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RO: Mncare sczut de urzici cu usturoi Ingrediente: 4 grmezi mari de urzici 1 ceap mic 4 linguri de fin 150 g unt

300-500 ml lapte 1 cpn de usturoi.

EN: Sauted Stinging Nettles with Garlic Juice Ingredients: 4 big bunches of stinging nettles 1 small onion 4 tablespoons flour 150 g butter 300- 500 ml milk 1 garlic.

Mod de preparare: Se fierb urzicile n apa cu sare (dup ce se spal bine), se scurg bine, apoi se toac mrunt. Apa care rmne poate fi folosit la ciorb sau bor. Se nclzete uleiul ntr-o crati, se adaug ceapa tocat fin pn se nmoaie. Apoi se adaug urzicile tocate i fina. Se amestec bine, pn formeaz o past omogen. Se adaug i laptele i iar se amestec. Mncarea de urzici trebuie s fiarb la foc mic, s nu se prind. Cnd este aproape gata, se adaug usturoiul fcut mujdei i se mai in urzicile pe foc un minut.

Instructions: Boil the nettles in salted water (after washing them thouroughly), then drain them and chop them finely. The remaining boiled water can be used for cooking a soup (sweet or sour). Heat the butter in a frying pan, add the onion finely chopped and cook until softened. Then add the chopped nettles and the flour and stir them till they form a homogenous paste. Add also the milk while stirring constantly. The sautee must be boiled under low heat and needs continuous stirring so as not to become sticky. When it is almost ready, add the garlic juice and keep them on the stove a minute more.

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