Escuela Secundaria Nº 15 –“Claudio Lepratti” Orientación en Comunicación Programa de Inglés

Espacio Curricular: Inglés Curso: 2º “A” y “C” Profesor: María Alejandra Gaggino

Ciclo lectivo: 2013

Unidad I Revision: personal pronouns and verb “to be”. Possessive adjectives . Plural nouns: regular and irregular .The family. Verb “have got” (affirmative, negative and interrogative ). The house: rooms and objects. There is / There are (affirmative, negative and interrogative). Prepositions of place: in, on, under.

Unidad II Simple Present (affirmative and negative). Free time activities .Meals. Food and drinks. Adverbs of frequency : always, sometimes and never.

Unidad III Simple Present (interrogative form and short answers).Everyday activities .The time. Prepositions of time: in on, at .Wh-questions .

Unidad IV ( tentativa) Parts of the body. Adjectives. Possessive case :’S /S’. Can (ability) : affirmative, negative and interrogative. Linkers: and ,but ,or.

Bibliografía What’s up ? (starter), Pearson Longman .Silvia Carolina Tiberio.

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