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Meeting Minutes: 2/11/2013 Time and location: Franke College of Business, 7:00pm Proceedings: Meeting called to order at 7:00pm

7:03: Ice Breaker: The club broke into groups to come up with some ideas for marketing the Mardi Golf event. After brainstorming each group presented their ideas to the club. 7:14: Brainstorming ideas from the Groups: Facebook events, fliers, Mardi Golf bead Round Table at union, HLC, Dorms Teams o Costume contest, Group Game, Munchies Hidden Golf Balls o Different colors for different occasions 7:21: Mardi Golf committee needs more members to commit so sign up TODAY! 7:22: Todays the due date for the application to become a new member! 7:23: Dress for success pathway: Its a pathway that talks about the best attire for different business occasions Sign up sheet will be available now for committee o Will need models o Will need a group to decide music, speakers and help for an updated PowerPoint Can get your own suit at a discount price 7:25: Fundraising concessions event at high school basketball tournament this coming Friday from 7am to 12pm. Sign up on the sign up sheet. 7:30: Sign up sheets for Mardi Golf events, Relay for life, and dress for success pathways. Meeting adjourned at 7:33 Meeting Notes Submitted by: Roxanne. M