Escuela Secundaria Nº 15 – “Claudio Lepratti” Orientación en Comunicación Programa de Inglés

Espacio Curricular: Inglés Curso: 4º A y B ciclo orientado Profesor: María Alejandra Gaggino

Ciclo lectivo: 2013

Unidad I CAN . (affirmative, negative and interrogative ). Abilities and permission. Adverbs of frequency. How often ?. Simple Present vs Present Continuous. Present Continuous: :present and future meaning. Prepositions of time: in, on, at. Describing a city: Edinburgh. (reading). Houses and homes. Unidad II Future plans and intentions: going to ( affirmative, negative and interrogative). Personal pronouns (subject /object). Obligation: MUST. Prohibition: MUSTN’T. My room: furniture. Teenagers and computers. (reading). Pen-friends on the internet. (reading ) Unidad III To be: simple past. (was / were : affirmative, negative and interrogative. Years. Countable and uncountable nouns. How much…? / How many …?. A lot, a few, a little. Musical instruments. The history of rock music (reading) . Simple Past (regular and irregular verbs) affirmative, negative and interrogative ). WH-questions with regular verbs. Films Cartoons and film animation (reading).

Bibliografía Dream Team 1.Oxford. Norman Whitney and Elizabeth Sharman.

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