Escuela Secundaria Nº 15 – “Claudio Lepratti” Orientación en Comunicación Programa de Inglés Espacio Curricular: Inglés Curso: 3º B Profesor: María Alejandra


Ciclo lectivo: 2013

Unidad I Present Simple: affirmative, negative and interrogative. Questions with : What / Where / When / What time / Who . Ordinal numbers. Dates .Imperative : affirmative and negative. Have got / Has got: affirmative, negative and interrogative. The body . Adjectives for describing appearance. Animals in danger (reading) Unidad II “There is /There are”: affirmative, negative and interrogative .Countable and uncountable nouns . A /An / Some / Any . Food and drinks. Fast food in the USA and UK (reading).Present Continuous: affirmative, negative and interrogative . Clothes . Cool Britania! Modern Britain (reading). Unidad III The weather. Describing a city: Edinburgh (reading). Adverbs of frequency. How often…?. Simple Present vs Present Continuous. Present continuous with present and future meaning.

Bibliografía Dream Team 1 . Oxford. Norman Whitney and Diana Pye. Dream Team 2. Oxford. Norman Whitney and Elizabeth Sharman.

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