Oral exam

Pay attention to the functions below so as to make up your dialogues: • • • • • • • • Introductions, greetings and goodbyes. Making contact: telephone conversation. Welcoming a visitor. Staying at a hotel. At a restaurant. Making arrangements. Invitations. Asking for information.

The following criteria will be taken into account in order to assess your speaking skills: - Grammar and vocabulary: how correct your grammatical structures and vocabulary words are. Your use of English must be effective and accurate. - Fluency: how well you are able to express your ideas, opinions in a coherent and clear way .Your speech must be effortless, smooth and relevant to the topic that is being discussed with speed that comes close to that of a native speaker. - Pronunciation: your pronunciation must be easy and clear to understand. Stress, rhythm and intonation are important. - Communication and interaction: how good you are at a conversation or discussion. You must be able to comprehend and respond effectively to what you are said.

Good luck!

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