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Bag Filter

Schematic Diagram for Bag filter

Dust Collector Single Row of Bags (Sectional view)

Rajdeeps complete line of Bag Filter offers an effective and efficient solution for cleaning of air from dust, generated by plant process, storage silo, receiving bin, mixer, dryer, Belt conveyor, Screen etc. Air with

Dust can produce an unpleasant, even hazardous work environment. Rajdeeps proprietary Bag Filters have helped process plants with pollution control boards regulation by controlling in plant & environment pollution. In addition to this, these systems help to reduce occupational hazard, Working Principle of Bag filter Air along with dust particles under suction or pressure enters the lower portion i.e. hopper of the bag filter. The air travels through the filter bag, which retains the dust particles on surface of the bag, and the clean air passes out through bags and plenum to the outlet of Bag filter. Dust is collected on the outside the bag filter Accumulation of dust on bags causes an increase in the differential pressure across the filter bags. Compressed air is pulsed by a timer actuated series of normally closed pulse valves at preset intervals causing the valves to open. A momentary rush of high- pressure air (4-5 bar) flows from the compressed air header to the blow tube and is expelled from the blow tube through nozzles at a high velocity (primary air flow). Air from each nozzle induces a secondary airflow. The combined effect of the primary and induced secondary air causes an instantaneous pressure rise on the clean side of the filter bags, causing a reverse flow air through the filter bags, thus dislodging the dust particles held on the outer surface of the bags. By this mechanism, the dust collected is released from the bags and falls into the hopper & the differential pressure is controlled across the Filter Bags. From this hopper it is discharged through suitable device i.e. Rotary valve. Since only fraction of the total filter area of the bag filter is cleaned at any given time, continuous flow through the bag filter at rated capacities is assured. Features of Dust Collection System Effective Design according to American Ventilation System Standards High Quality Filter bags. Trouble free Operation Robust construction Guaranteed Emission less than 50 mg/Nm3 according to Application Optimum air-to-cloth (A/C) ratio Optimum Can Velocity for effective filtration Effective Ratio of pulsing time to cleaning time Optimum Bag spacing MOC: MS / SS304 / SS316

Our proven Capabilities in Dust control System Bag Filter Design & Manufacturing from 100 M3/Hr to 1, 00,000 M3/Hr Gas flow Successful Installation of Bag filters for high temperature. Bag filter for Boiler flue gas cleaning

Bags Selection Method

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