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Why Non metalic gland plate is required for single core cable glanding?

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Dear... As we know that acable carrying alternating current has a alternating magnetic field (Flux)surrounding it. And also we know that when a magnetic flux linked with magnetic material changes, an emf is indused in it which circulates a current in it provided a closed path. Now in case of three core cable or 3.5 core cables, the net magnetic field prodused by all pahses ( and nutral ) due to currents, sum to zero. But in case of single core cable it has a net flux surrounding it. which if linked with MS ( magnetic Gland palate) will induce eddy currents in it which may result i heating of glands and successivelly failure of insulation of cable due to heat. So in case of single core cables, aluminum (non magnetic) gland plate is used)... Hope this will be sufficient to convince you... anuj rawat

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