Truro Camborne Santa Cruz de Bezana Gothenburg Zlin

Comenius Project Heypos Newsletter – Summer 2012 Great News! In July 2012 funding was guaranteed for all partnership schools within the Comenius Project to start the HEYPOS projectA study of Healthy Early Years Physical Outdoor Science All Participating schools were eager to prepare for the forthcoming trip to Cornwall in September 2012. An online platform has been created this is to share ideas, lesson plans, recipes and information about the partnership schools

( (Cornwall in Bloom)

Truro Nursery School and Camborne Nursery School prepare for their first Comenius Project Visitors. The children have learnt how to say hello in the Swedish, Spanish and Czech- ‘Hej’ ‘Hola’ and ‘Ahoy’ They also made some flags and banners to be put up to welcome the partner schools and learnt a little about maps. The children were very keen to meet our Heypos Mascot ‘Krtek’ the little mole. They listened to a story and watched a DVD of this famous Czech cartoon character- chosen to reflect the Importance of ‘Comenius’ himself a Czech educationalist who lived in Zlin. Parents were asking , ‘Who is little mole?’ They were all informed of the good news and the future visit to our two nursery schools.

What Next?–    Newsletter in Sep/Oct Blog Updates every six weeks Cornish visit

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