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Topic 1: Do you often to live concert ? What kinds of music do you like listening to?

Who is your favorite singer? Tell me about it? Dear! Im very glad to receive your letter. How are you? As you know, I love concerts very much, and I often go to a live concert at weekend. My girl also loves concerts, so I often go to a live concert with her. Among many kinds of music I like pop music best. It is very vibrant and brings me a lot of interests and comfort. When Iam listening to a song of pop music, it makes me feel excited after a hard working day. Besides , the sound of this music helps me exercise, because I often dance with the rythms which make me more relaxed and healthier. One more reason why I like this musis is a singer, who name is Michael Jackson. He was born in 1958. He is a famous singer. It is said that he is a king of pop music. He sang very well and danced skillfully. The songs, which he sang very successfully are Black or White, Heal the world. Therefore, I often buy the CDs which contain his songs. What about you? Who are your favorite singer? Please tell me about it in your next letter. Iam looking forward to hearing from you. Love, Topic 2: How often do you eat out? What is your favorite restaurant like? Dear! I am very glad to receive your letter, How is your family? As you know, I often go to the restaurant to have dinner with my family at weekend. Some times, I go to restaurant with my friends. I often eat out because of the following reasons. We can have a lot of dishes without having to cook. I usually go to Quoc Trieu restaurant, which is one of the most favorite restaurant in our city. This restaurant is located Le Mat village. It is very big with a lot of tree. You feel relaxed when you coming here. The place is nicely decorated to catch eyes and clean. The walls are decorated with bamboo, the roof is made of palm leaves. The food in this restaurant is good and fresh. Moreover, it serves my favorite food such as snake, civet regularly. Its speciality which I enjoy everytime I go here is bushmeat. It is so tasty and special. The price here is reasonable. One thing that attracts me to this restaurant is the service. The waiters and waitresses are friendly and helpful. The dishes are served quickly and nicely. Please visit us at next weekend, we will enjoy at Quoc Trieu rastaurant. I look forward to hearing from you, please call me before you will visit us. Love,

Topic 3: Tell me about a teacher from your past that you remember. Dear! I am very glad to receive your letter, How is your family? As you know, I won the third prize in the national test in mathematics in my school grade 12. Therefore, the teacher that impressed me most is my math teacher at high school. His name is Mr Hung. He was born in 1970. He has been married since I was in 12th grade. Now he is very happy because he had two sons and he he is very successful at work. In fact, Mr Hung is my favorite teacher. He is 1,7 meters tall and very handsome. He has dark hair and wears thick glasses, which makes he look stern. However, he is actually very approachable and is always ready to lend an ear to our problems. He is very good and friendly to us. I remember once when I fell and hurt my knee. Mr Hung helped me to stop the bleeding and took me to the clinic. I was very grateful to him. What makes me love maths is that Mr Hung always makes maths lessons interesting and easy to understand. He often told us to do more homework and checked it out carefully. I was doing a lot of advanced maths. He was very patient in explaining maths problems to us and always made sure that everyone understood. Thanks to his guidance, my maths had improved and I won the third prize in the national test which was a big leap in my study. As for me, Mr Hung is the person who helps my dream come true. what about you ? who is your favorite teacher? Tell me about him or her in your next letter. I look forward to hearing from you. Love,

Topic 5: Its so wet here. Can you describle the weather in your country? What is the weather like at the moment? What outdoor activities are able to do at this time of the year ? tell me about it. Dear..>! As you know, Vietnam is located completely within the tropical area, The average temperature ranges from 22 C to 27 C. Every year, there are 100 rainy days with an average rainfall of 1,500 to 2,000. The Air humidity is 80%. Northern climate is divided into four seasons, such as spring, summer, autumn and winter, while the south is divided into two seasons, such as the rainy and the dry seasons. In the north where I am living, the winter weather is very cold with the temperature of 8 to 20 degrees. Therefore, everyone has to wear a coat Which makes me hate the winter most. The air in the autumn season is very dry with low humidity, therefore people feel more comfort. Now in Viet Nam it is summer. The summer weather is very hot. We have to stand the heat during the day. The temperature in this time of the year sometimes can reach to 40 degrees. We always feel tired and hard during summer. The spring is my favorite season of the year, because the weather is mild from 15 to 25 degrees. I feel comfortable in spring season. I can visit a lot of places, especially temples, festivals, pogodas in my country. I also can go on a picnic, go fishing or ride a bicycle to the subburb to enjoy this pleasant weather. What about you? What is the weather like now in your country? I am eager to hear about it. Please write to me soon. Topic 6: Im glad you like your job, In your next letter, tell me about it! Dear! I am very glad to receive your letter, How is your family? As you know, I am an officer, currently rank as a captain, I work as a toxicologist. I am working at Military Institute of Forensic Medicine. It is located on Tran Thanh Tong Street, Hanoi. My work starts from 7.30 am to 5

Topic 4: You went to a party last weekend, didnt you? Did you have a good time there? Tell me about that party! Dear! Im very happy to get your letter. How is your family? Last night Sunday, I was invited to my best friend's birthday party. Her name is Thao. I went to the party with some other friends at her home and I brought a big gift for her.There were a lot of her friends there, but I wasn't acquainted with most of them, so she introduced them to me. I chatted with some really interesting people and got to know more about their different jobs. We celebrated Thao's birthday, I drank a bit orange juice. Everyone enjoyed the birthday cake, food and wine,... All of them were very delicious. The atmosphere was very exciting. We listened to some gentle. then we sang some songs to celebrate the party. Thao seemed to organize the party very well. She sang some funny songs, invited us to play funny and tricky games. We all were happy and joyful. The party finished at 10 pm, i stayed to the end of the party to open gift with my friend. I think this was an interesting and cozy party. I look forward to hearing from you See you soon. Love,

pm and I have 2 hours for lunch. I have been working here for 11 years, and last year I became the head of the toxicological department which has a staff of ten. They are very clever and laborious. I use the instrument which analyse the toxins, drugs, alcohol in blood, urine, ect.... The instrument which are very modern and expensive such as GC - MS, HPLC MS, ... so I must be very carefully and strictly follow the procedures. My work is related to forensic medicine and the results are very important for the court, so I should be honest, objective and accurate. My work is also related to traffic accident victims. I have to test the ancohol in the blood of the victims. Many traffic accidents are caused by drinking that is the reason why I often tell my friends not to drink if they drive. I enjoy this work because it's very important to society, the income is high and I like to wear the military uniform. One of the most important reasons why I like this job is that I can get the promotion in the future. If you have time, please visit our department at next week I look forward to hearing from you, please call me when you can visit us. See you soon in my office. Love,

Topic 7: Could you give me some advice? Im going to spend my next summer holiday in your country. Where should I go? What should I see? Dear! Im very glad to receive your letter. How are you? I am very happy to tell you some advices about holiday in my country. As you know, Ha Long Bay is one of the seven natural wonders of the world, It is recognised by New7Wonder in 2012. Therefore, if you are going to spend your next summer holiday in my country, you should visit Ha Long Bay. It is located at Quang Ninh province. It has thousands of small islands close together on the sea. The weather is very cool. When you are in Ha Long Bay, you should take a boat trip to the caves there. Most of the caves have a large numerous stalactites. There are some species of birds and animals. The food in Ha Long is wonderful. There are a lot of seafoods such as cuttlefish, squid, oyster, moreover the people there are very frienddly. All service costs in Ha Long bay is cheaper than in other parts of the country. You would be so lucky to visit. Ha Long Bay is summer because the weather is cool and you dont need bring a coat. You can wear shorts to cruise the islands. If you are a goog swimmer, dont forget to bring your swimming costume. You would find swimming there wonderful with deep blue water and moutains around. At the end of your journey You can buy a lot of souvenirs such as sea snails, pearl ring, I hope you will visit Ha Long Bay this summer. I look forward to hearing from you, please call me when you visit Ha Long Bay. See you soon Love, Topic 9: I know you often go to the cinema. Tell me about the last film you saw and whether you enjoyed it. Dear! Im very glad to receive your letter. How are you? As you know, I very like watching cartoons. And of all the film I have seen, Grave of the fireflies is one in the cartoons which I like most. In Vietnamese its called is Cn hm om m or M om m. Its a tragic story about two childents in the war. Its made from Japan by Ghibli studio, directed and written by Takahata Isao. It is based on a nover of Nosaka Akiyuki. Its written as a apologize to his sister. With Japanese, this film is understaned as a fable about the respect. Film is been in historical background at the end of the seconds world war from Japan. Film tells a painful story but moving to brothers sentiment of two orphaneds : Seita and Setsuko. They lost mother after a fierce bombing of American air force to Kobe city while their father combat for Japanese navy. So Seita and Setsuko must to struggle to exist between the famine and the resistance to merciless of surrounding people (that have their kinship). They have to live in a shelter-pit and often eat frogs and lizards. At the end, Setsuko have to die for hunger, pictures depict painfulness and the death of little girl can be considered as the most mournful film pictures in the cartoon Japan history. When everybody, who had seen this film are asked, most of them said they cried, and that have me

Topic 8: I know youve just moved to a new house. In your next letter, could you describle it to me? Dear! letter. How are you? As you know, I have just moved to a new house. It is located Tran Duy Hung street. It is about 60 square meters and has 4 floors. . There are 3 bed rooms in my house. There are one livingroom, and a kitchen and 5 toilets. Its painted yellow. It is a mordern house built in 2011. My parents built it for me so I love my house so much. The first floor has a garage and a room with a small toilet. The second floor has a living room and a kitchen. The living room is the largest room in my house, it is about 25 square meters. It has a modern and expensive sofa, a 42 inch Tivi set on the shelf with an amplier and a group of speaker. The wall hangs a picture of horses, Every everning, people in my family sit in the livingroom to watch TV or chat. The kitchen is smaller than the living room. It has a long table with 6 chairs. The kitchen cabinets are designed modernly and painted white. My wife like it because she can make a lot of delicious and special dishes for my family there. Our bedroom and my sonsone are in the third floor. My bedroom is painted blue and well designed. It has a big window. In addition to it, there is a TV, a DVD, computer, a loudspeaker. So therefore, in my room, I can do everythingI want. I like music and have a DVD player to listen to music. My room is so beautiful and comfortable. Moreover, its good for me to study and relax. My sonsbedroom is decorated with the light color and some beautiful pictures on the wall. In the 4th floor, there is a room for guests with a toilet and a small garden for plants if you have time, Please visit us at next week I look forward to hearing from you, please call me before you will visit us. See you soon in my house. Love, Im very glad to receive your

Topic 10: Could you give me some advice? Tell me how you keep fit and healthy! Dear! Im very glad to receive your letter. How are you? As you know, Keeping fit is really necessary. When you are fit and healthy, people look you more beautiful and you feel better. I could give you some advices to keep fit and healthy. Firstly, you should have a proper diet. To get enough vitamins and minerals, you need to eat a variety of foods. However try to eat less fat food such as meat or diary products. Besides, eating many vegetables as you like, drinking and eating as much as water and fruit as possible. Therefore, your body will not obese. Secondly, you should do physical exercises regularly. You can exercise in early morning or just before sleeping. People who take regular exercises are usually more relaxed and more alert than people who sit around all day. Swimming is the best total exercise because it works out on your whole body. Walking in the early morning and just before sleeping is the simplest way but can be very effective. It helps warm up your body gently and release stress after a hard-working day. It is advisable to take up sports like football, table tennis, volleyball or badminton and so on. Thirdly, you also should keep a healthy style such as sleep sufficiently, avoid smoking and drinking a lot of wine. Sleeping is even more crucial than eating. Eight hours per night for the young person, six to seven for the elderly...There are a lot of toxicological compounds in smoke and wine. Therefore, you shouldnt smoke to keep your body fit and healthy. Lastly, you also should go to hospital for a health check every 6 months. If you follow my advice with in 6 months, you will see the effectiveness immediately. Please write to me when you succeed. Wish you success Love, Topic 11: Tell me all about your English classes. Dear! Im very glad to receive your letter. How are you! I really miss you. I haven't written a letter to you for a long time, because I am very busy. I am so sorry about that. Right now I have been studying in the FSL English Language Center at Hanoi Polytechnic University. I have been here since Jun 30, 2012. This is a famous center. My English classes begin at 18:15 p.m., and finish at 20:15 p.m and from Monday to Friday. There are 9 girls and 6 boys in my class. We are friendly with each other and we always do pair work. I feel so happy because I can learn a lot. My teacher is nice and very friendly. Her name is T, she was born in 1974. She is very good and friendly to us. She makes English interesting and easy to understand. I hope my English will be better. Well, I have told you a lot, but I want to keep something to talk about next time. How about you? Please tell me when you write to me. I really want to know. Have good luck! Love you,

Topic 12: Which programs have you njoyed recently? How much television do you watch? Dear ..! I am very glad to receive your letter, How are your family? As you know, I am a researcher of chemistry. I am very bysy with my research. Although I am very fond of watching television, I can only spend two hour after dinner watching television everyday. Of all the TV programs, I like the news and film programs. The news programs shown on VTV1 channel at 7.00pm help me to get almost infomation about different places in my country and important events happening all over the world. I can also know about national and international sporting events. The news programs on VTV1 channel is my favorite television programs. By watching such films, I learn a lot about human activities. Television program often show famous film on Sunday. I like action films with critical phase such as 007 spy, city hunter, iris, I cant imagine a day in my life without television. Do you often watch TV? Which programs have you njoyed? Please, write me when you receive my letter. Topic 13: You have just com back from holiday. Tell me about the holiday and whether you enjoyed it! Dear ! I am very glad to receive your letter. How are you? As you know, in the summer, it becomes hotter. So last weekend I decided to spend three days off at Sam Son seaside with my family. Sam Son is located in Thanh Hoa province. The distance to Sam Son from Ha Noi is about 200km. In the early morning from Ha Noi city, we went to Sam Son in my car. When we had been to Sam Son, we met a lot of our friends, who also went there to escape from the terrible heat of the crowded city. We went swimming at the beach at about 5.00 pm. Although the beach was crammed with people, we still felt more relaxed by the fresh morning air coming in from the open sea. At six oclock we stopped swimming and came back to the hotel to have a shower. Then at about 7.00 pm we had dinner at a restaurant. The food in Sam Son was wonderful. There were a lot of seafoods such as cuttlefish, squid, oyster, and the people were very frienddly, There were a lot of restaurants in Sam Son. All service costs in Sam Son was cheaper than another. I buy a lot of souvenirs such as sea snails, pearl ring, when I came back Ha Noi. A holiday by the sea brought my family strength and pleasure after months of hard work. My family really enjoys the holidays. We had a wonderful time. please write to me and tell where you spent your summer holiday this year? I look forward to hearing from you See you soon Love,

Topic 14: What is your favorite sport? Tell me about it! Dear ! I am very glad to receive your letter! How are you? As you know, I like football, however, my work is very busy, so I often play football at weekends. I know that it is healthy as well as good for a person to exercise his or her body. I often play football with my friends at Tuoi Tre station which has some mini c mini stadiums. We play mini football, therefore it also needs 14 player for a match. I often play as a goalkeeper. Football is a famous sport in the world. Football is such a popular game that is played even in the most remote area of my country. Even old people and children enjoy watching this game. When The Championship of World, the Premier League happen, people can "eat football, sleep football and playing football" and football is called the "King sport". Football players should be strong enough to kick the ball. They must also be skillful in controlling the ball. This makes this game difficult indeed, yet it also makes it interesting. When I studied at Ha noi University of Agriculture, I participated in a team of the faculty of Agronomy. My team won and the champion cup belonged to my team. I always love this game! please writ to me and tell me what your favorite sport is? I look forward to hearing from you See you soon Love, Topic 15: You said you had close friends. Tell me about one of your close friends! Dear! Iam very happy to receive your letter! How are you? As you know, I have many close friends. But to me, one of my best friends is Nam. He was my classmate when I was at high school. We both were born in HY. Nam has black hair, a broad forehead, a straight nose and bright eyes. He is very good-looking. He has a kind heart and is easy to get on with others. We have been friends for a very long time. We were the best pupils in our class. Nam was always at the top. He is good at every subject, but he never showed his pride in his abilities and always tries to learn harder. Nams family was not rich enough. His parents are retired workers. Therefore, he often spents most of his spare time doing useful things to help his parents in their old age. He got up early in the morning to have enough time to deliver newspapers to the subscribers before going to school. After school in the afternoon, he helped your parents for work in your garden. Now, He is a doctor and he is working in 108 Hospital. He has been maried for five year, and his son was born in 2010. He lives in Hoang Mai districts. It is only 2 kilometers from my house to his place, so we often meet each other at weekends. At the weekend, we meet up and take our wives and children to join us. And we will be good friends forever!

Topic 16: I always go shopping with my friends at the weekend. What do u like buying when you go shopping? What kind of shops are there near where you live? Dear! I am very happy to receive your letter! How are you! I always get up late on Saturday and go to shopping with my friends. We had breakfast on the street, then we look at all shops in the Hom market. I like buying clothes and material best, but also looking for sport equipment. It is very interesting to know that you like shopping too. Im happy then because there are various shops in Hom market selling everything. Here, they have plenty of good clothes shops, but my favorite shops are very expensive. Hom market is about 5km from my house and it takes only 10 minutes. Joint us next Saturday and you have a lot of fun. That all for now, write letter to me soon. Best wishes,

1. Home and family (Gia nh). My name is TVC. I come from Thai Binh. I was born in a big family with my grandmother, my parents and my two brothers. My gandmother is a kind and beautiful old women. She always tells me old stories and teaches me how to cook. It is good for my life in the future. My parents have a small restaurant. Everyday, they must work very hard to earn money. My older brother is an engineer of informatic technology. Now, he is working in Mobi company. I like him so much because he gives me some money every month. My younger brother is a student. Now, he is studying at Ha Noi University of Aricutule. He wants to study further with a scholarship in a famous country after graduation. My brothers are very intelligent. I am always proud of my family. I like the atmosphere in my family. We have dinner together every day. We often talk about our work, the weather, educating children during the meal. After dinner, we watch the news and films. Sometimes, we comment on the content of the films or football matches. Moreover, we go on holiday once a year. We enjoy many activities together on the beach or in the mountains. I happy, beaucause I have a wonderfull family. Learning foreign language: Hc ngn ng nc ngoi) Nowadays, learning foreign languages is very important, especially English. English is very necessary in social communication in many countries. There are some advantages of learning English. Firstly, if you are good at E, you can read any document that is necessary for your study. Secondly, you can find a good job with a high salary with good E skill. Furthermore, nowadays, E is a global language. Learning E will help you to communicate with foreign people from around the world more easily. It also helps you open your mind. As for me, I am not good at English but I will spend more time on English in the near future. I believe my E skill will be better if I am hard-working. 3. Transport (Giao thng vn ti) Im going to tell you about transport problems in Vietnam. Firtsly, Transport in VN is very terible. Especially, in big cities like Hanoi, there are too many motorbikes on the road and people dont follow the traffic laws. They cross the road while the lights are red. They may be the reasons why there are too many accidents in Vietnam. Another problem of transport in Vietnam is road systems. They are too old and narrow. They should be repaired. More new roads should be built. In my opinion, now the most necessary solutions to the transport problems in Vietnam are educating people, especially young people about traffic laws and building more modern road systems. 2.

4. Hobbies (s thch ring) and entertainment (gii tr) :

8. Houses I don t known every people think what about your house, for me, I love my house so much. Today I'm going to tell you something about my house. It is an old house that was build about 10 years ago. My parents built it by their save money. When you visit my house, the fist thing you will see is a medium living room, it is decorated with the light color and some beautiful pictures on the wall. There are 3 bed rooms in my house.There are one livingroom, and kitchen and the toilet. I really love sister bed room because She decorate it by my self with pink walls, sister cute bed, a wardrobe and a lovely dressing table. The kitchen in my house is not big and modern but my mother is very like it because where is my mother make a lot of delicious and special dishes for my family. Every night, m y family watch TV together in living room. We talk about everything. And I think it is the best time we have together. 9. Holiday Firstly, I want to tell you that I really like holidays. Im going to talk about Tet holiday. It is the first holiday in the year. I really like it because I dont have to do any thing in my office on Tet holiday. Therefore, I have more time for my family. On Tet holiday, people in Vietnam usually visit their grand parents, relatives or friends. They greet each other and give the best wishes. Adults usually give lucky money to children. Also, all people are happy to wear new clothes. Especially, people make a lot of delicious and special dishes a thc n. For example, square cake , spring rolls, etc As for me, I usually spare time with my family on the first day of the new year. I often go out with my friends the rest days. 10. Social problems. Nowaday, people not only in Vietnam but also from around the world busier than in the past, and they dont have enough time for there family. So, Im going to tell you something about family problem in Vietnam. You know, Vietnam is a developing country, people are trying to have a better life. That is the reason why they spend more time for their work and dont have enough time for their family. Parents dont spend more time to play and talk with there children. When members in a family dont spend time together It make children feel lonely and they may leave their home to make friend with strange people, its really dangerous for children. In my opinion, people should balance time between work and family. 11. The economic i:k'nmik development As you know, Viet nam has been unified since 1975. Viet nam made a big mis take about economic development, as we didnt apply the opendoor policy after re unifying the country. As a result, viet nam had to need aids from other counties. The economic was not development; The People,s life. Therefore Vietnam had to open the door for development of economy in 1986 an Doi moi means reform. At the moment, the Vietnamese Party anh Government concentrate on the economic developmemt ecomomic with the program modernization and industrialization all over the country. More and more foreign investors invest in Vietnam. The economy has been improving day by day. So much work has been done as well as the peoples life are getting better and better . The reputation of Vietnam has been raised especially after joining the wto. Now a day, Viet nam is striving for an industrialized country by 2020. We believe that Vietnam will become a developed country in the near future 12. Environment As you know, Vietnam is a developing country so the development of industry is very important. As a result, the environment is polluted. There are many kinds of pollution like air pollution, water, soil, etc In my opinion, air polluion is the most serious. Smoke from factories store many kinds of toxics such as CO2 , CO, NH3, etc It effects animals, plants and peoples life. Plants and animals near industrial zones can not grow normally. Especially, air pollution cause a lot of serious diseases such as lung cancer, skin cancer and other diseases. From my point of view, developing economy is very important but we must balance between benefit and damage. We should protect our environment by planting more and more trees, cleaning the environment. Another sollution is educating people about benefits of the clean/ fresh environment.

I have a lot of hobbies. For example :play football, travelling or listen to music. But today, Im going to tell you about My favourite sport. My most favourite sport is football. It is a famous sport in the world. Football is such a popular game that is played even in the most remote area of my country. Even old people and children enjoy watching this game. When The Championship of World, the Premier League happen, people can "eating football, sleeping football and playing football" and football is called the "King sport". Football players should be strong enough to kick the ball. They must also be skillful in controlling the ball. This makes this game difficult indeed, yet it also makes it interesting. When I studied at Ha noi University of Agriculture, I participated in a team of the faculty of Agronomy. My team won and the champion cup belonged to my team. I always love this game! 5 Game and sport To tell you the truth, I very like sport but I dont have enough time. I just like watching them on TV. The sport that I want to tell you today is football. I really like watching football matches on TV. My favourite football team is Liverpool club. They play very well and the players are very handsome, especially Sevent Gerrad. I usually watch football matches with my father and my brothers at night. My father and I support Liverpool but my brother likes MU so we allways argue about football teams and Championleage. In my opinion, there are a lot of good things about playing football. It not only helps you stronger, but also helps you learn to unite. When I studied at Ha noi University of Agriculture, I participated in a team of the faculty of Agronomy. My team won and the champion cup belonged to my team. I always love this game!

13. Food: Im going to tell you about my favourite food. As you know, Vietnam is a tropical country. There are a lot of tropical foods. My favourite food is beef noodle. It is made of rice, beef, and many kinds of herbs. I usually eat beef noodle in the morning. My favourite restaurant is Cuong Noodle. It is a small restaurant located on Tran Hung Dao street. Whenever I eat beef noodle, it always makes me have a special taste. Hanoi is famous for beef noodle. Whats more, it is also well- known for a lot of delicious foods. For example Omai, grilled rice. At home, my mother makes beef noodle very well. She often makes it when my family get together. We enjoy the happy time when we have beef noodle at home. 14. Fashion: You can see me, I am not a famous man, Im a traditional man so my knowledge about fashion is not very much. In my opinion, fashion is something make people more beautiful and more charming. Fashion usually is made by young people. Nowaday, teenage usually wear exceptional clothers and those clothers have many colour. Their hair are also dyed with many colours, for example red, brown, or even green. Fashion is not very common in middle-age person and old people never follow fation. In my way of thinking, Fashion is very good for every people but we must follow it by a right way.

6. Health and welfare (sc khe v hnh phc): Im going to tell you about health care problem in Vietnam. As you know, Vietnam is a developping country so health care systems are still poor and old. Almost state owned hospitals were built a long time ago in Vietnam. Therefore, they are all old and small. They do not meet peoples demand The majority of big hospitals are in big cities such as Hanoi, HCM... Further more, the the government invest a little money in local hospitals and clinics. Thats why many people have to take a long journey hnh trnh to get to a big hospital when they are badly trm trng ill. Nowadays, the problems are improving. The government is investing more in health care. I hope that the health care system will be better in the near future in Viet Nam.

7 Education: Well, for me, education is a complicated problem to say. I'm going to tell you something about hostels for students. You know, allmost students who are studying in Hanoi come from poor provinces. After they pass a difficult exam, new students and their families must prepare alot of things for their study. Nowaday, the most important problem of new students is dormitory. Hanoi is too small for too much students so boarding house and dormitory for student is not enough. Students must bay alot of money for a small room, it is not fair because they dont have much money. With these reasons, pressing problem now is build more hostel for students, especially cheap price hostel. In my case, I lived in hostel through 4 years and I really love the life in hostel, it is safe peaceful and people here are very friendly. In my opinion, most of university should be built more hostel for students.