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Wind – the Natural Element

Educational Objective:
To acquaint children with the power of natural elements

Once the Earth was very sad and therefore her friends – the Wind, Water and Fire came to her and told her: "Our dear Earth, don't be sad, we'll help you show the people how to take care of you and us as well. Then we'll all be happy, cheerful and contented. " The Earth has a very fast friend, she calls him the Wind. The Wind has very quick feet. He is a joker - sometimes he gently strokes the Earth, sometimes he messes her up and damages her, and sometimes he helps us, the people. Let's meet him now.

Activities and experiments in nature:

A workshop with parents:
• • • Pinwheels - from paper, from PET bottle - making pinwheels + experiment Blowing into paper balls using blades - making paper balls + experiment Wind power - flying the kite - making kites + experiment

• • •

Throwing a parachute - making parachutes + experiment Physical game - “Playing the wind“ Wind energy
– Measuring the speed of the wind – How quickly a specially cut PET bottle turn – Throwing a straw into the air

Activities and experiments in the kindergarten: • • • • Blowing into paints - observing the direction Blowing into water - observing the waves Blowing into objects using a hairdryer Browsing encyclopedias - wind farms and mills yachts

Interviews using pictures: • Different types of winds - on the basis of temperature (mistral), on the basis of power (harmattan) • Hurricane, cyclone, typhoon - last up to 1 to 2 weeks, less damage in a vast area • • • • • Tornado - lasts 10 mins, but it is stronger and causes great damage Weak - air in the face, leaves rustling Fresh - clouds chasing across the sky, little trees bend, small ripples Strong - dark and stormy sky, big trees bend, hard to go against the wind Gale-force - the sky covered with clouds, large branches are being broken, chimneys and roofs may fall

Health and safety for us: when strong winds blow do not go into the forest, the danger of trees falling, do not to walk under the trees, stay safe at home, schools, kindergartens

Thank for your patience

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