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C A S E : C O M M U N I T Y- B A S E D O U T R E A C H


Costa Rica
Coordination of field trips: planning, driving, translating... organizing volunteer group visits to Los Santos, Drake Bay, Bajos del Toro, and other communities. Top picture: Taking a team of European experts and Costa Rican scholars and technicians to a Five Leaves’ Sustainable Tourism Certified hotel (CST) in a rural town -enabling knowledge transfer to reduce environmental impact and increase community wellness. Below: Closing the gaps in the supply chain and bringing the donor and the business side together (left -pitching Intel Capital at Ecotrust in Portland), to partner with coffee producers who are commited a. to reduce their operational footprint in the ecosystem, and b. to support local capacity building by operating training centers (right -connecting fair trade purchasers and producers in the town of Llanobonito).

Working to make the rivers in industrial cities safe for swimming again. In the photo: Conservation rally in Pearl River, under the shadow of beautiful White Cloud Mountain (Guangdong province).


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