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Final Project Tech TIM

Final Project Tech TIM

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Reception Area

In our reception area, our decoration will be a combination of Thai
traditional and modern style.

Figure 16

Figure 17

Figure 18

A Beach Room

The first room is a beach
room. This room will
create all senses that
make the customers feel
like they are lying on the
beach. They will see the
sea scene on the wall and
also hear the sound of the

Figure 19


17R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project

reflection of the wave with
the beach. Also, we will play
the music which makes
customers feel like they are
walking along the beach.

A Waterfall Room

The second room is a
room which will make customers feel like they are surrounded by the
mountain next to the waterfall. We will also create the sound of the water fall
for the customers. The music as a background will make them feel relaxed
and relieved.

Figure 20

A Night Time Room

Next is the night time room. The design of this room will be in black color.
All the walls and the ceiling will be a dark color with
sparkling shining stars. We would like our
customers feel like they are in the zero gravity area,
or like they are flying to the sky at night.

Figure 21

Heaven Room

This room is totally different from the previous room. The heaven room
will be all in white. All the walls and ceiling will be painted
with white color, and also, the furniture and all decoration
in the room are all white. This room will create the sense
of peace and purity. We would like our customers feel the

Figure 22


18R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project

hygiene of our spa and make them feel like they will treat them like they are

A Garden Room

Last is the garden room. This room will provide many trees and flowers
in the rooms. On the wall will be the
pictures of the garden with a thousand
kinds of blossom flowers. The smell in
this room will be scents of many kinds of
flower. The music as a background will
be make the customers feel that they are taking a walk in the garden which
make them feel calm and fresh.

Figure 23

A Lanna Room

TheLanna room, the interior design of this room will different from other
room because this is the only one room that does not relate to the nature.

Figure 24

This room will represent the art of Thai
traditional culture from the Northern
part of Thailand. The room will be
painted in the warm color and furnished
with wooden furniture. During the
service, our customers will hear the
sound of Thai musical instrument to

make them feel like they are in the Lanna period.

XI: Financial Analysis


19R.E.S.T. Spa: Spa Business Project

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