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{ 4 DRAMATIC ADVENTURE nWeh rail ete poet aaa as, Pred aa 75 theatre artists journeyed across Ecuador... OR aa CaSO Ce aR Cd A uae meet RAE pieces of theatre inspired by their experiences abroad. The results are unexpected, hilari- iY ous, touching, honest, and raw, as these art- ~ TOR ae ENCOS AUER Oa SEATING IS LIMITED. UL AO COR La UN) en To book your tickets in Nana in New York City. Preview performances advance for this world oh ; premiere, please visit: OCHS ranalicadvelur com/ickes a theatre company that ACTS! +1917 9524714 oe a Ee visit us online at: Dramatic Adventure Theatre wee 309 East 26th Street CP Oe Unie ) ectnltimonicta New York, NY 10010 Naa ANU) I8y theatre company that ACTS! (at 2nd Avenue - wheelchair access) (btwn Bowery & 2nd Ave., small staircase - no wheelchair access) CRS BPA} NMR DPA 8th St.-NYU €& @ : 2nd Avenue 6 : Astor Place / Bleecker St.