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Posted Jun 26, 2007 @ 3:24 pm EDT

RE: As far as I am concerned based on the facts as they have been presented to date
none of us know anything other than a wife shot and killed her husband.
vegasccw wrote:
We don't know if she was acting in self defense or if this was the act of a disturbed
woman. Jealousy or anger may have been a motive or maybe she was stopping a child

We as the public no nothing about this family or their day to day lives What we do know
this is America and the wife is entitled to due process and is innocent until proven guilty.
So why play the role of fortune teller let's allow the facts to unfold the trial to run its

We will then learn the facts and see if our system works. Which in the past it has been hit
and miss. Remember OJ, Michael Jackson, Phil Spector and Robert Blake to name a few.
And then there is the Minister's wife and Scott Peterson on the non famous side.

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I first heard the words "quid nunc" in "Junior Hi." I thought it was a term for a disease or
an ugly sea creature. Years later I found that the 'expression' meant 'busybody,' 'dipper'
(like dipping into someones business) or a 'gossipy' person.

I think you just upbraided some of us for being "quid nuncs." But, as you know "nature
abhors a vacuum" - hates it with passion!

You probably won't buy into this but I believe that when we have a lively interest in an
unfolding drama or story and know just a little bit about the facts - that creates a 'gap' in
our knowledge. That 'gap' is a 'vacuum.' So through imagination, guessing, make-believe,
and especially conjecture - we fill in the gaps; that is, we feed the hungry vacuum.
That's what many of us do, I believe. We are hooked and don't want to give up the 'nunc.'

I imagine that you think this 'turkey' sounds like a lot of "gobble.dy.gook."