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Project work -Business Studies (Class 12

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Project work Business Studies Class 12 Submitted by: Name:____________ Roll no:_______________ School name_____________: Year: 2013-14

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Project on Marketing Management Product selected:*(write your Product)

Page:3 Index: List of contents(Leave one page ,we will fill this in end)

Page:4 Preface I am pleased to submit project work in Business Studies for class XII.I am extremely grateful to CBSE for introducing this project in Business studies. This project has given me ample opportunity to explore varied areas of Marketing Management, thus increased my understanding of the concepts studied. This has resulted in enhancing my analytical, interpreting and creative skills. The Project work is strictly according to the guidelines given by CBSE The salient features of this project are:  Survey of market  Development of Questionnaire  Selecting and marketing of product  Development of Marketing Mix  Designing of label  Creating tagline I extend my sincere thanks to --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Write this on your own and acknowledge all the people who have helped you like shopkeeper, teacher, Librarian ,websites etc.

Page 5 Introduction
Why have you selected this product/service?

Page 6
Competitive products & Unique Selling Proposition.[U.S.P.]

write ‘5’ competitive brands that exist in the market write their features and Unique Selling Proposition.[U.S.P.] You can paste picture and wrappers

Page 7

Our product and its features & ‘U.S.P
What is the name of your product? Enlist its features. What is going to be your ‘U.S.P


Range of products Does your product have any range give details and features

Page 9 Permission and licences What permission and licences would be required to make the product?

Page 10 Label of product and social message Draw the label of product Both front and Back Draft a social message for your label.

Page 11

Tagline and Logo of product
Brief reason for design of logo and its significance Draw the logo of product Brief reason why taglines are used for products Draft a tag line Page 12 Selling price and profit margins of competitors Strategy followed by you competitors for setting selling price Give reference of Appendix no. Make table to be put in end under Appendix

Page 13 Pricing of our Product What factors are you considering for setting selling price Give reference of Appendix no. Make table to be put in end under Appendix

Page 14 Packaging Importance of packaging Types of Packaging-Primary, secondary & transportation Material used or any innovation in packaging

Page 15 Grading and Standardisation

Page 16 Channels of distribution Importance of Channels of distribution Which channel level will you use- Zero, One , Two or three level Reason for selecting particular level Make diagram Page 17 Warehousing Importance of warehousing in brief Number of warehouses Location of warehouses Own warehouses or rented

Page 18 Transportation What means of transport you will use and why?

Page 19 Promotion Ways of promoting your product Explain how will you use 4 elements of Promotion: Advertising, Personal Selling, Sales promotion and Public Relations

Page 20 Promotion schemes Any schemes for (i) The wholesaler (ii) The retailer (iii) The consumer

Page 21 Observations and Findings

Page 22 Conclusions Suggestions Future scope of study

Page 23 Appendix Includes all tables , questionnaires used for study

Page 24 Teacher’s observation Name of Teacher: Signature Date: