Escuela Secundaria Nº 15 –“ Claudio Lepratti” Orientación en Comunicación Programa de Inglés

Espacio Curricular: Inglés Curso: 5º Ciclo orientado Profesor: María Alejandra Gaggino

Ciclo lectivo: 2013

Unidad I Revision of tenses (Simple Present, Present Continuous, “going to “ future , Simple past regular verbs ). Simple Past – irregular verbs (affirmative, negative and interrogative).Methods of transport. Prepositions : ON /BY. The global teenager (reading). Requests: COULD. Our favourite superstar (reading) . Unidad II Past Continuous (affirmative, negative and questions).When / While .Past Continuous or Simple Past .Prepositions of place .Towns and buildings. Roman towns . (reading) . Advice: SHOULD/ SHOULDN’T. Top Ten’s problem page . (reading). Unidad III Comparatives and Superlatives . Negative comparisons: NOT AS…AS . Quantity: How much / How many / a few / a little / / not much / not many / none. Prices . Unidad IV Future Simple: WILL ( affirmative , negative and interrogative ). Predictions and instant decisions . ” Going to” or Will . The worldwide popularity of TV soaps .(reading). Conditional Sentences: 1st type.

Bibliografía Dream Team 2 Oxford. Norman Whitney and Diana Pye .

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