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Symbolism of the Entered Apprentice Degree

The Lodge System of Masonic Education The Grand Lodge of Georgia F. & A. M.

An Interpretation of the Ritual

The Masonic Lodge room is represented as a symbol of the world.

The Ritual

The West Gate where the candidate enters represents his birth.

The Ritual
When the candidate salutes he signifies his obedience to the Lodge officers.

The Ritual
When he follows his guide and fears no danger, he expresses his trust in and loyalty to the fraternity.

The Ritual

He takes his first steps into a new life, leaving the darkness of the profane world for the light of Freemasonry.

Symbols of the First Degree

The Hoodwink
The Cable Tow The Lodge The Entrance The Reception Circumambulation

The East The Altar The Obligation The Great Lights The Lesser Lights

The Word & Grip The Apron The Northeast Corner The Working Tools The Worshipful Master

Hoodwink & Cable Tow

The Cable Tow symbolizes the external restraints by which a man is controlled. The Hoodwink represents the darkness of the uninitiated man.

The Lodge

The Lodge symbolizes the world of Masonry.

Entering the Lodge

The Reception symbolizes the penalty for violations of the obligations.

The Ceremony of Entrance signifies birth and entry into Masonry.

This Rite represents the progressive journey of Masonic life and the search for light.

The East & the Altar

The East is a symbol of the source of light.

The Altar is a symbol of the worship of God.

The Obligation
The Obligation signifies the nature and place of obligation in human life.

The Great Lights

The Holy Bible The Square The Compass

The Lesser Lights

The Sun The Moon The Worshipful Master

Word, Grip, & Apron

The Word & Grip are our means of recognition.

The Apron is the emblem of purity and blamelessness.

The Northeast Corner

Halfway between a place of darkness and the source of light.

The Working Tools

The Worshipful Master

A symbol and executive officer of the Lodge.