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Beginning (not ending) dates are given for painting, sculpture, architecture, and other entries.
1228/30 1266/7 1302 1304 1305 1305 1305 1305 1305 1305 1310 1334 1337 1348 1353 1370 1377 1378 1386 Birth of Jacobus de Voragine, author of The Golden Legend Birth of Giotto Dante Alighieri writes The Divine Comedy Petrarch, Italian poet and humanist born Arena Chapel frescoes in Padua Giottos Joachim Takes Refuge in the Wilderness Giottos Vision of Anna or The Annunciation to St. Anne Giottos Meeting at the Golden Gate Giottos The Annunciation Giottos The Raising of Lazarus Giottos Madonna Enthroned Giottos Campanile or Bell Tower for the Florence Cathedral Death of Giotto Black Death in Florence and Siena Decameron by Boccaccio Birth of Leonardo Bruni, Florentine responsible for theory of republican government Birth of Filippo Brunelleschi Great Schism in the Catholic Church Birth of Donato Donatello