“Calcetines” the little monkey

The socks aren´t just used to keep our feet warmed, you can also use them to make funny toys in an easy way, I´m going to show you an example.



Materials: scissors, ruler, permanent pen, a pair of socks, filling, threath, a pair of buttons and a bit of white felt. How to: 1 Turn the socks the other way round and mark the pieces , that we are going to cut, with the permanent pen. 2 Measure the width of the left sock and divide it in two. From the other socks you will get, two arms, the snout (it´s the front part, where the toes go), the tail and the ears. To get the two arms and the tail I´ve divided the sock in three parts one a 0,40 inches less than the other two parts, this is going to be the tail. Notice that the tail goes up to the end of the sock while the arms just up to the heel. Use the pattern to mark the shape of the ears, you will get it here. 3 Cut the marked pieces. 4 Mark and cut the white part of the eyes using the white felt and the pattern here. If the pattern moves grab it with a pin. 5 Once you have all the pieces cut, start to sew. Remember letting a little space without sewing because you will need it to fill in the pieces. 6 As soon as we have finished to sew all the pieces, turn them the other way round and start to fill in and sew the holes. 7 Ears: Fill them first, then fold the fabric a little bit (as in the pics), grab it with your hands and start to close the ear. As soon as you have finished, fold the ear and sew. You can use pins to sew easier. 8 Place the white part of the eyes. Use pins to fix it wherever you what it to be then sew it. Sew the buttons that will be the monkey´s eyes. 9 Place the snout (without filling) under the White part of the eyes. Fix it with pins in other not to move while sewing. Leave a little hole to fill in the snout. Fill in and. You can embroider the mouth of the monkey if you like as in the pic. 10 Sew the arms and the ears to the monkey and….Voilá!!!. There you are your monkey “Socks”!!!

3 4 6 5 7 8


Couturel trick
-I have made little folds on the fabric as if they were sew hems to make the endings look better. -Used as many pins as you need, moreover, if you are beginners, because you will place the pieces better and they will not move from their place. Doing this way the pieces will not be sewed in the wrong position.




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