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Which Machines are needed to make Basic Polo Shirts?

Five types of machines are used in making basic Polo Shirt . Machines are Lock stitch (Single Needle), Over edge (Over lock), Button holing, Button attaching and Flat lock (Flat bed). A same machine is shared for multiple operations when work content is less than pitch time and machine type is same for both operations.

Polo Shirt

In the following table a machine requirement plan or layout has been shown for the production of 500 Polo shirts in 8 hours shift. Machine types and machine requirement in each operation has been also given in the following table.

Seq. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Operations Placket Rolling Placket Join Nose Tuck Shoulder Join Collar Join Collar Piping Upper Placket Top Lower Placket Top Back Neck Top Placket top Placket Box Sleeve Cuff Join Cuff Top Stitch Sleeve Join Arm Hole Top Side Seam Body Hem Sleeve tuck Button Hole Button Stitch Total M/c Type 1N Lock Stitch 1N Lock Stitch 1N Lock Stitch Over lock 1N Lock Stitch Over lock 1N Lock Stitch 1N Lock Stitch 1N Lock Stitch 1N Lock Stitch 1N Lock Stitch Over lock Flat lock Over lock Flat lock Over lock Flat lock 1N Lock Stitch Button Holer Button Stitcher No. Of Machines 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 2 1 2 1 1 1.5 1 1.5 1 1 1 1 24

(A) Overview: An internship: 2011 March 1, 2012 February 10th 2 Internship Location: Zibo City, Shandong Province Internships: Zibo Ge Yi Garments Co., Ltd. (B) Internship Objective: In order to make their stronger, more comprehensive technology-based, knowledge broader, practice the contents of the entire process of learning clothing, take into account after graduation, must embark on the work of post, so I treasure the opportunity of this internship, deepen the understanding of a variety of work procedures in a limited time, find their own lack of harvest of this internship for me, I feel has the knowledge, skills, communicate with others and exchange a number of harvest. Overall, this is my overall quality of training, exercise and improve. (C) of the internship: The Shandong Zibo Geyi, Garments Co., Ltd. is a clothing design, production, sales as one of the current apparel company The company has advanced intelligent clothing production equipment, first-class professional design team, first-class production lines and modern production workshop Geyi good company's operating philosophy is: the pioneering and enterprising, and seek common development, create brilliant. Plant primarily produced according to the order shall be seeking, clothing style by a professional designer, clothing involves a wide range of factory mainly by locals and migrant workers. The factory workers number about 200 people, half of the of the total engaged in garment production, the remaining people were engaged in: procurement, design, inspection, warehousing, sales, accounting and other departments. Factory focuses on garment production in the next quarter, mainly sales in the mainlandmarket, sometimes involving foreign orders. Practice the main elements: the whole process of trying to do the clothes, as well as to investigate the background of the major raw material plant, the supply of materials, quality and price conditions. Contrast, raw materials suppliers. Familiar

with the different raw materials and easy to learn to judge and testing the quality of the materials. handle all aspects of interpersonal relationships, because of futuredevelopment and pave the way for a reasonable choice of suppliers of raw materials, entered into a contractual relationship, to learn the relevant knowledge of contract law. sometimes be related to relevant aspects of warehouse management, recognizing how reasonable procurement objective manner in order to learn and fear solid I learned in school, drawing and playing board knowledge, but also hope to be able to engage in drawing and playing board to work, I hope to read in from a drawing and playing board "clothing" The Minister volumes, This is my now, goals and aspirations. First of all I learned in the planning department of the system board is to draw the prototype model needs to the basics of the original prototype is used to describe the basic upper body, the garment, the skirt piece and the patches of the structure of the most popular in terms, all designed through its The prototype also known as the basic model, prototype model or basic model. made to the prototype model usually without seam, because the seam can sometimes affect the proportion impede design changes to expand the prototype model can also be used as a pattern if adopted, it was necessary plus the seam and welt. the same time, learn to draw a prototype model to the basic knowledge to let me know how to draw a prototype model and block some of the terminology and steps, such as what is closed provincial highway, what is the bit , knives, eye, and so on, practice and actual use of these terms to understand. Also, in practice I know, test the prototype and pattern to the muslin prepared to pay attention to the following questions: such as the plain muslin test prototype model, which is very important that you want to use fabric ironing stereotypes in fabric to warp and weft yarns between each other at right angles. fabric to top along the silk thread cutting through the torn cloth, adjust, or the first out of a yarn along the yarn out to cutting fabric to latitude and longitude yarn if the skew, muslin must be stereotyped by ironing to make the warp and weft are completely vertical. throughout the internship process, measuring the human body is the most complex aspect of human body measurement for a specific shape or the individual, because land lines in the body so clear to people on stage, measurement becomes more difficult in the human body, the body is there flexibility in size but also with the

person to breathe change, so this link under earth work and sweat to grasp the main points of which the ground, before a slight knowledge of in books, but the actual operation is more difficult. important to grasp the anterior cervical point of the neck point, the side neck point and shoulder point, and placed in these parts small piece of colored tape, and a good grasp of the waist section line, these measurements are the basic elements of the human body to accuracy. In learning basic to draw a prototype model of knowledge and measurement of human body to skill, the boss Miss Yang made me independent of the completion of some work, I later learned, a set of accurate basic prototype for the production of the auxiliary model and pattern is required. a set of basic prototype include: fit the prototype model of the sleeve piece, upright patches of the prototype model, with shoulder dart and waist dart to and fro piece upper body prototype, with the upper body prototype of the waist dart to the front pieces, and lead the province and waist province upper back piece prototype, a single province of the front and rear skirt Prototype, front and rear with the two provinces to skirt piece prototype, with the province before and after the fit T-shirt prototype, the province before and after the piece jacket prototype trousers before and after the prototype jumpsuit prototype, fit dress prototype, princess line dress prototype, gown itself prototype, tent long clothing and body prototype, a long shawl clothing and body prototype, of Ka Futan long body piece prototype, which Kafu Tan gown body prototype into the shoulder two in the form of provincial and shoulder dart, but in fact, different clothing enterprises and even the same company, using prototype are not the same this difference to produce the one hand, the specifications for a specified manner, not all local companies will using the same size; the other hand, because the mannequin manufacture difference, so to maintain the specifications using the same size to have different, but draw the basic prototype model of principle is not affected by differences in measured values affect a basic prototype model to methods, there are two: First, the prototype model is drawn on paper with a standard mannequin or anthropometric values, draping to plain muslin transferred to the paper up no matter what kind of draw prototype method, all to the prototype model muslin to try on the test to ensure that the correction necessary to change to a model made on the suture to the accuracy, balance and good fit. muslin.

The study of procurement-related knowledge, personal feelings and experiences: one, recognizing that the main content of the procurement: one, to accept the procurement requirements or procurement directives. 2, select and manage suppliers, a good supplier is critical to ensure the supply of materials, quality, price and delivery. Order. Order to track the progress of the inspection orders issued, monitoring, contact and other daily work, the aim is to prevent the arrival delay or number of error. quality goods to the acceptance of two, recognizing the severity of the various aspects of the procurement of materials and the procurement of materials management strategy combination., recognize that interpersonal relationships important, especially the supply and sales relationships between plants and factories, the right to find the appropriate relations of cooperation., recognizing that the management of the warehouse a reasonable procurement has an important role. From the analysis of capital intensity. The majority of the production factory is completed by the person in the process of manpower and equipment can not be organic combination, severely reducing production efficiency. I think that operational management should consider which tasks completed by the person, what tasks completed by the machine from the resource flexibility analysis. The socalled resource flexibility is the ability to refer to a production operation system can flexibly change and output change of the corresponding product variety. plant, regardless of the device flexible and personnel flexibility has decided lack, especially in a production line of different types, it is difficult in a relatively short period of time from a variety of transformation to another species, most of the production workers are not implementation of the wide range of tasks, can not allocate the number of links and processes of the task involved in the analysis from the customer. it usually takes the form for customers to participate in product design. factory precisely because of design issues lead to product The poor sales of the proposed factory to the customer products, the competitive focus, allowing customers to make their own requirements on product composition, configuration, which allows customers to participate in product design in the past in today's increasingly competitive market environment, factories on the one hand to continue to reduce the cost of the product, on the other hand we must continue to provide products suited to customer requirements and tastes, and the customer involved in this form, it is possible to

bring the benefits of both. Factory related to capital investments, in fact most of the fixed assets of an enterprise are production operations functions occupied by the plant capital budgets are often closely related and operational decision-making. To this end, during the process from the capital budget. the choice of design must take into account the possible budget and return on investment and other financial issues. In general is to ask the factory to be reasonable to deal with the manpower and equipment resources of manpower and equipment investment in the relationship between dike flexible and actively enhance product design customers to participate in a reasonable capital budget. Internship process to communicate with customers, colleagues, superiors, and not only to call, but also face-to-face verbal communication, virtually start a communication with a lot of people are because of this I found that the importance of interpersonal communication, understanding to the University in addition to knowledge Students should develop capabilities such as: interpersonal skills, innovative thinking ability, to master the information ability, learning ability and self-reliance. interpersonal skills training is particularly important, the great revolutionary teachers Marx once said: people are the sum of the kinds of social relations, everyone not exist in isolation, he must exist in a variety of social relations, how to straighten out these relationships, how to improve the quality of life related to social skills. Students enter the school the moment had already decided their contacts need good interpersonal skills and good interpersonal relationships is a necessary condition for survival anddevelopment. To establish good relationships on college campuses, to form a solidarity, a vibrant environment will benefit students in the formation and development of a healthy personality traits in the accelerating pace of life, and competitive in today's society especially the exchanges people living practice through mutual exchanges and interaction between the formation of direct mental contact between people. college students become mature and stable personality, their values, the basic shape worldview, have shown their own unique perspective on many issues, and easy to stubborn trend, showing a certain degree of persistence in the interpersonal requirements of a loose and free environment. believe that interpersonal relationships are a lot of college students had just taken a major problem encountered by the society, so the internship I it intends to observe predecessors is how to get along and colleagues and superiors, while he also humbly ask for advice. For a business, get control, get out of control is weak, uncontrolled chaos. business is like a lake of water management practices like

thousands of miles of Long Beach. water from the dike can thus blessed, if the levee itself is full of holes, the water will spate of breaches out of harm of a party. the military can not be, equal to the self-defeating enterprise random, equal to from the chaos after a two-month internship down, so I understand many of the internship experience is always the following: (a) is to have a firm belief that company, not immediately to the work of our interns to do , are generally let us look at a short time to a few days, a long time to a few weeks during that time many people will find it very boring, nothing to do, have given rise to the idea of leaving at this time, we must to insist that easily give up only to regret it. (b) To really understand the company's overall situation and work systems. Only in this way, working together can be handy. (c) To learn how to get along with others and communicate with others. Only in this way, in order to have good interpersonal skills. handy along with colleagues must be polite, humility, tolerance, mutual concern, mutual help and mutual understanding. (d) to learn how to seriously work at school, after class to know and students playing, laughing and joking, and laughing out loud. Here, can not do that, because the company is the place to work, it is absolutely not allowed to happen. Work, so careless, otherwise an error occurs, the work of error will cause losses to the company. So, I realized: he must no longer as before, to learn to colleagues here a serious, serious efforts to work (e) to listen, see and think more, talk less to the company after work, want to know what they could do the job, the key is to look at your own attitude towards work, the right attitude, even if the knowledge of his past never learned gradually work to master a bad attitude, even if their knowledge base still will not do a good job, more than four less is my attitude, I first came to this post, simply do not know what to do, and that the professional that I read in school are not necessarily linked, just At first I felt a headache to look at other people what to do, to listen to how others think they should do after the course of their work, and then their own hands to go do more work, and finally in a few days had a more understanding of the system slowly can also complete the relevant work, and light our mouths to say is not enough, Therefore, we in the future regardless of what should correct their attitude, so as to get things done. (D) Practice Summary:

Through this internship, I learned that the clothing, and try to learn the making, cutting, sewing, inspection and packaging. I would like through practice the knowledge learned in practice, be able to advance someone else step in the internship period, also We understand the apparel industry are very hard. two months short and enrich the internship, I not only accumulated management experience, and learn in professional courses on learning the things you can not effectively supplement classroom blank learning, enrich their own experience, and enhance their ability to learn, let me see their own strengths, give me a display of self space. also deeply feel the work is not easy and the lack of knowledge this internship for me to society to play a role as a bridge, for some important experience in life, but also an important starting point, whether man or to do things, which are to society in the future, set foot on the jobs done better paving the way this time of learning, from ignorance to awareness, to a deep understanding, and gradually I like this job, so I deeply appreciate the learning process is the most beautiful in the entire internship process, every day I have a lot of new experiences, new ideas, want to say, I conclude, the following main points: less complaining. Some people will feel that the company bad there is not good, and colleagues do not work is not easy to get along to do so, often complain that this will only affect their own emotions at work, not only do poor work, and also increased the pressure Therefore, we should complain less, to see the company's good side, the problems should seek ways to solve rather than to complain, so as to maintain a working passion to learn from in the course of their work, we will encounter many problems, some we know how, but also a lot we do not know, do not understand something, we humbly to a colleague or leadership advice when others teach us knowledge, we should humbly accept, do not think they understand a little trivial to get high. wrong is not terrible, afraid same mistake again when everyone has made mistakes, work wrong the first time does not matter, the leadership of the company will correct the graduation practice to reach out for me, the experience of life has provided a rare opportunity for me to experience life in the actual social activities, learn to survive in society should have capabilities using this rare opportunity, I work hard, strict demands on themselves, and humbly ask to business predecessors, the use of spare time to seriously study the knowledge other than some textbooks, to master some basic skills to do business, thereby should also realize that I learn something, exacerbated by a sense of urgency, and laid the foundation for the real into the community to display their talents go to work, but

also for their future work and life have accumulated more wealth of knowledge and valuable experience.