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Story Telling 2003

Story Telling 2003

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story telling
story telling

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Published by: Hardianti Sri Utami on May 27, 2013
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: Hardianti Sri Utami : XI IPA 5

The story from Banyuasin Once upon a time, there lived a widow in a large forest. The widow have been living alone after her husband left by behind that she felt very lonely. She was longing for a child. One day, she went to the back of her house. She saw a tampok pinang. Then, she also prayed for a son is given, although it only amounted to tampok pinang. A few months later, she realized that she was pregnant with a child. She also felt very happy. She considers that her prayer was answered. Finally, after a few months later, children who awaited forward to the birth. However, the widow was surprised after seeing her son was only equal to tampok pinang, exactly as she spoke of her prayed. His son was called Si Tampok Pinang. Time kept rolling. However, Si Tampok Pinang still only amounted to tampok pinang. Finally, Si Pinang Tampok adult expelled by her own mother because she was embarrassed to have a child like Si Tampok Pinang. Sadly, Si Tampok Pinang leave his mother and left without direction. In the middle of the road, he saw a weave that had fallen from maligai. Apparently, it's woven a very beautiful princess who lived on maligai. In advertently, The Princess saw that someone found her weave. So, she also invites the man, his name Si Tampok Pinang, to rise to the maligai because Si Princess has promised that someone who find weaving, if the man will serve as her husband, where as if the woman will be his sister. However, The Princess was shocked when she saw that the man who discovered it only amounted to tampok pinang. So, The Princess rubbed Si Tampok Pinang to her hair. Miraculously, Si Tampok Pinang

Initially. Si Kenam exposed to light from The Princess then suddenly makes it a very beautiful woman. the Princess was in maligai to wait until her wedding day later. Of course. except if bitten by a dog. she also felt in love with Si Tampok Pinang. Si Kenam felt very happy and become . people did not give her the pail again. Of course. because in fact he was very dear to his mother. Si Kenam is an evil-hearted woman. Like the existing habit. she refused because she felt unworthy to do the job. she was always broke the pail. The Princess falls in love with Si Tampok Pinang. Si Tampok Pinang persuade The Princess to meet his mother who has been away from his home. She called the dog to bite kelingan. During preparation. He wanted to tell the good news to his mother. She was amused and finally laughing at what was done by Si Kenam. Since the first view. The Princess saw it from the top maligai. Then. Secretly. that was the beginning of a big mess. having a normal body like human beings in general. For it. the mother did not believe that the handsome man is her own son. However. This was done repeatedly. But on the contrary. Thus. but a kelingan. The Kenam not losing her mind. Many people are invited. For that. just like as The Princess. Si Tampok Pinang.become into a handsome prince. as well as Si Kenam. In advertently. after described by The Princess. his mother believe and feel very happy. However. Until finally. in accordance with the promise of The Princess. when someone gave him a pail for carrying water. Kelingan is a container made from cow skin that can not be broken. For some reason. Looking at her new appearance. The Princess became someone exactly like Si Kenam. the mother of Si Tampok Pinang inviting people in her village to cook food for her son's wedding ceremony. So. Si Pinang Tampok immediately felt in love to The Princess. and vice versa. she has been tasked to take water in a river. they are planning for a wedding. However. When the cooking time. the mother of Si Tampok Pinang doing a great preparation to make the wedding a very festive. the mother approve of his son's wedding plans with The Princess.

they get married and live happily ever after. From the top maligai. . Suddenly. Si Kenam peek and feel confused about the incident. She became stressed at her thought of it now. he realized that is a fake princess. This So. However. Feeling very depressed. from a distance The Princess calls the wind to be able to take across the people across the village. then he will be killed by the owner of that field. It is something that is usually done for a princess who lived on maligai. Si Kenam expelled from her village and Si Tampok Pinang invite The Princess to marry with him again. He was a meek and kind. Finally. if the birds eat the rice. village whole entourage opposite. she got off and met with Si Kenam that has become as beautiful as her first. She was so arrogant. she told The Princess to come down from above maligai. she saw a bird that would eat the rice. people feel strange about the behavior of "Si Kenam" now. "The Princess" aka The Kenam ordered the people to summon the wind to be able to take across the ship across the village. She also sing a song that essentially. she ruffled her face to be unpalatable. The Princess do the job as done by The Kenam time. it turns Si Tampok Pinang hear the voice of song that has been sung by The Princess. He also felt very happy. So. Finally. One time. On the other hand. He really recognize the voice. Finally. Here. somehow came stinging stench. while The Princess will be "The Kenam". Another case with The Princess. the time. They did an exchange task. they all fall. After some time.increasingly arrogant. Unexpectedly. when Si Kenam summon the wind. Finally. The Princess told to keep the rice-owned Si Tampok Pinang. She continues to keep her weave. Si Kenam who are now in the top maligai sent down to carry out a wedding with Si Tampok Pinang in the past hamlets across the sea. Finally. Having arrived. including "The Princess" aka The Kenam. The Princess returned to be beautiful as usual. she lived with Si Tampok Pinang. the good on smell board to who go into came the over. From then on. the wedding party got closer. The Kenam will be "The Princess" who live above maligai.

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