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Works Cited Directions Class Set

1. You need at least three (3) sources for your Works Cited page. 2. Open a new word document. The font needs to be size 12. Choose one of the following fonts: Times New Roman, Arial, Tahoma, or Comic Sans. 3. Title the document: Works Cited and center this title. 4. Hit enter twice and move your curser back to the left side. 5. Save this document in your L/A documents as Hero Research Works Cited. 6. Open the Citation Machine website ( 7. On the top left corner of the screen, click MLA. 8. Next, click the type of resource you wish to cite (example: book, Web page, etc.). Note: For most Web pages, choose Internet Journal under the NON- PRINT option Note: Citation Machine does not have newspaper, interview, or pamphlet citations; instead, use these examples to guide you: Newspaper Example: Calderaro, P. J. The Golden House Wins Big. (2005, May 19). Green Bay Press Gazette, p. A1. Interview Example: Grieser, Robert. Personal interview 5 November 2007 Pamphlet Example: Kurczek, Jenny. Big 6 Research. Pulaski: Pulaski Community School District, 2007 9. Type the information you recorded for your source into the blank spaces on the right. 10. Click Submit. 11. Your citation will appear in a grey box on the right side. Copy it and paste it into your open word document. 12. Repeat, starting at step 6 to make the rest of your citations. Be sure to leave a space between each citation. 13. Change all your citations to size 12. 14. Change all your citations to your font choice (Times New Roman, Arial, Tahoma, or Comic Sans). 15. Make sure your resources are listed in alphabetical order 16. Resave once completed. 17. Show your teacher on your computer or send to Edmodo by Wednesday.