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Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering Electrical Engineering Section


EE 407 Theoretical : 2 hrs/Week Tutorial : - hrs/Week

Integrated Circuits . 8 Hrs. Advantage of IC Technology, Limitation of IC Technology, Types of Linear ICs, Dynamic Operation of the BJT Switch Technology , Types of ICs, MOS Digital ICs, IC Memory. Filters. 8 Hrs. Filters Transfer Functions, Types of Filters ( Passive and Active, LPF, HPF, BPF, BRF), ( Chebysheve, Butterworth and Bessel Filters ),Design of N-Order Filters,Switched Capacitor Filters, Filters Applications. Tuned Amplifiers. 8 Hrs.

Tuned Amplifiers,Time Response of Single Tuned Amplifiers,Tapped-Tuned Circuits, DoubleTuned Circuits. Wave Shaping and Function Generators. 6 Hrs.

Function Generators and Signal Conditioners, Square-Wave Generation Form, Sinusoid, Schmitt Trigger, Pulse Generators , Stair-Case Generators. Switched Mode Power Supplies and Voltage Regulators 8 Hrs.

Analytical Techniques, Buck Converter, Boost Converter, Buck Boost Converter, Voltage Regulators, Configurations (Series and Shunt ), Integrated Circuits Regulators, Linear Regulators and Switching Regulators. Acoustics, Audio and High Fidelity. 8 Hrs.

Acoustics, Basic Components, Other Components, Grounding and Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electrostatic Discharge, Electromagnetic Interference. Computers, Internet and Artificial Intelligence. Hrs. The Hard Drive, Other Forms of Mass Storage, The Display, The Printer, The Modem, The Internet, Electronic Circuits which Implement Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms. Advanced Transducer Techniques. Types of Transducer ( Radio-Frequency and Infrared ), Transducer Parameters, Transducer Bridges and Amplifiers, Acoustic Transducers. References :1234Micro Electronics / Jacob Mill man & Arvin Grabel . Micro Electronic Circuits / Sedra / Smith . Electronic Devices and Circuits / JIMMIE J.CATHEY . Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics / Stan Gibilisco . 8 Hrs. 8