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‘Specialty Coffee Association of America Green Coffee FOB, C & F, CIF Contract All parties represent that they are familiar with the provisions, terms and conditions of the contracts of the SCAA in effect at the date hereof. Date: November 17, 2005 ‘Contract Number: — ee “Contract; GUA62 Soller: FLOID711 Exporter: Buyer: FLOID 4341 | Manos Campesinas Transcafe, S.A Cooperative Coffees | Calle A y 20 Av 19-72 zona 3. Diagonal 6, 10-65 zona 10_| 302 W. Lamar Street Quetzaltenango, Guatemala Guatemala City, Guatemala | Americus, GA 31709 Tel (602) 776.146.13 | Tot 514.284.6162 Fax (502) 776.147.06, [Fax 514.221.3614 4. Quantity Two Hundred Fifty (250) Bags of 69 Kilograms Net Each. (Total of 17,250 Kitograms; 38,029 pounds) 2 Quality Guatemala SHB San Mercos " Coop APECAFORM" European Prep Washed Green Organic Arabica Coffee. 95% above 15 screen. Class 1 Specialty Grade. 3. Price ‘To be fixed at Sellers call before the first day of April. NY °C" Contract May + .05 Fair Trade Premium +.20 ‘Organic Premium + .40 Quality Premium = May + .35; or Minimum Price = USS#6@-per pound i leo 4, Weight Basis: ‘Shipped Weights 5. Payment: Full payment upon presentation of documents. 6. Insurance: To ship, covered by Seller. From Ship to Toronto, account of buyer. 7. Shipment: April, FOB Santo Tomas, Guatemala 8. Destination: Toronto, ON Canada 8. Remarks: 1. This coffee was traded according to international Fair ‘Trace criteria as established by FLO and certified by TransFeit 2. Arbitration-Friendly, California if any 3. Pre-shipment sample required 4. Certificate of Origin Reauired with Documents 5. Organic Certification documents by NOP recognized agency required before final payment can be made, 6, Quality Bags Marked “Organic” and “Fair Trade” and with logos from Cooperative Coffees and APECAFORM Manos Campesinas Cooperative Coffees, Inc. Nov 17, 2005 fei so date Monika Maria Firt date MANOS \\ CAMPESIis: Lie