Truro Camborne Santa Cruz de Bezana Gothenburg Zlin

Comenius Project Heypos Newsletter Spring 2013

Throughout Spring Children learn about the cycle of life. A time for new life and celebration In Spain the children have been painting outside enjoying the spring sunshine and taking their little mole friend KRTEK with them

Look at the snow at Camborne Nursery! The children have explored footprints, ice and snowballs!

Over in Sweden the children use natural resources to help develop early numeracy skills’ ‘How many fingers and how many cones?’

Children can have real experiences through meaningful play. Learning to investigate and explore in a natural environment.

Children can use the forest to be imaginative through role play and also to develop large motor control. Fun and Fitness in the Forest. In Gothenburg the children have plenty of opportunity to explore the outdoors.

In Zlin the children and their families have been studying and exploring the effects of winter culminating in a celebration for all the children and their parents


Carneval in Spain!. Studying the ancient cave paintings

Great Fun and dressing up.

All members of the Heypos community are very excited to be meeting in Sweden in May 2013. The visit will allow practitioners a chance to meet their European colleagues and

share good practice. This exchange will also provide opportunities to discuss further developments for the project.

Gothenburg in the snow Krtek and his Swedish friend.

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