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Words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings.
ad/add affect/effect ail/ale aisle/I'll ant/aunt ate/eight be/bee beach/beech beat/beet bald/bawled bare/bear base/bass billed/build blew/blue by/bye/buy cell/sell cent/scent/sent chili/chilly close/clothes days/daze dear/deer do/dew/due die/dye died/dyed doe/dough earn/urn ewe/yew/you facts/fax fare/fair fairy/ferry feat/feet fir/fur flea/flee flew/flu/flue flour/flower for/fore/four forth/fourth foul/fowl groan/grown guessed/guest gym/Jim hair/hare hairy/Harry hall/haul halve/have he'd/heed heal/heel hear/here heard/herd hi/high him/hymn hour/our idle/idol in/inn it's/its knead/need know/no knows/nose lay/lei lead/led leak/leek lends/lens lessen/lesson lie/lye links/lynx loan/lone lochs/locks/lox made/maid mail/male main/mane maize/maze mall/maul manner/manor massed/mast meat/meet missed/mist moan/mown moose/mousse morning/mourning muscle/mussel navel/naval none/nun not/knot oar/or/ore oh/owe one/won overdo/overdue pail/pale pane/pain pair/pare/pear passed/past pause/paws pea/pee peace/piece peak/peek pedal/peddle pi/pie plane/plain pole/poll pray/prey presence/presents pride/pryed prince/prints profit/prophet pros/prose quarts/quartz racket/racquet rain/reign

raise/rays/raze rap/wrap read/red read/reed real/reel recede/reseed review/revue roe/row right/rite/write ring/wring road/rode/rowed roam/Rome role/roll root/route rote/wrote rough/ruff rye/wry sachet/sashay sacks/sax sail/sale scene/seen sea/see seam/seem sear/seer serf/surf sew/so shoe/shoo sic/sick sighs/size Sioux/sue slay/sleigh soar/sore sole/soul some/sum son/sun sonny/sunny soot/suit stair/stare stake/steak straight/strait suite/sweet tea/tee

team/teem tense/tents tern/turn their/there/they're threw/through throne/thrown tic/tick to/too/two toad/told toe/tow toon/tune urn/earn vain/vein vary/very verses/versus vial/vile vice/vise wade/weighed wail/whale waist/waste waive/wave walk/wok war/wore ware/wear/where we/wee we'd/weed we're/were weak/week whine/wine whoa/woe wood/would yoke/yolk you're/your you'll/yule