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The method of Bronnikov

The method of Bronnikov man "Information for Human Development" (or the system, "Fiery Dragon", "Ruby Eye of the Dragon"). This method, according to the author, passed him with 3 years of age sleep a Tibetan monk. In the dream, Vyacheslav M. Bronnikov mastered the various techniques, taking exams and various spiritual forces and entities at 41 cdal his last exam, and began to develop their systems and dissemination of knowledge learned (project "Fekleron" Greek "Flame of God"). Now the method of Bronnikov can take 3 basic steps and 2 levels of complexity of basic stages of training: Stage 1 "Ecology of Spirit" Development of bioenergy senses, harmonizing the functions of organs and systems of the human body .There is a learning exercise for working with "living force". Studied 18 basic exercises that activate each cell of the body. After all, if you take a blood test in humans, "the street" and do 10 minutes of exercise such as "Vertical pumping" and then take a blood test, the mobility of erythrocytes, their flexibility and overall state of the blood such as a man who was resting a month in a sanatorium. A similar exercise super-activating the first stage as much as 18. And to help themselves, and to help their loved ones, as full-time and at any distance on patterns of health atlas and abstract patterns. Stage 2 "Inner Vision" The development of the internal display or a mental screen. Due to the manipulation of images: of memory, fantasy and imagination - is the formation of imaginary teams managed images. Accumulating a photographic memory, a vision of his body from the inside, fine structures and bioenergy. Step 3 "external view" At the third stage of Bronnikov method is the conclusion of the internal screen (psihobiokompyutera) out in the material space. There is time between seeing with his eyes closed in a sling, on the internal screen image rooms, objects, time between sharpness, brightness, color, which eventually may lead to the ability to see with his eyes closed as well as with the public. So, as we see in dreams, but - most importantly that we do not sleep, and manage images, and see accurate information in this dream driven about the present, past and projected future. Stage 1 Level 2 "Development of the essential nature of man" The course is preparation of a dense physical body to the work of the entities. There is a training log, location, and release the entity from the body. We study the experience of working with global entities of the Earth, Heaven, Holy Spirit, the essence of the Snake, Tiger, Monkey, Bird, the essence of the five Dragons, a technique to pregnant animals, a technique of working with "Dead Man's strength." Thereby accumulating primarily safety, equipment management. As well as accumulating a middle state of emptiness, a neutral state.

Stage 1 Level 3 "Tail of the Dragon" Accumulating experience the subtle practice of tail, tail of the dragon management practices to enhance the vitality - preparation for the development of the lower chakras. Technology "Bear step." Working with the power of anti-kundalini. Development of the fine structures of the dense body, amplification, output and training of a thin body. These courses can be learned by contacting any licensed facility Bronnikov, such as the Moscow Center of Bronnikov: , tel.: +7 (495) 580-30-35

DIRECT VISION - A NEW PROPERTY RIGHTS report VM Bronnikov at the World Congress "The results of the Millennium", November 2000. St. Petersburg Dear friends, colleagues and members of the World Congress! I am pleased once again to our wonderful and beautiful city of St. Petersburg, and grateful to the organizers of the Congress for the invitation and warm reception. My career as a history of opening a direct vision of man is connected time of my childhood. It was later discovered, was a child my surrounding world looked very different than the world of other people. My mind was fixed the "subtle world" energy-structure of people, material objects and nature, speakers at the "forefront" of my vision. To describe what I saw, it is possible in an associative comparison, when the objects are translucent under X-rays, with the difference that I own and really, clearly and in detail, ran the picture. All my attempts to explain to success with adults do not lead. I noticed that identical objects we see a completely different way and so we describe them differently. As my adolescence, my ability to develop and brighter as manifested unusual situations. Attitude towards me around was difficult, especially adults who are becoming more aggressive and inhuman. Images of my perception of the world were taken for pathology. People around me disoriented and psychologically destabilized my body, my suggestion of deviation from the norm. The results of these actions led to a sharp deterioration of my health and general well-being. I have a number of systemic diseases, deteriorated vision, hearing, coordination of movement, memory, but it suffered the most. Until the eighth grade in the classroom at school, I answered only in writing. The doctors urged me to come to terms with the fate of the fate of the dumb man. Independent attempts to solve their problems did not achieve positive results ... In 1966 I met a man who helped me. His attention was attracted by something unusual about me.He asked the question: When you close your eyes, you can see? Yes - I said. What can you see? - All. "Right now the corner will leave a red bus with a broken front glass."

A minute later came the bus. The man was surprised. How can this be, because to achieve this, we must engage in 20-40 years. I was born with it. Further meetings with people with similar abilities helped me to understand - I am mentally very healthy. People around me were blind in their own way. Knowing that I can see the inside of the space your body, internal organs, kind people with special knowledge prompted me how to restore their disability. So I attached to the knowledge of medicine and psychology. I regained my vision, motor function, memory and speech. Catching myself, I turned myself into a research laboratory. Practicing, and repeating the experiments of their own practical experience, I've been getting good results, improved and systematized knowledge. In the process of harmonization of feeling I have opened an amazing new features and capabilities: to see future meetings and events. The unreality of dreams took place as amazing on her reality life. In my dreams I can see 360 degrees, can very well perceive yourself and the world, more real than ten times than that in normal life. In the dream, I can reincarnate, manage events, learn and teach others. All this has opened up in me the diversity of creative skills and artistic abilities. It is noteworthy that my countryman Aivazovsky, a great artist - seascapes of Theodosius had the same inner vision.Create a picture inside my brain, and only then transfer the image onto the canvas. What is expressed in these abilities. On my team there with closed eyes white screen, I run, after which it creates any desired image to me. The screen can expand, reduce, zoom, delete. It can be seen from macro to micro. In this inner vision of man there is a possibility to use all available senses and moreover they can manifest themselves in the multi-dimensionality with more power. I gave the name of this space, "Institute for the projection model." There are objects that are arranged situation, is to design, offer classes in various sports at the gym, swimming and water treatments. The classes are manifested the ability to see and hear the music, write poems, and much more. Open up new spaces of conscious activity in the works and use teaching methods that improve memory. People with such abilities with each passing year becomes more and more. Similar trends in the "paranormal" abilities were engaged during the development of many countries. The most common of these organizations was interrupted, and ended in tragedy, as in the choice of targets was laid mistake. Develop the phenomenal ability of the human brain can not be empirically (in the future will be banned). The human brain has distinctive characteristics, and before there take root, be aware of the correct choice of objectives to achieve the appropriate result. Otherwise, it will emerge pathology. In school, peers come to me, which I can easily teach their abilities. My unique abilities and original technique have attracted in the first place sick people suffering in its most complex pathologies. Let me give one example. Female 25 years old traumatized hand, working in a meat factory by cutting chickens. Suffered multiple wounds hands. She was conducted over 20 operations to rebuild his hands. All attempts to save her from the pain did not lead to positive results. Having worked with her for 15 minutes and using his direct vision fine processes of its hands, the pain was stopped. The work was like the TV, the desired wave without applying for this special effort. What is the method? First: The development of a set of sensations in your body and skill to manage them. It is important to know the laws and principles, which in this case to serve as a "safety". This way of creating different levels of the body sensations of tension and relaxation, weight and lightness, forming waves of sensations in the body causes the cellular level of the organism from a passive to an active state by activating the protective functions and harmonizing the functions of the organs and systems. Those who practice meditation and various forms of vision of the lack of knowledge on techniques and patterns of recovery of functions of the brain receive a pitiful results, expressed mental disorder with hallucinations. Second, an important step - the development of inner vision with the eyes closed. As previously mentioned, the whole machinery specificity was tested by me on myself. I was shown both positive and negative aspects of this phenomenon. It is given primary importance of safety and accurate knowledge of technology development. Consciously on the team the person has the screen. The screen creates any given image, as

well as a feeling, smell, taste, and much more.Need to know and follow the right skills, doing the exercises. Those who underestimate the technique of "eyes closed", and immediately begin to work using a virtual image effect with eyes open allows for a lot of mistakes, with pathological consequences and lead their activities to the crisis. inner vision opens a new world fantastic opportunity, and we applied it to call it a virtual world of man. The third stage of training - Direct Vision. With eyes closed on the internal screen image is created similar to the image, based on the material world around us space. The special exercise leads to an objective vision of color, shape, spatial orientation. After a short training the brain starts to see the world alone. We call this phenomenon - "Direct Vision." In a typical sight on the equipment recorded the occurrence of the signal to move in the brain and processing. In the direct vision of the occurrence of the signal is not recorded, the displacement signal in the brain is missing, and signal processing devices is clearly defined. All of our attempts to block the entry of signals in the brain give a negative result. We find something that, given the physical parameters, shows particularly outside the context of electromagnetic processes. There are assumptions about the neutrino magnetic processes and torsion fields. I am convinced that in the near future people will find solutions that will respond to the existing problems of today. We know that the image forms the human brain, eyes and perform a focusing function. In this case, the brain generates and synchronizes the images on the Conscious Man team, and then translates into automatic mode. Subsequent phases, developing this property provide a unique perspective into all areas of human activity. Remarkable progress in our participation in the world, international and regional programs. As a "team of experts" from Feodosia in 1994 we were invited to Moscow to participate in research projects. During this time, we participated in the research work in Moscow, Kiev, Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan), Aachen (Germany), Paris and Nice (France). Here are some results of the research: There are interesting results with the elements of blood, red blood cells, opening a new understanding of pathologies in humans and methods for their treatment. to develop methods of early diagnosis of cancer on entirely new principles using the "direct vision". Organize and direct vision process creates new possibilities in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation under existing pathological changes in the human body. I find it necessary to note the sharing of research Institute of Human Brain. Bekhterev, Natalya Petrovna invited us to St. Petersburg after watching the documentary film "Boomerang" Tatyana Koroleva. Since that time, the first stage of research. Frankly confess, first of all as a man and father I was always worried, the state of mind of my children? Physically, my children are healthy, have developed the ability and are adults. My personal attitude to the process of "direct vision" and objective knowledge about this has always demanded clarity, the answers to existing questions and authoritative assessment of the events. According to the NP Bekhterev, brain my son encephalogram showed a better picture of the development and functioning of the brain. According to her, similar results can bring a sample in the tutorial. Further expertise indicators confirmed that the use of the work, effectively improving the brain, eliminating the negative aspects. Pavlov Larissa - a woman who has no organs of vision. Go to the tragedy of Larissa - she is blind.Larissa worked in the established procedure in the presence of NP Bekhtereva simultaneous diagnosis of Larissa before and after school, in the process of learning which were found the following rates: From the first studies to develop its abilities sensations on the equipment, there have been significant changes to improve the functioning of the brain Larissa. As noted by NP Bekhtereva, features of this technique are remarkable in that the apparatus to record all the changes. During the first sessions with Larissa in the diagnosis of her brain to a visual stimulus check signals did not occur in the absence of eyeballs in both eyes. After ten sessions of Larissa was brain respond to visual stimulus, which was registered on the meter. With each new activity signals became more powerful, and eventually there was a reaction to the training stimulus color.Recent studies have shown that the reaction of the brain Larissa at the light and color stimulus roughly the same as a normal person, contrary to elementary logic.

Within three months on the basis of special exercises "direct vision" trained Larissa, she learned to see the world anew . At the moment, the periodic failures of its vision of the world are related to its psychological problems, which gradually fade into the background, and now she is able to distinguish objects, colors, learn to navigate in space. The main advantages of the result achieved in the human dimension is the ability to gain confidence reality the vision of the world, and overcoming fear. This allows you to change the existence of man, open the door full of life. It should be noted that every man born blind or lost vision vision forming ability at different speeds ranging from several months to several years. The main obstacle is often a mental disorder. It is important to consider when Larisa there was a psychological problem, connected with her religious outlook. She was concerned that when you open her ability to vision a gift from the divine will, or the devil's temptations sent down? During daily independent exercise, similar to the load and the volume of conventional school homework, she admitted that her concerns were unfounded. It was found that the ability of the vision in his Larisa develops itself, instructors suggest it and help like driving exercises (a student is a driver, he directs the process). I hope that Larisa enough diligence and patience in the future development of the "direct vision", and Larissa will get the leading specialist skills that will help many blind people on a personal example of her ability to get into the program of rehabilitation. In the course of the research team N. Bekhtereva results were obtained in the study of normal and direct vision, Volodya Bronnikov. Within a few months under a special program he had to respond to specific tests, consisting of 200 to 500 characters ordinary vision and "direct vision". According to experts, NP Bekhtereva, clearly there is a registration process of the brain. Here, the unexpected happened. By creating a high load on the brain activity of Volodya, the brain itself has shifted from normal vision with eyes open on direct vision with eyes open, and it was clearly recorded. What does this mean? The brain always chooses the most appropriate solutions and functions.This indicates that the direct vision is more natural to the body and is useful for the brain and is more powerful multifunctional structure with a superior exponent. On the ability of seeing with his eyes closed has been known for a long time. Meditation, Third Eye, clairvoyance, telepathy, dreams seem to have a common origin in the basis of which - "Direct Vision". But still there was no opening, recording and explaining the basic mechanism of this phenomenon. I hope that the blind will be sighted and sighted - seeing. On behalf of all participants, and I express my gratitude to NP Bekhtereva, director of the Institute of Human Brain Medvedev, all staff involved in research activities. I am convinced that this stage represents the beginning of the journey, the discovery of the properties in man, allowing him to become an independent and expand their own capabilities, the discovery of new technologies that will provide access to these knowledge of every human. "Direct Vision" - this is the first step for new knowledge, objectively opening properties of Man.Once again, I express my words of gratitude outstanding Russian scientist Natalya Petrovna Bekhtereva that with likeminded world perform the opening of the new field of knowledge - science, "Humanities." Vyacheslav Bronnikov - International Academy of Informatization, Ph.D., president of the International Academy of Human Development, the founder of the science "Kosmopsihobiologiya" by the method of "Formation of an alternative vision of a man." A new scientific school - "School Bronnikov," which forms of Homo sapiens, living empirically - Conscious Man, who are building their lives on the basis of knowledge of future events. New qualities of the person and create a new science, the Science of Conscious Man, new education, new medicine, where the basis of - Ethics Conscious Man, living spiritually. Spirituality - this is the way of knowledge of laws and principles of the beginning and end of the Divine Ideas, "The Man".At the heart of the school - Psychology of Meaning, system-integrated psychology, philosophy of the True Man. Kosmopsihobiologiya - the science that allows you to connect the existing achievements of the natural and exact sciences, the knowledge of superconsciousness rights in a single system of laws. It explains the meaning of human existence in the material and the intermediate space, human evolution, subtle essences solar system as a whole, provides a new understanding and to restore history to create a picture of future events and objectify the modern reality. On the so-called alternative vision or direct vision Phenomenon Natalya Petrovna Bekhterev's "Human

Physiology" Journal of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2002. (Abridged version of this article) spondylitis NP * (1), Lozhnikova LY * (2), Danko SG (1), Melyucheva LA(1) Medvedev S.B, (D), crushes SZ (3). 1 Institute of Human Brain RAS. St. Petersburg, 2 - International Academy of Human Development, Moscow, 3 Management of the program "World Academy of Humanities", St. Petersburg. in respect of the experimental verification of the existence of the effect. In recent years a number of cities in Russia and CIS countries are trained so-called alternative or direct vision sighted, poorly sighted and blind persons by the method of Bronnikov [1,2]. The possibility of direct vision naturally cause a lot of doubt as to the part concerning the very existence of the phenomenon, and in part related to its physiological explanation. We believe it appropriate to present the first results of our experience of studying the phenomenon and some of its brain correlates. This work is a pilot and a purely qualitative study does not pretend to identify any qualitative regularities. This position is primarily due to the diversity of subjects and the difficulty of working with them. The aim is to attempt to verify the facts themselves alternative (direct) vision and the ability to change the related physiological parameters (physiological correlates).

We report here the results of visual observation of the behavior of persons claiming the ability to see with your eyes closed and electrophysiological studies (EEG, evoked potentials) in the brain of these individuals. For the detection of cerebral correlates of the phenomenon of the comparison of the spontaneous brain electrical activity (EEG) when looking at the images and comparison of evoked potentials (EP) when the subjects were of similar jobs for the classification requirements of images in a state of normal visual perception and status of the socalled direct vision. Methods Subjects. The study involved seven students high school students trained in the method of Bronnikov. Characteristics of the subjects are shown in Table 1. Visual issledovanie.Na face superimposed over a black mask, made of opaque material and covering the face from the forehead to the lip line with this mask and they were asked to read the text of the proposed observer books, brochures, one-time text-ads. To check this phenomenon, SV Medvedev experiment was conducted double-blind. To test short circuit were made two identical blind masks from thermoplastic covering the upper part of the face to the bottom of the lip line, a line of hair above the ears and the side. One mask was given to short circuit for training, the other was in the lab. It was said that on the computer screen will appear letters, numbers or characters that you will need to call. In fact, this sequence has been implicated photos of physiological experiments, devices that were unknown to the test. Various incentives have been implicated in a random order, unknown to the audience to observe the course of the experiment. The image is presented to the 15-inch LCD color screen notebook computer using the total of 48 images presented. The computer was located, so that none of those present could not see the image. No gladkootrazhayuschih surfaces behind the computer was not.All observers were not closer than 3 m from the subjects. Two observers were separately protocol.On subjects wearing masks that lay before it in the laboratory, to which the subject and none of her training has not previously had access. Interstimulation interval varied in the range of 5-10 seconds. EEG Recording. To register, used an electroencephalograph firm. Leads EEG were carried out by 19 bridge electrodes placed in standard leads of 10-20. As a reference used by the combined electrodes placed on the

earlobes. The subjects lay on a comfortable bed at the usual natural light in the room. Registration of biopotentials was conducted at rest with eyes closed, and opening the eyes, with photic stimulation, hyperventilation and mental reproduction of visual images and real objects and considering the text in the same conditions. The subject is asked to "include" an alternative vision, which was controlled by the ability to read and identify patterns in the presence of a mask on his face, which prevents normal vision. EEG was compared with "on" and "off" alternative vision. Evoked potentials. In carrying out the registration subject was placed in a chair in front of a table on which at a distance of 120 cm from the face of the subject located the computer monitor. On the screen in random order with equal probability were presented 20 different black and white images, 10 of which belonged to a class of objects of the living world (elephant, dragonfly, snail, etc.), 10 - to inanimate objects (phone, desk, pen, etc. on). The exposure time images 100ms.After a second exposure was presented after a question mark, which served as the permissive signal for the motor response of the subject. The subject had to respond by pressing the button located in the hand of one, if it was presented before a live object, and 2 times, if inanimate object was presented. In the pauses between exposures in the center of the screen image is brought against the point at which the subject had to fix his gaze. Spaces are followed at intervals randomly varied within the range of 5.5 - 6.5 seconds. Just a single session, the study shall have been made 240 or 480 samples. Electrical activity from the scalp was assigned to the same as in the study of the EEG. Assigned as electrooculogram (EOG) by means of electrodes placed in temporal and nadglaze corner of the left (in test NM right) eye. Strengthening the EEG and EOG was carried out in the bandwidth 1.5 Hz - 100 Hz at 250 Hz discredit. Electrical activity and EOG signals were introduced into the recording button, the computer during visual inspection, signal quality and correctness of the response of the subject.After recording, the processing method of synchronous accumulation of leave the specimens that do not contain express EOG potentials or other visible artifacts. In conducting research VP used hardware-software complex, developed in IMCH Sciences (programmers Ponomarenko, R. A. Brazovskii, V. Polyakov) software allows you, along with the simultaneous accumulation caused by reactions to an automated assessment and representation of the statistical reliability of differences between samples averaged EP from the mean value of the process to prestimulnom interval based on an unpaired t-test, and differences in readings compared the EP obtained under different conditions of registration, based on paired t-test. Calculation of difference and statistical evaluation of the EP differences (compare EP) in the existing system are possible only for processes that are registered in one talk. It should be said at once that the brain mechanisms for the disclosure of the phenomenon of alternative - direct vision will require further study. This publication should be regarded merely as a preliminary pilot study.Publication of work in this stage is associated with the expediency of the first scientific attempts to answer a number of publications in the popular press. A visual observation of the behavior of the investigated persons actually creates a convincing impression of their ability to vision with the eyes closed, ie availability of alternative or direct vision. Studies with the test circuit. in the laboratory of S. Medvedev has shown that people are able to see the image on the screen with a full mask eyes. Ability to transfer (learning) ability to direct the vision means that you can talk about the method, not only about the phenomenon. Thus, the work is not denied, but rather confirmed the existence of an alternative vision of a trained subjects. We are talking about "alternative" vision as an alternative to the usual and use the term 'direct' vision to emphasize the possibility of vision "to bypass" the visual pathway (without projecting an image on the retina). Discussing the results of instrumental methods of investigation, it should be noted that subjects were willing to contact and diligently perform the job. Nevertheless, the assignments appeared a large number of artifacts that significantly reduces the power of statistical estimation. EEG data confirm the reorganization of the brain to another mode of operation during the functional tests with the "looking at a" blindfolded subjects. In this mode, the leading role of beta activity. The appearance of beta

activity in the same conditions in the test VB only in suboptimal conditions (fatigue) indicates, apparently, that the beta rhythm is characterized by a definite, although long-term phase formation phenomenon - all the other subjects had significantly less time learning and becoming a phenomenon. It is not excluded that in the same order brain waves and can use shareware pathological excitation (complexes of "acute wave - slow wave") in some subjects. Perhaps this reflects the restructuring of EEG brain operation at a time when it is feasible to use sverhvozmozhnostey [W]. The presence of similar changes in different individuals (in the initial differences in their EEG) indirectly suggests that this is not a unique phenomenon, but a reproducible, learning process (phenomenon). Phenomenon exists, it is reproducible and can be studied by physiological methods. Results of the research can also be considered tested technique of evoked potentials in relation to the research problem. The results obtained are non-trivial and ambiguous. They show in particular that the study of a given problem is complicated by the nonstationarity of the reactions of the subject during the study, individual differences in the patterns of the EP, the possible influence of the processes of adaptation to the conditions of research. At this stage the most probable hypothesis is that, as far as adapting to the conditions of the study subjects using alternative mechanisms (direct) vision can make a significant contribution, perhaps even prevail in situations involving the use of normal vision. In the test VB at the beginning of the study there was a clearer differentiation of normal visual alternative, direct vision. His recall, in early studies with relatively good certainty manifested Short-VI in the occipital regions when working without a mask, ceased to be detected visually, even when working with a mask. At about the same subjects by owning less short circuit and NM changes in the EP as the conditions of research without a mask - a mask worn by more quantitative (but reliable), but not qualitative. The same was true in VB at later stages of the study, up to complete disappearance of any significant differences in the EP without a mask - a mask. We appreciate the seriousness of the provisions presented. If the phenomenon of the dynamics of EPs in the occipital region, reflecting "the parish and non-arrival" information in this area of the traditional path will continue to be supported, will have to more aggressively explore alternative ways of transmission of visual information. Is it possible in principle? Brain fenced off from the outside world by several shells, it is properly protected from mechanical damage. However, through all these shells we record what happens in the brain, and the loss in signal amplitude during the passage through these shells are surprisingly small - relative to the direct detection of brain signal decreases in amplitude in not more than two or three times. The possibility of direct activation of brain cells and environmental factors, in particular, the electromagnetic waves encountered in the process of electromagnetic stimulation therapy is easy to prove in these circumstances, developing clinical effect. As one of the possibilities can seem to assume that in the formation of an alternative - direct - vision of the result achieved is really due to the direct vision, the direct activation of brain cells by environmental factors. You can not completely exclude the mechanism and location of the phenomenon, but something, and another requires at least a few more discoveries in the field of brain mechanisms. However, we still present here, these considerations as possible mechanisms of material phenomena as the antithesis of tempting non-materialistic view of the phenomenon of the mechanism of alternative visions. It should be noted that, based on the results of a pilot study presented is not possible to put forward some or hypothesis about the physiological mechanisms of direct vision. Nevertheless, the results presented indicate the need for further research in this area. Conclusions 1. Experimentally demonstrated the existence of the phenomenon of so-called alternative vision. 2. It is shown that "the inclusion of" alternative vision of the changing nature of the EEG. 3. A statistically significant difference between the EP component, registered in the classification of images in conventional and alternative visions. spondylitis * Natalya Petrovna - Academician of RAS and RAMS, USSR State Prize Winner, a foreign member of Austrian, Finnish Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Medicine and Psychiatry, the International Academy of Sciences Ecology, Man and Nature, an honorary member of several international scientific societies. Has a scientific awards for its high contribution to the development of neurophysiology and neuroscience. The name "spondylitis" is given a small planet N6074 solar system. Author of over 350 scientific papers on the physiology of the human brain. School Bekhtereva is internationally recognized. Lozhnikova Love * Y. - a doctor, director of research programs,leading expert of the

International Academy of Human Development.