury and without God. Samkhya philosophy. The one who actually came was the Conquistador. According to Homer. at the pole. Quetzalwatl One of the American White Gods. they read the thoughts and feelings of men'. the ghost ship. Papan Sister of . fear. Omphalos Symbolises the pillar which supports the sky. To the Cathars. ritual gesture. Milan was one of these cities irnedio-lanums. a pSYChIC and spiritual transmutation has been studied and explained by C. Odin God of the Edda. to take off and n. They speak to the heroes. G. 'transfigures' the earth and marries the female guru of the Grail. cures the sick King Amfortas and takes his place as King of the Grail. The Grail was considered by Jung to be an Archetype of the Self. the totality.ove around the skies. It is believed to have covered what today is the GObI Desert. She comes back to life and tells her brother that In also called the . Parastri Initiated bride. For A-Mar. Phanes The Cosmogonic Eros in the Orphic myth. Gawaine. emitting a musical sound. the forces which direct Destiny. being its equivalent in the spatial symbology gestures. . of all the universes. Wareln 'J' . El Nadi Psychic channel in the astral body. the Aztec emperor. married in Hyperborea. Mujavat Paradise. Purusha Monad. which is always carried by a virgin damsel. from the cup of the Grail. e Naglfar Name Caleuche. the unus mundus. the Purusha of Hinduism. Parakletos The Holy Spirit of the Cathars and Gnostics. He was said to have been brought up by his mother in a forest. .184 Nos: Book ojthe Resurrection Dictionary oj Initiation oj A-Mor 185 fromchalices of orichalcum. through which energy flows. the magic union of th the visions of her half-death. He falls in love with Cleito. fathering the Atlantean semidivine heroes. it was female and was represented by the Hyperborean dove. Phobos Hatred. symbol of the north and the dynasty of the kings of the Grail. Poseidon The God who. he didn't develop the theme fully or 'psychologise' it. the opposite of love. Parsifal advises his friend. out of respect for this delicate mystery. El Caleuche. otherwise it will disappear. " Nigredo State w?ich is reached in the alchemical process. Heat amidst ice. Hernan Cortes. Around it the Druids met In council. ultimate centre of the personality. However. Parsifal Knight of the Legend of the Grail. navIgates with all its lights on along the 'channels' of the south and north of the world. His emblematic bird is the raven. But onchalcum had the power to neutralise gravity and must have been the metal which allowed the vimanas.ry 0 a ove ost at t e egmnmg of the ages.M0ctezuma. that which disunites. or on recognising the Beloved. This book has been completely adulterated by the missionaries. She dies but doesn t die. Parsifal finally finds the Grail and asks the question. Wafeln. in reality a Hyperborean. They have a son. ultimate separated entity of the dualist. Mysterzum Coniunctionis LIke the Hieros-Gamos. to seek the Grail without God but 'with the memory of your Beloved in your heart'. one must ask the right question. made with the hands. Paradise on the polar Mountain of the Revelation. They predict Destiny. ng Mohai Gigantic granite sculptures of faces on Easter Island. er Mudra Magical. the astras. He is the son of the God Uranus and the Goddess Gaia in Greek mythology. Lohengrin. Book of the Mayas. Mu Submerged continent. When one finds the Grail. She begs her brother not to fight him. 'like a pure madman'. Its synchronicity wIth. The Greeks also met around the Omphalos. Jung. part of India. Paradesha High region. Parfait Cathar adept. The capital of Atlantis takes its name from him. according to legend. He IS J =~. Up the central one climbs the serpentine fire of Kundalini. the surviving East Island and Tahiti. the 'slaves of Atlantis'.

from Tierra del Fuego. Rongo-Rongo Tablets on Easter Island. mudras and mantras. must have their real equivalents in the hidden cities of the Siddhas and the . Aryan hero. Swastika. Sophia Wisdom for the Gnostics. Rubedo The final alchemical stage. through the true liberty achieved in tal_1tricpractices. into a Black Hole. the civilisation and empire of Tiahuanacu. mudra of voluntary death. Soror Mystica The mystical sister. Lejthanded The Swastika which begins the Journey back to Hyperborea. transmutes and transfigures matter and the world. towards the Golden Age.the Second Earth appears. This is the process of Tantrism and also of the troubadours' alchemy of A-Mor. within the Black Sun. made of V~jra. when the axis of the earth (the Pillar of Atlas. the celestial point of origin of the semi-divine beings. Their origin is not known. Shambhalla One of the hidden subterranean cities in which is performed the tantric initiation that transforms. The Ultimate Flower. From them is derived the alphabet of the Philistines.186 Nos: Book of the Resurrection Dictionary of Initiation of A-Mar 187 Plumed Serpent. Swastika.' states the hermetic saying. Through synchronicity. novice. from which. in the centre. the chakras. of Poseidon) was fixed on the Pole Star. in the south and under different generic names. bearing inscriptions which have so far remained undeciphered. Siddha-Ashram Centre where the Siddhas live and teach. fusion with the One. the Jumna and the invisible river Saraswati converge. guide in Aries. the woman who is always at the side of the alchemist. who was said to have secretly searched for the City of the White Gods. towards the Other Earth. he was a Viking or a Hyperborean. Although she is the Creator. with his Beloved . since she is the wife of Siva. an internal event and an external occurrence. Shakti Universal feminine principle. " Siva God of the Hindu Trilogy. of the Antarctic. the city. There are those who say that it is the capital of Agharti. Hyperborean. the 'non-existent'. Sam: with. in turn. Adhi: Primordial Being. avatar. They are Nietzsche's 'lucky occurrences filled with meaning'. The road of internal fulfilment must coincide fully with the transfiguration of the external world and the pilgrimage 111 the exterior landscape. energetic principle. but only with Her. It is the Swastika of the Exodus. Synchronicity Coincidence between a deep emotion. The movement of return. Rama Hero of the epic poem of the Ramayana.and also outside the circle. a meeting place for the rivers of the soul. In India. his creative. astral body with the physical body. together with the Age ofIron and the involution ofKahyuga. Siva dances in Her. separate and uni~ed for ever. the Grail. The face of the Beloved. what is inside is outside. He destroys so as to open the way to fresh creation. Raslila Dance of Krishna. 'What is above is below. Samhara-Mudra Sign of dissolution. . who lives in Argentina. Kundalini: etc. he reached there by crossing the Antarctic (from the Interior. The Hyperborean Hieros-Gamos. with the immortalisation of the individual. Sadhaka Tantric initiate. Totality. parallel earth. the runes go beyond written script and correspond to the inaudible Orphic Cabbala of magical and cosmic signs. The dance. crossing beyond the Black Sun. The Manipura chakra is a sangam. The resurrection in the Ray of Green LIght. Hollow Earth?). is derived Phoenician script. Hyperborea is submerged and . where the light of the Sun of Gold ends. Samsara The movement of the illusory forms of creation. which tries to attain itself in Jungian practice. However. It is the equivalent of resurrection in a red. of Destruction. Its mantra is HAMSA. It IS she whom Dante seeks in the guise of Beatrice. . the Age of the Lamb. solar energy. Sarmiento de Gamboa.. Sdhu Immortal double of the Egyptians. Sunya The void beyond the last chakra. She must touch them with her hand so that they may become impregnated with the feminine vibration necessary for any transmutation. It is cut at death. According to the researcher Jacques de Mahieu. magic drink of the Hyperborean Aryans. the Thule of Hyper bore a. with which Odin and Rama start on their pilgrimage once the primordial. in order to separate and become NOS. the Self. to whom everythmg IS permitted. she does not represent a matriarchy. Smara God of Desire.. the counterpart of Siva. the leap into the void. Towards the First Earth. Selcnam Man of the south of the world. Venus. Rebis The Androgynous created in the alchemical Opus. Self or Selbst The ultimate and central point in the persona. Soma Sacred. the creative and active energy of the universe. It is the road of the saint. According to some anthropologists. The astral. with all the shepherdesses of the forest of Vrindavan. inhabitant of Agharti and Shambhalla. Temple of the Immortals. Siddha Divine being who has made himself immortal. which is now submerged. It is said that it is Sophia whom the Cathars and the troubadours worship through women. Silver string Cord which unites the immaterial. Sangam Meeting-place. Runes Very ancient signs. Siddha-rupa Immortal body of the Siddha. Skua Seagull of the South Pole. Samadhi Supreme Vedantic ecstasy. it is the point at which the waters of the Ganges. Nuptial Homeland has been lost. Righthanded The rotatory movement which begins when the Golden Age is lost. Pedro Spanish conquistador. resurrection and immortalisation. the Ultimate Flower. handing him the metals to be transmuted. Formerly he lived in polar Hyperborea. who created first the Toltec and Mayan civilisations and later. the polar homeland and the Morning Star. the face of the soul. etc. he IS also the lord of tantric yoga and of virile. a nordicoHyperborean tribe. immortal body. Svecharin He who can do everything.

Trapalnanda Another name given in America to the Enchanted City. Its golden fruits are the stars. the red. the lost holy land. A liberated being who becomes reincarnated as an avatar. in the interior. spiritual power or organ which puts one in touch with all the universes. in order to achieve the ml1tation into the Superman. In the Grail and In an Incarnate Beloved who is dead and has returned to life on this earth.188 Nos: Book of the Resurrection Dictionary of Initiation of A-Mor 189 immortals. and with the other dimensions. for example. Doubtless the Germanic. found on Easter Island. That is to say. Nevertheless. Taruka Black antelope. The Edda call it Mjotvidr and state that it will be felled during the RagJlarok. The name comes from the prophetess. the Gods will come back to life. For the Hindu-Aryans. when the Gods die. Roma is Amor spelt backwards. the semi-divine man-hero. giving rise to the Teutonic peoples. Tupahue Native name for the hill of San Cristobal. Yoga which makes use of sex. e. The crown of the tree supports the sky or is the sky. and later they intermarry. to find. That is to say. It means 'Abode of God'. which Jason sought and rediscovered. Amor. the Hyperboreans. Ultima Thule The capital of Hyperborea. Vola. or Twilight of the Gods. He supports the pillar. during Kaliyuga. Wafeln The ghost ship of the North Pole. impelled by melodious sounds. towards the point of origin. it was an ash tree called Irminsul. Atlas or Irmin is said to have been a Van. They are like the Pandavas and Koravas of the great war of the Mahabharata. Vajra-cita Language of the immortal mind. the Grail. before the Hyperborean continent was submerged. navigating beneath the surface of the water with all its lights on. Tuatha De Danann In Irish tradition. Vbluspa Most important part of the Edda. Up its trunk climbs the Vitis. The Vanir lived in the Hyperborean north. Trovar clus To sing in code. The fifth-born women of Hyperborea. rediscover something that was lost. in which the Ragnarok or Twilight of the Gods is described. in a number of beings or In a whole people. coiling itself around it like the Serpent of Paradise. It symbolises Vajra. It is like Quetzalcoatl's fiery Winged Serpent. It also symbolises Kundalini. the divine ancestors who descended from the stars. 600 years before our era. Valkyrie Disincarnate woman. in the flying Discs of Light. immortal matter. they are said to be the Hyperboreans who came to America in times long past. Ten. Vfra The tantric hero. This is only possible in the legendary. we use Greek terms for these regions and continents be- cause we don't know their true names. was the opposite of Christian. Tulku Kind of BodhIsattva of Tibetan Tantrism. It is the original. of the Aryan Brotherhood. Tree of Life. Nowadays. Wildes Heer The Furious Horde of the dead warriors of Odin-Wotan . Varna Means colour and also caste. In the Nordic legend. Vara-Mudra Magic gesture which destroys fear and bestows favour. the opposite of the A-Mor of the troubadours. of immortality. Troubadour Comes from trovare. attaining the Absolute PersonalIty. Vajra-rupa Immortal body made of Vajra. Nordic tradition approximates more closely to the true original. life. who travels with an axe. Tantra means systematisation and also to explain.g. Thule or Ultima Thule Capital of Hyperborea. the JEsir. the land of the Aryan. who accompanies him in his struggle and waits for him in Valhalla to hand him the cup of the Grail filled with the ambrosia of eternal life. Urdhavaretas To go backwards. the Golden Fleece.Ten The Serpent of the Earth in the mythology of Chiloe. The God of the Axe. possessed it on their foreheads. Odin or Wotan is an Asa. The Hyperboreans . polar. with the other 'parallel worlds'. in the White Gods. Flying Disc spoken of in the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Vanir Name of the divine Hyperborean ancestors in the Edda. Vishnu God of the Hindu Trilogy.possessed this power. Of practically in the Way of the Left Hand. The Greek navigator and researcher Piteas of Marseilles searched for it in the north. mystical wife of the hero. The Occitanian troubadours did so in order to convey their messages and their initiation without giving themselves away. Vril Magical. Tao The meaning of the universe in the Chinese philosophy of Lao-tse. The Symbolises the pillar which supports the sky. retracing the involution of Kaliyuga. in the sacred. it was Aryanabaiji. in Santiago de Chile. Urna Superior energy. they are the JEsir of Norse legend. Tantra System which was codified some 600 years before the present era. White Gods In American legend. distinct idea of reincarnation. immortalised. He is the Preserver. papal Roma. ubiquitously. It searches for the lost Hyperborea. Quichua-Sanskrit name. a Hyperborean Nom. hollow earth. the priestesses of magic love. The eternal return of the same thing. They enter into battle with their relatives. as hard as diamond. nordico-aryan concept. Vimana Mysterious flying object. Turn of the Wheel Eternal Return according to the Nietzschian concept. the fifth-born in a family . magnetic places of the earth and the sky. when the poles changed places and the axis of the earth shifted. Toromiro Tree of red wood. spiritual power. into Divya. because it tries to return to the point of origin. Vajra-yana Way ofVajra. Vajra Immortal: red matter. Hyperborean Martial Initiation of A-Mor. the female guru.especially the female magician. a kind of Race Spirit. either symbolically in the Way of the Right Hand.

science of absolute 'disunity' in Samkhya dualism. Yogini Initiated woman of Tantrism.190 Nos: Book of the Resurrection which will return at the end of time as the 'last battalion'. of Resurrection. of totality. of Isolde. The way of NOS. . Wotan Odin. guide of the Minnesiinger. Yggdrasil Another name which the Edda give to the tree. to fight the decisive battle for the return of the Gods and the restoration of the Golden Age. science and technique of 'unity' or reintegration. His emblematic weapon is the axe. The transfiguration of man and the earth. Technique. The resurrection. in the revelations made in this book. in the Tantra. It is destroyed during the Ragnarok. Way of Absolute Personality and the Superman. Yoga Hindu philosophical system. in the Vedanta. Art of 'individuation'. Woevre Sae/de Mysterious woman. a Hyperborean sign. the Sons of Woevre Saelde. the German troubadours.

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