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Project Local Security Settings

Master Table JIN_LocalSecurity/Master Form JIN_LocalSecurity

Problem Must restrict edit facility in credit Customers address fields for selected Users in AR module. Solution Set up master table for Restricted Users. And add new Method For CustTable Form To Enable/Disable Address Fields
void EnableAddreessFields() { Jin_LocalSecurity ; if(CustTable.CustGroup == 'CRD') { Select Firstonly LocalSecurity if(LocalSecurity) { Where LocalSecurity.UserID == curuserid() && LocalSecurity.SetRestrict == NoYes::Yes ; LocalSecurity;

Address.allowEdit(false); } else { } }


else { Address.allowEdit(true); } }

Then Call that method under the CustTable datasource active Event as Follow
public int active() { int ret; ret = super(); //VAR-Modification on 05 Nov 2007 at 12:16:05 by Sankar Ganesh S - Begin //Purpose: element.enableFields(); //VAR-Modification on 05 Nov 2007 at 12:16:05 by Sankar Ganesh S - End //Purpose: //VAR-Modification on 25 Mar 2009 @ 9.24 A.M By Vipul Ranathunga //Restrict Users to avoid credit customer address change element.EnableAddreessFields(); return ret; }

By Adding new fields into LocalSecurity Master table The Security issues can cover up in all Modules