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SoGrow Workshops

SoGrow Workshops

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Rev your economic engine with these Southern Growth Studio workshops. Collaborate, innovate, communicate, and discover your company's Golden Thread to win in the marketplace.
Rev your economic engine with these Southern Growth Studio workshops. Collaborate, innovate, communicate, and discover your company's Golden Thread to win in the marketplace.

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Published by: Southern Growth Studio on Feb 26, 2009
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Workshops Aim to Reignite Regional Economic Engines Southern Growth Studio leads area businesses through innovation sessions

, collaboration exercises and social media marketing training OXFORD, Miss. (Jan. 30, 2009)—A tough economic climate demands that companies get back to basics, rediscover their purpose and use their core strengths to drive profits, according to the team at Southern Growth Studio, an innovation and marketing consultancy based in Oxford and Memphis. “Sometimes, sparking new business means re-vamping your brand, launching a new product or service, or starting a major publicity campaign,” said Michael Graber, managing partner of the Studio. “Sometimes, revving your engine is as simple as getting your key team members in the same room, on the same page and centered on the same message. Such exercises can galvanize a company.” To meet that need, Graber said the Studio has begun offering its innovation and marketing expertise to area companies through a series of immersive workshops. The workshops include: Rules of the Road: Collaboration at Work Participants reverse-engineer a collaboration gone wrong to learn what really works. The hands-on workshop begins with an immersive exercise and role-playing, followed by a debriefing on what went wrong. Together, the group develops their own Rules for the Road— the guidelines for future successful collaboration on their own. Everybody’s Job: Innovation Begins with I—Meaning You The entire group studies what innovation really means, whether in products and services, social networking marketing, or incremental changes that transform brands. Then each individual participant is asked to brainstorm three innovations for their company. Volunteers then take their best ideas before a judging panel to compete for the Innovation Award. The real lesson here—good ideas come from everyone, and everyone must see them through to effect real change. Be My Friend: A Guide to Social Media and Gen Y They expect time off for vacation, networking, and volunteer work. They work for themselves first and the company second. Manage them? Sure. If they trust you. Welcome to the Gen Y world, where Friends matter, being a Fan provides identity, marketing messages are lampooned and companies that speak to their audience through play and social

value win approval. How can your company succeed in a world increasingly influenced by Gen Y and social networking? This session aims to de-mystify and help companies triumph. Experience Alignment: Your Golden Thread Every company has a core purpose, even if it is hidden under layers of dysfunction and bad management—Southern Growth Studio calls this the Golden Thread. This workshop is unique to every company, because it examines each organization’s core brand to discover its Golden Thread. Then, participants map out how employees, press, investors, recruits, customers, etc., experience the company and how those experiences can be aligned with the company’s Golden Thread. To find out more about these workshops, or to create a custom session for your company or group, contact the Studio at aquavita@southerngrowthstudio.com or 662-236-8030. About Southern Growth Studio The Southern Growth Studio helps client companies prosper with a pragmatic application of brand marketing and product innovation. Part strategic consultancy, part tactical planners, the Studio inspires and focuses clients, helping them innovate, gain market share, and align experiences with every user, audience, and customer. Southern Growth Studio works for Fortune 500 companies, regional entrepreneurs, non-profit foundations, software and Web companies, educational institutions, and many others. Clients call on the Southern Growth Studio when they are ready to leap, to create new markets or to redefine the marketplace. See www.southerngrowthstudio.com. -30Contact: Angela Atkins angela@southerngrowthstudio.com 662-236-8030 601-951-7665

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