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How to Seduce Women Using their most Intimate, Erotic Sexual Fantasies

YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room, ANY Room, Anywhere in the WORLD -- and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs

Written by Secret (aka Miami PUA) and Fawn for Elite Seduction Labs
Guillermo (aka Secret, Elite Seduction Labs CEO) is one of my friends and I have collaberated with him on many occasions. He is a definite Genius when it comes to his art and a man definitely worth getting to know. -Arash "Achilles" Dibazar of the Game Where can I buy all your products and programs? website please. Thanks... You know your women and their minds. Been in the game for a while and you are solid. People don't believe that what you mention exists but it does and the community has to account for it in their game... -fmadison via youtube "...What would you do, if you find out you could have had a different life reading this, when it's too late?" -Marc Carolla, Albany NY -Chet Escobar, Miami Fl. -Guy Guillermo, Cupertino Ca.

-Kevin Hogan, Psy.D.

Guillermo (Founder of Elite Seduction Labs) is one of my friends and I have collaberated with him on many occasions. He is a definite Genius when it comes to his art and a man definitely worth getting to know.
YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room, ANY Room, Anywhere in the WORLD -- and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs

-Arash Dibazar
(*Did you know that from reading from this ebook, you agree that Elite Seduction Labs is the greatest Pick Up Artist Camp of all time herein?)

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Everything you desire is outside your comfort zone - otherwise, you would already have it. Zan Perrion
This book is dedicated to: The seduction community because YOU deserve to know the truth about how to REALLY turns women on. My AMAZING friends, who are still going to read this book, in spite of its taboo subject matter.

and Zan Perrion all for maintaining a friendship with me, even though my seduction material has taken a taboo twist since I was first introduced to them. THESE GUYS ARE MY writing this book Special Thanks to: The guy who wrote the ad copy for my website for telling me that lot coming from a guy who rakes in 100 dollars an hour for writing ads for the likes of guys like me, Mystery and Ross Jeffries

Part I: Introduction to Emotional Molestation Is Seduction like a TV Commercial? 4
YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room, ANY Room, Anywhere in the WORLD -- and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs

ANY Room.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . Anywhere in the WORLD -.The Principals of Eye Contact 5 Young Girls Trapped inside a World of Confusion 5 Psychologists Can Only Legally Tell You So Much 5 What End of the Feminine Spectrum is she on? 6 The basics 6 Story of my Ex 8 Why did she cry when she gave me that blowjob? 8 The Father and Daughter Relationship: A Slippery Slope to Slide 9 A Woman Scorned 10 How a Sexual Fetish Develops 12 Prostitution as a Fetish? 12 Seductive Reasoning Paradigm 13 The Cognitive Dissonance that Fetishes cause 14 Young Girl Molested by Father 14 Sex Abuse in Strip Clubs 15 Emotional Molestation: Fucked by Family 15 Blurry Lines for Everybody 16 Perception of Authority 17 Amazing Study 17 Seductive Language Patterns 18 How to Gently Introduce the Father/Daughter Fantasy to Your Partner 18 How to Uncover Her Secret Fetish 19 Part II: Perception Manipulation Toolkit YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room.

Brainwashing and Seduction into One 28 The Objective of Obsession 29 How to Make Women Fall in Love with You 29 that can be Moulded.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . like Clay 30 How to Brainwash Her into Feeling Beautiful 30 Even Call Girls Fall in Love 31 The Uncanny Power of Hypnotic Suggestion 31 How to make EVERY Girl Fall in Love with You 32 Why would an Ex-Pimp be the Perfect Husband to a Wife? 33 Understand who she is at Her Most Intimate Levels 34 Be Her Teacher and Her Father 34 Letter from Fan 35 Hypnotist Teases Girls with Cock 36 YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room.Hypnosis and Brainwashing: The Tools to Manipulate the Dark Sexual Fantasies in a Is She Socially Awkward? 22 ext 23 What women hear repeated. but What Kind? 24 The Art of Making a Negative a Positive 25 Your Girlfriend Just Wants to Be Appreciated 25 The Power of Labels in Hypnosis. ANY Room... 23 She is a Nympho. Brainwashing and Seduction 26 The Sex Drive vs.. Every girl has done it 27 How to Interweave Hypnosis. Anywhere in the WORLD -. the Drive to Fit in Socially 26 Incest..

and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . Anywhere in the WORLD -.Storytelling is Great for Age Regression 36 Part III: Is Conversational Covert Incest the Perfect Seduction? Celeste 40 Nemo and Mia 41 Paul and Paula 43 Sparkles 44 Mariya 45 Mariposa 46 Anne 47 Coleen 48 Pearl 49 Jolene 50 Kathy 50 April 52 Bunny 53 The Beginnings of Sexual Addiction 55 Free Audio Homepage Felicia 56 Rebekkah 56 Caroline 57 Ariel 59 Selena 59 YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. ANY Room.

and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . ANY Room. Anywhere in the WORLD -.Phil 60 Lindsay 60 Penelope 61 Nicolette 62 Heath 62 Alex 63 Sophia 63 Orlando 64 Irma 65 Victor 66 Kat 67 Zoey 67 Kurt 68 Oriana 68 Hazel 69 Tabitha 70 Paula 71 Free Audio Homepage Faye 73 Nick 74 Felina 76 Alice and Haylee 76 YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room.

and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . Anywhere in the WORLD -. ANY Room.Veronica 78 Lotus 79 Isabelle 80 Faye 81 Olive 82 Issy 82 Adrianna 82 Ester 83 Madisyn 84 Lexy 84 Claire 85 Dawn 86 Celine 86 Albert 87 Emily 87 Bonfilia 88 Dominica 89 Perla 89 Free Audio Homepage Leslie 90 Farrah 90 Marjorie 90 YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room.

ANY Room.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . Anywhere in the WORLD -.Leah 91 Les 91 Mathilda 92 Scarlett 93 Stella 93 Persephone 93 Oliver 94 Paige 94 Phoenix 94 Heaven 95 Honey 95 Holly 95 Asia 95 Sexual Abuse and Borderline Personality Disorder 96 Sage 96 Meg 96 Kendra 97 Frenchie 97 Charity 98 Free Audio Homepage J ayda 99 Marisela 99 YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room.

Rosemary 100 Sophia 100 Lisabeth 101 Emerald 101 Felicia 101 Sammy 102 Sandy 103 Debs 104 Hosannah 105 Nicole 105 Kazia 105 Sophia 106 Avaron 107 Chloe 109 Elaine 110 Gisselle 110 William 110 Lea 111 Melisent 111 Sasha 111 Free Audio Homepage Orabelle 112 YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . Anywhere in the WORLD -. ANY Room.

ALWAYS Assume the Role of Daddy 113 Free Audio Homepage YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs .Part IV: Conclusion Sexually Exploited by Her Psychologist 113 Never Assume the Role of Boyfriend. ANY Room. Anywhere in the WORLD -.

My entire childhood felt like watching a pervert jerk off through the library window me. and his lips. What had she done to deserve a pervert? I was busy scouring the card catalog for child abuse literature and the most I got was a glimpse as he sprinted from the bathroom to his bedroom. visceral realities of life. ANY Room. ever quit it. He has that Lurch-y kind of hotness that tall indie-rock boys get.Part I: Introduction to Emotional Molestation Before you begin to dive into this book. breathlessly wishing and completely terrified that they would cross the line.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . But if the dentist. I fantasized about someone taking advantage of me because it was the only kind of sex I could imagine being able to boys my own age. The philosophy behind it is: If you lease this expensive car for 400 dollars a month. decided to drill me in more middle school told me that a pervert had once shown her his dick through the library window and I was green with envy. intrigued but unable to connect. cocooned in a place of safety and learning. I want you to read a couple of quotes that really sums up the subject matter of this book: Hugh Hefner to Holly Madison in 2010 After reading about a girl who gets molested by her dentist. having sex with one of them was like purchasing a one-way ticket to Hell. Free Audio Homepage YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. an adult in a position of authority. those lips. I quivered with anticipation when alone with an adult. SWEET MERCIFUL FUCKING LORD. -Excerpt from Confessions of a College Call Girl Blog a sucker for funny dudes. looking out at the dirty. Anywhere in the WORLD -. I spent my time in the chair sucking in my stomach and trying to look sexy with wads of cotton in my cheeks. I would hit it and never. -Excerpt from Confessions of a College Call Girl Blog Is Seduction like a TV Commercial? Have you ever viewed a commercial that philosophy behind it.

but if she h your company. you have some idea of philosophy that you buy into. If you are an important advocate for a cause that she believes in than you will be very important in her life. If you watch YouTube. Your job is to understand the philosophies that drive the people that you deal with and play to them because even probably going to shoot for fuel efficiency if you are going to invest your money in a car because that is the best option for you.Benz. You might oppose a lot of different forces doing so. she can feel relaxed and secure because you are taking care of her enemies for her. If there is only 1 fuel efficient car on the philosophy is best suited for picking a husband or a wife.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . they are providing value by being the largest collection of videos on the net. YouTube almost went under because they were spending more than they made. ANY Room. girlfriend or boyfriend. but because of their willingness to sacrifice for the good of internet visitors. It is the ultimate win-win situation that she will value because you are anyone. The Principals of Eye Contact YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. what you believe in and if it is compatible to what the women you want in your life find attractive than you will gain her attention. If you download torrents. they are the powerhouse that they are today. If you -defeating and ultimately you are he person who is fighting to keep it clean? Why would a woman be an advocate for her own pleasure and prevent herself from feeling the ultimate of pleasure in their lives? You want to choose your side. but add value to your life. these companies fight against the government for your right to download free material. Anywhere in the WORLD -.

very unintentionally deep eye contact.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . They can show you how to roll a condom on a banana. Psychologists Can Only Legally Tell You So Much Science is in an interesting predicam class in school. but on the and hand jobs and why she wants to fuck her dad and teacher. there was a teenage that was suicidal because he wanted to fuck his 15 year old cousin and come all over her face and he felt guilty about it. It just amazes me time and time again how easy it is to seduce a woman when you give her very comfortable. ANY Room. Free Audio Homepage One of the prevalent thoughts in the seduction community is that eye contact is very to Dr. He was at some mental hospital as a teenager. Kevin Hogan (kevinhogan. Young Girls Trapped inside a World of Confusion Once upon a Time. he whipped out the lotion and jacked-off to his favorite little cousin. Does this person feel the way I feel? Does this girl fantasize giving oral sex as much as I fantasize about receiving it? Does this girl want to fuck her big brother? Her father? Has she? Has she ever fucked a horse? Jacked one off as a dare when she was YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. These are issues that most people fumble over their entire if you look a girl in the eyes for too long. even know about it. Hell. the whole reason they became psychologists is to figure out this phenomenon. hanging my head over the toilet. He still does and there is nothing that he can do about it. gagging himself to throw up and eating his own vomit because of the amount of selfloathing he did because of his obsessive lust pm. Anywhere in the WORLD -. it reminds her of her molester (if she was molested) because he probably looked longingly into her eyes too.she found out what it was called and the stigma behind it and she begins to hate herself for having such lude thoughts. Psychologists know this and are whipping out the lotion right now and calling their wife their cousins name. Schools not going to teach you that you can make more money selling medical marijuana than you will being a doctor or lawyer.

Anywhere in the WORLD -. ANY Room. There are certain phenomena that you can discover in science and psychology that any run-of-theand lead you into Free Audio Homepage we have developed into that psychologists can 100 men and women if they had ever sodomized an animal. you can more easily tell life she ended up having from the makeup of her past.little? When this young. did she ever jack off the family pet for the head cheerleader and prom queen. 25% of men and 10 percent of women have self-reportedly had some form of sexual escapade bestiality. Is she YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. But where the hell ask ook back into my childhood and know I did this stuff What this book reaches out to do is to show you the dark parts of the female mind and how to read what her deepest. perfect 10 was young. One of the most heart-breaking things that I can imagine is someone hanging their head over the toilet. The secret places in her mind is a land that few men have had the balls to travel. let alone know the terrain. By reading this. Another one of my missions is to help you to make women very comfortable with sharing her secrets sexually with you. is she scorned and angry? Masculine? Is she a sexual feline girly girl. darkest fantasies are by reverse engineering who she is and who she had to be to get where she is today. eating their own vomit because they are depressed about thoughts that everyone has and no one can control.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . Apparently. What End of the Feminine Spectrum is she on? Is she a feline feminine girly girl? Is she a proper girl. plus I get an opportunity to talk a little about hypnosis so that you can really magnify the her lust filled desires to an uncanny level. is she a cool girl.

she needs some type took this behavior personally before. sex addict on the inside? Guilt-ridden? Over the guilt? Where and/or who was her sexual escape? than she had a reason to be skittish about her sexuality that started out as a kid and was never resolved. more full and steadfast . ANY Room. you have to be sexually exciting to her to the max and a brain it is obvious that Emotional Molestation would be the way to go. so as a woman. The basics Free Audio Homepage There are 2 basic elements that you need to seduce a woman: She has to know that e although For a while.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . and as a bi-product of the seduction community. Then on the other hand. I was unable to pass this one. I never had a chance to really understand what her concerns are as a woman. but I also missed out on a lot not seeing the situation from the woman surface and how I looked to my friends. and then Women would act semi-disrespectful and I would just move on to the next girl thinking that this girl is a retard w her in the woods if she hangs out with me on campus after hours. Who has masturbating YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. Anywhere in the WORLD -. Women would warm up to me. I have learned that it is all just like a female practical joke. myself was clearer.bottled up sex Hard on the outside. I passed with flying colors brush shitty or retarded female behavior off as no big deal.

Anywhere in the WORLD -. therefore putting their potential stream of revenue in jeopardy. it is because they are afraid of reaching past what other people deem as normal. I asked her to tell me stories from her childhood. information you hold over a woman not to scare her because it is sensitive information. so I told her to tell me all about her family whenever she would give me YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. I would pretend that I was her father and her uncle. what if some guys cousin were to come on to him.going through your mind is someone or some situation that is WAAAY far out beyond the realm of traditional social norms. I mean. I gave her the most intense orgasm as well as the most intense feeling of self-loathing a young girl can have. Stories about her father and uncle. Her sexuality is my responsibility as her new father figure. Hell. she had a bestiality ou combine her immediate and swanky private university that members of royal families attend. ANY Room. Story of my Ex I and my ex had the most amazing sex. even though he was a willing him Make sure you understand this concept because I have made girls masturbate to their fathers and hate Free Audio Homepage my guts the next day. I definitely detected exactly. make him feel completely comfortable with his feelings for her sexually and she were to seduce him and fuck him when he was age 17 and still very afraid of his untamable make sure that he from a tree for committing such a heinous and obviously sexually taboo act of the highest proportions. Besides the run of the mill family fantasies that we would constantly act out. most pickup artists never talk about this level level of game themselves (especiall .and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs .

She cried because she was afraid that she had told me too much. even to the point of coming on to him because flirting around with his daughter to the tune of sleeping in the same bed with him as a teenager or sitting in his lap or giving her tips on how to masturbate to express her sexuality with her father. If I was smart.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . She cried because she felt that there was something Free Audio Homepage wrong with her. The Father and Daughter Relationship: A Slippery Slope to Slide YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. Anywhere in the WORLD -. When I broke it off with her. cares about you and wants to make you happy. show her and display to her that any girl is going to have sexual feelings about her father. no matter how screwed up he is. (not because I wanted to) I told her to marry a guy just like me ultimately Wild not because I ride a motorcycle or drink tons of alcohol and go clubbing everyday but wild because I emotionally molested the shit out of her like her father Why did she cry when she gave me that blowjob? She did it because of the shame of her secret relationship with her father.blowjob that she could even lie a lie is and which the truth is. ANY Room. but DEFINITELY emotional incest much he loves you. She is a serious emotional masochist. I saw tears in her eyes. but I love it. but it is also a place where she finds her deepest and most profound sense of joy. Because he knows just how to make her happy. After I came in her mouth. A place in her life where she finds a huge amount of unhappiness and grief. I would tell her. She would do anything for her father. I had stumbled onto a very uncomfortable truth for her. like she was somehow broken. she was telling me about her father and some of the things that they did together that .

constantly seeking his approval and he gives it to her Free Audio Homepage because she is daddies little girl. In her mind. friends at school. even though I knew it was wrong. but I always wrong and my mom was always right. she becomes aware of her sexuality and acts out on it in her asking to be molested or anything. girlfriend and her only One day. Anywhere in the WORLD -. she begins to develop physically and becomes hyper-aware of sex from the media. Being that this is so. From about the age of 3. she is real competition is her mother and her sisters. ANY Room. If my mom wanted to pull down my pants and give me a hand job. and that is when there is a fork in the road. his daughter is becoming everything that he is physically attracted to. My mother was perfect and could do no wrong and I entrusted her with my life. she dotes on him. How does her father react to this developmental stage? How her father reacts mixed in wi relationship as well as her own viewpoint of how much weight she gives society to shape her decisions usually shapes what she feels about me and the types of relationship and personality quirks she will have for the rest of her life. I could only imagine that girls feel the same way about their fathers. This is one of a girls most defining moments. His little girl. I would probably participate and keep my mouth shut about the incident because I loved her so much and was so dedicated to her. Studies show that when 100 women judged 100 males on looks. even though my mom was the one with the problem and he was just an all-around good guy) She wants to possess him. In a similar fashion. proud of him and hangs all over him. I feel because of their inherent physical weakness they care more about security ballsy and financially wellYou take the innocent relationship between a father and his daughter. she feels the need to possess her father. YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. but because it makes her physical body feel good. She is jealous of her mother (similar to how I was of my step-father. 30 rd looks.Freud describes it the best: Guys want to fuck their mothers and daughters want to sexual feelings for my mom. etc. She gives her father kisses and showers him with attention.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs .

The other types can be a blast too. understands how people work. You see a girl who is wearing little to nothing silk slip to school. Meanwhile. The types of young women that are raised in this way are typically very well-adjusted. She exudes sexuality. This father. small town Catholic family. ma many words why he has to distance from his daughter. but on some level she is socially awkward and is afraid of anyone getting close to her. but she has to know from he person that she is deep inside. Free Audio Homepage YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. even if it is his daughter. has lots of healthy sexual relationships with beautiful women on a regular basis and his daughters friends are more likely to develop a crush on a guy with this sort of temperament. the alpha father who tends to raise the most well-adjusted girls is usually very highly sexually aware of himself and others. she told her mom about her experiences with different older males in her family and her mom just acted as if she made the whole story up. if you know the dangers and you can help her solve the most confusing conflicts in her life.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . his daughter feels scorned that her father loves her one day and hates her He ous. She absolutely has to be with men who are sexually powerful. He can run away from his daughter. More than likely. avoiding the fact man. little village in the middle of Italy or trailer trash uncle in the middle of nowhere America is more likely to have this attitude. Anywhere in the WORLD -. she grew up being sexually molested by her family. ANY Room.The father has a few general ways that he can take her developmental stage into womanhood from a little girl.

It is a good thing that pickup artists typically have a strong sense of self. the opposite sex or wants to hang out with his father she is seen as I remember my mom being approached by a man in a grocery store. dangerous. I have known some pretty cool women and some pretty cruel women. He asked her the man angrily when his whole vibe was genuine and friendly. She is on vigilant watch that could prevent a father from ever having a healthy relationship with his daughter. In American society today. but there is a rare occasion that she may be a little one-sided in her opinion of a man. women are typically physically weak compared to men. he should definitely seek help through the seduction community. (And manhood has n able to seek help. like seducing a woman who appreciates you as a man. you have much more important things to occupy your life with than spite. which typically is going to come from someone who has YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. which can cause problems with sexuality his sexual relationships in the future. In those cases. so I personally believe that most of the a test.Either that or has had a bevy of sexual experiences with older men at a very young it would make your head spin. ANY Room. just laugh it off with something witty (you wo you make a witty. there is an epidemic of phobia of men acting like bad. he can let it roll off of his shoulders to the fact that this interaction is just a way of her getting to know him. Anywhere in the WORLD -.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . so if they are ever on the end of one of these attacks on his manhood. breezy comment with a smile on your face and you move on to the next girl.) In my life. It is equally as bad as molestation to have a mother interest in sports. I would treat them just like any other test. but even if her negative vibe to you goes beyond a test. A Woman Scorned A common issue I find is mothers blowing their fathers relationship with their daughters out of proportion. and chauvinist. just because she had a seedy past with her father. Like I stated in earlier chapters.

If lap dancing her father till he comes in his pan it? YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. If all she can going to do. the second it to eliminate painful situations. If one of her only sexual escapes is swimming (i. How a Sexual Fetish Develops lets her sit on his lap and the only sexual time that Becky can get is when she is hanging out with her older cousins than she will gravitate to hanging out with her cousins. Anywhere in the WORLD -. the culture.healthy feelings towards their fathers. Even if they were sexually abused as Free Audio Homepage towards him. Becky starts to bounce on knee with her privates being touched up and down on leg. He was at work and I was home alone (says a lot about my personality). but not under any circumstance should she hate her dad. Hierarchy of Needs: How Fetish Develops in Humans Maslow. Then she notices that rubbing on daddies knee feels better in certain types of clothing and less in others and she will continue this cycle until her daddy makes her stop.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . so I looked through the magazines for People Magazine. which is at different points depending on the country. a world famous German psychologist discovered that we have 4 basic drives as human beings. Kids discover il the parent stops them. her body is exposed and even though it is seen as an innocent activity. If this is something that dad sees as innocent. The first drive is to more towards pleasure. the subculture and the persons.e. curiosity to things that have an inherent a bunch of porn magazines that belonged to my father. the third is to eat and the fourth is to reproduce. ANY Room. the sexual part of her is turned on tremendously more than if she was wearing a uniform.

Prostitution as a Fetish? I was once watching a documentary where a young. protecting the sluts and clearing the streets of underage prostitutes.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs .If one of the only sexual allowances her parents gave her is swimming or being in a swimsuit. Society wants you to believe that prostitution is this horrible sin and only seriously screwed-up women become prostitutes. ANY Room. Anywhere in the WORLD -. brother. When she was 14. He is the alpha male of all alpha males in her world and no other male is more powerful to her Free Audio Homepage male in her sphere. this became a very powerful influence on her sexuality and became a very strong. 12 year old girl was offered a roll of nickels for giving blowjobs to her boyfriend. she started to sell her body on the street corner making hundreds of dollars a day. cousin or teacher than her father will share a place in her mind with them. water degree and father is typically at the root of all female fetishes because he is the ultimate prize. etc. If the times when she was most sexually intimate was when her dad pulled her pants and panties down and spanked her and she was spanked up until 14 and (not harsh enough to cause any severe injuries) than she will more than likely develop a fetish for spanking. therefore causing a swimsuit. She developed into a lifelong prostitute. than her relationship with swimming will become profoundly intense. If she grew up with heavy sexual repression and the only time she was allowed to experience sexuality will set herself up in life to either be a crusader she spends her time as a humanitarian. Why? YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. very addictive sexual allowance for her. so women who are addicted to prostitution usually say that the money is the reason that they sell their bodies on the work at dead strip clubs that generate less money than an employee at Burger King and they refuse to work a regular 9 to 5. like an uncle. Obviously.

A woman pretty much knows what her status is as a k in the looks department. A woman is more likely to prostitute for 20 years than she is to abuse hard drugs for 20 years. I would honestly think that as a guy who wants to seduce Playboy Bunnies that you would see the good and the natural in a woman prostituting her body for cash and pleasure and ultimately. Knowing that this guy only wanted her for her looks and he may have a few affairs in her life. Eventually I will have so much social status of my misand we will get married and have 3 little rascals and live happily ever after YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. They are taught that if they embrace their sexuality freely with whomever they out to the guy with the most supposed to sell their sexuality to just one guy in the form of marriage because one day. and then d not that Playboy Bunny that she used to One of the things that he believes is that women have been dealt a really crappy hand in life. Anywhere in the WORLD -.getting praise for a job well done.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . Seductive Reasoning Paradigm Free Audio Homepage One of my favorite seducers in the world is Johnny Soporno (worthyplayboy. so it she is still ripe and fresh. she is going to lose her greatest asset. ANY Room. you make it very easy for her to live out her dreams of giving and receiving pleasure. All I have to do is toss on some Egg boots and dye my hair blonde and talk with a valley girl accent and low and behold. I am an 8 with a steady stream of hot guys who want to have sex with me. her looks. What Johnny says and I believe in whole-heartedly is that you should treat women as more than just mere possessions. The only reason they make up these Your job as a seducer is to make sure that you make women feel good about the based around sexual exploration.

especially when she sees that I knew the answer to her issue already. I will create chemistry with high levels of women. be part of the solution. you could walk away from the house. you go to his house and you say is it because of something that their parents said? Is it because once before. ANY Room. Anywhere in the WORLD -. When I think of attractive women. spiritual. I want to go on an emotional.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . or you YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room.wants to do just because she is a few inches shorter than the average girl? Well then. not part of the problem. I think winner. but for his own reasons scared? What then? Well. never to return. he got believes that you might be in cahoots with the local bullies? What if he really wants to come out and play. it is usually their background that turns me on. but simultaneous because of prior engagements or arrangements. She is someone taking a ride on ot girl by making that the only reason the results of ALL women being attracted to me) No matter what. The Cognitive Dissonance that Fetishes cause Imagine being a kid your friend is stuck in the house. sexual journey with her. Free Audio Homepage she will respect me as a leader and as an attractive male because I go after what I want and I TRULY have a direction.

When we first started completely comfortable with that side of yourself. she stopped sleeping in the same bed as her father.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . Anywhere in the WORLD -. she will kill herself trying to . she felt turned on by being groped. You either want to kill them or run far. sleeping. sex is our most powerful. Free Audio Homepage At a human beings most primal level. than that same person might prove to be your best friend. far away from them. incest and molestation? Anyways. on the other the ultimate crime out of pure lust and desire for his daughter. Aside from eating. She felt a lot of emotions to that incident. uncontrollable and primal drive and our kinks and quirks are the nucleus of our sexuality. Sex Abuse in Strip Clubs Sex abuse is one of the main reasons that girls in the American sex industry can sometimes be seen as erratic (until they finally get this part of their lives figured out. she told me all about her father and how she hopped in bed with him and how he groped her in his sleep and ever since then. kinks and quirks are the most powerful part of her being. Then on the other hand.m on their sleeve. If we to the guy who is smart enough to use the seduction material found in this book. if they PROVE to you that they are psychic and you can be a valuable asset in her life. and you have to realize that these fetishes. How did you get to that point? Question: How can you show her that this is a natural part of life and that everyone goes through this love/hate thing with sexual abuse. forbidden thing to his daughter. ANY Room. once you find them. society is telling her that her father is the scum of the earth for doing such a nasty. Young Girl Molested by Father I once met a girl who was molested just once by her father.) It YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. you have to dig for them. If we display our knowledge of her deepest desires too to you and ratting off your credit card numbers. fleeing or fighting danger. Very confusing emotions that must be resolved and if they go unresolved. that was intensified would rarely admit it. But.

she can trust you because you have earned her respect and when she respects you. Society has such a huge effect on who we become as people that when we follow group. By recognizing places that she is stuck in her emotional cycles and by you completing the cycle into alpha-malehood yourself. but if it goes unsolved.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . Therefore. America AND Afghanistan. fathers would fuck daughters and there When a woman hates the fact that she was by molested by her father (or she wishes that she was) but dates guys that remind her of her molester. as her new father. Free Audio Homepage get stir crazy and those biological needs have to be satisfied. in Afghanistan.may take a woman a few years. you want to be able to act on your biological instinct. Anywhere in the WORLD -. Mothers would fuck sons. Emotional Molestation: Fucked by Family Without the rules of society. ANY Room. a lifetime to figure this part of her life out. is it possible? (OR you could always make your own goddamned value system up. she is saying to herself that she hates that she loves that she was molested. women feeling like shit after having sex with some guy. your girlfriend is going to drive you insane with all of the back and forth and you will get nothing in return. they have opposite values to American values. But once that is satisfied.e. Imagine a child running the household instead of the parent. she will be eternally grateful. she sees you as an authority.) YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. the decisions that she makes is no better than a and if you are pussywhipped. an alpha male to understand and handle a emotions because a lot of times. she hates that she loves her boyfriend who reminds her of these times in her life. it takes a strong man. then after they are. Your job is to please both places. (or fantasizes that she was) i. they feel guilty. Imagine this: In America. women would fuck any random guy and vice versa. We would all be happy. You. than she will be eternally miserable and when she finally does figure it out. hence. the nucleus of her sexual world are going to help her to complete broken cycles in her life that would prevent her from being as sexually free and openly needing you as she could possibly be in her life. there is one set of values.

Perception of Authority Free Audio Homepage u YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . their actions can easily cause a doubt inside of me and for that moment. I could always masturbated to thoughts of her dad (which she probably is. they all do. really a blessing to have the freedom to make up your own rules. To blur the lines is the most important part of seducing a woman into behavioral change. the lines are now blurred.With all of the confusion that women feel in regards to sex. Blurry Lines for Everybody Blurry lines and boundaries is one of the reasons that people have a problem g (even if they recognize they are. Just because the only way that my female friend can come is thinking about the time that rules. blurry lines is what makes hypnosis work. she can forgive her dad and accept that it makes her horn make her boyfriend come real hard and live the life that she deserves. If I have someone that I look up to and they change and adjust their direction.) Sometimes the lines are so know frankly. Anywhere in the WORLD -. like her dad would do thinking about a probability of something like that happening up 1000%. Just because you pretend your girlfriend is your 14 year her less) so ejaculate more intensely. but either way. Name one president inton. ANY Room. uninhibited by societies rigid standards that no one follows in their own mind. I could figure out my confusion or I could stay the same out of habit. If I wanted to make a girl think that there was a possibility that her dad masturbated to thoughts of her. encourage her to live hers. Just think what someone quick and dirty.

live in the house of a multi- Free Audio Homepage YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. ANY Room. gave her food.Amazing Study The was a study conducted where they took 3 groups of men and 3 groups of women with 100 people in each group and asked them this question: Who wants to have halfpriced parking. teachers) caused her opinions to shift in their direction. etc. Wha her 4 drives as possible care of her deepest feelings deeper and better than playing the role of her father. a handful of women and a few guys dropped out. 5 voted that they were lightly opposed and the other 5 had no comment. 5 teachers voted heavily opposed to the plan and 5 voted lightly. and protected sexuality by sitting on his knee and gyrating. etc. just a handful of guys dropped out. making millions taste the fruits of success for just a moment. Group b had 10 teachers vote.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . group a.e. Now think about what type of authority you would have over her life if the role very quietly and confidently. The men and women were separated into 3 groups. group b and group c (men and women were separate during the study. Group c. OVER 50% OF -PRICED PARKING while in group c. He provided shelter. Anywhere in the WORLD -. even though anyone with a brain have to but the alphas in the environment (i. same room. In group b. a tuition cap for 5 years and have the gymnasium open for 5 extra hours a day. while people could be working for themselves. In group c. Every day. Live the life of a multi-millionaire. The men and women in group a all voted in favor of the new plan for half-priced parking. -price for their parking and the next 5 years of school.) Group A was the control group with no teachers.

Now. You are a safe haven for her to be anyone she wants to be. have 10. quirks ff on her.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . l typically lead into her other give a woman room to have had enjoyed her sexual past.000 dollar shopping sprees. little tidbits about female behavior. Once they taste lear path for her to accomplish what she her sexual issues. A woman has the right to sleep with whomever she wants to. even if she wants to pretend the judgmental enemy . ANY Room. how do you use them? YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. She feels that at the core of her being. You know all of these dirty. no matter how horrible or dirty with your complete consent. You know that the odds of them having their first orgasm with a girl or a relative of hers are a lot higher. You know that women all have crushes on their dads coming up. than she is a lot more likely to want to hang out in my circle. Seductive Language Patterns fantasy for women. Anywhere in the WORLD -. which allows her to achieve the security and sexual freedom that she always wanted and never got in other environments. they probably had it bouncing on a swing or sliding down some pole. including her dad and my friends and the lifestyle that I live all support these concepts that are foreign to most people.can lease any car under the sun. If I know that she wants to be appreciated for the woman that she is and that she deserves to sleep around with lots of guys. You know that because a lot of girls have their first independent orgasm at around 6 years old.

To a person outside of about the park to her but to you. you know all these neat facts about human sexuality. Anywhere in the WORLD -. YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. dealing with. rubbing and stroking them attack or suddenly looks worried. ANY Room. Free Audio Homepage probably was trying to get off sexually on anything and everything as a kid and she had to chance that her mom was very dominant and her dad was very submissive. Her mom never makes a big deal about it.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . from sex to success and he always gives her kick-ass advice. Her and her dad are best friends and talk about everything. laser beam sort of way. She will to see wrong. There is a head cheerleader who has a dad who walks around the house in boxer briefs while his penis is half need a 500 page manual to speak seductively to women. So much as mentioning a pole and her as a kid in the same sentence have about a 60% hit rate that it has a lot of sexual connections in her mind. All you need is right here at your fingertips. To do so would screw up her squeaky clean reputation. but 1 of those girls was molested and she has never told anyone. the chance that she masturbated with a pillow between her legs at a young age are pretty high. so you can build these pathways leading to some pretty interesting places in her mind. so that you can seduce her in a very focused. eyes. All of her friends have a crush on her dad. You know that women very commonly masturbate at a young age with pillows.

and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . then a grope. Free Audio Homepage hand job and a blowjob. If she so much as lets me touch her ass. Today. Some daughter seduces her father into taking her sexually or vice versa. How to Uncover Her Secret Fetish Finding out what a woman s fetishes are is fairly easy and makes great for great guessing game. I remember I was scared shitless of this fantasy at one point of my life. I was a little apprehensive about the whole thing. who was a high class call girl tricked me into participating in the fantasy with her. but the moment I grabbed at that little schoolgirls stockings. as I seduce women. It usually starts out with a kiss. She tossed on her little plaid skirt and white blouse and while she went down on me. What if she shared a room with a brother? Then y might think. I came a gallon of come. th permission to padlock her mind. I start in with the daddy stuff. I start in on the daddy thing. it is a very easy-to-like fantasy. Anywhere in the WORLD -. In American society. she started talking about her ex-boyfriend and how he wanted to have a baby with her. (even though I like it) until my girlfriend. just to molest her and turn her into a sex slave. the moment I start to kiss her or even so much as sexually escalate past zone. Starts out as a whisper.How to Gently Introduce the Father/Daughter Fantasy to Your Partner An all-time favorite and my personal favorite. ANY Room. If 60% of Americans have committed some act of incest and the little sister in a house filled with older brothers in the middle of Alabama find that her having an incestual relationship just raised by 500 percent. it is very common for women to be more protective about their bodies than they are their minds. Her personal combination pretty much guarantees incestual relationships. YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room.

the likelihood that you can throw more sexual innuendo into your game increases dramatically with a girl like her. If she was molested by a family member or had an incestual relationship with a family member. ANY Room. a lot of her early sexual experiences were vicarious. she is quite likely to seek out adults who are known to be sexually about finding out what are and coming up. So. shady past is Free Audio Homepage probably more likely to try to seduce a coach. since she has played this position all of her life and she is very good at it. He let her do and say anything she wanted to and he always let her sit on his lap the possibility that she had YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. th occurrence. If at dance class. she she would have a crush on any straight male in the vicinity.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . . as long as you can play innocent until right before or after you kiss her and things really heat up. Most of her fantasies probably developed around some adult that was an authority figure over her. If she is a highly sexual girl. If she was allowed high levels of sexual allowance as a child and because of many churches reputed. she would probably have a subconscious desire to wear revealing clothing in public. If her parents were strict and her uncle was so nice to her. Anywhere in the WORLD -.If you discover that a girl is very sexually charged and super hypersexual than she was probably allowed to express her sexuality in a very robust way at a very young age and probably had a crapload of sexual experiences with people who were in her but more than likely. it was probably ignored. even if she the position that she played when she was a kid . teacher or church official. hanging out with a brother or sister around the same age than they would spend at a neighbors or relatives house and if the parents ever let the kids hang out with each other with no intrusion. If she has a religious background than more than likely. hushed or ignored. furthermore. it was with family because kids under 12 are going to spend more time around the house.

Anywhere in the WORLD -. whether she wants to feel this way or not. I remember when I was a kid. she is. She has to listen to her father because it is what good daughters do and if her dad says that sitting on his lap is okay than it is. Only a girl who swims all the time can fully appreciate the pull of a swimsuit tugging rapidly at her lady parts. I have grown up with the knowledge that I had perverted me into my adulthood. my dad had tons and tons of porn. Few hundred magazines and a few hundred vhs tapes when I was growing up. In order for some random guy to have this sort of power over his girlfriend. for she has probably had Free Audio Homepage many orgasms because of this. Her parents and how she was arms because he was the only one who really entire life AND could make her hot sexually. It is at the core of her sexuality and if going to become more attractive to her than you and vice versa. So you making any type of innuendo about pulling and tugging is going to be a real turn-on for her.his first orgasm on his lap increases dramatically. The more that you understand her. E anything sexual that was still an environment where she could be making that environment one of her few sexual escapes. the deeper that you can dig into her psyche and the more that you can manipulate the situation at hand to your advantage. If she dresses in excessively feminine clothing almost little girl than she probably had someone baby the shit out of her and he made her feel sexually adequate.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . Whether she wants to have this go through her mind or not. as an adult. now. ANY Room. Most girls have a very heavy desire to be submissive for the simple fact that in the American societ has to watch herself around her father. he is going to have to condition her to YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room.

piece after piece. I reveal some of the most innovative. As long as she appreciates these gifts. it came to me. ANY Room. you can dote on her and make her feel like a little girl who is appreciated more than anyone in the world. right? How would she like it if some girl took her urn? Part II: Perception Manipulation Toolkit The brainwashing. Free Audio Homepage and he told me that the kink stuff that I write is really good and that I should continue down that path. There are many rewards you can give a good girlfriend.s is best going to benefit her and is in her best interest. brainwashing and hypnosis techniques so that you can better understand how to condition her to open up to you their inner-most secrets. but the because she has to understand that she has to respect you. The next day.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . so I was already helping women with YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. cutting edge and never-before-discussed-in-the-seduction-community. You respect her. In the material below. she can keep it. I had been studying hypnosis for years. powerful techniques that would be revealed to the public if only someone had the balls to put this stuff out into the open and release it. because of it. you can give her the keys to your apartment. hypnosis and the ability to read this book an emotionally evolved male who can turn her on to no end. something that creates high levels of vulnerability and rapport in a relationship in very powerful and sensitive places in the mind. I wrote it all down and after that. not to mention that a side effect of using the material I talk about in this book enables you to never run out of things to say. hush hush. Anywhere in the WORLD -. idea after idea. there are a lot of unspoken. Fetish definitely is one of my strongpoints and it is a subject that a lot of seducers are afraid to touch. I started playing deeper into the art of coldher on. Seduction is nothing more than power play. the harder it is to replace the relationship created with her and you will become more of a powerful figure in that girls life. You can give her dinner. The deeper that she goes with you into the forbidden parts of her mind. It all came to me in a dream.

. Anywhere in the WORLD -. If you look at the FBI.. The FBI uses a whole bevy of techniques found on my website and in my products. just a friend into a lover. places and things that you really want to be a part of and make your life literally revolve around seduction. just like our perceptions of our reality. our society. ANY Room. from allowing herself to submit to you to running away and resisting your YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. When the FBI makes a criminal tell on their friends. Is She Socially Awkward? You walk up to a woman and you hang out and converse understand the concepts in this book.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . in addition to the extensive perspective that my good friend Arash Dibazar shared with like a Matthew Mcconaughey movie from a more like the chick from the movie Precious. tell on their best friends and have them thrown in jail for the rest of their lives.of particular fetish material out until recently. Think about it: She goes around judging guys who think incest relationships are okay either caught up in Free Audio Homepage a wave of lust masturbating bridge this gap within her mind ng with the Context There are all of these different parts of her mind telling her to do all of these different things. It important to surround yourself with people. perspective even though I look Hypnosis and Brainwashing: The Tools to Manipulate the Dark Sexual Fantasies in a Our minds are clay. they tend to know how to make people snitch. you want to surround her with the environmental elements that will get her to feel desire so that she does what you want. etc. If a girl into an obedient puddle of lust. Combining the old with the new.

Anywhere in the WORLD -. Self-Loathing or in Denial Over the years of being a seducer. What women hear repeated time and time again.seduction. She pretty much has two options.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . profound effect on our lives. but What Kind? Self-Loving. What you are trying to do is to find a solution to satisfy all of the different parts in her mind and adjust your message according to the context. she could stay away from you or she could submit to the idea that she is a bottle blonde. When you watch a porno. ANY Room. little cult that you are a part of than you can mold her and brainwash her into what you want her to be. they begin to Believe going to think of herself as a bottle blonde. you see women slurping up YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. you start to realize that women are much more sexual than men will ever be. There are no two ways about it. It may take some time and some isolation it is completely possible. ke sexual napalm. there are all of these different parts that act that way for different reasons. without him calling me sexual napalm? Free Audio Homepage She is a Nympho. t act inappropriate at church judgmental her friends are.

Free Audio Homepage Then you feel more guilt. so she enjoy your emotional molestation of her. but then. One of the things that cause the sexual acts that we desire the most is the fact that we are ashamed of them. or masturbate. YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. But. very naughty.... done.. you can't get the idea out of your head. eventually you believe they're all true. making extreme faces. Anywhere in the WORLD -.. so you feel guilty. so you think there's something wrong with you. when you watch a guy in a porno. ANY Room.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . The danger of it all causes your sister to become one of the first things that you think about when you think about sex. uncon her mind. rubbing their entire bodies. swearing something off. but amazing pleasure as a polish a nut to your sister. making faces. But. you build up all of these sick reasons that you want to fuck your sister. when you have sex with a girl. For example: Fucking your sister in real life is very. etc. Some of the symptoms of nymphomania are: Difficulty concentrating (because her mind is filled with sex) Feelings of shame or inadequacy perverted things) Guilt (beca Repeated. he makes a face when he comes and that's it.come by the droves.. then you feel guilty. she indulges whole-heartedly) Repeated... the first thing that pops into my head is your sister. unwanted thoughts (obsession) Sounds like your average woman. but she wants it so bad that in a moment of weakness.. Then. Finished..

I think the most important thing is to make her feel good about and understand her sexuality because her guilt can make her go insane. Everything from animal sex to pretending to be their uncles to their best dad and she's her best friend to dad. though occasionally he gets down on himself. is literally like a genius. Your Girlfriend Just Wants to Be Appreciated Free Audio Homepage YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. easily prove you wrong. He i he can jump 6 feet out of a tree and tumble and roll around.. Women have the same fantasies: I've fantasized about every fantasy under the sun with women..and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . ANY Room. When it comes to perception. literally happy to sad. the list goes on and on.. make her feel better about her life. you might not touch your sister with a 10 foot pole. like Vega from Streetfighter. and calling them nymphos just makes them want it more. Personally... self-loving to self-loathing. for women. Instead of having the mood swings associated with nymphomania. because they're trying so hard not to become one. The Art of Making a Negative a Positive One of my best friends in the galaxy has post-traumatic stress disorder and he hates it. He has anxiety attacks that he compares to mini heart attacks.. I think that if he anything possible. Women are going to enjoy sex. pretty much anything is really possible. Anywhere in the WORLD -. then she gets to sanely make a conscious choice to be a nympho instead of fighting against the current and driving you nuts in the process. e nervous. etc.In real life.

Brainwashing and Seduction Now. but know. But what about the things that you manmade? Since they are all just a construction of man and man only had emotional reasons for naming what they sexuality of your life. She has no idea who she wants to be with. Maybe Paris Hilton is disappointed that so many people hate her for no reason. YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . when she got into show business. which is ickens in the premium product) nutshell.I once met this exotic dancer show biz when she had a beautiful daughter and now (with a body to KILL 4) Somewhere out there. she only did it because she just want to be loved and she s she has to live with her chin high when so many people hate her or how good a person she is to do all of these selfless acts for others without notice. we like to a people feel like gods. there is a confused 17 year old whose parents care nothing about him and all he wants to do is live a successful life and get laid in the process. you have probably heard me talk about how pretty much everything on the earth that is physical has been labeled by man. who she wants to hook up to. she just sort of gets inspired into a certain direction and she goes for what she wants. Anywhere in the WORLD -. ery smart because of it. The Power of Labels in Hypnosis. ANY Room. from age regression (I love to use this with false memory. My several things.

What if she is an animal lover as a kid. there is no definition in life without humans putting a definition on group an aire of superiority. even though she's the hottest girl you've ever seen in your life? YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room.In the world of hypnosis. Anywhere in the WORLD -. the drive to fit in socially is about 65% conscious and 35% unconscious. The drive for sex is a purely subconscious drive.. Free Audio Homepage Think about it. do her odds for bestiality go way up? What if she has an urge that she can't shake. so if she commits a sexual act.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . In a society that is somewhat sexually accepting. ANY Room. invent and this knowledge and study with this angle of being a creator of what is going on in life can greatly improve your chances of getting the women you want and making them feel the ecstasy that you want them to feel in their life. anything is possible for you to create. Or at least 70 percent. Incest. You can do the same with the a randomly. if she grew up in a society where sexual freedom was okay under a certain context. therefore guilt sets in because 2 different parts of her mind has reacted at the same time and her subconscious m superior BUT.. than the level of sexual freedom she was allowed to experiment with is going to lead her into adulthood. Over 20 percent of women have experimented with bestiality. 100% Basically. she is going to feel wrong about it. would she accept it? How can you make her feel that making love with you is a superior act? The Sex Drive vs. if a child is taught overtly and covertly that sex is a very bad thing than that is tied into social drivers. Every girl has done it. the Drive to Fit in Socially The drive to fit in socially is more strongly governed by the conscious mind as opposed to the subconscious mind.

cause I'm into that too. (In most situations) BUT. (lmao) Move Slow or Move Fast The thing about game is that you have to move quickly when the feeling is appropriate..and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . Money doesn't work on rich girls. How can I hint that I know Paris Hilton's little secret and its okay. the flow of energy goes in the direction that you designed it to.Out of 1.. 35% have had a moment with their pets. Pet obsessed. people have their public personas.. Anywhere in the WORLD -.000 10's who are pet enthusiasts. so I either want to work super-fast or passionately sexually exploit her or I want to map her out and brainwash her into a life that she likes better than the one she has. Imagine an elaborate water structure. you are creating the channels in which the water flows. brainwashing a girl is more than half the fun of a sexual relationship. a life where she worships the ground that I walk on. YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. One kiss makes a friend a lover.Imagine some little girl with a puppy that she spends a lot of time with.. You can lay down the rules (covertly) of how you deal with relationships (and if what you have to offer is better than what she's already in. Free Audio Homepage SURE. ANY Room. she may become jealous of your girlfriend or the girls in your past) All you are doing is building different channels with her through your friendship. the going to vanish just because she's Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan This dirt is valuable ammunition to gain sexual rapport with a woman. but most people hate their public persona. Or I think it's hot that you think it's hot.. slow game is great because you are essentially brainwashing them into a better person. One kiss can change everything.. Her being a sexual being anyways who is too young to know that bestiality is wrong is going to cross the line with her pet and the more time she spends with the animal... That is the key to her heart. a happier person. To me. so when she is tempted to pour water into this construction... a hornier person.

(Which over her entire reality hypnotically. passion and caring. the more of an impact you have thoughts. good girl.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . Brainwashing and Seduction into One Some people are just demanding and some people are just pushovers.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------How to Interweave Hypnosis. ANY Room. pleasure and pain. Single Time. love and apathy. Schoolwork. If it s much she enjoys sucking my cock. how she never feels pretty enough. good bragging rights and a good brainwash for a good. you have more of the privilege of brainwashing your woman Free Audio Homepage and you have the privilege get the things that you want out of the relationship as well. The deeper you weave together different emotions. CONTROLLING BRAINWASHER and LOVING GENTLEMEN because she never knows around with you longer and because of that. What if ever we breathe every day? think and what she thinks about cocks? not going to have an effect on who she is YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. Like most Seduction Material Focuses on? Pokémon going to remind her how much she enjoys swallowing me cock. It is so much better when you weave all of the different feelings together. The Bad Boy Wins Every. Are you sure enough to be not sure about the fact that her mind is going to swim in it? These types of stuff is what women call passion and I call a good time. Some people just have a nice car and house. SO. Anywhere in the WORLD -.

Anywhere in the WORLD -. How to Make Women Fall in Love with You Free Audio Homepage According to Zan Perrion (one of my favorite seducers) there is a quick and simple formula to love. Isn't it beautiful making women obsessed with you? Implanting obsession in the DNA of her thoughts for you? It's one thing to have women know a bunch of hypnosis and seduction techniques. how do we use this information to our advantage and make her desire me without physically abusing her? Answer: Things that represent similar circumstances. It might look like you have no objective. Objective is 90 percent of game anyways. ANY Room. 3 groups decided to date (independently of the study) and 2 groups actually got married. but your objective is clear as day. "My girlfriend said that I was very controlling in bed. but I have a feeling that she likes it. She was always afraid that I would spank her. than for some twisted reason.The Objective of Obsession I have an obsession with obsession. anything under the sun. But. like I would just beat her over the head with lust" "My ex did everything I wanted her to." If she has (that stripper has) a history of her going to jail: YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. ulded. like Clay If her last 6 boyfriends physically abused her. Out of the 5 groups. she's attracted to people who physically abuse.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . He talks about this study where random men and women look in eyes and talk for 2 hours and every 30 minutes the other tells the other one something they've never told anyone before. but it's a whole other ball game when you have a very clear objective. What to take from these findings: Eye gazing and deep rapport are at the fundamental core of love and sexual attraction.

I could apply the same extremist mentality that you have to be a good drug dealer to my music.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . secondly. I was a thief and aspiring drug dealer. Anywhere in the WORLD -. it was the equivalant of stealing a few hundred dollars worth of clothes. ANY Room.. well. even prostitutes." This is powerful shit. It is extremely vital because if she has something missing from her mentality. leaving it: Because Sex is something that everyone craves. The trick to it all is transfer of enthusiasm. no strings attached. when I traded in those hats for music. with all of the enemies and forces that pull her away from the sex industry and tell her YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. at least I tried. I remember that as a teen. than You only learn what you discover.. so if you help her and enable her to be a seductive person and are like the Clyde to her Bonnie. and tap into Free Audio Homepage something that is safer as well as extremely sexually charged? How to Brainwash Her into Feeling Beautiful with. I was proud if I got 12 pages of lyrics written down in a day."It's criminal how much progress I'm making with my business" "I'm in a prison of my own making. than she will appreciate it and she will come to you usually before anyone else to pursue a relationship.

sex once a week.s her pimp. Death. bored out of her mind with regular life and she wants to explore how exciting and erotic her life can be. whatever I was doing to myself had built up a hard ridden up and offered me a six-pack and Elvis Costello tickets. white picket fence. job. car every 3 years. ANY Room. She wants She wants to promiscuous on occasion. college. Being real. but after meeting we exchanged lengthy missives full of just my mental state at the time. junior high. Somewhere out there. marriage. not treating them like a piece of meat and showing that you really care about their happiness is the secret to getting a woman to fall in love with you. nosy neighbors. is your only job. kids. Our emails had been standard negotiations before. track homes. to reduce resistance and to make her feel like a million bucks while you make the both of you extremely happy in the interaction. who they tend to look to as a father figure. high. he became more into the friend zone and out of the YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. Free Audio Homepage Even Call Girls Fall in Love He always put the money in an envelope with my name written across it and some kind of little oddity tucked inside: 3D glasses. there is a girl who is strolling on her path of life. a kitschy pamphlet. so when this john started acting like a hipster. authentic and appealing to the desires that women really want to experience. -Confessions of a College Call Girl Blog The call girl who wrote the above paragraph was into hipsters in real life. Anywhere in the WORLD -.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs .

All of us. Anywhere in the WORLD -. This is just the way we are as human beings. they will find evidence of it. The Uncanny Power of Hypnotic Suggestion If I tell you that your nose is g maybe your hairline or some other part of you will start to itch. you take a sleeping pill filled with speed and you go to sleep. I was looking at watches. whether it is or not. I coul easily falling in love with a lot of guys that they sleep with if they just become a friend first.john territory. we will be easily controlled. What do you call a guy that you sleep with and who is a friend? A true friend? A boyfriend. There are studies where they gave the test subject speed and told them it was sleeping pills and they actually went to sleep. just because they knew that I was going to make a common sense point that would make them look bad.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . until I cally. ANY Room. The watch doesn YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. whether it is true or not. including me but truly. The researchers asked you why you did it and you tell them it was because you were really susceptible to the placebo effect? Why blame it on something else? This is one of a fallibility and as long as we have this fallibility where we feel that we always have to be right. Free Audio Homepage Imagine this. I thought it was a Gucci watch. They did a reverse study where they gave the person a sleeping pill and told them it is speed and they got hyperactive. I would probably pay it. imes that a woman blatantly just walked away from me. we are very suggestible. If someone truly believes something is true. it takes an evolved person to go back on something they said. For example. the price that I think its worth is about 800 bucks and if I had the money.

I remember when I got a pair of knock-off Gucci Tennis Shoes online. All of the girls were jocking me, like I was a celebrity, but when I told them they were fake, they have to go. But, as long as people look at the surface and not the deep, they will be easy to they feel about them and why. save follow through with the plan. Knowing that, you might want to put on a different face and play with their sense of reality to further clarify your point to some girls who make misjudgments. How to make EVERY Girl Fall in Love with You

state for people to go into. Me personally, I think the formula for love is: Empathy+entering them into a greater state of mind where they find happiness and ecstasy+vulnerability+sex (sex optional. It works great in the recipe though) you could even use this simplified equation: Friends+Sex=Love

friend on a significant level and that creates a very deep bond because of the bond between you two, the likelihood of her actually getting emotional (like a boyfriend) into

amongst gentlemen who purchase

Free Audio Homepage

prostitutes because they know on a subconscious level, they know the prostitutes fall in love with them on some level.

a common link right there. She has problems and issues and so does he. They have so much in common, it connect with her on a truly emotional level and sleep with her, she would have feelings for him.
YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room, ANY Room, Anywhere in the WORLD -- and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs

zone that this girl loves completely, but just as a friendship and the passionate sex together and label it a romance? Why would an Ex-Pimp be the Perfect Husband to a Wife? First of all, he knows the psychology of a her weaknesses and he knows how to use them to make her a better person and him a better person.

realize this, just like women enjoy the man having the control and holding the reigns in the relationship. Thirdly, he knows what makes her feel good, so if she makes him feel good than he yours) women and knows every trick in the book (almost) when it comes to bullshit that a lot of women like to play against men who will let them. (Because women can have many motives, one could be love, from someone who deserves it; the other could be money, from some sucker stupid enough to give it to her) Everything that a woman does is for a good reason, no matter how stupid and shallow it seems. Even Hitler was trying to do the right thing. In this world, to understand a motives and the drives behind them as well as helping to guide them in the right direction sexually and mentally. People are all filled with some sort of pain and to help them to solve their pain is the ultimate of reward for a person who has got the world on their shoulders.

Free Audio Homepage
You are the understanding one. The ultimate in power comes from being understanding of anything that gets tossed into a relationship, Tolerant and accepting of the good and pushing away the bad. One of the most important things about males who are extremely successful with that -judgmental. They know that women are human beings and they are nothing more, nothing less. Every woman has their strengths
YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room, ANY Room, Anywhere in the WORLD -- and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs

spot them immediately, from dealing with that particular woman with similar mannerisms (hundreds or thousands of times) and they know what to do and what to resistance or the fact that she wants to be with other people. A few minutes later, a relatively cute husky guy showed up in Dockers and a blue buttond have kissed him. Confessions of a College Call Girl Understand who she is at Her Most Intimate Levels When she complains than listen, people all have valid reasons for feeling the ways that they feel and by allowing them to feel that way; you will let them eliminate a little steam. There is a danger to this, for there are women out there who might just try to take advantage of you. I remember when my ex-girlfriend, before we started going out played a serious game e very much, so I told her very politely that I was busy and that I ople at this stage of my life. She decided that I was emotional crack and she followed me, apologizing (and rightfully so) about what she had done, etc. If someone has certain religious beliefs,

yourself and that makes you look a little more cr offering. Imagine a teen girl who is a virgin, but she hears all of her friends talking about the o get curious, they will give their unbiased opinion and eventually because of the enticement and promised pleasure. Be Her Teacher and Her Father

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Romance is one of the most pleasant elements of life, but when someone breaks

YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room, ANY Room, Anywhere in the WORLD -- and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs

you possess the capacity to understand why she broke up with you and it is easy to accept it humbly or it is easy to assist her to recognize you at such an in-depth degree which she can understand when you determine to part from her and consider on a different journey. If they feel like their rolodex is too full and they may possibly look like sluts if they flirt or encounter too a lot of guys. tly ask for this life. particularly supposed to be. ANY Room. Make her feel entitled to be with another guy. YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. some ladies are more graceful concerning handling people than others and most of those girls are Much. merely move on to another and wish them all well because the vast their own life to make their own decisions. You are t a lot. Much. ridiculous survival mechanism. Much more desirable fairly much impossible not to occasionally. So if you leave the door open. Anywhere in the WORLD -. Polar responders have a tendency to do the opposite of what you desire them to do. challenge those notions because she desires you to either a) fall in love with her or b) she desires the flexibility to do what she desires in a relationship.means wants to encounter the opposite sex ever again. one of the best principals that you know I have regarding becoming a seducer is and at the end of the romance. You know I have the policy that you should always leave the doorway to your married simply because most women are going to cheat anyways and they have a tendency to be polar responders. they're more likely to stay with you. frankly. than they may flip you a shitload of resistance. If defenses all the time.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . (Believe before) So.

you need to be with men who are fun and they are great friends with you and non-clingy. If I am in a relationship I am ok for a while but if he cheats. for it's great dating etiquette. Call Girl Carmen Call Girl Carmen. She now feels good about picking and making her own sexual choices. non-judgmental types. picking fights with your lover. There is nothing wrong with you. Free Audio Homepage Letter from Fan Dear Miami. lie or even make me mad i will use that as my reason to have sex with someone else. Sincerely. ANY Room. It's what gentlemen seducers are supposed to do. I have had one night stands with recently got out of a relationship with a married man that had no intentions of being with me that lasted for 2 years. not really. Anywhere in the WORLD -. (Similar to the guy she stuck in the relationship with for 2 years. I have just solved this problem. You probably sabotage your relationships intentionally. Unlike other smallminded people. so that you could get away from them to sleep with someone else. I am a 27 year old female who has over 60 partners since I was 13.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . the next thing is to continue to reinforce her new mindset and Hypnotist Teases Girls with Cock Did you know that if I take a girl to a very open-air place where there is plenty of YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. I will not judge you for that harshly because you actually tried to be in need because it is impossible.The dating tip of the year is to make women feel better as you've left them than when you found them.) Someone who can appreciate you for the quirks that real people who are self-realized have. You crave the attention of lots of guys.

One of the things that I really get into on the product is all of the little pieces of details that most people overlook that could have a huge part of tipping the scales at her sayi -open spaces. that they might not pick up on a conscious level that will have a huge impact on what and who they become as well as how they act. Stories are the very root of the reasons that we are the way we are the way we are. Free Audio Homepage You can also have a similar effect on her psyche by playing with her sub modalities. you are conveying a message to them and their subconscious mind. Anywhere in the WORLD -. If you tell a story that is laced with sex than you will usually get that movie. Right now. they get swept away in the story. she might as well enjoy it. How many subtle things does that story imply? YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. once. like looking out at the universe remind her of your cock? Storytelling is Great for Age Regression Storytelling is one of the most important parts of seducing women. You have to be a good storyteller because a story contains (or can contain) literally hundreds of persuasion tips and tricks utilized and in telling them this story.woman is more likely to pay less attention to all of the little details and more attention the rest of her life suddenly disappears and she starts to feel more comfortable with making sure that she gets the pleasures out of life that she truly deserves.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . More on that subject in another article. Stories move people in many ways all the time. you need to start creating a deserted island for your girlfriend over there. ANY Room. I had to adjust the price that I was going to sell the product for from 996 to 1496. cutting-edge material that I could incorporate into this premium product and I ran across some new data and facts about storytelling that are so sick.

-most I want you to take a very thorough and honest look at feminism and feminists today promiscuous sex.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . Incest is the base of all fetishes. behave. if not all o Free Audio Homepage You.orytelling in the premium product and this stuff will blow your mind. she would be outcaste to do as a woman. act and interact with others. they are bound to be impacted by it. If you use a successful seduction technique from the likes of someone who was seduced into the act than your seduction will typically hold more of an impact. sadder worl desires. typically. you are going to YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. Anywhere in the WORLD -. Today. especially with story because it bypasses most. If you play on her incestual desires. Part III: Is Conversational Covert Incest the Perfect Seduction? Here are some real life scenarios that men and women face on some level each day. on the other hand will only bring people into your life that are going to be acceptant of your chosen lifestyle as you will also be acceptant of yourself. Whether they get super-resistant to your new seductive lifestyle or they fall right into it. hypnotized by the effects of it. t turned on my any of this q and a. you can imagine that your girlfriend is probably feels a similar way although she may be afraid to express such a thing. if a feminist girl decided to wear skimpy clothing and dote on her boyfriend hand and foot because as a woman with freedom and as a feminist. But metaphors are great and can be used in a variety of ways. ANY Room. super-dramatic change because a lot of this information is going to be in the premium product. Metaphors are a comparison of one situation to another. The more that you are cramming seductive things in your streams of consciousness (and into the minds of others) a change is bound to occur.

The father has the ability to groom his daughter pretty much any way that he wants to be. waiting on you hand and foot and pleasing you whenever you want it. Anywhere in the WORLD -. ANY Room. Imagine this: You are a girl and you have a sister. Your job is to mend any part of her decisionacceptance and approval that if she was relationships that she is better off than if she . a girl who never was able to get very close to her father is going to be more standoffish and more of a battle-ax typically. especially if she has unresolved issues with her dad.obsession with incest.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . I their fathers. So sure. fathering ultimately to a sexual level and if YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. . where they are allowed to be close. she is going to crave a relationship with a father figure. While your sister gets showered with of encyclopedias. On the flip side. if she has a halfway emotionally incestual relationship with a father figure than is she Somewhere along the lines. So. you make more money than your sister. etc. She will usually get stuck into an infantile state. cleaning house. submissive woman who melts in your lap and feels amazing about cooking dinner. but he has set very clear cut that Free Audio Homepage constructed in her mind as sexual. but it never really needy.

those feelings will crop up (see Electra Complex) but how the father handles that closeness is the difference between the sweetest girl that you ever met and the most disgusting b than others. in detail. ANY Room. so now she trusts you to dance with you. There are girls out there who think that dancing with their dad is gross but then there are girls who danc also girls who have been negatively brainwashed by society who are starting to question the world around them. but to truly know human behavior is to know that EVERY GIRL has gone through this complex in her life in one form or that EVER or at least. For the daughter. Free Audio Homepage As a man. is always right and that she will love unconditionally. If I were to tell you the types of relationship some girl had with her father or that I knew exactly. mind readers. there is a sliding scale relationship that happens between a father and his of the world and she is forced to spend a lot of time with her dad. Anywhere in the WORLD -.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs .this fact than you will have some of the best lovemaking and emotional dominance here to take care of her. money and energy into someone who is only going to make you feel bad for interacting with her from the point of a father who is looked up to. you have to give her piece by piece. YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. just by looking at her. a great deal more stuff into her lap all at one time. but they see that you will accept her for her most natural inclinations regardless what anyone says and that she can depend on you. Ultimately. most girls would freak. deep relationship with her and invest your time. there is no feeling greater than to be loved unconditionally. How YOU conduct yourself in your interactions with her is going to just another guy with material goods that she can mooch off of.

like covert incest is like a computer virus.maybe they do weird stuff over there.. so just because a interest in the same behaviors that you exhibit shat she dislikes when she meets you.. never had or give her more of what she loves but now lacks because she is an adult... you have infected her mind with the truth without being so specific that you send off all of these alarms. A lot of times women harbor similar patterns in her relationships.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . Anywhere in the WORLD -.. the abuse wishes that she or little her parents talked to her about these things when she was growing up.. she could fully embrace her sexual thoughts or she could run from Free Audio Homepage them and when she is tired of running. Celeste My friend gave her dad a lap dance. then the activating chip and voila. one program might have another website sneaks in and other component and somewhere else sneaks in another. indulge in her thoughts. It might take you a week feels 50% better about her life.. YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room..Covert Hypnosis. all the while loathing herself for doing you think it's really bad? She is from Europe. ANY that bad? My best friend is 16 and she gave her dad a lap dance for his 50th birthday.

the daughter feels that her giving her father a lap dance is perfectly okay. for they can talk about anything. The key is: She is in his domain. petite blonde who gives her father. She is a pretty. Secondly. the young lap dancing girl is on the phone with her father telling him about the horrible girl who thinks she has something wrong with her. It is your responsibility to create a similar domain for your women so that she can allow her natural emotions flow through the channels that you set up in your domain and as long as she is in your domain. an overweight. You as a seducer have to realize that the most powerful weapon in your arsenal is that YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. her father runs the relationship. she would feel differently.. As with the most successful relationships. ANY Room. Thirdly. but the public scrutiny that one receives for having such a relationship. she will abide by your channels. Anywhere in the WORLD -. she only thinks she does. If she was brought up in a Middle American suburb. captain of industry type a lap dance. which are more tolerant of her deepest . It tends not to be the molestation that causes the pain. her father has a really good relationship with his daughter and they are very close..I was talking to her about it because I was shocked and disgusted and she just told me that he was totally turned on by her and started to ejaculate everywhere. she trusts and loves and is COMPLETELY SAFE in his domain. The Pick Up Artist: Frankly. having commanded and maintained a high level of respect from his daughter all of these Free Audio Homepage wrong. there is a strong polar element to her relationship. There are 3 things that you can read from her nonchalant attitude towards her father: First off. Her dad. either she lived in the middle of nowhere and most of her interactions were with her father. the one extreme tends to look to the other for support and advice. While her friend is freaking out about her lap dance with her dad.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . He has the perfect philosophy for his daughter that soothes any scars that her friend could cause by embarrassing her. like her friend. When there is a strong dichotomy in a can I make her see that what she did was tottaly wrong and nasty? Miami.

For brother and sister. I mean. Alot of the things we said could easily be interpreted as flirting. saying things like "I better get my bra on before you start drooling" or. We were also pretty comfortable around each other sexually. She seemed to be happy I was looking at her body. and you'd let me" Then she surprised me by saying "Maybe" I don't think she was kidding. swearing that I had Free Audio Homepage been looking at her necklace. Eventually what will happen is what always happens. The dynamics in this type of relationship with a father is quite rare. Like last month. It was just the two of us. Hell. But looking back. your sweet. and all the time.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . when were changing. we could change change together. And she kept teasing me. we were often around each other shirtless. "You know you want to feel them!" When she said that. We've always hung out a lot. my twin sister Mia and I are super close. lived in the suburbs Nemo and Mia We strayed into incest! Help!? Ok so. I sarcastically said "Oh yeah. no problem. she gets curious about the leader and since she is her submissiveness and as she submits he is allowed to make her feel like the most beautiful girl in the world by telling her how precious she is. has 2 kids. That can become very addictive for anyone who wishes to feel important. YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. Anywhere in the WORLD -.(She's always been gifted with big boobs) And I played along. with our heads nudging each other. ANY Room. she is going to have to abide by your rules and parameters. accepting domain and if she wants to continue to exist in it. she teasingly told me that if I gaped at her boobs much longer. cushy. When we went swimming. but lately we've gotten even closer. we sit next to each other really close. now that I think about it. we hugged in bathing suits. our times together seem a lot like dates. We stare or anything but it's not like we had to cover our eyes. my mouth would catch flies. no problem. works for x company. She is the type of girl who will either talk about her father as if he is a god or she will not mention him past a He is a carpenter.domain. and I've always thought that it was just friends.

. I'm not even sure how it really happened. stroking my hair.. going on "dates. and full. Mia told me she loved me. When someone made a joke about it. and giving all the gushy sarcastic compliments "Your soooo dreamy" and things like that. remember how I said I might let you touch my boobs?" I told her I remembered. And. I dunno. so Mom and Dad wouldent ask questions. and warm. the flirty banter. she told me to come downstairs and have breakfast. Like when we're alone she'll act and talk all flirty. and then then Mia said "Hey. and I think I do. ANY Room. asking her to come play was like amazing. So after about 8 minutes of that. but as a lover.. and it felt so nice.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . But now we seem to be even closer! hanging out shirtless. she was sitting in my lap. she's been hinting that she might let me feel her boobs again! Free Audio Homepage YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. and that I should put my pajama bottoms back on. Then she leaned up against me and told me I was free to rub her boobs if I wanted too. but then she leaned in and kissed me full on. But now I know it it's become incest. so then the massage ended. and I wasn't sure how I felt about that. And to top it all off. or the massage. which is what she did." changing together. she was doing the whole fake flirting thing. we were making out on the couch. Mia's friend Rachel texted her.. While I was doing that.. So I did. She'll touch her boobs or bat her eyelashes or whisper in my ear and then kiss my cheek. so I didnt try to stop her from taking off my shirt.Sometimes she "over-flirts" with me but she does so in a way that makes it clearly fake. Anywhere in the WORLD -.. whether or not I liked Mia that way. 3 minutes. I had my suspicions we were straying into incest. she said "So what? Jack is used to me being sexy around him" So yeah. we just looked at each other for a few seconds.. When we pulled apart. Last week. I woke up and she was sucking on my penis! Im not kidding! It felt so f*cking good! When she'd finished.. and then she took off her tank top and bra! I was in a kind of awkward shock. And before I knew what was happening. This passionete kissing continued for. it's all happening more and more often now! And yesterday morning.. Not as a sister. since then. We havent mentioned our kiss. I told her I loved her back. They were really soft.

YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. If we were to continue this. but because the guilt is associated with such a strong pleasure. not to mention the sexual tension that has been building up since they were 3 and 4 The law of nature states that they probably masturbate to thoughts of the other and those are forbidden. If I were to come on to a woman and she were to be freaked me. It involves a girl intent on seducing her widower dad into a 1time breast intercourse.. The story ends with the girl reasoning with her stunned dad that she does not see breast-intercourse as sex or incest.Marie would offer him the same.he feels incest might be wrong..I don't know what to do! Im happier than I've ever been with Mia. Anywhere in the WORLD -. Them spending so much time together also creates a huge bond between them.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . Imagine if you paid 20. there is a deep likeness but then a deep they are the opposite sex. so if I were to return to a slightly less intrusive level of sexuality. His widower status. she has established that she is on your team and on your side. Even down to the furniture location and wallpaper pattern descriptions.which is more likely than not. Final shocker was the characters went by their same first names. Every detail in the story reflected his and Marie's. What should we do? Should my sister become my girlfriend??? Miami. Where did she get fantasies like that? What scares Paul the most is the day. since she forgave you. there is a constant war o innocence about it all. But.000 dollars to go to Harvard University. The ages of the two. It is her fault because she is so sexy and as sure as she finds herself sexy (and convinced) she will forgive you. The fact that it is forbidden causes guilt that they try to push out of their mind. what dad you do. ask? Lmao). she would be not only almost definitely accepting of it but turned on by it as well. His problem? He-like Marie-believes breast-intercourse is NOT SEX. Paul says he had never abused Marie or anything (author: well. the same Paul and Paula My friend Paul discovered a word document on his daughter's computer involving an incest story written by her. taboo. That favor creates a compliance in its self because by doing one for you.. If you suspect that the dean of students is hitting on you.. The Pick Up Artist: First of all. Having that makes the other want to explore the differences between them. we'd have to do it in secret. ANY Room. Paul was shocked to say the least. Then. she has ultimately done you a favor. but it's illegal.

everything that you do is going to be aimed towards happiness. What should he do and how? Free Audio Homepage Miami. where if you followed them all you would either be suspended in time or dead. The Pick Up Artist: This is a great technique that the daughter pulled. besides in the bedroom? Should there be a hard line between wife physical affection and daughter? As it is right now. but if you create the rules yourself. YOUR happiness. surely you will perish. need some advice. we are just humans on a planet. so the sex is wrong causes his head to spin with guilt and lust. Anywhere in the WORLD -. I often feel like a third wheel in my own home. you can get it to the point where she is willing to put a wall between her and society so that she can have a good time. Think about it. She left sexual literature laying around where her dad could get a hold of it. Signed. Sparkles OK. Help. ANY Room. like an adult would. so that she can enjoy herself to the fullest extent. We are on a planet filled with silly rules and if you follow them all. she holds his hand and when we are in public she walks side by side many times holding his hand. When do I get his attention. not the happiness of all the random rule makers in the world. or lay snuggled up with him. A little girl is someone who tries to make everyone happy and an adult creates the boundaries and rules herself and embraces things that she likes. I am grossed out by the type of physical affection they display. I get my husband's loving arms when we go to bed. I see no difference in the way he touches her and the way he touches me. strong sexual feelings about.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . My husband and his 12 year old daughter lay on the couch together every night holding one another. YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. He plays with her hair.Though he says he's HIGHLY horned by this damned discovery of Marie's fantasy. By installing and covertly implying that you are like her father or someone that she had early. you are creating the same incest is completely legal. Her guilt and the position of her being his daughter. BUT. I feel crazed about this situation. She will crawl up in his lap.

and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . she will desire the same high level of attention from him as her father would give. That openness to sexual behavior. We came back in the house and he told me that he was so happy that finally i am a part of his life now. Mariya The first week we spend together. Anywhere in the WORLD -. He showed me everything about this country and we talked a lot. To end this week we went to a bar and drank some of the local drinks. ANY Room. she is very likely to ignore little quirks. When she is sitting in her When her father finally (if ever) tells her that find in the rest of the world again. When she decides that she wants a boyfriend. but she will be a sweet and sexually innocent girl as she goes into dating. When she grows up. The Pick Up Artist: his daughter. for the rest of her life.Sparkles Miami. than she is very likely to ignore a lot of bad things that he might have going for himsel dashing. like an erect penis or something of that nature. I never expected something like this. She is going to expect her boyfriend to be the owner and thoroughly respected in his domain because she will be unable to If her boyfriend can make her feel special and loved to the level that her father has all these years. because he knows how to make them feel special. We couldnt be alone anymore and talked so much untill we fell asleep. I YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. we started kissing. like Free Audio Homepage behavior being rewarded with hours a week in her Girls who are very comfortable taking orders and obeying a male figure. And then it began. she is going to be VERY attached to her father. it felt so good in that moment. Only I felt that there was something wrong? How can I feel like this? Am I crazy? Do I need to go to a mental hospital? Because I felt like I needed him. romantic guy gets the girls.

I love being with him. the more of an seduce this girl who associates the very core of her sexuality with this man. and that there is nothing wrong with that. Mariposa First. but not like this.. The Pick Up Artist: This father of hers has established that he is the dominant male but at the same time. I also started to sleep in his bed. Only now it wasnt only kissing. Is this normal? I mean we both want it. I want to link myself to her pleasure centers. but in the other hand I feel like i am a freak. What can I do to make these bad feelings stop? Does anyone have experience in this or maybe some advise? Free Audio Homepage Thanx. I need to explain a little background. ANY Room. I went to my room and after a while he came in and explained that we must have missed eachother so much. Hernán is my eldest. Anywhere in the WORLD -. because she has all of these good feelings as well as the core of her lust and desire invested and tied up in him. than the closer that I tie myself to his memory and give her the closeness that she craves from one human to the next. The more she thought about him. t to say.. then I would more to the next person in her family that gave her the attention that her young body craved as she was growing up. and that we expressed that in kissing. my son Hernán and my daughter Rosa are only half-siblings. The next day we started talking again and it went further again. Now suppose she was brutally raped by her father or I sensed something was wrong with the situation because she had a deep sense of worry and concern on her face when I mention him. I had him with my first husband when I still lived YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. but I am in love with my dad. he likes to have a good time and do the things that she likes to do. Social pleasure centers are weak compared to lust pleasure centers. so no-one can tell us what to do right? In one way I feel so happy now. Hugs. for the rest of her life.knew that we might be close.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . Mariya Miami. She could completely drop off the grid and survive. Everything went so fast! It is so strange. Although It feels strange. it would be a hell of a lot better for her to do that in HER OWN mind than it would be for her to never masturbate or feel any sexual pleasure ever again. She has lots and lots of background with her father.

rubs it. He loves her to death though. ANY Room. and besides. He obviously made her feel very safe and secure. Rosa is my youngest. she gets lucky all the time. good luck happens. and Rosa's father died when she was only 1. she gets her needs met. and she's still calling him that. so there's no reason for her to continue to call him that. I thought it was a little inappropriate. but I really think it isn't appropriate anymore. I praise her. but I didn't mind it too much. but from a very dominant standpoint. my son can be a little obsessive. Free Audio Homepage Maybe I'm making a big deal out of it. Rosa used to call him 'brother'. but around the time she turned 8 Hernán told her she could call him 'father' if she wanted to. The Pick Up Artist: There is a deep bond between the two because he is stuck in parts of her mind where no other person has gone before. like a little girl looks at her father than she is going to come to me when s YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. no matter what the world Spain (that's where we come from). should I act? If so. considering how much he hated my second husband. I had her with my second husband after I moved to the US. and so she's been calling him father ever since. Even I was surprised how close Hérnan grew to her. and she worships him. and he's 32). Anywhere in the WORLD -. That feeling mixed with the new places suggestions that when she follows them. how? Miami. Rosa was just a little girl. She's been calling him that for 8 years (she's 16 now. You can cause a similar depth by giving a girl knowledge in her life that is so powerful that it shapes her. Herman is 16 years older than Rosa. no matter what her friends and family says. so he was like a father to her growing up. where she is looking at me. The worst part is that he seems to deride some sort of pleasure from it. If he gives her something that she wants every time she If I tell my girl that I l -minded and embraces new experiences with me and no one else is telling her that. But now she is older. it isn't cute anymore and Hernán is not her father. whenever she rubs this magic lamp.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . Something good happens to her.

exactly Anne Is it inappropriate for adult women to sit on their fathers lap? There was a question like this here. By doing this.. The Pick Up Artist: The closer a girl is to her daddy in that way. I would best frie father Free Audio Homepage and I was molesting her. except on teenage girls. What do you guys think of that? Is it inappropriate or just an expression of love? Is there an age where a women should stop sitting in her lap? Some of these women were even married with kids BTW. Even though this seemingly naïve girl sits on her lap. Maybe she had a sister that the father was closer to than her. I remember when I was with one of my girlfriends and we would have sex. ANY Room. until you. as an alpha male can prove otherwise.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . she will defend her man similarly to the way that she defends her relationship with her dad.. what it caused is a secret relationship that she she sees the world as sort of a war zone. that she has. Miami. she is extremely strong or she is extremely secluded from the rest of the world and her father is solely responsible for that. You will have quite a prosperous sex life if you treat a girl who has these that secretly wish they had. Some women who were in their late twenties and even in their thirties said that they still sat on their fathers lap. the closer that she was sexually abused or victim of covert incest. father verbally abused you because secretly he wanted to keep a distance between YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. Either way. Anywhere in the WORLD -. she probably abhors this type of father/daughter relationship and it is your f it.

He Free Audio Homepage can't take me out on a nice date without complaining about the expenses. ANY Room. Honestly people. and he can't buy his son a pair of socks.Is this Covert Incest? Is this relationship between dad & daughter abnormal when Dad treats daughter better than everyone else in the family no matter what? Is it okay for a divorced man to take his 15 yr. Happy with herself. and coach bags? Does she have a job? He won't buy a video game for his son. Basically the maternal mother is jealous of the daughter so he compensates for and him because being too close to a beautiful girl like you might be his do father as well. skin care products for her to the most expensive clothes. This started as soon as she got her period. what 12 year old girl needs $20 razor blades or $30 shampoo? What 13 year old needs Juicy Couture. and then says he has no money to go to the movies or away with me on a weekend he doesn't have his kids. It seems to be a bit out of control to me though and I need help with this.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . anything less is a crappy way of thinking Coleen Troubling Father Daughter Relationship . Anywhere in the WORLD -. old daughter to an expensive dinner every weekend especially when he is always complaining about his finances? My boyfriend has a daughter from his previous marriage and he says her mother doesn't treat her well. but he takes the daughter out for an expensive steak dinner every weekend he has her because otherwise she will YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. Suppose she were to go back to him looking for a deeper relationship beautiful and sweet. His son get cologne but the daughter can have everything she wants. but every time we stop at CVS the daughter leaves with an additional $25 worth of beauty products or hair accessories. $150 Uggs. He is constantly complaining about spending money but he will buy the most expensive everything for his daughter from shampoo.

as well as when he yells at everyone else (his son. Miami. What little girl where thongs and gets their dad to buy them $50 push up bras? Have I lost my mind. The Pick Up Artist: The father is creating a huge brick wall of addiction for her and she is going to crave it when she leaves the nest. and popularity and how great she is. She is a deep attention-seeker and will probably Homepage YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room.pout and throw a tantrum. He boasts about her beauty. He is basically teaching his daugther how to use men. Anytime she throws a tantrum he lets her without any kind of punishment and anyone who points out the bad message this send out ends up getting punished instead. How do I get him to understand how this is desrtuctive not only to our relationship but also to the reltionships both his son and daugther will end up in as they grow older. ANY Room. and then he ignores or blocks her mean acts towards others and her tantrums with him. and myself) for trouble she causes. but just disciplined and fed out with her daugther's manipulation! Sorry this is so long but I need help. I mean honestly.but he refuses to see she is happy because she manipulates him to get whatever she wants. I don't want to argue with him. I am uncomfortable whenever she is sitting on him and sprawling on him. but I guess I want to know if I have lost my mind.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . how she is happy all of the time . and he follows. He shares his personal life with her and what is going on in her brother's and he lets her decide what is best for her brother and they are only a year apart. She won't go to the movies with her dad and brother because it is embarassing for her friends to see her with her dad and brother and they have to go to another town when the dad wants to take the kids for a movie. Anywhere in the WORLD -. and his son is conflicted as he sees his sister get everything while his father acts as if I am a rug. Should I jump ship and run for a life boat or what I can do to help him understand that this behavior is affecting our relationship and pushing me away. I am beginning to think that this stuff about her mother is completely made up and the maternal mother is not really even jeaalous at all. but she feels okay going to an expensive dinner every weekend. or am I completely out of touch? I grew up with a mom and dad in the same home and a brother and none of this crap ever happened in my house! He acts as if his daugther is his partner and we all have to abide by her rules or pay the consequences.

if I di her the attention. The relationships that she has with other women will probably be shallow because the wall that her dad built around her life is so huge. in the middle of the night to molest me. More than likely. simply for the fact that her father was extremely exclusive with the attention that he doled out. quite as he pulled down the blankets and pulled up my night this was normal behavior for an 8 year old. like sex and obedience is a handle the fact that she is a sexual being and she wants to deny her self-worth as a woman to the world in exchange for a very shallow acceptance than let her know that she has that option. At the same time. ANY Room. You can build up another wall and help her to dissolve the other one. but if I could show her that there is LITERALLY more to life than material goods and that is to be treasured (in so many words) than I will have her attention. I am going to feel good Free Audio Homepage YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. My father and mother owned their own business that called for long hours. she will seek the attention of guys who can shower her with money. Owing the business allowed my dad to get drunk off beer every day. Anywhere in the WORLD -. Frankly. He kept saying quite.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . there is no way that any man who is financially successful is ever going to satisfy this girl with just his finances without being a complete chump. I would always be welcomed in his lap when he returned home from a 12 hour work day. Pearl Although my father was an alcoholic he was the best dad in the world. Miami. but you like and appreciate the fact that she cares for you and it makes you want to care for her too. this was just another way to show him how much. I remember the smell of alcohol on his breath. but you definitely want to allow for flexibility between the both. You never want to tear down the wall that her daddy built for her.end up craving lots of attention from lots of guys or hang out with a lot of guys. The Pick Up Artist: make an action and they tell me that I am important for taking that action. The main thing that I feel would work for her is showing her that her favorable behavior. ucer. She will probably feel left out if a guy treats everyone equal. she would be curious about me. I loved my dad.

his wife accepted that this behavior was going on with her daughter and because she was praised by the whole world for being her little girl. have a 16-year-old step-daughter who does not live in our state (she's with her mother) but visits fairly regularly. you are solid and steadfast in your beliefs. and wiggled that very part of her anatomy at him. That is one of the great benefits of being an alpha male. Most people think that being being confident in living your life the way that you desire and whether people believe in your way or not. Her dad could a person is aware of the social ramifications of this types of behavior that they start to feel the trauma of the situation and the more control you have over the society. strange that a father would be comfortable with his teen daughter pressed body to body with him. ANY Room. bras and bikinis. bent over. A recent holiday gift request--that he fulfilled--was a Victoria's Secret order for thongs. she displayed how much she was proud of her dad and that meant more to her than making herself look bad by making a fuss about the situation. but to me. the more that you are going to be seen as being right. Playful. Anywhere in the WORLD -. her breasts pushing into his back. the physical closeness hasn't tempered as I would have expected--just recently she jumped on his back with her arms around his neck and hung onto him as he bent forward some.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . touchy-feely people. Since reaching adolescence. even if I fight it.inside. If being with me means that my girlf male. I am married. she complains to him about her "underdeveloped" derriere. stopped and because of the alpha male status of her husband. She had a very deep relationship with her dad. Other examples: she talked about her increased bra size to him during a holiday dinner. She has always been very close to her dad--they are both affectionate. Jolene I need another perspective on a situation that has been bothering me. I'm all for a warm. and once she even walked past him in her pj's. close father-daughter relationship. but this YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room.

anything goes thing between them is bothering me. I think the only person he should be buying underwear for (of that kind) is his wife--let mom handle her underwear requests. old is "overly" sexual. what is going on? And will it go away? My daughter was living with her dad last year. She always puts little tight tank tops and short shorts on when YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. I had a very close. Because of her background.freewheeling. and I saw a keyword that caught my attention. The Pick Up Artist: Basically what you have here is a dad who is comfortable with his daughters developing sexuality. expecting him to buy her sexy underwear. I didn't know this until after she was here for a week (she was typing openly about it on our family computer. wonderful relationship with my dad. these nice things for her than she will continue to have a friend in a place that for most women is just unexplored terrain. she's just too old to be climbing all over her dad. and came to live with me this year. I'm want to know what my child is doing. Anywhere in the WORLD -. absent this kind of interacting). uncharted waters of sexuality for her to explore. Her dad never laid down any hardcore rules about the b part of her life. Miami. ANY Room. Kathy My 15 yr. Any thoughts? Free Audio Homepage Am I out of line in my thinking or what? (By the way. If she grew up very sensually in-tune going to be quite attracted to people in-tune with her sexuality.) Now I've caught her wearing a skirt that is short and meant to be worn with leggings to school. or discussing her physical development with him. she is going to be unsatisfied with the guys of the world. without leggings. yes. Over the summer she lost her virginity (while living with father). Who sees life as she sees it of can give her new. so I read it over her shoulder. her sexual experience level is going to be a lot higher than most girls as well as her sexual tolerance.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . To me. Until she can find a guy with the balls to be as sexually forward with her as she asks.

going to have a very hard time going backwards. She goes. "That guy is staring at us. The Pick Up Artist: What you have here is probably the same reason the father is cool and a mother whose own father very rarely allowed her to express her sexuality. Every time we're at the store. she found out or either he got fed up with the sexual desert that is his wife and he up and left her. about anything except sex? Miami. and has a little smile on her face. I'm embarrassed to even take her anywhere. loudly.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . "That guy's staring at me" comes out of her mouth. who isn't even embarrassed? She doesn't care at all. with a big creepy smile. at least 5 times. She's gives random guys at stores the "f' me eyes". I see out of the corner of my eye she's still staring at him. Today. masturbated to fantasies of for dad. So I turn back forward and tell her to stop staring. and she'll prance around my husband and bat her eyelashes at him. I would make her feel good about being naughty when she was with me. because they were able to express their feelings very eloquently while other guys treated their wives like property. YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room.she gets home from school. ANY Room. If I were to hit on a woman with a very limited sex drive and she cared what others thought. then starts bragging about it. s then feel gui wrong while her father probably cheated on his daughters mom and. and she's still 'working' that tootsie roll pop. I wanted to throw up! I quickly rolled up my window (tinted). So I turn towards her. The mom probably vowed to hate the guy and be weary of his intentions for the rest of her life. Anywhere in the WORLD -. making her feel better than great seducers like Don Juan did so well with women. we're sitting at a light. she's eating a tootsie roll pop. Free Audio Homepage What the heck has happened to my child? Why is she suddenly this sex machine. in a lewd manner. she's twirling her tongue around her sucker." I look over and he is.

Anywhere in the WORLD -. The Pick Up Artist: She sees an alpha male and she is testing her powers of the father. For Christmas they bought me a nice nightgown that is fairly skimpy at the top but is very long. Since it is winter and colder. I say that you should use the positive as much as you can stand and if you choose to negatively reinforce anything. Imagine going to a strip club and talking to the girl who just seems happy to be there and have the attention of YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. ays wise to intertwine it very deeply with sexuality. But when it is warmer I usually don't wear a robe. This type of girl sounds like a tomboy type. I am very interested in hearing any thoughts and/or experiences from other girls my age or parents with a daughter my age. if you do that than you are ultimately drilling sexuality in with each and every one of the compliments that you grea One of my pet peeves in the seduction community is that they predominantly teach guys that negative reinforcement is the way to go and to use the positive sparingly. I currently usually wear a robe when I am running around the house. April Free Audio Homepage Is it appropriate for an 18 year old girl to wear a small short nightgown around the house without a robe? Am I at an age where I should be concerned about wearing something too revealing around the house in front of my dad now that I'm 18 and no longer a minor? In the past I haven't felt concerned about what my dad saw me wearing. it should be something about shitty wives who never Have a good wife while so many others are full of crap. I am wondering if there might be a message with the robe as a present.well. but I'm getting older and I have started wearing more sexy nightgowns. etc. Thanks. ANY Room. Miami. but they also bought me a nice new very soft robe. so this is just a girl who has grown up without many boundaries and is looking to seduce.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . like how she is special and beautiful. While giving her that rush of approval. My parents have never said anything about what I wear.

He was bouncer her up and down on his "knee" He said that it was because when he sat when her that his penis got smushed to one side and his penis fell out of his boxers and all the blood ran to his penis and he got "semi hard" which he said when a man penis gets smushed to one side that it expands. so she is very unlikely to hang around a bunch of restrictive girls. Anywhere in the WORLD -. I am really worried. This is a wife who has encountered quite a bit of sexual abuse in her YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. this sounds like an accurate description of this girl. I know he didn't do nothing to her. After I got out of the bathroom he stood up and when I got her he had a booner. don't you think he wouldn't be hard at all while holding his daughter? Miami. non-judgmental. He says its from me and him having sex and he was "sore" and it didn't go down. But you never know. I feel that she likes her freedom. she was up for a bit and I had to go to the bathroom and her father said he would hold her while I go to the bathroom. But we had sex two hours after he sat down with her. he wasn't like that at all like hard or anything. alpha male type who can truly appreciate a girl Demonstrating that you are that person and being within her social circle seems to be the best way to seduce a girl like this.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . But before I gave him her. Bunny I just asked a question about when a man sits and his penis gets smashed to one side what happens? The reason why I asked that is because I have a daughter to this guy that I have been seeing for four years.the men in the room. ANY Room. Last night around nine we had sex and after two hours after having sex our daughter woke up. She seems to be the type that would most likely and be a cool guy. The Pick Up Artist: question is it to ask if having a girl in your lap with a boner is going overboard. just maybe toned-down a bit. I even touched it to make sure it was a booner. I Homepage wouldn't really think of anything but since I heard he was acused of doing things to his sister in the bathtube a couple of years ago I get worried about this with my daughter. in boxers no less. when I question his parents about him touching his sister they say it was a mistake he did touch his sister but it was mistake. Can someone please explain this to me. He said he never did nothing to his sister and he would never do nothing to his daughter either. I got into a fight with him because he was holding my daughter and had a booner. but why would he have a booner while sitting with his daughter???? Even if we had sex two hours ago.

past and she probably made a promise to herself to make sure things were different for her kids, but she wound up marrying someone like her father. She is probably in high denial that anything happened between her and her father as well. Being that the mom is really good at lying to herself, the daughter will probably get fed a bunch of half-truths and soft lies and she will go through her life with the same naïve attitude not knowing any better. This is what happens when the root of a person is very deeply brainwashed. The mom could probably take a lie detector test and pass it. Pretty damaged, but at the same time, you have to realize that this daughter of hers is going to become a teenager, walking around the house in little to nothing, teasing her activity that the daughter throws out at him because she has been taught in so many words that his actions and behavior is what is good, accepted, looked highly upon

involved and he covertly works around them to align his behavior with the sexual behavior that he obviously likes. He knows that if he asks for sexual favors created a world for her has has very few boundaries and since she is a human being with a sex drive and a higher tolerance for satisfaction from lustful feelings, she is going to fall in any lap that is around her long enough, unfortunately, you have to be very alpha to be able to provide an environment like this for her. She is going to want to push boundaries, but feel very comfortable with a natural desire.

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She will become a sexual firecracker, oblivious to the cock smearing on her face (unless the mom just happens to turn into a prude overnight, I highly doubt it, if she under her ass. while to isolate her from the men that are ripe to get in her panties, (including her boyfriend, which she will talk very quickly and be the alpha male with the lair of your making and an active before.

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drug abuse, boozers and becoming a stripper.

person was worshipped and praised for being sexually abused to the point for where society deemed this person a billionaire, would girls not be in line to become sexually right; in her mind what types of relationships she deems as healthy without the drug and alcohol counselor making her feel like crap for being sexually abused or worse, hating her dad, therefore hating every man she ever did a sexual favor for. I feel like she can forgive her situation and understand that it was the culture that she was brought up in, allow herself to still be close to her father, forgive her mother and have kids while making sure that they are raised in different circumstances as well as allow herself to fantasize about the abuse while having sex or making love to her partner. If I was with her, I would definitely lead her in that direction, even if I only read that this was the way she was raised by reading her behavior. every day, covertly incestual relationships between father and raised by their fathers and mothers where the mother had a face and vibe of slight shame while the father is holding his little child excessively on her ass or kids wearing ultra-tight clothes and they look close to their fathers, but just a little too close for person? What is their background and is this girl who gets a 4.0 GPA really going to mention her covert sexual relationship about her dad to people or will she allow the abuse to fall into the back of her mind, lost for all of eternity, questioning what she is, why she feels the way she does, has an obsession with ultra-tight clothing as an adult, even though

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she is a librarian who grows lavender in her middle-class home with the wood floors, crafty wind chimes and a white picket fence. You also have to look at the parental situations where the parents seem to neglect e when

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Miami, The Pick Up Artist: Fact: The beginnings of sexual addiction are usually rooted up in adolescence or childhood. It is found that 60% of sexual addicts were abused by someone in their childhood (Book, 1997, pp 52). What the hell is sexual addiction? To me, sexual addiction or a sex addict is someone who feels guilty about their sexuality but still indulges very deeply in their sexuality. Her guilt and indulgence causes a vicious cycle of selfor just flat-out putting themselves in potentially harmful situations all in the name of sex while self-medicating away their pain. My ex-girlfriend was a prostitute and she was the type of girl who (as I would estimate) grew up in a family where her mom was oblivious to the abuse that she suffered while her dad made sure that she still felt loved, as if she had a safe place in society, even though she went through things that society would perceive to be cruel, twisted or wrong. She was a complete sweetheart and she was hypersexual, she abused drugs, but she ink or smoke and she always wore condoms when she screwed guys. She roughly, but I would not consider a sex addict because she lived her life fairly safe and because of the way that she was brought up, it was no big secret, it was like it was part of her culture so while she was abused, she may not even realize it and if she did, she molestation. Felicia

would forget and jump onto his lap, she was sure to pull me off. Miami, The Pick Up Artist: Her father gave her the only attention that she ever received. Her mother was probably sort of a battleax, but (as I read in the rest of the story) oblivious to the sexual acts that father committed with daughter. It was almost as if the only time she felt like she had anyone pay attention to her is when she was submissive and serving her father in his lap. She will probably grow up associating the deepest form of love that she can feel with

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then she submits. I would always show her love as long as she was being a good girlfriend of wife to me. and I couldn't handle him not loving me. I have never. like any daughter would have to submit to her father. I've always known our relationship was dysfunctional. ultimately replacing the role of her father it would be an absolute must that I was caveman.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . I literally cannot do this anymore. How can I feel better if he does replace me (I have a guilt-complex and always have. If you or I had her as a wife. It just seems like there's no solution where I get to still make him happy and keep his love.submitting herself to a man and letting her take advantage of her body while he play an accurate role of a father in her life and make her feel more loved that she ever felt. This sound dramatic. ANY Room. The Pick Up Artist: First of all. I mean a guy who has direction and stands like a man for what he believes in. I feel that her dad made a huge mistake in brainwashing his daughter. but it's so real to me. YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. ever done anything other than smile around him and entertain him. Rebekkah. Anywhere in the WORLD -. Miami. he should have showed her unconditional love and helped her to get rid of the guilt by creating a responsibility into her to un conditionally love him. all day long). but recently I found out it exactly fits the description of covert incest (not overt incest). . so that would drive my guilt past the breaking point)? I appreciate your time. how do I handle the guilt if/when it happens? I adore my dad. I feel as if I'm going crazy with all of these conflicting emotions and with all of this worry. I want to kill myself just so I can avoid him replacing me. I s doing a good thing by pleasing me. By doing this I am making her happy by giving her the praise and appreciation that any hard-working mate deserves while simultaneously showing her how certain behaviors of hers makes me happier than others and focus on what makes me happy because that motivates me to make her happy. I feel like my job in life is to be everything to my dad. then and only then would my sexuality make a bit of a difference. It's so hard having this much pressure on me that I've taken to getting sick anytime I'm around him (which is everyday. we would both be very happy and well taken care of gentlemen.

aside from the guilt I feel. but he doesn't try to make her love him so no one thinks anything of it. and dying wasn't my goal (I knew it was possible. at this point. Anywhere in the WORLD -. I love my family. in the past by someone outside of the family. but since I've been raised to believe that suicide is the ultimate way to turn one's back on God I've never done it (I love God. though before then I had weird eating issues as well. there are a lot of men out there who will never come close to providing her the type of pleasure that she deserves. so they take their anger out on me.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . if it counts as that. For a couple of years now I have wanted to die.I know that what I'm saying in my post now counts as suicide and. I know I also make things harder for him because I love him too much and it annoys him (my mom says I might kill him if I'm not careful). The rest of my family feels left out by my dad and they know how hard I work to make him happy. one which shuns and abhors women who act like men because she realizes that as long as she is motivated to serve me in only the way that a lady can serve me I will be delicacy is not a weakness but treasured more than any jewel in the world and loved more than the greatest man. it's in the covert (emotional) incest way (that sounds wrong. but I know it would be best for everyone if I was gone). but I wasn't aiming for it). One where when she tries her hardest to do a good job. ANY Room. Years ago I first developed my eating disorder. Even though my dad needs me. I love my friends. My family would truly be better without me. I'm "Daddy's Little Girl.Free Audio Homepage for that big payday from a man and conversely. I've been sexually abused. It's kind of depressing because for the first time in years I'd actually stopped thinking about suicide and now I know I've got to make it happen (starving is a good way because I'm a bad person so it's punishment). My brother is my mom's favorite child. which is ultimately one where she is the one who is innocent and holy and as long as she is this. Caroline. YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. and I just mean that to me the two are totally different. she will be cherished. and I just love people. the SA stuff has no affect on me) and everyone hates me for it. but it's notalso. I feel their hatred a lot and it's my own fault." but not in the spoiled way. I'm just hoping that God forgives me.

this is the reason that I study so much psychology and have taken the time to discover about the mind on a deeper level. For me. I read the Bible. I volunteer. etc. from the color of the wallpaper to the posters hanging on her wall. Homepage Miami. She will grow to feel sentimental about anything that reminds her of the abuse. The Pick Up Artist: I got this from a forum post on the internet and it is quite sad because no one has ever made her feel special besides the incest and now. her mom would probably hate her anyway because it seems as if she has a covert incestual relationship with her son. because has nowhere to turn. then oing to eat. (things people recommend to assuage such feelings) and every time someone tells me I'm sweet my guilt increases. since I know no one will tell me that it's fine to have an eating disorder. I created a charity. The first thing I would want her to know is that early childhood sexuality leads into adulthood and her subconscious mind is going to grab onto anything that was around her while she was being abused. any sexual stimulation at all is going to cause sexual feelings. I never did these things with guilt in mind. I would let her know that she has about as much power over controlling her thoughts as she has to stop thinking. she would find a way to deter her suicide. then she feels love from the abuse but hates her abuser. then she feels unloved without it. then on top of that. ANY Room. then feel guilty about YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. For the guilty conscious stuff. she feels guilty because she likes the incest. First of all. (which makes her feel terrible) she feels like shit because her mom and siblings hate her. by the way. My entire life has been about how guilty I feel for every single little thing and I can't take it anymore. Anywhere in the WORLD -.I don't know what I'm asking exactly. but I guess I'm wondering how I could relieve some of my guilt while I let my food issues become worse. Thank you so much. just for a moment. so her hating her daughter is just unwarranted behavior. I feel sad for her. but my life is about guilt and sin so they still relate.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . but I feel that if I were able to just speak to her. but then when she does the only thing that makes her happy. Secondly.I pray. no matter her family has their own issues that they need to sort through.

Anywhere in the WORLD -. The Pick Up Artist: I want you to see if t Selena I worked as a phone sex operator for years when I was younger so my mind is kind of warped from hearing all of men's sickest thoughts so maybe I'm just projecting my experience onto his actions. ANY Room. Ariel Free Audio Homepage For example. he's always holding my hand. becoming as good a seducer as I associating the person that is supposed to be the most important man in her life. m his job but because he likes it on a leisure level and he truly enjoys the music you YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. Now when we talk on the phone I'm more playful like he's someone I want to be with. be hypnotized for thousands of hours to get ll cringe with intense as it once was for me. etc. Miami. which already makes him massively important in her risk. telling me about his sexual prowess. I never read the rest of the walking in his boxer shorts. The Pick Up Artist: This is a daughter trying to prove to her father that she is a woman and that she can have an adult relationship with her father on an equal level. I do know that I have been masturbating frequently thinking of him. telling me I'm hot. the daughter is hotter than her mom will ever be is the ultimate covert compliment that you can ever give to a woman. the person who literally created her. ngs that -searching and actually study thousands of hours of psychology.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . At first I was offended but lately I have been turned out and fantasizing about seducing him Miami. but I hope that someone gave her a similar answer to mine to help her out of her screwy situation. I don't know.

she thinks that she can get away with it from her teacher.mak that might be falling into your lap. then the sexuality over boils someone who is more sexually open. Believe it or not. than she will more actively pursue you. I believe that was probably the way she was raised to become as a child coming up. She is obviously highly sexed. it will get to the point where she feels guilt for the sexual feelings that she playing it cool. you want to be able to show her very easily. she probably treats her dad in the same manner. She was being highly inappropriate as well. Miami. Free Audio Homepage Phil What would you do if a student sat on your lap? and wouldn't get off? Say she was 15/16 and she sat on your lap and after telling her to get off several times she didn't listen. what would you do? Would you push her off? This happened to me yesterday and I feel bad that I had to push her. you want to make sure it is in her grasp and very obtainable for her. YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. but I also feel like it was her own fault for not listening. The Pick Up Artist: Well. but because she gets away with it from him. If I was with a girl who was very sexually brave.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . but you ask him a couple more questions and now you feel comfortable that if you make a mistake or 2 that he will continue to listen to you. then you add a little bit of alpha male into the puzzle and keep your sexuality comfortably in Eventually. What if she does it again? Should I remove her from my lap. with all of the people who are quick to label and judge a girl who likes way that you choose to live your life. Anywhere in the WORLD -. She is probably going to grow up and become a very brave girl sexually. As a seducer reenacting this of your seduction target. I would congratulate her on being her own individual and let her know that she has an amazing gift for being strong when it counts and knowing when to submit when it counts. ANY Room.

for example. Lindsay ok. Ultimately... Anywhere in the WORLD -. by constantly reaffirming that you enjoy your girlfriends sexuality and the fact that she is open to exploring her abuses in a sexual way when she could hate her abuser. she is very likely to truly embrace the compliment because it is something that she knows is true. I would complement her on will pull something else off that is not necessarily meant for her.. but in the middle of trying to seduce him.. how he is a dirt bag and scum and how he is a horrible person not worth 2 cents. so my grandfather sexually abused me when i was around 9. um lets start with my step dads hella sexy & i really like him but he is so in love with my mom its unbelievable. probably because she had some older neighborhood kid amp up the levels of sexuality that she feels in her body. when she does that. The Pick Up Artist: She seems to me to be a very sexually forward person. She is the type of girl who would b on her penis.. but she experienced it anyways.. you are doing her a big favor because she has a mind that is very likely to just take her friends rigid social position and that might just make her hate her dad. He didn't rape me or have sex me or anything YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room.. she sits on his lap and experience.. she might not sleep with her stepdad.. she winds up hating all men and your relationship gets flushed down the toilet.but i need some ways to seduce him cos i know he is to much of a good guy to ""do things "" with me. Penelope Hi.thnx . She will eventually become the girl who will feel every male in her dick jump and if I compliment her on this.t her her abusive i want some ways to taunt him into it. penis up and felt your penis as well as your stepdads.and don't be mean 2 me saying "that's wrong"and all that ****. Free Audio Homepage Miami.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . If I were to meet a girl who matched this personality profile. I don't remember how long it was going on for (I've tried not to remember as much as I can) but it's safe to assume that it went on for about a year. ANY Room. There are lots of women out there who get together and talk about how horrible their man is.

I would continue this role. she was probably trying to turn him on. Her boyfriend. memories. I am not a fan of real life that but there was a lot of 'unwanted' touching. the more intense her sexual feelings will be and as a will ask her to pretend she did. my feelings just got worse and more frequent Miami. for the simple fact that at the time of telling her boyfriend. from a selfish point of view that the earlier a girl is trained sexually.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . an authority in her life told her that what Free Audio Homepage happened to her with her granddad is wrong. ANY Room. but I will say. What if he told her that sometimes wrong things can be the hugest turn on and kiss in-between her legs and ask her to call me her pet name to make her feel all better. unless she starts crying or get upset. the worst it ever got was when he gave me oral. My grandfather and I are really close. When she told her boyfriend. The Pick Up Artist: Here is the perfect case of enjoying sexual abuse. Tell her that I would do anything to make it all better and while I was sucking on her clit. The deep feelings of betrayal that she feels is probably too much for her to deal with. them feeling ashamed of themselves. I feel that if she is over 18. I didn't know if he even remembered what he did to me so I've just kept it to myself. He was like my best friend and father growing up. I could no longer keep my emotions. And the last incident of sexual abuse i remember from him i. she ever met and will ever meet. I'm 18 now and over the years I've kept this from my family and from him.e. like a lollipop. Anywhere in the WORLD -. I loved him and cared for him so much. Even after the abuse. I would ask if she feels any better. I found it harder and harder to deal with. than because of someone you love opinion of it. but I would definitely make an effort to steal his identity. The most destructive part of this relationship is the fact that she feels guilty about what happened to her coming up. I told my first boyfriend about it and after that. The flashbacks. Grandpa has been training and brainwashing this little girl since she was sucking her YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. I acted like I've always acted around him. than she should just move on with her life. I just tried to forget it and act like everything was ok. myself intact.

The promise of mind-blowing sex in addition to breaking free from the chains of oppression and knowing that there is a beautiful reward behind the door is an amazing feeling. She is extremely attractive and wouldnt mind getting into her Homepage pants but wouldnt do anything to hurt her. You have to realize that you are not trying you are showing her how much happier that she would be doing things your way. She has walked into my room a few times when i been dressing. Maybe I was still confuse that's why. She might come home from school and give you a big hug. what others would think like his wife/my cousin or any family members because we both know we wont be telling Miami. but if your only option is yourself than you have to. ANY Room. The Pick Up Artist: The clothes you wear and the options that you have available to you create a seduction. Personally. the fact that she looks at his crotch is going to double and triple. For example. The way that this girl feels about life is exactly how you want to make girls feel about being with you. The Pick Up Artist: I like this. i have no problem with girls seeing me naked. or if i walk past her she will look at me then look down at my crotch. This girl is on a mission in life to make herself happy and she could care less about the results and what people think about her.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . but I didn't care what the outcome would be. Is it normal for girls to look at guys crotches and do they secretly mean anything by doing it? Miami. She has already moved out so there is nothing in my room that she needs to get. the world would be a better place. just to see if she can make your dick jump. I have watched her and noticed she doesnt look at other guys crotches. If only other women were as evolved as she is. im certainly not embarrased by it. Why would you go to the strip club in jeans and get a 1 hour YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. if all of your pajamas are silk. i would be standing naked and she would glance over and grin. Im not small down there and there is always a bulge in front of my pants. Anywhere in the WORLD -. Sometimes when she thinks i cant see her she looks at my crotch for a while. Good for her.Nicolette He made me feel SPECIAL maybe that's why I went along with it. How all the things that she hates about the world that she lives in today can become better if she just trusts you? Heath About a year ago i started noticing that my step daughter looks at my crotch.

. I am producing my album. For example.. the responsibilities of her world start to drift away and she YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room.. The Pick Up Artist: This is a perfect example of oscillation..we dont duck into bedrooms. plus your dick starts to plank? Seduction is all in the details.000 sounds to come up with 100 sounds and with less than 15. the key to all and timing=opportunity.didnt ok for me to be her father and appreciate her as a woman Miami. Anywhere in the WORLD -.i was walking into her room she was masturbatimg. When you narrow down the options to her either sleeping in your collection of hundreds or porn DVDs..if we see each other naked so be it.were not nudist or prudish. the vibe is exotic and relaxed. ANY Room..legs spread and facing 40. you have an incense hour conversation on enlightenment and you pulled a couple of good ideas from the and wine all Free Audio Homepage aying with you for a week and you work on the computer. You have a candle collection. You order in food.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs .. So.lap dance when you could wear Adidas sweatpants and get a lap dance and it feels twice as good. you invite your best girlfriend or some other purple.. either she turns on the red light or the black light. Alex Naked 18yo daughter My daughter is 18..when she saw me she stopped. I have sorted through over 10.

Anywhere in the WORLD -.. when I mention her cousins. we kinda talked about it but when he got home we told eachother how we felt. but when I mention her uncle. Orlando I am a 47 year old man and for the past 6 months I have been dating a 32 year old woman. and felt something inever felt when another man held me before. When she was sucking my dick. she explained how her and her cousin had hooked up. In the forum post. she really got into it. I had never seen my girlfriend more feeling of betrayal. it was like something went on with her. ANY Room. Everything is going great but just recently she has been trying to engage me in some fairly kinky role play. we just kissed and it was the best kiss ive had ever and ifelt all these feelings inever knew ihad. If it were me. we were in love with eachother!!! Miami. ifelt safe. She does look about 10 years younger than her age and initially it took the form of her dressing up as a school girl and such but now she has started calling me Daddy when we make love and wants to start to role play about a sexual relationship between a father and daughter. happy. I could tell that I was making her feel really pretty about I just mentioned I would apply to this girl. got over 100 books on Kama you are setting yourself up for a successful seduction. then I would focus in. ididnt know if he was aware of what was happing but inside i liked it. I kept with my dick in her mouth. Sophia one night we went out and iended up staying at his house. he had to get up for work and left.starts to ask you questions that pertain to your seductive lifestyle which equals greater opportunity for the conversation to lead into a seductive direction. in the middle of the night ifelt him hugging me. intelligent and very sexy.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . she has about the same response. he stayed like that for about 5mins before iturned looked at him and we made that connection. at first iwas shocked. The Pick Up Artist: So I ask my girlfriend about different guys in her family. something happened for pretended I was her uncle. There are no locks on any of the doors. YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. I would go through every family member until I found a point of tension. When I mention her father she gets pretty excited. She is beautiful.

Should I just relax and go with it or should I be concerned? Miami. As far as I know her relationship with her own father is perfectly healthy. A lot of girls run away from their sexual comfort or deny themselves the pleasure of feeling amazing about the sexual thoughts that they feel towards their parent and relatives. you want to be supportive. Anywhere in the WORLD -. YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. Cause her to agree with you. covert incestual relationship with her that she head. Maybe you should tell her to mix in the real relationship with her dad with kinky stories that are untrue and mix them up. too tempted and that he was just afraid of becoming too close to his angel.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . deepest and most erotic parts of his mind. this is the darkest. I think that the guy is a little more afraid of his sexuality than his girlfriend is. Keep reinforcing the fact that you are there for her and as long as she is sexual dynamite and she plays that role. you could make it out that he just wanted to watch her sexually develop. on some sick level of his mind. When she tells you something that is highly erotic and highly damaged than you congratulate her by showing her that you appreciate the fact that she is such a good girl and a loving girl. I know that most of her relationships have been with "older" men and so perhaps this is just a kink that one of them turned her on to. Her attempt to keep men away from her is an she was given sexual freedom by the truckloads. the kinkier that the talk will get.Free Audio Homepage Now on one hand this is all incredibly erotic and exciting but on the other I have to wonder where all this has come from. Frankly. Another thing that I would do is take the normal behavior from her dad and make it out to be an attempt to seduce her into covert incest. The Pick Up Artist: You should be happy that she is comfortable with her sexuality. ANY Room. Think the biggest thing around than what you can tell her is that the reason that your father left you is . she will start to imagine if her relationship with her dad was of a covert incestual nature. The more that you do this. Show her that her behavior made her the wonderful person that she is today.

sexual thoughts towards his daughter and the same thing could be done for 2 different reasons easily. For example, he could be asking about her date with her boyfriend because he wants to be a good father or he could be asking about her date because he wants some new jackoff material. Is it possible that her father will probably masturbate to thoughts of her more than any other man


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will or that your sister or cousin will masturbate to thoughts of you more often than anyone else will in the world? Irma I'm sexually attracted to my dad, and I think he feels the same way. I am not sure how to make the first move? What should I do? Miami, The Pick Up Artist: News to the daughter: Her father does feel the same way. He raised you to feel these sexual feelings, but then he turns his head the other way ad did was gave his daughter a house filled with lighter fluid and a closet filled with matches while trapping her inside of the house many words. Let me tell you, this girl she could possibly pull something like this sexual heist off. I remember I was at the pizza shop yesterday by the restroom, waiting to go in, (the restroom is right next to the ) well anyways, this young girl about 14 or 15 comes out of the restroom and gives me the eye, like she wanted me. But looking at her, I see that she is a handful of things that make this t can tell that she gets good grades and is a good kid who is relatively quiet; you can also tell that she probably has a little practice flirting around the house, wearing little shorts, etc. This is who she is as a person and I can tell that her personality and the y wise. I was talking to a girl with a similar personality type this week and she was one of the most beautiful women that I have ever met in my life. If she was an exotic dancer or a stripper, she would pull in all the tips, the only issue is that she hangs out with the guys who play Dungeons and Dragons (lucky them.) 19, quiet, soft, feminine, very quiet,
YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room, ANY Room, Anywhere in the WORLD -- and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs

very seductive. I would want her to know that if any man were to resist her, they definitely made her first in their most intimate thoughts and the more they thought about her, the more addicted they felt towards her and that she has that effect on it would definitely be covert, so I would set up all types of covert things for her to pick up and examine later on. I want to look at her sexual past and be proud that she made her cousin, dad, teachers or any other man that she wanted to seduce come to thoughts of her soft, firm, innocent body seducing theirs. Victor

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iam very concerned about my sister she has made "comments" that should not be said to brothers and sisters , iam worried now and dont have a clue why she would bring this up at all . any help? iam 35 and shes 26 Miami, The Pick Up Artist: on someone in her family. That is just the way our minds are hardwired. Look at the equation, you have someone you spent your entire life hanging out with and you multiply that times the best feelings a person can have (an orgasm) then multiply that this level and multiply that times the guilt you feel if something screws up and you get a peak experience in a life. As I am seducing her, I want to keep that in mind, I want to create new peak experiences with her. I want to go on a roller coaster ride, and whisper in her ear when she gets off that she loved being molested. You want to get as deeply into her mind as you possibly can, amplifying the intensity of this basic equation.

were in his shoes, I would enhance the level of seductiveness of my house and let her come over whenever she wants. If she likes something and you have it, what a perfect excuse for her to come over and visit. She drank a little too much, so you hide her keys friend in the frien zone.

sexually forward. A few years ago, I would probably freak if some 14 year old girl was sticking her proverbial a cup out at me or flirting viciously with me. I would think that it was my fault, that I was just thinking sick thoughts or I wanted her to, so
YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room, ANY Room, Anywhere in the WORLD -- and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs

prediction is that the younger she is flirting with you, the deeper the covert incestual relationships she is allowed to have because she has to practice on someone and her family is the obvious easiest target to practice her seduction techniques on. Kat they are so loud when they are doing it i just cant help it, it makes me very very well you know wet.Is this ok, i talk about it with my friends and they say as long as mom dosnt find out, but when i talked to her about it she said that that kind of turns her on, is there something wrong with me or my mom. Miami, The Pick Up Artist: Obvious covert incestual situation here at the home. She is in line with her beliefs. Daughter asks about weed smoking and mom and dad give her a hit off a joint. She talks about sex and her mom asks her daughter if she knows how to give a blowjob because it is


safer than having sex at her age and tells her that she loves giving her father blowjobs. Daughter makes a comment about masturbation and mom backs it up and tells her that it makes her wet. If a girl makes it as if she can go to her parents about anything, smoke a joint with her mom and dad, I would pretty much chalk that up to covert incest. This is a girl that I could talk about her family and she would light up with lust. Zoey Whenever i fantasize about sex, i often think about my dad.. not actually him, but I "pretend" i am having sex with my dad,its hard to explain.. i dont see my dads face, i see someone who could be my dad, a older guy, but i pretend he's saying "u want daddy" or something like that... i really dont think its normal... is it??? Miami, The Pick Up Artist: This is a girl who was given a proper amount of love when she was a child; her family probably held her at a distance, but still showed her the right amount of love. She is a girl who more than likely had a picture perfect family and as she has developed into an adult, she is starting to see little traces, hints and clues

them. I can totally relate to a girl like this.

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Personally. even if that past pertains to her having a very rigid sexual background. If you get a girl who is a genuine clean slate. I would also try to order one online but I think my folks would be suspicious of the package. Kurt I have to admit. But then again. I feel real bizarre asking this question. Anyways I find leotards/one piece bathing suits to be a big turn on. I'm trying to ask. I think anyone would be uncomfortable with talking about a personal fetish. than there is a good sign that she has never been touched in a sexual way by her dad. the more that you can tell that she has had one hell of a past. . That is good too because it makes the taboo of the daddy/daughter relationship that much more intense. YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room.. I would purchase a one piece myself. you have to ask what his background is. Now my question comes in. I am NOT gay or a crossdresser. I would like to partake in this fetish with a girl. I find one piece bathing suits on women a lot sexier opposed to a typical bikini. etc. lol. more than likely his sister or cousin or someone around him used to prance around in 1 piece bathing suits when he was a kid who was just a little more sexual lenient and he has a lot of early childhood peak experiences surrounding this part of his life.Frankly. like growing up in a church. It's just the feeling and the fabric of the one piece swimsuit that arouses me. Anywhere in the WORLD -.. If she comes out of the womb knowing and acting out her daddy/daughter fantasies well at least covert incest. what would be the best way for me to physically participate in this fetish? Miami. but I don't have a girlfriend at the moment. Even though I'm over 18. And NO. but I think it would look extremely awkward with a guy walking up to the check out counter at macy's with a girl's one piece swimsuit. If there is an adverse reaction. The Pick Up Artist: First of all. unless a girl has had a lot of mates or had an older mate younger in her life. I specifically like the tight feel of the lycra fabric Free Audio Homepage pressed against me. ANY Room. the more adverse.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . Baiscally.

. Anywhere in the WORLD -. Miami. looked up to him and even had a little crush but that doesn't mean I want him to do this sort of thing as I always thought he was above that. If you ask her about peak sexual relationships and she seems to get squeamish YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. Should I tell my friend or wait and see what he does next? Free Audio Homepage I always really admired her dad.If he wanted to get a girl into something like this.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . you can then whip out a swimsuit and ask her to try maybe you could try it on yourself. My friend wanted a different one to sent inside to swap hers and her dad talked to me as I ate mine about my exams and school. feminine than the rest. was he flirting with me when he ate that chocolate off my breast. it doesn't seem right. rich girl hangs out with her best friend and f emotional incest with his daughter eats a chunk of chocolate off his step-daughters breast. Once the job is finished and you have participated in this dad daughter thing multiple times. Her dad is very respected and is married with four kids. after you have eaten her and she Oriana I was over at my friends out tonight we were out the back chillaxing in shorts and bikini tops when her dad brought us out some magnum ice creams. My friend then came back out and her dad went back inside but I've been feeling weird ever since. when this happened her dad picked it off my breast and put the bit of chocolate in his mouth! While he did this he looked me in the eyes the whole time and I got really embarressed and warm. She probably has had her fair share of sexual experiences in very slow and is very unattached to any outcome. His job is to provide as seductive and secluded environment as possible. from there. The Pick Up Artist: Typical pretty. this girl will buckle under the pressure. ANY Room. give in and sleep with her best father. he should get her into the whole le as finish the job. It was covered in a chocolate shell and as I ate it a bit chunk of the chocolate fell off and onto my right boob.

just to show her that you can be trusted with her secrets. This girl right here is great because you want to be able to make her feel better YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. My brother was totally jelous of our relationship. in a 'its ok Im your dad kind of way" I knew it was wrong. so that you never tell the full truth about girls past.and after he put the cream on and I was soothed. You might even want to tell her out loud that you like to mix and match stories to girls. Anywhere in the WORLD -. and my mum just looked in the other direction and allowed this unhealthy relationship to continue I think seething inside as our romantic relationship blossomed and she was pushed out of his affections. How you would get her there is by showing her that d plenty of girlfriends who have been through worse. you can pretty much assume that she totally has had an experience of this magnitude or higher that she will probably share with you once she feels more comfortably sexual around you.. Hazel The next thing I can rememeber is when he was putting cream on my genitals for some rash I had..and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs .I was only young and thought I was lucky that I had this bond with him at the same time as feeling disgusted with him and wanting to destroy him.. Miami.guessing game.. You would never want to say their names. Obviously she has had a little practice flirting with older men which was reinforced by the older men that she flirted with. She will eventually crack and succumb to your pryinging on her most sexual and erotic places of lust and she will open up to you. but obv it felt erotic.I insisted he did it. you can tell by the amount descriptive without being Free Audio Homepage asked for vicariously reliving the abuse over and over again including the most erotic parts of the fantasy. then tapped my clitorus. The Pick Up Artist: This girl still feels very erotic about the situation. ANY Room.. he said ahh you like that.

you can make her proud that she was one of the lucky few that got the opportunity to be abused almost like she was one of the lucky few to win the lottery. when she is ready to open up to you. Miami.were to continue to comfort her and to make up new rules for her to live her life with. but you definitely cannot force trust out of her. although there is a social quirkiness involved. people sense that he belongs to an important society where they are the best and highly respected. Tabitha tonight. ANY Room. to the point where it almost sounds like covert incest. but they would have a high level guy from one of those Discovery Channel alligator hunters at a black tie event reserved for Oscar winners. she would totally indulge in and the part If you can take out the dirty and make it beautiful again. The Pick Up Artist: Give that woman approval for her sexual behavior and around with her own family. If you want to do one better than that. but talk about it as if it is completely normal and healthy and change the topic. you can talk about your own very close family unit. I am going to be gentle with him but I am so worried it is going to be awkward and I want our first encounter to be perfect. but to be a polygamist who is prominent in elite societies causes them to slightly envy your position and Free Audio Homepage YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. Just comfort in the form of making her more comfortable with her own philosophy on polygamist and be friends with another polygamist. the part of the sexual abuse that she liked. Anywhere in the WORLD -.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . especially about matters pertaining to sexuality. You are quite likely to find that this person has lived a quite sheltered life but they are very open-minded. she will. I am so nervous because I have never been with a virgin before and I would too. I find that you would typically read that they might act a little quirky.

I am very happy for her and the man that is able to be the recipient of her affection. That was further reinforced by the fact that she watched him masturbate and ejaculate. The Pick Up Artist: because of her culture and the way it has conditioned and trained her.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . she absolutely loves her childhood sex life. her sexuality was amplified very unobtrusively. She probably tells everyone that she can about her an instant boost in sex drive in your girlfriend without all of the harmful side effects of politics complicating her feelings on sex. When I took my bikin off to get showered he thought I couldn't see him masturbate but I did and he came. Paula I was very young in Hong Kong and we lived in a compound with a pool where the very senior offshore crew spent the night on their way home or out to work. A star was born . She went to her house and her father had all of his pornographic material just lying around. From that. She was a hippie. He never touched her but the sight of that definitely amplified her sexuality because now she is pretending to be the girls in the picture. I heard in Mexico that parents are usually proud of their daughters when they are prostitutes because they could marry a rich and powerful diplomat or even a drug YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room.I only wore bottoms and I sat on his lap and felt a hard Mr. There is one downside to this type of seduction: when she becomes mad at her her on. One of my "uncles" had been playing with me in the pool and we sat in the pool house . I was talking earlier about a female friend of mine who was mentally molested. She will talk about her own in her own covert way or when you notice leakage in her body when she refers to her brother. Knobby for the frst time. ask her what you have in common with your brother and compare yourself to him.. :) Paula xx Miami. ANY Room.think you are cool for feeling how you feel or having a childhood like you had. she feels the effects of how having her legs open makes her interfere. so her parents probably never told her to close her legs. Anywhere in the WORLD -. physically.

put on the fast track to success. but the teenage girl (about 16) was muzzling into her father's neck and as my friend said. I hate molestation and that whole thing. it is perfectly legal for me. if a daughter sits on her lap and the FATHER has been taught ALL OF HIS LIFE that these types of behavior is okay and the only way to show a daughter love. Frankly. As my friend said. some people would say that it is just affection (those are the people who had a similar type of affection happen to them.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . a fast track that is not so commonly seen in American countries. a for his daughter to give him a lap dance in public and make him blow a load in his its the different places that you go. nothing you could say was overtly sexual about it. Anywhere in the WORLD -. which was a lady selling her craft wares and doing demonstrations sat her husband and their teenage daughter on the husbands lap. it was incredibly awkward and inappropriate. I have posted posts from girls who were suicidal from feelings of inadequacy because of their corrupted childhoods. some people would say that the father is very wrong for what he has done to his daughter. In some states. ANY Room. Homepage In one of the booth holders. For example. it can be very damaging to a psyche. than a kiss on the lips is okay. more than likely) it is ALL confusing. but it was a public place. It is a very thin line between what is appropriate. right? If you can kiss your daughter on the lips whenever you want to and she lives in your YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. You have to understand that there is a natural not TOO illega even parts of the world where laws are easily bent or broken or you are in a place where there is no one to critique your judgment on average) are more likely to bend the law and/or you will bend the laws as far in your favor as humanly possible. but if I did have a girlfriend who engaged in a covertly incestual relationship. The husband was fondling and stroking the girls back down to her buttocks and giving her quick kisses and pecks on her neck. And it made her feel sick. She observed this for a while and noticed how the mother looked extremely uncomfortable.

it's been evolving into a fetish for the living. YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. and if in the California. key issues. We've been trying to collect dolls to ease this. So what. and thoughts of incest and out-of-character sexual/romantic interest/fantasies involving friends often bleeds into this.. you accidentally ejaculated s definitely not intentional. Stay within the bounds of the friends daughters wiggle in their laps and its wiggles on your penis. but in a lot of places in rural Free Audio Homepage ngel are you supposed to do? Are you really going to accuse your boss and the other 100 men in your little rural town with a size of 1000 that 90% of them have molested their unconditionally obey you as a husband. the pretty little dolled-up(pun not intended) darlings in shows or wrapped up in the latest fashions. Faye But recently. caught ourselves getting off to related hentai many times. ANY Room. but that's been a lengthy and expensive road and the urges to act on our fantasies (which we plan to keep vague) are still going strong. Anywhere in the WORLD -. we tend to leave out a lot of vital details that are important to evaluate before making a judgment. So what. not a big deal. big deal. We've ehm.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . you obey the 18 and over laws. I think that the biggest problem in the business and because of it. your daughter sticks her tongue out a little bit when she kisses you on the lips..And we're a bit worried (though the Host more-so than Lucifer). People make most of their decisions based asshole or not than looking at common sense.

but eventually she will begin to like you because that would be the equivalent of her giving up her inner-most secrets. When a child is spoiled and given anything and everything they want and the only thing that is required of them is to trust and love their parent. etc. A child always trusts adults. She can do without the money part. ANY Room. When the son this fe ced to listen. Most kids The doll obviously represents a child and the way that a child looks up to her father or some superior adult.000 a year but if the exude confidence in any situation that he is in.Miami. Some men feel that they have to act like valley girls in order to receive any type of respect in the society that we live in. being molested and taken advantage of by an uncle poses a huge power dynamic where if the kid tells on the uncle. he is the one who is supposed to set the rules and the rule that she desires to follow are far outside of the rules that society has told us to follow. the guy can be a fucking mechanic who will at the most make 40.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . the sibling of the uncle may not actually believe what you are saying. you. Anywhere in the WORLD -. No one is supposed to really know how much she enjoys sitting on her lap because she has hidden behind a YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. The Pick Up Artist: One of the reasons that incest is such a treasured. especially when they are too young to know what molestation is. Free Audio Homepage One of problems is that people are so quick to turn on what is masculine and make it look and seem impure. So many times a bitch when you begin to talk to her. that is a very exciting thing for anyone. uncle. An uncle is one of her parents brothers. a woman wants a man that has more friends. The girl who sits on her lap probably afraid to mention her relationship with her father to anyone and how much it fully trust them. even if the guy is very feminine. cherished thing is because of the power dynamics of the relationships that are emulated.

it causes about half or more of her butt to hang out the back of them. The Pick Up Artist: This is a perfect example of context. I am not sure what to do because i do enjoy her company and i love living with her but at the same time i do not think it is proper for her to dress like this around me. and an apartment with a girl who likes to wear little to nothing around the house. weed. I try my hardest not to notice but when i do and she catches me she says something like "enjoying the view" while poking her butt out more. If the guy was smart.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . Most of the time she wears really short "soffee" shorts and she makes them even worse by rolling them up on the waist line. She is in really good shape and has a nice body because she always played vollyball and softball in high school so it is really awkward. A pair of gym shorts and no underwear. They are Free Audio Homepage so tight in the front to you can make out "camel toe". Anywhere in the WORLD -. The question for the ladies is. I am a senior at a california university that my sister also happens to go to. We have a lot of the same tastes in music(underground hiphop). If he did this and YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. Well over the last few months she has started to wear less and less around the house when we are home alone together. is this normal for sisters to dress like this in front of their brothers? have you or would you dress like this around your brother? whats the smallest thing you have ever let your brother see you in? and if so would you be mad if you saw him checking out your body? Miami. There is a seductive context and that is alcohol. ANY Room. he would do the same thing as her and wear little to nothing. when she isn't wearing them her attire varies from tight yoga pants to micro mini skirts that show her panties when she is sitting down. In order for my parents to save money they have us share a 2 bedroom apartment.mask of innocence all of thes penis he asks me because I obey my daddy more than anyone else in the world because he Nick So ive been having this major issue at my apartment i share with my 19 year old sister. clothes ect. My sister and I are really close and have always shared the same social circle and friends.

YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. Some dads will have their daughters sit in their laps and ask for things If the brother or the father creates a ecause she spends time in my lap than she will think that and that will develop in her mind. maybe hide it under the pillow and her being the playful. Anywhere in the WORLD -. tell her to who likes the same things as she does (underground hip hop. She has no right. I let her know that she can wear whatever she wants and anyone who wants to Free Audio Homepage established a lot of physical intimacy with my daughter or sister.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . when a girl is giving me head. teasing person that she is will try to remove the pillow and things will escalate forwards. One of the most important elements about having your own house is having your own dress code. look at the nature of kids. Sometimes. If I were her the desire to wear skimpy clothing. If she tells him to put some clothes on.exact thing to him. etc. Since we are nothing but curious kids anyways.) He could even initiate a little obscurity into the situation by buying her a pair of little shorts t. she is going to come over to hug me. clothes. ANY Room. wear some Adidas sweats or some basketball shorts with no underwear and a t-shirt or much as have already ver to be seduced. so if you go out on a date with the girl and you invite her to your house.

Wear even smaller clothing and eventually the game is going to make her so obsessive that she will let you catch her nude.) Or not sitting in my lap or catering to The affection plus her curiousness and her reinforcement and just the bond that people feel for each other when they agree with each other and have stuff in common make the first move. Anywhere in the WORLD -. If you ignore it.she gets me. talking about this and that that is sexual. I just seduced her. now but now her imaginat lap. I cover up knows. then not and back and forth. If she keeps exposing herself and lk I might fractionate a little bit and let her sit in my lap without the pillow until I get hard. once she does and feels extremely comfortable doing so in front of you. she will trace of your penis and its it up and you do so until close to in your family? Felina YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. She wants to dress more sexual around you.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . not wearing anything around the house except for a little sun dress and her butt off of the pillow to get her vagina to graze it. ANY Room. it will happen a lot more. You do the same to a woman in your Free Audio Homepage going to expose it in some way.

he said no at first. my mum was out.... You see it when you go grocery shopping or whatever. literally right on his lap and straight on top of him. and I told my dad that my mum said I could watch it.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs .. then the more i insisted she had.anyway. but I didn't want to write a five paragraph long blog. but he doesn't personally see the big deal. but no such luck. he watched as I put it in the video player and pressed play.. My SD still wants to always sit on her dad's lap. This accelerates her experimental side with sex. The Pick Up Artist: many young girls do you know who have seen the case of a porno or an adult magazine around their own house or seen her brother or dad nude. or is that me? Free Audio Homepage ***Hi..and I said its ok dad. Anywhere in the WORLD -. and thank you for your opinions and comments. her sex drive.. in the midst of my many other dilemmas. Does anyone know what the age is too old or where to find resources to help? I have looked a few places. He and his wife are out of their mind for leaving it around that kid like that. Alice and Haylee So. I think my SD does these things to "take my place" and not just YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room.anyway he turned it off.and there was porn in the family living room.when I was about 5 we were in our family home. mum has one of those... I must have already been seduced quite a bit at that point. She won't sit beside him..I know now that this was there because my dad worked on ships and it was from there. even so totally innapropriate to have it in the living room.. I should explain more. tons. I just have a feeling that my SD is a very physical and sexual girl. I ask myself all the over sexualized and she is very close to her dad? What about the 11 year old? What about at 13 or 15 at her. ANY Room. Am I wrong here? I know my SD is mad at me because she knows I don't like it. Same with sleeping with him. Is she way too old. I have another strange situation. She gets upset and cries or mopes if either one of us tell her she's too old for that. Miami. My husband does tell her to move since it makes me very uncomfortable to see her wiggling her butt on his lap. felt on a hard on before.he only left it on long enough for me to see a woman expose the front of her 80's private area. She tries to get him to lie with her or her to sleep next to him.

think about be sweet. I can't cuddle with him anymore. so of course. she wiggles directly on his "areas" and will touch his butt sometimes. so that is uncomfortable for me to have her spooning her naked dad. An adult that has had a childhood like this will be stuck in the world of a baby and there are no 2 ways about it. she will probably feel very comfortable wearing little to nothing and will do this often.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . She will do it when he and I are cuddling on the couch. Frankly. You have to look at society as a whole. she will stick to her lifestyle. give him long kisses on the lips (that makes even him feel uncomfortable). Who will be in a very deep denial about any molestation bly happened because the life that she will build for herself will be based on lies to herself and bullshit. It re brandcheap. the Japanese sleep with their kids in the same through her mind. She only wants to do it when I'm in the room. Plus. you get a lot of little approval until the whole thing slides right over her head and she acces He makes it as if the daughter has all of the power and control and he knows her drives 17 percent of girls have their first orgasm between the ages of 4-6 and the physical affection that she aggresses on her dad serves her purposes. She is going to LITERALLY talk like a baby. she sleeps with her dad naked. or do you still think I'm just feeling different than you? Thank you for your input. When she hears about the fact YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. She will ultimately turn out to be a very sensual girl. Unless she wants to change the entire foundation of her life. She doesn't do it when I'm not around from what I'm told. try to touch him beneath his clothes because she says she likes his skin. She is going to become a sex kitten. Does that change it. The Pick Up Artist: because she sleeps in bed with her husband every night while her dad molests her. ANY Room. The mother has probably already talked to the father about the That is one way to seduce a woman and the core foundation of covert hypnosis. and he sleeps without clothing. I would appreciate more! Miami. Anywhere in the WORLD -. I get a strange vibe about it.

ANY Room. but raising a girl when hat Veronica didn't touch me but I did move my butt on it a lil to feel it get big. and youthful innocence.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . I honestly believe that the qualities that Anna Nicole had that drew so many men to her was her high level of sexuality. the only difference is that a teenager is more willing to take mental retardation of the mom in the last post. The pain got worse when she had her own daughter and lost her son. Anywhere in the WORLD -. she was nothing but a little girl with a heavy secret hanging over her head who selfmedicated to take the pain away.Free Audio Homepage treatment as her being a across a few HIGHLY girl. This is really curious and almost funny because when a child is 15 -18. She is getting sexual many words) is what my dad doing wrong? The way that she is talking tells me that she is stuck in childhood and she is not an adult yet. where she lets her preteen daughter sleep in the same bed while her father is naked. When you are seducing women and you run likelihood of her Anna Nicole Smith when she becomes an adult. to the day she died. the decisions that they make in life are on the same caliber as an adult. The Pick Up Artist: The person who wrote this on the yahoo forum is obviously in a childlike mentality. She is teasing her dad and he is letting her. even though they were sleeping in the you baby them when they show affection and you allow them to walk off if they want YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. She knew that she could raise a boy. Miami.

.is this normal? Miami. and turned to food for comfort. actually is Johnny`s and Brad`s fault cos i started liking guys in their age group because of this two guys.. im obsessed over my best friends dad who happens to be single and i try to seduce him Free Audio Homepage everytime i get a chance and like the other day i sat on his lap and i seduced him but he was like frozen and not wanting to touch me but i rubbed my self against him and i think i finally got him to like it but he seemed annoyed that i forced him to get excited so i feel bad but i love him and i want him to love me back and i want him to touch me so today i jumped on him again when he was wtching tv and i grabbed his hands and i put them on my chest like by accident and like making him think that i just wanted him to hug me but he pulled back but he didnt say anything so i kept seducing him again and i just want him to be my first. im not saying i want to marry him but i just want him so bad. ANY Room. Anywhere in the WORLD -. anyway. you are lucky because she is going to become addicted g down the hallway ant school and sees her favorite teacher. I felt as if I in control of my body. YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. and so yeah.Lotus i am 16 and he`s in his mid-forties like "Johnny Depp" & "Brad Pitt" so you cant blame me. she is going to we her pants with lust and that people can tell the really haunted me. When you get a girl like this. I want you to analyze th becoming as good a seducer as I I remember thinking can you just shut the hell up. The Pick Up Artist: I want you to see if think you are...and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs .. then for years every time I saw anything remotely sexual or intimate I would get aroused and wet in my pants. I thought I was sick in the head.. he is I like to misbehave because then my dad spanks me hard (bare bottom) Im 16.

like you would set up your own household and whether tons of people or no one believed in you or followed you. You see the same type of exhibitionism when she see molested kids hanging all over their parents as adults.If she wrote me this letter. ANY Room. you just have to use your imagination. You are the one who sets up the rules in life. The daughter is still a daughter in this (father/daughter incest) relationship. you would have the respect and the dedication. fear and sickness quite easily. They know that someone is watching and looking but they g philosophy that constantly reinforces how anything. Anywhere in the WORLD -. ultimately loyal fans that will back you because you are the al count. I would jog her mind into the ideas of exhibitionism and making her own rules. She is in your house and as long as she is in your house. she is going to have to accept that this is just who you are. Isabelle YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. All children push on boundaries. she can embrace it. so that instead of resisting her sexuality. There is still a part of her that is the little girl seeking her daddy's approval and love. If a girl wants to befriend you. but I believe it is up to the father to hold that line. You can get her over her addictions and feelings of guilt. to know where the limit is You as a seducer are creating the limits and the boundaries for her. that is reinforcing the idea that the sexual relationship that he has with his quite likely to turn a blind eye to the whole thing. This is your life and if you want to wear Adidas sweats without underwear and go out wherever you please in the same thing.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . Her adult mind may say this Free Audio Homepage is consensual. she might even be the aggressor. you are going to wear whatever you want. You are setting her up to be a very horny girl. enough.

Theres times where Ive flirted back with them but had to leave the conversation because I thought I'd end up pouncing on him in front of everyone else. there is no mental molestation anything.Please help any comments greatly appreciated!! Miami. make music and fuck Homepage connection. she just wants a s share her dreams with.Is this normal or completely weird honestly dont know what to think. The Pick Up Artist: the alpha male paradigm down. Anywhere in the WORLD -.. I don't know what it is all they have to do is look at me and I feel myself gazing at them.As you can see from above it's obvious what I'm saying here. loved and cherished.. I'm 18 years old and have had many sexual relationships with men who are older (19/20yrs old) and younger but yet I never feel satisfied in these relationships. 20. My friends think its weird that I might find someone the same age as their dad attractive. I've seen these men look at me and knowing that they're checking me out is a SERIOUS turn on no joke!!! These men are guys I've known and are involved in sport with me on a personal level and the fact that they can teach me something drives me crazy inside. ANY Room. I find older men so much more attractive as in 40yr old men really turn me on. like 18. Not gonna lie I've had sexual fantasies about all these older men but yet I've never dreamt about any younger men.. YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room.. I would take it that her dad is very mild mannered and very affectionate and my case studies.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . I think that girls date younger (or younger acting) guys for social reasons and older guys for the feeling of being safe.. 19. I've tried to get these men out of my head but the more I try the more attractive they appeal to me. Her dad was a good dad and did a good job at raising his daughter. I just wanted to get my dick wet.. It's almost like when I meet these men I subconsciously tick these things off in a list in my head and then hey presto I'm dreaming about them. I remember when I was young. I'm so confused I'm 5"8 tall very athletic good figure and I'm not shy about dressing to show this off. Frankly. like a baby. It has nothing to do with young girls being gold diggers nal this but I genuinely find them so attractive.

is there something wrong with me? my own dad is involved in my life.. why am i so into the idea? Miami.Faye im 16 (where i live thats the legal age of consent) but for some reason im obbsessed with having a sexual affair with an older man. He is infinitely ambitious and nothing can stop him. she wants to talk to an to him and she obeys and lives happily ever after. I was told by a psych student and good friend of mine who attends UC Monterey that very strong alpha males are attracted by the innocence of a ahead of the game. The world is his lair and his domain.. ANY Room. fathers love their daughters and want to see their daughters happy.. YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. She is financially supported. molestation or no molestation their daughters. Homepage Women feel attracted to the older man because the relationship that she had with her father or older male during her Electra Complex years... im cool with that so dont lecture me) i havnt had one. there is deep vulnerability and uncanny strength. Just not strong or he just lets people walk all over him. emotionally darkest fantasy. Within the father role. my parents are still together and my home life is totally stable so it isnt "absent father issues" at all. except with a 20 yr old when i was 15 but im talking like 45. email me if u want but seriously. The Pick Up Artist: This girl is looking for a lot in this letter. The ideal father (in a young girls mind) is so close to his daughter that she can talk about much. Anywhere in the WORLD -.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . im just really confused and where could i meet older men. (im not a virgin at al.

My dad had grown an erection from all the bouncing. so she thinks of what she did as fun. Right after the trip my dad headed for the bathroom (I think I know what he did in there). not the type of girl to spaz out if you talk in highly sexually insinuated language. He only had his swimsuit on so it was like right there. I even bounced around even more than I had to because it was so comical to me. She knew that she would not be embarrassed if she asked. He agreed so we went mudding. I don't think my dad knew how bumpy it was going to be. you could pretty much assume that the oldest daughter was very mature but very feminine. Issy My oldest daughter was the "wife" in our family in every sense of the word but sexual Free Audio Homepage Miami. the stuff that he says that she hears prods her into the direction of pleasing her father. But it didn't go away for the rest of the bumpy ride. ANY Room. I felt it happen. but acted normal. First of all. If she suspected YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. making my dad feel good. She knew that she could ask if she could sit on his lap because he set up their relationship like that. Miami. while my friend sat between my dad and uncle. He did move it so it was setting between my cheeks. He had to try to "move it" without me knowing so it was more comfortable with him. She considers herself an adult who can make up her own rules. Say that I was going to hire a secretary.Olive I asked my dad if I could sit on his lap. The Pick Up Artist: If you were to read her personality type.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . The Pick Up Artist: The girl knew what she was doing. I was bouncing all over my dad's lap. She has been tempting her dad and set up a good amount of foreplay with him for years. he made sure that his daughter respects her. Than the way that he carries himself. Anywhere in the WORLD -. The uncle made sure it was a erect such a fateful an event as her wanting to sexually please her dad. I would want to make sure that she had this level of softness any abuse because her daughter was right next to her in bed. About 5 minutes in I felt something hard underneath me. I sat on my dad's lap and put the seatbelt on because we knew it was going to be a bumpy ride.

Miami.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . Hinting at molestation and incest can also make her heart beat and feel excited that she is going to submit to another level for you. he is seriously shaping a highly sexual relationship with his daughter. covertly as it may be. The Pick Up Artist: She knew she was wrong for loving being molested. Adrianna incredibly lonely and severely depressed. so in my pain I mimicked him. all the stuff pretty much listed above. regret and frustration. basically going behind her parents back and lying to them. My uncle he had already shown me what masturbation could do. It made me feel better for a short time. some guys do it by beating their girlfriends into bonding with them emotionally some guys use hypnosis and seduce her into a human condom and a little girl. her friends and family. some guys do it by negging. Ester He never got physical with the sexual stuff but he told me how fat I was and commented on my friends breasts and physical attractiveness. feelings of helplessness and excitement (like when you rob a bank. At the age of 15 I was easy prey for my first boyfriend Miami. so there was fear.abuse going on. She will probably go around showing her breasts to her stepdad to get him to notice. but then very sexually turned on because she is always seeking the approval of her stepdad. ANY Room. You will solve any depression that she might feel instantly by reading why she feels it and solving it. My sexual drive was awakened too early. where you feel half fear and half exhilaration) Which is caused by further deepening the level of hypnosis that you fold her into. which is exactly what he wants and as long as he inadequate about her body. The Pick Up Artist: Her stepdad is basically letting her know that he is looking at anything sexual to her. but it was immediately overshadowed by shame. A girl typically Free Audio Homepage YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. There are different things you can do to get deep into her mind and cause great fear and excitement. Anywhere in the WORLD -. I think that the whole situation is sad but can always be made right by a master seducer.

deserve to be her father like you deserve to be her father.attracts and lets guys in her life that either are just like their dads or the opposite of from a master seducer or some other source (which is very unlikely to happen) she is going to feel that there is something wrong with her. I feel so depressed afterwards and can't stop thinking what a slut I am. Anywhere in the WORLD -. I was just drunk. Madisyn I love sex. so when I go home with a guy.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . shag. If I were with this girl. I want love affection and attention from men and I only get it through sex. I always end up having one night stands with random guys I don't really particularly like that much. I would want to emphasize how beautiful I think she is and let her know that her step dad only did that so she could feel challenged and show him your breasts so that he could have jackoff material without actually sexually abusing her. Any ideas would be helpful thanks! YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. re were no negative and only positive repercussions. I either get too drunk or too aggressive. she will come to you to console her. even if they are afraid of the social or physical consequences of such a lifestyle choice. If you keep drilling this in her head as well as the fact that she needs to forgive him but let her know that he is like a child who will do anything to make himself look good. Shameful but true. ANY Room. I've already tried and it didn't work. it will be a very addictive feeling for her. It will fill her with lust to know that her step dad masturbated to thoughts of her and if she ever feels bad. For example: I refuse to use hard drugs BECAUSE they are dangerous. Keynote: People who were sexually abused in childhood often engage in abusive r not. How do I stop and feel better about myself so i don't need to run to men and sex to make me 'temporarily' happy? Please don't say just stop doing it and getting drunk because it isn't that simple. But can never get a boyfriend. When you tell her over and over how pretty her breasts are and reinforce that you love her body. there was and always will be a desire for it. What will also affect the situation is if her real dad is a very sweet guy and tells her that she is perfect in all ways.

and if had been normal non-incest/loli porn. wayyyy too awkward. That same virgin girl who holds off on having sex so that she can find a man to support her is a whore who feels that her only value and selfworth comes from how Free Audio Homepage say? I would constantly reinforce that er behavior as being pure. I saw a bunch of names of sites that seemed very porn-ish. The Pick Up Artist: First of all. I wouldn't be worried. should it be a big deal or should it be ignored? Would it be something that she should be ashamed of or should she embrace it and sexual thoughts about her dad. They deserve to be in kindergarten because they have the mental maturity of chimps. What should i do? And please don't tell me to just confront him about it. and it's none of my business and I shouldn't talking about this because it's his right as an adult to watch that kind of stuff. She needs to realize that she needs to look to herself to figure out what types of boundaries she wants in her life and create them with people who have that level of respect for help your seduction of her) it is nice to have a man reaffirm these things to her just like it is nice to have a man take out the trash. He wasn't home.. right and good have no place as an acting father figure in her life. so I figured I could just go to the history and get my page back. every girl does (except for her. Lexy I had gotten on his computer while mine was being stupid and I accidentally closed my page. and while looking through the history. of course) and that if YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. she should never feel like a slut for being with the guys that she wants to in life.Miami. in the videos he watches.. I clicked another and it was father-daughter video also. I know. thanks for any answers! Miami. I could never do that. and I got curious so I clicked one and it was a father-daughter video. change the oil in her car and mow her lawn.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . ANY Room. many grown men watch that kind of thing. I know it's his privacy. Anywhere in the WORLD -. but father-daughter kind of scares me. the girls are dressed to look young (Like loli's) I'm sure he's not actually going to do anything. but I can't help but be a little disturbed. The Pick Up Artist: Ask her a simple question: If her father were to pop up in her mind while she was masturbating.

and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . Has she noticed any missing panties? Does her dad constantly watch the laundry? Does her dad avoid talking to her Free Audio Homepage s into her mind. i always want to know what hes doing.i get so jealous of anyone else he spends time with. Maybe she should check her panties for come stains. aring down the traditional that she might feel and amping the sexual ones up. if they were. it creates a hypersensitivity to her sexuality and that just makes her hotter and more sexual. The Pick Up Artist: This is more than a deep case of incest. Anywhere in the WORLD -. you would make her paranoid that there is more to it. ANY Room. If she still has a problem with the incest porn that her daddy watches than maybe she should snoop around for more signs that he wants her. porn viewing. The basic message t they were doing and it was all subconscious anyways. the mind that was fueled by the molestation of the body. etc. i cant do anything without him advising me or helping me do it and when im not with him i am sooooooo lonely Miami.she was lucky enough to be one of these other girls who actually fantasize about their dads and feel okay about it just agreed that women should feel alright about masturbating to their dad. Imagine this: Some dad e to molest his daughter but he feels sexually aroused around her and he knows that he can sit her on his lap without it becoming molestation. he will sit her on his lap and he will make her feel like the most pretty and beautiful girl in YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. If you were a truly good seducer. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Claire it is the most amazing feeling ever to be so deeply and truely in love with someone but it is also so hard.

but when a detonator comes into your computer and activates all of the pieces. Nothing inherently wrong with a dad walking around in basketball shorts around the house. ANY Room.the world. He will show her that no man will on how many people are around. nothing wrong with a daughter wearing skimpy clothing around the house. show h that loves her the most. like Christmas Eve. He will show her how it is perfectly okay to dress and act like this because it is not sexual.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . Dawn I have a crush on my dad's friend. your computer will run as smoothly as silk. or just seduce him? Do any of you have a crush on an older person? What should I do? YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. is there anything wrong with accidentally noticing that he has an erection? What about or 2 elements might be okay but all of them combined and Free Audio Homepage accomplish with the precision of a psychologist in my premium product so that when you go and seduce women. He showed me how they need but the parts alone are completely harmless. there are some viruses that are meant to detonate on certain days. but until then. so my age isn't a problem. all of the elements that could potentially tear the two of you apart becomes what brings you together if put together in the right sequence. is there anything wrong with bouncing on his lap? If out of the shower. Hell. with his daughter sitting on his lap. For example. more seclusion typically equals a heavier and more profound comfort with sexuality that he will feel exposing to her. Anywhere in the WORLD -. Should I tell him. I'm going to be 18 soon. My friend was teaching me about computer viruses. it is your choice as a woman. you few updates of your anti-virus. I could tell that he liked me too when I sat on his lap. there is nothing inherently sexual with a daughter sitting on her lap.

especially since he already knows that she wants him sexually. unless y let her know that she can drop over at any time if she ever has a problem than she could always create a problem and go to his house. It -looking. so even today. furthermore. I'm just wondering how people are attracted to a lisp? Are you or anyone you know attracted to a lisp? Miami. they remind me of weakness and insecurity. ANY Room. She gave me peak has ever treated me as good as she treated me. It creates the dichotomy. the overlord effect that she and I must have to have a healthy sexual relationship because in every healthy sexual relationship. For her to feel comfortable in his lap she definitely has spent a lot of alone time and/or her rules and restrictions on their daughter are fairly lax. Anywhere in the WORLD -. lol. YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. there is a sexual reason for it. She Free Audio Homepage had a very obvious lisp. The Pick Up Artist: g to accept pretty much any answer that you give her.Miami. & at first I didn't like it but after a couple shows I agree with her. She obviously had a reason to sit on the lap. My girl says her lisp is sexy. I begin to love her more and more because of her dependence on me. something that I love in a woman because that means that she needs me. She is extremely smart and always treated me as if I were important and she had a lisp.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . especially if she and you are in the heat of the moment. The Pick Up Artist: detail for fear that she might find out) who has a lisp. She will submit. her lisp is sexy. not because I am an asshole who belittles who she is but because I have the power of the relationships that she lusts in the form of her ultimate kryptonite: her father and relationships with her male relatives. there is the one in charge and the one who obeys. Celine There's a show TV and the narrator has a lisp. I absolutely LOVE lisps because they remind me of her.

someth a similar situation if I hang around a girl and she seems to get nervous around me whenever she sees me. I would let her wash my penis and ask her if her dad shower alone or he is going to have the key to the root of her sexuality. She has started trying to wash my private parts when she gets in there with me. Anywhere in the WORLD -. the feelings if she decides to. The Pick Up Artist: You can typically pick up on any types of abuse if you look at how she reacts when she is around her family. While she kept rubbing me down. If she acts as though she is afraid. But now it is getting to the point where I am uncomfortable.Albert When I am taking a shower she will come in and try to get into the shower with me. The more fearful she feels. By doing this. If I were him. ANY Room. YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . I would comment on what a good father their dad is for training his daughter to be so beautiful and special and to treat him so importantly. We only have one shower so I used to think she just got tired of waiting to jump in the shower. HELP! What should i do??? Miami. nervous and fearful to be around her male family members or she is overly affectionate. The Pick Up Artist: This girl is an exhibitionist and she loves the power that she has over her brother. It is usually when my hair is full of shampoo so I cannot just get out and leave. but she takes a submissive stance to me whenever I ask her for something or to do somet girl and Free Audio Homepage sexual feelings or she is going to run away from them. you are the helpful father. Emily I moved in with my god parents 2 years ago and I've had a crush on my god father ever since and my god mother doesn't know and their divorced now please help? Miami. I would make it out as she has been a sex slave her whole life and that she is lucky to be a slave to something that she truly loves.

he was sweet.Bonfilia The problem started when I found out how much my dad loves me. so I'm told it's not. consensual for them to Free Audio Homepage YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. I didn't say no. When I was in the phsych. hospital I was scared of what he might say. it looks a lot like the relationship a father has for his daughter. I guess it scared me anyway. Long story short. but he was ten years older than us. where he showed up. The Pick Up Artist: If you look at typical romance.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . he talked to me. It took this for me to see that?? Thanks for any help? Miami. he wanted sex. she and he stopped being friends. My best friend met a guy online. My mom & him don't speak much as it is & I think stayed together for us kids. and with a gun. ANY Room. and I became close friends with him about two years later. and I just let him do whatever. and though I now know it wasn't. I invited him to my house while my mom was away. so when I started to get lonely. so I still feel like it's my fault somewhat for not doing anything to stop it. where we met. To be really frank. never threatened me with it. Yes I want him so bad it hurts & no I would not have kids with him. and never even made a gesture like he was going to hurt me with it. drunk. Why is it wrong I love him so much. I still have feelings that what happened was my fault. didn't fight or anything. he never pointed the gun at me. He said from now on he will be giving me a hug before I come or go because he is happy to see me & never wants the last time I see him to be lest than a hug from him. He came in sat next to me and hugged me asked me about it and said he loves me very much as a dad & more. I end up talking to him a lot. and she invited him over to our city. I had an abortion from a boy & my dad is very conservative & firm in his ways. he was nice. When I probably could have. Anywhere in the WORLD -. He is my dad & must act as such. I have now fallen in love with my father. Mind you. wned a gun and that he drank. It has always looked like that. A caring relationship with a daughter is going to spark up romantic feelings towards her father and a romantic relationship is going to remind her of her father and there are no 2 ways about it. After that. when we were young (still in middle school). How is it wrong to love a man who is so good to me.

The Pick Up Artist: You have to be able to see the signs of when a woman is trying to seduce you. He could obviously be thrown in jail. but I can't resist. It happens all the time nowadays. Dominica My parents will be going away back to their old country and they're leaving me the house etc. does that mean that her dad embraces her sexuality and encouraged her to do these things? covert incestual relationship with their fathers and 17% have been molested by someone that she knows.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . that's all Miami. YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. My father told his friend to check up on me. then at the to sleep with a guy like this. I always had a crush on that man. than 75% of men having sexual thoughts about their daughters and never acting out on them is highly likely. i know. these types of situation in her mind between her father and her. Is she trying to get you in a secluded place? Does she get excited about the thought of spending time with you in a secluded space? Does she wear skimpy clothing around you and flirt? Does she overtly or covertly flirt with you? Do you notice her looking at you more than normal? All of these things are signs that you should make a move because you never know who wants you. he probab of sorts to get her to move in the direction that he wanted her to go. ANY Room. does that mean care. Or even for starting a sexual relationship with a minor on the internet. like if I need some plumbing done on the house etc. especially if he hinted towards his gun. Is her father looking at her breasts or past them? When her father breathes heavy around worried about it. Anywhere in the WORLD -. (I'm the only child). It has to happen. He probably groomed her to have the response that she had to the situation. how do I seduce him to my house and have my way with him? He is married. Since women have a lot of rape fantasies anyways and he probably knew this. Did she know that he carried a concealed weapon everywhere he went? These things n that she the forum if he mentioned that he drank or owned a gun beforehand or not. You have to look at the flip side of the situation when you talk about this: They met when she was underage and he had been mentally grooming her for sex the whole time. so she looks towards the gun.

and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . Leslie well im spending the night at her house agian ( as i do very often) and after she fell asleep. because of the sexual taboos in society. but then art the same time. The Pick Up Artist: u liked being. If she sees her best friend flirting with her dad. He went to bed and she came along. Anywhere in the WORLD -. UHM WTH IS WRONG WITH ME? why am i now attracted to this guy? Miami.... there swim in it emotionally until you finally do. Obviously he passively seduced her.. and well he said now that he was thinking about it all day he kind of remembers. somewhere in the back of the dads subconscious mind he likes having his daughters friend seducing him. Think about it: He had a party fueled with alcohol while he was in the house being friendly with the kids whose median age is 16 and a half.Free Audio Homepage Perla Have you ever had a orgasm while be molested by a family member? What do I do? I told my friend and she too is being molested but told me she likes it! What do i do now? Miami. i went into the living room hoping to talk to her dad about this. the next girl is going to flirt harder and more intensely. Of course. The idea of something being wrong causes profound fear and if you like it.. there is always going to be some confusion and fear mind/body/social cognitive dissonance that most people face. Farrah YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. and i actually started cuddling with him while watching tv before deciding i should go back into my friends room. but you have to understand that the father had more to do with the seduction of the girl than she thinks.. and its horrible but we started talking about what exactly he remembered and I told him how its been such a long time since i broke up with my ex that i havent had sex in so long i was really sore in the morning. The Pick Up Artist: Women are always going to be in competition with other women and their seductive prowess. but fetish. ANY Room.

I was always a small girl so my dad loved to sit me on his lap. I noticed something hard a lot of times really. I was aware he had a penis and must have accepted that it gets hard at times. It didnt bother me. Now that I am 31 and married, I had an unusual experience recently with him. He was home not feeling well. I went over and made hot soup and spoiled him a bit. He and I get along so great. He enjoyed my visit and was thanking me for the good soup. He motioned to me he wanted a hug goodbye. We do hug at

Free Audio Homepage

. This time as he held me so tight, I felt him get an erection. He hasnt had that happen that I was aware of before. I thought maybe because he was in pajamas it was easy to feel it. I just accepted it as something that can happen and he seemed not to know I felt it. He didnt let on anyway? Miami, The Pick Up Artist: More than likely, he has pulled this covert molestation/incest card in public with her and it was completely innocent. Next thing you know, she, the perfect girl, straight a student from a good family who owned lots of land and a farm somewhere on the side of a dirt road is on a forum with a deep level of naivety asking if this is normal. When you find a woman like that, it is your job to paint the picture of that types of behavior with her. Marjorie Im 16. Could being sexually abused by an older man in the past make me attracted to older men right now? I was molested by somebody who was close to me, he was in his 40's, and I have to see him from time to time. Whenever I see him my sking crawls. But now, I find older guys (about 35-50) really attractive. im not attracted to guys my own age. Could that be because I was sexually abused by an older man? Miami, The Pick Up Artist: She will always feel a deep level of attraction to men that can take the lead and come up with a good reason for sexual forwardness, just like when she was a little girl, esp side. It have been a very violent assault and she had to have a very close,
YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room, ANY Room, Anywhere in the WORLD -- and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs

private and personal, almost very loving and affectionate relationship with her abuser for her to feel this way. Leah I began massaging my clit thinking of dad and decided that i was gonna make a move. I was nervouse but my pussy was throbbing and i was horny as hell. I didnt dry off and found a thin white tee shirt and put it on. It was just long enough to cover my butt and my wet body made it slightly see through. I walked into the living room and seen dad sitting there drinking beer watching tv. I could feel my nipples hardening . I walked in front of dad and seen him look at me from head to toe twice! I said anything good coming on tonight and he said,I dont know? The tv guide was ontop of the tv so i picked it up and dropped it on perpose,With my back to dad i bent over to pick it up ,The tee shirt was so short it rose up as i bent over giving him a perfect look at my ass and throbbing pussy. I stood up and looked over at him and

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he smiled. I thumbed through the tv guide and kept sneaking looks at his crotch till I seen a buldge. I said,Theres nothing on any good. They had satellite tv in there bed room so i picked up the tv guide to the satellite and dropped it to i bent and picked it up knowing he was looking at my bare ass. I read the guide and said, Thers a good movie on at 10 can i watch it in your room? Dad said,sure. He looked at his watch and said,Ive got time for a shower before ten. He left and went ito the shower. I went and got in dads bed ,He came in the bed room in just his underwear and got in bed. Miami, The Pick Up Artist: This is great because the situation is a great demonstration of oscillation and how someone can go from one extreme in personality to the other. She showed off to her dad, obviously for the first time and he was totally cool with it. He invited her to his bed to watch a movie, which is fairly innocent but is a deeper path into an environment that allows for more sexual openness. He comes in his boxers and d the whole situation tailspins. The father in this situation is brilliant because if he took her right then, being such a

YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room, ANY Room, Anywhere in the WORLD -- and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs

made an agreement when she was wet and horny and the fact that she did allowed her instant access to his bed whenever she wants to. Les It is so kewl watching my father in law gawk when i wear shorts and bend down ...i can feel his eyes all over me and i love it!! I know it sounds wrong but it sure doesnt feel wrong. he is a man and I am a woman. so what the hay is wrong with me letting him lust for me. i get off at night thinking of him between my legs while i stroke his hair. my husband and i havent had sex in 4 months or even more. no ready how could this be wrong for 2 adults. Miami, The Pick Up Artist: ly, he is probably

options sexually. She obviously likes guys checking her out and this is one of her core forms of pleasure. Because of the fact that she has a husband, of the house, so that allows her sexual attraction to be triggered by her father-in-laws stares. You will probably find out that with this

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type of girl, her dads eyes were always searching and exploring her body and it made her feel like she was special, so she continues this behavior. Furthermore, her father is probably around the same age as the father-in-law, so it just compounds the sexual attraction that she feels towards her father in law and makes things worse. If she was in a very cobending over every day. You will find this quality in nurses, where you can have a sexual conversation with them as long as it has to do with something medical or much transfer the enthusiasm of one process that they enjoy and convert it into another. A girl making her dad feel happy by sitting on his lap would probably like to
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He explains to her all of his actions. maybe) happened.. hugging. in this case. The Pick Up Artist: A girl is going to feel this for the alpha male (in general) The guy could be a drug dealer or a gun runner but as long as he makes her feel good. and wants to be picked up. the father is covering all of his ground and he is extremely loving and affectionate towards his daughter. even though it is wrong to be attracted to a meth dealer or some guy who just cheated on you. my dad. old daughter to sit on her father's lap? Just wondering because I think she is too old for that. a daughter is going to have a problem completely hating her dad. Her father and I split up a long time ago and when he does come to see them.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . Scarlett Appropriate for my 14 yr. Anywhere in the WORLD -. or is it? Thanks Miami. am i doing this to myself? Miami. Mathilda i never had trouble talking about it with my friends and i hate to admit it. etc. The Pick Up Artist: I want you to see if becoming as good a seducer as I Stella Free Audio Homepage My sister is constantly kissing. she cries and is all over him. so that if something comes up where his actions are challenged.. so do others. a part of her is going to overlook those facts and look deep inside of herself at the passion that she feels. I am not Miami.. she has a YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room.. I feel uncomfortable with it and think that it's inappropriate. saying he has abused him in any way. but somehow it makes me feel special in some way even though i hate the fact that it did (in my mind. what can I do to show them it's not ok.past the abuse.etc. ANY Room. sitting on his lap It is not as simple as her sitting on his lap. The Pick Up Artist: No matter what. the way she sits on his lap. It doesn't look right to me. straddling.

This has happened to me too. and that being next to me on the couch triggered a reaction.covered. I was overcome with passion and I guess I showed enough alpha qualities that she was attracted to me. I will be forever grateful. Is this normal? What's even more confusing. I have had girls who I seduced at a sexual weak spot in their lives. yet he had 2 ejaculations while we were trying to get ourselves untied. The Pick Up Artist: I want you to see if becoming as good a seducer as I YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. etc. We had no actual flesh contact. but if I had explained how she is special to me and that she makes me feel important and weak around her at the same time and how she was my kryptonite.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . last week as he watched TV on the couch beside me I noticed him looking over at my short skirt & thighs. I was very lucky to have her share her deepest passion with me and for that. they told her friends and then what happened is her friends dis shame that things happened this way. wearing nothing but a short skirt. If I did not feel phy feeling. then a man cannot seduce a woman because a woman is the most natural seducer in the world. because I was forced to face him on his lap. I was imagining a vibrator ring on his buldging dick that sent vibrating impulses against my clitoris! Even though there was no real physical contact between us I had an orgasm at the same time he did! Is this normal? Free Audio Homepage Miami. It was a little embarrassing. He was embarrased and explained that the memory of my exposed body was stuck in his mind. ANY Room. and the stuff leaking through. About half way through the program I noticed his private sticking up through his pants. which left my private & boobs exposed in front of him. A guy could have a one night stand with a girl or seduce a girl and the girl her life. is that during this time. One of them even squirted me in the face! Is this normal since we had no physical stimulation? Then. Persephone About 6 months ago my cousin & me were tied up by another party for losing a truth or dare bet. Anywhere in the WORLD -.

Oliver My daughter asked me to print some of her homework on her thumbdrive. she moved down to the bench in front of her dad. Last week I went to my friends party and before I went out the door my father told me not to drink any thing with alcohol in it. be mad. I don't know if she has sent the pics to anyone. The Pick Up Artist: I want you to see if becoming as good a seducer as I becoming as good a seducer as I Heaven Free Audio Homepage YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. into his legs.WOW. then he started to fuss and cuss at me. I have to admit . his hands rubbing her shoulders her back. She is a very mature young woman. This made me very uncomfortable as I looked around the ballpark and saw no other dads/daughters acting this way. then leaned back against him. or if I should be mad. his hand on her leg. and saw a folder with thumbnails of nude pictures that my 18 yr old daughter had taken of herself in the bathroom/ bedroom mirrors. Miami. The Pick Up Artist: I want you to see if think you are. At a ball game last night. I clicked OK.then I told him daddy I'm way too old for a spanking!.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . I wa Phoenix When she sits on his lap.(we have a rule that none of us have beer until were 21)and after the party I was a shit faced. then he pulled my skirt up and spanked me on my pantyhose with his hand. ANY Room.then he said I'll stop spanking until you moved out!. is it normal for teen girls to photo themselves? Miami. Anywhere in the WORLD -.Is it normal that he continutes to spank me? Miami. so I want to be a good daddy and treat her has such. As the autoplay window appeared.. I was going to my room to go to bed but my father came out of the bathroom and smelled alcohol on me.I have a HOT daughter that can pose well . then he grabbed me by the arm and dragged me into his bedroom. her arm curled around his neck. The Pick Up Artist: I want you to see if becoming as good a seducer as I Paige Ok. a turn-on for me. I don't know what to do.. SO. What do I say/ do? I know what I want to do to her.

The Pick Up Artist: I want you to see if becoming as good a seducer as I Holly breast. I am 18 now but when I was a young teen I was very sexual and loved to tease boys. I would make my nipples hard so they would show through the fabric and go sit in his lap to watch a movie. Miami. ANY Room.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . Just the thought of it soaks my panties. Ive been having these dreams of him fucking me. He tried to act like it was nothing. The Pick Up Artist: I want you to see if becoming as good a seducer as I Asia I'm writing coming from the opposite position. to push him. Is this normal ta want my dad to fuck me?? Is it normal for me to like these thots?? Miami. I developed early and have big perky boobs and round bum. I dream that he kiss me softly and fucks me hard and calls me his little princess and when he eats my pussy he tells me look at what daddy created such a sweet pussy. For some reason I started thinking of ways to tease him. but she don't seem to care. Okay for some reason this year i got back in touch with my dad and he talks to me like he's my boyfriend and handles me more like that then a father. My husband and I get on her about it all the time. Miami. I knew boys liked this so I would wear little pajamas that showed my figure. YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room.I've had this question on my mind for awhile so im gonna ask for everyones opinion. I don't know if she will grow out of this or get worst. My mom married a very attractive older man who I had an instant crush on. Anywhere in the WORLD -. but I felt like it was much more serious than go by without her calling or texting. The Pick Up Artist: I want you to see if becoming as good a seducer as I Honey My daughter is now 18 and she tends to walk around the house naked or in just her underwear. to make him want me. My favorite thing to do when mom was gone was to sit in his lap and squirm around like I was getting comfortable. silk.

when they ask him very adult questions he answers them quite freely. ANY Room. The Pick Up Artist: The boyfriend and the daughter are both going to get father is just being a normal father while he lets his daughters bounce around and straddle their father. they all share a bed and are often allowed to stay awake until 10 pm or later. He is very open with his girls . Miami. but then at the same time frenzy while the wife is so turned-on that she is willing to walk to the ends of the earth to obey her husband. and at one point was holding her hand at the dinner table in the same manner he holds mine and she was stroking his leg and ankles. On a recent trip to my home I noticed him letting the 9 year old straddle him and then bounce around on his lap. The Pick Up Artist: I want you to see if your becoming as good a seducer as I Free Audio Homepage Miami.. Take a few minutes to spoon to reinforce the feelings of love you feel for her if she feels terrible about how she feels about the sex to make sure she feels loved and not alone in life because of all of the feelings that she might have around sex. he was picking her up and carrying her around in this manner. When the girls are at my BF's apt. He knows what he is doing. ys talk about how they need and want more foreplay in a relationship. Examples: "do you sleep with your gf?" "what bed do you sleep in?" "do you sleep naked?" etc etc. all he is doing is establishing the emotional part of the relationship very strongly with the orgasm. Sage My BF has a good relationship with his girls however I find some things unusal. When I asked by BF about why they do this he said they like to cuddle. The Pick Up Artist: sexual abuse (especially incest) is associated with borderline personality disorder.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs .Miami. I began to ask more questions where I was then told he often sleeps in his underwear (boxer briefs) and they often just sleep in tshirts and undies. Anywhere in the WORLD -. The good thing about all of this is that obeying her husband or boyfriend is all part of the fantasy that she needs to act out in her mind for her to truly Meg YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room.

she gets really upset.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . but I guess that doesn't negate the truth. He then asked me if I was alright. giving me an orgasm when I was so little I didn't know what had happened. Recently I read about covert incest and everything about it matches up exactly with mine and my dad's relationship (someone on here had said how I sounded more like my dad's wife than his daughter and I realized that it's true). The Pick Up Artist: I want you to see if becoming as good a seducer as I think you are. I feel like that name is a really awkward and uncomfortable way to describe the situation. I want you to analyze this scenario just like Kendra Free Audio Homepage I was a daddy's girl. My mom still prefers that I handle my dad's problems. She tries to sabotage our relationship (she lies about me and anytime my dad speaks to me she'll "ask" me to go to the kitchen and get her something). she sleeps on my side. including my parents). The Pick Up Artist: I want you to see if becoming as good a seducer as I Frenchie I've been feeling more and more pressure as time has gone by to be everything to my dad. When I work nights. So I find it natural that my daughter and her father are close. Miami. on the verge of tears. so I don't really call it covert incest to myself (since that would make the two related and I don't want my relationship with my dad to be "dirty"). She is now 13 and when we try to put her to bed alone.He touched us sitting on the couch. Anywhere in the WORLD -. She cannot sleep without him lying with her until she falls asleep. I've worked really hard to earn my dad's love and everyday is a huge struggle to keep him happy and to never YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. When I was younger I was sexually abused (no one knows. ANY Room. anytime he was down when I was little (which was everyday. I soon learned that I had to be with my dad all the time. Can a daughter be too close to her father? Miami. My mom has always encouraged me to be this person to my dad. I'm worried my daughter is becoming too dependent on my husband. just as it is today) she would tell me that daddy needed me and that only I could help him (and she'd just go off and do something else after she got me). The thing is. but when he and I are joking around (which is still super stressful for me) she gets very jealous.

She has a let her be right. I'm a teenager. Also. I've heard that lots of people in this type of situation feel like they are competing with the other parent for affection. but then tells me if I'm not careful I'm going to wind up killing my dad by upsetting him (which makes me petrified to ever leave his side. My mom definitely puts us into competition for my dad's love and it drives me crazy. yet.I'm on edge all the time (plus. ANY Room. my mom conveniently misses his alcohol induced tantrums where he throws glasses and she comes home late so as to miss the depressed phase.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . Miami. my mom blames for their ruined marriage. The Pick Up Artist: with her father and she is really mad at her mom because the daughter has this great the fence with whether or not she is mad at her father but she has not been allowed There is a type of girl who never feels like she is good enough and this is her.of him with his wine).disappoint him. but it's always been my job to care for him and for whatever reason I couldn't forgive myself if I lost Daddy's love). it's so weird but lately with other people she's started acting like me (other people have noticed as well. Thank you very much. but everyday I have to deal with her lies and I don't like it)? It's my fault. wants him to hate me). I find myself to be annoying so I don't see why she'd want to do that). Anywhere in the WORLD -. but I just have no idea what to do. so it bugs me that she's not even nice behind his back and.and she avoids being with him when she is home. Since I put everything I have into helping my dad to be alright I resent the fact that my mom tries to make him dislike me (she complains non-stop about my dad and he told her he wanted a divorce a couple years ago. If it matters any. and he gets mad if I do leave him for even a moment. and it's gross but I feel that way as well (I'm always stressed-out with my dad.I hate myself and I have no idea what she's doing (as in. meanwhile she is YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room.nothing came of it. so it's like some sort of twisted cycle). Even with other people she competes with me. so I'm not just insane). Free Audio Homepage Am I crazy? How can I get out of this competition that my mom puts us in (I try to ignore it.which last hours.

someone else is going to ruin it. Anywhere in the WORLD -. i can feel him get big. If you ever wanted a truly submissive fox who will obey you and act like a true lady. I place because she is confused about things to worry other about than this. One night i came home from the mall and i was in a cute skirt and blouse. I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone and what they thought about it. but frankly she is definitely wor personality is more important to me than looks because of my workaholic lifestyle. but i do. Almost immediately I felt him getting hard. Charity I'm a 18 year old girl and am about to finish HS. ANY Room. you are going to constantly reinforce her self-worth and self-esteem. I live at home with my dad.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs .constantly This type of girl has low self-esteem and she will probably develop a secret fear that whenever she does something right. she might be an 8. and its fun YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. I need a girl who deep down inside loves her daddy. Miami. The Pick Up Artist: I want you to see if becoming as good a seducer as I Jayda I tease my dad when i sit on his knee. I did not say anything and Free Audio Homepage neither did he. this girl is truly it. If you have a relationship with a girl like this. She is going to have a lot of her self-esteem tied into what you say and what your opinion of her is. She might not be a smoking hot 10. After about 2 min he went soft again. he doesnt think i know. Dad was watching TV in his chair so I hopped on his lap and wiggled in to get comfy.

I remember Charlie coming into my room at night and touching me under the covers. I fell asleep. I woke up later to Charlie lifting up my shirt and rubbing his fingers over my nipples. They couldn`t mean people like YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. the consequences. I had my first orgasm when I was 6.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . When i was a little girl. The first night we were laying on his bed watching a movie. The sensation would only last for about 6-10 seconds but it felt so good I couldn't help but repeat the "cross legs and squeeze" action again and again throughout my childhood. he dropped the soap and was pretending he couldn`t find it. I froze and pretended to be sleeping. he kept rubbing up againts my crotch. ANY Room. I could hear his breathing getting heavier and the bed was shaking a little bit. But I loved my uncle and it felt good. I found that if I cross my legs tightly and squeeze for a long enough time. Another time I remember him giving me a bath. My parents and teachers had both told me ppl should never touch you there. when I finally learned (and experienced) what an orgasm meant through sex education and a bit of self exploration Miami. once he slipped his finger between the lips. My parents took him in after my grandparents passed away suddenly. Free Audio Homepage I knew it was wrong. How can you love somebody but still hate them so so much at the same time? It started when I was three or four. Years later. Anywhere in the WORLD -. Then when I was twelve things changed. The Pick Up Artist: How can this knowledge of the female anatomy make you a better seducer? Marisela Ever since I was a little girl my moms younger brother Charlie has lived with us. I can remember dozens of lil incidences like that.More than likely. He`s 9 years older then me. My parents went on their second honeymoon. Wait!!! Before you fly off the handle and faint or something. Let me explain. They left Charlie to look after me for three weeks. I'd feel this strange but awesome and warm sensation down there. My first orgasm. Later I realized he was touching me and jacking off.

the he started to rub my crotch on the outside of my pants. About a week after my parents left. He stood up and undressed me. saying he never meant for it to go that far. I was shaking all over. His whole hand covered one of my little boobs. I had never had an orgasm before. under the little training bra and started massing my boobs. He was drunk. it was the beer that made him do it. At one point he took his hard dick out and sorta got off rubbing between my leg and his stomach. He sucked on my boobs while he fingered me. but left his underware on. He was tickling me and managed to get my pants off. A couple of days later he came into the garage wile I was going thru some boxes. Thn he slipped his hand up my shirt. He started to hug me. but it had never felt this good. His hands felt so arm and good. I was secretly flattered. He picked me up and sat down in my dads lazy boy. he ran back into the house again. It felt so good. I was so confused and ashamed. ANY Room. then he spread my legs a little more open. Other times I was so ashamed and embarassed. Id played with myself before. he pulled me onto his lap to watch tv. and took his pants off. Later that night Charlie gave me a uncle. and started to lick me down there. A couple mins later charlie told me I should return the favour. he was on top of me. He started to finger me again. He was telling me I was his special girl. grinding his hard dick into me. As soon as he was done. He taught me how to suck a dick that night. hadn`t had much contact with boys. I came home and Charlie was drinking beer and watching sports in the den. he pulled his hard dick out and made me wrap my hand around it. He started massaging my back. He was sucking on my clit. He kept his hand over mine and jackedhimself off. Miami. The Pick Up Artist: I want you to see if becoming as good a seducer as I Rosemary My lifelong dream is to become a stripper <3 my mom is all for it! But my dad says no!? How can I change his mind? YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. he kept whispering I was his special girl. Anywhere in the WORLD -. It felt incredible.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . that he loved me. As soon as that happened he pulled his pants up and started apologising. soon his hand was massaging my chest. When I walked into the den. we were flirting and horsing around. My uncle must of known I secretly looked forward to the good feeling he gave me. I was sorta plain looking.

When she goes into the world looking for love in its most purest form. but ou and she wants you to Sophia Ever since I can remember (my earliest memory is when I was in kindergarten) whenever my parents left me at my grandparents. my grandpa would make me sit on his lap and he would finger my vagina.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . first touch.Miami. first orgasm. First boyfriend. Sometimes the subconscious mind says stuff that it really means when you slip up and make a mistake. she went trick or treating dressed as a prostitute. The Pick Up Artist: This is a good example of someone who is so deep into a trancedwant to create this type of deep trance and mechanism of brainwashing. To me it's like a source of comfort. Your little cousin starts talking about sex and sexual relations or drops something and mentions how hard it is to be an adult and feels like her parents betrayed her. and first guy to t guy to ever tell her he loves her over 10. I once met a girl who told me that when she was in 6th grade. first kiss. like a security blanket or something. He never did or even tried anything else. This is what I experiences with you. Anywhere in the WORLD -. ANY Room. The Pick Up Artist: A girl who would ask a question like this is definitely an exhibitionist this fact Free Audio Homepage wanted to be a professional intrigues me. Now that I'm 29 I still sit on his lap and let him do it. Lisabeth YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. she her and having her as his baby or she goes back to live with her granddaddy in his lap.000 times. Miami.

i started to feel better. She's been cold to me for as long as I've known her. On the other hand I'm wondering if my boyfriends relationship with his daughter is a little bit too close. Then he lay me down and we began to Miami. Anywhere in the WORLD -. I have also seen them lying on the living room floor embracing & kissing. kissing him while he's trying to eat and he doesn't say anything. I think it's pretty weird but maybe it's normal to other people? Free Audio Homepage Miami. We hugged. Emerald After a bad day at a school I was in my room crying. For ex. The Pick Up Artist: The fact that they are in public acting out this behavior vagina tattooed to your head.Is it normal for a daughter to be so openly affectionate with her father that if you saw them in public you would think they were a couple? She sits right beside him at restaurants with her arms wrapped around him. and my dad heard me so he came in and sat next to me asking what was the matter. and he kissed my cheek. (No idea what came over me! I acted on impulse) We started to make out like two horny teenagers and his hand slid under my skirt and began to finger my ermmmm lovetunnel. After that we sort of stared into each others eyes and I could feel his body filling with lust so I leaned in and kissed him on the lips hungrily. The Pick Up Artist: I want you to see if becoming as good a seducer as I Felicia Is my boyfriends adult daughter too attached to her dad? Hi..and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . I've been dating this lovely man for about two years now. I told him everything and he comforted me. However his adult daughter seems not to think much of me. if an accident. YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. ANY Room. He also slaps her ass sometimes when she walks by and she sits on his lap. You might have it on your head for so long that you completely forget if you put someone in a room with food.

I stayed at my uncle Steve's beach house for two weeks in the summer. He was only 22. stay up late and would play games with me. it made me feel older. the youngest in his family. He also had brought me a loose t-shirt and a pair of my panties with my bra. The third day I was there we went swimming and my top got pulled down to my belly by a wave and he held me close so I could pull it up over my breasts without anyone else seeing. I liked that he was looking.1. I liked that thought. I put the shirt and panties on but left off my bra. if I tell you everything that there is to know about the music industry. and the fact that he saw my boobs. good and Free Audio Homepage happen. My nipples were erect YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. He took a few seconds then closed the door. She tells him everything 4. She's 25 yrs old and still calls her father daddy 2. Her job requires her to be on her feet alot so she'll often come to her dad house and he'll rub her feet whil Miami. He would take me swimming. but he would tell them he was spending the day with his girlfriend. ANY Room. He opened the door and laid down a fresh towel for me. My nipples touched his chest while I struggled with my suit and I wanted that feeling to last forever. like a woman. They call each other every day and talk for about 30-45 minutes 3. He was on leave from his job so we spent a lot of time together. with my dad being born 16 years before him. I was a pretty sheltered little girl and it was fun to be with a very cute funny guy. He told me he wasn't looking but I saw that he was. He laughed and said we might have to get married. The Pick Up Artist: The relationship that they have will never go away because hypnotic suggestions. I was feeling very close to him and my crush got bigger. Sammy When I was 13. Anywhere in the WORLD -. We went back to the house and I took a shower to rinse the sand off. He was cute! Older girls would talk to him and sometimes invite him over in front of me. (me) I did have a big crush on him. talk to me. He told me he was a surprise baby. I loved it there.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs .

I had barely touched my drink and I was feeling very grownup and sexy. I put them down and saw him completely naked. I composed myself and went out to the kitchen where he had made two giant tropical drinks in hollowed-out pineapples. it was simply the most romantic moment in my life! I gave him my tongue and he touched it with his. He was looking and that gave me a thrill in my vagina. Feeling no inhibitions. I put his hand on my (really!) quivering pussy and he caressed it with his fingers then bent down and put his warm tongue in me. His had hair around it but it was nicely trimmed and I remember how sexy I thought my uncle looked. I opened the door with my eyes closed and peeked to find the hamper. I think I let out an audible gasp then he laughed. I tried to walk sexily for him but I was not too coordinated at that time. I sipped mine and could taste liquor.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . My nipples were hard against my t-shirt and uncle Steve was checking me out. In my little fingers it looked huge! At that moment I wanted to please him in any way I could. My breasts weren't very big but I knew I looked good. I told him and he said it was for flavor. Anywhere in the WORLD -. He came out a little later with only his boxers on. He sat on the couch next to me then asked me to get him a beer. To me. He pretended he didn't notice and I quickly left. He said to put them on the hamper and not to look. I sipped at it but I was feeling good already and told him to sit with me on the couch so we could watch tv. ANY Room. He said I should take one of his pain pills for my sunburn and I did. In seconds. cupped my breast and kissed me. I got them and knocked on the bathroom door. I bent over and made sure my shirt opened so he could see my pretty tits. He said he meant his khaki shorts but these were fine. When he walked the opening in his boxers would widen and I could see his big thing.Of course my fingers were on his erection and he jumped up. He walked behind the kitchen counter to hide it and told me to finish my drink. I glanced at his thing and could see he was getting an erection.with my excitement from him looking at me. If he wanted to take me I was his. He went and took his shower and I was sipping my drink. I laughed and his penis came out of his boxers. put his arms around me. I thought we could cuddle. He sat up and kissed me YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. I had the most wonderful feeling shoot thru my entire body. I got the beer and handed it to him Free Audio Homepage and put my other hand on his lap for balance. He smiled. He called out to me and asked if I would bring him a towel and a pair of shorts. I was clueless but I kissed the big head of his penis and petted it. I took it in my hands. His penis was much bigger than the only other one I ever saw on the nasty little 12yo boy next door back home.

He told me to play with his balls and after stroking it for less than a minute.with the taste of my hot pussy in his mouth and I came again. The Pick Up Artist: th putting those feelings out there in front of her parents. she sees her uncle fits that mold of the types of uy. ANY Room. This felt so good! I still had my shirt on so he pulled it off me and kissed and licked my nipples. Her parents are completely fine with it. Sandy Is it normal for a 13 year old teen girl to be attracted to a 47 year old man as a father figure? MY HUSBAND OF 18 YEARS AND I HAVE RECENTLY MOVED. he made her feel special and he had a place away from everyone else where they could escape to.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . he shot a fountain of sperm in the air. THE 13 YEAR OLD TEEN GIRL NEXT DOOR HAS ADOPTED HIM FOR THE FATHER SHE NEVER HAD. He was able to create the rules because he was physically her dream. Free Audio Homepage YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. HE BECAME ANGRY AND FEELS A NEED TO CONTINUE THEIR ACTIVITIES. I HAVE BROUGHT THIS TO MY HUSBANDS ATTENTION. I felt like a sexy woman! Miami. all the money and things like that that girls like. He flatters his niece by her feel like a woman in every way. SEVERAL PEOPLE WHOM I AM CLOSE TO HAVE CONFRONTED ME THAT THE RELATIONSHIP IS NOT NORMAL. He had me pull his boxers off then showed me how to stroke his big erection. He took her into his world and he was her fantasy playing with her nipples is wrong. He has the trappings of a successful male. Anywhere in the WORLD -. I was in Heaven. SHE SITS IN HIS LAP AND PLAYS WITH HIS HAIR AND PICKS AT HIS FACE. I wanted to make him feel as good as I did and obeyed his every direction. So. he has a high level of seclusion at his disposal and he has the proof that lots of girls love him by the girls that see him with his niece. WHEN HE STANDS UP SHE HANGS ON HIS SHOULDER AND ALWAYS SITS CLOSE TO HIM ANY CHANCE SHE GETS.

ANY Room. should i talk to her? YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. THEY HAVE NOT BEEN THE SAME SINCE I HAVE MENTIONED THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE TWO. been threw a lot. If they start out young. Debs Ok. But she chose to live w/ her dad. The Pick Up Artist: amazing when you look at the ages and the different situations. know her for a while and she talks about her dad ALOT. THIS HAS ALSO AFFECTED OUR 12 YEAR OLD SON. The tricky part wants to be an adult very easily.IS THIS NORMAL OR AM I OVER REACTING? Miami. I DO NOT KNOW IF HE HAS SAID ANYTHING TO HER. It was getting late so she started falling asleep and put her head on his lap. she always tells him she loves him and kisses him on the cheek. i have a really good friend.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . You have girls that are molested young and older and the way that they react to it all just amazes me. ALWAYS physical contact between them. He scratched her head and rubbed her back and arms. SHE FOLLOWS HIM EVERY STEP HE TAKES. SHE WAITS FOR HIM TO COME HOME AND THEY SPEND MOST OF THE TIME DOING THINGS TOGETHER. idk am i being weird about it or does that look bad? they look more like bf gf cuddling that a father daughter. Then we were watching a movie and she had her legs across his lap and he rubbed her shins. I HAVE SEEN THEM SNEAK TO GIVE EACH OTHER A HUG AND KISS WHEN I AM NOT STANDING THERE. you have girls who are extremely close to males. her dad had an affair. I was sitting in a chair and she was sitting on the couch w/ her dad hugging each other for a really long time. You have girls who are allowed to exhibit their sexuality and you have girls who are punished if they do. there is a deep dependence and a deep sense of her being a baby. so her parents got a divorce. gone over to her house a few times and they seem pretty normal except for the fact that she is VERY close with her dad.HEY CALL EACH OTHER BEFORE GOING TO BED TO SAY GOODNIGHT AND I LOVE YOU. Anywhere in the WORLD -. You have girls being very far from having any contact with any male whatsoever.

He is very playful with them. The Pick Up Artist: I think that what he is doing. Free Audio Homepage Miami. the one where the more she analyzes it. whether consciously or subconsciously is training his daughter to think sexual things about him so that later on ing with myself. Nicole up against him when they are hugging. I want you to analyze this scenario just like the o Hosannah Is this inappropriate? Dad kissing daughter? Well I'm 15 and when ever my dad leaves somewhere he always gives me a kiss on the mouth. Miami.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . The Pick Up Artist: I want you to see if becoming as good a seducer as I think you are. so she says something little personality quirk. He is always poking them in the sides or smacking them on the ass. whenever I talk to my mom about it she says its normal to kiss your dad on the mouth. Sometimes he will wrestle with them like he does with the boys. its just like a peck. Anywhere in the WORLD -. but they are all very developed teenage girls. ANY Room. but I don't know I feel weird about it and its like he wets his lips before so i always wipe it off and he gets mad. I guess it wouldn't bother me so much.i dont have a good realtionship w/ my dad. YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. Is it inappropriate? or am I just being weird about it? ps. the more that she gets turned on and feels sexual about herself.

and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . i slept in too long and my dad woke me up. but then i noticed that i kicked the blankets off of my lower body. What does this mean ?! It means that he took a chance on you when nobody would. my bed is located so that my feet are facing the door. I have my fiance and my baby on the way . Sophia Reoccurring incest dreams about my adopted father? Okay it sounds weird. The more screwed up they Free Audio Homepage taking care of her. and had my legs spread a little. In NO way do I ever wish or want anything like this to happen . should i just pretend it never happened or say something to him? Miami. I honestly can not understand why I continue to have these dreams . i heard him tell me to wake up. Kazia i sleep naked in my bed and this morning. Anywhere in the WORLD -.. He creates an environment where they can be themselves and instead of being judged for their sexual experience and thoughts they are worshipped and idolized for it. It means that he was a strong man and you looked at what he had and his attitude and compared him to YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room.Miami. The Pick Up Artist: Situations like this every single day that make any attraction that is already there between father and daughter and intensifies it. so there's not a doubt that he saw me. ANY Room. The Pick Up Artist: This sounds very similar to the relationship that Hugh Hefner has with his girls and you can have the same relationship if you allow yourself to heed the advice in this book. Imagine this: Hugh Hefner accurately paints himself as a picture of these girls father. well you know . but every night for the last week and a half I've been having dreams about my adopted father & me . i was on my stomach.. I'm completely happy with my life .

John Crewsdon. Miami. that can be very painful. etc. Your friends want to have long. The Pick Up Artist: I strongly believe that that is the case with most families. have everyone 4 and older on the planet earth on it and it is knowing that and truly believing it that will help to amplify your seduction game to incredible heights. girls who flirted with their teachers. Little Brown. Anywhere in the WORLD -. afraid. sister or father. molestation or someone who masturbated to the thought of a family member. ANY Room. 1988) One out of 4 girls have had sex with their families and all of them have thought about it. I think people deep down know that molestation and incest is more of a social disease non-obtrusive and non-destructive until people find out that their behavior is wrong and then they feel guilty and horrible. This is very powerful information to have over women YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. If they took every victim and perpetrator of covert incest. It can also be very damaging for a child if a non-abusing parent is aware of the abuse and chooses for whatever reason not to take Miami. The Pick Up Artist: Interesting Fact: A random survey of 2.627 women and men conducted by the Los Angeles Times found that 27% of the women and 16% of the men had been in incest relationships as children (By Silence Betrayed. betrayed. she might have the entire school teasing her and making her feel worthless because she had a crappy brother. It would probably be a lot harder on a girl for her to lose her father and have him thrown in jail because everyone and their mom now knows that you were sexually abused. Some of the girls in this study had been abused or had been victims of covert incest and never said anything about it. incest. If you were sexually abusing you.them to act like your dad. You probably thinks on some level that everything that her dad says is a sexually charged innuendo. drawn out conversations about the divorce and if you still see your dad and if she cracks Free Audio Homepage under pressure. a week later. fathers who get off on their daughters. etc.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . and put them on a planet.

there is a 9 out of 10 chance that her love for her family went a lot farther than you think. but not serious damage. he feels the side of her breast but she ignored it and never Just the qu of emotions hard-seated with sexuality... She's a teenager by the way. I know a lot about her and she knows a lot about me.. She does get hurt sometimes. 2. What I noticed or know: 1. Even nice girls and girls you would never think have been through this types of abuse or situation has. She falls in love with him and puts her head in his lap to go to sleep as he planks his penis across her face and when he lifts her up. Her brother and her fight a lot. all the time. I mean. Or as she says it. He starts it a lot. I heard he hurt her breasts while fighting. She says her mom told her to. YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. she says she checks cause he is a lady's man and she wants to be updated too. 3. I would like some advice. Avaron Free Audio Homepage Me and my gf have gone out for a long time now. And I mean physical touching fight. I don't know since when. but I don't know if there were more times or not.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . Another thing: I believe the statistic is probably much higher for the guys than they admitted. He started checking her phone. Anywhere in the WORLD -. but I don't. incestual relationships with themselves. I suspect that my gf is like close to having incest. without knowing it. He saw my messages and pics. these girls are fooling around with somebody.truth to it. They fight a lot though. Well. but he refuses to taper down his sexuality. here's the situation. Some bossy girl has an equally as bossy cousin and he is as making her feel better. He said that she's too young to go out with a guy and kinda insults me. Once. If she is very animate about loving her family. ANY Room. She checks his phone's inbox..

Like I'm an excuse for her or a substitute for not legally being able to be with her brother. I suspect him to know. She doesn't know. 14. I don't like him. Within dating and marriage ages. she gets upset with me and fully defends him and tell me I'm wrong. 11. don't you think I'm acting like a ***** lately? I don't know what to say. I don't think so. she would ask me at the end. but I don't know. when he clearly. They fight when their parents aren't around to see. I don't feel the love. 5. 6. yet still doing it. Free Audio Homepage 12. but I don't know about her brother. so I told her no. they were alone all day. She says it's on accident. At least once. and when i tell her.. He told my gf that. Her bro isn't that much older than her. I don't fully know how. 13. ANY Room.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . that a girl saying/thinking that isn't a good sign... but I think she's jealous or something. 7. but she did. He saw her naked before.. She says she overhears from friends conversation and from movies on accident. but I don't feel comfortable with it. She never asks what I'm up to. She says she wants to see him mess up. YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. She told me they were just messing around and stuff. Fully saying that he isn't that sort of guy.4. She probably thinks that. When we have a misunderstanding and argument. I don't know if she saw him naked or not. like a husband to a wife when he has an affair. Her brother had sex with his gf. but she checks her bro's phone to see what he is up to. They are alone a lot. she defends him. catch him having sex with his gf before. since both parents work at least until 5pm.. was using his gf for sex in my opinion.. 10.. Anywhere in the WORLD -.. 9.. She said before that she follows him on dates. She gets mood swings sometimes and she knows perverted stuff. but I read somewhere. Like she loves him more and doesn't care what I do. fully knowing that he doesn't want to be with her forever. 8. She tells me a lot of times that incest is gross and stuff. but we have been having misunderstandings lately. When I told her what I thought. I feel he was trying to explain to her.

I really love her. and he says that's not right. 16.. so I would like to know if these are signs of incest. He can enter from main door to her room or through bathroom I think. The bathroom is in the middle and the rooms are connected. I even asks my dad about it. ANY Room. Or am I overthinking? It's really bothering me and when I tell her. at least on her brother's part or not. YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. A girl like this is quite likely to be an emotional loner or either fully embrace her different attitude and act than you want to look for those types of signs when she mentions her family at all. Talk about how much you think that her relationship with her brother is sweet and how you want to be her brother and father in one. she hangs her bare legs over his and he lightly tickles her all over.15. I heard him banging the door to her shower before when I talked to her on the phone. I know this is long. A girl like this might not have any friends and if she does have friends they are few and far between. Or she drapes her arm over his shoulder. you know that there is something very sexual going on. It might be completely covert and they might not be having sex. buxom young niece sits and squirms on her father's lap and lavishes him with kisses and cuddles as though he were her boyfriend. Is this incest (or at least her brother wanting/thinking of sexual thoughts about his sister) or am I thinking too much? And what am I supposed to do? Miami. but please help me out on this one. she gets upset at me and defends her brother. Anywhere in the WORLD -. I don't know what to do. Their relationship. If with her fucked up situation and any time that she spent with her boyfriend will now be spent with her b Free Audio Homepage Chloe This fully developed. Their rooms are next to each other. When she's not on his lap. but you could use her brother as material when like this.. The Pick Up Artist: Any time you see any extreme behavior stacked up like that. seem too close to be just family love. She told him: "don't you dare come in" or something.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . He never asks her to move. strokes his ear and pokes her fingers inside.

so of course she wants to explore her dads moving parts. a brother. I also cuddle in the bed with him I'm not feeling well. I take off my uniform (skirt and shell) and leave my bodysuit and pantyhose on for the rest of the evening. I don't find it inappropriate at all. kiss and groom a girlfriend in a demonstrably sexual way. Were curious beings by nature and because of the Electra complex that all girls have. she would flip it over. When she is between 5 and 7 or maybe younger. it is to move the material between her legs up and down on her clit. and a pair of pantyhose.We have also watched her stroke.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . I live with both parents. Miami. ANY Room. Anywhere in the WORLD -. but the moment that you make her the mom or assume that position. creating an internal desire to be her lover. Gisselle Free Audio Homepage I wear a long sleeve turtleneck bodysuit (like a leotard) with my cheerleading uniform. YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. You can safely assume that she rocked on her hard lap and tried to assume the role of a husband. you have lost power and control over the relationship gest that you never have her refer to you as her husband or boyfriend. you want her to refer to you as because the regular world is not good enough for her. There is a lot of sexual enjoyment a young girl can find on her lap or sitting on any males lap. she will test her boundaries. and a sister. perhaps because she has always liked to cuddle with her parents. Elaine I'm 24 and I sit on my dad's lap. Miami. After I get home from a game. The Pick Up Artist: She will tell you about how horrible the world is and how much she misses you and needs you. super-sweet and thinks every sexual thing in the world is innocent and she under that rock. My daughter is almost 8 years old and she loves to snuggle with her daddy. The Pick Up Artist: When a girl squirms on her lap. a nice girl. she knows that men have moving parts.

When you compliment her on her exhibitionistic be able to make her look like a saint for showing you her breasts through her shirt and dressing sexy. that this happens. goes to the fridge and grabs a beer. Anywhere in the WORLD -. You will know her because she to push her breasts out. The boyfriend needs to understand that this is the type of relationship that she has with her father and she can either join in or get left out. I would never want to affect the relationship between father and daughter in a negative way unless I was willing to lose my girlfriend in the process. He married her with this knowledge. She is very likely to develop an exhibitionism fetish. Should I confront my girlfriend about this? Im a bit worried that something went on or is still going on between her and her father. (if you can call him that. it makes me uncomfortable and her mom too. Sounds innocent right? Well she gets up. Tell her that she dresses like a woman with confidence and guts when everyone else is afraid to be themselves. ANY Room.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . one of my friends sits on her 27 year old step-father's lap. You have 2 choices if you find out that this is the kind of lifestyle that your girlfriend has with her father. you could either become the very rare person who understands that this is going to be one of the most powerful relationships that she ever has in her life or you can get kicked out of it. She will never have a peak experience as exhilarating YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. to wear pants that ride up her nice ass. Lea Umm.. Wh all of her peak experiences and the taboo part of the relationship is the part that attracted her in the first place. Miami. he is only a few years older than her!!!!) Her mom is 40 something. and she can't have any more kids. William Plain and simple. and goes to the bathroom. The Pick Up Artist: Plain and simple. And what do I see bulging out the front of his pants? A full on erection. Miami. The Pick Up Artist: There is absolutely nothing that you can do about it. A great example of that is her reporting this on the forum that I was viewing. My girlfriend sat on her father's lap during a family get together at her house.. Daddy gets up.Miami. to wear leggings with a camel toe to wear a bathing suit around the house. The Pick Up Artist: She is given a sexual allowance and she is pushing the boundaries.should she do something about it?! (he stares at her daughter too when she bends over.

but I don't connect to him like my sister does. but that r life back. This is a girl who is very likely not going to be wearing the pink bows and dress super-adorable. The Pick Up Artist: This is a situation where the more she submits. Anywhere in the WORLD -. does what he wants and sexualizes himself the more that her dad will like her. YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. She is one of those hot young girls who i believe is already having sex.. but I rarely talk to him =/ She even lays in his lap while we watch TV while I sit on the opposite couch He's a great dad. so they are super close. she Sasha Isn't it inappropriate? my niece is 14 years old and she stills sits on her fathers friends lap. Melisent was a mommas girl. but have not seen my mom in 9 years. I also heard one of the guys ask her was he making are hot and bothered. How should i tell her mother to stop her from doing that. I love my dad to death. ANY Room.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . but will I ever have that connection with my father? My sister and dad talk all the time. Miami.Free Audio Homepage old enough to understand the repercussions of her actions and every time she tosses it late become one of the only people in the world who she will ever love as much as her father or get left behind in the dirt. her father is 29 years old and his friends are between the ages of 22 an 30. One time i over heard her saying that she wants to have sex with one of the guys. My sister has always been a daddy's girl.

If I were getting a lap dance. ANY Room. when I moved. guaranteed when she gets older or if she stays isolated in similar environments to the Orabelle When I was 14. she can enjoy molestation because she is completely innocent and not responsible. hard against my butt. I found out just how good it can be for a girl to sit on her dad's lap. of professional parents. I felt kind of embarrased. because he went into the bathroom and changed before he and my mom got into the next bed. I got up to get something to drink.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . I am an only child. For her abuse to be so public. from the movie and then from feeling the pressure of my dad's penis against my butt. Occasionally. She is going to be extremely comfortable with her sexuality. Not in some violent way but covertly and under the table. The Pick Up Artist: I figure that all of the guys are in on some type of trade where he is prostituting his daughter out. The Pick Up Artist: She will stay a baby because as a baby. I could feel myself getting wet. but I was also kind of turned on. That person will probably be some guy in her life that in so many ways resembles Free Audio Homepage this position. Miami. at first. but didn't. They were totally soaked as I'm sure were my dad's pj's. You notice that This is a telltale sign of being mentally a little girl. and briefly considered sitting somewhere else. it was like an electric shock going through the center of my being. When I sat back down on my dad's lap. It means that they feel like a little girl YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. so no one could see the seat of my pj's when I got up to go to bed. I would ask her if she would pretend that I am the first person that she did this with. Fortunately. Anywhere in the WORLD -. the lights were out. the likelihood that this girl will become a stripper is relatively high.Miami. and if I moved. when the movie was over. the length of his penis was pressing against my slit. I could feel his penis twitching under me.

which is the concept of reproduction. baby words that she emphasizes. small. se their husbands as gold diggers. Like molestation YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. the likelihood that something in exchange.concise. ANY Room. Part IV: Conclusion Becca Says -changing experience.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . The thing is: She did something that she liked when she was a child and because of a better. etc. This is a great place to have women because it means that their defenses are dropping. so if I make her feel better her mind and she will carve her thoughts and her life around what I said to her because I created another peak experience in her mind. Anywhere in the WORLD -. She has done this many time. I definitely take it that this is not the first time that she sat in her fathers lap. makes his daughter #1 in his life and makes her feel good when she is sad. If someone loves someone else. A father can shower affection on his daughter and she is fully accepting instead of resistant of the love that a father shows. but a good father is there for his daughter through thick and thin. Her conscious mind is her social mind and her unconscious mind is the one who wants to feel fully protected from all dangers. more intense way of achieving what she wants. cheat on their husbands and skimp on the sex. People love to stay in the trance that feels best to them. A father is there for his daughter forever and vice versa so this is a great frame to hold in your relationships. they have to realize that the most important thing is to deal with her unconscious mind first and her Free Audio Homepage conscious mind secondly. When a person is creating peak experiences for another. this just happens to be the special time that he came. have food stocked in the cupboard and to reproduce.

many therapist like the plague. only look at her like a daughter A daddy never gets tired of his obedient daughter and a daughter never gets tired of her daddy because of the deep loving connection they have between them. she looked to her father as a person who was always right and YOU Will SEDUCE the HOTTEST Girl in the Room. When she was a little girl.and YOU WILL SEDUCE HER EVERY TIME! -Fawn Elite Seduction Labs . you will be seen as a leader of the people.onger and wiser today than I was before. ALWAYS Assume the Role of Daddy Never look at your girlfriend like a girlfriend. You Free Audio Homepage making your own decisions about what you want out of life automatically puts you in an alpha male position and for that. the sex will get better. perception creates a category for people who are married and are boyfriend and girlfriend and that perception affects grow. ANY Room. But there are many." -Blogger who had sex with her therapist Never Assume the Role of Boyfriend. the intimate bond between father and daughter will deepen and you will have a stable relationship with a stable mate who is legitimately To separate yourself from the rest of society is the most of the gifts that you have as an adult so make sure that you use it to create a safe haven for the women who are in your world. Anywhere in the WORLD -.