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Pt. interview

Current Device Eval.

MMT scan UE/LE ROM scan UE/LE Pain Sensation

Gait/standing balance
Pt. interview

Starts with a simple question How can I help you? Patient is the focus and director of treatment Problems Goals Your job is to figure out how P&O can help remedy the problems and reach the goals.

Patient Interview Patient is the key source for information Listen, listen, listen Ask questions as needed to draw out necessary information With this you are trying to get a full view of the patients problem, goals and how a device can affect those. Patient is an active participant in treatment.

Patient Interview Examples

A patients chief complaint (CC) is ankle pain. She

says she cant walk very far without horrible pain.

Follow-up questions you can ask?

Patient Interview Example

What cant you do that you would like to be able to

do? (goals) Do you have the pain just standing? What makes the pain worse? What can you do to relieve the pain? Is the pain worsening or constant? What kind of pain is it? Achy, stabbing, burning, tingling? On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad is the pain at its worst?

Patient Interview Example

What do these questions tell me?

What am I trying to determine?

If an orthotic device will help this woman.

Be able to give the patient information regarding

how useful an orthosis will be to her.

Patient Interview
Appointment begins and ends with interview Information transfer Patient gives information at beginning of assessment P&O gives information regarding assessment,

treatment, and plan at the end of assessment Give and take of talking and listening
Patient and P&O are partners Both working toward the goal of helping the patient

Patient Interview Activity

Would a form be helpful to assist the interview?
Brainstorm ideas to put on the interview form. Information we need Questions to ask Information the patient needs to be given