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DO Cee nent eit ea eae ity of Califoria, Santa Bau SA ee eee Cocco ot a een oe University of Chicago AUIS [oF nh 20) Content | Acknowledgments i Introduction: History, Culture, and Tes Part One: Models for Cultural History ‘Michel Foucailt’s History of Celture ‘raTRIcIA aes 5 ‘Crowds, Commarity, and Ritual in the Wark of E,P. Thompson and Natale Davis suzann vesat a Local Knowledge, Local History: Geertz and Beyond . [ALETTA BIERSACK n Liter, Crt, and Hire agin: The Literary Challenge of Hayden White and Dominick LaCepra toe aan » Poet Two: New Approaches ‘The American Parade: Representations ofthe Nineteenth-Century Social Order Man vas ps “ va Contos 6. Teas, Printing, Readings 1 ‘dies, Details, and the Humanitarian Narative "THOMAS W. LAQUEDR {8 Secing Culture ina Room for a Renaissance Prince Contibutors Index 13 m6 23 235 Acknowledgments ‘Theis for this book originally took shape at a conference, “French History: Texts and Culture)” held atthe University of California, Berkeley on Apri 1, 1987, on the occasion of 4 month-long vist by Roger Chartier to Berkley during tie spring semester of that year. Although the project eventually expanded to take in work in other national elds of toy {he conteibutors to this volume were present atthe orginal ‘meeting, and that collective experince tas decsive tn helping Us to look for common themes and understandings about the story of culture. The conference was organize by the French Studies Program atthe Univesity of Califo, Berkely, and tas funded by the Florence . Gould Foundation and the Georges Lurcy Charitable and Educational Trust. We are grateful to these two foundations and tothe University of Clk fornia, Berkeley for making the mecting—and the meeting of Inlnds possible. We vould als ike to thank Natalie Zemon Davis, who acted as commentator at lange, and the many other Scholars in French history and in other ils of history who st tended the conference.