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17th July 2007

7th February 2008

23rd May 2008

16th September 2008

6th March 2009

24th June 2009

12th October 2009

21st February 2011

Miss. Krishna Paul aged about 10 months came to our clinic with her parents and presented with extensive congenital irregular raised nodular(like Blisters) vascular skin lesions on her cheek below the site of left eye and superior aspect of left antrum the lesions likely to be haemangioma.Her initial photograph dated 07.02.08 showing the lesion on her left face. She was advised to take Mixed medicines (Hamamelis Ver 200 and Arnica Mont 3) HamArn3. Repeat photograph dated 23.05.08 shows slight increasement of the lesion in comparison with previous photograph dated 07.02.08 and she was continuing the same medication. Her consecutive follow up photograph dated 17.07.08; 16.09.08; 06.03.09; 24.06.09 shows gradual improvement seen. And lastly her follow up photograph of face dated 12.10.09 & 21.02.2011 showing all most abolition of the prominent vascular lesion of Haemangioma, only lightened reddish skin mark present but still now she is continuing the same medication with joy.