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A WebQuest for Biology

Standards Decribe the factors affecting the blood flow through the cardiovascular system Describe normal heart sounds and what they mean

INTRODUCTION Heart disease has taken over the world, killing more people than ever before. Scientists are struggling to find the cause of the increased incidence of heart disease. The scientists need YOU to solve the mystery and explain the factors affecting the blood flow through the cardiovascular system and how a normal heart sounds. In order to analyze the heart, you need to understand the anatomy and physiology of the heart.

TASK Your job is to research the critical characteristics of the heart and report your findings. You will present your findings in a pamphlet, poster or book. Make sure you include a diagram depicting the blood flow through the heart.

PROCESS 1.You will learn what the circulatory system is and how it works through the following research steps. You can work individually or with a partner. 2. Research the following critical characteristics of the heart. The underlined blue words are linked to the websites where you will find the information. Record your research findings in a book, pamphlet or poster.

What is the circulatory system?

What makes the heart beat? Describe the parts of the heart parts. You must include the 4 chambers of the heart and the heart valves. Watch the video and describe the function of the heart sound What is the first sound you hear? What is the last sound you hear? Describe the three distinct sections of the circulatory system. Include each sections circulatory pathway.


Your final project must include a diagram depicting the flow of blood through the heart. Blood Flow.


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CONCLUSION I hope you have gained valuable insight into the workings of your heart. Go to your wiki page and post your reflection on this project. Some thoughts to include: What did you know before? What do you know now? What would you like to learn more about?