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CIPCO Training
A human mind is the most powerful tool for survival and yet not all of us know how to take advantage of its potential. Hence, it is only proper that if we could find a way to harness these potential among the staff in an organization, a lot new ideas can be harvested. These new ideas can be turned into new products and processes which will become the main engine that thrust the company ahead of competition. It will generate new business and increase revenues. CIPCO training is suitable for company who aspire to be respectable at what they do best in their line of business. CIPCO training is designed to inculcate a culture of creative thinking among managers and staff. This course puts emphasis on 3Ps. That is for creativity to take place in an organization, we need people (1st P) with the right mind-set for change. We also need a conducive environment (2nd P place) and a right process (3rd P) to bring the best out of creative thinking among the staff in the organization. This training is conducted by 2 experienced trainers Mr Bugs Tan and HK Loi. Bugs is an award winning inventor with 15 national awards. A very experienced hands-on inventor who knows what it takes to be creative and innovative. While Loi has 20 years training experience specializing in creative thinking and the use of psychometric instrument for management development. During the course the trainers will introduce thinking tools. With such guided methods the participant now has a proper tool to use during the time of conceptualizing new ideas. Later part of the training, the participants will put their skills into practise. They will be coached by the trainers to develop new ideas. By the end of the session, all participants will gain new knowledge and new skills. They will understand why they need to be creative and how to put creative skills into practice. Some of the clients Hotel Singgahsana PJ Perwaja Steel Kemaman Maju Tower KL MEX Highway Maju Holding TMAS Bus Terminal Polis Di Raja Malaysia