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customer social responsibilities

customer social responsibilities


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CSR Campaigns of John Keels Holdings

Awareness and Affectivity Research
Group Assignment - CSR Campaigns of JKH
year - 1
Department of Marketing Management
University of Kelaniya
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Team Members
1. Sarachchandra R. J. L CM/2005/203
2. Ranatunga L. H. S CM/2005/183
3. M. G. B. S. Morawaliyadde CM/2005/137
4. Premanayake P. G. G. G CM/2005/171
5. Athauda J. M CM/2005/257
6. W. L.A.R. Wijesundara CM/2005/253
7. Madushani A. M. S CM/2005/129
8. De Silva H. M. A. K CM/2005/039
9. U. G.D.K.K. Jayasena CM/2005/088
10. W. D. Wickramaarachchi CM/2005/241
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First of all we would like to give our greatest thanks to our Industrial Marketing lecturers Mr.
W. M. C. B Wanninayake and Mr. S. Sampath Who gave this grade opportunity to identify
what is the CSR under Industrial Marketing.
And also we would like to give our heartiest thanks to respondents who gave us true and
correct details about CSR of John Keels Holding Company without discouragement.
Finally, we thank our friends who encourage us in different way to get this report in accuracy
and best level.
Thank you for all.
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1) Introduction 04
2) Why CSR 05
3) Profile of JKH 06
4) CSR campaigns of JKH 09
5) Questionnaire Analysis 12
6) Suggestions and Recommendations 18
7) Conclusion 20
8) The Questionnaire 21
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The purpose of doing this assignment is, to get a clear idea about the corporate social
responsible (CSR) programs which are applying by many organizations in order to build a
good community. In here we mainly focus ' John Keels Holdings ' company and their
corporate social responsibility programs, because we identified that they have done a good
job in terms of CSR, as a leading company of the industrial market. So we have firstly got a
brief knowledge about company background.
After selecting the company and identifying the company background, we decided to follow
survey method to collect information. So we prepare a questionnaire with 10 questions
including 8 closes - end questions and 2 open - end questions. We prepared 50
questionnaires and distributed those questionnaires among industry people, government
employees, private workers and also few of university students in order to collect
information. When distributing the questionnaires we target the people who are in
Kiribathgoda area. In this area there are people who represent all the social classes.
When conducting our survey we wanted to know whether those of our target audience
know about the John Keels Holdings company and its CSR programs such as HIV / AIDS
awareness campaign, how they know about those programs, what their image about the
company and its CSR programs and what company can do to improve their social services. So
we include such kind of questions in our questionnaire to get answers from our target
So after getting the answers for those questions which we include in our questionnaire, we
analyze those answers and prepare our final report.
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Why CSR?
Corporate Social Responsibility or Corporate Citizenship or rather CSR are very often use words in
the business world today. Almost every business especially big corporate bodies used to have CSR
activities in general. As we all know, it’s a very positive factor in sustainability of the world. But in
this term, there are many criticisms are on what drives CSR for an organization and why?
As for the definition of The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD),
continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development
while improving the quality of life of the workforce, their families and the local community and
society at large.
If we look at this definition, CSR is for sustainable development, continuing commitment which
should not for short-term program. Also it must be focuses on commitment by business, which is not
directly on profit or rather the advantage towards the company. The other factor is it is not just for
outside environment, it is also the company itself like its workforce, their families and its own impact
on the environment.
But in practical terms, this is not being the nature of common CSR activities of the business especially
in Sri Lanka. As the ethical business practices, CSR should be an integrated program in to entire
business process which should firstly look at the negative impact of the business towards the outside
environment and steps to minimize it. For an example, these days the main focus is being on
increasing energy costs and green environment. So as every business is highly related to this global
issue, the business should work on minimizing the impact through efficient and effective energy
usage and also minimal impact for the green environment. But practically, the most business are
focusing on outside CSR campaigns like Education Improvement, Disaster Relief Programs and
Health Improvement.
However, in marketing, brand image, loyalty, reputation with CSR plays a bigger role. Most business
are conducting CSR campaigns focusing on investing to their brand image which is indirectly
impacting on the profit in long terms and creating an advantage towards the brand in the long run.
Especially in western countries, it’s becoming a more concerned factor in consumers who’re
practicing to search for products and services referring to CSR activities of the companies. And also
most NGOs are trying to position these practices in consumers because the increasing energy costs
and green environment pollution. So CSR is being a point which makes a competitive advantage in
the modern business environment. With no specific governance over CSR by rules and regulation
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except few ethical standards can follow, mostly it has become a fashion to have a CSR foundation for
most companies even for the persons like Madonna as celebrities and Melinda Gates Foundation
which is doing by one of the richest persons in the world, Bill Gates.
However we found out that the biggest corporate body in Sri Lanka, JKH is practicing good CSR
activities especially with itself focusing on the impact and outside CSR activities, been awarded for
the Best Corporate Citizen Award – 2007 by Chamber of Commerce.
John Keels Holdings
John Keells Holdings PLC is the largest listed conglomerate on the Colombo Stock Exchange.
Other measures tell a similar tale; our group companies manage the largest number of hotel
rooms in Sri Lanka, own the country's largest privately-owned transportation business and
hold leading positions in Sri Lanka's key industries: tea, food and beverage manufacture and
distribution, logistics, real estate, banking and information technology.
1. History
The origins of John Keells Holdings lie in a produce and exchange broking business started by
two Englishmen, Edwin and George John, in Colombo, Ceylon, in the early 1870s. E. John &
Co. was one of a handful of broking companies that helped build tea production and export
into the mainstay of the colonial Ceylonese economy.
The name that is now synonymous with Sri Lankan business leadership came into existence
following the acquisition of another Colombo broking company, Keell & Waldock Ltd, in
1960, the resulting entity being named John Keell Thompson White Ltd. As Ceylon
modernized, becoming the Republic of Sri Lanka in 1972, social and political change helped
drive John Keells' expansion and diversification. The parent firm, now known as John Keells
Ltd, became a public quoted company in 1974.
In October 1986 a newly incorporated John Keells Holdings Ltd. (JKH) acquired a controlling
stake in John Keells Limited and obtained a quotation on the Colombo Stock Exchange
amidst a heavily over-subscribed public share issue.
2. Present
Under current Chairman is Susantha Ratnayake, Deputy Chairman is Ajit Gunewardene,
Director and President is Sumithra Gunesekera & Group Finance Director and President is
Ronnie Peiris JKH is operating with the Corporate Vision of “Building businesses that are
leaders in the region”, John Keells Holding has five values Changing constantly, re-inventing
and evolving, Striving to get things right the first time, Doing the right things always,
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Constantly raising the bar, Fostering a great place to work, Building strong relationships
based on openness and trust.
John Keells Holding expands their business in several industries as market leader.
They are dealing following areas. Such as;
Food & Beverages
The Food & Beverage Sector Group is home to a portfolio of leading brands in the Beverage,
Frozen Confectionary, and Processed Meats categories which include "Elephant" carbonated
soft drinks, "Elephant House" Ice Creams, and the "Keells" and "Krest" ranges of Processed
There are few well-known company belongs to JKH such as Ceylon Cold Stores PLC, Keells
Food Products PLC, Nexus, JayKay Marketing Services (Pvt) Limited.
There are 3 business units - Ports & Shipping, Integrated Logistics and Airline & Aviation
services that offer a complete array of transportation related services in Sri Lanka and the
Ex; DHL Keells (Pvt) Limited, Lanka Marine Services Limited, Mack Air Limited, Walkers Air
Representing JKH's single largest net asset exposure, Hotel chain encompasses two city
hotels that offer 40% of the five star room capacity in Colombo and nine resort hotels spread
in prime tourist locations all over Sri Lanka and two located in the Maldives, offering
beaches, mountains and cultural splendour. Walkers Tours, the largest inbound tour
operator in the country, is also owned by JKH, along with two other tour-operating
Ex; John Keells Hotels PLC , Trans Asia Hotels PLC , Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts, Walkers
Tours Limited, Chaaya Hotels and Resorts
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Providing quality, world-class Information Communication Technology services from
consultancy, software services, and information integration to office automation, JKH offer
end-to-end ICT services and solutions to customers in Sri Lanka
Ex; InfoMate (Pvt) Ltd, John Keells Computer Services (Pvt) Limited, John Keells, Office
Automation (Pvt) Limited , Auxicogent International (Pvt) Ltd
Financial Services
Financial services sector operates in the banking, leasing, insurance and stock brokering
industries. This sector has been identified as a key growth sector in JKH portfolio. Offer a
total solutions package at attractive prices to customers. To this end JKH pursuing
consolidation opportunities and maximizing the synergies between the businesses.
Ex; John Keells Stock Brokers (Pvt) Limited, Nations Trust Bank PLC , Union Assurance PLC
Plantation Services
JKH produce the best CTC and orthodox low grown teas, all of which are produced from
green leaf supplied by 14,000 Tea Small Holders. They also manage factories in the South of
Sri Lanka on behalf of proprietors. With over 130 years of experience in the tea trade, John
Keells Limited is the leading tea broker in the country.
Ex; John Keells PLC, John Keells Warehousing (Pvt) Ltd, Tea Small Holder Factories Ltd
Property Development
JKH own 43 acres of prime property in Colombo and over 280 acres in the rest of the
country. They are the controlling shareholder of Asian Hotels & Properties Limited - the
owners and promoters of "Crescat City”, which houses the five star hotel The Cinnamon
Grand, the up-market shopping mall The Crescat Boulevard, the 30-storey luxury apartment
complex The Monarch, and the Angsana City Club & Spa. Located in a prime plot of land
spanning 11.5 acres, Crescat City offers an unparalleled package of accessibility, quality,
facilities and prestige.
Ex; Asian Hotels & Properties PLC
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CSR campaigns of John Keells Holdings
John Keells Holdings is very much keen on doing social services. They have considered that it
is a duty of them to do the CSR campaigns to the society because community is the vital
spark of the organization. In the 2004 was the very important year for them, because in that
year they have formulated a very fundamental CSR committee. Under that they focus on
several areas such as health, education and the environment. In 2005 they John Keels Social
Responsibility Foundation were established as a formal charity to handle the groups’ CSR
initiatives and activities. In order to understand the CSR campaigns of that company clearly
we have divided those campaigns in to different aspects.
1. Education
English language scholarship program
English is the universal language. Being primary language of industry and commerce English
plays a vital role to meet the future challenges for the children. Therefore the need of
English is a crucial thing in today’s world. But most of the children in rural areas in the
country don’t have a sufficient knowledge in English. The main reason for that lack of English
knowledge is they are not well exposed to the society. With the globalization of the world
English plays a big role in the business market. Today we can do nothing without English.
Having identified that problem John Keells Holdings launched English language scholarship
program. Through that program they have selected children from rural areas and give them
a proper English knowledge. More than 400 students are now following this English course at
Gateway Centers across island. This course consists with both foundation and diploma level.
Page | 10
Neighborhood schools
John Keells Holdings have identified that most of the schools in Sri Lanka don’t have their
primary needs. They don’t meet at least very basic facilities such as water and sanitation.
Therefore they have identified three of their neighborhood schools and made steps to
upgrade the water and sanitation facilities in them. Not only those things they have fulfilled
other essential things such as science and home science rooms, computer labs, better
ventilation and much needed building repairs. Through that program they have covered
three schools named Al Ameen Muslim Vidyalaya, Holy Rosary Sinhala School and Holy
Rosary Tamil School. They hope to support those schools in future also.
2. Environment
Refurbish and maintain the Slave Island railway station
Not only about other aspects John Keells Holdings very much keen on the environment.
Under that they always try to protect the environment from their business activities. Under
that environment protection program they have launched a very vital program. That is to
renovate and maintain the Slave Island railway station. They did that to protect the country’s
resources for future generation. Their main target for doing those Slave Island station
program is to be friendly with the government. Government doesn’t have enough funds to
maintain those things and if they try to do so it takes many times for them. Another thing is
if the private organizations do those things the quality of the service is very high. So
government likes to give those projects to them because the government doesn’t want to
any amount of money. By doing these things they can build sustainable relationships with
the society as well as with the government.
3. Nation disaster response
John Keells Tide Relief Initiative
This company is providing responses to the natural disasters. They have established
their TRI with the Tsunami disaster. They are always ready to provide facilities when
somewhat tragedies happen to the Sri Lankans. Under that they immediately collect and
distribute urgent relief items to the people. Hundreds of fishing boats and nets were
destroyed as a result of Tsunami disaster. TRI donated fishing nets to 140 fishermen. In
addition to that they have dedicated to the reconstruction of Tsunami damaged areas of Sri
Lanka. They have done a great job to renovate the affected Sri Lanka by Tsunami. When the
Tsunami happened many Sri Lankans who lived in causal areas became helpless. They need
Page | 11
the support from the others to rebuild their lives. With the real understanding of that
problem JKH is doing their national disaster response programs.
4. Community
Adopt a village program
Under adopt a village program they focus to construct the villages in the country. The
first village adopted under this program is Halmillawa. It is a remote village situated in the
North Central Province. This is a long term program and their objective is to make the village
stronger economically and socially. Under this 3year program they hoped to cover all the
aspects relating to the community. So they tried to improve the irrigation facilities, livestock
farming, cottage industries, and educational facilities, provision of electricity agricultural
training and development and access to market at a fair price. Through that their ultimate
objective is to upgrade the living condition of people in that village.
5. Health
Vision 1000 program
Other campaign under health is “John Keells vision 1000” program. This program
aligned with the World Health Organization’s vision 2020 program. This has launched in
2004. Under that they have selected 1000 patients who are suffering from blindness from 09
provinces of the country. They said that most of the blind patients in Sri Lanka have the
potentiality to get their eyesight back via surgical operations. But the problem is they don’t
have enough financial facilities to get medicines for that. So in here their aim was to provide
the eyesight for 1000 needy patients in 09 provinces. The program is being executed via the
Base Hospitals in each province. Those campaigns were successfully held in the areas such as
Awissawella, Matale, Hambantota, Kantale, Batticaloa and Vasgamuwa.
6. HIV/AIDS awareness campaign
Under the health sector HIV/AIDS awareness program gets a very important place.
The reason for that is this is the very latest program that they have done to the society. This
HIV/AIDS is an ongoing matter in Sri Lanka. Having identified that problem the John Keells
Holdings Responsibility Foundation have launched a three year program with the
collaboration of Ministry of Health, Chamber of Commerce, ILO and UNAIDS. This program
was launched in the year of 2005. By that program they tried to make the people aware
Page | 12
regarding the HIV viruses, how it spreads and how it is prevented. In the first year they tried
to make the awareness of the people who are working in companies as a group. Because of
that 2200 employees were benefited per a day. In the second and third years they extended
their service to the society and they find the most potential groups who expose to the HIV
virus and made them aware. Then they have gone beyond the country boundaries and
introduced it to the overseas also. This is the first campaign launched by a corporate in Sri
Lanka in the area of HIV/AIDS. Since this is the latest program is doing by John Keells we
hope to talk further about this.
Questionnaire Analysis
1. Knowing about John Keels Holding
Amount %
Yes 45 97.82%
No 1 2.18%
2. Willing to purchase products of JKH
Amount %
Yes 43 93.48%
No 3 6.52%
Page | 13
3. Knowing about HIV/AIDS awareness programs
Amount %
Yes 11 23.91%
No 35 70.09
4. Awareness about JKH; CSR campaigns
Campaign Amount %
Tsunami relief programs 22 32.33%
English language scholarship programs 19 27.94%
John Keels vision 1000 program 6 8.82%
Adopt a village program - Halmillawa 5 7.35%
Maintain the slave island railway station 16 23.53%
Page | 14
According to this research we can see some co-operated social responsibility projects which
are implemented by John Keels Holdings such as Tsunami relief programs, English language
scholarships program, John keels vision 1000 program, adopt a village- Halmillawa, maintain
the slave island railway station & HIV/AIDS awareness program. Through our questionnaire
we aim to know whether our respondent aware about those above CSR programs conducted
by John keels holdings. Normally CSR projects are not doing as a promotional campaign.
Therefore, the people who involving & had experience, they know what is CSR. However
according to our research we identified that 28% our respondents have good awareness
about Tsunami relief programs, English language scholarships program. But very few
respondents had aware about other CSR projects. The Tsunami relief programs project which
had good awareness, we think it because Tsunami was a huge tragedy happened in all Sri
Lankan at that time. So every company implemented several charity & CSR programs to help
those affected people. And at that time media co operations & general public also pay more
attention on who conduct those programs. Specially media gave big publicity on those
companies and appreciate the effort they done. Also our respondent had good awareness
about the English language scholarships program; we think it because the sample we
selected includes some university students. This program conducted aim on developing the
soft skills in under graduates. John Keels Holdings visit few universities and held conference
with engaging lot of students.
The projects adopt a village- Halmillawa, maintain the slave island railway station which had
lower awareness among our respondents, we identified that it because those programs
conducted on specific areas & it knows only those who lived in that area & only those who
had involved to those projects. The sample we selected not included the people who live in
that area. Also we can see that John Keels Holdings not gave publicity on those projects to
know other people. However according to our research result more respondents said that
Tsunami relief programs, English language scholarships program are better campaigns
Page | 15
among all CSR programs conducted by John Keels Holdings. The HIV/AIDS awareness
program is the recent CSR project conducted by JKH. But we identify that people not much
aware about this. We think it because, even world pay more attention on HIV its not much
affected in Sri Lankan society toughly. This program conducts not only to the people who
affected, but also those who not affected. It gives the overall knowledge about HIV.
However, this project helps to keep good society & healthy people. So, it’s better if this
program has good publicity & good awareness among people all around the country.
5. Way of knowing JKH CSR programs
Amount %
TV & Radio 14 28%
News papers 12 24%
Annual reports 5 10%
Word of mouth 17 34%
through internet 1 2%
People get to know about CSR campaigns of organizations in many ways. Mostly they get to
know about them via TV, radio, newspapers, annual reports and word of mouth. According
to our questionnaire 34% from our sample, people get to know about them via word of
mouth. In here we can decide that these campaigns are very much popular among the
people. That is why many of them got to know via word of mouth. That is the ultimate thing
that JKH wanted to do. They wanted make them popular among people. Then only they can
increase the popularity of their company and they can increase the goodwill. Word of mouth
is very effective and important method for every organization. The attitudes among people
will highly affect to the success of the organization. Through the word of mouth method they
target the general public.
The other method is newspapers. When they launch a CSR campaign they publish it in the
newspapers. So 28% people get to know about them via newspapers. The persons who are
somewhat professional and matured persons get to know it via newspapers, because they
add these things in newspapers like Sunday Observer, Sunday Times, Silumina and so on.
Mostly matured people read them. That’s why they are aware of them.
Other method is annual reports and the internet. 24% of people got to know about them via
annual reports and internet. They include these things in their sites. So anyone can search
them and read them. The persons who really have interest about these things will go
Page | 16
through the annual reports. Those can be professional personalities. In addition to that the
persons like university students will browse the internet and read these stuffs.
Ultimately people know about these campaigns through TV and Radio. JKH hardly advertise
their CSR campaigns on TV and Radio. So very less people get to know about them via these
media. According to our questionnaire it’s around 10%. The cost is very high to put
advertisements in TV and radios. But by doing CSR campaigns they can’t directly increase
their sales and it doesn’t directly increase their profitability. Therefore if they put these
advertisements on these media they have to bear a big cost. That is why they don’t
advertise them. By looking at the above factors we can clearly see that the most effective
method is word of mouth method and most of people get to know about those programs via
that word of mouth method.
6. Purpose of doing CSR campaigns
Amount %
To increase the profits indirectly 14 18.67%
To build a good image 35 46.67%
To be friendly with the gov. 2 2.67%
To reduce tax 11 14.67%
To develop society 12 16%
No idea 1 1.32%
This is one of main factors we wanted find out. The fact that how is people responds and
feels on CSR activities doing by companies. This is a critical factor for business where CSR
adding values to the company, its brand beyond the societal development. So most
Page | 17
companies are trying to promote in their business though CSR campaigns and trying to
achieve and advantage rather doing pure community services.
Here we found out 47% of people believes that companies are doing CSR to build their image
while secondly 19% believes that they are doing CSR to increase profits indirectly and 16%
believes that it’s purely for social development, also 15% believes it’s for reducing taxes and
the rest divided into small portions of various ideas.
The idea is, here almost half of the sample believe it is for building a good image for the
company. While only 16% believes it is for pure social development. This is a factor to be
considered because in marketing terms, in order to build a long lasting strong brand image,
the companies should position their CSR activities as purely for social development as the
meaning it should be. Because when people see that company is expecting something back
by doing social activities, making a negative feeling in the consumers mind. But it is being not
a big issue in countries like Sri Lanka where every company are like this because none of
companies are really on pure CSR.
Also in marketing terms, the main issue here is that secondly 19% of the sample believes
that CSR for increasing profits indirectly also 16% believes it is for reducing tax. If a person
feels like this, instead of making a positive image, it is contributing to feel negative about the
company in consumer’s mind. So companies have to promote their CSR activities in a way
that consumer don’t feel that there is a catch inside. Thus it is increasing the affectivity on
CSR towards the company.
7. Goodness of JKH Company considering all the factors
Amount %
Yes 44 97.78%
No 2 2.22%
According to the above chart 01, the respondents have considered the JKH is as a good
company, it is about 97 % recently John Keels Holdings faced a problem with LMSL (Lanka
Marine Services Limited) regarding the land ownership. After that crisis their shares were
going down. But still, the retailers, and other public accept the JKH as a good company. Due
to its good image quality of their products, their CSR campaigns, friendliness with
government and so on the respondents may think that JKH is as a good company.
Page | 18
But there are still 3% of respondents who not consider the JKH is a good company. Those
respondents may be not favor with JKH’s product and their services. Or they may not
customers of JKH or they may have a bad image of JKH due to respondents faced to
unfavorable situations or sometimes that 3% of respondents may not know much interest
about John Keels Holdings but anyhow, majority of respondents have accept that the JKH
PLC is a good company, it is about 97% .
When considering the '' chart 02 '' out of all 68% respondents have said that the JKH's CSR
campaigns, JKH can build a good image specially. And those are highly affected to develop
the society too. CSR campaigns are done for public so, though the JKH is in a crisis regarding
the land ownership with LMSL, the respondents accept JKH is as a good company due to its
CSR campaigns, because they have been doing a valuable campaigns, such as Tsunami relief
programs. English language scholarship program, John Keels vision 1000 program, adopt a
village program - Halmillawa, maintain the slave Island railway station and HIV/AIDS
awareness program.
But there are still 32 % of respondents who not consider the JKH’s CSR campaigns to
evaluate the goodness of the JKH. According to their views, the main reason is ''
unawareness about CSR campaigns '' other than that 32% respondents may not satisfy with
the JKH’s CSR campaigns which they have done. Because they may think that JKH van do
more valuable CSR campaigns than what they have done.
When analyzing the above two pie charts, it is clearly indicated that majority of respondents
are considering the JKH is a good company and most of respondents have concerned about
JKH ' s CSR campaigns when proclaiming JKH is a good company. Especially through this
analyzing, it is implied that considerable percentage is there who not much aware about CSR
campaigns and not consider it when evaluating the goodness of the company. So, JKH should
make aware about their CSR campaigns and they should do what the public exactly wants
through their CSR campaigns.
8. Whether CSR affect to the image of the JKH
Amount %
Yes 31 68.89%
No 14 31.11%
Suggestions and Recommendations
Page | 19
As mentioned earlier there are number of CSR campaigns which are conducted by the JKH
like Tsunami relief program, English language scholarship program and adopt a village
program are some of these programs. In addition to that nowadays there is a program called
HIV/AIDS awareness campaign. This is to create awareness and give the knowledge and
effects of HIV/AIDS.
In addition to those programs we found that people expect more benefits and also the social
and environmental programs. Some of these suggestions are as follows.
Hold medical clinics in the rural areas. Especially health and medical services in those rural
areas are in a poor condition. So many people believe that it is effective to hold medical clinic
center at the rural areas. Other thing is they should create a fund to help to the rural school
children. They already have such a fund. But through that they help to very small number of
schools and they are their neighborhood schools. That is not enough for the society. They
have to develop rural areas too.
Other suggestion is to get the university children and train them. Most of the university
students don’t have the practical knowledge to suit with the business environment. So it is
better if JKH get them as groups and train them for a certain time period. Then they will have
the good practical knowledge such as how to deal with the business environment. This will
be a good solution for the employment problem in the country. In our country there are
many jobs. The problem is people don’t have the enough skills and knowledge to suit with
that. That is why JKH should consider about that problem as well. Therefore they should
allocate more money for schools and universities to increase the quality of the education.
Under the environment program their major program is to maintain the Slave Island railway
station. They should consider more on environmental programs. In today’s world the major
issue is environmental pollution. Therefore they should concern about that and they should
take necessary steps to minimize the environmental pollution by following green concepts.
The ethnic war in Sri Lanka is another major issue. As a result of this war many people have
became victims. So it is better if they can help to them also by providing facilities to fulfill
their basic needs such as providing houses and lands and etc. Next suggestion is to help to
Page | 20
the farmers to do their farming activities. Most of the time farmers are very poor people and
they need help to do their works. So if JKH help to the farmers they will cultivate more and it
will help to increase the production of the country also.
Currently they have a separate foundation to do the CSR activities. They should coordinate
with the social service companies and NGOs to give a better and quality service. However
ultimately we can suggest that these programs should focus on the poor people.
By looking at the above suggestions we can clearly see that most of the people are expecting
social well being programs. Most of the people have suggested that these programs should
aimed on the people who living in rural areas. The reason for that is they are suffering from
many problems like poverty, lack of education, less sanitation and poor infrastructure
facilities when comparing to the urban areas.
As well as they think JKH should consider about the environmental friendly programs and
have to give solutions for the environmental pollutions to protect the environment.
Especially they have mentioned our national heritage like Sinharajaya, Sigiriya should be
protected. As well as the sanctuaries like Yala, Willpattu should be taken in to consider under
Page | 21
We selected John Keels Holding Company in order to understand the CSR (Corporate Social
Responsibility) campaigns. The reason for selecting the John Keels Holding company is the
well reputed company in the Sri Lanka. Therefore majority of the peoples are aware about
the JKH Company. For that purpose we used 46 respondents in order to gather necessary
information regarding the CSR activities of JKH by giving questioners for each respondent
and include 10 questions in that questioner.
We realized that they have done 4 campaigns: Tsunami relief program, English language
scholarship program, John Keels vision 1000 program, Adopting a village program-Halmillava,
maintain the slave island railway station and the currently doing AIV/AIDS program as their
social service. In here most of the people aware about the Tsunami relief program (32.33%),
English language scholarship programs and Maintain the slave island railway station. Here
most of the people get to know about these programs through word of mouth (34%) and
also TV & radio. Word of mouth is better method out of those ways. And most of the people
accept that Tsunami relief program (28%) and English language scholarship programs (28%)
are best for the society out of above programs. According to respondent’s knowledge, John
Keels Holding Company is doing these campaigns mainly for their image increases (46.67%)
and to increase the profits indirectly, to develop society and to reduce tax.
Most of the people gave suggestion to improve the CSR activities of John Keels Holding
Company. And majority of the people gave suggestion like train the university student for
job environment, develop facilities of schools, universities and hospital, and should be aimed
for poor people.
So considering the all factors we know that John Keels Holding Company is good company in
the Sri Lanka and most of the people suggested that CSR activities of JKH is affected to build
a good image for the John Keels Holding Company (68.89%).
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Social Service Awareness Survey of John Keels Holdings
The Questionnaire
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1) Do you know about John Keels Holdings?
Yes No
2) Do you like to purchase of products of JKH?
Yes No
3) JKH is doing a HIV/AIDS awareness program these days. Do you know about that?
Yes No
4) In addition to that do you know about these programs?
Tsunami relief programs Adopt a village program- Halmillawa
English language scholarship program Maintain the Slave Island railway station
John Keels vision 1000 program
5) How do you know about those programs?
TV & Radio Newspapers
Annual reports Word of mouth
6) Which campaign is better?

7) According to your knowledge why they do these campaigns?
To increase the profits indirectly To reduce tax
To build a good image To develop society
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To be friendly with the government No idea

8) Considering all the factors, is JKH a good company?
Yes No
9) If so, are those social services affected to your above answer?
Yes No
10) Do you have any suggestions to improve the social services of that company?

11) Gender
Male Female
12) Age group
18-25 26-35 Above 35
13) Profession
Government Private Business
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Team Members

1. Sarachchandra R. J. L 2. Ranatunga L. H. S 3. M. G. B. S. Morawaliyadde 4. Premanayake P. G. G. G 5. Athauda J. M 6. W. L.A.R. Wijesundara 7. Madushani A. M. S 8. De Silva H. M. A. K 9. U. G.D.K.K. Jayasena 10. W. D. Wickramaarachchi

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