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Marketing Home Assignment no. 2 Topic: Give a competition details of memory cards (USB Flash Drives) in India.

Submitted to: Prof. S.V Kumar Faculty, Marketing Management-2 IBS, Hyderabad

Submitted by: Sankalp Lalvani 12BSPHH010907 Seat no. 37

Submitted by: Sankalp Lalvani 12BSPHH010907

Seat No.37

generally affordable price. The exciting feature of pen drives was smaller size. Players in Indian Market:  Moser Baer  Transcend  SanDisk  HP Submitted by: Sankalp Lalvani 12BSPHH010907     Lexar Microware Sony Buffalo Technologies Seat No. high durability and long life. It was built to overcome the disadvantages of CD-Rom and Floppy disks of limited storage space and non ability of re-writing. re-writ ability.37 .Competition in USB flash drive market in India A USB flash drive stands for Universal Serial Bus interface which is a data storage device. metal. huge storage space. The mechanics of a flash drive includes a small. delicate circuit board which stores electronic data as well as a USB Connector insulated and protected inside a plastic. wooden. rubberized case as per manufacturers’ choice.

Submitted by: Sankalp Lalvani 12BSPHH010907 Seat No. Strontium is charging marginally higher charges than others with low capacities and main product focus on selling its special 128GB pen drive to extract huge sums for spend savvy customers. Silicon though not much heard of. Also.    Strontium Kingston EMTEC Adata     Verbatim Trek Simmtronics Other customized producers Understanding of the competition There is a stiff price competition for all sorts of storage capacities among the data storage device producers.37 . Its product designs though not very innovative have been still picked by its loyal customers. design and quality. It has been one of the first players in the industry. with lot of competition and no scope for new entrants until and unless there is heavy product differentiation as well as low price. the international entrant has focused on providing products with great designs to customers at premium prices focusing on the design and style side of the product. is on an initial stage and need to focus more in order to gain in the market. Buffalo. For the USB market. Transcend and Kingston primary focus on being competitive pricing to give a tough struggle to other competing brands. HP has focused on product variety to provide a huge array of product designs for constant storage capacity at various prices. Their main focus is on bringing in more product designs and providing an array of high capacity disks in various designs. Sandisk has focused on psychological pricing for their products giving a different yet lucrative pricing to its customers. Moser Baer which was expected to be the pioneer in the segment due its log presence in India has concentrated at low priced products for long. it would be correct to say that it is a red ocean. Sony though with limited products also manages to lure its loyal customers who believe firmly in its cutting edge technology.

64GB . 700 4GB for Rs.Rs.Prices of prime brands S.651.280 4 GB – Rs.300 4 GB – Rs.8. 1.310 4 GB – Rs.406. 32GB – Rs.460 8 GB – Rs.450 8 GB– Rs.999 128GB .1.870 16 GB – Rs.450 8 GB – Rs.510 16 GB – Rs.000. 4GB to 32GB capacities Rs.600 16GB for Rs. 16GB – Rs. Cruzer Facet Cruzer Pop Strontium Key Spin Hulk Transcend Jetflash Kingston DataTraveler Sony Micro Vault USM4GN Micro Vault USM8GN Micro Vault USM16GN Micro Vault USM32GN                      HP V-112 B HP V-210 W HP V-165 W HP V-220 W HP V-240 W HP V-115 W HP V-250 W HP V-335 W HP V-223 W HP V-112 B HP V-240 W HP V-210 W HP V-165 W HP V-220 W HP V-250 W HP C-335 W HP V-165 W HP 112 W HP V-210 W HP V-220 W HP V-250 W 7                         Submitted by: Sankalp Lalvani 12BSPHH010907 Seat No.510 4 GB – Rs. 19.300 4 GB – Rs. 499 4GB . 1. 3. 8GB .Rs.37 .480 8 GB – Rs.290 4 GB – Rs.330 4 GB – Rs.500 4 GB – Rs.320 8 GB – Rs.1.200 16GB to 64GB capacities Rs.500 8 GB – Rs. 549.Extreme. 16GB .Rs. 128GB – Rs.840 16 GB – Rs.5.199 32 GB– Rs.Rs.600 16 GB – Rs.000 4 GB – Rs.1300.No. 301.999  8GB – Rs.930 2 3 4 5 6 SanDisk.5600  32GB – Rs.Rs. 259 .20.161. 999.189 4GB to 128GB capacities Rs.000 8GB for Rs.430 8 GB – Rs.Rs.4.448 4GB to 32GB capacities Rs. Company 1 Buffalo Technologies Prices 2GB for Rs.300 4 GB – Rs.2000. 283.920 16 GB – Rs.Rs. 1. 349. 1. Cruzer Glide.460 8 GB – Rs.6.840 16 GB – Rs.1. 4GB . 2GB .2.500.

2040 32 GB – Rs. 599 4 GB Pen Drive – Rs. 32 GB Rs. 600 9   Market share and its understanding The demand for information storage devices has been increasing ever since floppys’ came into existence. These products have created a major market pull. The flash drive market is one of the fastest growing segments in India. As far as products are concerned.2020 32 GB – Rs. such that the global slowdown could not hurdle their growth story. ease of use and mobility are the key factors that have made these products lucrative to consumers.1890 32 GB – Rs. Portability.1950 32 GB – Rs. MP3/MP4 players.Rs. 400 8 GB –Rs. The flash drive market in India saw modest growth of 16% last fiscal and revenues of Rs 676 crore. Kingston seems to have controlled through a more organized business approach. Although Transcend’s pick up by customer is good. digital cameras. FY11 proved to be a great year for Kingston that maintained a healthy business growth and dominated the market. Sandisk maintained its style of introducing innovative and stylish products while embracing aggressive marketing activities that helped it to secure an impressive growth rate.     8 HP V-165 W HP V-220 W HP V-210 W HP V-250 W HP V-223 W Moser Baer Swivel Racer Silicon 836 Silicon T01      32 GB – Rs. The market reports suggest an increase/boom in the use of storage peripheral devices like pen drives. has remained balanced but maintained its initial performance by securing 32% share.2140 8 GB – Rs. Company’s name Kingston Transcend Sandisk Others Submitted by: Sankalp Lalvani 12BSPHH010907 Market share as of 2011-2012 35% 32% 25% 8% Seat No. 350. external hard disks etc.37 . both brands gave tough competition to one another by launching new models of USB drive with attractive designs and attributes to lure all customer segments. Transcend.1200 4 GB.

Market share 8% 35% 25% Kingston Transcend Sandisk Others 32% Demand for high capacity pen drives has grown as the most popular entry level product today is 4 GB drive followed by 8 GB and 16 GB. Sandisk has got a good hold on market but can grow further with innovative designs at premium prices. Moser Baer etc and would require immense efforts to grow.37 . Sony. Kingston has enjoyed its presence in the Indian market for long and has a loyal customer base. Bibliography: Submitted by: Sankalp Lalvani 12BSPHH010907 Seat No. The market is growing and the competition is intensely stiff for the players in the market. Whereas transcend. introduction of new and innovative features like high speed. slimmer and compact pen drives will add more to consumer value. is comparatively newer to the Indian market but has managed a fairly good share. The product category faces continual technology up gradation and enhanced aesthetics and flashy designs. Moser Baer was delayed and not stiff enough to shake the presence of Kingston in market. To attract buyer’s brands like Dell and Transcend came up with newer concepts.The market leader is Kingston with a very near competitor Transcend with 35% and 32% shares respectively. There is a small share of other players like HP. Kingston mainly enjoyed a first mover advantage as the competition from existing player.

jsp?article_id=113328&cat_id=581 http://www.pdf                  http://www.asp Submitted by: Sankalp Lalvani 12BSPHH010907 Seat http://www.fonearena.html http://www.37 .in/