Truro Camborne Santa Cruz de Bezana Gothenburg Zlin

Comenius Project Heypos Newsletter –December 2012/January 2013

As we can see Little Mole has a starring role in all our hearts at Christmas time. Here at Truro Nursery in Cornwall in the UK he is has the main part in the Nativity play.

In Santa Cruz de Bezana in Spain the children have to be very good to get their presents for Christmas and they have to wait so long to get them!

In Sweden in Gothenburg the Children have been exploring the science of snow through creativity. They experiment with the world as their canvas!

No smoke without Fire! The children experience the outdoors with all their senses. Smelling the smoke, feeling the heat, tasting the Marshmallows! Investigation and exploration continues in Truro .

In the Czech Republic in Zlin the children are given the opportunity to experience all the elements including WATER. This is an amazing opportunity for them to learn a life skill and exercise.

Slapacek! Look at this for an ecological ‘NO CAR DAY’ In Zlin the children learnt about a day without cars and the impact it would have on the earth and the world around them. Throughout the project the Nurseries are showing how children can learn about the environment in a meaningful way, involving parents and carers in a wide range of activities. The Comenius Project has allowed the Nurseries and schools involved to share their ideas through the online blog

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