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Wibseaacp INFou0 Box 1258 Berkeley CA 94701 ne. WO- HUG ITE: HUBRARD GENERATOR 110-HUB HUBBARD, Alfred: THE HUBBARD GENERATOR --- This device was first demonstrated in 1919: it powered a 35-hp electric motor to propel an 18- foot boat around Portage Bay, WA. The "Hubbard Coil" needed no power source other than a jump start...Comprised of 8 electromagnets each with primary and, Secondary windings of copper wire, all arranged around a large steel core which had a single winding Around the entire group of coils was another, secondary winding...Here are several news articles from 1919 and 126), eghepatics, and “updates on recent. research developments. ..58 8. K CT||| [Hubbard Believes Mystery Motor FIIt| K STILL Based: Upon His’ Own: Invention’ |] on ening Yo [AN foimee|| -} Lester \e rene eee ieaemea meatal atin iS Boat Wnt eWascruccoesaron GENS BK ‘aves, |Hubbard Coil Runs Boat ax.anatiss) On Portage Bay Ten Knots ‘An Hour; Auto Test ‘Next) Botte NOMNARES IELER NOES toner Whva He Associ]. POR COVERN Sacorerg to Bele — SPA AGREEMENT BY BIG MADR yee losis Govranant Appr "Undertnding Wilh Ee SANTIEADS Harding to( For Long Throw jubcommittees pie Gre Boost to Northw esata aed Mice Werke NEW E ar 0

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