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Jackie Chan - Unabridged Guide

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Complete, Unabridged Guide to Jackie Chan. Get the information you need--fast! This comprehensive guide offers a thorough view of key knowledge and detailed insight. It's all you need. Here's part of the content - you would like to know it all? Delve into this book today!..... : The three co-starred together for the first time in 1983 in Project A, which introduced a dangerous stunt-driven style of martial arts that won it the Best Action Design Award at the third annual Hong Kong Film Awards. ... In the late 1980s and early 90s, Chan starred in a number of successful sequels beginning with Police Story 2, which won the award for Best Action Choreography at the 1989 Hong Kong Film Awards. ... On 18 April 2009, during a panel discussion at the annual Boao Forum for Asia titled Tapping into Asia's Creative Industry Potential, Chan said . . . in the 10 years after Hong Kong's return to Chinese rule, I can gradually see, I'm not sure if it's good to have freedom or not. ... In response to the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, Jackie Chan and fellow Hong Kong-based celebrities, including American rapper Jin, headlined a special three-hour charity concert, titled Artistes 311 Love Beyond Borders, on 1 April 2011 to help with Japan's disaster recovery effort, where Jackie Chan addressed the victims of the earthquake and tsunami by saying: You will not be alone, we will be by your side. There is absolutely nothing that isn't thoroughly covered in the book. It is straightforward, and does an excellent job of explaining all about Jackie Chan in key topics and material. There is no reason to invest in any other materials to learn about Jackie Chan. You'll understand it all.Inside the Guide: Jackie Chan, Cantopop, California Fitness, Buster Keaton, Bruceploitation, Blooper, Big and Little Wong Tin Bar, Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong, Ash (band), Artistes 311 Love Beyond Borders, Around the World in 80 Days (video game), Around the World in 80 Days (2004 film), Arnold Schwarzenegger, Armour of God II: Operation Condor, Armour of God (film), Andy Lau, American Choreography Awards, All in the Family (film), A Touch of Zen, 9th Hong Kong Film Awards, 5th Hong Kong Film Awards, 2nd Hong Kong Film Awards, 26th Hong Kong Film Awards, 25th Hong Kong Film Awards, 24th Hong Kong Film Awards, 21st Hong Kong Film Awards, 2008 Summer Olympics closing ceremony, 2008 Sichuan earthquake, 19th Hong Kong Film Awards, 1911 (film), 18th Hong Kong Film Awards, 17th Hong Kong Film Awards, 16th Hong Kong Film Awards, 15th Hong Kong Film Awards, 14th Hong Kong Film Awards, 13th Hong Kong Film Awards, 12th Hong Kong Film Awards, 11th Hong Kong Film Awards
Complete, Unabridged Guide to Jackie Chan. Get the information you need--fast! This comprehensive guide offers a thorough view of key knowledge and detailed insight. It's all you need. Here's part of the content - you would like to know it all? Delve into this book today!..... : The three co-starred together for the first time in 1983 in Project A, which introduced a dangerous stunt-driven style of martial arts that won it the Best Action Design Award at the third annual Hong Kong Film Awards. ... In the late 1980s and early 90s, Chan starred in a number of successful sequels beginning with Police Story 2, which won the award for Best Action Choreography at the 1989 Hong Kong Film Awards. ... On 18 April 2009, during a panel discussion at the annual Boao Forum for Asia titled Tapping into Asia's Creative Industry Potential, Chan said . . . in the 10 years after Hong Kong's return to Chinese rule, I can gradually see, I'm not sure if it's good to have freedom or not. ... In response to the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, Jackie Chan and fellow Hong Kong-based celebrities, including American rapper Jin, headlined a special three-hour charity concert, titled Artistes 311 Love Beyond Borders, on 1 April 2011 to help with Japan's disaster recovery effort, where Jackie Chan addressed the victims of the earthquake and tsunami by saying: You will not be alone, we will be by your side. There is absolutely nothing that isn't thoroughly covered in the book. It is straightforward, and does an excellent job of explaining all about Jackie Chan in key topics and material. There is no reason to invest in any other materials to learn about Jackie Chan. You'll understand it all.Inside the Guide: Jackie Chan, Cantopop, California Fitness, Buster Keaton, Bruceploitation, Blooper, Big and Little Wong Tin Bar, Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong, Ash (band), Artistes 311 Love Beyond Borders, Around the World in 80 Days (video game), Around the World in 80 Days (2004 film), Arnold Schwarzenegger, Armour of God II: Operation Condor, Armour of God (film), Andy Lau, American Choreography Awards, All in the Family (film), A Touch of Zen, 9th Hong Kong Film Awards, 5th Hong Kong Film Awards, 2nd Hong Kong Film Awards, 26th Hong Kong Film Awards, 25th Hong Kong Film Awards, 24th Hong Kong Film Awards, 21st Hong Kong Film Awards, 2008 Summer Olympics closing ceremony, 2008 Sichuan earthquake, 19th Hong Kong Film Awards, 1911 (film), 18th Hong Kong Film Awards, 17th Hong Kong Film Awards, 16th Hong Kong Film Awards, 15th Hong Kong Film Awards, 14th Hong Kong Film Awards, 13th Hong Kong Film Awards, 12th Hong Kong Film Awards, 11th Hong Kong Film Awards

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陳 港 生 . director. screenwriter. Hong Kong Other name(s) 房 仕 龍 (Fong Si-lung) 元 樓 (Yuen Lou) 大 哥 (Big Brother) Actor. MBE[1] (born Chan Kong-sang. China British Hong Kong 7 April 1954 Victoria Peak. screenwriter. he is known for his acrobatic fighting style. He is one of the few actors that did all of his stunts in all of his films. entrepreneur. singer. Mandopop. In his movies. stunt performer Cantopop. action choreographer. martial artist. 1982) Jaycee Chan (born 1982) Charles and Lee-Lee Chan Bruce Lee Buster Keaton Harold Lloyd Occupation Genre(s) Years active Spouse(s) Children Parents Influences Jackie Chan. producer. and stunt performer. . martial artist. stunt director. use of improvised weapons.Jackie Chan 1 Jackie Chan Jackie Chan Chan at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International. Hong Kong English pop. Shandong. Jackie Chan has been acting since the 1960s and has appeared in over 150 films. 7 April 1954)[2] is a Hong Kong actor. Chinese name Chinese name Pinyin Jyutping Birth name 成 龍 成 龙 (Traditional) (Simplified) Chéng Lóng (Mandarin) Sing4 Lung4 (Cantonese) Chan Kong-sang 陳 港 生 陈 港 生 (Traditional) (Simplified) Chén Gǎngshēng (Mandarin) Can4 Gong2 Sang1 (Cantonese) Ancestry Origin Born Linzi. action choreographer. producer. director. SBS. singer. J-pop 1959–present Lin Feng-jiao (m. comedian. and innovative stunts. comic timing.

since his father's original surname was Fong. Lo had seen Chan's performance in the John Woo film Hand of Death (1976) and planned to model him after Bruce Lee with the film New Fist of Fury.[9] In 1971.[12] Due to the commercial failures of his early ventures into films and trouble finding stunt work. where he briefly attended Dickson College and worked as a construction worker. Chan began his adult career in the film industry. after an appearance as an extra in another Kung Fu film.[16] literally "become the dragon") to emphasise his similarity to Bruce Lee. to Charles and Lee-Lee Chan.[15] Film career Early exploits: 1976–1979 In 1976.[10] At the age of seventeen. in the film Big and Little Wong Tin Bar (1962). with Li Li Hua playing his mother. and Chan eventually attained a black belt. Chan along with Sammo Hung got the opportunity to train in Hapkido under the grand master Jim Pal Kim. a performance group made up of the school's best students. he appeared with some of his fellow "Little Fortunes". in British Hong Kong. in the late 90s. to work as the head cook for the American embassy. after which his parents withdrew him from the school. which had a limited release in Hong Kong in 1973. and Chan was sent to the China Drama Academy. Chan changed his Chinese name to Fong Si-lung (Chinese: 房 仕 龍 ). and video games. As a cultural icon. initially signing to Chu Mu's Great Earth Film Company. where he failed his first year.[4][5] Chan trained rigorously for the next decade. The film was unsuccessful because Chan was not . gaining the stage name Yuen Lo in homage to his master. Willie Chan offered him an acting role in a film directed by Lo Wei. he worked as a stuntman in the Bruce Lee films Fist of Fury and Enter the Dragon under the stage name Chan Yuen Lung (Chinese: 陳 元 龍 ). meaning "Little Dragon"). refugees from the Chinese Civil War. in 1975 Chan starred in a comedic adult film. All in the Family. A Touch of Zen. whose stage name was Lei Siu-lung (Chinese: 李 小 龍 . a film producer in the Hong Kong film industry who had been impressed with Jackie's stuntwork. He was nicknamed Pao-pao Chinese: 炮 炮 (literally meaning "Cannonball") because the high-energy child was always rolling around.[15] In addition.[3] Since his parents worked for the French ambassador in Hong Kong. as Chan Kong-sang. a Peking Opera School run by Master Yu Jim-yuen.[7] After entering the film industry. Chan joined his parents in Canberra in 1976.[13] Jackie Chan also appeared in a sex scene in the film The Shinjuku Incident. Come Drink with Me.[14] A fellow builder named Jack took Chan under his wing.[6] He eventually became part of the Seven Little Fortunes.[8] He began his career by appearing in small roles at the age of five. which was the only other nude scene that he ever filmed. An operatically trained vocalist. Chan became close friends with fellow group members Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao. At the age of eight. Chan is also a Cantopop and Mandopop star. 2 Early life Chan was born on 7 April 1954.[11] He received his first starring role later that year.[10] His stage name was changed to Sing Lung (Chinese: 成 龍 . Jackie Chan received a telegram from Willie Chan. which features Jackie Chan's first nude sex scene filmed. In 1960. his father immigrated to Canberra. It is also the only film he has made to date that did not feature a single fight scene or stunt sequence. Chan spent his formative years within the grounds of the consul's residence in the Victoria Peak district. the three of them later to be known as the Three Brothers or Three Dragons. Chan appeared with Li again the following year. excelling in martial arts and acrobatics. having released a number of albums and sung many of the theme songs for the films in which he has starred.[4] Chan attended the Nah-Hwa Primary School on Hong Kong Island. Australia. in The Love Eterne (1963) and had a small role in King Hu's 1966 film.Jackie Chan Chan has received stars on the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. cartoons. earning Chan the nickname of "Little Jack" which was later shortened to "Jackie" and the name Jackie Chan has stuck with him ever since. Chan has been referenced in various pop songs. also transcribed as Cheng Long. in Little Tiger of Canton.

[15] He also gave Chan the opportunity to co-direct The Fearless Hyena with Kenneth Tsang.[18] Under director Yuen Woo-ping. he began experimenting with elaborate stunt action sequences. The Young Master went on to beat previous box office records set by Bruce Lee and established Chan as Hong Kong cinema's top star.[20] Upon Chan's return to Lo Wei's studio. and has remained so for over 30 years. shot while he was loaned to Seasonal Film Corporation under a two-picture deal. Chan played "Asian Hawk.[18] 3 Success of the action comedy genre: 1980–1987 Willie Chan had become Jackie's personal manager and firm friend.[21] including a pyramid fight scene that holds the record for the most takes for a single sequence of scenes with 2900 takes. The film was Chan's biggest domestic box office success up to that point. the "Three Brothers" appeared in Wheels on Meals and the original Lucky Stars trilogy.Jackie Chan accustomed to Lee's martial arts style. He was instrumental in launching Chan's international career. and proved to be a breath of fresh air for the Hong Kong audience. The film established the comedic kung fu genre. he advised Jackie to decide for himself whether or not to stay with Lo Wei.[28] . returning his focus to Hong Kong films. Despite being largely ignored by audiences in favour of established American actors like Burt Reynolds. Chan then played a minor role in the 1981 film The Cannonball Run. with early successes in the lucrative Japanese market including The Young Master (1980) and Dragon Lord (1982). After the commercial failure of The Protector in 1985. Chan made the first Police Story film. producing Half a Loaf of Kung Fu and Spiritual Kung Fu. allowing Chan to stay with Golden Harvest. blaming Willie for his star's departure.[17] Chan's first major breakthrough was the 1978 film Snake in the Eagle's Shadow. beginning with his first forays into the American film industry in the 1980s." an Indiana Jones-esque character. Chan was impressed by the outtakes shown at the closing credits. grossing over HK $35 million.[24] Over the following two years. Lo Wei continued producing films with similar themes. Chan was allowed complete freedom over his stunt work. a US-influenced action comedy in which Chan performed a number of dangerous stunts.[23] Chan produced a number of action comedy films with his opera school friends Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao.[25][26] In 1985. The three co-starred together for the first time in 1983 in Project A. During the shooting of Fearless Hyena Part II. Chan temporarily abandoned his attempts to break into the US market. inspiring him to include the same device in his future films. Despite the film's failure.[17] Back in Hong Kong. resulting in little improvement at the box office. It was named the "Best Film" at the 1986 Hong Kong Film Awards. prompting Lo to blackmail Chan with triads. including one where he does a back flip off a loft and falls to the lower ground. Chan's films began to reach a larger audience in East Asia. His first Hollywood film was Battle Creek Brawl in 1980. The dispute was resolved with the help of fellow actor and director Jimmy Wang Yu. Lo tried to replicate the comedic approach of Drunken Master.[22] and the final fight scene where he performs various stunts. When Willie Chan left the company. Chan broke his contract and joined Golden Harvest.[19] Chan then starred in Drunken Master. With Dragon Lord.[27] In 1987. which introduced a dangerous stunt-driven style of martial arts that won it the Best Action Design Award at the third annual Hong Kong Film Awards. which grossed US$100 million worldwide. in the film Armour of God. which finally propelled him to mainstream success.

Despite the success of the Rush Hour and Shanghai Noon films. in the film Dragons Forever. Chan released his final film for Golden Harvest. and Police Story 3: Super Cop. which won the award for Best Action Choreography at the 1989 Hong Kong Film Awards.[29] Another sequel. Chan starred in a number of successful sequels beginning with Police Story 2. Sylvester Stallone offered him the role of Simon Phoenix.[33] grossing US$130 million in the United States alone. which was listed in Time Magazine's All-Time 100 Movies. grossing only HK$3. The Myth (2005) and the hit film Rob-B-Hood (2006). Chan reprised his role as Wong Fei-hung in Drunken Master II. This was followed by Armour of God II: Operation Condor. in Hollywood.5 million during its opening weekend. Chan started his own film production company. attaining a cult following in the United States that was rare for Hong Kong movie stars. brought more awards and domestic box office success for Chan. In 1994.[18] His films have since featured an increasing number of dramatic scenes while continuing to succeed at the box office.[37][38][39] Chan's next release was the third instalment in the Rush Hour series: Rush Hour 3 in August 2007. As a publicity stunt. Chan became frustrated with Hollywood over the limited range of roles and lack of control over the film-making process. Hung co-directed with Corey Yuen. Police Story 4: First Strike. for which Chan won the Best Actor Award at the 1993 Golden Horse Film Festival. Jackie also wrote his autobiography in collaboration with Jeff Yang entitled I Am Jackie Chan. Who Am I?. It grossed US$255 million. he produced and starred alongside Shu Qi in Gorgeous a romantic comedy that focused on personal relationships and featured only a few martial arts sequences. but did not fare as well in foreign markets.[30] Jackie Chan rekindled his Hollywood ambitions in the 1990s. a criminal in the futuristic film Demolition Man.[35] He continued his Hollywood success in 2000 when he teamed up with Owen Wilson in the Western action comedy Shanghai Noon which spawned the sequel Shanghai Knights (2003). After leaving Golden Harvest in 1999. it was a disappointment in Hong Kong. JCE Movies Limited (Jackie Chan Emperor Movies Limited) in association with Emperor Multimedia Group (EMG).[41] .[31] Chan finally succeeded in establishing a foothold in the North American market in 1995 with a worldwide release of Rumble in the Bronx. For example. Chan declined and the role was taken by Wesley Snipes. and the villain in the film was played by Yuen Wah.600. In the late 1980s and early 90s. He reunited with Chris Tucker for Rush Hour 2 (2001) which was an even bigger success than the original grossing $347 million worldwide.[40] However.[36] In response to Golden Harvest's withdrawal from the film industry in 2003. Jackie's first huge blockbuster success came when he co-starred with Chris Tucker in the 1998 buddy cop action comedy Rush Hour. but refused early offers to play villains in Hollywood films to avoid being typecast in future roles.270. He experimented with special effects with The Tuxedo (2002) and The Medallion (2003) which were not as successful critically or commercially.[18] This film made a star of Jackie Chan.[34] Chan then helped create a PlayStation game in 2000 called Jackie Chan Stuntmaster. Fame in Hollywood and Dramatization: 1999–2007 In 1998. In 2004 he teamed up with Steve Coogan in the big-budget loose adaptation of Jules Verne's Around the World in 80 Days. both of whom were fellow graduates of the China Drama Academy. examples include New Police Story (2004). to which he lent his voice and performed the motion capture. which grossed a total of US $16.Jackie Chan 4 Acclaimed sequels and Hollywood breakthrough: 1988–1998 In 1988 Chan starred alongside Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao for the last time to date.[32] The success of Rumble in the Bronx led to a 1996 release of Police Story 3: Super Cop in the United States under the title Supercop.

and Thai. this is his first directorial work in over ten years. a Taiwanese actress. he lived in Thailand for a short period of time. kung-fu so he can defend himself from school bullies. The movie featured heavy use of effects and wires. During that time. He is the lone survivor of his army and must bring a captured enemy soldier Leehom Wang to the capital of his province. Chan's first onscreen collaboration with fellow Chinese actor Jet Li. appearing with Jack Black.[60] When he was 9 and 16 years of age. Japanese. Mandarin. England National Football Team. That same year.[48] Because the Screen Actors Guild did not go on strike.[64] .[42][43] Chan voiced Master Monkey in Kung Fu Panda (released in June 2008).[53] While at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. in 1999. Chan announced that he was retiring from action films citing that he was getting too old for the genre.[49] In The Spy Next Door.[44] In addition. he left Los Angeles to begin filming The Karate Kid. Etta.[58][59] He speaks Cantonese. Korean. Jackie Chan married Lin Feng-Jiao (aka Joan Lin).[61] In 2009. released on 1 May 2008. was completed on 24 August 2007 and the movie was released in April 2008.[51] While Chan has directed over ten films over his career. a kung fu master and maintenance man who teaches Jaden Smith's character. On 22 June 2009. Chan started shooting his next Hollywood movie The Spy Next Door at the end of October in New Mexico. the two had a son. American Sign Language. but would be performing fewer stunts and taking care of his body more. Han. alongside Leehom Wang as a soldier in the Warring States Period in China. he plays Mr. which sees Chan take on the role of a Chinese immigrant in Japan.[55][56][57] Chan is a Buddhist.[54] [50] Personal life In 1982. and Angelina Jolie. He later clarified that he would not be completely retiring from action films. Shaolin. He is the co-director. Dustin Hoffman.[45] In November 2007. and English. since Jackie Chan's Who Am I? in 1998. a remake of the 1984 original. and Manchester City. Chan stars. The film was released in America on 11 June 2010 and sees Chan's first dramatic American film. Dre. in Beijing. executive producer.[47] The film is expected to be the third in the Armour of God series. Chan plays an undercover agent whose cover is blown when he looks after the children of his girlfriend. and has a working title of Armour of God III: Chinese Zodiac. Spanish.[52] Chan won the Favorite Buttkicker award at the Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards in 2011 for The Karate Kid.Jackie Chan 5 New experiments and change in style: 2008–present Filming of The Forbidden Kingdom (released in 2008). and also speaks some German. Chan discussed his wishes to direct a film after completing Shinjuku Incident. he learned boxing from a former professional boxer who had a broken leg. The film stars Sammo Hung and Wang Wenjie as father and son. Chan had completed shooting the movie and will be released on 12 December 2012.[36] Elaine Ng Yi-Lei had a daughter. 1911 premiered in North America on 14 October. and claimed Chan was the father. something he has not done for a number of years. a dramatic role featuring no martial arts sequences with director Derek Yee. and lead star of the movie.[62][63] Chan is an avid soccer fan and supports the Hong Kong National Football Team. According to his blog. singer and actor Jaycee Chan. Chan received an honorary doctorate from the University of Cambodia. he has assisted Anthony Szeto in an advisory capacity for the writer-director's film Wushu. he plays the cook of the temple instead of one of the major characters. Chan began filming Shinjuku Incident. His 100th movie 1911 was released on 26 September 2011. but did not formally acknowledge her as his daughter. In Chan's next movie.[46] The film was released on 2 April 2009. In the film. Chan admitted the affair. In Little Big Soldier.

[74] Jackie Chan at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival.[65] Chan and his team undertake many of the stunts performed by other characters in his films.[72] In New Police Story.[73] To further shed the image of Mr. shooting the scenes so that their faces are obscured. who was also known to perform his own stunts. he holds an unrecognised record for the most number of takes for a single shot in a film. .Jackie Chan 6 Stunts Jackie Chan has performed most of his own stunts throughout his film career. girlfriends or families) who always triumph in the end despite the odds. morally upright heroes. a burglar with gambling problems. Chan has stated that he deliberately styles his movement to be the opposite of Lee's: where Lee held his arms wide. which emphasizes "no insurance company will underwrite Chan's productions in which he performs all his own stunts". He has stated in interviews that the primary inspiration for his more comedic stunts were films such as The General directed by and starring Buster Keaton. Chan has dislocated his pelvis and broken his fingers. given his understanding of each member's abilities.[67] In addition. where Lee was loose and flowing. Chan played an anti-hero for the first time in Rob-B-Hood starring as Thongs.[15] Additionally. Chan has used the team in all his subsequent films to make choreographing easier. who were typically stern. both cheekbones. Chan is tight and choppy. He came closest to death filming Armour of God. Chan plays well-meaning. especially in the United States.[66] Chan holds the Guinness World Record for "Most Stunts by a Living Actor". Chan has stated that he is not a fan of it since he neither appreciates the action scenes in the movie. he portrayed a character suffering from alcoholism and mourning his murdered colleagues. ankle. many of them have been shown as outtakes or as bloopers during the closing credits of his films.[69][70] Promotional materials for Rumble in the Bronx emphasised that Chan performed all of the stunts. the ageing Chan grew tired of being typecast as an action hero. Since its establishment in 1983. where his stunt work is contractually limited. In contrast to Lee's characters. Nice Guy. nor understands American humour. and the numerous imitators who appeared before and after Lee's death. sternum.[66] The dangerous nature of his stunts makes it difficult for Chan to get insurance. neck. Over the years.[68] Chan has been injured numerous times attempting stunts. Filmography and screen persona Jackie Chan created his screen persona as a response to Bruce Lee. prompting him to act with more emotion in his latest films. toes.[71] In recent years. hips. having shot over 2900 retakes for a complex scene involving a Jianzi game in Dragon Lord. which are choreographed by the Jackie Chan Stunt Team. nose. and one version of the movie poster even diagrammed his many injuries. slightly foolish regular guys (often at the mercy of their friends. Despite the success of the Rush Hour series. Chan holds his tight to the body. and ribs on numerous occasions. when he fell from a tree and fractured his skull.

high-altitude wire-suspension. The aim of the program was to find a new star. He performed the song at a ceremony marking the one-year countdown to the 2008 Summer Paralympics. The "Finals" began on 5 April 2008. All 16 finalists will be given the opportunity to work on the films. He also performed the song "I'll Make a Man Out of You".[73][80] His Cantonese song Story of a Hero (英 雄 故 事 ) (theme song of Police Story) was selected by the Royal Hong Kong Police and incorporated into their recruitment advertisement in 1994. for the film's soundtrack. Tu is now set to star in three modern Chinese action films.D. the speaking voice was performed by B. He often sings the theme songs of his films. Taiwanese and English. Chan's first musical recording was "Kung Fu Fighting Man". Mandarin. Mulan (1998). gunplay. Jiang Tao and Cai Rong Hui. The series was produced by.[79] At least 10 of these recordings have been released on soundtrack albums for the films. The films will be entitled Speedpost 206. He has released 20 albums since 1984 and has performed vocals in Cantonese. and featured Jackie Chan. Guest judges include Stanley Tong. Production on the first film is due to begin in September 2008. the finalists will be given roles in a forthcoming BTV action series. the official one-year countdown song to the 2008 Summer Olympics. with 16 contestants remaining.[76][77][78] Music career Jackie Chan had vocal lessons whilst at the Peking Opera School in his childhood. Along with runners up Yang Zheng and Jerry Liau. which play over the closing credits. or to join the Jackie Chan Stunt Team. the BTV reality television series entitled The Disciple Jackie Chan Traditional Chinese Simplified Chinese 龍 傳 龙 传 的 人 的 人 Transcriptions (lit. Amongst those in attendance were Tsui Hark. The winner of the series was Jack Tu (Tu Sheng Cheng). car stunts. He began producing records professionally in the 1980s and has gone on to become a successful singer in Hong Kong and Asia. and all three will be co-produced by Chan and his company JCE Movies Limited. In addition. diving. including explosion scenes. Japanese. "Disciple of the Dragon") concluded. Wong and the singing voice was done by Donny Osmond. Chan hosted a fictionalised version of himself in the animated series Jackie Chan Adventures. The regular judges on the program were He Ping. Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao. Won't Tell You and Tropical Tornado and will be directed by Xie Dong. For the US release.[82] . In 2007. John Woo. Wu Yue and Cheng Pei Pei.Jackie Chan 7 Television work In 2000. Contestants were trained by Jackie Chan Stunt Team members Alan Wu and He Jun and competed in various fields.[75] In July 2008. Ng See Yuen and Yu Rongguang. to become Chan's "successor" and student in filmmaking. one of which was scripted by Chan. which ran until 2005. skilled in acting and martial arts. obstacles courses etc. and concluded on 26 June 2008.[81] Chan voiced the character of Shang in the Chinese release of the Walt Disney animated feature. Chan recorded and released the song "We Are Ready". the theme song played over the closing credits of The Young Master (1980).

he gave a short explanation of the March of the Volunteers. which featured a number of special guest appearances.[102] Chan is a spokesperson for the Government of Hong Kong. appearing in public service announcements. having won several awards including an Innovator Award from the American Choreography Awards and a lifetime achievement award from the Taurus World Stunt Awards. having been referenced in Ash's song "Kung Fu". Burn). remaining popular with them due to his good-natured acting style. a series of Japanese Jackie Chan games were released on the MSX by Pony. Official Album for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games – Jackie Chan's Version. the farewell song for the 2008 Summer Olympics closing ceremony. in an advertisement promoting nationalism. Great Job!.[105] In the United States. In 1995. Project A 2. and Shanghai Knights criticised the toning down of Chan's fighting scenes.[103] Furthermore. especially Asians. He funded the construction of the Jackie Chan Science Centre at the Australian National University[101] and the establishment of schools in poor regions of China.[87][88][89] The comedic value of his films is questioned. Mitsubishi cars can be found in a number of Jackie Chan films. Chan released one of the two official Olympics albums. he said the same thing when Carter was in another room and they all attacked him.[106][107] . who said "What's up.Jackie Chan The day before the Beijing Olympics opened. Before Stuntmaster. to join the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.[95][96][97] Jackie Chan's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame A number of video games have featured Jackie Chan. Chan's American films have been criticised with regard to their action choreography. Chan already had a game of his own. Mitsubishi honoured Chan by launching Evolution. In addition.[92][93][94] In addition. Leehom Wang's "Long Live Chinese People". citing less intensity compared to his earlier films. and television shows Tim and Eric Awesome Show. He has been the inspiration for manga such as Dragon Ball (including a character with the alias "Jackie Chun"). so he had to pull out his fighting skills to beat them down and escape.[104] When Hong Kong Disneyland opened in 2005. Police Story. Jackie Chan has a sponsorship deal with Mitsubishi Motors. based on several of his films (Project A.[84] 8 Image and celebrity status Jackie Chan has received worldwide recognition for his acting. some critics stated it can be childish at times. In a Clean Hong Kong commercial.[98] Chan has always wanted to be a role model to children.[85] He has stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars. he urged the people of Hong Kong to be more considerate with regards to littering. Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu. the national anthem of the People's Republic of China. Heavy Vegetable's "Jackie Chan Is a Punk Rocker". The Protector and Wheels On Meals). a problem that has been widespread for decades.[83] Chan. performed "Hard to Say Goodbye". Liu Huan and Wakin (Emil) Chau. released in 1990 for the PC-Engine and NES. The Tuxedo. a limited series of cars which he personally customised. Reviewers of Rush Hour 2.[99] Chan's greatest regret in life is not having received proper education.[100] inspiring him to fund educational institutions around the world. my nigga?" to a club of black men. Hollywood. along with Andy Lau. Celebrity Deathmatch and Family Guy. Chan participated in the opening ceremony. as well as in "Jackie Chan" by Frank Chickens.[86] Despite considerable box office success in The Northsouth Territories.[91] the character Lei Wulong in Tekken and the fighting-type Pokémon Hitmonchan. but in Rush Hour.[90] Chan is a cultural icon. in an attempt to be "cool" and imitate his partner Carter. As a result. Chan appeared alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in a government advert to combat copyright infringement and made another public service announcement with Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca to encourage people. He has generally refused to play villains and has almost never used the word "fuck" in his films (He's only said that word in two films. The Protector and Burn. Furthermore. Chan was featured in the arcade fighting game Jackie Chan The Kung-Fu Master.

" He also added. He warned that he would lash out against anyone planning to stop him from carrying the Olympic Torch. saying." Chan said ". Things are getting better in China but we can change and are changing. "They know. in which Democratic Progressive Party candidates Chen Shui-bian and Annette Lu were re-elected as President and Vice-President as "the biggest joke in the world.a Chinese TV might explode. saying.[111] Chan insisted that his remarks were not intended to insult the people of Taiwan. he also tweeted "If they killed the guy sooner. "I'm gradually beginning to feel that we Chinese need to be controlled. Chan reportedly has business interests in the Philippines. Several anti-Jackie Chan groups were set up on Facebook with tens of thousands of supporters."[115] but refrained from criticising the Chinese government for banning his 2009 film Shinjuku Incident. They just want to show off on the TV.[118] A spokesman for Chan told reporters that the actor was referring to freedom in the entertainment industry rather than Chinese society at large and that certain people with "ulterior motives deliberately misinterpreted what he said. I'm not sure if it's good to have freedom or not. Work began in July 2008." Chan however complained about the quality of Chinese goods.[112] Referring to his participation in the torch relay for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.. It's very chaotic."[114] Chan went on to say.. Chan spoke out against demonstrators who disrupted the relay several times attempting to draw attention to a wide-ranging number of grievances against the Chinese government."[119] On 24 August 2010. "They are doing it for no reason. Chinese people aren't pets. If we're not being controlled. Chan felt that the protesters were publicity seekers.. they will say why not negotiate first? If they negotiate first. 2004 in Taiwan. "Demonstrators better not get anywhere near me. such as banning his movies and barring him the right to visit Taiwan. Some fellow actors and directors told local newspapers that they were also upset by his remarks.in the 10 years after Hong Kong's return to Chinese rule." he said. Taiwan is also chaotic." Chan felt the country was trying to improve and the Olympics is a chance for the country to open up and learn from the outside world and vice versa."[113] Jackie Chan at the 2005 Toronto International Film Festival On 18 April 2009.. they ask why not kill the guy sooner?"[120][121][122][123] Chan's comments caused outrage in Hong Kong."[109] Chan's comments were criticised by Parris Chang. we'll just do what we want.[108] 9 Controversy During a news conference in Shanghai on 28 March 2004.Jackie Chan Construction has begun on a Jackie Chan museum in Shanghai. Chan referred to the recently concluded Republic of China presidential election." In addition. 'if I can get the torch.[116] Chan's comments prompted an angry response from some legislators and other prominent figures in Taiwan and Hong Kong."[117] The Hong Kong Tourism Board stated that it had received 164 comments and complaints from the public over Chan's remarks. during a panel discussion at the annual Boao Forum for Asia titled "Tapping into Asia's Creative Industry Potential. ". as they were attempting to spit at him when he arrived at Taipei airport for a charity sponsored by cable TV channel TVBS on 18 June 2008.[110] Some 50 police and security personnel were required to separate protesters from Chan. We want to learn from the rest of the world as well as teach others about our ways and our culture. "We are not right about everything. Hong Kong Legislator Leung Kwok-hung said that Chan "insulted the Chinese people. and although it was scheduled to be completed on October 2009. He issued a statement on 27 August 2010 . a Taiwanese legislator and senior member of the DPP. who called for the government of Taiwan to take punitive steps against Chan for his comments. construction continues as of January 2010. Although saddened by the news. Chan tweeted about the botched rescue operation on the Manila hostage crisis that left 8 Hong Kong tourists dead. I can gradually see. "If you're too free. including China's human rights record and the political status of Taiwan. you're like the way Hong Kong is now. I can go on the TV for the world news'.

Chan expressed his hopes that the size of the venue would afford young. including the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation. Chan is a keen philanthropist and a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. he is currently an ambassador for this conservation project.[124] In December 2012. Chan was the guest of honour for the launch.[130] Chan also has a number of other branded businesses. with plans to open another in Las Vegas. and a line of chocolates. Jackie Chan's Cafe has outlets in Beijing. against animal abuse and has promoted disaster relief efforts for floods in mainland China and the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. with 17 screens and 3. Jackie Chan also owns or co-owns the production companies JC Group China.[5][132][133] In June 2006. He also hopes to expand into furniture and kitchenware.[125] 10 Entrepreneurship and philanthropy In addition to his film production and distribution company.[128][129] In 2004.Jackie Chan apologising for his comments and claiming that his assistant who helped him post the tweets had misunderstood the meaning of his original message. having worked tirelessly to champion charitable works and causes. Jackie & Willie Productions[126] (with Willie Chan) and Jackie & JJ Productions. and is also considering a branded supermarket. of the Jackie Chan Science Centre at the John Curtin School of Medical Research. throughout Beijing. co-run by Hong Kong company Sparkle Roll Group Ltd. Chan launched his own line of clothing. Kuala Lumpur and the Philippines. Jackie Chan is also a supporter of the Save China's Tigers project which aims at saving the endangered South China Tiger through breeding and releasing them into the wild.[131] With each of his businesses. Australian National University in Canberra. Shanghai and Guangzhou. he announced the donation of half his assets to charity upon his death. Jackie's Kitchen. He also owns the Jinricksha Station in Singapore. Singapore.[135] Chan has many historic artefacts. has outlets throughout Hong Kong. by Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. a percentage of the profits goes to various charities. His sushi restaurant chain. Chan caused outrage when he criticized Hong Kong as a "city of protest". as well as seven in South Korea and one in Hawaii.[127] Chan has also put his name to Jackie Chan Theater International. He has campaigned for conservation. JCE Movies Limited. suggesting that demonstrators' rights in Hong Kong should be limited. . which bears a Chinese dragon logo and the English word "Jackie". Other ventures include Jackie Chan Signature Club gyms (a partnership with California Fitness).[134] On 10 March 2008. or the initials "JC". cookies and nutritional oatcakes.500 seats. The first—Jackie Chan-Yaolai International Cinema—opened in February 2010. such as old door frames from 2000 years ago. and is claimed to be the largest cinema complex in China. citing his admiration of the effort made by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates to help those in need. 15 further cinemas in the chain are planned for 2010. non-commercial directors the opportunity to have their films screened. a cinema chain in China. with a potential total of 65 cinemas throughout the country proposed.

Jackie Chan In April 2008. Though he did not understand a word of Tamil. including American rapper Jin.[138] Chan also holds guest lectures at the Shanghai Institute of Visual Art of Fudan University. including Amitabh Bachchan. Hassan himself reciprocated the desire to work with the action superstar. urging Chan to keep his promise of working with him on a possible film project. Kamal Hassan. The Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation Founded in 1988. Chan was touched by the Indian community's love for him and his films. Chan donated RMB ¥10 million to help those in need. the foundation has broadened its scope to include provision of medical services. of the earthquake and tsunami by saying: "You will not be alone. the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation offers scholarships and active help to Hong Kong's young people through a variety of worthy causes. In addition. entitled Dasavathaaram (2008) in Chennai (Madras). and was impressed with the movie Dasavathaaram. we will be by your side".S.3 million dollars in just three hours for disaster relief. President Barack Obama for the welcome of President of the People's Republic of China Hu Jintao to the White House state dinner. Jackie Chan and fellow Hong Kong-based celebrities. aid to victims of natural disaster or illness. Mammootty and Kamal Hassan. In response to the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. he is planning to make a film about the Chinese earthquake to raise money for survivors. Major donation projects of The Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation: • • • • • • • • • The Jackie Chan Gymnasium at Lingnan University The Jackie Chan Challenge Cup Intercollegiate Invitation Tournament The Jackie Chan Family Unit. expressing a keen interest in working with the star of the film. headlined a special three-hour charity concert. SARS Relief) Support for the Performing Arts Youth Development Programs . 11 19 January 2011 Jackie Chan joins U. Following the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. Shanghai. Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts [139] Medical Funding in mainland China (Operation Smile) Medical Donation in Hong Kong (Queen Mary Hospital. Over the years.[137] The concert raised over $3. Jackie Chan was invited for the audio launch of an Indian film. where he shared the dais with Indian celebrities. and projects where the major beneficiaries are Hong Kong people or organisations. Hong Kong Girl Guides Association Jockey Club Beas River Lodge The Jackie Chan Whole Person Development Center Renovation of the Bethanie Site. titled Artistes 311 Love Beyond [136] where Jackie Chan addressed the victims Borders. on 1 April 2011 to help with Japan's disaster recovery effort.

Won Golden Rooster Awards 2005 Best Actor (for New Police Story) .Won Daytime Emmy Awards 2002 Performer in an Animated Program (for Jackie Chan Adventures) .Nominated (shared with Hark-On Fung and Yuen Kuni) . Since 2005.Won International Indian Film Academy Awards 2000 Special Award for Global Impact . Awards and nominations Jackie Chan awards and nominations Awards and nominations Award Wins Nominations Totals Awards won Nominations 27 33 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • American Choreography Awards[140] 8th American Choreography Innovator Awards .Won 2001 Favorite Action Team (for Shanghai Noon) .Won Asia-Pacific Film Festival 1993 Asia-Pacific Film Lifetime Achievement Award .Nominated Fant-Asia Film Festival 1997 Best Asian Film (for Drunken Master II) . the Dragon's Heart Foundation has built over a dozen schools.Won Blockbuster Entertainment Awards 1999 Favorite Duo . Jackie often travels to the remote locations to attend groundbreakings or school openings.Won Hong Kong Film Awards 1983 Best Action Choreography (for Dragon Lord) .Won Golden Phoenix Awards 2005 Outstanding Contribution Award .Won 2005 Asia-Pacific Film Special Jury Award . wheelchairs. and other items. and uniforms.Won 1993 Best Actor (for Zhong an zu) . and to lend support and encouragement.Action/Adventure (for Rush Hour) .Won Hollywood Film Festival 1999 Actor of the Year . the Dragon's Heart Foundation provides for the elderly with donations of warm clothing. and has raised millions of dollars to give much-needed educational opportunities for the poor.Nominated Cinequest Film Festival 1998 Maverick Spirit Award . provided books.Won (shared with Chia-Liang Liu) Golden Horse Film Festival 1992 Best Actor (for Police Story 3: Super Cop) .Jackie Chan 12 The Dragon's Heart Foundation The Dragon's Heart Foundation was founded in 2005 to fulfill the desperate needs of children and the elderly in remote areas of China. fees. In addition.

Nominated 1996 Best Actor (for Rumble in the Bronx) .Nominated 2005 Professional Achievement Award .Won (shared with Chris Tucker) 2002 Best On-Screen Team (for Rush Hour 2) .Won Shanghai International Film Festival 13 .Won (shared with Chris Tucker) 2003 Best On-Screen Team (for Shanghai Knights) .Nominated 2002 Favorite Male Action Hero (for Rush Hour 2) .Nominated (shared with Chris Tucker) 1999 Best On-Screen Duo (for Rush Hour) .Nominated (shared with Chris Tucker and Sun Mingming) People's Choice Awards 2008 Favorite On Screen Match-up (for Rush Hour 3) .Nominated 1996 Best Action Choreography (for Rumble in the Bronx) .Won 1996 Best Fight (for Rumble in the Bronx) .Nominated (shared with Chris Tucker) 2002 Best Fight (for Rush Hour 2) .Nominated Kids' Choice Awards 2002 Favorite Male Movie Star (for Rush Hour 2) .Won 2003 Favorite Movie Actor (for The Tuxedo) .Won 2006 Best Original Film Song (for The Myth) .Nominated 1986 Best Actor (for Heart of Dragon) .Nominated (shared with Chung Chi Li) 2010 Best Film (for Shinjuku Incident) .Nominated 1986 Best Actor (for Police Story) .Won MTV Movie Awards 1995 Lifetime Achievement Award .Nominated (shared with Owen Wilson) 2008 Best Fight (for Rush Hour 3) .Nominated (shared with Choi Jun Young.Won 2000 Best Action Choreography (for Gorgeous) .Jackie Chan • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 1985 Best Actor (for Project A) . and Hee-seon Kim) 2006 Best Action Choreography (for The Myth) .Won 1997 Best Actor (for Dragon Lord) .Nominated (shared with Stanley Tong.Nominated 1999 Best Actor (for Who Am I?) .Nominated 1993 Best Actor (for Supercop) .Nominated (shared with Jaden Smith) 2011 Favorite Action Star .Nominated 2003 Favorite Male Butt Kicker (for The Tuxedo) .Won 2011 Favorite Butt Kicker (for The Karate Kid) .Nominated (shared with Jackie Chan Stunt Team) 2005 Best Actor (for New Police Story) .Nominated 1986 Best Director (for Police Story) .Nominated 1994 Best Action Choreography (for Crime Story) .Nominated 1994 Best Actor (for Crime Story) . Wang Zhong Yan.Nominated 1989 Best Picture (for Rouge) . Tak Yuen) 2007 Best Action Choreography (for Robin-B-Hood) .Nominated Hundred Flowers Awards 2006 Best Actor (for New Police Story) .Nominated 1997 Best Fight (for Police Story 4: First Strike) .Nominated 1999 Best Fight (for Rush Hour) .Nominated 1999 Best Action Choreography (for Who Am I?) .Nominated (shared with Chris Tucker) 2011 Favorite On-Screen Team (for The Karate Kid) .Won 1990 Best Actor (for Miracles) .Won Montreal World Film Festival Grand Prix des Amériques .

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imdb.Jackie Chan 20 External links • Official website (http://www.mhtml?id=3894&display_set=eng) at the Hong Kong Movie DataBase • Jackie Chan (http://www.com/db/people/view.jackiechan.rottentomatoes.com/name/nm0000329/) at the Internet Movie Database • Jackie Chan (http://www.com/name/p84650) at AllRovi • Jackie Chan (http://www.com/) • Jackie Chan (http://www.hkmdb.allrovi.com/celebrity/jackie_chan) at Rotten Tomatoes .

Stephen Siu Winning film Nominees Lee Chi Ngai — This Thing Called Love Chan Man Keung — Lee Rock Barry Wong. Awards Best Film Winner Winning film N/A Nominees Lee Rock This Thing Called Love Once Upon a Time in China Once a Thief To Be Number One • • • • Best Director Winner Winning film Nominees John Woo — Once a Thief Gordon Chan — Fight Back to School Poon Man Kit — To Be Number One Lawrence Lau — Lee Rock Tsui Hark Once Upon a Time in China • • • • Best Screenplay Winner Johnny Mak. Gordon Chan — Fight Back to School To Be Number One • • • • Best Actor Winner Winning film Nominees Ray Lui — To Be Number One Stephen Chow — Fight Back to School Chow Yun-fat — Once a Thief Andy Lau — Lee Rock Eric Tsang Alan and Eric: Between Hello and Goodbye • • • • .11th Hong Kong Film Awards 21 11th Hong Kong Film Awards 11th Hong Kong Film Awards Date Venue Host(s) 1992 Ceremony for the 11th Hong Kong Film Awards was held in 1992. Lee Chi Ngai — Alan and Eric: Between Hello and Goodbye Barry Wong.

Ardy Lam. Peter Ngor — Au Revoir Mon Amour Peter Pau — Bury Me High David Chung. Arthur Wong. Bill Wong. Chan Tung Chuen.11th Hong Kong Film Awards 22 Best Actress Winner Winning film Nominees Cheung Man — Dances with the Dragon Anita Mui — Au Revoir Mon Amour Carol Cheng — Her Fatal Ways 2 Carina Lau — Gigolo and Whore Cecilia Yip This Thing Called Love • • • • Best Supporting Actor Winner Kwan Hoi San Winning film Nominees Lee Rock • • • • • Ng Man Tat — Fight Back to School Aaron Kwok — Saviour of the Soul Jacky Cheung — Once Upon a Time in China Kent Tong — The Tigers Kent Cheng — To Be Number One Best Supporting Actress Winner Winning film Nominees Carrie Ng — Au Revoir Mon Amour Chingmy Yau — Lee Rock Cecilia Yip — To Be Number One Rosamund Kwan — This Thing Called Love Deanie Ip Dances with the Dragon • • • • Best New Performer Winner Jade Leung Winning film Nominees Black Cat • • • Jackie Lui — Dreams of Glory: A Boxer's Story Chan Tak Hing — Dreams of Glory: A Boxer's Story Sonny Song — Fruit Punch Best Cinematography Winner Peter Pau Winning film Saviour of the Soul Nominees • • • • Gigo Lee. Andrew Lau — Lee Rock Bill Wong. David Chung. Wilson Chan — Once Upon a Time in China . Peter Pau.

Ma Yuk Sing. Yuen Shun Yee. William Chang Suk Ping — A Chinese Ghost Story III Best Action Direction Winner Yuen Cheung Yan. Lau Ka Wing Winning film Nominees Yuen Tak — Saviour of the Soul Jackie Chan Stunt Team — Armour of God II: Operation Condor Lam Moon Wah — Prison on Fire 2 Tony Ching. Kai Kit Wai — Saviour of the Soul Best Art Direction Winner Winning film Nominees Yee Chung-Man — Once Upon a Time in China Eddie Ma — Au Revoir Mon Amour Jason Mok — Lee Rock Yee Chung-Man Saviour of the Soul • • • • • Ben Luk — Alan and Eric: Between Hello and Goodbye James Leung. Terry Chan — Au Revoir Mon Amour Chris Babida — Bury Me Deep Romeo Diaz. Ken Shima — Sisters of the World Unite Anthony Lun. Cheung Yiu Sing — A Chinese Ghost Story III Once Upon a Time in China • • • • Best Original Film Score Winner Winning film Nominees Eugene Pao — This Thing Called Love Jonathan Lee. Yuen Bun.11th Hong Kong Film Awards 23 Best Film Editing Winner Winning film Nominees David Wu Dai Wai — Once a Thief Marco Mak — A Chinese Ghost Story III Poon Hung — To Be Number One Marco Mak Once Upon a Time in China • • • • Poon Hung. Wong Jim — A Chinese Ghost Story III Wong Jim Once Upon a Time in China • • • • • Best Original Film Song Winner Winning film Nominees .

11th Hong Kong Film Awards The Twin Bracelets • 似 是 故 人 來 Composer: Lo Ta-yu Lyricist: Albert Leung Singer: Anita Mui • 一 起 走 過 的 日 子 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • — Casino Raiders 2 24 Composer: Wu Wai Lap Lyricist: Leung Mei Wai Singer: Andy Lau 何 日 — Au Revoir Mon Amour Composer: Anthony Lun Lyricist: Wong Jim Singer: Anita Mui 春 風 秋 雨 — Sisters of the World Unite Composer: Jonathan Lee Lyricist: Lam Chun Keung Singer: Sally Yeh Composer: Lowell Lo Lyricist: Leung Mei Wai Singer: Cally Kwong 與 龍 共 舞 — Dances with the Dragon Professional Spirit Award Winner Tu Haiqing. com . Barry Wong Winning film Nominees N/A N/A External links • Official website of the Hong Kong Film Awards [1] References [1] http:/ / www. hkfaa.

12th Hong Kong Film Awards 25 12th Hong Kong Film Awards 12th Hong Kong Film Awards Date Venue Host(s) John Shum Lydia Shum 1993 Ceremony for the 12th Hong Kong Film Awards was held in 1993. Ng Chong Chau. My Foot Tony Leung Ka-Fai 92 Legendary La Rose Noire • • • • Tony Leung Ka-Fai — King of Chess . My Foot! Jeffrey Lau — 92 Legendary La Rose Noire Chan Kin Chong — King of Beggars Best Actor Winner Winning film Nominees Jackie Chan — Police Story 3: Supercop Charles Heung — Arrest the Restless Stephen Chow — Justice. Awards Best Film Winner Winning film Nominees N/A Cageman • • • • 92 Legendary La Rose Noire Center Stage King of Beggars Once Upon a Time in China II Best Director Winner Jacob Cheung Winning film Nominees Cageman • • • • Tsui Hark — Once Upon a Time in China II Jeffrey Lau — 92 Legendary La Rose Noire Gordon Chan — King of Beggars Stanley Kwan — Center Stage Best Screenplay Winner Yank Wong. Jacob Cheung Winning film Nominees Cageman • • • • Chiu-Tai An-ping — Center Stage Sandy Shaw — Justice.

Now You Don't Deanie Ip — Fight Back to School II Wong Wan Si — 92 Legendary La Rose Noire Fung Bo Bo 92 Legendary La Rose Noire • • • • Best New Performer Winner Winning film Nominees Koo Ming Wah — Sex Racecourse Athena Chu — Fight Back to School II Sammi Cheng — Best of the Best Xiong Xinxin — Once Upon a Time in China II Anita Yuen The Days of Being Dumb • • • • Best Cinematography Winner Poon Hang Sang Winning film Nominees Center Stage • • • • Lee Tak Sing — Misty Arthur Wong — Once Upon a Time in China II Tom Lau. Now You Don't Donnie Yen — Once Upon a Time in China II Best Supporting Actress Winner Winning film Nominees Teresa Mo — 92 Legendary La Rose Noire Teresa Mo — Now You See Love. Arthur Wong — New Dragon Gate Inn David Chung — King of Beggars . My Foot! Best Supporting Actor Winner Liu Kai Chi Winning film Nominees Cageman • • • • Francis Ng — Handsome Siblings Tony Leung Chiu-Wai — Hard Boiled Anthony Wong Chau Sang — Now You See Love.12th Hong Kong Film Awards 26 Best Actress Winner Maggie Cheung Winning film Nominees Center Stage • • • • • Chingmy Yau — Naked Killer Brigitte Lin — Swordsman II Brigitte Lin — Handsome Siblings Maggie Cheung — New Dragon Gate Inn Anita Mui — Justice.

Jack Ah Winning film Nominees Hard Boiled • • • • Marco Mak — Swordman II Marco Mak — Once Upon a Time in China II Wong Wing Ming — Casino Tycoon Poon Hung — New Dragon Gate Inn Best Art Direction Winner Pok Yuk Mok Winning film Nominees Center Stage • • • • James Leung. Cheung Yiu Sing — Swordman II Best Original Film Score Winner Johnny Chen Winning film Nominees Center Stage • • • • Richard Yuen — Swordman II Richard Yuen. Johnny Njo — Once Upon a Time in China II Lowell Lo — 92 Legendary La Rose Noire Joseph Koo — King of Beggars . Chin Yiu Hang — Cageman Best Costume Make Up Design Winner William Chang Suk Ping. Tang Tak Wing. Ma Yuk Sing. Yuen Bun — New Dragon Gate Inn Tony Ching. Sam Wong — Police Story 3: Supercop Tony Ching — Royal Tramp 2 Tony Ching.12th Hong Kong Film Awards 27 Best Film Editing Winner John Woo. Shirley Chan — Royal Tramp 2 Joseph Chan — 92 Legendary La Rose Noire Best Action Direction Winner Yuen Wo Ping Winning film Once Upon a Time in China II Nominees • • • • Stanley Tong. Bruce Yu Winning film Nominees Swordman II • • • • Pok Yuk Mok — Center Stage Bruce Yu — Justice. My Foot Yee Chung-Man. Chan Man Ching. Yuen Bun. Chung Yee Fung — Swordman II Eddie Ma — Once Upon a Time in China II Jason Mok — Royal Tramp 2 Yank Wong. David Wu Dai Wai. Kai Kit Wai. Alien Sit.

mon cheri 如 今 才 是 唯 一 Composer: Lo Ta-yu Lyricist: Albert Leung Singer: Lo Ta-yu. Delphine Chin Composer: Joseph Koo Lyricist: Wong Jim Singer: George Lam 長 路 漫 漫 伴 你 闖 — King of Beggars Special Commemoration Award • Ng Chor Fan External links • Official website of the Hong Kong Film Awards [1] . Johnny Chen Singer: Tracy Huang • Winning film Nominees Center Stage • 只 記 今 朝 笑 • • • • • • • • • • — Swordman II Composer: Wong Jim Lyricist: Wong Jim Singer: Rosanne Lui — C'est la vie.12th Hong Kong Film Awards 28 Best Original Film Song Winner 葬 心 Composer: Johnny Chen Lyricist: Daryl Yao.

mon chéri • • • • Best Screenplay Winner Winning film Nominees Lee Chi Ngai — Yesteryou Yesterme Yesterday James Yuen — Always on My Mind Lee Chi Ngai. mon chéri • • • • • Best Actor Winner Winning film Nominees Wu Xingguo — Temptation of A Monk Lau Ching Wan — C'est la vie. Dick and Hairy Temptation of A Monk Always on My Mind C'est la vie.13th Hong Kong Film Awards 29 13th Hong Kong Film Awards 13th Hong Kong Film Awards Date Venue Host(s) 1994 Ceremony for the 13th Hong Kong Film Awards was held in 1994. Awards Best Film Winner Winning film N/A Nominees Crime Story Tom. Lee Chi Ngai — Tom. James Yuen. mon chéri Jackie Chan — Crime Story Lau Ching Wan — Thou Shalt Not Swear Anthony Wong Chau Sang The Untold Story • • • • . Chan Hing Ka — Tom. Dick and Hairy Chung Kai Cheung. Jason Lam. Dick and Hairy Clara Law — Temptation of A Monk Cha Yuen Yee — Legal Innocence Kirk Wong — Crime Story Derek Yee C'est la vie. Stephen Siu — Lord of the East China Sea Derek Yee C'est la vie. Chung Oi Fong — Legal Innocence Johnny Mak. mon chéri • • • • Best Director Winner Winning film Nominees Peter Chan.

13th Hong Kong Film Awards 30 Best Actress Winner Winning film Nominees Josephine Siao — Always on My Mind Veronica Yip — Roof With A View Josephine Siao — Fong Sai Yuk Carrie Ng — Remains of a Woman Anita Yuen C'est la vie. mon chéri • • • • Best Supporting Actor Winner Winning film Nominees Elvis Tsui — All Men Are Brothers: Blood of the Leopard Kent Cheng — Crime Story Anthony Wong Chau Sang — Legal Innocence Michael Lee — Temptation of A Monk Lawrence Cheng — Tom. Peter Ngor — Finale in Blood Andrew Lesnie. mon chéri Law Lan — Thou Shalt Not Swear Deanie Ip — Murder Veronica Yip — Love Among the Triad Fung Bo Bo C'est la vie. mon chéri • • • • Best New Performer Winner Winning film Nominees Jennifer Chan — Thou Shalt Not Swear Cherie Chan — Three Summers Jay Lau — Days of Tomorrow John Tang — Yesteryou Yesterme Yesterday Wu Xingguo Temptation of A Monk • • • • Best Cinematography Winner Winning film Nominees Bill Wong — Roof With A View David Chung. mon chéri • • • • • Best Supporting Actress Winner Winning film Nominees Carrie Ng — C'est la vie. Arthur Wong — Temptation of A Monk Arthur Wong — Days of Tomorrow Peter Pau The Bride with White Hair • • • • . Dick and Hairy Paul Chun C'est la vie.

Angie Lam — Once Upon a Time in China III Best Art Direction Winner Winning film Nominees Bill Lui — Green Snake James Leung — Days of Tomorrow Yee Chung-Man — C'est la vie. The Bride with White Hair • Tenny Cheung • • • • Best Action Direction Winner Corey Yuen. mon chéri William Chang Suk Ping. Mark Lui — Green Snake Richard Yuen — The Bride with White Hair Chris Babida — C'est la vie. Yuen Cheung Yan. Yuen Tak Winning film Nominees Fong Sai Yuk • • • • Yuen Bun — Once Upon a Time in China III Tony Ching — The Heroic Trio Yuen Wo Ping. mon chéri Wu Wai Lap — The Heroic Trio Johnny Chen — Love Among the Triad Temptation of A Monk • • • • • . Jackie Chan Stunt Team — Crime Story Best Original Film Score Winner Lau Yee Tat. Kai Kit Wai — Days of Tomorrow David Wu Dai Wai — The Bride with White Hair Peter Cheung — Fong Sai Yuk Marco Mak. Ku Huan Chiu — Iron Monkey Jackie Chan. Chiu Kwok Chun — The East Is Red Dora Ng — C'est la vie. Yang Zhanjia. Ng Po Ling — Green Snake Timmy Yip. mon chéri Eddie Ma The Bride with White Hair • • • • Timmy Yip. Tony Wai Winning film Nominees Wong Jim.13th Hong Kong Film Awards 31 Best Film Editing Winner Peter Cheung Winning film Nominees Crime Story • • • • Patrick Tam. Lee Wai Ming — Temptation of A Monk Best Costume Make Up Design Winner Winning film Nominees William Chang Suk Ping. Yuen Shun Yee. Lee Wai Ming — Temptation of A Monk Bruce Yu — The Heroic Trio Emi Wada.

13th Hong Kong Film Awards 32 Best Original Film Song Winner 女 人 心 Composer: Lo Ta-yu Lyricist: Lin Xi Singer: Anita Mui • Winning film Nominees 紅 顏 白 髮 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • — The Bride with White Hair The Heroic Trio • Composer: Leslie Cheung Lyricist: Lin Xi Singer: Leslie Cheung — C'est la vie. Accessed 2009-08-01. webcitation.hkfaa. Honors. org/ 5io4zr1TH) 2009-08-05. com/ index. cfm?pid=10384). bruceleefoundation. mon chéri 新 不 了 情 Composer: Chris Babida Lyricist: Wong Yuk Singer: Wan Fang 世 界 這 麼 好 — Thou Shalt Not Swear Composer: Tony Wai Lyricist: Chan Sau Pok Singer: Children Chorus Composer: Lo Ta-yu Lyricist: Lin Xi Singer: Anita Mui — The Heroic Trio 莫 問 一 生 Lifetime Achievement Awards • Bruce Lee [1] • Raymond Chow • Lai Man-Wai References [1] Bruce Lee Foundation Awards.com) . External links • Official website of the Hong Kong Film Awards (http://www. Archived (http:/ / www. Achievements and Activities (http:/ / www.

14th Hong Kong Film Awards 33 14th Hong Kong Film Awards 14th Hong Kong Film Awards Date Venue Host(s) 1995 Ceremony for the 14th Hong Kong Film Awards was held in 1995. She's A Man Wong Kar-wai — Ashes of Time Wong Kar-wai — Chungking Express Raymond To I Have A Date With Spring • • • • Best Actor Winner Winning film Nominees Eric Kot — Oh! My Three Guys Leslie Cheung — He's A Woman. Lee Chi Ngai — He's A Woman. She's A Man Stephen Chow — From Beijing with Love Chow Yun-fat — Treasure Hunt Tony Leung Chiu Wai Chungking Express • • • • • Jacky Cheung — To Live and Die in Tsimshatsui . She's A Man Chungking Express • • • • Best Director Winner Winning film Nominees Tsui Hark — The Lovers Wong Kar-wai — Ashes of Time Peter Chan — He's A Woman. She's A Man Gordon Chan — The Final Option Wong Kar-wai Chungking Express • • • • Best Screenplay Winner Winning film Nominees James Yuen — Twenty Something James Yuen. Awards Best Film Winner Winning film N/A Nominees The Final Option Ashes of Time I Have a Date with Spring He's A Woman.

She's A Man Jordan Chan — Twenty Something Alice Lau I Have A Date With Spring • • • • Best Cinematography Winner Winning film Nominees Tony Cheung — One Armed Swordsman '94 Arthur Wong — The Returning Christopher Doyle.14th Hong Kong Film Awards 34 Best Actress Winner Winning film Nominees Joan Chen — Red Rose White Rose Alice Lau — I Have A Date With Spring Hui Fan — One of the Lucky Ones Jacklyn Wu — The Returning Faye Wong — Chungking Express Anita Yuen He's A Woman. Andrew Lau — Chungking Express Christopher Doyle — Ashes of Time Peter Pau Treasure Hunt • • • • . She's A Man • • • • • Best Supporting Actor Winner Winning film Nominees Law Kar-ying — From Beijing with Love Jordan Chan — He's A Woman. She's A Man Eric Kot — Conjugal Affair Power Chan — The Final Option Jordan Chan Twenty Something • • • • Best Supporting Actress Winner Winning film Nominees Fung Wai Hung — I Have A Date With Spring Carrie Ng — The Lovers Sandra Ng — The Returning Valerie Chow — Chungking Express Law Koon Lan I Have A Date With Spring • • • • Best New Performer Winner Winning film Nominees Mavis Fan — The Private Eye Blues Peter Yung Kam Cheong — The Final Option Jordan Chan — He's A Woman.

Chiu Tsang Hei — He's A Woman. She's A Man William Chang Suk Ping Ashes of Time • • • • William Chang Suk Pi. She's A Man Eddie Mok — The Great Conqueror's Concubine Pok Yuk Mok — Red Rose White Rose William Chang Suk Ping — The Lovers William Chang Suk Ping Ashes of Time • • • • Best Action Choreography Winner Winning film Nominees Corey Yuen. She's A Man Johnny Chen — Red Rose White Rose Frankie Chan. Kai Kit Wai Winning film Nominees Patrick Tam. Drunken Master II • Jackie Chan Stunt Team • • • Best Original Film Score Winner Wong Jim. Cheong Kwok Wing — The Lovers Best Costume Make Up Design Winner Winning film Nominees Dora Ng — He's A Woman. Marco Wan — I Have A Date With Spring . Woo Wai Lap. Roel A. Roel A. Garcia — Ashes of Time Frankie Chan. Kai Kit Wai — Ashes of Time Angie Lam — The Rapist Nick Cheung — Drunken Master II Chan Ki Hop — The Final Option Chungking Express • • • • Best Art Direction Winner Winning film Nominees William Chang Suk Ping — Chungking Express Pok Yuk Mok — Red Rose White Rose Yee Chung-Man — He's A Woman. Yuen Tak — The Bodyguard From Beijing Sammo Hung — Ashes of Time Corey Yuen — The New Legend of Shaolin Yuen Wo Ping — Fist of Legend Lau Ka Leung.14th Hong Kong Film Awards 35 Best Film Editing Winner William Chang Suk Ping. Mark Lui. Garcia — Chungking Express Anthony Lee. Raymond Wong Winning film Nominees The Lovers • • • • • Ann Hui. Kwong Chi Leung.

She's A Man • Composer: Chan Yiu Chuen Lyricist: Lee On Sau Singer: Andy Lau — Twenty Something Composer: Joseph Wong. Clarence Hui Lyricist: Albert Leung Singer: Sandy Lam 當 愛 變 成 習 慣 — The Private Eye Blues Composer: John Laudon Lyricist: Chan Siu Kei Singer: Jacky Cheung — Red Rose White Rose 玫 瑰 香 Composer: Johnny Chen Lyricist: Johnny Chen Singer: Sandy Lam Lifetime Achievement Award • Mary Wong Cantonese Opera Film Century Award • Yam Kim Fai References • Official website of the Hong Kong Film Awards (http://www.com) .hkfaa.14th Hong Kong Film Awards 36 Best Original Film Song Winner 追 Composer: Dick Lee Lyricist: Albert Leung Singer: Leslie Cheung Winning film Nominees 忘 情 水 • • • • 願 • • • • • • • • • • • — Tian Di He's A Woman.

Law Chi Leung — Full Throttle Jeffrey Lau — A Chinese Odyssey Part 1: Pandora's Box Jeffrey Lau — A Chinese Odyssey Part 2: Cinderella Raymond To — The Umbrella Story Chan Man Keung Summer Snow • • • • Best Actor Winner Winning film Nominees Andy Lau — Full Throttle Steven Chow — A Chinese Odyssey Part 2: Cinderella Chow Yun-fat — Peace Hotel Jackie Chan — Rumble in the Bronx Roy Chiao Summer Snow • • • • . Awards Best Film Winner Winning film Nominees N/A Summer Snow • • • • The Day the Sun Turned Cold Full Throttle Fallen Angels Rumble in the Bronx Best Director Winner Winning film Nominees Ann Hui Summer Snow • • • • Derek Yee — Full Throttle Wong Kar-wai — Fallen Angels Yim Ho — The Day the Sun Turned Cold Johnnie To — Loving You Best Screenplay Winner Winning film Nominees Derek Yee.15th Hong Kong Film Awards 37 15th Hong Kong Film Awards 15th Hong Kong Film Awards Date 1996 Venue Hong Kong Cultural Centre Host(s) Ceremony for the 15th Hong Kong Film Awards was held in 1996.

.15th Hong Kong Film Awards 38 Best Actress Winner Winning film Nominees Fung Bo Bo — Mother of a Different Kind Chingmy Yau — I'm Your Birthday Cake Cecilia Yip — Peace Hotel Anita Mui — Rumble in the Bronx Josephine Siao Summer Snow • • • • Best Supporting Actor Winner Winning film Nominees Chin Kar-lok — Full Throttle Jordan Chan — Heaven Can't Wait Eric Kot — Love in the Time of Twilight Law Kar-ying Summer Snow • • • • Dayo Wong — The Day That Doesn't Exist Best Supporting Actress Winner Winning film Nominees Law Koon Lan — Summer Snow Law Koon Lan — The Umbrella Story Ha Ping — Full Throttle Francoise Yip — Rumble in the Bronx Karen Mok Fallen Angels • • • • Best New Performer Winner Winning film Nominees Kelly Chen — Whatever Will Be. Will Be Chan Man Lai — Fallen Angels Allen Ting — Summer Snow Gigi Leung — Full Throttle Francoise Yip — Rumble in the Bronx Eric Moo Those Were the Days. • • • • • Best Cinematography Winner Winning film Nominees Wong Wing Hang — Peace Hotel Peter Pau — The Phantom Lover Arthur Wong — A Touch of Evil Christopher Doyle Fallen Angels • • • • Andrew Lau — I'm Your Birthday Cake ..

Sammo Hung Stunt Team — Thunderbolt Corey Yuen. Jackie Chan Winning film Nominees Yuen Bun. Yuen Tak — My Father is a Hero Bruce Law — Full Throttle Rumble in the Bronx • • • • Best Original Film Score Winner Frankie Chan. Roel Garcia Winning film Nominees Fallen Angels • • • • Cacine Wong. Yeung Sin Ling Winning film Nominees Dora Ng — Peace Hotel William Chang Suk Ping — Fallen Angels William Chang Suk Ping — The Blade Eddie Mok — The Christ of Nanjing The Phantom Lover • • • • Best Action Choreography Winner Stanley Tong. Alfred Yau — Peace Hotel William Chang Suk Ping — Fallen Angels Yank Wong — Summer Snow Ma Poon Chiu — The Christ of Nanjing Ma Poon Chiu The Phantom Lover • • • • Best Costume Make Up Design Winner William Chang Suk Ping. Ronald Ng — The Golden Girls Chris Babida — The Phantom Lover Wu Wai Lap. Wong Ming Lam — Fallen Angels Best Art Direction Winner Winning film Nominees Yee Chung-Man. Healthy Poon — Peace Hotel Clarence Hui. Stephen Tung — The Blade Jackie Chan Stunt Team. Raymond Wong Ying Wah — Love in the Time of Twilight Best Original Film Song Winner Winning film Nominees . Mung Hoi.15th Hong Kong Film Awards 39 Best Film Editing Winner Kwong Chi Leung Winning film Nominees Full Throttle • • • • Peter Cheung — Rumble in the Bronx Wong Yee Shun — Summer Snow David Wu Dai Wai — The Phantom Lover William Chang Suk Ping. Joseph Wong Wai Nin.

Will Be 只 愛 你 — Hong Kong Graffiti Composer: John Laudon Lyricist: Erica Lee Singer: Kevin Cheng References • Official website of the Hong Kong Film Awards (http://www.15th Hong Kong Film Awards 完 全 因 你 Composer: Alex San Lyricist: Erica Lee Singer: Cass Phang • Peace Hotel • 情 深 的 一 句 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • — Full Throttle 40 Composer: Chan Chi Hung Lyricist: Andy Lau Singer: Andy Lau 夜 半 歌 聲 — The Phantom Lover Composer: Leslie Cheung Lyricist: Leslie Mok Singer: Leslie Cheung Composer: Mark Lui Lyricist: Chow Lai Mau Singer: Kelly Chen 一 切 很 美 , 只 因 有你 — Whatever Will Be.com) .hkfaa.

Peter Chan's Comrades: Almost a Love Story became the biggest winner for the year with nine awards. Awards Best Film Winner Winning film N/A Nominees Entrance of the P-Side Big Bullet Police Story 4: First Strike Viva Erotica Comrades: Almost a Love Story • • • • Best Director Winner Winning film Nominees Benny Chan — Big Bullet Derek Yee. setting the record for the highest number of categories won by a single film. with eleven and nine nominations respectively. In total. Law Chi Leung — Viva Erotica Derek Chiu — The Log Shu Kei — Entrance of the P-Side Peter Chan Comrades: Almost a Love Story • • • • Best Screenplay Winner Winning film Nominees Raymond To — Entrance of the P-Side Chung Kai Cheung — Once Upon A Time in Triad Society Chung Kai Cheung — Once Upon A Time in Triad Society 2 Lee Chi Ngai — Lost and Found Cheung Chi Sing — Love and Sex Among the Ruins Ivy Ho Comrades: Almost a Love Story • • • • • . sixteen winners in fifteen categories were unveiled. The nominees were announced on 24 February 1997. The event also marked the last time the Hong Kong Film Awards was held while under British colonial rule. The front runners were Peter Chan's Comrades: Almost a Love Story and Benny Chan's Big Bullet.16th Hong Kong Film Awards 41 16th Hong Kong Film Awards 16th Hong Kong Film Awards Date 13 April 1997 Venue Hong Kong Cultural Centre Host(s) Lydia Shum Ceremony for the 16th Hong Kong Film Awards was held on 13 April 1997 in the Hong Kong Cultural Centre and hosted by Lydia Shum.

1 Eric Tsang Comrades: Almost a Love Story • • • • • Best Supporting Actress Winner Winning film Nominees Hsu Chi Viva Erotica • • • • • Law Lan — July 13th Theresa Lee — Big Bullet Theresa Lee — Who's the Woman.16th Hong Kong Film Awards 42 Best Actor Winner Kent Cheng Winning film Nominees The Log • • • • • Lau Ching-Wan — Big Bullet Leon Lai — Comrades: Almost a Love Story Michael Wong — First Option Jackie Chan — Police Story 4: First Strike Leslie Cheung — Viva Erotica Best Actress Winner Winning film Nominees Josephine Siao — Entrance of the P-Side Karen Mok — God of Cookery Gong Li — Temptress Moon Sandra Ng — 4 Faces of Eve Maggie Cheung Comrades: Almost a Love Story • • • • Best Supporting Actor Winner Winning film Nominees Jordan Chan — Big Bullet Jerry Lam — The Log Elvis Tsui — Viva Erotica Anthony Wong Chau Sang — Young and Dangerous 3 Simon Yam — To Be No. Who's the Man Anita Yuen — Entrance of the P-Side Law Koon Lan — Bodyguards of Last Governor Best New Performer Winner Winning film Nominees Hsu Chi Viva Erotica • • • • Annie Wu — Police Story 4: First Strike Theresa Lee — Who's the Woman. Who's the Man Kristy Yeung — Comrades: Almost a Love Story Daniel Chan — Entrance of the P-Side .

Kwan Mei Po — Black Mask Dora Ng Comrades: Almost a Love Story • • • • Best Action Choreography Winner Winning film Nominees Yuen Wo Ping — Black Mask Tung Wai — Shanghai Grand Tony Ching. Who's the Man Thomas Chan — 4 Faces of Eve Bruce Yu — Shanghai Grand William Fung. Cheung Ka-Fai — Police Story 4: First Strike Chan Kei-Hop — First Option David Wu Dai-Wai — Somebody Up There Likes Me Kwong Chi-Leung.16th Hong Kong Film Awards 43 Best Cinematography Winner Winning film Nominees Arthur Wong — Somebody Up There Likes Me Arthur Wong — Big Bullet Christopher Doyle — Temptress Moon Poon Hang Sang — Shanghai Grand Jingle Ma Comrades: Almost a Love Story • • • • Best Film Editing Winner Peter Cheung. Bill Lui Cho Hung — Black Mask Huang Qiagui — Temptress Moon Bruce Yu — Shanghai Grand Yee Chung-Man Comrades: Almost a Love Story • • • • Best Costume Make Up Design Winner Winning film Nominees Dora Ng — Who's the Woman. Wai and the Scripture Without Words Ma Yuk Sing — Big Bullet Bruce Law — First Option Stanley Tong Police Story 4: First Strike • • • • • . Who's the Man Ma Poon Chiu. Ma Yuk Sing — Dr. Shu Kei — Entrance of the P-Side Best Art Direction Winner Winning film Nominees Yee Chung-Man — Who's the Woman. Yau Chi-Wai Winning film Nominees Big Bullet • • • • Peter Cheung.

Duck Lau — Viva Erotica Lau Yee Tat — The Log Peter Kam — Big Bullet Chiu Tsang Hei Comrades: Almost a Love Story • • • • Chiu Tsang Hei. Chiu Tsang Hei. Once More • • • Composer: Chan Kwok Wah Lyricist: Erica Lee Singer: Sammi Cheng Composer: Leslie Cheung Lyricist: Albert Leung Singer: Leslie Cheung. Clarence Hui — The Age of Miracles Best Original Film Song Winner 風 花雪 Composer: Mark Lui Lyricist: Chow Lai Mau Singer: Kelly Chen • Winning film Nominees 色情 男女 • • • • • • • — Viva Erotica Lost and Found • Composer: Jason Choi Lyricist: Albert Leung Singer: Karen Mok. Anita Mui External links • Official website of the Hong Kong Film Awards [1] . Jordan Chan — Who's the Woman. Who's the Man 有心 人 默 契 — Feel 100%.. Peter Kam.16th Hong Kong Film Awards 44 Best Original Film Score Winner Winning film Nominees Clarence Hui..

Szeto Kam-Yuen — Too Many Ways to Be No. Matt Chow. Awards Best Film Winner Winning film N/A Nominees The Soong Sisters Lifeline Full Alert Happy Together Made in Hong Kong • • • • Best Director Winner Winning film Nominees Johnnie To — Lifeline Mabel Cheung — The Soong Sisters Ringo Lam — Full Alert Wong Kar-wai — Happy Together Fruit Chan Made in Hong Kong • • • • Best Screenplay Winner Winning film Nominees Alex Law — The Soong Sisters Johnny Mak Tong Hung — Island of Greed Wai Ka-Fai. 1 Fruit Chan — Made in Hong Kong Raymond To The Mad Phoenix • • • • Best Actor Winner Winning film Nominees Leslie Cheung — Happy Together Lau Ching Wan — Full Alert Tony Leung Chiu Wai Happy Together • • • • Tony Leung Ka Fai — Island of Greed Tse Kwan Ho — The Mad Phoenix .17th Hong Kong Film Awards 45 17th Hong Kong Film Awards 17th Hong Kong Film Awards Date 26 April 1998 Venue Hong Kong Cultural Centre Host(s) Ceremony for the 17th Hong Kong Film Awards was held on 26 April 1998.

Wong Ming Lam — Happy Together . Lam Nyn Ngai — Full Alert Fruit Chan — Made in Hong Kong Kwong Chi Leung. But a Joke Jacklyn Wu — Eighteen Springs Carina Lau — The Intimates Maggie Cheung The Soong Sisters • • • • Best Supporting Actor Winner Winning film Nominees Chang Chen — Happy Together Eric Tsang — Task Force Poon Chan Leung — The Mad Phoenix Law Kar-ying — Kitchen Jiang Wen The Soong Sisters • • • • Best Supporting Actress Winner Winning film Nominees Elaine Kam — The Soong Sisters Theresa Lee — The Intimates Theresa Lee — Downtown Torpedoes Michelle Yeoh — The Soong Sisters Anita Mui Eighteen Springs • • • • Best New Performer Winner Winning film Nominees Ruby Wong — Lifeline Nicola Cheung — Cause We Are So Young Ken Wong — Downtown Torpedoes Lam Bo Lun — My Dad Is a Jerk Sam Lee Made in Hong Kong • • • • Best Cinematography Winner Winning film Nominees Wong Wing Hung — Too Many Ways to Be No. Cheung Ka-Fai — Downtown Torpedoes William Chang Suk Ping.17th Hong Kong Film Awards 46 Best Actress Winner Winning film Nominees Pauline Suen — Island of Greed Hsu Chi — Love Is Not a Game. 1 Cheung Man Biu — Downtown Torpedoes Mark Lee Ping Bin — Eighteen Springs Christopher Doyle — Happy Together Arthur Wong The Soong Sisters • • • • Best Film Editing Winner Wong Wing-Ming Winning film Nominees Lifeline • • • • Marco Mak.

17th Hong Kong Film Awards 47 Best Art Direction Winner Winning film Nominees Lee King Man — Island of Greed Ma Poon Chiu. 1 Carl Wong — First Love: The Litter on the Breeze Ye Xiaogang — Eighteen Springs Peter Kam — Downtown Torpedoes Kitarō. Cho Wing — Mr. Nice Guy Tung Wai Downtown Torpedoes • • • • Best Original Film Score Winner Winning film Nominees Cacine Wong — Too Many Ways to Be No. Ken Mak — Downtown Torpedoes Bruce Yu. Yank Wong — Eighteen Springs William Chang Suk Ping — Happy Together Ma Poon Chiu The Soong Sisters • • • • Best Costume Make Up Design Winner Winning film Nominees Silver Cheung — The Odd One Dies Dora Ng — Downtown Torpedoes William Chang Suk Ping — Happy Together Eddie Mok — Eighteen Springs Emi Wada The Soong Sisters • • • • Best Action Choreography Winner Winning film Nominees Yuen Bun — Island of Greed Yuen Bun — Lifeline Sammo Hung — Once Upon a Time in China and America Jackie Chan Stunt Team. The Soong Sisters • Randy Miller • • • Best Original Film Song Winner Winning film Nominees .

com) . Jordan Chan — Kitchen Composer: Yoshihide Otomo Lyricist: Cheng Kwok Kong Singer: Cass Phang 我愛 廚房 Best Sound Design Winner Winning film Nominees N/A Lifeline • • • • Island of Greed Full Alert Downtown Torpedoes The Soong Sisters Professional Achievement Award • Chor Yuen References • Official website of the Hong Kong Film Awards (http://www.17th Hong Kong Film Awards 歡樂今 宵 Composer: Dennie Wong Lyricist: Wyman Wong Singer: Leo Ku • Cause We Are So Young • 半 生 緣 — Eighteen Springs • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Composer: Wong Kwok Lun Lyricist: Albert Leung Singer: Leon Lai Composer: Wu Bai Lyricist: Wu Bai Singer: Andy Lau 48 孤 星 淚 — Island of Greed 一 於 奉 陪 — Young and Dangerous 4 Composer: Duck Lau Lyricist: Richard Lam Singer: Ekin Cheng.hkfaa.

Chow Yin Han — Expect the Unexpected Szeto Kam-Yuen.18th Hong Kong Film Awards 49 18th Hong Kong Film Awards 18th Hong Kong Film Awards Date 25 April 1999 Venue Hong Kong Cultural Centre Host(s) Ceremony for the 18th Hong Kong Film Awards was held on 25 April 1999. Gordon Chan Winning film Nominees Beast Cops • • • • Alex Law. Yau Nai-Hoi — The Longest Nite Best Actor Winner Anthony Wong Winning film Nominees Beast Cops • • • • • Sonny Chiba — The Storm Riders Lau Ching Wan — The Longest Nite Tony Leung Chiu Wai — The Longest Nite Leon Lai — City of Glass Jackie Chan — Who Am I? . Dante Lam Winning film Nominees Beast Cops • • • • Stanley Kwan — Hold You Tight Patrick Yau — The Longest Nite Mabel Cheung — City of Glass Fruit Chan — The Longest Summer Best Screenplay Winner Chan Hing Kai. Mabel Cheung — City of Glass Fruit Chan — The Longest Summer Szeto Kam-Yuen. Awards Best Film Winner Winning film Nominees N/A Beast Cops • • • • The Storm Riders The Longest Summer City of Glass Who Am I? Best Director Winner Gordon Chan. Yau Nai-Hoi.

Danny Peng Winning film Nominees Chan Ki Hop — Beast Cops Peter Cheung. Yau Chi Wai — Who Am I? Chan Chi Wai — The Longest Nite Kwong Chi Leung — Hot War The Storm Riders • • • • .18th Hong Kong Film Awards 50 Best Actress Winner Winning film Nominees Hsu Chi — City of Glass Chingmy Yau — Hold You Tight Fiona Leung — A Hero Never Dies Sandra Ng Portland Street Blues • • • • Anita Yuen — Till Death Do Us Part Best Supporting Actor Winner Patrick Tam Winning film Nominees Beast Cops • • • • Alex Fong Chung-Sun — Your Place or Mine Eric Tsang — Hold You Tight Nick Cheung — The Conman Sam Lee — The Longest Summer Best Supporting Actress Winner Winning film Nominees Hsu Chi — The Storm Riders Kristy Yang — Portland Street Blues Cathy Chui — Beast Cops Amanda Lee — 9413 Hsu Chi Portland Street Blues • • • • Best New Performer Winner Winning film Nominees Jo Koo — The Longest Summer Yoyo Mung — Expect the Unexpected Tony Ho — The Longest Summer Daniel Wu — City of Glass Nicholas Tse Young and Dangerous: The Prequel • • • • Best Cinematography Winner Arthur Wong Winning film Nominees Fuyajo • • • • Kwan Pun Leung — Hold You Tight Peter Pau — Anna Magdalena Andrew Lau — The Storm Riders Jingle Ma — City of Glass Best Film Editing Winner Marco Mak.

18th Hong Kong Film Awards 51 Best Art Direction Winner Yohei Taneda Winning film Nominees Fuyajo • • • • Bruce Yu — Hold You Tight Bruce Yu — City of Glass Cyrus Ho Kim Hung — The Storm Riders David Pun Chi Wai — Anna Magdalena Best Costume Make Up Design Winner Winning film Nominees Dora Ng — Anna Magdalena Yohei Taneda — Fuyajo Bruce Yu — City of Glass Lee Pik Kwan The Storm Riders • • • • Bruce Yu. Chiu Tsang Hei — City of Glass Chiu Tsang Hei — Anna Magdalena Yu Yat Yiu. Kenneth Bi — The Longest Summer Chan Kwong Wing The Storm Riders • • • • Best Original Film Song Winner Winning film Nominees . Steven Tsang — A Hero Never Dies Best Action Choreography Winner Jackie Chan Winning film Nominees Who Am I? • • • • Dion Lam — The Storm Riders Bruce Law — Extreme Crisis Tung Wai — Hitman Tung Wai — Hot War Best Original Film Score Winner Winning film Nominees Dick Lee. Keith Leung — Hold You Tight Lam Wah Chuen.

hkfaa. Chan & Walter Afanasieff Lyricist: Andy Lau Singer: Andy Lau 去 年 煙 花 特 別 多 — The Longest Summer Composer: Lam Wah Chuen Lyricist: Lam Wah Chuen Singer: Andy Lau Best Sound Design Winner Winning film N/A Nominees Who Am I? Beast Cops Hot War City of Glass The Storm Riders • • • • References • Official website of the Hong Kong Film Awards (http://www.K.com) .18th Hong Kong Film Awards 今 生 不 再 Composer: Dick Lee Lyricist: Albert Leung Singer: Leon Lai • City of Glass • 風 雲 — The Storm Riders • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Composer: Chan Kwong Wing Lyricist: Albert Leung Singer: Ekin Cheng Composer: Alan Tam Lyricist: Xiao Mei Singer: Aaron Kwok 52 驚變 — The Storm Riders 你 是 我的 女 人 — A True Mob Story Composer: Kenny G. T.

1911 (film) 53 1911 (film) 1911 Theatrical release poster Traditional Simplified Mandarin Cantonese Directed by Produced by 辛亥革命 辛亥革命 Xīnhài Gémìng San1 Hoi6 Gaap3 Ming6 Jackie Chan Zhang Li Wang Zhebin Wang Tinyun Bi Shulin Wang Xingdong Chen Baoguang Jackie Chan Winston Chao Li Bingbing Ding Wei Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Zhang Li Huang Wei Editing by Studio Yang Hongyu JCE Movies Limited Chang Ying Film Group Corporation Shanghai Film Group Corporation Shanghai Film Studio Beijing Alnair Culture & Media Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation Jackie Chan International Cinema Culture Holdings Xiaoxiang Film Studio China City Construction Holding Group Hebei Film Studio Tainjin North Film Group Media Asia Films Huaxia Film Distribution Media Asia Distributions (Hong Kong) Huaxia Film Distribution East Film & TV Distribution (China) • • Distributed by Release date(s) 23 September 2011 (China ) [2] 29 September 2011 (Hong Kong ) [1] Running time Country Language 125 minutes China Hong Kong Mandarin English .

deaths of the 72 martyrs. followed by news of the abdication of Emperor Puyi (signed on his behalf by Empress Dowager Longyu) on 12 February 1912. beginning with the Wuchang Uprising of 1911. to the election of Sun Yat-sen as provisional president of the new Provisional Republic of China. from 27 April 1911 through military engagements between Revolutionary and Imperial forces.[3] The film is a tribute to the 100th anniversary of the Xinhai Revolution. Co-stars include Chan's son Jaycee Chan. is a 2011 Chinese historical drama film. Li Bingbing. Joan Chen and Hu Ge. Chan is also the executive producer and co-director of the film. This film was selected to open the 24th Tokyo International Film Festival. It is also Jackie Chan's 100th film in his career. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Jackie Chan as Huang Xing Winston Chao as Sun Yat-sen Li Bingbing as Xu Zonghan Sun Chun as Yuan Shikai Jaycee Chan as Zhang Zhenwu Hu Ge as Lin Juemin Yu Shaoqun as Wang Jingwei Joan Chen as Empress Dowager Longyu Huang Zhizhong as Situ Meitang Jiang Wu as Li Yuanhong Ning Jing as Qiu Jin Jiang Wenli as Soong Ching-ling Mei Ting as Chen Yiying Xing Jiadong as Song Jiaoren Wei Zongwan as Yikuang Hu Ming as Liao Zhongkai Iva Law as Consort Jin Huo Qing as Tan Renfeng Qi Dao as Wu Zhaolin Dennis To as Xiong Bingkun Tao Zeru as Tang Weiyong Wang Ziwen as Tang Manrou Ye Daying as Wu Tingfang Chen Yiheng as Xu Shichang Duobujie as Feng Guozhang Zhang Zhijian as Lin Sen Xie Gang as Tang Shaoyi Liu Zitian as Hu Hanmin .[4] Besides starring in it. and scenes of political-economic maneuvering. when Sun Yat-sen steps down and General Yuan Shikai becomes the new provisional president in Beijing on 10 March 1912. Winston Chao.[5] Plot The story closely follows key events of the Xinhai Revolution. with focus on General Huang Xing and Revolutionary leader Sun Yat-sen.1911 (film) Budget US$30 million 54 1911. also known as Xinhai Revolution and The 1911 Revolution.

.[5] It was released in its original version to theaters across the United States and Canada on 7 October 2011. where a camera rolling ceremony was held. Hainan. Liaoning.[2] It opened the 24th Tokyo International Film Festival on 22 October 2011.[4] After half a year of intense production. it wrapped on 20 March 2011 in Sanya.[6] Release The film was released on 23 September 2011 in China[1] and on 29 September 2011 in Hong Kong.1911 (film) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Sun Jingji as Yu Peilun Michael Lacidonia as Homer Lea Gao Bin as Cai Yuanpei Wang Wang as Chen Qimei Zhao Yaodong as Zhang Taiyan Jia Hongwei as Jiang Yiwu Su Hanye as Puyi Nan Kai as Yu Zhaolong Tong Jun as Xiaodezhang Jiang Jing as Yuan Shikai's concubine A Wang Weiwei as Yuan Shikai's concubine B Wang Luyao as Yuan Shikai's concubine C Simon Dutton as Sir John Newell Jordan He Xiang as Fang Shengdong Lan Haoyu as Lin Shishuang Xu Ning as Chen Gengxin Wei Xiaojun as Red Cross Society leader Qin Xuan as Red Cross Society vice leader He Qiang as Ju Zheng Ma Yan as Liu Cheng'en Wang Ya'nan as Yuan Keding Zhang Xiaolin as Tieliang Lü Yang as Liangbi Tan Zengwei as Puwei Jack as Yubei'er Li Dongxue as Zaifeng Liu Guohua as Qing assassin Wang Kan as Ruicheng Xu Wenguang as Zhang Mingqi Zuo Zhaohe as Zheng Kun Wang Jingfeng as Tao Qisheng James Lee Guy (盖 吉 利 Gai Jili) as American representative Maxiu as British representative Canwu as German representative Duluye as French representative Attarian as French representative 55 Production Production started on 29 September 2010 in Fuxin.

03. such as on the reforms that led to the 1911 revolution. com/ 2011/ 03/ 20110321-jackie-chan-at-war-has.allrovi.rottentomatoes. indicating "generally unfavorable" reviews. hkheadline.com/m/1911/) at Rotten Tomatoes • 1911 (http://www.boxofficemojo. metacritic.mediaasia. com/ m/ 1911/ ) at Rotten Tomatoes [8] 1911 (http:/ / www. rottentomatoes.mhtml?id=14567&display_set=eng) at the Hong Kong Movie DataBase • 1911 (http://www. [2] "辛 亥 革 命 1911" (http:/ / www. . holds 37/100.imdb. htm). 2011-10-08. cn/ NEWS/ tabid/ 99/ ID/ 674091/ China-1911-gets-ready-for-debut. . . p.com/title/tt1772230/) at the Internet Movie Database • 1911 (http://www. cn/ 1/ 2011/ 08/ 16/ 101s4426.com/1911/) (Asia) • Official website (http://www. com/ ent/ movie_info.com/movies/?id=1911.com/db/movies/view. International Film Guide 2012. globaltimes. it currently holds a 9% "rotten" rating on Rotten Tomatoes.com/) (US) • 1911 (http://www. which uses an average of critics' reviews. The Economist. 1082881--The-Xinhai-Revolution-Start-of-Filming-Ceremony).[7] On Metacritic. ticket sales have been poor. com/ movie/ 1911) at Metacritic [9] "Commemorating China’s 1911 revolution: From Sun to Mao to now" (http:/ / www.metacritic. com/ node/ 21531524). .com/movies/movie/v542715) at AllRovi • 1911 (http://www.[8] The Economist noted that while the film was endorsed by the Chinese government officials. html). aspx). [7] 1911 (http:/ / www. [4] "The Xinhai Revolution Start of Filming Ceremony – The Official Website of Jackie Chan" (http:/ / jackiechan. [5] ""1911" Chosen as Opening Film of Tokyo International Film Festival" (http:/ / www.[9] References [1] "'China 1911' gets ready for debut" (http:/ / www.htm) at Box Office Mojo • 1911 (http://www. asp?srctype=m& contid=1575). [3] Smith.1911 (film) 56 Reception 1911 received generally negative reviews. 131. It also noted that the film avoided sensitive topics. economist.21) JACKIE CHAN AT WAR HAS ADRENALIN PUMPING" (http:/ / hktopten.1911movie. .com/movie/1911) at Metacritic . com/ news/ External links • Official website (http://www. Ian Hayden (2012). Retrieved 2011-10-14. ISBN 978-1908215017. chinesefilms.hkmdb. . blogspot. [6] "HKSAR Film No Top 10 Box Office: (2011.

Laurent Courtiaud. Cat Kwan Winning film Nominees Yip Kam Hung — Metade Fumaca Yau Nai-Hoi. Juilen Carbon — Running Out of Time Fruit Chan — Little Cheung Chan Kin Chung — Ordinary Heroes Tempting Heart • • • • Best Actor Winner Winning film Nominees Eric Tsang — Metade Fumaca Anthony Wong — Ordinary Heroes Lau Ching Wan — Victim Francis Ng — Bullets Over Summer Andy Lau Running Out of Time • • • • .19th Hong Kong Film Awards 57 19th Hong Kong Film Awards 19th Hong Kong Film Awards Date Venue Host(s) 16 April 2000 Hong Kong Coliseum Ceremony for the 19th Hong Kong Film Awards was held on 16 April 2000 in the Hong Kong Coliseum. Awards Best Film Winner Winning film N/A Nominees Little Cheung The Mission Fly Me to Polaris Running Out of Time Ordinary Heroes • • • • Best Director Winner Johnnie To Winning film Nominees The Mission • • • • Sylvia Chang — Tempting Heart Ann Hui — Ordinary Heroes Ringo Lam — Victim Johnnie To — Running Out of Time Best Screenplay Winner Sylvia Chang.

Chan Kwok Hung — Fly Me to Polaris Arthur Wong — Gen-X Cops Arthur Wong Purple Storm • • • • Best Film Editing Winner Winning film Nominees Chan Chi Wai — The Mission Chan Chi Wai — Running Out of Time Cheung Ka Fai — Gen-X Cops Tin Sam Fat — Little Cheung Kwong Chi Leung Purple Storm • • • • .19th Hong Kong Film Awards 58 Best Actress Winner Winning film Nominees Deanie Ip — Crying Heart Loletta Lee — Ordinary Heroes Gigi Leung — Tempting Heart Helena Lo Bullets Over Summer • • • • Cecilia Cheung — Fly Me to Polaris Best Supporting Actor Winner Winning film Nominees Ti Lung The Kid • • • • Tse Kwan Ho — Ordinary Heroes Lam Suet — The Mission Robby — Little Cheung Hui Shiu Hung — Running Out of Time Best Supporting Actress Winner Carrie Ng Winning film Nominees The Kid • • • • Elaine Jin — Metade Fumaca Elaine Jin — Tempting Heart Paw Hee Ching — Ordinary Heroes Josie Ho — Purple Storm Best New Performer Winner Winning film Nominees Fann Wong — The Truth About Jane and Sam Yiu Yuet Ming — Little Cheung Richie Jen — Fly Me to Polaris Cecilia Cheung — King of comedy Cecilia Cheung Fly Me to Polaris • • • • Best Cinematography Winner Winning film Nominees Ross Clarkson — Victim Peter Pau — Metade Fumaca Jingle Ma.

Jackie Chan Stunt Team — Gorgeous Cheng Ka Sang — The Mission Dion Lam — A Man Called Hero Tung Wai Purple Storm • • • • Best Original Film Score Winner Winning film Nominees Lam Wah Chuen. Chu Hing Cheung — Little Cheung Chung Chi Wing — The Mission Chan Kwong Wing — A Man Called Hero Peter Kam — Purple Storm Peter Kam Fly Me to Polaris • • • • Best Original Film Song Winner Winning film Nominees .19th Hong Kong Film Awards 59 Best Art Direction Winner Winning film Nominees Wong Bing Yiu — Metade Fumaca Mak Kwok Keung — Purple Storm Bruce Yu — Gen-X Cops Man Lim Chung Tempting Heart • • • • Elbut Poon. Ringo Fung — Ordinary Heroes Best Costume Make Up Design Winner Winning film Nominees Dora Ng Purple Storm • • • • Yee Chung-Man — Tempting Heart Dora Ng — Metade Fumaca Bruce Yu — Gen-X Cops Lee Pik Kwan — A Man Called Hero Best Action Choreography Winner Winning film Nominees Lee Chung Chi — Gen-X Cops Jackie Chan.

19th Hong Kong Film Awards Fly Me to Polaris • 星語心 願 Composer: Peter Kam Lyricist: Ko Suet Nam Singer: Cecilia Cheung • 天 煞 孤 星 — A Man Called Hero • • • • Composer: Chan Kwong Wing Lyricist: Albert Leung Singer: Ekin Cheng 60 愛 後餘生 — Metade Fumaca Composer: Ng Lok Shing • • Lyricist: Albert Leung • Singer: Nicholas Tse Candle Light — Fly Me to Polaris • • • Composer: Poon Hip Hing Lyricist: Poon Hip Hing Singer: Richie Jen • 泡 沬 童 真 — Little Cheung • • • Composer: Lam Wah Chuen Lyricist: Lam Wah Chuen Singer: Jo Koo Best Sound Design Winner Winning film Nominees Cuson Liu Ka Man. Phyllis Cheng Wing Yuen — Bullets Over Summer Cheuk Bo Yi — Victim Kinson Tsang — Gen-X Cops Kinson Tsang — A Man Called Hero Kinson Tsang Purple Storm • • • • External links • Official website of the Hong Kong Film Awards [1] .

392 missing 374. Official figures (as of July 21.[16] It is also known as the Wenchuan earthquake (Chinese: 汶 川 大 地 震.98 Ms [1] [2] [3] /7.[9] The earthquake left about 4.222 listed as missing.[18] though the number could be as high as 11 million. which killed at least 240.9 Mw.643 injured [9] (as of September 22. with a focal depth of 19 kilometres (12 mi). and 374. The epicenter was 80 kilometres (50 mi) west-northwest of Chengdu.8 million people homeless.195 dead (21st deadliest earthquake of all time) [7][8] 18. 2008 18:18 CST) [7] [4][5] The 2008 Sichuan earthquake[10] or the Great Sichuan Earthquake was a deadly earthquake that measured at 8.000 people. Ngawa in Sichuan Province)  China Building and infrastructure damage. It was the deadliest earthquake to hit China since the 1976 Tangshan earthquake.719 total 69. formation of landslide dams XI MM/CSIS Yes [6] 149 to 284 major over 42. May 12. 2008 in Sichuan province of China. Wenchuan County in Sichuan province.[17] USGS provided a map of Asia on May 2008.636 in Sichuan province. the capital of Sichuan. which showed a total of 122 earthquakes occurring on the continent. with 18. killing an estimated 68. The large red square near the center of the map depicts the Chengdu quake in the Sichuan province.700 kilometres (1. after the location of the earthquake's epicenter. including 68.2008 Sichuan earthquake 61 2008 Sichuan earthquake 2008 Earthquake 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake Date Duration Magnitude Depth Epicenter Countries or regions Total damage Max.000 people.176 injured.056 mi) away—where office buildings swayed with the tremor.9 M w 19 kilometres (12 mi) 31°01′16″N 103°22′01″E (Yingxiu. 2008 >2 minutes 7. and .[19] Approximately 15 million people lived in the affected area. landslide.500 kilometres (932 mi) and 1. 2008 12:00 CST) stated that 69.[3] The earthquake was also felt in nearby countries and as far away as both Beijing and Shanghai—1. Wenchuan.[13][14] and occurred at 02:28:01 PM China Standard Time at epicenter (06:28:01 UTC)[15] on Monday.0 Ms[2][11][12] and 7. pinyin: Wènchuān dà dìzhèn).197 were confirmed dead. intensity Landslides Aftershocks Casualties May 12.

[22] The earthquake generated deformations of the surface greater than 3 meters[23] and increased the stress (and probability of occurrence of future events) at the northeastern and southwestern ends of the fault. in the quake almost 80% of buildings were destroyed. He pointed out that the shallowness of the epicenter and the density of population greatly increased the severity of the earthquake. which registered at 8. rupturing a total of about 300 km. the rupture propagated at an average speed of 3. stimulus program.[20] It is the 21st deadliest earthquake of all time. 2008 In a United States Geological Survey (USGS) study. The rupture lasted close to 120 sec. preliminary occurred in a small region following the quake. USGS seismologist Tom Parsons warned that there is "high risk" of a major M>7 aftershock over the next weeks or months. with its main tremor occurring at 14:28:01. According to reports from Chengdu. Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture.9 Mw. 80 km west/northwest of the provincial capital city of Chengdu. On November 6. rupture models of the earthquake indicated displacement of up to 9 meters along a fault approximately 240 km long by 20 km deep.[3][13] The epicenter was in Wenchuan County. with the majority of energy released in the first 80 sec.5 on the Richter magnitude scale.42 China [15] on Monday May 12.[24] Japanese seismologist Yuji Yagi at the University of Tsukuba said that the earthquake occurred in two stages: "The 155-mile Longmenshan Fault tore in two sections. a seismologist at the University of Tokyo.[1] A USGS map shows that dozens of aftershocks . 2008. the first one ripping about seven yards..5 billion) over the next three years to [21] (See also. continued to hit the area even months after the main quake.0 Ms[2][11][12] and 7.[23] On May 20.1 kilometers per second 49° toward north east.000 people. followed by a second one that sheared four yards. which killed over 6. lasting for around 2 minutes. the earthquake occurred along the Longmenshan fault. Maximum displacement amounted to 9 meters. causing new casualties and damage. Map showing the location of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake and all the aftershocks following it through May 28. a thrust structure along the border of the Indo-Australian Plate and Eurasian Plate. China economic rebuild areas ravaged by the earthquake. Teruyuki Kato. the earthquake tremors lasted for "about two or three minutes". the central government announced that it would spend 1 trillion yuan (about $146.) 62 Earthquake's results The earthquake had a magnitude of 8. According to a study by the China Earthquake Administration (CEA).2008 Sichuan earthquake the strongest since the 1950 Chayu earthquake in the country. Strong aftershocks."[25] His data also showed that the earthquake lasted about two minutes and released 30 times the energy of the Great Hanshin earthquake of 1995 in Japan. some exceeding magnitude 6.42 UTC). said that the seismic waves of the quake traveled a long distance without losing their power because of the firmness of the terrain in central China. the capital of Sichuan province. Starting from Wenchuan. Seismic activities concentrated on its mid-fracture (known as Yingxiu-Beichuan fracture). The [13] focus was deeper than 10 km. 2008 Standard Time (06:28:01.

0 MS to 4.1. where the tremors continued for one to two minutes.2008 Sichuan earthquake 63 Extent of tremors Places ordered by distance from epicenter (or time of propagation) : • •  China (Mainland): All regions except Xinjiang.[28]  Pakistan: In parts of Northern Pakistan tremors were felt ten minutes after the quake.[28]  Russia: Tremors were felt in Tuva.4 MS. continuing for about half a minute. both in Sichuan Province.[28]  India: Tremors were felt approximately nine minutes after the earthquake in parts of India.[30]  Vietnam: Tremors were felt approximately five minutes after the earthquake in Northern parts of Vietnam. the Beichuan liedu-XI zone is about 82 km long and 15 km wide along An County-Beichuan-Pingwu. no casualties reported.[4]) Two south-west-north-east stripes of liedu XI are centered around Yingxiu. "by 12:00 CST. Wenchuan (the town closest to the epicenter of the main quake) and Beichuan (the town repeatedly struck by strong aftershocks including one registering MS 6. .0 Ms to 6.0 MS to 5. of which 246 ranged from 4. According to Chinese official counts. Office buildings in Bangkok swayed for the next several minutes.419 km2.[31][32] The intensity was MM III in Hanoi. 2008 in southern Sichuan province was not part of this series because it was caused by a different fault.[28]  Nepal: Tremors were felt approximately eight and a half minutes after the quake. 2008).  Mongolia: Tremors were felt approximately eight minutes after the earthquake in parts of Mongolia. 34 from 5. 2008. described as "very destructive" on the European Macroseismic Scale (EMS) from which CSIS drew reference. This was also the most distant earthquake known ever to be felt in Hong Kong.9 MS.) On the night of May 12. The area with liedu X (comparable to X on EMS.[28]  Bangladesh: Tremors were felt eight and a half minutes after the quake in all parts of Bangladesh.[33]  Taiwan: It took about eight minutes for the quake to reach Taiwan.000 km2 of the affected area shows a maximum liedu of XI on the China Seismic Intensity Scale (CSIS). (The Ms 6. and 8 from 6.719 total aftershocks. ranging in magnitude from 4. November 6. the strongest aftershock measured 6.[5] (USGS.  Thailand: In parts of Thailand tremors were felt six minutes after the quake. using the Modified Mercalli intensity scale (CC).[26]  Hong Kong: Tremors were felt approximately three minutes after the quake. no damage or injuries were reported.9 MS. occupying a total of 2."[6] The latest aftershock exceeding M6 occurred on August 5.[27][28][29] The intensity reached MM III in Hong Kong. Jilin and Heilongjiang were physically affected by the quake.[28] • • • • • • • • • • Aftershocks Between 64 and 104 major aftershocks.4 MS.1 on Aug 1. residents of Chengdu worried about potential aftershocks and gathered in the street to avoid staying in buildings. See 2008 Panzhihua earthquake for details. 2008 there had been 42.1 earthquake on August 30. "destructive" and X on MM. "very disastrous". The Yingxiu liedu-XI zone is about 66 km long and 20 km wide along Wenchuan–Dujiangyan–Pengzhou.  Macau: Tremors were felt approximately three minutes after the quake. Intensities and damage area The map of earthquake intensity published by CEA after surveying 500.[34] The intensity was MM III in Taipei. were recorded within 72 hours of the main quake.0 to 6. also placed maximum intensity at XI.

Near the Sichuan Basin. The magnitude 7. In the epicentral area. The inter-plate relative motion caused large scale structural deformation inside the Asian continent. resulting in the uplift of the Himalaya and Tibetan plateaux and associated earthquake activity. along the Longmen Shan fault. i. resulting in a thinning crust of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. to the west.e. According to CEA:[13] "The energy source of the Wenchuan earthquake and Longmenshan's southeast push came from the strike of the Indian Plate onto the Eurasian Plate and its northward push. 1933 killed more than 9.442 km2. The convergence of the two plates is broadly accommodated by the uplift of the Asian highlands and by the motion of crustal material to the east away from the uplifted Tibetan Plateau.5 earthquake of August 25.300 people. the seismicity of central and eastern Asia is a result of northward convergence of the Indian Plate against the Eurasian Plate with a velocity of about 50 mm/y. Earthquakes of this size have the potential to cause extensive damage and loss of life. the surface slip on Beichuan Fault was almost purely dextral strike-slip up to about 3 metres (9.144 km2.8 metres (16 ft) horizontal-perpendicular to the fault. The area affected by earthquakes exceeding liedu VI totals 440. The earthquake reflects tectonic stresses resulting from the convergence of crustal material slowly moving from the high Tibetan Plateau. and 4. In the area about 30 kilometres (19 mi) northeast of the epicenter. The Longmen Shan Fault System is situated in the eastern border of the Tibetan Plateau and contains several faults. causing a high degree of stress accumulation in the Longmenshan thrust formation.3 metres (7 ft 7 in) horizontal." The earthquake occurred as the result of motion on a northeast striking reverse fault or thrust fault on the northwestern margin of the Sichuan Basin. leading to the violent earthquake of [36] Ms 8.5 metres (11 ft) horizontal-parallel to the fault. The epicenter was in the mountains of the Eastern Margin of Qing-Tibet Plateau at the northwest margin of the Sichuan Basin. while the average slip in Guanxian-Anxian Fault was [35] about 2 metres (6 ft 7 in) vertical and 2. Qinghai-Tibet Plateau's east-northward movement meets with strong resistance from the South China Block. The earthquake’s epicenter and focal-mechanism are consistent with it having occurred as the result of movement on the Longmenshan fault or a tectonically related fault. China frequently suffers large According to the United States Geological Survey:[37] . This finally caused a sudden dislocation in the Yingxiu-Beichuan fracture. The seismicity of central and eastern Asia is caused by the northward movement of the India plate at a rate of 5 cm/year and its collision with Eurasia. The northwestern margin of the Sichuan Basin has previously experienced destructive earthquakes. This deformation also results in the extrusion of crustal material from the high Tibetan Plateaux in the west towards the Sichuan Basin and southeastern China. According to the British Geological Survey:[38] The earthquake occurred 92 km northwest of the city of Chengdu in eastern Sichuan province and over 1500 km from Beijing.5 metres (11 ft) vertical. On a continental scale. against strong crust underlying the Sichuan Basin and southeastern China.8 ft). the uplift of its landscape and an eastward extrude. 64 Tectonics The extent of the earthquake and after shock-affected areas lies north-east. where it was also strongly felt. 3. spanning three provinces and one autonomous region.0. This earthquake ruptured at least two imbricate structures in Longmen Shan Fault System. occupying an oval 936 km long and 596 km wide. The earthquake occurred as a result of motion on a northeast striking thrust fault that runs along the margin of the basin. the Beichuan Fault and the Guanxian-Anxian Fault.2008 Sichuan earthquake "disastrous") spans 3. the average slip in Beichuan Fault was about 3.

2008 Sichuan earthquake and deadly earthquakes. In August 1933, the magnitude 7.5 Diexi earthquake, about 90 km northeast of today's earthquake, destroyed the town of Diexi and surrounding villages, and caused many landslides, some of which dammed the rivers.


Immediate aftermath
Office buildings in Shanghai's financial district, including the Jin Mao Tower and the Hong Kong New World Tower, were evacuated.[39] A receptionist at the Tibet Hotel in Chengdu said things were "calm" after the hotel evacuated its guests.[40] Meanwhile, workers at a Ford plant in Sichuan were evacuated for about 10 minutes.[41] The Chengdu airport was shut down, and the control tower and regional radar control evacuated. One SilkAir flight was diverted and landed in nearby Kunming as a result.[42] Cathay Pacific delayed both legs of its quadruple daily Hong Kong to London route due to this disruption in air traffic services. Chengdu airport reopened later on the evening of May 12, offering limited service as the airport began to be used as a staging area for relief operations.[43] Reporters in Chengdu said they saw cracks on walls of some residential buildings in the downtown areas, but no building collapsed.[44] Many Beijing office towers were evacuated, including the building housing the media offices for the organizers of the 2008 Summer Olympics. None of the Olympic venues were damaged.[31] Meanwhile, a cargo train carrying 13 petrol tanks derailed in Huixian County, Gansu Province, and caught on fire after the rail was distorted.[45]
USGS shake map

The outside of a warehouse in disarray following the earthquake.

All of the highways into Wenchuan, and others throughout Sichuan province, were damaged, resulting in delayed arrival of the rescue troops.[46][47] In Beichuan county, 80% of the buildings collapsed according to Xinhua News.[48] In the city of Shifang, the collapse of two chemical plants led to leakage of some 80 tons of liquid ammonia, with hundreds of people reported buried.[49] In the city of Dujiangyan, south-east of the epicenter, a whole school collapsed with 900 students buried and 50 dead. The Juyuan Middle School, where many teenagers were buried, was excavated by civilians and cranes.[50] Dujiangyan is home of the Dujiangyan Irrigation System, an ancient water diversion project which is still in use and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The project's famous Fish Mouth was cracked but not severely damaged otherwise.[51]

The Miaoziping Bridge of Dujiangyan Wenchuan Expressway was damaged in the earthquake.

2008 Sichuan earthquake Both the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange suspended trading of companies based in southwestern China. Copper rose over speculations that production in southwestern China may be affected,[53] and oil prices dropped over speculations that demand from China would fall.[54] Immediately after the earthquake event, mobile and terrestrial telecommunications were cut to the affected and surrounding area, with all internet capabilities cut to the Sichuan area too. Elements of telecommunications were restored by the government piece by piece over the next number of months as the situation in the Sichuan province gradually improved. Eventually, a handful of major news and media websites were made accessible online in the region, albeit with dramatically pared back webpages.


A bank building in Beichuan after the earthquake. A girl was found in the ruins 102 hours (4 days, 6 [52] hours) after the earthquake.

China Mobile had more than 2,300 base stations suspended due to power disruption or severe telecommunication traffic congestion. Half of the wireless communications were lost in the Sichuan province. China Unicom's service in [55][56][57] Wenchuan and four nearby counties was cut off, with more than 700 towers suspended. Initially, officials were unable to contact the Wolong National Nature Reserve, home to around 280 giant pandas.[58] However, China's Foreign Ministry later said that a group of 31 British tourists visiting the Wolong panda reserve in the quake-hit area returned safe and uninjured to the provincial capital. Nonetheless, the well-being of an even greater number of pandas in the neighbouring panda reserves remained unknown. Five security guards at the reserve were killed by the earthquake.[59] Six pandas escaped after their enclosures were damaged. By May 20, two pandas at the reserve were found to be A single door frame bearing a portrait of injured, while the search continued for another two adult pandas that Chairman Mao remained standing in a pile of went missing after the quake.[60] By May 28, 2008, one panda was still debris. missing.[61] The missing panda was later found dead under the rubble [62] of an enclosure. Nine-year-old Mao Mao, a mother of five at the breeding center, was discovered on Monday, her body crushed by a wall in her enclosure. Panda keepers and other workers placed her remains in a small wooden crate and buried her outside the breeding centre. The Zipingpu Hydropower Plant (simplified Chinese: 紫 坪 铺 水 库; traditional Chinese: 紫 坪 鋪 水 庫) located 20 km east of the epicenter was damaged. A recent inspection indicated that the damage was less severe than initially feared, and it remains structurally stable and safe.[63] The Tulong reservoir upstream is in danger of collapse. About 2,000 troops have been allocated to Zipingpu, trying to release the pressure through spillway. In total, 391 dams, most of them small, were reported damaged by the quake.[64]


2008 Sichuan earthquake


Region Sichuan Mianyang Ngawa Deyang

Deaths 21,963 20,258 17,121


[65] [66] [67]

Guangyuan 4,822[68] Chengdu Nanchong Ya'an Suining Ziyang Meishan Bazhong Garzê Leshan Neijiang Dazhou Liangshan Zigong Luzhou Guang'an Total Gansu Shaanxi Chongqing Henan Guizhou Hubei Hunan Yunnan Total 4,276 254 15 27 26 20 10 9 8 7 4 3 2 1 1 68,636 365 122 18 2 1 1 1 1 69,180

According to Chinese state officials, the quake caused 69,180 known deaths including 68,636 in Sichuan province; 18,498 people are listed as missing, and 374,176 injured, but these figures may further increase as more reports come in.[9][69] This estimate includes 158 earthquake relief workers who were killed in landslides as they tried to repair roads.[70] One rescue team reported only 2,300 survivors from Yingxiu, out of a total population of about 9,000.[71] 3,000 to 5,000 people were killed in Beichuan county, Sichuan province alone; in the same location, 10,000 people were injured and 80% of the buildings were destroyed. The old county seat of Beichuan was abandoned and preserved as part of the Beichuan Earthquake Museum. Eight schools were toppled in Dujiangyan.[72] A 56-year-old Taiwanese tourist was killed in Dujiangyan during a rescue attempt on the Lingyanshan Ropeway, where due to the earthquake

In the days following the disaster. Health care is poor in inland areas like Sichuan province. including 12. DesRoches said: "If the buildings were older and built prior to that 1976 earthquake. who had been constantly posting updates on his blog since March 2009. seven schools collapsed.300 children and teachers died at Beichuan Middle School.[79] 68 Property damage The earthquake left at least 5 million people without housing.[81] Catastrophe modeling firm AIR Worldwide reported official estimates of insurers' losses at US$1 billion from the earthquake. at around US$115 billion.[84] News reports indicate that the poorer. the earthquake killed 5."[75] The Vice Minister of Health also suggested that the government would pick up the costs of care to earthquake victims. estimated total damages exceed US$20 billion. pinyin: Zhū Shàowéi) was also killed in Mianzhu City when a house collapsed on him[74] and another Taiwanese was reported missing. Swaminathan Krishnan.[76] Details of school casualties had been under non-governmental investigation since December 2008 by volunteers including artist and architect Ai Weiwei.[9] Experts point out that the earthquake hit an area that has been largely neglected and untouched by China's economic rise.5 million animals. According to the state-run Xinhua news agency. which take care of earthquake issues and seismic design issues." he said."[83] Swaminathan Krishnan further added: "There are very strong building codes in China. a group of onlookers examine a collapsed building in the rain. burying at least 1. In the Sichuan province a million pigs died out of 60 million total. with only a small portion covered by insurance.700 people. highlighting the widening gap between prosperous urban dwellers and struggling rural people. It values Chengdu. so to speak.[75] Vice Minister of Health Gao Qiang told reporters in Beijing that the "public health care system in China is insufficient. rural villages were hardest hit. Another 700 students were buried in a school in Hanwang. many of the buildings were just built.2008 Sichuan earthquake 11 Taiwanese tourists had been trapped inside cable cars since May 13.[75] In terms of school casualties. At least 600 students and staff died at Juyuan Elementary School. many of whom have little or no insurance: "The government should be responsible for providing medical treatment to them. In Mianyang City.[77] The official tally of students killed in the earthquake was not released until May 7.[80] Millions of livestock and a significant amount of agriculture were also destroyed. mainly birds. Up to 1.[73] A 4-year-old Taiwanese boy named Chu Shao-wei (simplified Chinese: 朱 绍 维. Presumably. they were not designed.000 school buildings in Sichuan Province collapsed. the Chinese government declared that parents who had lost their only children would get free treatment from fertility clinics to reverse vasectomies and tubal ligations conducted by family planning authorities."[83] Rain was among the many problems affecting the area in the aftermath of the earthquake. 2009. a professor of civil and environmental engineering at Georgia Tech. At least 7. chances are they weren't built for adequate earthquake forces. an international reconnaissance team of engineers was dispatched to the region to make a detailed preliminary survey of damaged buildings. Here.5 million people.[78] In the aftermath of the earthquake. But many of these buildings presumably were quite old and probably were not built . Sichuan Province’s capital city of 4. Their findings show a variety of reasons why many constructions failed to withstand the earthquake. although the number could be as high as 11 million.335 students and left another 546 children disabled. pointed out that the massive damage of properties and houses in the earthquake area was because China did not create an adequate seismic design code until after the devastating Tangshan earthquake in 1976. assistant professor of civil engineering and geophysics at the California Institute of Technology said: "the earthquake occurred in the rural part of China. almost a year after the earthquake. thousands of school children died due to shoddy construction. traditional Chinese: 朱 紹 維.[82] Reginald DesRoches.

collapse of hundreds of homes and damaging kilometers of highways. The government spent $441 billion dollars on relief and reconstruction efforts. flew to the earthquake area to oversee the rescue work.4 Ms according to CEA) hit northeast of the original earthquake's epicenter. China's Health Ministry said that it had sent ten emergency medical teams to Wenchuan County in southwest China's Sichuan Province. also northeast of Wenchuan and close to the epicenter of a 7."[83] Even with the five largest cities in Sichuan suffering only minor damage from the quake.5 Mw.94 million households were still without permanent shelter.[87] The same area suffered two more aftershocks of 5. collapse of 707 homes. which covers the most serious class of natural disasters. an aftershock of 6. The National Disaster Relief Commission initiated a "Level II emergency contingency plan". due to the with disaster relief work in Wenchuan County.2 M according to USGS) hit Qingchuan. including Beichuan and Wenchuan.7 Mw according to USGS) on August 1. the soldiers found it very difficult to get help to the rural regions of the province. 32 injuries.000 troops and armed police to help [98] However.300 schools had been reconstructed. May 12.[86] On May 27.2 Mw in Qingchuan County and one 5. On the same day. He stated that 200. who has an academic background in geomechanics. causing 1 death.065 identified schoolchildren died.7 Mw in Ningqiang County in neighboring Shaanxi Province.[99] Persistent rain. one 5. 1000 injuries. such as the one above. according to USGS) on July 23. 2008 that 19.[96] Just 90 minutes after the earthquake.6 and 6. yet another aftershock of 6. and 685. in Qingchuan County. some estimates of the economic loss run higher than US$75 billion dollars. Sichuan.0 Ms (5.[90][91][92] As late as August 5. 1. resulting in 1 death.2008 Sichuan earthquake with any regulations overseeing them.[93] Government data Executive vice governor Wei Hong confirmed on November 21. but 1. two of the most devastated areas.[100] .0 Mw (6. causing eight deaths. respectively. suffered a 6. it caused 2 deaths.000 were under reconstruction. hindered rescue officials' efforts to enter the target region. 6 serious injuries. damages to over 1.000 homes and injured 63 people. On May 25.000 homes.8 and 5. with initial relocation of 25 townships.[85] making the earthquake one of the costliest natural disasters in Chinese history. two aftershocks. and widespread hill slides blocking roads in the area including a national highway. telecommunication interruptions. and blocked 25 kilometres (16 mi) of country roads. Premier Wen Jiabao. 69 Later casualties Strong aftershocks continued to strike even months after the main quake. Sichuan.000 people in total were dead or missing in the earthquake. The plan rose to Level I at 22:15 CST.2 Ms earthquake in 1976. as well as rock slides and a layer of mud coating on the main roads.000 homes had been rebuilt. 345 injuries.[97] Soon afterward.[88][89] Pingwu County and Beichuan County. China's Chengdu Military Area Command dispatched 50. rough terrain and close proximity of the quake's epicenter. and more than 90.1 M (6. led to the collapse of more than 420.1 Ms aftershock (5. and destroying thousands of buildings.[94][95] s w Rescue efforts General Secretary and President Hu Jintao announced that the disaster response would be rapid.

May 14.[101] Many rescue teams.[105] At the start of rescue operations on May 12. resulting in China's largest ever non-combat airlifting operation. the Red Cross Society of China said that (on May 13) "it was inconvenient currently due to the traffic problem to the hardest hit areas closest to the epicenter. as it had not been possible to reach roads that were completely damaged or places that were blocked off by landslides. a total of over 15. 150 from the Beijing Military Area Command. However.[109] On the afternoon of May 14. as they tried to reach the ethnically Tibetan village of Sier at a height of 4000 m above sea level in Pingwu county. and also the evacuation of the injured and reconnaissance of quake-stricken areas.[115] A rescue team . Approval from the PRC Government was sought. The 1.[106] A commander reported from Yingxiu town. along with relief supplies and communications gear. of which 60 were to be provided by the PLAAF. bringing the total of number of aircraft deployed in relief operations by the air force.2008 Sichuan earthquake An earthquake emergency relief team of 184 people (consisting of 12 people from the State Seismological Bureau. China's Premier Wen Jiabao ordered the deployment of an additional 90 helicopters. 15 Special Operations Troops. that Falling debris. and civil aviation to over 150. parachuted into inaccessible Maoxian County. communication in the major town of Wenchuan was partly revived.[113][114] 70 This elderly woman was rescued and placed on a stretcher after being trapped for over 50 hours. were reported ready to join the rescue effort in Sichuan as early as Wednesday. The extreme terrain conditions precluded the use of helicopter evacuation.000 survivors were found. 2008. and the chartered flight departed Taipei at 17:00 CST.600 troops and militia reservists from the Chengdu Military Region had joined the rescue force in the heavily affected areas.300 rescuers they attempted to cross the mountain. water. A direct chartered cargo flight was made by China Airlines from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport sending some 100 tons of relief supplies donated by the Tzu Chi Foundation and the Red Cross Society of Taiwan to the affected areas.[108] By 12:17 CST.[110] By May 15. northeast of Wenchuan."[102] The Red Cross Society of China also stated that the disaster areas need tents. By 17:37 CST on May 13. drinking water and food. medical supplies. May 15 and arrived in Chengdu by 20:30 CST. reached the epicenter.[112] China stated it would gratefully accept international help to cope with the quake. Wenchuan. from a motorized infantry brigade under commander Yang Wenyao. hindered rescue workers' progress as [107] inhabitants (around 9. each carrying about 40 kg of relief supplies. army. and 30 were to be provided by the civil aviation industry. 20 helicopters were deployed for the delivery of food. including that of the Taipei Fire Department from Taiwan.[111] The Chinese Government accepted the aid of the Tzu Chi Foundation from Taiwan late on May 13.[104] Persistent heavy rain and landslides in Wenchuan County and the nearby area badly affected rescue efforts. Tzu Chi was the first force from outside the People's Republic of China to join the rescue effort. and over 300 of the Tibetan villagers were stranded in their demolished village for five days without food and water before the rescue group finally arrived to help the injured and stranded villagers down the mountain.[103] Landslides continuously threatened the progress of a search and rescue group of 80 men. and 22 from the Armed Police General Hospital) left Beijing from Nanyuan Airport late May 12 in two military transport planes to travel to Wenchuan County. while the status of the other this vehicle. and 300 pioneer troops reached the main town of Wenchuan at about 23:30 CST.000) remained unclear. and emergency aid. however it recommended donating cash instead of other items. such as the object that landed on around 3.

many rivers became blocked by large landslides. “This is the first time [that] the Chinese media has lived up to international standards”. Five tons of fuel to operate the machinery was airlifted to the site.[118] The United States shared some of its satellite images of the quake-stricken areas with Chinese authorities.[127] Rescue efforts also came from Jet Li's One Foundation which saw the martial arts actor Wu Jing assisting in the efforts. Russia and Taiwan arrived to join the rescue effort.[122] Volunteers also set up several websites to help store contact information for victims and evacuees.[129] potentially endangering the lives of millions of people living downstream.[131] This operation was coupled with the work done by PLAAF Mi-17 helicopters bringing in PLA engineering corps. as well as China's previous performance during the 1976 Tangshan earthquake. Japan. more than 200. the official news agency Xinhua set up an online rescue request center in order to find the blind spots of disaster recovery. where a sluice was constructed to allow the safe discharge of the bottlenecked water. rescue groups from South Korea.000 people were evacuated from Mianyang by June 1 in anticipation of the dam bursting. a student proposed a landing spot online and it was chosen as the first touchdown place for the helicopters.[121] After knowing that rescue helicopters had trouble landing into the epicenter area in Wenchuan.000 Chinese troops and medics were involved in the rescue effort across 58 counties and cities.[124] Rescue efforts performed by the Chinese government were praised by the critical western media. accessible only by foot or air.2008 Sichuan earthquake from the ROC Red Cross was also scheduled to depart Taipei on a Mandarin Airlines direct chartered flight to Chengdu at 15:00 CST on May 16. the US sent into China two U.[132] .S. Air Force C-17's carrying supplies. especially in comparison with Myanmar's blockage of foreign aid during Cyclone Nargis. contrasting it with Burma's secretive response to Cyclone Nargis.200 soldiers who arrived on site by foot. Downstream. 34 lakes had formed due to earthquake debris blocking and damming rivers. For example. As of May 27. an Mi-26T heavy lift helicopter belonging to the China Flying Dragon Special Aviation Company was used to bring heavy earthmoving tractors to the affected location.[123] On May 31.[117] On May 16. The Internet was extensively used for passing information to aid rescue and recovery in China. which resulted in the formation of "quake lakes" behind the blockages. and it was estimated that 28 of them were still of potential danger to the local people. No-one survived. these massive amounts of water were pooling up at a very high rate behind the natural landslide dams and it was feared that the blockages would eventually crumble under the weight of the ever-increasing water mass. explosive specialists and other personnel to join 1.[119] During the weekend. 2008.9 earthquake and the many strong aftershocks. a rescue helicopter carrying earthquake survivors and crew members crashed in fog and turbulence in Wenchuan county.[116] Francis Marcus of the International Federation of the Red Cross praised China's rescue effort as "swift and very efficient" in Beijing on Tuesday. The most precarious of these quake-lakes was the one located in the extremely difficult terrain at Tangjiashan mountain.[125] China's openness during the media covering of the Sichuan earthquake led a professor at the Peking University to say.[120] Xinhua reported 135. which included tents and generators. Singapore. Entire [130] villages had to be evacuated because of the resultant flooding.[128] 71 The "quake lakes" As a result of the magnitude 7.[114] The Economist noted that China reacted to the disaster "rapidly and with uncharacteristic openness".[126] Los Angeles Times praised China's media coverage of the quake of being "democratic". But he added the scale of the disaster was such that "we can't expect that the government can do everything and handle every aspect of the needs". which devastated that country 10 days before the earthquake.

while broadcasting non-stop earthquake footage from CCTV-1. displayed their logo in grayscale. also displayed banners about the earthquake and the relief efforts. A-Ma Temple. The Sichuan earthquake also proved to be a rather sensitive issue in terms of nationalistic fervor in China. Other entertainment websites. 2008. Beijing. the PRC's National Flag and Regional Flags of Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR were raised at half mast. police and fire sirens. such as Channel V China.com. a week after the earthquake. showed earthquake footage. . were also blacked out. People stood silent for three minutes while air defense.[113] Many websites converted their front page to black and white. including "Long Live China".[137] Casinos in Macau closed down.[133] At 14:28 CST on May 19. major internet portals. The Chinese version of MSN. vessels and trains sounded. All Mainland Chinese television stations. and the horns of vehicles. The route of the mourning period. with the flag at half mast throughout the mourning period. Chinese video sharing websites youku and Tudou displayed a black background and only videos related to the earthquake were available on the homepage. the Chinese public held a moment of silence. Foreign broadcasts in expatriate communities were suspended for the days of mourning. People spontaneously burst into cheering "China jiayou" and "Sichuan jiayou" afterwards. 2008. including various gaming sites. Macao. The Ningbo Organizing Committee of the Beijing Olympic torch relay announced that the relay would be suspended for the duration of the [135] Donation box for Sichuan earthquake victims. people mourned for the earthquake victims at Tiananmen Square. Cars on [134] Beijing's roads came to a halt. and many have called it the biggest display of mourning since the death of Mao Zedong. or had corresponding links to earthquake donations. It is the first time that a national mourning period had been declared for something other than the death of a state leader.com and Sohu. On May 19. 2008. along with some Hong Kong stations. torch through the country was scaled down. cn. 2008. Even pay television channels. crowds spontaneously burst out cheering various slogans. and servers for online computer games (such as World of Warcraft) were shut down.msn. limited their homepages to news items and removed all advertisements.2008 Sichuan earthquake 72 Reactions within China The State Council declared a three-day period of national mourning for the quake victims starting from May 19. May.[136] After the moments of silence. and there was a minute of silence when the next leg started in the south-eastern city of Ruijin on the Wednesday after the quake. Sina. in Tiananmen Square.

On May 24.[138] Almost at the same time in Taiwan. some parents go help school by preparing and cooking lunch for students.57 million to the victims. 2008 across Sichuan. a US-based news reporting group that is critical of the Chinese government. however.[148][149] In the China Digital Times. Hong Kong. CCTV-1 hosted a special four-hour program called The Giving of Love (simplified Chinese: 爱 的 奉 献.[150] an article reports a close analysis by an alleged Chinese construction engineer known online as “Book Blade” (书 剑 子 ). This kindergarten was among the many schools in the disaster region that suffered heavy structural damage. but as of July 17.000 inadequately engineered schoolrooms collapsed in the earthquake. many local governments promised to formally investigate the school collapses. it then saw an erosion in confidence over the school construction scandal. Reimbursement would not. to mock both the quality and the quantity of these inferior constructions that killed so many school children. local officials in Sichuan province have lifted the restriction for families whose only child was either killed or severely injured in the disaster. many families lost their only child when schools in the region collapsed during the earthquake. who stated: .[146] Thousands of parents around the province have accused local officials and builders of cutting corners in school construction.[142][143] The central government estimates that over 7. Donations of the evening totalled 1. searching for clues about why they crumbled. government officials began inspecting the ruins of thousands of schools that collapsed. if the dead child was illegal. be offered for fines that were already levied. literary. citing that after the quake other nearby buildings were little damaged. a similarly themed programme was on air hosted by the sitting president Ma Ying-jeou. parents of children lost in collapsed schools complained they had yet to receive any reports.[139] 73 Collapse of schoolhouses Although the Chinese government was initially praised[140][141] for its response to the quake (especially in comparison to Myanmar's ruling military junta's blockade of aid during Cyclone Nargis). announced that he wished to produce a film about the earthquake.[145] Since earthquake in 2008. censors discouraged stories of poorly built schools from being published in the media and there was an incident where police drove the protestors away. business and political figures from mainland China. no further outstanding fines would apply.[146] In the aftermath of the quake. Consequently.2008 Sichuan earthquake On the evening of May 18. hosted by regulars from the CCTV New Year's Gala and continual coverage anchor Bai Yansong.[145] So-called "illegal children" under 18 years of age may be registered as legal replacements for their dead siblings. who donated $1. Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan. Chinese citizens have since invented a catch phrase: "tofu-dregs schoolhouses" (Chinese: 豆 腐 渣 校 舍). and attended by a wide range of entertainment.[144] Due to China's one-child policy. CCTV gave the biggest corporate contribution at Y50 million.[147] Local officials urged them not to protest but the parents demonstrated and demanded an investigation. 2008.5 billion Chinese Yuan (US$208 million). Singapore and Taiwan. On May 29. Furthermore. traditional Chinese: 愛 的 奉 獻). Of the donations.

Reuters reported in June that. major businesses. Liu’s family was later told that he was being investigated on suspicion of the crime of inciting subversion.[156] Besides parents.[153] It was also reported that safety checks were to be carried out at schools across China after last month's earthquake. the commission said. our children are fed 20 years of Marxist philosophy with Chinese characteristics—a philosophy that has nothing to say about saving lives…School construction is the worst. In Hanwang.[144] The AP reported that "The state-controlled media has largely ignored the issue. using inferior grade cement.323 pupils in attendance when the earthquake happened.2008 Sichuan earthquake ". launch preliminary inquiries and prepare for possible investigations into professional crime. as well as secure its concrete floors. In an acknowledgment of the weakness of building codes in the countryside. the National Development and Reform Commission said on May 27 that it had drafted an amendment to improve construction standards for primary and middle schools in rural areas. to date. 2008 for "disseminating rumors and destroying social order" about the Sichuan Earthquake. they can’t collect huge fees.. taken photos of collapsed school buildings. He had also expressed his anger at “the shoddy tofu-dregs buildings”(豆 腐 渣 工 程) in a media interview."[151] On Children's Day. June 1.com reported that the shoddily constructed buildings are commonly called "tofu buildings" because builders cut corners by replacing steel rods with thin iron wires for concrete re-inforcement.000) from the county education department. Because of this. the principal of Sangzao Middle School in Sangzao. Schools in poor areas have small budgets and. and put them online. Chinese prosecutors have joined an official inquiry into ten collapsed schools during May's devastating earthquake to gain first-hand material of construction quality at the collapsed schools. was detained on June 25. but some who refused to sign were threatened. The payment amounts varied from school to school but were approximately the same. 2008. the older school buildings are suffer from inadequate protection while the new buildings have been shoddily constructed. According to the organization Human Rights in China. which forbade them from holding protests. Liu Shaokun (刘 绍 坤). One 74 ."[152] However. apparently under the propaganda bureau's instructions. The surviving children. but also acknowledging the earthquake. During that time he obtained more than 400. if any at all. Liu has been released to serve his RTL sentence outside of the labor camp.[154] The New York Times reported that "government officials in Beijing and Sichuan have said they are investigating the collapses.[157] On May 15. unlike schools in the cities. officials used other methods of silencing: riot police officers broke up protests by parents. etc. He was ordered to serve one year of re-education through labor (劳 动 教 养) (RTL). performed ceremonies marking the special day.000 yuan (US$60. Experts are reviewing the draft. During a three-year period that ended in 2007. and using fewer bricks than they should. many parents went to the rubble of schools to mourn for their children. add in exploitation by government officials. Furthermore. First. But these schools with their 70s-era buildings. When earthquake prevention standards are raised.600 USD. has been credited [144] with proactive action that spared the lives of all 2."[155] To limit protests. Ye Zhiping. there’s not enough capital. school managers. who were mostly living in relief centres.800 USD in cash and a per-parent pension of nearly 5. Parents and volunteers who have questioned authorities have been detained and threatened. so they’re pressed for money. in exchange of money. Liu had travelled to the Shifang (什 邡) area. government departments. and you can imagine what’s left over for the actual building of schools. officials pushed parents to sign a document. the authorities set up cordons around the schools. parents were offered a package valued at 8. and officials ordered the Chinese news media to stop reporting on school collapses. will all appraise and reinforce their buildings. money used to widen and strengthen concrete pillars and the balcony railing of all four storeys of his school. one of the largest in An County. 2008 Geoffery York of the Globeandmail. education officials. a Sichuan school teacher.. no-one pays attention to them.because of our nation’s particular brand of education. etc. he oversaw a major overhaul of his school. With construction.

Houston Rockets center Yao Ming.[164] Following the earthquake. foreign nations and organizations immediately responded to the disaster by offering condolences and assistance. drawing accusations of selfishness and callousness from Chinese internet users.[165] People also donated blood.[18] On May 15."[158] In January 2010.000 yuan (US$113. China marked the first anniversary of the quake with a moment of silence as people across the nation remembered the dead. as some of the corrupt government officials have still not been brought to justice. including $83 million from 19 countries and four international organizations. was sentenced to in prison ostensibly for his writing an article in 2007 in support of the pro-democracy movement in 1989.[170] .[169] First anniversary On May 12. while the many families who lost their only child. However questions still remain.[160] Mainland China By May 14.000. the Ministry of Civil Affairs stated that 10.000 worth of relief materials. after which it will be frozen in time as a state earthquake relic museum. and around gas stations. at banks.000 for disaster relief. providing close to € 40. and an additional € 8.6 million) altogether as of May 13. one of the country's most popular sports icons. and the media attention on China. with booths set up in schools. UNICEF reported that China formally requested the support of the international community to respond to the needs of affected families.000 tents for those left homeless.000 and $71. up sharply from $159 million from May 14. On May 14.[168] Saudi Arabia was the largest aid donor to China. resulting in according to Xinhua long line-ups in most major Chinese cities.5 million yuan (US$4.[168] On May 16 China stated it had also received $457 million in donated money and goods for rescue efforts so far.5 billion) had been donated by the Chinese public. donations were made by people from all over mainland China.[159] 75 Foreign and domestic aid Because of the magnitude of the quake.000) to Wenchuan County. are still seeking compensation and justice to what had happened.2008 Sichuan earthquake local was quoted in the article as saying that "the supervising agencies did not check to see if it met the national standards. many parents were warned by the government not to stage a protest under the threat of arrest. According to the Times. to remind people of the terrible disaster. The Amity Foundation already began relief work in the region and has earmarked US$143. the Chinese government had allocated a total of $772 million for earthquake relief so far. The government also opened access to the sealed ruins of the Beichuan county seat for three days. There were also several concerts across the country to raise money for the survivors of the quake. 2009.[162] The Red Cross Society of China flew 557 tents and 2.[163] The Sichuan Ministry of Civil Affairs said that they have provided 30.[161] Other multinational firms located in China have also announced large amounts of donations.[166] Many donated through text messaging on mobile phones to accounts set up by China Unicom and China Mobile[167] By May 16. The association has also collected a total of $26 million in donations so far.500 quilts valued at 788. United Daily News reported that the top ten richest people in mainland China had donated a little over 32.7 billion yuan (approximately US$1.000 to the Red Cross Society of China.000 in financial assistance. gave $214.000. Hong Kong-based English newspaper The Standard reported that writer Tan Zuoren attempted to document shoddy construction that may have led to massive casualties in schools.

[173][174] In a press conference held by the State Council Information Office the day after the earthquake. and that this prediction was dismissed by mainstream seismologists. Chinese geologist Chen Xuezhong published a Seismic Risk Analysis study in which he came to the conclusion that beginning with 2003. allowing them to move apart. ±10 days. 2008. detailing his prediction of the approaching Sichuan earthquake. Using data from the Intermagnet Lanzhou (LZH) geomagnetic observatory.[179] The chief engineer of the Sichuan Geology and Mineral Bureau said that the sudden shift of a huge quantity of water into the region could have relaxed the tension between the two sides of the fault. claims and debates about pre-existing short-term predictions started to surface in blogs in China and other places. and could have increased the direct pressure on it.[175] geologist Zhang Xiaodong.com posted on May 13. 2008. 2008. claiming that during a meeting on April 26. 2008.[186] • During an interview shown on Hong Kong-based Phoenix Television. geologists Lazo Pekevski from University Saints Cyril and Methodius in Skopje. The government had disregarded warnings about so many large-scale dam projects in a seismically active area. who was also said to have predicted the 1976 Tangshan earthquake. though not as specific.[178] An article in Science suggested that the construction and filling of the Zipingpu Dam may have triggered the earthquake.[177] predicted a 7+ magnitude earthquake to strike Ngawa Prefecture. Chinese geologist Geng Qingguo (Chinese: 耿 庆 国). although this is disputed. according to reports. detailing the interview with former researcher at the China Seismological Bureau. . Macedonia and Strachimir Cht. a YZZK reporter telephoned the China Earthquake Administration's Chen Jianmin (Chinese: 陈 建 民). attention should be paid to the possibility of an earthquake of M ≥ 7. precursors."[177] The earthquake also provided opportunities for researchers to retrofit data in order to model future earthquake predictions. restated that earthquake prediction was a "world problem". The China Earthquake Administration did not give a clear response. Australia told Deutsche Presse-Agentur that "I had nothing unusual at all that you would regard as precursory. On the morning of May 15. deputy director of CEA's Seismic Monitoring Network Center. Geng Qingguo told a reporter that he had written a confidential letter to the Chinese premier Wen Jiabao. Sichuan on May 8.[172] Several other warnings were also published. natural disaster prediction expert Geng Qingguo. and that no prediction notification was received before the earthquake.0 occurring in Sichuan Province based on statistical correlation study.[185] The story could be found on some mainstream websites as late as September. The effect was "25 times more" than a year's worth of natural stress from tectonic movement. causing a violent rupture. Mavrodiev from the Bulgarian Academy of Science showed the possibility to predict the time of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake ±1 day. although most have subsequently been removed from sites in mainland China. in which Geng claimed that a confidential written report was sent to the State Seismological Bureau on April 30. requesting the Office of the Secretary and asking for information regarding the alleged letter from Geng Qingguo. Institute of Geophysics.[176] Seismologist Gary Gibson from the ES&S Seismology Research Centre in Melbourne. and postmortems The earthquake was the worst to strike the Sichuan district in over 30 years. as was his 2006 prediction of a severe earthquake in the area.[171] In 2002.2008 Sichuan earthquake 76 Predictions. Researchers have been denied access to seismological and geological data to examine the cause of the quake further.[184] • Sina.[183] The controversial role of Geng Qingguo Shortly after the earthquake. 2008.[187] • Yazhou Zhoukan reporter Jiang Xun (Chinese: 江 迅) published a featured article. and the letter was sent by personal courier to the State Council.[180][181][182] Some scientists have linked the earthquake to the pressure exerted by the Three Gorges Dam. to Wen's office.

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China and Hong Kong" (http:/ / earthquake. msnbc.0" (http:/ / english.gov. archive. archive. . cn/ manage/ html/ ff808181126bebda01126bec4dd00001/ _content/ 08_06/ 11/ 1213150920539. Retrieved January 24. nytimes. html?) from the original on 11 May 2009. physicstoday. a recent example is the great Wench-uan earthquake that hit Sichuan. 2009. html) (in Chinese). sina. 2008. gov. org/ web/ 20080516233751/ http:/ / www. May 18. China" (http:/ / earthquake. com. Archived (http:/ / web. June 8. eqsc. org. org/ newspicks/ 2008/ 05/ the_chengdu_earthquake.0 and 5.

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June 7. org/ web/ 20080521175351/ http:/ / www. org/ web/ 20080609043145/ http:/ / www. com/ article/ homepageCrisis/ idUKSP239734. webcitation. 242020080512) from the original on 14 May 2008. China quake death toll tops 51. php). nytimes. _CH_.000" (http:/ / ukpress. [82] "Earthquake estimates as high as $1 billion: AIR" (http:/ / www. . 2008. May 15. com/ Sichuan/ index-preface. [71] "Wenchuan's Yingxiu village survivor count at 2. cn/ zt_dy/ showinfo. chinadaily. 2008. Epoch Times. 38. 2008. Official website of Guangyuan Government. 2008) " Taiwanese businesspeople. 2008). Archived from the original (http:/ / news. Official website of Ngawa Prefecture Government. htm) (in Chinese). com/ 2009/ may/ 03/ world/ fg-china-baby3) [80] Hooker. com/ english/ 2008-05/ 28/ content_8265816. html) (in Chinese). org/ web/ 20080517233751/ http:/ / news. "Toll Rises in China Quake" (http:/ / www. html). html) from the original on 21 May 2008. Retrieved June 8. com/ cgi-bin/ news. May 14. 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August 2. html). com. cn/ 2008-05/ 12/ content_15177705. org/ web/ 20080517130541/ http:/ / health. archive. [106] "More than 12. Bloomberg L. 2008. Sichuan Earthquake Administration (SCEA. archive.1 aftershock in Qingchuan. Archived (http:/ / web. com. China. . 82 shtml) (Chinese) [107] "3. . Retrieved 17 March 2011. . Retrieved May 13. Pingwu (平 武 县 响 岩 镇 在 强 余 震 中 已 有181人 轻 伤)" (http:/ / www. com/ newscenter/ 2008-05/ 13/ content_8161823. htm). ifeng. gov. tw/ article/ 20080513/ 335794. html) on May 13. cn/ news. xinhuanet. eqsc. TIME. chinanews. 2008. May 13. . html?xid=feed-cnn-topics). htm).1级 余 震 造 成 2人 死 亡 , 345人 受 伤)" (http:/ / www. bloomberg.1 aftershock in Pingwu and Beichuan. com. gov.000 troops deployed" (http:/ / www. May 13. cn/ sh/ news/ 2008/ 05-12/ 1246756. htm) from the original on 17 May 2008. html) (in Chinese). html) (in Chinese). com/ apps/ news?pid=20601087& sid=aZhtsxh8IlB4& refer=home).com. xinhuanet. cea. com/ newscenter/ 2008-05/ 13/ content_8161823. 2008. 32 injuries. national highway 212 blocked (四 川 省 广 元 市 青 川 县6. [92] "Roughly: A Ms6. 2008. Sichuan Earthquake Administration (SCEA. 17 injuries in Guangyuan. [93] "Roughly: A Ms6. archive. People's Daily. org/ web/ 20080513235620/ http:/ / news. Sichuan caused 1 death. Retrieved May 13. cea.000 survivors of Wenchuan's Yingxiu village received drinking water and food" (http:/ / military. 2008. cn/ c/ 2008-05-13/ 084415527347. com. . shtml) from the original on 17 May 2008. 2008.000 military and militia personnel in active service of the Sichuan Provincial Military Region prepare to join the relief effort" (http:/ / news. Retrieved May 20. . 2008. Sichuan (两 次 强 余 震 造 成 广 元 市1死17伤)" (http:/ / web. CEA.1739622. Retrieved July 25. cn/ c/ 2008-05-13/ 084415527347. com. China News Service. 1008. google. html) (in Chinese). .8599. org.1级 余 震 中19人 受 伤)" (http:/ / www. August 1. May 13. htm) from the original on 17 May 2008. 四 川 地 震 局). . archive. [102] "Sichuan Earthquake 60 members of Taipei's relief team ready to be dispatched" (http:/ / web. archive. . Archived from the original (http:/ / www. 2008. 2008. . eqsc. html) (in Chinese). 163. 2008. Xinhua News Agency. tw/ article/ 20080513/ 335794. org/ web/ 20080517114635/ http:/ / . [100] "Ministry of Civil Affair's National Disaster Relief Committee raises the relief response to the Sichuan Earthquake to Emergency Contingency Plan Level I" (http:/ / news. China News Service. org/ web/ 20080517062832/ http:/ / news. Retrieved August 4. com/ hostednews/ ap/ article/ ALeqM5gdspdDB0WaMv_An4A-NvHB_DwmCwD94J6CB80) [96] "President Hu orders utmost effort for Sichuan quake victims" (http:/ / english. 2008. Sina. May 13. 2008. people. 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htm) from the original on 17 May 2008. . com/ 2008/ may/ 14/ world/ fg-image14). com/ reports/ US_military_planes_deliver_aid_to_quake-hit_China_999. org/ web/ 20080517172356/ http:/ / www. . Xinhua.400 trapped" (http:/ / www. 2008. Retrieved May 20. archive. org/ web/ 20080521101558/ http:/ / news. May 18. org/ web/ 20080514120731/ http:/ / news. Agence France-Presse. com/ english/ 2008-05/ 14/ content_8167147. org/ web/ 20080517084135/ http:/ / www. rthk. . com. . 2008. cn/ china/ 2008-05/ 13/ content_6678227. org/ web/ 20080615034124/ http:/ / news. [120] "US military planes deliver aid to quake-hit China" (http:/ / www. com. nytimes. org/ web/ 20080517103001/ http:/ / news. archive. Sina. tw/ NEWS/ NEWS_LIST. May 15. archive. cfm?story_id=11376935). 2008. Retrieved May 14. Xinhua. xinhuanet. Retrieved May 20. 2008. cn/ c/ 2008-06-10/ 133615715499. cn/ c/ 2008-06-10/ 133615715499. .(Chinese) See also: "Chinese Airlines chartered cargo plane will make a direct flight to Sichuan in the afternoon to deliver relief supplies" (http:/ / www. com/ english/ 2008-05/ 15/ content_8177958. archive. Archived (http:/ / web. com/ detail. New York Times. Agence France-Presse. 512help. nytimes. 2008. 2008. 2008. html) from the original on 17 May 2008. com. 2008. xinhuanet.to send hundreds of tons of relief supplies" (http:/ / www. tvbs. html) from the original on 28 May 2008. 2008. BBC. org/ web/ 20080517005528/ http:/ / www. 9. bbc. org. shtml) from the original on 17 May 2008. hk/ rthk/ news/ expressnews/ 20080514/ news_20080514_55_489940. cctv. 2008. 2008. [115] "Taiwan has tentative plans to send supplies to Sichuan with direct flights --. yahoo. com/ reports/ US_military_planes_deliver_aid_to_quake-hit_China_999. xinhuanet. Retrieved May 20. Xinhua. archive. RTHK. org. 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Retrieved May 15. May 16. htm) from the original on 17 May 2008. co. com/ english/ 2008-05/ 14/ content_8167147. Archived (http:/ / web. Retrieved May 15. archive.(Chinese) [116] "The Mainland agrees to receive 20 members of our Red Cross Society's relief team to join the relief effort --. asp?no=aj100920080513231527) from the original on 17 May 2008. archive. archive. May 15. Archived (http:/ / web. com/ english/ 2008-05/ 15/ content_8177958. . bbc. archive. jsp?id=54285573) on 17 May 2008. com/ s/ afp/ 20080519/ pl_afp/ chinaquakesatellite_080519184648) on May 21. 2008. htm). Archived (http:/ / web. Archived (http:/ / web. redcross.Tzu Chi's team scheduled to depart tomorrow or the day after to join the relief effort" (http:/ / www. Retrieved May 20. 2008. [109] "Phones coming back to service at China quake epicenter" (http:/ / news. uk/ 2/ hi/ asia-pacific/ 7399732. 512 Help. China Daily. chinadaily. html). . htm). May 14. [113] "Struggle to reach quake trapped" (http:/ / news. "Amid the tragedy lies opportunity" (http:/ / articles. Retrieved May 14. htm). org/ web/ 20080701204403/ http:/ / www. Chinese Central Television. . [121] "How is the situation in the surrounding quake-stricken areas? Tell us the situation in your area if you know" (http:/ / web. org/ web/ 20080521033056/ http:/ / www. uk/ 2/ hi/ asia-pacific/ 7397489. archive.2008 Sichuan earthquake military. xinhuanet. org/ web/ 20080521101119/ http:/ / news. Archived (http:/ / web. com. Retrieved May 20. May 18. org/ ) from the original on 21 May 2008. 2008. org) (in Chinese). Retrieved May 20. May 19. . com/ 2008/ 05/ 16/ world/ asia/ 16china. 2008. 2008. tw/ RedCross/ upload/ main/ 00-2008hqrcyteam/ 970515. stm). 2008. hk/ rthk/ news/ expressnews/ 20080515/ news_20080515_55_490111. 2008. May 15. co. . . Xinhua News Agency. 2008. org/ web/ 20080528234341/ http:/ / www. org. May 13. 2008. Retrieved June 28. org. 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Singaporean singer Stefanie Sun and South Korean entertainer Rain. swf?videoname=sichuan-quake. The Ceremony also included the handover of the games from Beijing to London. com/ China-Earthquake-Death-Traps-Tofu-Building/ id/ 2351774324 [192] http:/ / chinadigitaltimes. net/ 2008/ 12/ china-quake-victims-parents-sue/ [193] http:/ / 75. West Sichuan. "silly" and "fun" than the opening ceremony. The number 8 is associated with prosperity and confidence in Chinese culture. wenchuan.uk) • Lake Formation in the Aftermath of Magnitude 7. html) • Web site about the people and the reconstruction since the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake in China (http://www.uk/2/hi/in_depth/7397838. Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page (with football player David Beckham making an appearance). the Mayor of Beijing. truveo. Emil Chau.videoproject.edu/~changli/wenchuan. flv 87 External links • MIT Report: Earthquake near Wenchuan.video/index. handed over the Olympic flag to the Mayor of London. 87/ player.[5] with over 211 million American viewers tuned in to the Olympics .html) 2008 Summer Olympics closing ceremony The 2008 Summer Olympics closing ceremony was held at the Beijing National Stadium. Joey Yung and Nicolas Tse. There was also a performance organized by the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (LOCOG).bbc. Elspeth Hanson as the violinist and Kwesi Edman as the cellist.com/) • Compilation of BBC Videos Related to the Earthquake (http://news. • Han Hong • Legendary German film composer Klaus Badelt wrote the music for the closing ceremonies.cnn.[3][4] By the end of the 16 days of NBC's coverage of the Beijing Olympics in the United States. Lighting Designer Durham Marenghi illuminated the handover in Beijing. Kelly Chen. • Hong Kong singers Andy Lau.china-quake. 209. org/2010/2/12/china) – video report by Democracy Now! • "China Quake" documentary produced by Natural History New Zealand (http://www.[2] The musical acts included • Chinese mainland singer Wei Wei and Sun Nan singing Beijing Beijing (wo ai Beijing). Jackie Chan.co.democracynow. China (http://quake.mit. Karen Mok. 2008. • Taiwanese American singer Wang Lee Hom.gov/earthquakes/eqinthenews/2008/us2008ryan/ #details) • Sichuan Earthquake Pictures Archive (http://www.co.[1] It was directed by Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou and began at 8:00 pm China Standard Time (UTC+8) on August 24.usgs. with lighting programmed by Tim Routledge (who was in fact hidden in the London Bus) While the opening ceremony was described as an artistic and serious introduction of China's ancient past. Boris Johnson.html) • Sichuan Earthquake Brings World Attention to Chinese Crackdown on Dissidents (http://www.9 Earthquake (images included) (http://earthobservatory. • British singer Leona Lewis.com/ chinaquake.nasa. gov/Newsroom/NewImages/images.S. television event of all time. also known as the Bird's Nest.stm) • CNN – Chinese Earthquake Entire Video Archive (http://www.com/2008/WORLD/asiapcf/05/16/ earthquake.php3?img_id=18034&rc=3) • Earthquake Details and Facts (http://earthquake. 119. Guo Jinlong. the closing ceremony was described by Western media as "much more lighthearted". it had also become the most-watched U.2008 Sichuan earthquake [191] http:/ / www.

1. Two large heavenly drums flew from the north and south. passionate and dynamic. forming a great circle in the sky which symbolized the success of the Beijing Olympic Games. the previous all-time record-holder. Hu Jintao entered the stadium. From "29" to "11". on the steps of the Main Stage. March of the Volunteers. 3. silver bell performers danced in time to the beat of the heavenly drums on the Main Stage to greet the guests. Eight rotating poles swung and crossed. With 60 light wheels shuttling. Guided by volunteers. in a slow. including a firework countdown above the National Stadium itself. The heavenly drum and the drum on the ground complemented each other. They were followed by the entrance of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his wife. and sang and danced for the heavenly drums. bocking stilts and some riding on illuminated monowheels. The performers beat the heavenly drums in a unique style in magical light. 3. the atmosphere reached its climax. Eight drum carts in different shapes entered the stadium. Introduction of IOC members and Hu Jintao. was sung by a 224-member choir while the flag was raised.148 silver bell dancers wearing silver bells gathered around the Main Stage. The two heavenly drums met at the center above the stadium. Mass games performance by a troupe of drummers. slowly falling down to the Main Stage and were suspended about 5 meters above the stage. Summoned by the drumbeat. The sound of the song was mingled with the drumbeat. indicating the 29th Summer Olympics. Orange sparkling fireworks. the entire audience counted down from 10.2008 Summer Olympics closing ceremony on NBC according to the Nielsen Media Research. in a circle. March of the Volunteers. The silver bell dancers changed into radiating wave lines coming through. All lights were extinguised in the stadium. A video was played on the large screen in the north and south to explain the theme of the Closing Ceremony. highlights of this Olympic Games were shown with countdown numbers on the screen. 4.[5] this is 2 million more than the 1996 Atlanta Games.[5] 88 Sequence of events Opening Sequence • • • • • • Fireworks prelude. Synopsis The countdown started from "29". to the flag podium and the Chinese national anthem. accompanied by Jacques Rogge. The video reviewed the exciting and memorable moments during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. and the resonant sound of the drum seemed to come from far away. and formed four festive passages with the eight drum carts to great the guests. They danced and beat drums while looking up at the sky. Both Arabic numerals and numbers written in Chinese characters appeared on the screen with typical patterns of minority ethnic groups as the background. A grand celebration was about to begin. . Two hundred performers in drum formation lined up. The fireworks burst immediately when the countdown ended. at 8:00 pm CST. 2. Sarah. The flag of People's Republic of China was raised. The People's Liberation Army prepared the national flag of China. 2. to the Chinese national anthem. The soldiers then carried the flag. 1. goose-stepping march. Performers in translucent costumes. carrying performers who beat drums in unique ways. A grand celebration began: 1. Next. 200 bouncing and flying men ran and did somersaults. together. Accompanied by sound effects.

The other group (103-204). to the national anthem of the Greece as "Hymn to Liberty". were raised as the national anthem of Kenya was played. Afterwards. entered from Gate 4 in alphabetical order and stood along the main stage. for the gold medallist Samuel Wanjiru. the IOC President. Samuel Wanjiru received his gold medal. headed by Greece as per tradition. entered from Gate 3 and also stood along the main stage. The entire stadium was in raptures. in English. and bids (in French) for "the youth of the world to assemble four years from now in London". including the national anthem of Kenya: Ee Mungu Nguvu Yetu. Then. with drumming throughout the precession. Count Rogge. Synopsis Led by guides and placard holders. Three flags. the Mayor of London. While the athletes were entering. in turn presenting it to Boris Johnson. the President of the BOCOG. twelve children led twelve representatives of volunteers to walk from Gate 2 to the stage. He was very excited as he climbed to the first position. One group (1-102). Welcoming of Liu Qi. Fireworks representing the Olympic rings. Speech by Liu Qi in Mandarin Chinese. the athletes entered the stadium in no particular order. He closes the Games. Greece entering first and China entering last symbolizing the first and the most recent Summer Olympics host nations. The Chinese Flag bearer entered last and stood at the designated place. headed by Saudi Arabia. concluding by thanking everyone. All athletes entered from four gates without differentiation of nationality. French and concluding in Mandarin. • • • • Synopsis . After all flags were in position. • Athletes gather in the stadium. • Athletes enter the stadium. Synopsis At this point.2008 Summer Olympics closing ceremony 89 Entrance of the flag bearers Sequence • Flag bearers enter the stadium. divided into two groups. the medal-winning athletes entered the stadium. Speeches and lowering the Olympic flag Sequence • • • • Raising of the Greek national flag. four children led four new members of IOC Athletes' commission to walk together with four persons for the ceremony from Gate 1 to the Main Stage. • Presentation of flowers to twelve volunteers by newly elected athlete representatives to the IOC Athlete Commission. the Mayor of Beijing. a women's percussion band and two children percussion players played cheerful music. Medal ceremony Sequence • Presentation of the final men's marathon medals. Returning of the Olympic Flag by Guo Jinlong. the flag bearers of all delegations entered the stadium. to Count Rogge. declaring the Beijing Games "truly exceptional". The flag of the United Kingdom was raised to the British national anthem God Save The Queen. including the flag of Kenya. Speech by the IOC President. Lowering of the Olympic Flag and singing of the Olympic Anthem. Finally. and His Excellency Count Rogge.

Jimmy Page and Leona Lewis then performed the Led Zeppelin classic Whole Lotta Love and David Beckham kicked a football into the crowd of athletes accompanied by violinist Elspeth Hanson and cellist Kwesi Edman. In special-effect lighting. to Count Rogge. before eventually stopping and transforming into a privet hedge featuring famous London landmarks such as Tower Bridge. Synopsis A demonstration entitled "From London. The Gherkin and the London Eye. bicycles and commuters. the President of the IOC. An athlete about to leave walks up the boarding ladder and turns around affectionately. In the dark.2008 Summer Olympics closing ceremony The People's Liberation Army then enter the stadium. Eight British Army personnel then entered the stadium. all dressed as typical London commuters waiting for a bus by a zebra crossing. a huge mechanic device — the "memory tower" at the center of the field — rises slowly. just as the flame was about to be extinguished. • A British modern cultural performance. he declared that the 2008 Olympic Games were officially closed. As the soldiers exited. He slowly takes out an exquisite painting scroll and unfolds it. the soldiers slowly lowered the Olympic Flag and held it. While the Greek flag was being hoisted.[6] A double-decker bus drove around the stadium to the music 'This is London' composed by Philip Sheppard and recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra. • Leona Lewis and Jimmy Page perform "Whole Lotta Love". holding the national flag of Greece. Count Rogge and Liu Qi walked to the main stage from the VIP corridor. the Royal Ballet and Candoco. the Greek national anthem "Hymn to Liberty" was performed. It featured the urban dance group ZooNation. a disabled dance group. Shortly thereafter. with events during the 2008 Olympics on-screen. conveying the noble Olympic spirit. Special lights cast scenes of the 16 days from the lighting of the holy flame to now onto the track in the air. to a score entitled 'This is London' by Philip Sheppard recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra. They passed the flag to soldiers of the People's Liberation Army. opening ceremony took place there on 12 February 2010. carrying the Union Flag. During his speech. the Mayor of Beijing. The Olympic flag was handed from Guo Jinlong. The athlete on the boarding ladder looks at the burning flame in the distance. • The Olympic Flame was then extinguished.[7][8] An airport electronic flight screen appeared on the large screen of the Stadium. It was then handed to Boris Johnson. The flag was raised and the British national anthem God Save The Queen was played. 90 Presentation of the 2012 Summer Olympics Sequence • Eight minutes of presentation of the 2012 London Olympics. Finally. two "sports sculpture" performers rise gradually and show different athletic gestures slowly in the air." was then staged by the British. • Appearance by David Beckham. the Mayor of London. involving a double-decker bus. He also stated that the Beijing Games were "truly exceptional". representing the Olympic rings. with two "sports sculpture" performers standing on top of it and showing various athletic gestures. whilst Olympic Champions Sir Chris Hoy. The Olympic flag was next raised again at the next Winter Olympic games in Vancouver. • Procession of performers on an airport terminal staircase. and slowly folds the painting scroll. Victoria Pendleton and Jamie Staff cycled around the stadium. the boarding ladder truck with the logo of Beijing Olympic Games is slowly elevated. the Count praised the Chinese for their warm reception and effort. Beckham kicked a ceremonial football into the rows of volunteers. following a recitation of the 16 days of Olympic competition and of the Ancient Greek competition. then walks onto people to return back to the bus. At the center of the field. • 10 year-old Tayyiba Dudhwala steps out of the Double Decker bus in front of the crowd and receives a ball from Erika Tham. the fireworks erupted again. A huge "holy flame" is lighted at the center of the field (396 "memory tower" performers simulate . The rim of the bowl changed into a red track. 'With a whole Lotta love.

numerous festival fireworks formed a huge circle of fireworks. Also. waving arms and symbolizing the Olympic flame. seven singers walked from below the steps to the Main Stage and sang "The Moon is Bright Tonight". Roses are formed along with athletes below (with pillar as a stigma). 50 male dancers. acrobats leap from the tower by wire. forming a spectacular dance circle. Wǒ Ài Běijīng) by Chinese singer Tan Jing. Two Chinese and foreign singers on the mobile singing performance car went from Gate 1 to the front of the VIP corridor. Two singers on the main stage saing the joyous and passionate song "Surpass It". Red streamers are levitated upward and reveal the performers arranged in the form of Dancing Beijing. Finally. Performers then re-climb the pillar. innumerable dazzling fireworks were launched from the top of the "bowl rim". Hong Kong singer Kelly Chen. At the same time. • Fireworks. a song full of passion. I Love Beijing" (Běijīng Běijīng.000 audience members were turned on at the same time. Chinese singer Tan Jing.2008 Summer Olympics closing ceremony the flame with their bodies) as the Olympic flame took its final breath. 75 aerobatic performers wearing luminous flight clothes performed elevation and rotation in the air. The closing ceremony ended at 9:55 pm CST. Performers group to form Chrysanthemums. eternally not extinguished. • Song The Flame of Love. Taiwanese-American singer Wang Lee Hom and Korean singer Rain. 70 collectors of launched red silk and 200 "memory tower" performers threw the Fuwa lucky cloud yarn strips into the stadium. I Love Beijing". Beijing. Guests from Afar. Farewells back to walking tonight end fun footage conclusion of closing ceremony at 9:55 PM CST. Taiwanese-American singer Wang Lee Hom and Korean singer Rain sing together "Beijing. • Fireworks. Guests from Afar". Han Xue.046 marshals in tune with the rhythm of the song. Han Xue. 112 performers of minority ethnic groups. flew around the athletes and danced with all athletes in the stadium and 1. 600 female performers in festive clothes. The concert section started. interacting with the athletes. symbolizing the successful conclusion of 2008 Summer Olympics. • Song "Beijing Beijing. which is then covered in huge red streamers. with hurdle runners on top of the pillar. • Song The Moon is Bright Tonight. In the passionate far-reaching music. 50 male dancers holding Fuwa lucky cloud yarn strips and paper flower launchers and 120 other dancers danced on the Main Stage in tune with the rhythm of the song. • Song Surpass It • Song Please Stay. Then. . vitality and energy. the athlete crowds as petals. and sang "The Flame of Love". Erhu instrumental. The top ends of the lucky cloud yarn strips extended towards the sky and changed into a lucky cloud tree symbolizing friendship and joy. 91 Later events Sequence • Performers on a tall pillar (called the memory tower). 16 lucky cloud yarn strips slowly rose along the "memory tower" on the main stage. At this point. At the same time. Synopsis The torch lights in the hands of the marshals and the 90. During the final song "Please Stay. Hong Kong singer Kelly Chen. Next. 600 female performers in festival clothes entered the stadium. there were 50 young singers together. the 2008 Olympic logo.

"as many as 4 billion" (Washington Post). 24 August 2008. 2008-08-24.S. 2008) (Retrieved on August 24. london2012. archive. org/ web/ 20080828035029/ http:/ / www. column?page=1) from the original on 28 August 2008. co. Archived from the original (http:/ / www. html?_r=1& em& oref=slogin) from the original on 28 August 2008.beijing2008. uk/ london/ content/ articles/ 2008/ 06/ 17/ adrian_eight_minutes_feature. bbc. latimes. co.. cn/ ceremonies/ headlines/ n214582074. Archived (http:/ / web. Retrieved 20 May 2010. com/ hr/ content_display/ news/ e3i67f2ad037eba0dd6eb8488ef3d2d5377) on 27 August 2008. Retrieved 2008-08-24. "Beijing Games most-watched U. uk/ sport1/ hi/ olympics/ 7578133. . References [1] Full Coverage: The Closing Ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games (http:/ / en. com/ china8. exceeding that of the 51-58 percent who watch the network's annual closing ceremonies forms.asp?fpArchive=082508) in the Newseum archive of front page images from 2008-08-25. archive. with polls ranging from 63 and 69 percent of the Chinese viewing population. html?_r=1& em& oref=slogin). Retrieved 25 August 2008. . This included an estimated 842 million viewers watching on host Chinese broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV).3 billion" (MindShare). . . org/ web/ 20070427201943/ http:/ / afgen. hollywoodreporter. Archived (http:/ / web. org/ web/ 20080827143022/ http:/ / www. "Beijing bids farewell to Olympics" (http:/ / news. "nearly 4 billion" (Xinhua.. 2008-08-05. bbc. nytimes. html) from the original on 27 April 2007.. "experts estimated .cn) (August 24. "3 billion" (Sky News). archive. beijing2008. 2008) [2] "The Number Eight And The Chinese" (http:/ / afgen. archive. "Billions.2008 Summer Olympics closing ceremony 92 Television Estimates of the global television audience varied: "around one billion" (Reuters). Eight minute wonder (17 June 2008). shtml). http:/ / www. Hollywood Reporter. "estimated 4 billion" (McClatchy). Archived (http:/ / web. column?page=1).7796513. com/ hr/ content_display/ news/ e3i67f2ad037eba0dd6eb8488ef3d2d5377).7796513.probably the largest live television audience in history" (Bloomberg).newseum. pdf [5] [6] [7] [8] External links • 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing Closing Ceremonies (http://www. com/ sports/ la-sp-olyplaschke25-2008aug25. nytimes. . html). The BBC. 2008-08-25. .org/todaysfrontpages/ default_archive. . New York Times. com/ 2008/ 08/ 25/ sports/ olympics/ 25beijing. TV event" (http:/ / web. [4] "China engages in revelry at Olympics' closing ceremony" (http:/ / www. com/ 2008/ 08/ 25/ sports/ olympics/ 25beijing. Retrieved 2007-04-22.0. stm). Retrieved 25 August 2008. com/ sports/ la-sp-olyplaschke25-2008aug25. BBC News. com/ china8. "The BBC" (http:/ / www. Los Angeles Times. latimes. "2. com/ documents/ locog-publications/ olympic-ho-guide-web.0.. shtml) – The Official Website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games (en. hollywoodreporter. more than two billion" (Wall Street Journal). [3] "Olympics Close With a Bang and a Double-Decker Bus" (http:/ / www. org/ web/ 20080828163723/ http:/ / www.

21st Hong Kong Film Awards 93 21st Hong Kong Film Awards 21st Hong Kong Film Awards Date 21 April 2002 Venue Hong Kong Cultural Centre Host(s) Eric Tsang Cecilia Yip Jacqueline Pang Cheung Tat-Ming Ceremony for the 21st Hong Kong Film Awards was held on 21 April 2002 in the Hong Kong Cultural Centre and hosted by Eric Tsang. open to all non-Hong Kong films commercially released in Hong Kong within the previous calendar year. Twenty-three winners in eighteen categories were unveiled. Pang Ho-Cheung — You Shoot. The first winner for this category is the Japanese animated feature Spirited Away. Tsang Kan Cheong — Shaolin Soccer GC Goo-Bi — Merry-Go-Round Vincent Kok. The year's biggest winner was Shaolin Soccer. Cecilia Yip. The 21st Hong Kong Film Awards also saw the establishment of the Best Asian Film category. Jacqueline Pang and Cheung Tat-Ming. Awards Best Film Winner Winning film N/A Nominees Beijing Rocks July Rhapsody Love on a Diet Lan Yu Shaolin Soccer • • • • Best Director Winner Winning film Nominees Ann Hui — July Rhapsody Ann Hui — Visible Secret Johnnie To. Wai Ka-Fai — Love on a Diet Stanley Kwan — Lan Yu Stephen Chow Shaolin Soccer • • • • Best Screenplay Winner Winning film Nominees Ivy Ho July Rhapsody • • • • Stephen Chow. Its director and leading actor Stephen Chow clinched Best Director and a long-awaited Best Actor title after being nominated for the award seven times since 1991. bagging six awards in total. I Shoot Jimmy Ngai — Lan Yu .

Without a Baby Lawrence Chou — Merry-Go-Round Zeny Kwok — Glass Tears Charlene Choi — Funeral March Karena Lam July Rhapsody • • • • Best Cinematography Winner Winning film Nominees Kwen Park Huen. Zhang Jian — Lan Yu Arthur Wong Visible Secret • • • • . Kwong Ting Wo — Shaolin Soccer Peter Pau — Beijing Rocks Henry Chung — Peony Pavilion Yang Tao.21st Hong Kong Film Awards 94 Best Actor Winner Winning film Nominees Jacky Cheung — July Rhapsody Andy Lau — Love on a Diet Hu Jun — Lan Yu Liu Ye — Lan Yu Stephen Chow Shaolin Soccer • • • • Best Actress Winner Winning film Nominees Sammi Cheng — Fighting for Love Anita Mui — July Rhapsody Sammi Cheng — Love on a Diet Sammi Cheng — Wu Yen Sylvia Chang Forever and Ever • • • • Best Supporting Actor Winner Winning film Nominees Patrick Tam — Born Wild David Lee — From the Queen to the Chief Executive Lam Ka-Tung — Dance of a Dream Simon Yam — Midnight Fly Wong Yat Fei Shaolin Soccer • • • • Best Supporting Actress Winner Winning film Nominees Josie Ho — Forever and Ever Kara Hui — Visible Secret Cecilia Yip — The Avenging Fist Su Jin — Lan Yu Karena Lam July Rhapsody • • • • Best New Performer Winner Winning film Nominees Niki Chow — Dummy Mommy.

Ku Huen Chiu. Kwan Mei Po. Yuen Shun Yi — The Legend of Zu Tung Wai. Yan Zhanlin Winning film Nominees Man Lim Chung — July Rhapsody Ho Kim Hung.21st Hong Kong Film Awards 95 Best Film Editing Winner Winning film Nominees Kai Kit Wai — Shaolin Soccer David M. Lee Pik Kwan — The Legend of Zu Bruce Yu — Wu Yen William Chang — Lan Yu Yon Fan Peony Pavilion • • • • Best Action Choreography Winner Winning film Nominees Ching Siu Tung — Shaolin Soccer Ching Siu Tung — My Schoolmate. The Accidental Spy • Jackie Chan Stunt Team • • • Best Original Film Score Winner Winning film Nominees Raymond Wong — Shaolin Soccer Henry Lai — Beijing Rocks Mei Lin Mou — Midnight Fly Zhang Yadong — Lan Yu Ho Shung Chi My Life as MuDull • • • • Best Original Film Song Winner Winning film Nominees . Richardson — Fulltime Killer Marco Mak — The Legend of Zu William Chang — Lan Yu Kong Chi Leung The Accidental Spy • • • • Best Art Direction Winner Lou Zhongguo. Yuen Bun. Fu Delin — The Legend of Zu Bruce Yu — Wu Yen William Chang — Lan Yu Peony Pavilion • • • • Best Costume Make Up Design Winner Winning film Nominees Choy Yim Man — Shaolin Soccer William Fung. The Barbarian Corey Yuen — The Avenging Fist Yuen Wo Ping.

Tang Wai Yuk — The Accidental Spy Eddy Wong. Thalia Tau — The Avenging Fist Ma Man Yin. Ting Yuen Tai. Koan Hui. Victor Wong. Maurice Ng Winning film Nominees Eddy Wong — 2002 Eddy Wong. Joe Bauer — The Legend of Zu Shaolin Soccer • • • • Best Asian Film Winner Winning film Nominees N/A Spirited Away • (Japan) • • • Yi Yi: A One and a Two (Taiwan) Happy End (South Korea) Roots and Branches (China) Shower (China) External links • Official website of the Hong Kong Film Awards [1] . Ken Law.21st Hong Kong Film Awards 終生 美 麗 Composer: Chan Fai Yeung Lyricist: Albert Leung Singer: Sammi Cheng • Love on a Diet • 踢出個未來 • • • — Shaolin Soccer 96 Composer: Jacky Chan Lyricist: Andy Lau Singer: Andy Lau 回 憶 之 前 , 忘 記 之 後 — Beijing Rocks • Composer: Henry Lai • Lyricist: Alex Law • Singer: Wang Feng Para Para Sakura — Para Para Sakura • • • Composer: Peter Kam Lyricist: Chan Fai Young Singer: Aaron Kwok Composer: Chan San Lie Lyricist: Yiu Him Singer: Sandy Lam • • 明 明 — Peony Pavilion • • • Best Sound Design Winner Winning film Nominees Kinson Tsang — Beijing Rocks Tu Duu Chih — Visible Secret Kinson Tsang — The Accidental Spy Martin Chappell — The Legend of Zu Kinson Tsang Shaolin Soccer • • • • Best Visual Effects Winner Frankie Chung. Ronald To. Cheung Chung Wah.

with films Kung Fu Hustle and 2046 being the year's biggest winners.24th Hong Kong Film Awards 97 24th Hong Kong Film Awards 24th Hong Kong Film Awards Date Venue Host(s) 27 March 2005 Hong Kong Coliseum Carol Cheng Lawrence Cheng The 24th Hong Kong Film Awards ceremony was held on 27 March 2005 in the Hong Kong Coliseum and hosted by Carol Cheng and Lawrence Cheng. Tsang Kan Cheong. In conjunction with a hundred years of the Chinese cinema. consisting of 103 Chinese films selected by a panel of 101 filmmakers. Chung Kai Cheong — A-1 Derek Yee One Nite In Mongkok • • • • Stephen Chow. critics and scholars. a list of Best 100 Chinese Motion Pictures. Awards Best Film Winner Winning film N/A Nominees 2046 Breaking News One Nite In Mongkok New Police Story Kung Fu Hustle • • • • Best Director Winner Winning film Nominees Wong Kar-wai — 2046 Johnnie To — Breaking News Stephen Chow — Kung Fu Hustle Benny Chan — New Police Story Derek Yee One Nite In Mongkok • • • • Best Screenplay Winner Winning film Nominees Wong Kar-wai — 2046 Gordon Chan. Lola Huo. was also unveiled during the ceremony. Twenty-nine winners in nineteen categories were unveiled. Chan Man Keung — Kung Fu Hustle Lilian Lee — Dumplings .

Kwan Pun Leung Winning film Nominees 2046 • • • • Pun Yiu Ming — Leaving Me Loving You Poon Hang Sang — Kung Fu Hustle Venus Keung Kwok Man — One Nite In Mongkok Christopher Doyle — Dumplings .24th Hong Kong Film Awards 98 Best Actor Winner Tony Leung Chiu Wai Winning film Nominees 2046 • • • • Stephen Chow — Kung Fu Hustle Alex Fong Chung-Sun — One Nite In Mongkok Daniel Wu — One Nite In Mongkok Jackie Chan — New Police Story Best Actress Winner Zhang Ziyi Winning film Nominees 2046 • • • • Sylvia Chang — Twenty Thirty Forty Yuen Qiu — Kung Fu Hustle Cecilia Cheung — One Nite In Mongkok Karena Lam — Koma Best Supporting Actor Winner Winning film Nominees Danny Chan Kwok Kwan — Kung Fu Hustle Chim Sui Man — Driving Miss Wealthy Daniel Wu — New Police Story Tony Leung Ka Fai — Dumplings Yuen Wah Kung Fu Hustle • • • • Best Supporting Actress Winner Bai Ling Winning film Nominees Dumplings • • • • Kate Yeung — Twenty Thirty Forty Maggie Shiu — Breaking News Candy Lo — Six Strong Guys Jenny Woo — Yesterday Once More Best New Performer Winner Tian Yuan Winning film Nominees Butterfly • • • • Jaycee Chan — The Twins Effect II Huang Shengyi — Kung Fu Hustle Race Wong — AB-Normal Beauty Teresa Cheung — Colour Blossoms Best Cinematography Winner Christopher Doyle. Lai Yiu Fai.

Ho Tsz Leung — Colour Blossoms Best Action Choreography Winner Winning film Nominees Cory Yuen — The Twins Effect II Chin Kar-lok — One Nite In Mongkok Yuen Bun — Throw Down Lee Chung Chi. Petra Kwok — Jiang Hu Yon Fan.24th Hong Kong Film Awards 99 Best Film Editing Winner Winning film Nominees William Chang Suk Ping — 2046 David M. Shigeru Umebayashi Winning film Nominees 2046 • • • • Mark Lui — Leaving Me Loving You Raymond Wong — Kung Fu Hustle Peter Kam — One Nite In Mongkok Surender Sodhi — Colour Blossoms Best Original Film Song Winner Winning film Nominees . Richardson — Breaking News Cheung Ka Fai — One Nite In Mongkok Yau Chi Wai — New Police Story Angie Lam Kung Fu Hustle • • • • Best Art Direction Winner William Chang Suk Ping. Pater Wong — Dumplings Best Costume Make Up Design Winner William Chang Suk Ping Winning film Nominees 2046 • • • • Lee Pik Kwan — The Twins Effect II Shirley Chan — Kung Fu Hustle Yank Wong Yan Kwai. Lam Ching — Jiang Hu Man Lim Chung — Colour Blossoms Yee Chung-Man. Alfred Yau Wai Ming Winning film Nominees 2046 • • • • Oliver Wong Yui Man — Kung Fu Hustle Yank Wong Yan Kwai. Jackie Chan Stunt Team — New Police Story Yuen Wo Ping Kung Fu Hustle • • • • Best Original Film Score Winner Peer Raben.

24th Hong Kong Film Awards 咁咁咁 Composer: The Pancakes Lyricist: Brian Tse. Prince De La Bun • 兩 個 人 的 煙 火 — Leaving Me Loving You • Composer: Mark Lui • Lyricist: Albert Leung • Singer: Leon Lai The Attractive One — The Attractive One • • • • • • • • • • • Composer: Ronald Ng Lyricist: Albert Leung Singer: Joey Yung 100 如 果你 有事 — Yesterday Once More Composer: Lau Cho Tak Lyricist: Albert Leung. Emil Yee — The Twins Effect II Narin Visitsak — AB-Normal Beauty Victor Wong. Nadir Benhassaine. Franco Hung Winning film Nominees Guillaume Raffi. Paul Pirola Best Visual Effects Winner Frankie Chung. Steve Burgess. Ho Chi Fai — New Police Story Kung Fu Hustle • • • • Best Asian Film Winner Winning film Nominees N/A Old Boy • (South Korea) • • • House of Flying Daggers (China) A World Without Thieves (China) Zatoichi (Japan) Quill (Japan) . Eddy Wong. Rob Mackenzie. The Pancakes Singer: The Pancakes • Mcdull. Sonia Holst. Tu Duu Chih — 2046 Nip Kei Wing. Don Ma. Andy Lau Singer: Sammi Cheng — Magic Kitchen Composer: Lam Yat Fung Lyricist: Wong Wai Man Singer: Sammi Cheng 調情 Best Sound Design Winner Winning film Nominees • • • • Claude Letessier. Benny Chan — One Nite In Mongkok Kinson Tsang — Koma Kinson Tsang — New Police Story Steven Kung Fu Hustle Ticknor. Tam Kai Kwan. Nicolas Bonnell — 2046 Victor Wong.

Prince De La Bun Professional Spirit Award • Jackie Chan External links • Official website of the Hong Kong Film Awards [1] .24th Hong Kong Film Awards 101 Best New Director Winner Wong Ching Po Winning film Nominees Jiang Hu • • Barbara Wong Chun Chun — Six Strong Guys Toe Yuen — Mcdull.

Susan Chan Suk Yin — Wait 'Til You're Older Best Actor Winner Tony Leung Ka Fai Winning film Nominees Election • • • • Aaron Kwok — Divergence Tony Leung Ka Fai — Everlasting Regret Andy Lau — Wait 'Til You're Older Simon Yam — Election . with film Election being the year's biggest winner. Jessica Fong.25th Hong Kong Film Awards 102 25th Hong Kong Film Awards 25th Hong Kong Film Awards Date Venue Host(s) 8 April 2006 Hong Kong Coliseum Eric Tsang Teresa Mo Chapman To Ceremony for the 25th Hong Kong Film Awards was held on 8 April 2006 in the Hong Kong Coliseum and hosted by Eric Tsang. Teresa Mo and Chapman To. Alan Mak — Initial D Best Screenplay Winner Yau Nai-Hoi. Awards Best Film Winner Winning film Nominees N/A Election • • • • Seven Swords Perhaps Love The Myth Initial D Best Director Winner Johnnie To Winning film Nominees Election • • • • Tsui Hark — Seven Swords Peter Chan — Perhaps Love Derek Yee — 2 Young Andrew Lau. Raymond To — Perhaps Love Derek Yee. Yip Tin-Shing Winning film Nominees Election • • • • Aubrey Lam. Chun Tin Nam — 2 Young James Yuen Sai Sang. Twenty-five winners in nineteen categories were unveiled. Lo Yiu Fai — Crazy N' the City Cheung Chi Kwong.

Kong Chi Leung — Perhaps Love Patrick Tam — Election Wong Hoi — Initial D . Lai Yiu Fai.25th Hong Kong Film Awards 103 Best Actress Winner Winning film Nominees Karena Lam — Home Sweet Home Sammi Cheng — Everlasting Regret Sylvia Chang — Rice Rhapsody Zhou Xun Perhaps Love • • • • Karen Mok — Wait 'Til You're Older Best Supporting Actor Winner Anthony Wong Winning film Nominees Initial D • • • • Alex Fong Chung-Sun — Drink-Drank-Drunk Hu Jun — Everlasting Regret Liu Kai Chi — SPL Wong Tin Lam — Election Best Supporting Actress Winner Teresa Mo Winning film Nominees 2 Young • • • • Zhang Jingchu — Seven Swords Su Yan — Everlasting Regret Karena Lam — Ah Sou Maggie Shiu — Election Best New Performer Winner Jay Chou Winning film Nominees Initial D • • • • Fiona Sit — 2 Young Isabella Leong — Bug Me Not! Annie Liu — Ah Sou Michelle Ye — Moonlight in Tokyo Best Cinematography Winner Winning film Nominees Venus Keung Kwok Man — Seven Swords Peter Pau — The Promise Cheng Siu Keung — Election Andrew Lau. Ng Man Ching — Initial D Peter Pau Perhaps Love • • • • Best Film Editing Winner Yau Chi Wai Winning film Nominees Divergence • • • • Angie Lam — Seven Swords Wenders Li.

Xiong Xinxin — Seven Swords Lee Chung Chi — Divergence Jackie Chan. Pater Wong Winning film Nominees Perhaps Love • • • • Poon Wing Yan. Lee Pik Kwan — A Chinese Tall Story Timmy Yip. Stephen Tung Wai.25th Hong Kong Film Awards 104 Best Art Direction Winner Yee Chung-Man. Pater Wong Winning film Nominees Perhaps Love • • • • Eddy Wong — Seven Swords William Chang Suk Ping. Shirley Chan — Seven Swords William Chang Suk Ping — Everlasting Regret William Chang Suk Ping. Stanley Tong Kwai Lai. Ku Huen Chiu — House of Fury Best Original Film Score Winner Peter Kam. Leon Ko Winning film Nominees Perhaps Love • • • • Kenji Kawai — Seven Swords Joe Hisaishi — A Chinese Tall Story Lo Tayu — Election Chan Kwong Wing — Initial D Best Original Film Song Winner Winning film Nominees . Kimiya Masago — The Promise Best Action Choreography Winner Donnie Yen Winning film Nominees SPL • • • • Lau Kar Leung. Alfred Yau Wai Ming — Everlasting Regret Bill Lui Cho Hung — A Chinese Tall Story Timmy Yip — The Promise Best Costume Make Up Design Winner Yee Chung-Man. Yuen Shun Yi. Bruce Yu. Richard Hung — The Myth Yuen Wo Ping.

Kim Hee-sun 105 下 次 不 敢 — Wait 'Til You're Older Composer: Peter Kam • Lyricist: Andy Lau • Singer: Andy Lau Drifting — Initial D • • • Composer: Jay Chou Lyricist: Vincent Fang Singer: Jay Chou Composer: Joe Lei Lyricist: Joe Lei Singer: Ronald Cheng • • 無 賴 — Dragon Reloaded • • • Best Sound Design Winner Kinson Tsang Winning film Nominees Initial D • • • • Steve Brugess. David Tso — The Myth Eddy Wong. Victor Wong — A Chinese Tall Story Wang Danrong. Victor Wong — A Chinese Tall Story Frankie Chung Chi Hang. Before Too Old. Roger Savage — The Promise Best Visual Effects Winner Eddy Wong. Wang Zhongyan Singer: Jackie Chan.. Victor Wong. Tam Kai Kwan — The Promise Best New Director Winner Winning film Nominees Mathew Tang Hon Keung — Before Twenty. He Wei — Seven Swords Kinson Tsang — Perhaps Love Eddy Wong. Chun Tin Nam — 2 Young Stephen Fung — House of Fury Kenneth Bi Rice Rhapsody • • • Best Asian Film Winner Winning film N/A Kekexili: Mountain Patrol (China) Nominees • • • • Howl's Moving Castle (Japan) Three Times (Taiwan) Sympathy For Lady Vengeance (South Korea) Be With You (Japan) .. Bryan Cheung Winning film Nominees Initial D • • • • Peter Webb — Seven Swords Wendy Choi.. Cecil Cheng Man Ching. Derek Yee..25th Hong Kong Film Awards Perhaps Love Composer: Peter Kam Lyricist: Yiu Him Singer: Jacky Cheung • Perhaps Love • Endless Love — The Myth • • • • Composer: Choi Jun Young Lyricist: Choi Jun Young. Don Ma Wing On.

and Best Screenplay.25th Hong Kong Film Awards 106 External links • Official website of the Hong Kong Film Awards [1] 26th Hong Kong Film Awards 26th Hong Kong Film Awards Promotional poster for the 26th Hong Kong Film Awards ceremony Date Venue Host(s) 15 April 2007 Hong Kong Cultural Center Bowie Tsang Nick Cheung Lam Chi-chung Ceremony for the 26th Hong Kong Film Awards was held on 15 April 2007 in the Hong Kong Cultural Centre and hosted by Bowie Tsang. which includes twenty-six winners and over a hundred nominees in nineteen categories. In the Best Asian Film category. two special awards were given out this year. The year's biggest winner turned out to be After This Our Exile. Eason Chan. Its young actor Gouw Ian Iskandar also clinched the win for Best Supporting Actor and Best New Performer. Over a hundred nominees contested for seventeen categories of awards. which won three major awards in Best Film. Nick Cheung and Lam Chi-chung. Besides the regular categories. which stipulate that nominees for the category must be released by means of 35 mm film. with film After This Our Exile being the year's biggest winner. The front runners were Curse of the Golden Flower and After This Our Exile. Alive and Jane Zhang. Awards Below is a complete list of winners and nominees for the 26th Hong Kong Film Awards. with fourteen and ten nominations respectively. nominee Still Life (China) was withdrawn as it failed to meet the election criteria. The vacancy was filled by I Not Stupid Too (Singapore). namely the Century Achievement Award (to Run Run Shaw) and the Professional Achievement Award (to Man Yun Ling). The ceremony also featured performances by Jay Chou. Best Film Winner Winning film N/A Nominees Exiled Election 2 Curse of the Golden Flower Fearless After This Our Exile • • • • . Twenty-six winners in nineteen categories were unveiled. Best Director. The nominees were announced on 1 February 2007.

26th Hong Kong Film Awards 107 Best Director Winner Winning film Nominees Johnnie To — Exiled Johnnie To — Election 2 Zhang Yimou — Curse of the Golden Flower Jacob Cheung — A Battle Of Wits Patrick Tam After This Our Exile • • • • Best Screenplay Winner Winning film Nominees Sylvia Chang. Mathias Woo. Lo Yiu Fai — My Name is Fame Yau Nai-Hoi. Alan Mak — Confession Of Pain Patrick Tam. After This Our Exile • Tian Koi Leong • • • Best Actor Winner Winning film Nominees Aaron Kwok — After This Our Exile Tony Leung Chiu Wai — Confession Of Pain Chow Yun-fat — Curse of the Golden Flower Jet Li — Fearless Lau Ching Wan My Name is Fame • • • • Best Actress Winner Winning film Nominees Teresa Mo — Men Suddenly In Black 2 Rene Liu — Happy Birthday Isabella Leong — Isabella Angelica Lee — Re-cycle Gong Li Curse of the Golden Flower • • • • Best Supporting Actor Winner Winning film Nominees Simon Yam — Election 2 Nick Cheung — Election 2 Jay Chou — Curse of the Golden Flower Liu Ye — Curse of the Golden Flower Gouw Ian Iskandar After This Our Exile • • • • Best Supporting Actress Winner Zhou Xun Winning film Nominees The Banquet • • • • Kelly Lin — After This Our Exile Isabella Leong — Diary Candice Yu — My Name Is Fame Kristal Tin — The Mother Is A Belly Dancer . Theresa Tang — Happy Birthday James Yuen. Jessica Fong. Yip Tin-Shing — Election 2 Felix Chong.

Richardson — Exiled Azrael Chung — Confession of Pain Virginia Katz. Richard Learoyd — Fearless Eric Kong A Battle of Wits • • • • Best Art Direction Winner Winning film Nominees Patrick Tam. • Lai Yiu Fai • • Zhao Xiaoding — Curse of the Golden Flower Best Film Editing Winner Winning film Nominees Patrick Tam — After This Our Exile David M.26th Hong Kong Film Awards Nominees Gouw Ian Iskandar After This Our Exile • • • • Huo Siyan — My Name Is Fame Pei Pei — Dog Bite Dog Betty Sun — Fearless Rob-B-Hood 108 Best Cinematography Winner Winning film Nominees Mark Lee Ping Bing — After This Our Exile Charlie Lam — Isabella Cheng Siu Keung — Exiled Andrew Confession of Pain • Lau. Jackie Chan Stunt Team — Rob-B-Hood . Cyrus Ho — After This Our Exile Man Lim Chung — Isabella Timmy Yip — The Banquet Man Lim Chung — Confession of Pain Huo Tingxiao Curse of the Golden Flower • • • • Best Costume and Make Up Design Winner Winning film Nominees Stephanie Wong — Isabella Timmy Yip — The Banquet Man Lim Chung — Confession of Pain Tong Huamiao — A Battle of Wits Yee Chung-Man Curse of the Golden Flower • • • • Best Action Choreography Winner Yuen Wo Ping Winning film Nominees Fearless • • • • Tony Ching — Curse of the Golden Flower Stephen Tung — A Battle of Wits Donnie Yen — Dragon Tiger Gate Jackie Chan. Li Chung Chi.

26th Hong Kong Film Awards 109 Best Original Film Score Winner Peter Kam Winning film Nominees Isabella • • • • Tan Dun — The Banquet Chan Kwong Wing — Confession of Pain Shigeru Umebayashi — Curse of the Golden Flower Kenji Kawai — A Battle of Wits Best Original Film Song Winner Winning film Nominees 阿 當 的 抉 擇 — The Heavenly Kings • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Composer: Davy Chan Lyricist: Li Jin Yi Singer: Alive Curse of the Golden Flower • 菊花台 Composer: Jay Chou Lyricist: Vincent Fang Singer: Jay Chou 生 日 快 樂 — Happy Birthday Composer: Chan Fai Yeung Lyricist: Albert Leung Singer: Rene Liu Composer: Tan Dun Lyricist: Fan Xueyi Singer: Zhang Liangying Composer: Jay Chou Lyricist: Vincent Fang Singer: Jay Chou 我用所有報答愛 — The Banquet 霍 元 甲 — Fearless Best Sound Design Winner Nakom Kositpaisal Winning film Nominees Re-cycle • • • • Wang Danrong — The Banquet Tao Jing. Victor Wong. He Wei — A Battle of Wits Richard Yawn — Fearless Best Visual Effects Winner Ng Yuen Fai. John Leonti. Alex Lim Winning film Nominees Re-cycle • • • • Jiang Yanming — The Banquet Angela Barson. Chas Chau. Eddy Wong — A Battle of Wits Koan Hui — Dragon Tiger Gate . Roger Savage — Curse of the Golden Flower Steve Burgess. Emil Yee. Sze Cheuk Wah — Curse of the Golden Flower Clement Cheng. Frankie Chung.

26th Hong Kong Film Awards 110 Best New Director Winner Winning film Nominees Law Wing-Cheong — 2 Become 1 Patrick Kong — Marriage With A Fool Daniel Wu The Heavenly Kings • • Best Asian Film Winner Winning film N/A Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles (China) Nominees • • • • I Not Stupid Too (Singapore) Death Note (Japan) Crazy Stone (China) The Host (South Korea) Century Achievement Award • Run Run Shaw Professional Achievement Award • Man Yun Ling External links • Official website of the Hong Kong Film Awards [1] .

2nd Hong Kong Film Awards 111 2nd Hong Kong Film Awards 2nd Hong Kong Film Awards Date Venue Host(s) 1983 The ceremony for the 2nd Hong Kong Film Awards was held in 1983. Kam Ping-Hing — Nomad Manfred Wong — Lonely Fifteen Lee Pik-Wah — Once Upon a Mirage Li Han-Xiang — Tiger Killer . Patrick Tam Kar-Ming.[1] Awards Best Film Winner Winning film Nominees Ann Hui Boat People • • • • Nomad Lonely Fifteen Coolie Killer Prodigal Son Best Director Winner Winning film Nominees Ann Hui Boat People • • • • David Lai — Lonely Fifteen Patrick Tam Kar-Ming — Nomad Choi Gai-Kwong — Teenage Dreamers Sammo Hung — Prodigal Son Best Screenplay Winner Winning film Nominees Yau Tai On Ping Boat People • • • • Yau Kong-Kin. Eddie Fong Ling-Ching. Chan Wan-Man. Chan Koon-Chung.

David Chung Chi-Man — Coolie Killer Wong Chung-Biu — Nomad Tong Bo-Sang — Lonely Fifteen Arthur Wong — Life After Life Arthur Wong He Lives by Night • • • • Best Film Editing Winner Winning film Nominees Kin Kin — Boat People David Wu Dai-Wai — Coolie Killer Chow Kwok-Chung He Lives by Night • • • • Chow Kwok-Chung — Life After Life Mak Family Editing Group — Lonely Fifteen .2nd Hong Kong Film Awards 112 Best Actor Winner Winning film Nominees Chan Wai-Man — Crimson Street George Lam — Boat People Leslie Cheung — Nomad Karl Maka Aces Go Places • Sammo Hung Carry On Pickpocket • • Best Actress Winner Winning film Nominees Sylvia Chang — Aces Go Place Cherie Chung — Eclipse Cora Miao — Boat People Ma Si-San — Boat People Lam Pik-Kei Lonely Fifteen • • • • Best New Performer Winner Ma Si-San Winning film Nominees Boat People • • • • • • • Lam Pik-Kei — Lonely Fifteen Andy Lau — Boat People Chow Sau-Lan — Teenage Dreamers Cecilia Yip — Nomad Pat Ha — Nomad Irene Wan — Lonely Fifteen Irene Wan — Happy Sixteen Best Cinematography Winner Winning film Nominees Lai Sui-Ming.

My Goddess theme song • Lyricist: Peter Lai Bei-Tak • Singer: Alan Tam Till Death Do We Scare theme song • • Composer: Teddy Robin Kwan Lyricist: Raymond Wong Bak-Ming • • • Singer: Alan Tam Once Upon a Rainbow theme song • • Composer: Lam Man-Yi Singer: Lui On-Na . King Chue. Fung Hak-On — Dragon Lord Corey Yuen Kwai. Yuen Biao. Yuen Cheung-Yan. Siu Hau — Legendary Weapon of China Yuen Woo-Ping. Billy Chan Wui-Ngai • • • • • Lau Kar-Leung. Yuen Sun-Yi. Yuen Yat-Choh. Corey Yuen Kwai.2nd Hong Kong Film Awards 113 Best Art Direction Winner Tony Au Ting-Ping Winning film Nominees Boat People • • • • Yee Chung-Man. Wong Seung-Hoi. Yu Hoi — Shaolin Temple Best Original Film Score Winner Winning film Nominees Teddy Robin Kwan — Aces Go Places Law Wing-Fai — Boat People Chuk Hang-Him — Soul of the Wind Lam Man-Yi — Nomad Chris Babida Life After Life • • • • Best Original Film Song Winner Winning film Nominees Aces Go Places theme song • • • Composer: Sam Hui Singer: Sam Hui Composer: Nip On-Tat Happy Sixteen theme song Happy Sixteen • Composer: Chan Chau-Ha Lyricist: Lam Chun-Keung Singer: Lo Wan-Na • My Darling. Brandy Yuen Chun-Yeung. Lam Ching-Ying. William Cheung Suk-Ping — It Takes Two William Chang Suk Ping — Nomad Wong Yui-Man — Life After Life Wong Yui-Man — He Lives by Night Best Action Direction Winner Winning film Prodigal Son Nominees Jackie Chan. Mang Hoi — Ninja in the Dragon Den Sammo Hung Kam-Bo. Chiu Chung-Hing — The Miracle Fighters Ma Yin-Tat. Poon Ching-Fuk.

hkfaa. Hong Kong Film Awards Association. External links • Official website of the Hong Kong Film Awards (http://www.hkfaa. html) (in Chinese).com) .2nd Hong Kong Film Awards 114 References [1] "第 二 屆 香 港 電 影 金 像 獎 得 獎 名 單" (http:/ / www. . com/ history/ list_02. Retrieved 2011-9-2.

Vampire Love With a Perfect Stranger • • • • Best Actor Winner Kent Cheng Winning film Nominees Why Me? • • • • Chow Yun-fat — Women Michael Hui — Mr. Boo Meets Pom Pom Jackie Chan — Heart of Dragon Jackie Chan — Police Story . Szeto Chuk Hon — Mr. Kit Lai — Women Ng See Yuen — The Unwritten Law Alex Law — Illegal Immigrant Wong Ying. Awards Best Film Winner Winning film Nominees N/A Police Story • • • Women Illegal Immigrant Mr.5th Hong Kong Film Awards 115 5th Hong Kong Film Awards 5th Hong Kong Film Awards Date 1986 Venue The Regent Hong Kong Host(s) Ceremony for the 5th Hong Kong Film Awards was held in 1986. Tang Wing Hung Winning film Nominees Chiu-Tai An-ping. Barry Wong. Vampire Best Director Winner Winning film Nominees Stanley Kwan — Women Sammo Hung — Heart of Dragon Ricky Lau — Mr. Vampire Jackie Chan — Police Story Mabel Cheung Illegal Immigrant • • • • Best Screenplay Winner Jamie Luk.

Vampire Billy Lau — Mr.5th Hong Kong Film Awards 116 Best Supporting Actor Winner Winning film Nominees Clarence Fok — Let's Make Laugh II Lam Ching Ying — Mr. Vampire . Vampire Cheung Yiu Tsou — Police Story Poon Hang Sang Life and Death • • • • Best Film Editing Winner Winning film Nominees Chiang Kwok Keun. Vampire Cheung Yiu Chung — Police Story Chow Cheung Kan Hong Kong Graffiti • • • Best Art Direction Winner Luk Suk Yuen Winning film Nominees Night Caller • • • • Tony Au — Women William Chang Suk Ping — Infatuation Lee King Man — My Name Ain't Suzie Lam Sai Kan — Mr. Madam aka Police Assassins Mark Cheng — Cupid One Billy Lau — Mr. Ng Fung Lam — Infatuation Cheung Yiu Chung — Mr. Vampire Polly Chan Hong Kong Graffiti • • • Best Cinematography Winner Winning film Nominees Bill Wong — Women Abdul Rumjohnn — Infatuation Peter Ngor — Mr. Vampire Mang Hoi Yes Madam aka Police Assassins • • • Best Supporting Actress Winner Winning film Nominees Elaine Kam — Women Polly Chan — Hong Kong Graffiti Pauline Wong — Night Caller Deanie Ip My Name Ain't Suzie • • • Best New Performer Winner Winning film Nominees Michelle Yeoh — Yes.

Mang Hoi — Yes. Vampire Jury Award Winner Kent Cheng Winning film Nominees Why Me? • • Terry Tong — Hong Kong Graffiti Jamie Luk — Love With a Perfect Stranger External links • Official website of the Hong Kong Film Awards [1] .5th Hong Kong Film Awards 117 Best Action Direction Winner Jackie Chan Stunt Team Winning film Nominees Police Story • • • • Corey Yuen. Vampire • • • Law Wing Fai — Women Lowell Lo — Infatuation Waiorrend Lam — Heart of Dragon Best Original Film Song Winner 誰可相依 Composer: Waiorrend Lam Lyricist: Poon Yuen Leung Singer: Su Rui Winning film Nominees 最 緊 要 好 玩 — Working Class • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Composer: Sam Hui Lyricist: Richard Lam Singer: Sam Hui Composer: Lowell Lo Lyricist: Susan Tang Singer: Lowell Lo Heart of Dragon • 快樂老實人 — Infatuation 誰 能 明 白 我 — The Owl and Dumbo Composer: George Lam Lyricist: Cheng Kwok Kong Singer: George Lam Composer: Anders Nelsson Lyricist: Cheng Kwok Kong Singer: 傑 兒 合 唱 團 鬼 新 娘 — Mr. Madam aka Police Assassins Yuen Biao. Vampire Best Original Film Score Winner Melody Bank Winning film Nominees Mr. Lam Ching Ying — My Lucky Stars Sammo Hung Stunt Team — Heart of Dragon Sammo Hung Stunt Team — Mr.

Awards Best Film Winner Winning film N/A Nominees Eight Taels of Gold A Fishy Story All About Ah Long The Killer Beyond the Sunset • • • • Best Director Winner John Woo Winning film Nominees The Killer • • • • Johnnie To — All About Ah-Long Jacob Cheung — Beyond the Sunset Anthony Chan — A Fishy Story Mabel Cheung — Eight Taels of Gold Best Screenplay Winner Jacob Cheung. Coconut . Gordon Chan — The Yuppie Fantasia Derek Yee. Philip Cheng Chung Tai — All About Ah Long John Woo — The Killer Lip Wang Fung. Wong Chi Yat — Bachelor's Swan Song Alex Law. Mabel Cheung — Eight Taels of Gold Beyond the Sunset • • • • • Best Actor Winner Winning film Nominees Jackie Chan — Miracles Richard Ng — Beyond the Sunset Chow Yun-fat — God of Gamblers Chow Yun-fat All About-Ah Long • • • • • Sammo Hung — Eight Taels of Gold Michael Hui — Mr. Lau Shek Yin. Chan Kam Cheung Winning film Nominees Ng Man Fai. Wong Man Yu.9th Hong Kong Film Awards 118 9th Hong Kong Film Awards 9th Hong Kong Film Awards Date 1990 Venue The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Host(s) Ceremony for the 9th Hong Kong Film Awards was held in 1990.

9th Hong Kong Film Awards 119 Best Actress Winner Winning film Nominees Carrie Ng — The First Time is the Last Time Fung Bo Bo — Beyond the Sunset Sylvia Chang — Eight Taels of Gold Sylvia Chang — All About Ah Long Carina Lau — Her Beautiful Life Lies Maggie Cheung A Fishy Story • • • • • Best Supporting Actor Winner Winning film Nominees Paul Chu Kong — The Killer Shing Fui-On — Stars & Roses Wong Kwan Yuen — All About Ah Long Tony Leung Chiu-Wai My Heart Is That Eternal Rose • • • Best Supporting Actress Winner Winning film Nominees Pauline Wong — Web of Deception Meg Lam — The First Time is the Last Time Seung Tin Ngoh — Sentenced to Hang Josephine Koo — A Fishy Story Cecilia Yip Beyond the Sunset • • • • Best New Performer Winner Winning film Nominees Sin Lap Man — The Reincarnation of Golden Lotus Wong Kwan Yuen — All About Ah Long Lung Fong — Casino Raiders Law Chi Wai — Beyond the Sunset Kwong Wah Life Goes On • • • • Best Cinematography Winner Winning film Nominees Christopher Doyle — Her Beautiful Life Lies Wong Wing Hung. Peter Pau — The Killer Bill Wong — Eight Taels of Gold Poon Hang Sang — The Iceman Cometh Peter Pau A Fishy Story • • • • Best Film Editing Winner Fan Kung Wing Winning film Nominees The Killer • • • • Peter Cheung — Miracles Wong Chi Hung — The First Time is the Last Time Chiang Kwok Kuen — My Heart Is That Eternal Rose Poon Hung — The Iceman Cometh .

9th Hong Kong Film Awards 120 Best Art Direction Winner Winning film Nominees Eddie Ma — Miracles Luk Chi Fung — A Better Tomorrow III: Love and Death in Saigon Yank Wong — Beyond the Sunset Patrick Tam. Mang Hoi. Lo Sai Kit — All About Ah Long Lo Ta-yu. Sammo Hung Stunt Team — Pedicab Driver Best Original Film Score Winner Winning film Nominees Lowell Lo — A Better Tomorrow III: Love and Death in Saigon Lo Ta-yu. Yuen Tak — The Iceman Cometh Brandy Yuen. Eight Taels of Gold • Lo Sai Kit • Best Original Film Song Winner 憑著愛 Composer: Lowell Lo Lyricist: Poon Yuen Leung Singer: Julie Su Winning film Nominees 船歌 • • • • — Eight Taels of Gold Pedicab Driver • 飛 沙 風 中 轉 — Triads: the Inside Story • • • Composer: Lo Ta-yu Lyricist: Richard Lam Singer: Chow Yun-fat Composer: Lo Ta-yu Lyricist: Lo Ta-yu Singer: Chyi Yu • 阿 郎 戀 曲 — All About Ah Long • • • Composer: Lo Ta-yu Lyricist: Sam Hui Singer: Sam Hui • 午 夜 迷 牆 — The Black Wall • • • Composer: Wong Ka Kui Lyricist: Paul Wong Singer: Wong Ka Kui External links • Official website of the Hong Kong Film Awards [1] . Eddie Mok — My Heart Is That Eternal Rose Szeto Wai Yung A Fishy Story • • • • Best Action Direction Winner Jackie Chan Stunt Team Winning film Nominees Miracles • • Sammo Hung Stunt Team. Yuen Wah.

Plot The story is largely seen through the eyes of Ku. who is a well-meaning but unambitious scholar and painter. A Touch of Zen was not completed until 1971. claiming the Technical Grand Prize award.A Touch of Zen 121 A Touch of Zen A Touch of Zen Film poster Traditional Simplified Mandarin Directed by Produced by Screenplay by Starring 俠女 侠女 Xiá Nǚ King Hu Hsia Wu Ling-fung King Hu Hsu Feng Shih Jun Pai Ying Roy Chiao Wu Ta-chiang Lo Ming-tao Music by Cinematography Hua Hui-ying Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language King Hu Wing Chin-chen Union Film International Film Production Union Film (Hong Kong) November 18. A stranger arrives in town wanting his portrait painted by Ku. The fugitive. Although filming began in 1969. 1971 (Hong Kong) 187 or 200 min Taiwan Mandarin A Touch of Zen is a 1971 Taiwanese wuxia film directed by King Hu. The film won significant critical acclaim and became the first Chinese language action film ever to win a prize at the Cannes Film Festival. but his real objective is to bring a female fugitive back to the city for execution on behalf of the East Chamber guards. is befriended by Ku and together they plot against the corrupt Eunuch Wei who wants to eradicate all trace of her family after her father attempts to warn the Emperor of the eunuch's corruption. with a tendency towards being clumsy and ineffectual. In November 1971 both parts of the film were combined into one for the Hong Kong market with a run time of 187 minutes. this version has a combined run time of 200 minutes.[2] Its running time of over three hours makes it an unusually epic entry in the wuxia genre.[1] The original Taiwanese release was in two parts in 1970 and 1971 (filming was still ongoing when the first part was released) with the bamboo forest sequence that concludes Part 1 reprised at the beginning of Part 2. Yang. .

where she has given birth to a child by Ku and become a nun. 122 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Hsu Feng as Yang Hui-ching Shih Jun as Ku Shen-chai Pai Ying as General Shih Roy Chiao as Abbot Hui Yuan Tien Peng as Ouyang Nin Cho Kin as Magistrate Miao Tian as one of Mun Ta's advisors Cheung Bing-yuk as Shen-chai's mother Sit Hon as General Lu Ting-yen Wang Shui as Mun Ta Han Ying-chieh as Chief Commander Hsu Hsien-chen Man Chung-san as Lu Chiang Liu Chu as one of the Magistrate's men Go Ming as one of the Magistrate's men Liu Chik as Mun Ta's guard Goo Liu-sek as Yang Lin Cheung Wan-man as Tao Lung Tse Chung-mau as royal messenger To Wai-wo as Mun Ta's guard Chen Shih-wei as Mun Ta's guard Hao Li-jen as woodcutter Sammo Hung as Commander Hsu's bodyguard Ng Ming-choi as East Chamber guard Billy Chan as East Chamber guard Lam Ching-ying as East Chamber guard Shan Mao as guard Lung Fei as guard Yeung Sai-gwan as monk Kei Ho-chiu as monk Poon Yiu-kwan as East Chamber guard Cheung Yee-kwai as East Chamber guard . Hsu is killed and Yang and Abbot Hui are badly injured (the latter bleeding golden blood). the evil commander of Eunuch Wei's army. whom he is told has left him and does not want him to follow her. After the battle. Later. He tracks her down to the monastery of the saintly and powerful Abbot Hui Yuan. She tells Ku that their destiny together has ended and gives Ku their child. Ku is unable to find Yang. he is no longer the naïve bumbling innocent.A Touch of Zen One of the unique aspects of the film is that Ku is a non-combatant all the way through the film and only becomes involved when he sleeps with Yang. The film famously ends with the injured Yang staggering towards a silhouetted figure. This is plan to use a supposedly haunted site to play tricks on the guards to make believe they are prey to the undead. when Ku and the child are tracked down by Hsu Hsien-Chen. Ku walks through the carnage laughing at the ingenuity of his plan until the true cost of human life dawns on him. but instead becomes confident and assertive. In the aftermath. presumably Abbot Hui. Yang and Abbot Hui come to Ku's rescue. In the ensuing battle. and when Yang's plight is revealed. an image suggesting the Buddha and enlightenment. Upon doing so. seen meditating with the setting sun forming a halo around his head. he insists on being part of it – and even comes up with a fiendish "Ghost Trap" for the East Chamber guards.

festival-cannes. and special effects. A Touch of Zen was on an influence on many films.net/~ozus/atouchofzen. have been interpreted as a battle between good and evil or as a parable about Buddhist religious virtues. and enlightenment." open-ended finale. editing. and Gender in "Medieval" Cinema. 2007.com/title/tt0064451/) at the Internet Movie Database • A Touch of Zen (http://www. pages 157-163. King Hu's A Touch of Zen. festival-cannes. Hong Kong University Press. Elsewhere. February 20. "Sexing Warrior Women. html). com/ en/ archives/ ficheFilm/ id/ 2184/ year/ 1975.sover. with its strong thematic focus on Buddhism. and the use of lens flares are associated throughout with Buddhism and Abbot Hui's convent. the film employs a dark. which involve a number of mystical events. The final battles between Hsu and Hui. Lynn T.com/movies/movie/v156581) at AllRovi • A Touch of Zen (http://www. Peter. The film makes strong use of symbolism throughout and is famous for its "abstract.allrovi. Stephen (2007). com/ siteanglais/ atsuihark/ kinghubio.[3] Featuring stunning settings and backdrops.A Touch of Zen • • • • • Lau Yau-bun as East Chamber guard Chiu Hing-chun as soldier Jimmy Lung as monk Moon Chuk-wa Jackie Chan (uncredited stuntman) 123 Significance The film has been hailed for its cinematography. Hidden Dragon and Zhang Yimou's House of Flying Daggers. References [1] king hu biography (http:/ / hkcinemagic.hkmdb. ISBN 978-962-209-815-2. as well as its unusually thoughtful approach to the genre. Further reading • Lorge.com/db/movies/view.imdb. Retrieved 2009-05-04. Class. ISBN 978-1-4039-7427-3. ISBN 1-4039-7427-6. and Tison Pugh (editors). the sun. Race. Images of nature.mhtml?id=5270&display_set=eng) at the Hong Kong Movie DataBase • Review by Dennis Schwartz (http://www. including Ang Lee's Crouching Tiger. ifrance. Macmillan. External links • A Touch of Zen (http://www. . The film was awarded the Technical Grand Prize and nominated for the Palme d'Or at the 1975 Cannes Film Festival. the evils of worldliness.com." Located in: Ramey. moody tone which enhances the sense of fantasy. The motif of spiderwebs is often used to symbolize the tangled and sinister nature of the East Chamber and the evil Eunuch and the manipulative nature of Yang. htm) [2] Teo. [3] "Festival de Cannes: A Touch of Zen" (http:/ / www.htm) .

his attentions are soon swayed by Spring Lady. Between them. It is the only film Chan has starred in where there wasn't a single fight or stunt sequence. leaving their mother and sister with nothing.062. Spring Lady is tiring of her husband.[1] . In 2006. a rickshaw boy. his three sons divide Mr Hu's belongings. On hearing the rumour.50 All in the Family (Chinese: 花 飛 滿 城 春 . Mr Hu is dying. Plot A family gathers to be with its dying father. the other one being in Shinjuku Incident. Ma. directed by Mu Zhu and produced under Golden Harvest productions. The reunion brings old rivalries to the surface. but as Lin-tze is happily married to Chang Hsun. It contains one of only two sex scenes which Chan has done. Little Tang is in love with Lin-tze. Information Times quoted Chan's response to an article in the Hong Kong media regarding the film. Cast • • • • Jackie Chan Sammo Hung Dean Shek James Tien Overview Chan plays a rickshaw driver.710.All in the Family (film) 124 All in the Family (film) Hua Fei Man Cheng Chun Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Mu Zhu Raymond Chow Ken Suma Jackie Chan Sammo Hung Linda Chu James Tien Dean Shek Distributed by Golden Harvest Release date(s) 8 February 1975 Country Language Box office Hong Kong Cantonese HK $1. pinyin: Hua Fei Man Cheng Chun) is a 1975 Hong Kong adult comedy film. the three sons quickly return home and vie for their mother's favor in the hope of getting the money from her. Although Ma discovers the affair. the sister and mother come up with a plan to get revenge. he is too busy to care. and has an eye on Little Tang. The sister starts a rumour that her mother is actually very rich. After his death. so calls his family to his bedside.

” References [1] "Hua Fei Man Cheng Chun" (http:/ / www. but I don't think it's a big deal. Hong Kong citizens tipped local media that Chan was in the porn movie "All in the Family" in 1975. CSFD .Česko-Slovenská Filmová Databáze.com/title/tt0080897/) at the Internet Movie Database . even Marlon Brando used to be exposed in his movies. cz/ film/ 11386-hua-fei-man-cheng-chun/ ). The Hong Kong made movie. "The porn movie at that time was more conservative than the current films. . External links • All in the Family (film) at HKcinemamagic.All in the Family (film) 125 “ "I had to do anything I could to make a living 31 years ago. directed by Zhu Mu.com (http://www. csfd.imdb." Chan said. Retrieved 2007-08-29. was defined as a comedy." he said. with a porn movie star who was famous at that time.hkcinemagic.com/en/movie.asp?id=1163) • Hua Fei Man Cheng Chun (http://www.

1999 (United States) Running time Country 97 minutes 88 minutes (U.S version) Hong Kong . 1986 (Japan) January 21. 1987 (Hong Kong) September 14. Golden Harvest Media Asia Dimension Films • • • Release date(s) August 16.Armour of God (film) 126 Armour of God (film) Armour of God Hong Kong film poster Traditional Simplified Mandarin Cantonese Directed by Produced by Written by 龍 兄虎弟 龙 兄虎弟 Lóng Xiōng Hǔ Dì Lung4 Hing1 Fu2 Dai6 Jackie Chan Eric Tsang Leonard Ho Chua Lam Jackie Chan John Sheppard Eric Tsang Jackie Chan Alan Tam Lola Forner Rosamund Kwan Michael Lai Tang Siu Lam Starring Music by Cinematography Peter Ngor Cheung Yiu Cho Bob Thompson Stephen Poon Au Kam Hung Arthur Wong Raymond Lam Fai Tai Andrew Lau Jimmy Leung Jimmy Leung Cho Wai Kei Lam Lai Hung Poon Hang Sang Chan Lok Yee Danny Lee Yau Tong Editing by Studio Distributed by Peter Cheung Golden Harvest Goldenway Films Ltd.

Armour of God (film) Language Cantonese English German French HK $35. One of the kidnappers opened Alan's bag. Plot Jackie aka Asian Hawk (Jackie Chan) used to perform in a band with his friends Alan (Alan Tam) and Lorelei (Rosamund Kwan) before he was kicked out of the band by Alan. May has a sniper rifle and will watch Jackie and Alan do. With this information. comedy and stunts. The film features Chan's regular kung fu. with an Indiana Jones-style theme. Soon. Soon. but Jackie says that it would have not saved Lorelei. Alan starts to worry about Lorelei and the Armour of God. Jackie and Alan are chased and a car chase ensues. the kidnappers knew something suspicious about the people. and May decide to go into the kidnappers' place. Jackie is able to convince May Bannon and her father to borrow the three pieces with the promise that Jackie would return with all five to May's father. and starring Chan.469. Alan follows the kidnappers. The waiter said that the kidnappers buy food and take some women on board. Jackie. Although unexpected. Jackie steals a sword from an African tribe that is one of the five pieces of a valuable armour known as the Armour of God. Jackie. Alan is still a successful singer and Lorelei is a renowned fashion-designer. the kidnappers had a bunch of men hiding. sending Chan plummeting and cracking his skull. Jackie goes back to his hotel where he discovers a big stack of messages from Alan informing Jackie of his arrival. Alan gets fed up with Jackie. The film was followed by the sequel Armour of God II: Operation Condor in 1991. and it turns out that it was not the Armour of God. and May bring Lorelei back to their place. they manage to get away. When Jackie and Alan meet. The trio goes to the marketplace where the kidnappers will be. Alan asks a waiter what the kidnappers do. Jackie is shown trying to sell the Armour of God via auction. Eventually. Alan out of desperation (although unwillingly) tells Jackie of an evil cult which has kidnapped Lorelei and demands the Armour of God as ransom. Soon. who wanted Lorelei for himself. one of the kidnappers approaches Alan and shows Alan a picture of Lorelei. Jackie decides to find out about Alan and Lorelei and goes to the kidnappers' place. Alan. Happy with his grand fortune. Later. Chan came the closest he has ever been to death in this film during a relatively routine stunt. Jackie bursts into action and fights the first two kidnappers. Lola Forner and Rosamund Kwan. Soon. Jackie decides to aid Alan in rescuing Lorelei from the evil religious cult that has stolen her in hopes of Asian Hawk delivering the last three pieces of the Armor to them as they have the other two. Alan Tam. Jackie. At the beginning of the film. Alan. He has a secretly placed an artificial bidder whose job is to increase the bids by bidding a few hundred dollars more than the highest bidder. she gave Alan the same injection as herself and stole the three pieces of the Armour of God. and May starts the quest of bringing the whole set of the Armour of God. the kidnappers give Lorelei an injection that will put her under a spell for three days and bring back the Armour of God back to the kidnappers' place. . and Jackie starts moving around Alan. Jackie sees the opportunity to remind Alan about their past failed friendship. Since Lorelei is under a spell. thinking it is the Armour of God. but. he leaped onto a tree from a ledge. but the branch he grabbed snapped. During the course of the film. Alan. Jackie and Alan chase the first two kidnappers.408 127 Gross revenue Armour of God (Chinese: 龍 兄 虎 弟) is a 1986 Hong Kong martial arts action adventure comedy film written and directed by Jackie Chan. Alan walks around the marketplace carrying a bag that tricks the kidnappers. and tries to blend in with the people on board. the armour manages to get an astronomical bid by May Bannon. At this.

Lama Robert O'Brien . 128 Production • While shooting the famous hot air balloon jump. they will not attack Jackie. Jackie finds the Armour of God in a different room and the leader of the kidnappers starts to attack Jackie with his women. Jackie frees them and ambushes the kidnappers. Chan was flown to the hospital and was in surgery 8 hours later. grossing HK $35. Jackie finds Alan and Lorelei tied up. Austria. Armour of God was Chan's biggest hit up to that point and broke all records in Hong Kong. and Jackie uses a smoke signal.[1] • During filming. Armour of God did not get a theatrical release. Cast • • • • • • • • • • Jackie Chan . despite being released before Operation Condor. A new musical score was created for this release. one scene called for him to jump from a wall to a tree branch. Since the leader and his men are afraid of fire. he escapes while the kidnapper's place explodes. For the shot of him jumping off the cliff the crew had to rig him up to a wire because Jackie was not experienced in BASE jumping. and English dubbing (with the participation of Chan) was also recorded.Alan Lola Forner . Armour of God was subsequently released direct-to-video by Miramax Films. he now has a permanent hole in his head.Jackie aka Asian Hawk (doubled by Mars) Alan Tam . Lorelei and May inside. Slovenia and also in Graz. His head hit a rock. Predjama Castle near Postojna.May Bannon Rosamund Kwan . who are "killing machines". Croatia. Armour of God II: Operation Condor (1991) did receive a theatrical release under the simplified title Operation Condor. After taking all of his dynamite from his Jacket.Jackie's representative at auction Mars (extra) (uncredited) Reception At the Hong Kong box office.[5] The film's sequel. Upper town.[2] • This film was shot mostly in former Yugoslavia: in Zagreb (Dolac Central Market. but the title was somewhat confusingly changed to Operation Condor 2: The Armor of the Gods.Grand Wizard John Ladalski . and slight hearing loss in one ear. The film received positive reviews. the branch broke and he fell 15 feet to the ground below.408 in its theatrical run. After defeating the kidnappers' leader of his women. Trnje (near the then-unfinished building of Croatian Radio Television). filled by a plastic plug. As a result.[3][4] Versions In the United States. cracking his skull and shooting a piece of bone up into his brain. with a rating of 75% on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.Miramax Films also Re-redited and re-titled as The Armour Of God. Jackie reveals a jacket full of dynamite underneath his jacket.Count Bannon Ken Boyle . Jackie Chan actually skydived out of a plane and landed on top of the balloon. On his second jump. Jackie jumps off the ledge he is standing and lands on the balloon and the movie ends.Armour of God (film) In the kidnappers' place. instead of jumping off a cliff as is seen in the movie.469.Lorelei Bozidar Smiljanic . Nine minutes of cuts were made to the Miramax version. the leader has all of his men attack Jackie.witch doctor Boris Gregoric . Jackie spots a hot-air balloon with Alan. including: .

com/ features/ jackie-chans-craziest-moments/ 8. External links • Armour of God (http://www.com/title/tt091431/) at the Internet Movie Database • Armour of God (http://www. . . com/ features/ jackie-chans-craziest-moments/ 8.imdb. . encounters a monk who wants to sleep with her. com/ reviews/ 19187/ armour-of-god-series/ ). • The scene in which May (played by Lola Forner). Empire. Danny Yuen) References [1] "Jackie Chan's Craziest Moments" (http:/ / www. asp). asp). Empire. Kevin (1994-03-12). Retrieved 2012-05-29. These same cuts were evident in the Spanish Region 2 release. . 'The Losers'.allrovi. Retrieved 2012-05-30. an allusion to '70s Cantopop band The Wynners. DVD Talk. • An extended version of the slapstick sequence in which Alan (played by Alan Tam) hides in May's room. Australia and the rest of Europe are uncut. [2] "Jackie Chan's Craziest Moments" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2011-01-30. 129 Awards and nominations • 1988 Hong Kong Film Awards • Nomination: Best Action Choreography (Jackie Chan Stunt Team. dvdtalk. latimes. html?ref=jackiechan). . [3] Gates.com/movies/movie/v2860) at AllRovi . empireonline. [4] Thomas. Lau Kar-wing. but DVD releases in Hong Kong. disguised as a prostitute. com/ 1997/ 07/ 18/ movies/ jackie-chan-and-babes-fight-nazis. "Jackie Chan And Babes Fight Nazis" (http:/ / www. Anita (1997-07-18). The New York Times. nytimes. • Jackie's dream sequence. Retrieved 2011-01-30. Retrieved 2012-05-30. "MOVIE REVIEW : 'Armour of God': Chan as an Adventurer for Hire" (http:/ / articles. empireonline. com/ 1994-03-12/ entertainment/ ca-32994_1_jackie-chan). The scene also includes Lorelei (while under the cult's spell) attempting to seduce Jackie.Armour of God (film) • The concert scene of Jackie's band. [5] "Armour of God Series (Region 3)" (http:/ / www. Los Angeles Times.

and Morocco.The Armour of the Gods). In one scene. Cavite. Philippines. The scene where he stole the gem from the cave tribe and escaped by zorbing was shot in Mount Macolod in Cuenca. It was filmed primarily in Madrid. . is a 1991 Hong Kong martial arts-action film. Batangas.Armour of God II: Operation Condor 130 Armour of God II: Operation Condor Armour of God 2: Operation Condor Hong Kong film poster Traditional Simplified Mandarin Cantonese Directed by Produced by Written by Starring 飛鷹計劃 飞鹰计划 Fēi yīng jǐ huá Fei1 jing1 gai3 waak6 Jackie Chan Raymond Chow Leonard Ho Jackie Chan Edward Tang Jackie Chan Carol Cheng Eva Cobo de Garcia Shoko Ikeda Chris Babida Music by Cinematography Arthur Wong Distributed by Golden Harvest Media Asia Dimension Films Hong Kong: 7 February 1991 United States: 18 July 1997 106 min. While the opening scenes where Asian Hawk went Powered paragliding was shot in Tagaytay City over Taal Lake. The movie is succeeded by Armor of God III: Chinese Zodiac. It was produced by Golden Harvest / Paragon Films. directed by and starring Jackie Chan. in that it features Chan's character Condor ("Asian Hawk" in the US release) battling against a former Nazi to retrieve gold from an abandoned base deep in the Sahara Desert. Jackie escapes his persecutors in a zorb-like sphere. This film is even more akin to the Indiana Jones movies than Armour of God.S. (Hong Kong) 92 min. It is the sequel to his hit Armour of God. (also known in the United States as Operation Condor 2 . (U.) Hong Kong Cantonese Release date(s) Running time Country Language Armour of God 2: Operation Condor (Chinese: 飛 鷹 計 劃). Spain.

Armour of God II: Operation Condor 131 Plot Treasure hunter/mercenary Asian Hawk.. again. allow him to take the jewels. she is stopped by a group of men who demand her water. are said to be also searching for the gold. during his escape. Inside the desert ruins. who. where he works/freelances. During their trek through the desert. the granddaughter of the Nazi commander who hid the gold away. who wants nothing less than total cooperation from him (something he chides at). However. and is told the story of a group of Nazi officers who had amassed a king’s ransom in gold bars from other counties during World War II. One day. while gathering information with Ada. he is teamed up with a no-nonsense desert expert named Ada. Ada. As he escapes his zorb. Elsa decides to join Jackie on his quest to find the gold. However. but they are eventually driven away by a gun-toting Elsa. who is traveling through the desert to. he dropped the jewels. he discovers the location of Elsa. If word got out that all the gold stolen during the war was still in the base. thereby saving Elsa in the process. but all of them mysteriously disappeared. and the four of them escape their clutches. essentially. However. cascading down a mountainside to safety.” a terrible fate has befallen him. after some prodding on his behalf. He tries to bid on them. He then saunters away. Jackie is accosted by a group of mysterious men who want to take the key from him. much to Ada’s discontent. much to the delight of the tribesmen. during their escape. the tribesmen respond angrily. He is caught by a number of tribesmen. simply. That night. by drinking the “holy water. learning that they were the ones who attacked Jackie’s and Ada’s camp. stranding them in the desert. As they pick through the wreckage of the camp. find the meaning of life. having done “all that for nothing". so at his insistence she travels with them to the Sahara Desert. Ada. They lodge in a rustic hotel where. other counties the world over would be fighting over themselves to get it first. a man in a wheelchair interrogates the hotel manager. They leave the next day. as Momoko makes her way back through the desert. Jackie and Momoko follow their trail to a desert market. “Jackie” (Jackie Chan) sneaks into a set of ruins to gather several colored jewels. horrified. Momoko drives their "jeep" (a disguised Mitsubishi Montero/Pajero) into a sand bank. Jackie successfully fights them off. finding Ada and Elsa being auctioned off as sex slaves. but his cover is blown and the three of them escape. They make their way back to the camp but find everyone in their consort killed off. but during that day. They hid the gold in a secret base in the Sahara Desert. they are attacked by a group of armed men who demand the key and the map to the base. and Elsa come across a girl named Momoko. before they depart. strangely. They bid her adieu and enter the ruins. He escapes without too much harm. makes his escape from the ruins in a huge inflatable zorb. raiders attack their camp and take Ada and Elsa hostage. they are caught by the two Arabs. and Elsa are attacked by desert tribesmen and. The three of them fall through the sand and into an underground area. who ends up shooting the whole hotel up in the process. As they attempt to make their way back to the camp. Momoko. Jackie. Jackie sneaks in. Ada. Amon and Tasza. he must marry a rather rotund priestess. who demand they lead them to the base. and Jackie to it. She remembers where she’d seen in and leads Elsa. Jackie. demanding to know where they went. Jackie. He is then given a key to unlock the vault where the gold is expected to be. he realizes that. they begin to . but the head of the UN believes her to be of possible help. and. but when he fills his canteen with water running down the rocks. they are led astray. However. they enter an area that is deemed forbidden. Jackie then returns to the UN building. now known as “Asian Condor” or. He sneaks into her house but find that she is being attacked by two Arabs (in truth are actors who are given Russian accents for the role in the English dub version) who. upon looking at a picture of Elsa’s grandfather at the desert base.. He is then told that. She recognizes a necklace one man is wearing as hers. so Jackie is to be sent out to locate the base and acquire the gold for the UN. As they get their bearings. recognizes a statue in the picture. their entry closed off by a collapsing wall. Jackie fights them off.

he was the one who’d killed Elsa’a grandfather (his name was on the knife). leaving Adolf behind. He had had 18 men in his company. who had apparently been murdered (Jackie finds a knife in his back). flanked by the same men who’d been attacking Jackie time and again. though. in the end: “It just goes to show what we truly need or want. having found the canteen to be empty.. including Elsa’s grandfather. the commander and his men were to poison themselves.Adolf (as Aldo Brel Sánchez) Bozidar Smiljanic .Duke Scapio / Baron Bannon Jonathan Isgar . he locks his men into the vault. save for two who chase Jackie through the base into an underground hangar complete with a gigantic fan.Amon Aldo Sambrell . Ada laments this. Elsa and Momoko take as much gold as they can carry and ready themselves for their escape. but as they do. Jackie throws his canteen to them and watches. the wheelchair-bound man suddenly enters the base. that his henchmen plan on keeping the gold for themselves.Armour of God II: Operation Condor investigate their new area and realize that they have actually found the Nazi base.Elsa Shôko Ikeda . but due to the power of the fan and the subsequent burst of wind that sends the four of them flying through the ventilation duct. Ada. The skeletal remains of the Nazis are found as well. Ada falls over and drops a single gold bar onto the sand. stopping them in their tracks. As they learn this. As a result. they are overpowered and are forced to open the base vault. 132 Cast • • • • • • • • Jackie Chan . Elsa accidentally hits a button triggering a self-destruct sequence. but don’t realize that they are all completely lost in the desert. With that knowledge. Jackie gives him the bar. thereby keeping the knowledge of the gold a secret. Adolf and the girls try to help him by hitting various buttons and switches. the 18th soldier who defied his commander. but will also use the base’s ventilation system to send them to safety through wind power. He demands Jackie and his company to lead them to the gold so he can claim it for himself. but Jackie reminds her that at least they are still alive.Jackie / Asian Hawk / Condor Carol Cheng (aka Do Do Cheng) .Momoko Daniel Mintz . Jackie. They pursue him and the three girls all throughout the base in one fight sequence after another until. they want water instead. The base then begins to explode and cave in on itself. they learn that. As they fight. they accidentally drop the cases of gold. as they fight over it. but only 17 corpses are found. but had his legs broken and crippled in the process. but Jackie fights his attackers off. Jackie sums it all up pretty nicely. The man in the chair claims to be Adolf. including himself. They are successful in unlocking it and find an almost endless supply of gold bars. they plan out their escape. upon sealing the gold away. Adolf intends to stay behind and die in the ensuing blast. The men are overjoyed and begin to grab as much as they can carry.Ada Eva Cobo de Garcia . activating the fan in different ways. a disheveled Amon shoots at them.. Adolf then learns.” Amon then forces them to find water. As Jackie makes for it. wanting to be “with his friends”. burying the gold under a huge collapsing sand dune. the hard way. but he doesn’t want it. eventually. having been led there by a captive Momoko. They begin to search.Tasza . After reading through the commander’s log. amazed. As they continue on through the desert. Before they can do anything else.

suntimes. the most expensive Hong Kong film at the time. dll/ article?AID=/ 19970718/ REVIEWS/ 707180302/ 1023).Armour of God II: Operation Condor 133 Jackie Chan Stunt Team • Benny Lai • Ken Lo • Mars Reception The reception was positive. but it wouldn't be released theatrically until 1997 under the title Operation Condor. html). • An uncut export version of the film was released in the UK by Entertainment In Video. . [5] Dutka. "MOVIE REVIEW. [4] "Operation Condor" (http:/ / rogerebert. Dimension Films acquired the US rights. The New York Times. . latimes.088 per screen). or US $15 million. [6] "Armour of God Series (Region 3)" (http:/ / www. com/ 1997/ jul/ 22/ entertainment/ ca-14964). latimes. dvdtalk. On 1. html). In its Hong Kong theatrical release. Retrieved 2011-01-30.048.731.[1][2][3][4] Box office Chan said in his biography the movie cost HK $115 million.523 North American screens in its opening weekend. . IVL released an uncut version in Hong Kong. . Retrieved 2012-05-29. it grossed US $4. "New Films Help Pump Up Weekend" (http:/ / articles.394 final gross. References [1] "Armour of God II: Operation Condor" (http:/ / www. Kevin (1997-07-18).[6] • In 2004. Los Angeles Times. This version was released on DVD in 1999. Retrieved 2012-05-29. Retrieved 2012-05-29. com/ reviews/ 19187/ armour-of-god-series/ ). • In 1991. com/ article/ 700000102/ Armour-of-God-II-Operation-Condor. The VHS was released in 1993. It had a Cantonese soundtrack and ran at approximately 106 minutes. Retrieved 2012-05-29. deseretnews. com/ library/ film/ condor-film-review. this film grossed HK $39. [2] Thomas. on track to a modest US $10. Chan Is in Top Form in Reworked 'Condor'" (http:/ / articles. Deseret News.[5] Awards and nominations • 1992 Hong Kong Film Awards • Nomination: Best Action Choreography Versions The film was originally released in Hong Kong in 1991. nytimes. Retrieved 2012-05-29. with a newly commissioned English dub/score and removing 15 minutes of footage. . and the DVD in 2001. com/ 1997/ jul/ 18/ entertainment/ ca-13713). DVD Talk. Chicago Sun Times.751 ($3. Elaine (1997-07-22). com/ apps/ pbcs. . The DVD was anamorphic and included the Cantonese-language soundtrack and English subtitles.405. Los Angeles Times. [3] "Operation Condor" (http:/ / www.711. .

Armour of God II: Operation Condor 134 External links • Armour of God II: Operation Condor (http://www. 2003 – January 3. deceased) Preceded by Succeeded by Political party Spouse(s) Relations . 38th Governor of California In office November 17. Austria Citizenship Austria United States Republican Maria Shriver (1986–2011) Gustav Schwarzenegger (father.com/movies/movie/v143566) at AllRovi Arnold Schwarzenegger Arnold Schwarzenegger Schwarzenegger in January 2010.imdb. deceased) Aurelia Jadrny (mother. 2011 Lieutenant Cruz Bustamante Mona Pasquil (acting) John Garamendi Abel Maldonado Gray Davis Jerry Brown Personal details Born Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger July 30.com/title/tt0099558/) at the Internet Movie Database • Fei ying gai wak (http://www.allrovi. 1947 Thal.

as a niece of the late Democrat US President John F. 2003. who was California State Treasurer at the time. "Arnie" during his acting career and more recently "The Governator" (a portmanteau of "Governor" and "The Terminator" – one of his best-known movie roles)."[8] Schwarzenegger had a good relationship with his . Schwarzenegger has remained a prominent presence in bodybuilding and has written many books and articles on the sport.[8][9] Gustav had a preference for his older son. defeating Democrat Phil Angelides. investor. Olympia contest seven times. 1945 – Gustav was 38. 1993) Christopher (b. 1997) Alma mater Santa Monica College University of Wisconsin–Superior Profession Religion Signature Website [2] Bodybuilder." which stemmed from unfounded suspicion that Arnold was not his biological child. Schwarzenegger began weight training at the age of 15.Arnold Schwarzenegger Children Katherine (b. Schwarzenegger gained worldwide fame as a Hollywood action film icon. Gustav Schwarzenegger (1907–1972). Schwarzenegger was sworn in for his second term on January 5. 1922–1998). Schwarzenegger completed his second term as governor."[7] He grew up in a Roman Catholic family who attended Mass every Sunday. to serve a full term as governor.[11] Schwarzenegger has said his father had "no patience for listening or understanding your problems. a small village bordering the Styrian capital Graz. after he voluntarily applied to join the Nazi Party in 1938. and politician. Schwarzenegger was sworn in on November 17. 2006. 2007. both of his parents were very strict: "Back then in Austria it was a very different world. 1997) Joseph Baena (b. actor. They were married on October 20. 1991) Patrick (b. businessman. Universe title at age 20 and went on to win the Mr. in a special recall election to replace then-Governor Gray Davis. and a member of the influential Kennedy family. politician [1] Roman Catholic 135 Personal website Military service Service/branch Austrian Armed Forces Years of service 1965 Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger (  /ˈʃwɔrtsənɛɡər/. and it was announced that he had separated from Maria Shriver. businessman.[3] As a Republican. Meinhard. investor. He was nicknamed the "Austrian Oak" and the "Styrian Oak" in his bodybuilding days. in California's 2006 gubernatorial election. According to Schwarzenegger.[4] In 2011. 1947) is an Austrian and American former professional bodybuilder.[5] His parents were the local police chief. Austria. 2003.[10] His favoritism was "strong and blatant. and Aurelia (née Jadrny. 1989) Christina (b. Gustav served in World War II. if we did something bad or we disobeyed our parents. He won the Mr. the rod was not spared. Kennedy. German: [ˈaɐnɔlt ˈalɔʏs ˈʃvaɐtsənˌʔɛɡɐ]. over Arnold. Early life Schwarzenegger was born in Thal. Schwarzenegger served two terms as the 38th Governor of California from 2003 until 2011. Schwarzenegger was then re-elected on November 7. and Aurelia was 23-years-old. and was christened Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger. he was first elected on October 7.[6] Gustav served with the German Army as a Hauptfeldwebel of the Feldgendarmerie and was discharged in 1943 after contracting malaria. actor. born July 30. to serve the remainder of Davis's term. his wife for the last 25 years.

and whose will could not be broken. Every time I got hit. Patrick. Schwarzenegger met former Mr. he has given at least three versions of why he was absent from his father's funeral. 'this is not going to be for much longer.. I was well-developed. but I remember my father taking me to the Austrian theaters and seeing some newsreels. and every time someone said. I became a rebel. and Johnny Weissmuller on the big screen. his brother. Schwarzenegger played several sports. he replied: "I was very young. My father had wanted me to be a police officer like he was. so that he could train. Therefore. he chose bodybuilding over football as a career. studied psychology at 15 (to learn more about the power of mind over body) and at 17. So was the kid next door.[13] At school. when it was usually closed. but I'd been participating in sports. I want to be rich. Meinhard. I was one who did not conform. "It would make me sick to miss a workout. I was hit with belts. I grew up with Steve Reeves. Schwarzenegger did not attend his funeral. and the couple had a three-year-old son. has said he informed her of his father's death without emotion and that he never spoke of his brother.[10] Schwarzenegger's father's background received wide press attention during the 2003 California recall campaign. 'you can't do this. where he also frequented the local movie theaters to see bodybuilding idols such as Reg Park."[7] However. Steve Reeves has been part of everything I've ever been fortunate enough to achieve. died in a car accident. Schwarzenegger recalled that one of the highlights of his youth was when the family bought a refrigerator. who invited him to train at the gym in Graz. he started an intensive training program with Dan Farmer. My mother wanted me to go to trade school.[7] When Reeves died in 2000.[12] In later life. Steve Reeves. They didn't want to create an individual. Austria Kurt Marnul.[19] Over time.[5] He was so dedicated as a youngster that he broke into the local gym on weekends. His remarkable accomplishments allowed me a sense of what was possible. when others around me didn't always understand my dreams.[11] Meinhard was due to marry Erika Knapp. like soccer.[5] Meinhard had been drinking and was killed instantly. because I'm going to move out of here. Schwarzenegger told how he suffered what "would now be called child abuse" at the hands of his father:[6][20] "My hair was pulled. Schwarzenegger commissioned the Simon Wiesenthal Center to research his father's wartime record. was a John Wayne movie. Schwarzenegger was apparently in the middle but stood out for his "cheerful. The first real movie I saw. good-humored and exuberant" character. he and the film's producer said this story was taken from another bodybuilder for the purpose of showing the extremes that some would go to for their sport and to make Schwarzenegger's image more cold and machine-like in order to fan controversy for the film. I knew I couldn't look at myself in the mirror the next morning if I didn't do it.[14][15] Schwarzenegger has responded to a question asking if he was 13 when he started weightlifting: "I actually started weight training when I was 15.[11] As a boy.[18] Barbara Baker. at least enough so that I could start going to the gym and start Olympic lifting.[11] Gustav died the following year from a stroke. for years. officially started his competitive career. when his football (soccer) coach took his team to a local gym.'" 136 . It was all about conforming. Many of the children I've seen were broken by their parents."[16] During a speech in 2001.Arnold Schwarzenegger mother and kept in touch with her until her death. Schwarzenegger claimed that he did not attend his father's funeral because he was training for a bodybuilding contest. he said.[5] In Pumping Iron." In 1961."[7] In 1971. his official website biography claims: "At 14.[8] He picked up his first barbell in 1960.. It was just the way it was. which came up with no evidence of atrocities despite Gustav's membership in the Nazi Party and SA. which was the German-Austrian mentality. Schwarzenegger fondly remembered him: "As a teenager. Schwarzenegger would pay for Patrick's education and help him to immigrate to the United States."[7] When Schwarzenegger was asked about his first movie experience as a boy. his first serious girlfriend.[11] In an interview with Fortune in 2004. that I distinctly remember. Later. "My own plan formed when I was 14 years old. heavily influenced by his father.[8] Money was a problem in their household.[5] At the age of 14. I want to be somebody.' I said. so I felt that although I was slim."[17] Schwarzenegger took to visiting a gym in Graz.

attending the NABBA Mr."[17] Schwarzenegger made his first plane trip in 1966. England. he won the Junior Mr. a professional wrestler who designed the original Gold's Gym logo in 1973. As Schwarzenegger had little money. one of the judges at the 1966 competition. not having the muscle definition of American winner Chester Yorton. where I could become a star and get rich. Los Angeles. under Joe Weider.[16] Charles "Wag" Bennett. who became his friend and mentor. have been an illegal immigrant at some point in the late 1960s or early 1970s because of violations in the terms of his visa. attending business school and working in a health club (Rolf Putzinger's gym where he worked and trained from 1966–1968).[23] The training paid off and. at Steirer Hof Hotel (where he had placed second). who dreamed of moving to the U.[24] In 1977. where he graduated with a degree in international marketing of fitness and business administration in 1979. In 1970. he captured his first Mr.[15] He went AWOL during basic training so he could take part in the competition and spent a week in military prison: "Participating in the competition meant so much to me that I didn't carefully think through the consequences. "I'm going to become the greatest actor!" Move to the U.[25] Schwarzenegger also became good friends with professional wrestler "Superstar" Billy Graham. which made him famous." He won another bodybuilding contest in Graz. at age 23.Arnold Schwarzenegger 137 Early adulthood Schwarzenegger served in the Austrian Army in 1965 to fulfill the one year of service required at the time of all 18-year-old Austrian males. he earned a BA by correspondence from the University of Wisconsin–Superior. Schwarzenegger.[5][16] During his army service. becoming the youngest ever Mr. Universe competition in London. in 1967.S. one of Schwarzenegger's weight training partners was Ric Drasin. concentrated on improving the muscle definition and power in his legs.[16] He would come in second in the Mr. Universe title.[5][15] There he trained at Gold's Gym in Venice. "The Mr. speaking little English. Universe title was my ticket to America – the land of opportunity.[5] After taking English classes at Santa Monica College in California. training for four to six hours daily. Field.[16] Immigration law firm Siskind & Susser have stated that Schwarzenegger may Ronald Reagan in 1984.S. Schwarzenegger's autobiography/weight-training guide Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder was published and became a huge success. From 1970 to 1974. since the age of 10. and saw bodybuilding as the avenue through which to do so. Universe at the age of 20. Yorton's leg definition had been judged superior. Schwarzenegger had the opportunity to meet childhood idol Reg Park. Bennett invited him to stay in his crowded family home above one of his two gyms in Forest Gate.[26] LA Weekly would later say in 2002 that Schwarzenegger is the most famous immigrant in America. Olympia title in New York. Schwarzenegger won the title for the first time.[15] Schwarzenegger then flew back to Munich. a friend in Munich at that time. and would go on to win the title a total of seven times. Universe competition. London. California. was impressed with Schwarzenegger and he offered to coach him.[27] Schwarzenegger with President . who "overcame a thick Austrian accent and transcended the unlikely background of bodybuilding to become the biggest movie star in the world in the 1990s".[24] realized his dream by moving to the United States in September 1968 at the age of 21. under a training program devised by Bennett.[16] He frequently told Roger C. Staying in the East End of London helped Schwarzenegger improve his rudimentary grasp of the English language. Europe contest. and Schwarzenegger. returning in 1968 to London to win his next Mr.[21][22] Also in 1966.[16] He would go on to win the title a further three times. He was voted best built man of Europe.

Olympia. Universe. Frank Zane ('79) Successor Active Franco Columbu ('76. '81) Retired 1980 Competition record Men’s Bodybuilding Competitor for Mr Universe (amateur) 1st 1967 Mr Universe (pro) 1st 1st 1st 1968 1969 1970 Mr. Styria. 1947 Thal.88 m) 250 pounds (113 kg) Professional Career Pro-debut Best win NABBA Mr. Seven Times Predecessor Sergio Oliva ('69).78 m) to 6 ft 2 in (1. Austria Height Weight [28] [16] 5 ft 10 in (1. 1970–1975.Arnold Schwarzenegger 138 Bodybuilding career Arnold Schwarzenegger Personal Info Nickname Born The Austrian Oak July 30. 1968 IFBB Mr. 1980. Olympia 2nd 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1980 Powerlifting [29] Competitor for International Powerlifting Championships .

Arnold Schwarzenegger
1st 1966 +80 kg


German Powerlifting Championships 2nd 1st 1967 1968 +80 kg +80 kg

Graz-Paradise Keller Powerlifting Championships 2nd 1967 Men's Weightlifting Competitor for Styrian Junior Weightlifting Championships 1st 1964

+80 kg

German Austrian Weightlifting Championships 1st 1965

Schwarzenegger is considered among the most important figures in the history of bodybuilding, and his legacy is commemorated in the Arnold Classic annual bodybuilding competition. Schwarzenegger has remained a prominent face in the bodybuilding sport long after his retirement, in part because of his ownership of gyms and fitness magazines. He has presided over numerous contests and awards shows. For many years, he wrote a monthly column for the bodybuilding magazines Muscle & Fitness and Flex. Shortly after being elected Governor, he was appointed executive editor of both magazines, in a largely symbolic capacity. The magazines agreed to donate $250,000 a year to the Governor's various physical fitness initiatives. The magazine MuscleMag International has a monthly two-page article on him, and refers to him as "The King".
[5] One of the first competitions he won was the Junior Mr. Europe contest in 1965. He won Mr. Europe the following [5][16] year, at age 19. He would go on to compete in, and win, many bodybuilding contests. His bodybulding victories included five Mr. Universe (4 – NABBA [England], 1 – IFBB [USA]) wins, and seven Mr. Olympia wins, a record which would stand until Lee Haney won his eighth consecutive Mr. Olympia title in 1991.

Schwarzenegger official height of 6'2" (1.88 m) has been brought into question by several articles. In his bodybuilding days in the late 1960s, he was measured to be 6'1.5" (1.87 m), a height confirmed by his fellow bodybuilders.[30][31] However, in 1988 both the Daily Mail and Time Out magazine mentioned that Schwarzenegger appeared noticeably shorter.[32] Prior to running for Governor, Schwarzenegger's height was once again questioned in an article by the Chicago Reader.[33] As Governor, Schwarzenegger engaged in a light-hearted exchange with Assemblyman Herb Wesson over their heights. At one point Wesson made an unsuccessful attempt to, in his own words, "[s]ettle this once and for all and find out how tall he is"[34] by using a tailor's tape measure on the Governor. Schwarzenegger retaliated by placing a pillow stitched with the words "Need a lift?" on the five-foot-five inch (165 cm) Wesson's chair before a negotiating session in his office.[35] Bob Mulholland also claimed Arnold was 5'10" (1.78 m) and that he wore risers in his boots.[36] The debate on Schwarzenegger's height has spawned a website solely dedicated to the issue,[37] and his page remains one of the most active on CelebHeights.com, a website which discusses the heights of celebrities.[30] Men's Health magazine has estimated his height at 5'10".[28] Schwarzenegger continues to work out even today. When asked about his personal training during the 2011 Arnold Classic he said that he was still working out a half an hour with weights every day.[38] • Competition Weight: 235 lb (107 kg) (top 250 lb (113 kg)) • Off Season Weight: 255 lb (116 kg) (top 260 lb (118 kg))

Arnold Schwarzenegger


During Arnold's early years in bodybuilding, he also competed in several Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting contests. Arnold won two weightlifting contests in 1964 and 1965, as well as two powerlifting contests in 1966 and 1968.[29] In 1967, Schwarzenegger competed in and won the Munich stone-lifting contest, in which a stone weighing 508 German pounds (254 kg/560 lbs.) is lifted between the legs while standing on two foot rests. Personal records • • • • • • Clean & press – 264 lb (120 kg)[29] Snatch – 243 lb (110 kg)[29] Clean & jerk – 298 lb (135 kg)[29] Squat – 215 kg (470 lb)[29] Bench press – 200 kg (440 lb)[29] Deadlift – 310 kg (680 lb)[29]

Mr. Olympia
Schwarzenegger's goal was to become the greatest bodybuilder in the world, which meant becoming Mr. Olympia.[5][16] His first attempt was in 1969, when he lost to three-time champion Sergio Oliva. However, Schwarzenegger came back in 1970 and won the competition, making him the youngest ever Mr. Olympia at the age of 23, a record he still holds to this day.[16] He continued his winning streak in the 1971–74 competitions.[16] In 1975, Schwarzenegger was once again in top form, and won the title for the sixth consecutive time,[16] beating Franco Columbu. After the 1975 Mr. Olympia contest, Schwarzenegger announced his retirement from professional bodybuilding.[16] Months before the 1975 Mr. Olympia contest, filmmakers George Butler and Robert Fiore persuaded Schwarzenegger to compete, in order to film his training in the bodybuilding documentary called Pumping Iron. Schwarzenegger had only three months to prepare for the competition, after losing significant weight to appear in the film Stay Hungry with Jeff Bridges. Lou Ferrigno proved not to be a threat, and a lighter-than-usual Schwarzenegger convincingly won the 1975 Mr. Olympia. Schwarzenegger came out of retirement, however, to compete in the 1980 Mr. Olympia.[5] Schwarzenegger was training for his role in Conan, and he got into such good shape because of the running, horseback riding and sword training, that he decided he wanted to win the Mr. Olympia contest one last time. He kept this plan a secret, in the event that a training accident would prevent his entry and cause him to lose face. Schwarzenegger had been hired to provide color commentary for network television, when he announced at the eleventh hour that while he was there: "Why not compete?" Schwarzenegger ended up winning the event with only seven weeks of preparation. After being declared Mr. Olympia for a seventh time, Schwarzenegger then officially retired from competition.
Schwarzenegger presented awards at the USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame in 2011 in Columbus, Ohio. In photo: 1987 world champion American Karyn Marshall.

Arnold Schwarzenegger


Steroid use
Schwarzenegger has admitted to using performance-enhancing anabolic steroids while they were legal, writing in 1977 that "steroids were helpful to me in maintaining muscle size while on a strict diet in preparation for a contest. I did not use them for muscle growth, but rather for muscle maintenance when cutting up."[39] He has called the drugs "tissue building."[40] In 1999, Schwarzenegger sued Dr. Willi Heepe, a German doctor who publicly predicted his early death on the basis of a link between his steroid use and his later heart problems. As the doctor had never examined him personally, Schwarzenegger collected a US$10,000 libel judgment against him in a German court.[41] In 1999, Schwarzenegger also sued and settled with The Globe, a U.S. tabloid which had made similar predictions about the bodybuilder's future health.[42]

Acting career
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Schwarzenegger in July 2003 Other names Arnold Strong Arnie Actor, director, producer 1969–2004, 2010–present (acting)

Occupation Years active

Schwarzenegger wanted to move from bodybuilding into acting, finally achieving it when he was chosen to play the role of Hercules in 1970's Hercules in New York. Credited under the name "Arnold Strong," his accent in the film was so thick that his lines were dubbed after production.[15] His second film appearance was as a deaf mute hit-man for the mob in director Robert Altman's The Long Goodbye (1973), which was followed by a much more significant part in the film Stay Hungry (1976), for which he was awarded a Golden Globe for New Male Star of the Year. Schwarzenegger has discussed his early struggles in developing his acting career. "It was very difficult for me in the beginning – I was told by agents and casting people that my body was 'too weird', that I had a funny accent, and that my name was too long. You name it, and they told me I had to change it. Basically, everywhere I turned, I was told that I had no chance."[7] Schwarzenegger drew attention and boosted his profile in the bodybuilding film Pumping Iron (1977),[14][15] elements of which were dramatized. In 1991, Schwarzenegger purchased the rights to the film, its outtakes, and associated still photography.[43] Schwarzenegger auditioned for the title role of The Incredible Hulk, but did not win

which was a box-office hit. he made the first of three appearances as the eponymous character and what some would say was the [14][15][45] signature role in his acting career in director James Cameron's science fiction thriller film The Terminator. Schwarzenegger's breakthrough film was the sword-and-sorcery epic Conan the Barbarian in 1982. His next film."[5] His next film project. which went on to earn over $150 million domestically. Schwarzenegger's film career and box office prominence went into decline. the comedy drama True Lies (1994) was a popular spy film. He has not directed since. who directed him in Twins. and saw Schwarzenegger. based on the Philip K. "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale". and the comic book-based Batman & Robin (1997). reunited with James Cameron.[15] Schwarzenegger's roles reflected his sense of humor. Dick short story. In 1993. Following The Terminator. In 1984.[14] This was followed by a sequel. in the fictional alternate universe. and was a science fiction script directed by Paul Verhoeven. David Banner's alter ego. The Running Man (1987). In 1980 he starred in a biographical film of the 1950s actress Jayne Mansfield as Mansfield's husband. had Sylvester Stallone as its star. Schwarzenegger led a cast which included future Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura (Ventura also appeared in The Running Man and Batman & Robin with Schwarzenegger) and future candidate for governor of Kentucky Sonny Landham. In 2003. the National Association of Theatre Owners named him the "International Star of the Decade. It was followed by the action thriller Eraser (1996). Lou Ferrigno got the part of Dr. this time for Best Actor – Musical or Comedy. This was his final film before taking time to recuperate from a back injury. Mickey Hargitay. Schwarzenegger made Red Sonja in 1985. Howard Langston. Schwarzenegger starred in the promotional video "Carnival in Rio". which was the highest-grossing film of 1991. audiences had an appetite for action films. and Red Heat (1988).[44] During the 1980s.[44] In 1983. He returned with the supernatural thriller End of Days (1999). and did not do well at the box office. with both Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone becoming international stars. Later. This film brought Schwarzenegger his second Golden Globe nomination. appearing opposite Jamie Lee Curtis. the 1993 self-aware action comedy spoof Last Action Hero was released opposite Jurassic Park. a comedy with Danny DeVito also proved successful. the Christmas comedy Jingle All The Way (1996) with Arnold playing the main character. He made a number of successful films: Commando (1985). Kindergarten Cop (1990) reunited him with director Ivan Reitman. Total Recall (1990) netted Schwarzenegger $10 million and 15% of the gross. although it was not as successful as its predecessor. Conan the Destroyer in 1984. separating his roles from more serious action hero fare. Footprints and handprints of Arnold Schwarzenegger in front of the Grauman's Chinese Theatre . 142 Schwarzenegger's commercial peak was his return as the title character in 1991's Terminator 2: Judgment Day. the last of his three collaborations with Ivan Reitman and again co-starring Danny DeVito and also for the second time featuring Pamela Reed.Arnold Schwarzenegger the role because of his height. Schwarzenegger had a brief foray into directing. His alternative-universe comedy/thriller Last Action Hero featured a poster of the movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day which. Freeze. In Predator (1987). he made his third appearance as the title character in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Following the critical failure of Batman & Robin. Schwarzenegger appeared with Kirk Douglas and Ann-Margret in the 1979 comedy The Villain. and then with the 1992 telemovie Christmas in Connecticut. Raw Deal (1986). Twins (1988). where he played the villain Mr. another successful film. first with a 1990 episode of the TV series Tales from the Crypt. later followed by the action films The 6th Day (2000) and Collateral Damage (2002) both of which failed to do well at the box office. entitled "The Switch". That same year the comedy Junior (1994) was released.

2011.[48][49] Schwarzenegger appeared in Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables. Return to acting In January 2011. he appeared as himself in the film The Kid & I. reprising his role as Conan the Barbarian. at the Arnold Seminar of the Arnold Classic. star of the comic book and animated series of the same name. who would have produced the series.. a local cultural association. just weeks after leaving office in California. Schwarzenegger at the Paris premiere of The Expendables 2 in August 2012. the Daily Star reported on May 29 that Schwarzenegger had been offered $40 million to star in two Terminator films. but thought the money would be better spent on social projects and the Special Olympics.[61][62] . and that he was "packaging" a comic book character. one of them being the World War II action drama With Wings as Eagles. it was announced that Schwarzenegger is considering a comeback film despite his legal problems. written by Randall Wallace.a. 2011. based on a true story. Schwarzenegger reportedly said he was flattered."[57] However.[59] Schwarzenegger appeared in The Expendables 2 (2012). Welcome to the Jungle) with The Rock.[46] His film appearances after becoming Governor of California include a 3-second cameo appearance in The Rundown (a. and the 2004 remake of Around the World in 80 Days.Arnold Schwarzenegger In tribute to Schwarzenegger in 2002. Schwarzenegger would have voiced the Governator. Schwarzenegger revealed that he was being courted for several films.[52] The character was later revealed to be the Governator. "Governor Schwarzenegger is focusing on personal matters and is not willing to commit to any production schedules or timelines. in which he had a larger role than in the first film. alongside [47] but it was later revealed that although he would Roland Kickinger. Schwarzenegger denied his involvement.[58] On July 11. and his image would be inserted into the movie from stock footage of the first Terminator movie.[53][54][55][56] On May 20. Forum Stadtpark. Schwarzenegger had been rumored to be appearing in Terminator Salvation as the original T-800 model. Schwarzenegger inspired the character and co-developed it with Stan Lee. proposed plans to build a 25-meter (82 ft) tall Terminator statue in a park in central Graz. where he made a cameo appearance. including sequels to The Terminator and remakes of Predator and The Running Man.[60] He has reportedly signed to star in The Last Stand as a dishonored Los Angeles cop. Schwarzenegger voiced Baron von Steuben in Episode 24 ("Valley 143 Arnold Schwarzenegger's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Forge") of Liberty's Kids.k. Schwarzenegger announced that he was reading several new scripts for future films. In 2005. and in the 2014 film The Legend of Conan. appear briefly he would not be shooting new footage. Schwarzenegger's entertainment counsel announced that all movie projects currently in development were being halted. where he appeared onscreen with action star Jackie Chan for the first time.[50][51] On March 6. in a scene alongside Stallone and Bruce Willis. 2011.

recording several television/radio public service announcements to donate blood. "I'm in show business – I am in the middle of my career. an anti-drug music video sponsored by the Reagan administration. accompanying then-Vice President George H. I just thought [en route to the Tonight Show]. Schwarzenegger was asked if he thought of running for office. he did not decide to run until the day of the announcement: The recall happens and people are asking me. What a special day it was. political analysts have identified Schwarzenegger as a liberal. I wasn’t running. who dubbed him "Conan the Republican". Yet. I .[15] According to Schwarzenegger. lowering the taxes and strengthening the military. ‘What’s your plan? Who’s on your staff?’ I didn’t have a plan. ‘What are you going to do?’ I thought about it but decided I wasn’t going to do it. In an interview with Talk magazine in late 1999. I said. I House. who are generally considered to be a liberal and Democratic-leaning community. Listening to Nixon speak sounded more like a breath of fresh air. The presidential campaign was in full swing. A friend of mine who spoke German and English translated for me. I told everyone I wasn’t running. He was talking about free enterprise." I said. I didn’t have a staff. What the fuck is that? All these people are asking me. remember I arrived here with empty pockets but full of dreams.[65] Between 1993 and 1994. I said to my friend. At the 2004 Republican National Convention.[64] Schwarzenegger's first political appointment was as chairman of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. "Then I am a Republican. It’ll be so funny. I told Leno I was running. "What party is he?" My friend said.[66] Following his initial comments. In 1985." And I have been a Republican ever since. As an actor. Schwarzenegger was a Red Cross ambassador (a ceremonial role fulfilled by celebrities). getting the government off your back. because I feel it inside. I remember watching the Nixon-Humphrey presidential race on TV. He first came to wide public notice as a Republican during the 1988 Presidential election. which I had just left. Schwarzenegger appeared in Stop the Madness. on which he served from 1990 to 1993. Bush. He later served as Chairman for the California Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports under Governor Pete Wilson. I’ll announce that I am running. W."[66] The Hollywood Reporter claimed shortly after that Schwarzenegger sought to end speculation that he might run for governor of California. as he has become more left-leaning since his election. Why would I go away from that and jump into something else?"[66] Vice President Dick Cheney meets with Schwarzenegger for the first time at the White Governor of California Schwarzenegger announced his candidacy in the 2003 California recall election for Governor of California on the August 6. Schwarzenegger gave a speech and explained why he was a Republican:[63] I finally arrived here in 1968. Bush at a campaign rally. I told Maria I wasn’t running. And two months later I was governor.W. "I think about it many times.[5] He was nominated by George H. This will freak everyone out. The possibility is there. "He's a Republican. I heard Humphrey saying things that sounded like socialism. full of desire. full of determination. Schwarzenegger said. 2003 episode of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. But then I heard Nixon speak. his political views were always well known as they contrasted with those of many other prominent Hollywood stars. He replied.Arnold Schwarzenegger 144 Political career Early politics Schwarzenegger has been a registered Republican for many years.

a margin of well over one million votes.[68] On October 7. the California State Treasurer. Despite a poor year nationally for the Republican party. Schwarzenegger declined to participate in several debates with other recall replacement candidates. After hearing a speech by Schwarzenegger at the 2006 Martin Luther King. "[H]e's becoming a Democrat [. many commentators have seen Schwarzenegger as moving away from the right and towards the center of the political spectrum. 145 President George W. Schwarzenegger was elected Governor of California under the second question on the ballot with 48. Schwarzenegger was the second foreign-born governor of California after Irish-born Governor John G. Schwarzenegger accepted personal responsibility for the defeats and vowed to continue to seek consensus for the people of California. Under the regulations of the California Constitution. but later he began to feel the backlash when powerful state unions began to oppose his various initiatives. In recent years. Jr.3 million votes.[69] Schwarzenegger's early victories included repealing an unpopular increase in the vehicle registration fee as well as preventing driver's licenses being given out to illegal immigrants. Key among his reckoning with political realities was a special election he called in November 2005. Downey in 1862. Schwarzenegger ran for re-election against Democrat Phil Angelides. In total. not even to the center. the recall election resulted in Governor Gray Davis being removed from office with 55. as his governorship would be term-limited by that time. no runoff election was required. His candidacy immediately became national and international news. Building on a catchphrase from the sketch "Hans and Franz" from Saturday Night Live (which partly parodied his bodybuilding career). fellow Republican Tom McClintock. Schwarzenegger called the Democratic State politicians "girlie men". Bustamante. It was rumored that Schwarzenegger might run for the United States Senate in 2010. received 31% of the vote. breakfast. Willie Brown said he would start a drive to recall the governor. He would later comment that "no one could win if the opposition raised 160 million dollars to defeat you".[71][72] . and calling the recall election "Total Recall" (yet another Schwarzenegger starrer). Bush meets with Schwarzenegger after his successful election to the California Governorship As soon as Schwarzenegger was elected governor. Schwarzenegger gradually moved towards a more politically moderate position. His nearest rival. determined to build a winning legacy with only a short time to go until the next gubernatorial election. and appeared in only one debate on September 24. Schwarzenegger was equally entrenched in what he considered to be his mandate in cleaning up gridlock. in which four ballot measures he sponsored were defeated. Schwarzenegger then went against the advice of fellow Republican strategists and appointed a Democrat. San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom said that. Schwarzenegger won the election by about 1. 2006. I would say center-left". with media outlets dubbing him the "Governator" (referring to The Terminator movies.4% of the Yes vote in favor of a recall. in the 2006 elections. and others. 2003. This turned out to be false. Schwarzenegger won [70] re-election with 56. as his Chief of Staff..0% of the vote compared with 38.9% for Angelides.Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t running until I went on Jay Leno. held on November 7. H]e's running back.[67] Schwarzenegger had the most name recognition in a crowded field of candidates. 2003.6% of the vote to choose a successor to Davis. but he had never held public office and his political views were unknown to most Californians. see above) and "The Running Man" (the name of another one of his films). Susan Kennedy. Schwarzenegger defeated Democrat Cruz Bustamante..

not the large mass of followers. he is portrayed as the President. Being Austrian and thus European. I think it is because I saw leaders use 100% of their potential –I was always fascinated by people in control of other people. He cannot run for president as he is not a natural born citizen of the United States.[75] Schwarzenegger's endorsement in the Republican primary of the 2008 U.[80] He stated that "it would release 26. President George W.S. it is revealed that a constitutional amendment passed which allowed Schwarzenegger to run for President. In The Simpsons Movie (2007). Schwarzenegger's endorsement was thought to be a boost for Senator McCain's campaign. ten years before his first run for political office). Schwarzenegger did not accept his governor's salary of $175. about reaching out to help people. Bush comments on political family. Schwarzenegger launched an intensive campaign[79] against Proposition 66."[10] Schwarzenegger has said that it was With Schwarzenegger and Senator Dianne Feinstein never his intention to enter politics. and mother-in-law to Schwarzenegger. Schwarzenegger is a dual Austria/United States citizen.S. This amendment would have required the third felony to be either violent or serious to mandate a 25-years-to-life sentence. Kennedy. claims he plotted his political rise from an early age using the movie business and bodybuilding as building blocks to escape a depressing home. Demolition Man (1993.[10] Leigh portrays Schwarzenegger as obsessed with power and quotes him as saying. You get together with them and you hear about wildfires and firefighting efforts in California. Progressive ethics watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington named Schwarzenegger one of 11 "worst governors" in the United States because of various ethics issues throughout Schwarzenegger's term as governor. in November 2004. but he says. both spoke about their concerns for the environment and economy. "I married into a behind him.000 dangerous 146 .[74] Because of his personal wealth from his acting career. he endorsed McCain. who wrote an unofficial biography on Schwarzenegger."[24] Eunice Kennedy Shriver was sister of John F. he was able to win the 2007 European Voice campaigner of the year award for taking action against climate change with the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 and plans to introduce an emissions trading scheme with other US states and possibly with the EU. Later that night. Giuliani dropped out of the Presidential race on January 30. Schwarzenegger remained neutral throughout 2007 and early 2008. Presidential election was highly sought.000 per year. July 2010 audience at a Republican debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California. Sargent Shriver is husband to Eunice and father-in-law to Schwarzenegger. "I wanted to be part of the small percentage of people who were leaders. largely because of a poor showing in Florida. citizenship since becoming naturalized in 1983.[77][78] Governor Schwarzenegger played a significant role in opposing Proposition 66. a proposed amendment of the Californian Three Strikes Law. Schwarzenegger was in the Center in San Diego. October 2007 policy. despite being good friends with candidates Rudy Giuliani and Senator John McCain. In the last week before the ballot. I was exposed to the idea of being a public servant and Eunice and Sargent Shriver became my heroes.[73] He holds Austrian citizenship by birth and has held U.Arnold Schwarzenegger Wendy Leigh. and in the Sylvester Stallone movie. Schwarzenegger during his visit to Naval Medical and endorsed McCain. joking. 2008. The following day.[76] In its April 2010 report. "It's Rudy's fault!" (in reference to his friendships with both candidates and that he could not make up his mind).

My drug [84] His spokesperson later said the comment was meant to be a joke.[84] was pumping iron. allegations of sexual and personal misconduct were raised against Schwarzenegger.[87] Schwarzenegger signed another executive order on October 17. his top aide. A fifth woman claimed Schwarzenegger tried to take off her bathing suit in a hotel elevator. Schwarzenegger issued an executive order calling to reduce greenhouse gases to 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050. news reports appeared in the Los Angeles Times recounting allegations of sexual misconduct from several individual women. who is in the public service of a foreign country. a fourth said he placed his hand under her skirt on her buttock. dubbed "Gropegate". Peter Pilz."[85] Richardson claimed they tried to tarnish her reputation by dismissing her allegations that Schwarzenegger touched her breast during a press event for The 6th Day in London. Schwarzenegger said. demanded that parliament revoke Schwarzenegger's Austrian citizenship. In an interview with GQ magazine in October 2007. refineries and manufacturing plants are allowed to release into the atmosphere. Sean Walsh. The two bills are part of a plan to reduce California's emissions by 25 percent to 1990s levels by 2020. shall be deprived of his citizenship. if he heavily damages the reputation or the interests of the Austrian Republic. trust me. but also stated that "a lot of [what] you see in the stories is not true".[82] Three of the women claimed he had grabbed their breasts." British television personality Anna Richardson settled a libel lawsuit in August 2006 against Schwarzenegger. and his publicist. Olympia in the 1975 documentary film Pumping Iron. Any power plants that exceed emissions for the .[81] Schwarzenegger admitted that he has "behaved badly sometimes" and apologized.Arnold Schwarzenegger criminals and rapists". It's a leaf.[86] She claimed Walsh and Main libeled her in a Los Angeles Times article when they contended she encouraged his behavior.[83] Schwarzenegger is shown smoking a marijuana joint after winning Mr. Schwarzenegger explained his actions by referring to the fact that his only duty as Governor of California was to prevent an error in the judicial system. Schwarzenegger also signed a second global warming bill that prohibits large utilities and corporations in California from making long-term contracts with suppliers who do not meet the state's greenhouse gas emission standards. They plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by issuing a limited amount of carbon credits to each power plant in participating states.[81] Within the last five days before the election. The law set new regulations on the amount of emissions utilities. In 2005. Environmental record On September 27. Sheryl Main. and the last said he pulled her onto his lap and asked her about a sex act.[85] A joint statement read: "The parties are content to put this matter behind them and are pleased that this legal dispute has now been settled. 2006 allowing California to work with the Northeast's Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. This came after an interview in adult magazine Oui from 1977 surfaced.[85] Code Pink protesting against Schwarzenegger Citizenship In 2005. in which Schwarzenegger discussed attending sexual orgies and using substances such as marijuana. "[Marijuana] is not a drug. 2006 Schwarzenegger signed a bill creating the nation's first cap on greenhouse gas emissions. six of whom eventually came forward with their personal stories. This demand was based on Article 33 of the Austrian Citizenship Act that states: A citizen. 147 Allegations of sexual misconduct During his initial campaign for governor.[73] Pilz claimed that Schwarzenegger's actions in support of the death penalty (prohibited in Austria under Protocol 13 of the European Convention on Human Rights) had indeed done damage to Austria's reputation. from the Austrian Green Party.

2009.[10][24] Following his move to the United States.287 13. The business flourished thanks to the pair's marketing savvy and an increased demand following the 1971 San Fernando earthquake.247 2.161.[91] 148 Electoral history California Gubernatorial Recall Election 2003 Party Candidate Votes % ±% Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger 4.3 Democratic Phil Angelides Green Peter Miguel Camejo 3. low carbon economy.9 +7.000. His financial independence came from his success as a budding entrepreneur with a series of successful business ventures and investments.8 California Gubernatorial Election 2006 Party Candidate Votes % ±% Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger 4. on April 20. Arnold Schwarzenegger founded the R20 Regions of Climate Action to develop a sustainable.732 39.[19] By the age of 30.[89] In respect of his contribution to the direction of the US motor industry.157 55. Schwarzenegger has adapted one of his Hummers to run on hydrogen and another to run on biofuels. like starting a mail order business or buying a new car – and succeed in doing so.850.724.0 205. He would later go on to invest in a number of real estate holding companies.284 48. Schwarzenegger was invited to open the 2009 SAE World Congress in Detroit.[88] In addition to using his political power to fight global warming.874 31. He has also installed solar panels to heat his home.206. well before his career in Hollywood.Arnold Schwarzenegger amount of carbon credits will have to purchase more credits to cover the difference.5 1.[5][92] Real estate investing Schwarzenegger rolled profits from the mail order business and his bodybuilding competition winnings into his first real estate investment venture: an apartment building he purchased for $10. Schwarzenegger and fellow bodybuilder Franco Columbu started a bricklaying business.995 2.3 -0. The plan took effect in 2009. Schwarzenegger became a "prolific goal setter" and would write his objectives at the start of the year on index cards. selling bodybuilding and fitness-related equipment and instructional tapes.[92][93][67] Schwarzenegger and Columbu used profits from their bricklaying venture to start a mail order business.[90] In 2011. Schwarzenegger was a millionaire. Bricklaying business In 1968.[94][95] .5 242.5 Business career Schwarzenegger has had a highly successful business career. the governor has taken steps at his home to reduce his personal carbon footprint.6 Democratic Cruz Bustamante Republican Tom McClintock Green Peter Miguel Camejo 2.376.

an investment firm. It is a festival that hosts thousands of international health and fitness professionals which has also expanded into a three-day expo. at times.[19] Although Baker claims that when she first met him. and went on to have a relationship with both women until August 1978. Kennedy Tennis Tournament in August 1977. from Milton Friedman to Donald Trump. I'll go to my grave knowing Arnold loved me. According to Moray.. when Moray (who knew of his relationship with Shriver) issued an ultimatum... He has talked about some of those who have helped him over the years in business: "I couldn't have learned about business without a parade of teachers guiding me. He just had this huge determination to prove himself. and that was very attractive . for example. I even learned a thing or two from Planet Hollywood. 1989 and is held annually in Columbus. on Venice Beach in July 1977. and now. his family. and I was not a well-balanced man. and athletic" but claims towards the end of the relationship he became "insufferable – classically conceited – the world revolved around him". Schwarzenegger actually contributed to the tell-all book with a foreword. claiming he wanted to focus his attention on "new US global business ventures" and his movie career. solid life..[103] Schwarzenegger has made it clear that their respective recollection of events can differ. Schatzi literally means "little treasure.[103] Although Baker. that she only learned of his being unfaithful after they split. his brother. Ohio. and Fitness Publications. we were free to do whatever we wanted. she says. painted an unflattering portrait of her former lover. Ohio. a joint publishing venture with Simon & Schuster. totally charismatic.[19] They shared an apartment in Santa Monica for three and a half years.[100] Personal life Early love life In 1969." colloquial for "honey" or "darling" in German.[97][98] Schwarzenegger said the company had not had the success he had hoped for.. Inc. and also met with Baker for three hours. would visit the beach all day.Arnold Schwarzenegger 149 Restaurant In 1992.S—their first date was watching the first Apollo Moon landing on television. or have barbecues in the back yard. which he started in Advisors.. he sold his restaurant. he had "little understanding of polite society" and she found him a turn-off.[103] Baker claims. Schwarzenegger met Barbara Outland (later Barbara Outland Baker).[103] The couple first met six to eight months after his arrival in the U. He also owns a movie production company called Oak Productions. and talks of a turbulent and passionate love life.[101] Schwarzenegger talked about Barbara in his memoir in 1977: "Basically it came down to this: she was a well-balanced woman who wanted an ordinary. a Beverly Hills hairdresser's assistant. Schwarzenegger and his wife opened a restaurant in Santa Monica called Schatzi On Main.."[11] Schwarzenegger met Maria Shriver at the Robert F. an English teacher he lived with until 1974. Sylvester Stallone and Demi Moore."[19] Schwarzenegger met his next paramour. In 1998.."[101] Baker has described Schwarzenegger as "[a] joyful personality. Schwarzenegger severed his financial ties with the business in early 2000.. but when he was out of town. Les Wexner and Warren Buffett. such as when to get out! And I did!"[17] He has significant ownership in Dimensional Fund [99] Schwarzengger is also the owner of Arnold's Sports Festival. and having little money.[102] Baker published her memoir in 2006. "He's as much a self-made man as it's possible to be—he never got encouragement from his parents. adventurous. Sue Moray. the couple led an open relationship: "We were faithful when we were both in LA .[97] Other ventures and investments He also invested in a shopping mall in Columbus.[11] . entitled Arnold and Me: In the Shadow of the Austrian Oak.[96] Planet Hollywood investment Schwarzenegger was a founding celebrity investor in the Planet Hollywood chain of international theme restaurants (modeled after the Hard Rock Cafe) along with Bruce Willis. and hated the very idea of ordinary life.

1993 in Los Angeles).[108][109] The divorcing couple currently own vacation homes in Sun Valley.Arnold Schwarzenegger 150 Marriage and family On April 26. in 1998. in Hyannis. the boy was never told that Schwarzenegger was his father. Francis Xavier Catholic Church.[120] The pregnant Baena was working in the home while Shriver was pregnant with the youngest of the couple’s four children.[111] Schwarzenegger with his wife Maria Shriver at the 2007 Special Olympics in Shanghai. four-bedroom house.[126] Schwarzenegger has taken financial responsibility for the child "from the start and continued to provide support. of Guatemalan origin.[123] Shriver gave birth to Christopher on September 27. on July 17. The Rev. Schwarzenegger married television journalist Maria Shriver. Idaho and Hyannis Port. John Baptist Riordan performed the ceremony at St. in 2010 for Baena and their son.[125] Despite Schwarzenegger's interactions with the child. Massachusetts. Massachusetts. with Shriver moving out of the couple's Brentwood mansion. 1986. Shriver and Schwarzenegger separated after 25 years of marriage. Joseph. niece of President John F. In the statement.[112] Marital separation On May 9. which she had done after confirming with the housekeeper what she had suspected about the child." Schwarzenegger said in a statement issued to The Times. 2011. a serious crime in California. about 112 miles (180 km) north of Los Angeles. in Bakersfield. 2011. Christina Maria Aurelia Schwarzenegger (born July 23. 1989 in Los Angeles). Rogelio. with a pool.[122] was born on October 2. Monica's Catholic Church. In a joint statement.[116][117][118] "After leaving the governor's office I told my wife about this event. was employed by the family for 20 years and retired in January 2011.[129] Baena's ex-husband says that the child's birth certificate was falsified and that he plans to sue Schwarzenegger for engaging in conspiracy to falsify a public document. and filed for divorce in 2008. 1997 in Los Angeles).[121] Baena's son with Schwarzenegger. which occurred over a decade ago." Christopher had been in intensive care after suffering a collapsed lung and broken bones in the accident. and he was unaware of the fact until it was revealed by the press. 1991 in Los Angeles). China Son in accident Schwarzenegger's 13-year-old son Christopher Schwarzenegger was seriously injured in a boogie-boarding accident in Malibu.[110] They attended St.[107] Schwarzenegger lives in a 11. Shriver and Schwarzenegger's children unexpectedly accompanied Schwarzenegger to the lovechild's baptism.[113][114][115] On May 16. Bob Kaufman. Schwarzenegger and estranged wife Shriver described it as "scary.[130] Schwarzenegger has consulted an attorney.000-square-foot (1.[119] Fifty-year-old Baena.[125] and he was photographed teaching the boy how to play golf and swinging him playfully above his head.[106] and Christopher Sargent Shriver Schwarzenegger (born September 27. the Los Angeles Times revealed that Schwarzenegger had fathered a son more than fourteen years earlier with an employee in their household.[128] Baena separated from her husband. Schwarzenegger did not mention that he had confessed to his wife only after Shriver had confronted him with the information."[127] KNX 1070 radio reported that he bought a new.[105] Patrick Schwarzenegger (born September 18. 1997.[131][132] Schwarzenegger will keep the Brentwood home as part of .[124] Schwarzenegger found ways to spend time with this child: in one instance. in 1997. 2011.[104] They have four children: Katherine Eunice Shriver Schwarzenegger (born December 13. Kennedy.000 m2) home in Brentwood." and that "he is expected to make a full recovery. Mildred Patricia 'Patty' Baena. a few months after Joseph's birth. 1997. Kaufman has earlier handled divorce cases for celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon.

They will share custody of the two minor children.[148] Bob Mulholland also claimed Arnold was 5'10" (1.[61] However. actress Brigitte Nielsen came forward and stated that she too had an affair with Schwarzenegger while he was in a relationship with Shriver.88 m) has been brought into question by several articles. 2006.[30][31] However.[138] On December 9.[37] and his page remains one of the most active on CelebHeights. the governor sustained a minor injury to his lip.78 m) and that he wore risers in his boots.[28] .[61][134] In the aftermath of Schwarzenegger's infidelity scandal.87 m). 2006. Schwarzenegger apparently opted against a mechanical valve.com.[143] On December 26. according to a statement released by the governor's press secretary. causing him and his son to collide with the car at a low speed. 2006. an aortic valve with only two leaflets (a normal aortic valve has three leaflets). Schwarzenegger engaged in a light-hearted exchange with Assemblyman Herb Wesson over their heights.[142] Schwarzenegger tripped over his ski pole and broke his right femur while skiing in Sun Valley. he was measured to be 6'1. and our affair carried on.[139] Schwarzenegger saved a drowning man's life in 2004 while on vacation in Hawaii by swimming out and bringing him back to shore.Arnold Schwarzenegger their divorce settlement and Shriver has purchased a new home nearby so that the children may travel easily between their parents' homes. he underwent a 90-minute operation in which cables and screws were used to wire the broken bone back together.[145] Height Schwarzenegger official height of 6'2" (1. At one point Wesson made an unsuccessful attempt to. but he didn't.[144] Schwarzenegger's private jet made an emergency landing at Van Nuys Airport on June 19."[135] 151 Accidents and injuries Schwarzenegger was born with a bicuspid aortic valve. with his son Patrick in the sidecar. "[s]ettle this once and for all and find out how tall he is"[147] by using a tailor's tape measure on the Governor.[136][137] Schwarzenegger opted in 1997 for a replacement heart valve made of his own transplanted tissue. in his own words. 2009. John's Health Center on December 30. after the pilot reported smoke coming from the cockpit. No one was harmed in the incident. a website which discusses the heights of celebrities. In his bodybuilding days in the late 1960s. Idaho.[141] Schwarzenegger did not obtain his motorcycle license until July 3. in 1988 both the Daily Mail and Time Out magazine mentioned that Schwarzenegger appeared noticeably shorter.[32] Prior to running for Governor. 2006. he broke six ribs and was hospitalized for four days after a motorcycle crash in Los Angeles. a Los Angeles Police Department spokesman. requiring 15 stitches. because it would have sharply limited his physical activity and capacity to exercise. He was released from the St. Schwarzenegger's height was once again questioned in an article by the Chicago Reader. said Officer Jason Lee.5" (1. While his son and the other driver were unharmed. he claims this was not intentional and that he signed the initial documents without having properly read them. "Maybe I wouldn't have got into it if he said 'I'm going to marry Maria' and this is dead serious.[133] Schwarzenegger came under fire after the initial petition did not include spousal support and a reimbursement of attorney's fees.[61] Schwarzenegger has filed amended divorce papers remedying this. the only permanent solution available at the time of his surgery. medical experts predicted he would require heart valve replacement surgery in the following two to eight years as his valve would progressively degrade.[135] saying. with his family on December 23. while Schwarzenegger was riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle in Los Angeles. a height confirmed by his fellow bodybuilders. another driver backed into the street he was riding on. Schwarzenegger retaliated by placing a pillow stitched with the words "Need a lift?" on the five-foot-five inch (165 cm) Wesson's chair before a negotiating session in his office.[30] Men's Health magazine has estimated his height at 5'10". 2006.[146] As Governor. "No citations were issued". 2001.[140] On January 8.[36] The debate on Schwarzenegger's height has spawned a website solely dedicated to the issue.

[157] Schwarzenegger believes that quality school opportunities should be made available to children who might not normally be able to access them. privately controlled companies. based on tax returns he filed in 2006. educating youth about health. Schwarzenegger said "to spare the responsible politicians of the city of Graz further concern. 2012 (the day before his illegitimate son's birthday). high profile celebrity.000."[17] Activism He bought the first Hummer manufactured for civilian use in 1992. a model so large. that it is classified as a large truck and U. and his seven years as Governor of California.[156] In 2007. Department of Energy grant to help pay for its projected US$91. a box-office.[160] Honors Schwarzenegger's home town of Graz had its soccer stadium named The Arnold Schwarzenegger Stadium in his honor. he founded the Inner City Games Foundation (ICG) which provides cultural.[158] He has also been involved with After-School All-Stars. Eunice Kennedy Shriver. .[153] Schwarzenegger once said of his fortune. he signed an executive order to jump-start the building of hydrogen refueling plants called the California Hydrogen Highway Network. In response. During the Gubernatorial Recall campaign he announced that he would convert one of his Hummers to burn hydrogen. fitness and nutrition. I withdraw from them as of this day the right to use my name in association with the Liebenau Stadium".Arnold Schwarzenegger 152 Book Schwarzenegger's "tell all" book. I now have $50 million. Schwarzenegger took part in the Vancouver Olympic Torch relay. China.S.000 cost. it has been estimated that his net worth has been approximately $400 million.000 children in over 400 schools countrywide. bonds.[155] Arnold Schwarzenegger has been involved with the Special Olympics for many years after they were founded by his ex-mother-in-law. so a more accurate estimation of his net worth is difficult to calculate. and real estate holdings worldwide.[150] After separating from his wife. fuel economy regulations do not apply to it. Maria Shriver.000. and set a deadline of two days to remove his name. "I've made many millions as a businessman many times over. In June 1997. He devotes one chapter called "The Secret" to his highly publicized scandal. and gained a U.[151][152] Over the years as an investor.[149] Net worth Schwarzenegger's net worth had been conservatively estimated at $100–$200 million. Schwarzenegger spent $38 million of his own money on a private Gulfstream Jet. After the Stanley Williams execution and street protests in Schwarzenegger's hometown. On February 12. and even as high as $800 million. After the election. It is the home of both Grazer AK and Sturm Graz. Graz officials removed Schwarzenegger's name from the stadium in December 2005. educational and community enrichment programming to youth.[158] In 1995. but I was just as happy when I had $48 million. he invested his bodybuilding and movie earnings in an array of stocks. The majority of his book is about his successes in the three major chapters in his life: bodybuilder. particularly in light of declining real estate values owing to economic recessions in the United States and Europe. and founded the Los Angeles branch in 2002.[154] California took delivery of the first H2H (Hydrogen Hummer) in October 2004.300 lb (2. was released on October 1. 2010. Sebastian Coe. Total Recall.900 kg) and 7 feet (2. 6. He handed off the flame to the next runner."[10] He has also stated.[158] ICG is active in 15 cities around the country and serves over 250.S. in 2011.[161] It is now officially titled UPC-Arena.1 m) wide.[159] ASAS is an after school program provider. The conversion was reported to have cost about US$21. Schwarzenegger was the official spokesperson for the Special Olympics which were held in Shanghai. "Money doesn't make you happy. several local politicians began a campaign to remove his name from the stadium.

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foxnews. pdf) from the original on April 14. BMW World. 2009. sfgate. Retrieved October 9. Archived (http:/ / web.Arnold Schwarzenegger [141] "No Charges Against Schwarzenegger" (http:/ / www.com. htm?csp=34). aspx?c=enJJKMNpFmG& b=854711& ct=1126543). Nicole (June 19. com/ name/ nm0000216/ 160 . com/ id/ 10811025/ ). Retrieved April 18.00. thesmokinggun. latimes. org/ programs/ pubs/ slmag/ 2004/ 04SLDec_Schwarzenegger. USA Today. chicagoreader.com. . org/ web/ 20080408114320/ http:/ / news. 2005. Retrieved April 18. cgi?file=/ c/ a/ 2003/ 08/ 17/ TAXES. 2011. html). ncsl. com/ 2001/ 01-12-05/ 01-12-05arnoldsrun. bbc. imdb.go. 2003). 2008. com/ 2011/ 05/ arnold_and_marias_surprise_split_how_much_is_at_stake_in_divorce. 2008. [151] May 10. Retrieved July 13. html) from the original on June 23. December 24. go. org/ web/ 20090623225503/ http:/ / latimesblogs. 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Arnold Schwarzenegger 161 External links • • • • • Arnold Schwarzenegger (http://www. html) at The Washington Post • Collected news and commentary (http://www.life.com.htm) AmericanRhetoric.ca.htm) AmericanRhetoric.htm) at On the Issues • Campaign contributions (http://www.guardian.org/person/4501) on C-SPAN programs • Appearances (http://www.nga.com • Complete text and audio of Governor Schwarzenegger's Speech to the United Nations on Global Climate Change (http://www.nytimes.americanrhetoric.com/top/reference/timestopics/people/s/ arnold_schwarzenegger) at The New York Times • Collected news and commentary (http://www.com/) official museum site Arnold Schwarzenegger (https://twitter. video of Governor Schwarzenegger's 2004 Republican National Convention Address (http:/ /www.org/Arnold_Schwarzenegger.worldcat.com/guest/view/6018) on Charlie Rose programs • Appearances (http://www. audio. 2007 • Archive of Correspondence pertaining to Governor Schwarzenegger and same-sex marriage (http://www.uk/world/arnold-schwarzenegger) at The Guardian • Works by or about Arnold Schwarzenegger (http://www.imdb.gov/) official California government site Arnold Schwarzenegger (http://www.org/identities/lccn-n79-85101) in libraries (WorldCat catalog) • Profile (http://www.org • Appearances (http://www.com/) AB 43 Project • Arnold Schwarzenegger (http://www.followthemoney.org/database/uniquecandidate.com/) official constituency site Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum (http://www.schwarzenegger.joinarnold.com/speeches/arnoldschwarzeneggerunitednations.phtml?uc=4450) at FollowTheMoney.americanrhetoric.washingtonpost.co.charlierose.c-spanvideo.com/) official website Office of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (http://gov38.com/gallery/60601/ arnold-schwarzenegger-wild-years#index/0) – slideshow by Life magazine • Complete text.com/people/685/000022619) at Notable Names Database • Arnold Schwarzenegger: Wild Years (http://www. signab43.ontheissues. September 24.dmoz.org/Arts/People/S/Schwarzenegger.org/portal/site/nga/menuitem.29fab9fb4add37305ddcbeeb501010a0/ ?vgnextoid=1dac224971c81010VgnVCM1000001a01010aRCRD) at the National Governors Association • Issue positions and quotes (http://www._Arnold/) at the Open Directory Project .com/politics/Arnold_Schwarzenegger_topic.com/name/nm0000216) at the Internet Movie Database • Collected news and commentary (http://topics.com/speeches/convention2004/arnoldschwarzenegger2004rnc.arnieslife.com/Schwarzenegger) on Twitter • Biography (http://www.nndb.

Steve Coogan and Cécile de France. a corrupt officer hired by the Royal Academy of Science to stop them. The film is set in 19th-century Britain and centers on Phileas Fogg (Steve Coogan). Phileas and Passepartout start their journey around the world. Plot A Chinese man robs the Bank of England.178. During the trip. they head to the Royal Academy of Science. 2004 (United States) [1] 120 minutes United States English $110 million $72. who believes that everything worth discovering has already been discovered. based on the movie. and his efforts to circumnavigate the globe in 80 days.895 [1] [1] Around the World in 80 Days is a 2004 American comedy adventure film based on Jules Verne's novel of the same name. in particular William Thomson. Passepartout (Jackie Chan). A Game Boy Advance video game with the same name. Stewart Based on Starring Music by Cinematography Phil Meheux Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Box office Tom Lewis Walden Media Walt Disney Pictures • • June 13. California) June 16. the film intentionally deviated wildly from the novel and included a number of anachronistic elements. 1st Baron Kelvin. It stars Jackie Chan. . Fogg is insulted by the other "brilliant minds". 2004 (Los Angeles. There. an inventor. was released a month after the movie. he becomes the valet for Phileas Fogg. taking the pseudonym Passepartout.Around the World in 80 Days (2004 film) 162 Around the World in 80 Days (2004 film) Around the World in 80 Days Directed by Produced by Screenplay by Frank Coraci Bill Badalato Hal Lieberman David Titcher David Benullo David Goldstein Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne Jackie Chan Steve Coogan Cécile de France Trevor Jones David A. Phileas is trying to break the 50-mph speed barrier. he is accompanied by his Chinese valet. For comedic reasons. If he wins he will become Minister of Science in Lord Kelvin's place. Phileas is pressured into a bet to see whether he can travel around the world in 80 days. taking a carriage and leaving London after a confrontation with Inspector Fix. and after succeeding with the help of Passepartout. here reimagined as an eccentric inventor. if not he will destroy his lab and never invent anything again. To evade the police.

They spend several days there and are attacked by the Black Scorpions. Monique learns that Passepartout is trying to return the Jade Buddha back to his village. are held captive. where the machine falls apart and they crash in front of the Royal Academy. she convinces them to take her with them. Lau Xing. and is travelling with Phileas to get there quickly. The Buddha is returned to the village temple. Phileas. Passepartout sees notice of the price on his head and warns his companions. Lord Kelvin sends police to stop them from making it to the top step of the Royal Academy of Science. Lord Kelvin learns that Phileas has been involuntarily abetting a thief's escape. In the process he insults Queen Victoria. A battle against Fang and her minions commences in the workshop where the Statue of Liberty was constructed. chased by Fang's warriors. Fang had previously given it to Kelvin in exchange for military assistance in China. Phileas builds a plane while the ship's crew builds a catapult to launch it into the sky.Around the World in 80 Days (2004 film) Passepartout and Phileas journey to Paris. Lord Kelvin proclaims himself the victor. Fang's minions made arrangements with Lord Kelvin to take Lau Xing's village and tap the jade reserves underneath it. but Kelvin scoffs at them. especially Phileas. The statue is destroyed but the three travellers escape. but if Phileas wins the bet Lord Kelvin will not have the means to help them. A policeman takes them through a building he claims is a shortcut. He is found by Lau Xing and Monique. and the clock strikes noon. Phileas finds the brothers' plans brilliant but suggests a few changes. Monique keeps his secret in exchange for him convincing Phileas to let her travel with him. There. Passepartout is attacked by warriors sent by General Fang. where they are greeted by Prince Hapi. a would-be impressionist. He orders the British colonial authorities in India to arrest both. They board an old ship and Phileas convinces the captain to let him build a plane out of the ship's old wood in exchange for a new ship. ending the wager. He travels to San Francisco and is tricked out of his money. In the desert they find the Wright brothers and the three inventors discuss the flying machine. Pretending to take Phileas to a convention with Thomas Edison. Fix and other ministers attest to Kelvin's unfair methods and his bullying nature. Phileas. they defeat their assailants and flee to China. but the other two say they may still make it if they catch the next ship. She learned that he had sold her arsenal to Fang in exchange for jade mines in China thanks to one of his aides. and Phileas' next stop is New York City. where a crowd greets them. who is after the Jade Buddha that he stole. but vows revenge on all of England. victorious in his bet. Passepartout leads his friends to his village where they are happily greeted. moments later he is joined by the martial arts masters of the "Ten Tigers of Canton". ending in Fang being knocked out by Monique. Phileas realizes he is one day early thanks to crossing the international date line. They reach London. Monique and Passepartout. whose name is revealed to be Lau Xing. who is nearby listening. leaves China alone. At first he fights alone and is defeated. of which he is one. Passepartout leads him to an art school where Phileas meets Monique La Roche. He ascends the stairs of the Academy and kisses Monique. Disguised as women they evade the police but are attacked by Fang's warriors. Lau Xing challenges the leader of the group to a fight. The Prince orders Monique to stay as his seventh wife while the men are ordered to leave. Kelvin is arrested. Whilst on the Orient Express. They travel to Turkey. Monique. Using the changed Wright brothers' plans. The three friends are victorious. making it impossible for them to reach their ship. Using Inspector Fix and a sextant as weapons. Though Phileas could have gotten the boat. Monique. They depart in a hot-air balloon. The men blackmail Prince Hapi into releasing Monique using a prized but apparently flimsy "The Thinker" statue of the Prince. The Tigers drive the Black Scorpions from the village and free the Westerners. he misses it to help Lau Xing. When Monique learns of Phileas's ambition. but it is an ambush. 163 . unhappy that his companions used him. Phileas feels he has lost.

Around the World in 80 Days (2004 film) 164 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Jackie Chan as Passepartout / Lau Xing / Tiger #1 Steve Coogan as Phileas Fogg Cécile de France as Monique Laroche Jim Broadbent as Lord Kelvin Roger Hammond as Lord Rhodes David Ryall as Lord Salisbury Ian McNeice as Colonel Kitchener Kathy Bates as Queen Victoria Arnold Schwarzenegger as Prince Hapi Owen Wilson as Wilbur Wright Luke Wilson as Orville Wright Rob Schneider as San Francisco Hobo John Cleese as Grizzled sergeant Richard Branson as Balloon Man Ewen Bremner as Inspector Fix Sammo Hung as Wong Fei Hung / Tiger #2 Karen Mok as General Fang (as Karen Joy Morris) Daniel Wu as Bak Mei Robert Fyfe as Jean Michel Adam Godley as Mr. with Rotten Tomatoes giving it a 31% "Rotten" rating and Metacritic a 49/100. others such as Roger Ebert praised it for its visual style and for being "goofy fun".[2] While some reviewers criticized it for having little to no resemblance to the novel it is based on. Sutton Macy Gray as Sleeping French Woman Ken Lo as French Inspector / Black Scorpion (uncredited) Will Forte as Young French Policeman Bobby Maggie Q as Female Agent (as Maggie M. Quigley) Phil Meheux as London Hobo Michael Youn as Art Gallery Manager Frank Coraci as Angry Dapper Pedestrian Mark Addy as Steamer Captain Don Tai as Ho / Tiger #9 Mars as Bak Mei's Henchmen (uncredited) Johnny Cheung as Bak Mei's Henchmen (uncredited) Han Guan Hua as Black Scorpion (uncredited) Reception Around the World in 80 Days was met with mixed to negative reviews. .Worst Remake or Sequel and Worst Supporting Actor (Arnold Schwarzenegger).[3] The film was nominated for two Razzie Awards .

htm). 2004 October 15.com/title/tt0327437/) at the Internet Movie Database Around the World in 80 Days (video game) Around the World in 80 Days North American box art Developer(s) Publisher(s) Platform(s) Saffire Hip Games Game Boy Advance NA EU Release date(s) • • July 5. Retrieved 2011-10-29. suntimes. . rottentomatoes.html) • Around the World in 80 Days (http://www.com.[1] References [1] "Around the World in 80 Days (2004)" (http:/ / www.Around the World in 80 Days (2004 film) 165 Commercial performance With production costs of about $110 million and estimated marketing costs of $30 million.S. Rotten Tomatoes. Box Office Mojo. boxofficemojo. box office and $72 million worldwide. com/ movies/ ?id=aroundtheworldin80days.suntimes. Pictures" (http:/ / www.go. The film finally turned a profit in DVD sales. and a password save. Retrieved 2011-10-29.com :: Reviews" (http:/ / rogerebert. dll/ article?AID=/ 20040616/ REVIEWS/ 406160301/ 1023). com/ apps/ pbcs. This side scrolling game features digitized characters and graphic. [3] "Around the World in 80 Days :: rogerebert. . . it earned $24 million at the U. It follows almost the same plot as the movie and follows most the locations and events seen in the movie. . External links • Official website (http://disney. 2004 Mode(s) Single-player. multiplayer Around the World in 80 Days is a 2004 video game for the Game Boy Advance based on the movie with the same name starring Jackie Chan.imdb. [2] "Around the World in 80 Days Movie Reviews. Rogerebert. com/ m/ around_the_world_in_80_days/ ). Retrieved 2012-10-23.com/disneyvideos/liveaction/80days/main_flash. making it a box office bomb.

5 out of 10 The game received generally unfavorable reviews. Retrieved 2011-06-12. com/ articles/ 529/ 529237p1. com/ games/ platforms/ gba/ aroundtheworldin80days). based on nine reviews. html). Game Rankings. . some of which may prove too difficult to brawl through for young gamers even though the rest of the game is a cakewalk.75% [2] 40 out of 100 Review scores Publication IGN Score [3] 3. archive. . Retrieved 2011-05-07. ."[3] References [1] "Around the World in 80 Days" (http:/ / www. 2004). gamerankings. IGN. gameboy. metacritic. com/ articles/ 529/ 529237p1. ign.[2] IGN refers gameplay elements as "a slobberknocker" and stated that fighting with boss characters are "just slugfests. gameboy. html) from the original on 13 July 2011. with an average of 40 out of 100 from Metacritic. com/ gba/ 920659-around-the-world-in-80-days/ index. [2] "Around the World in 80 Days" (http:/ / apps. ign. [3] Nix (July 8.Around the World in 80 Days (video game) 166 Reception Reception Aggregate scores Aggregator GameRankings Metacritic Score [1] 37. . Metacritic. org/ web/ 20110713004424/ http:/ / ie. "Around the World in 80 Days Review" (http:/ / ie. Retrieved 2011-06-12. html). Archived (http:/ / web.

[5] Broadcast More than 150 donation hotlines were available.[2] Preparation The name of the event 311 came from 11 March.000 people in attendance.[7] Participants The following are some of the participants at the concert.31 million dollars. The concert event lasted 3 hours featuring 300 local and overseas artists. Japan.[3][4] Japan's consul general Yuji Kumamaru and his wife also attended and sat in the front row seat.[6] Event was hosted by Eric Tsang. the day that the earthquake occurred.M AKB48 Miriam Yeung Kwon Sang-woo George Lam Edmond Leung Bosco Wong Angelababy Chrissie Chau Wonder Girls • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Shirley Kwan Judy Ongg Raymond Lam Donnie Yen Joey Yung Sen Masao (千 昌 夫) Alan Tam Kenny Bee The Wynners Agnes Chan Richie Ren Coco Lee Prudence Liew Andy Hui Michael Tse Myolie Wu Jonathan Lee Joyce Cheng Khalil Fong • • • • • • • • • • • • Sammi Cheng Jade Kwan Juno Mak Elanne Kong Virginia Lok (樂 易 玲) Bennett Pang (彭 健 新 ) Mr.[5] Broadcast was available on major stations in HK. the charity concert raised approximately 2. Carol Cheng. Agnes Chan. About HK$18 million were raised in this event alone. People's Republic of China. Theresa Fu Jonathan Wong (王 梓 軒) Lionel Richie (from remote) Tony Leung (from video) Park Jin Young . The event was telecasted live. not counting other fund raisers.Artistes 311 Love Beyond Borders 167 Artistes 311 Love Beyond Borders Artistes 311 Love Beyond Borders (愛 心 無 國 界 311燭 光 晚 會) was a major fund raising campaign held in Hong Kong for the victims of the Japan 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. Sylvia Chang. Lawrence Cheng.[1] Converted into US Dollars.[4][8][9][10][11][12][13] • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Jackie Chan Andy Lau Hacken Lee Masatoshi Nakamura (中 村 雅 俊) Jaycee Chan Gillian Chung Charlene Choi Aaron Kwok Kay Tse G. The event was organized by the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild and began at 7pm on 1 April 2011 at Causeway Bay Victoria park.000 to 10. Taiwan. There were about 8. including some from Japan. Singapore.[3] On 24 March about 100 celebrities at RTHK recorded the theme song "Succumb not to sorrow" (不 要 輸 給 心 痛). Malaysia. The list is incomplete.E.

[9] Post Store. ifeng. 2af62ecb329d3d7733492d9253a0a0a0/ ?vgnextoid=41bafb34ed11f210VgnVCM100000360a0a0aRCRD& ss=Hong+ Kong& s=News).com.com. Monsters and Critics. com/ index. [8] "300藝 人 同 心 籌 二 千 萬 賑 災" (http:/ / news. [14] "香 港 發 起 "全 城 關 愛 日 本 大 地 震"籌 款 義 賣 活 動" (http:/ / big5.on. Retrieved 2011-04-04. [2] ""Artistes 311 Love Beyond Borders" raises funds for Japan" (http:/ / asiapacificarts. . hk/ news/ 15/ 1/ 1/ 2063904/ 1. edu/ article@apa?artistes_311_love_beyond_borders_raises_funds_for_japan_16598. washingtonpost.hk.[14][15] Many of the participants have also worked closely in Japan's industry. ifeng. com. Retrieved 2011-04-04. [7] "愛 心 無 國 界 311燭 光 晚 會 . tw/ article/ 20110403/ 4317359. com/ love-without-borders-311-candlelight-vigil-details. [6] "311燭 光 晚 會 : 港 日 媒 體 聯 盟 知 名 藝 人 薈 萃" (http:/ / big5. monstersandcritics. com/ news/ asiapacific/ news/ article_1630247.tvb. com/ 2011/ 04/ 01/ AFKfjtHC_photo. com/ gate/ big5/ phtv. mingpao. entnewsmag.com" (http:/ / programme. Retrieved 2011-04-04. Retrieved 2011-04-04. com. hk/ news_detail. . Big5. . [5] "Star-studded cast gets in tune for Victoria Park show to help victims" (http:/ / www. ifeng. shtml). . "The Washington Post" (http:/ / www. com. [11] "翁 倩 玉 感 激 中 國 救 日 本" (http:/ / specials. epochtimes. com/ event/ special/ aixinwuguojie311zhuguangwanhui/ ziliao/ detail_2011_04/ 01/ 5508192_0. on. Retrieved 2011-04-04. TVB Channel. . htm). [15] (http:/ / www. sina. sina.ifeng.artistes311. News. Retrieved 2011-04-04. aspx). . Participants include: • • • • Ivan Wang (王 友 良) Marie Zhuge (諸 葛 梓 岐) Yan Ng Vangie Tang • • • • Wylie Chiu (趙 碩 之) Philip Wei (韋 雄 ) Yip Wai-ting (葉 慧 婷) Rico Kwok (郭 力 行) • • • • Carisa Yan (甄 穎 珊) from Freeze Chow Wing-hang (周 永 恆) 4anda Venus Yiu (姚 嘉 兒) • • • • JuJu Chan Renee Lee (李 蘊) Alice B Rednoon References [1] "Action hero Jackie Chan and friends raise money for Japan" (http:/ / www. php?option=com_content& view=article& id=4447:2011-03-20-18-39-28& catid=111:2010-03-13-05-19-27& Itemid=479) External links • Official site (http://www. Epochtimes. Retrieved 2011-04-04. [4] "大 紀 元 | 組 圖 : 愛 心 無 國 界 演 藝 界 送 暖 日 本 災 民" (http:/ / www.tw. Retrieved on 2011-04-03.sina. com/ variety/ artistes311/ episode/ 20110401/ ). usc. cfm?SpecialsID=242& News=819b724a860929ac4c93d3cacc1339ec819f542ecad367e48c9215e85a) (in (Chinese)). The Standard. . [10] "300藝 人 心 連 心 為 日 本 加 油 . com/ world/ special/ ribendizhen/ content-2/ detail_2011_03/ 26/ 5387289_0. Retrieved 2011-04-04. ." Songs of hope as Japan aid tops HK$100m. Big5. php/ Action-hero-Jackie-Chan-and-friends-raise-money-for-Japan). Retrieved 2011-04-04.sina. . html). "視 頻 : 眾 星 雲 集311燭 光 晚 會 籌 款1859萬 港 幣-娛 樂 新 聞-新 浪 新 聞 中 心 " (http:/ / news.com. ifeng. The Washington Post. 2009-07-21. Asia Pacific Arts.com. Programme. html). tvbchannel.cc. html) (in (Chinese)). shtml). .com.com. [3] South China Morning Post. .org/layers/main) . 2011-02-04. . cc/ cnt/ entertainment/ 20110402/ 00282_001. com/ b5/ 11/ 4/ 2/ n3216517p. com/ portal/ site/ SCMP/ menuitem. com/ cfm/ News. scmp.Artistes 311 Love Beyond Borders 168 Other similar event On 20 March 2011 a much smaller scale fund raising campaign called "全 城 關 愛 日 本 大 地 震" was held in HK. Orientaldaily. html). com/ gate/ big5/ news. html).tvb. . [12] 作 者 : 大 A.東 方 日 報" (http:/ / orientaldaily. tvb. thestandard.mingpao. asp?pp_cat=30& art_id=109512& sid=31787440& con_type=1). " SCMP (http:/ / www. News. 2011-04-04. Retrieved 2011-04-04.每 集 內 容 . [13] "「 愛 心 無 國 界 311燭 光 晚 會 」 詳 情 " (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2011-04-04.ifeng. Retrieved 2011-04-04.com. Specials.

Trailer and 1977 (1992–1998) Ash officially formed in 1992. reportedly having taken their name from the first word they liked in the dictionary. the band were known as "Genuine Real Teenagers. Cosmic Rays. com Members Tim Wheeler Mark Hamilton Rick McMurray Past members Charlotte Hatherley Russell Lissack Ash are an alternative rock band that formed in Downpatrick. They created three demo tapes that year – Solar Happy in June. Following Garage Girl. Pipe Smokin' Brick later that year. The . and the Home Demo in November. The band has sold 8 million albums worldwide. ash-official. History Band beginning. Northern Ireland in 1992. as well as some new tracks including "Petrol". "Obscure Thing. they released their compilation demo tape. Northern Ireland Alternative rock Years active 1992–present Website http:/ / www. "Jack Names the Planets". These tapes featured their earliest material and the first recordings of some songs that were later on their 1994 release." because they were so young when recording their early material. Downpatrick musician Ray Valentine recorded Ash's demos at his studio. which featured "Jack Names the Planets" and "Intense Thing" taken from Shed. In 1993 the band recorded the Garage Girl demo tape. At that time. Prior to this. Wheeler and Hamilton were in a Iron Maiden cover band called Vietnam who formed in 1989." and their future single. County Down. including "Intense Thing". which featured an assortment of songs from the other tapes. Shed in September. Trailer. "Get Out".Ash (band) 169 Ash (band) Ash Ash performing at the O2 ABC in Glasgow in 2010 Background information Origin Genres Downpatrick.

A note for Stephen Taverner attached to the video said. "Girl From Mars" and "Angel Interceptor". recorded at the Triple J Studios in Australia. The stress of near non-stop touring of 1977 and Nu-Clear Sounds began to affect the band's mentality. The first single that she appeared on. called Slashed. The screenplay. Rumble in the Bronx). which made the soundtrack but was cut from the movie due to time constraints. "Candy". blood. A limited edition version of the album was released in the UK on the band's own Deathstar label. 1996 saw them release the singles "Goldfinger" and "Oh Yeah" either side of their album 1977. in October 1994. Ash felt the limitation of a three-piece band. In September 1998. Nu-Clear Sounds and Free All Angels (1998–2004) During their time touring with Weezer. Nu-Clear Sounds. In 2003. The track "Lose Control" from that album was featured in the video game Gran Turismo. "Jack Names the Planets" and "Kung Fu. Ash released "Jesus Says" the following month the second album proper.[1] On 17 February 1997. a live album. Subsequent singles released from Free All Angels were "Burn Baby Burn". The movie Angus was released.Ash (band) demo tapes had not gained much attention yet and the band were still playing small shows at local clubs. "A Life Less Ordinary".000 7″ copies of "Jack Names the Planets" on his own LaLaLand record label. In 1995. "I've killed Bambi". this was not to be the case. Ash in Bangkok. In 1999. written by Jed Shepherd and directed by Alexander Marks included star roles by Chris Martin (Sherbet Bones) and Jonny Buckland (Agent Ford) of Coldplay as a pair of FBI agents hired to track down a . The single "Shining Light" won the "Best Contemporary Song" award at the 2002 Ivor Novello awards. 2 of its "50 Bands To See Before You Die". Ash released their mini album. They received some airplay from Steve Lamacq on BBC Radio 1 and so followed up their debut single with "Petrol" and "Uncle Pat" on their new label Infectious Records. Ash released Live at the Wireless. and "There's a Star" . Taverner subsequently became the band's full-time manager. which only included seven songs. Thailand 1999 170 Charlotte Hatherley. A new single "Envy" was released. it was leaked to the music and tabloid press that Ash were working on a horror film described as a 'teen slasher'. but in early 1994. As a result they recruited Charlotte Hatherley who had previously been with the band Nightnurse and she made her gig debut at a few small gigs a week before appearing at the V Festival in 1997. Trailer. The band had offered two other tracks that were cut. Luckily. The single "Shining Light" was released in January 2001. followed shortly afterwards by the singles collection Intergalactic Sonic 7″s with the bonus disk entitled Cosmic Debris. The band retreated to Wheeler's parents' house. to play and write songs in the same garage where the band began. along with "Pansy Division's Deep Water". Ash left school and released their breakthrough singles "Kung Fu" (featured over the end credits of Jackie Chan's North American breakthrough film. Tim Wheeler disappeared for a short while following the commercial and critical failure of Nu-Clear Sounds. which featured two of Ash's songs. and in November "Wildsurf". drug and sex fueled video for Numbskull. He eventually emerged in New York making the self-deprecating. was shot while the band were on tour in America but some scenes were also shot in the UK. Q magazine named Ash as No. Ash nearly became bankrupt as they prepared to release possibly their last album. featured on the soundtrack to the Ewan McGregor / Cameron Diaz film of the same name." and served to introduce Ash to American audiences. followed by the number one album Free All Angels in April. which saw considerable success. Stephen Taverner came across the Garage Girl demo tape. "Sometimes". Taverner put up the money so that they could press 1. The film.

taken from the album Meltdown is the first licensed music to be used in anything Star Wars-related. Also Ash playing a gig in Dublin in 2007 featured is their cover of the Buzzcocks song "Everybody's Happy Nowadays" featuring Chris Martin on backing vocals. Tim Wheeler received a companionship (an honorary degree) from LIPA (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts). Also in 2005. which saw the band perform 1977 in its entirety. This new material was a download-only sneak preview track called "I Started A Fire". NME reported that Ash were in a New York recording studio and had twenty seven "rough" songs. "Meltdown" and "Orpheus" are featured on the popular British movie. Wheeler hinted that the eventual album was likely to be more retro sounding than any of their previous material. through Warner Bros. featuring remastered and re-edited versions of the tracks. which reached number five in the UK. The song "Vampire Love" was featured in American Pie Presents: Band Camp. The music video for the song debuted on MTV2 on 11 March 2007. Shaun of the Dead as well as appearing on the in-game soundtracks for the video games NHL 2005. Ash announced a full-length UK tour for February and March. Dave Grohl and Ash themselves. On 20 January 2006. including the Isle of Wight Festival on 9 June 2007. "Clones". Meltdown was released in the US on 8 March 2005. with the advent of the download the emphasis has reverted to single tracks". respectively. In an interview in July 2007. this led to the band performing at London Roundhouse on Friday 5 September and Saturday 6 September 2008.[4] The release of "You Can't Have It All" coincided with an in-store gig and signing session at Virgin Megastore in Belfast. Hatherley left the band after nine years leaving only the original members remaining. No shows were planned for the remainder of 2006. The tour was a warm-up for their album release in June and their summer festival appearances. but Wheeler stated that they were hoping to test out their new songs "in tiny New York bars" once the album was complete. Burnout 3: Takedown and Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition. James Nesbitt. Both shows sold out and the band went on to release a 3-disc special edition version of the album. On 12 June 2007 Ash revealed that Twilight of the Innocents would be their last album. were issued as singles in June and September. Other star performances include that of Moby. . At the same time Hatherley also wrote and recorded her solo side project album Grey Will Fade. The band teamed up with Lucasarts for a new Star Wars game entitled Republic Commando. titled Twilight of the Innocents.[2] The film was never generally released to the public. 171 Meltdown and Hatherley's departure (2004–2006) On 29 June 2004. The decision is completely amicable and they wish each other the very best for the future". Records imprint Record Collection. the other band members suggested they asked Hatherley to leave as they "wanted to be a three-piece. "Polaris" and "End of the World". The first physical single "You Can't Have It All" was released on 16 April 2007."[3] Twilight of the Innocents. the band had been mainly performing material from albums 1977 and Twilight of the Innocents. 1977.[5] With the return to their original three-piece line-up. In early 2007. An official statement reads: "After 9 years Ash and Charlotte Hatherley have mutually agreed to part company. Starcrossed and "Renegade Cavalcade" were later released as singles from the album. Two further songs from the album. They also denied that they were splitting and instead stated that they would only release singles from now on as "(t)he way people listen to music has changed. A to Z Singles & Second Greatest Hits (2006–present) On 6 June 2006. as well as tracks from Trailer and live performances from the time of its release.Ash (band) supernatural serial killer. On 19 February 2007 Ash released the first song from their new album. Ash released Meltdown.

In June 2011. including locally popular MK. bassist Mark Hamilton stated. one every fortnight for the rest of 2009. and that playing together again was a possibility in the future.[15] In June 2011 LaFaro drummer Alan Lynn stood in for Rick McMurray (who was having a baby) for a short European tour. On 18 May it was announced that the band would be releasing 26 singles.[6] The first single to be released was announced on 30 April titled "Return of White Rabbit".[14] In April 2010 Bloc Party guitarist Russell Lissack joined the band for their UK tour and has since continued to tour with them worldwide throughout 2010. . It's a cover of a song called “Washington Parks” by I think Happy Monster but it's pretty sweet. "we’re just taking track at a time and seeing what happens. Without a second guitarist some of the material from Meltdown. Free All Angels and Nu-Clear Sounds has not since been played. to preview new tracks and start promoting their new material. In September 2010. Ash made their first appearance in South Africa to support local rock group The Parlotones on the South African leg of their world tour. It won't be too long until it's out and it's for a charity in England called the Multiple Sclerosis Society. known as the A to Z singles series.[3] McMurray. after the departure of Hatherley has taken over a lot of her backing vocal duties. and in June 2010 they headlined the John Peel Stage on the last night of Glastonbury Festival. part 2".Ash (band) In late 2008."[13] 172 Line-up The band set out as a three piece originally. What's interesting especially is that not only do we have a unison feel going on but you can also take off one headphone and hear one band and vice versa."[6] A number of track titles were also revealed including "Neon. The three band members hand created 178 sleeves each for the physical singles. but not live. and that there was a possibility they may at some point tour with Hatherley again.[11] raising money and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis and The MS Society. An additional date was also added at the same venue a few days later.[12] Chris Cain from We Are Scientists said in an interview "We actually recorded a single [with Ash] which is going to come out soon. I think Keith and Tim sing the same thing but in a different sort of harmony. the band stated they had been writing and recording new tracks. while various singles and material from the albums Twilight of the Innocents and 1977 have made up the majority of material performed recently. "never say never". I'm not playing the same bass line as Mark and Rick isn't playing the same drum pattern as Andy. Hatherley was asked to leave so that the band could once again return to a three piece. in NME in June 2009 Hatherley also commented on the split stating her and Wheeler were regularly talking.[8] In August 2009 they played at the Hevy Music Festival in Folkestone. The concept of the song is that if you listen to it on headphones or stereo the musicians of Ash are on the left channel and all the We Are Scientists guys are playing it in the right channel. Ash announced that a greatest hits record was in the works.[7] each of which will be available to win in different competitions being run through the band's website. whilst Mark provides backing vocals occasionally in studio. later recruiting Hatherley as a second guitarist. no limits to where or what it’ll sound like.[10] In August 2011 Ash collaborated with We Are Scientists to release a cover of the song "Washington Parks" by British songwriter Robert Manning. We're playing the same song essentially but in different ways. Ash made an appearance on the South African Idols and have also [9] appeared on various South African radio and television stations. A few of the songs are barely recognisable as Ash which is pretty exciting to see how people react when they hear them. along with a handful of warm-up shows. London. The band have stated that whilst there are no immediate plans to tour with the material written and recorded with Hatherley still in the band. After nine years in the band. On 16 April 2009. The song was recorded between London and New York by the two bands and join a project already boasting releases from Ed Hardcourt and Emmy the Great. Ash announced they were to play a one-off gig at Bloomsbury Ballroom.

[4] "Ash Download on Monday" (http:/ / www. "X-clusive: Ash Slashed Film Guest Stars Revealed!" (http:/ / www. 2011) Touring members • Russell Lissack . Teletext. uk/ article. • A-Z Series (2009/2010) References [1] "The Sound of Gran Turismo" (http:/ / www. thelondonpaper. [8] "Download 'Return of The White Rabbit' Free – A–Z Series" (http:/ / www.Ash (band) In September 2011. The shows will include the four piece playing the Free All Angels album in its entirety and a "Best of" set. 18 May 2009. teletext. [5] "Ash deny they're splitting" (http:/ / www. . html) from the original on 7 October 2008. [7] "Ash on a high" (http:/ / www. noizemakesenemies. NME. Across the Line (radio show). . Retrieved 2008-09-19. Retrieved 2011-10-24. com/ details. . Xfm. noizemakesenemies. Retrieved 2011-10-24. [6] Gordon. Noize Makes Enemies. . "Ash: We are way better than The Beatles" (http:/ / www. xfm. synthesizer (1992–present) • Rick McMurray – drums. com/ news/ ash/ 28918). org/ web/ 20081007145630/ http:/ / www. Retrieved 2011-10-24. com/ music/ st/ TSOGT/ Title. . . [2] Everitt.uk. plus additional tracks for those who paid for the entire series in advance. html). Kim (3 July 2007). . uk/ 2008/ 10/ ash-interview. com/ cs/ Satellite/ london/ videos/ article/ 1157148104807?packedargs=suffix=SubSectionArticle). Teenage Wildlife. co. co. [3] Taylor Bennett. Archived (http:/ / web. 12 June 2007. it was confirmed that Charlotte Hatherley would return for a set of special shows. co. "Ash Interview" (http:/ / www.uk. Rob. piano.[16] 173 Band members • Tim Wheeler – lead vocals. Retrieved 2011-10-24. Mark (1 July 2003). . Ash Official. uk/ planetsound/ news/ 112123b58df2424fec84232bbe6dca57/ Exclusive+ -+ Ash+ on+ a+ high. celebrating the release of their 'Best of Ash' album. aspx). percussion.co. percussion (2011) Discography Studio albums • • • • • • Trailer – October 1994 1977 – 6 May 1996 – Platinum (BPI) Nu-Clear Sounds – 5 October 1998 – Platinum (BPI) Free All Angels – 23 April 2001 – Platinum (BPI) Meltdown – 17 May 2004 – Platinum (BPI) Twilight of the Innocents – 2 July 2007 Single format The band announced in 2007 with the release of Twilight of the Innocents that they would be switching to single format for further releases. shtml). bbc. archive. 5 December 2002.com. uk/ 2008/ 10/ ash-interview. co. Retrieved 2009-06-11. The first series of singles were released every fortnight and consisted of 26 singles. Retrieved 2011-10-24. BBC Online. lead guitar.co. teenagewildlife. co.rhythm guitar (2010–present) • Alan Lynn . html).drums. asp?id=4739). uk/ northernireland/ atl/ news_specific40270. backing vocals (1992–present) Former members • Charlotte Hatherley – guitar. aspx?categoryid=3n& id=7784cd87-3cc2-4360-9fbd-31b89863e0b6). ash-official. piano/keyboards (1992–present) • Mark Hamilton – bass. nme. backing vocals (1997–2006. The London Paper. .

"Q&A: Ash" (http:/ / iheartau. NME.ashfiles. Theparlotones. com/ details. . "An Exclusive Interview with Chris Cain of We Are Scientists". Retrieved 2011-10-14. Retrieved 2011-10-24. [10] Hendicott.uk/interviews/ ashnewc07. Music for MRI.com) The Ash Files (http://www.com. NME.com. html).carling.net. Retrieved 2011-10-24. 11 August 2011. Ash Official. Robert. blogspot. theparlotones. .Ash (band) [9] "The Parlotones official website" (http:/ / www. Retrieved 2011-10-24. [11] "Ash and We Are Scientists team up for charity song – audio" (http:/ / www.carling. [14] "Interview with Charlotte Hatherley".co. nme.htm) • Twilight of the Innocents interview (http://www. NME. com/ news/ ash/ 50240). [13] Grand-Pierre. ash-official.co. aspx?categoryid=3n& id=c246ca8c-e054-4c6c-8018-431bd8f6d041).uk/features/ash1. "'Free All Angels' Interview with Rick McMurray" (http:/ / www.ash-official. . 174 External links • • • • Official Ash Site (http://www. Chad.com/music/festival/) & Leeds festival (http://www. php?w=news_view& id=24916). Examiner. 16 March 2010.net/photos/main-archive/ash) Ash at Reading festival (http://www. "Ash & We Are Scientists – Washington Parks RELEASED NOW" (http:/ / bobertmanning. .com) – Ash live recordings resource. 2010-07-19. [15] NME. James (8 June 2011).audioscribbler. com/ 2011/ 08/ ash-we-are-scientists-washington-parks. com/ 2011/ 06/ q-and-a-ash/ ). . moderated by the band themselves Ash Photography (http://www. net/ index. com/ news/ ash--2/ 58574).htm) . NME. AU Magazine. [12] Manning. Ken.com.recordoverplayed. [16] Peck. June 2009. com/music/festival/carling_weekend/) • Ash interview (Oct 2007) on Record Overplayed webzine (http://www. Retrieved 2012-05-01. nme.peterhill.com. Retrieved 2011-10-24.com "Bloc Party's Russell Lissack to join Ash for UK tour" (http:/ / www.

Jyutping Sing1gwong1 Daai6dou3 .Hanyu Pinyin . At opening. and Cheng Yu Tung (Chair of New World Group). Selina Chow (Chair of Hong Kong Tourism Board). 27 April 2004.Avenue of Stars. the avenue honours an initial 73 inductees elected by the Hong Kong Film Awards Association and the readers of City Entertainment. Tourism Commission. Kowloon. Hong Kong Chinese 星光大 道 Transcriptions Mandarin . Hong Kong Avenue of Stars. Stephen Ip (Secretary for Economic Development and Labour). in which the privately-funded Avenue was handed over to the Hong Kong SAR government as public property. the Group announced it would spend HK$40 million to build the Avenue of Stars. the Leisure and Cultural Services Department of the Hong Kong government and the Hong Kong Film Awards Association. the New World Group built a promenade along the waterfront around the New World Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui East. Patrick Ho (Secretary of Home Affairs). Hong Kong.Wade–Giles . a project supported by the Hong Kong Tourism Board. The hand prints and autograph of director John Woo Martial artist and movie star Bruce Lee's sculpture The avenue was open to the general public on 28 April 2004 with an opening ceremony held the previous day. .Yale Romanization Syīnggwāng Dàhdàu The Avenue of Stars (Chinese: 星 光 大 道). In 2003.IPA Xīngguāng Dàdào Hsingkuang Tatao [ɕíŋkwɑ́ŋ tɑ̂tɑ̂ʊ] Cantonese (Yue) . The opening ceremony was presided over by a number of government and industry figures including Henry Tang (Financial Secretary). Manfred Wong (Director/Actor). Hong Kong 175 Avenue of Stars.[1] History In 1982. It honours celebrities of the Hong Kong film industry. is located along the Victoria Harbour waterfront in Tsim Sha Tsui. modelled on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

A 2. Name Lai Man Wai (1893–1953) 2. At night it is a popular viewing place for the Symphony of Lights display. Entering from Salisbury Garden. later as producer and director Vancouver. 3. Lifetime Achievement Award of the Hong Kong FilmAwards (1995) married to Lai Man Wai star from 1924 to 1960s Notes Hong Kong . a number of attractions exist including the Museum of Art. Hong Kong This was then re opened in 2012 for a special film 176 Description The Avenue of Stars is the eastern node of several tourist attractions along the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront. the story of Hong Kong's one hundred years of cinematic history is told through inscriptions printed on nine red pillars. List of stars Note: People in the list who were born before 1949 in Republic of China are not from modern day Taiwan. Space Museum.Avenue of Stars.5-metre-tall replica of the statuette given to winners at the Hong Kong Film Awards greets visitors.5 metre bronze statue of Bruce Lee was erected along the Avenue of Stars in 2005. founder of TVB actress started with Ji Nan Film Company and later with TVB and RTV. In addition to the promenade and New World Centre. but from mainland China. Chief Executive of South China Film Industry Workers Union. which Republic of China encompassed until the end of the last civil war. # 1. 4. Along the 440 metre promenade. Wong Man Lei Place of Birth  Japan Residence Hong Kong Genre silent film actor.  Canada  Republic of China Ningbo. Some plaques contain hand prints and autographs of the stars set in cement. Set into the promenade are plaques honouring the celebrities. Florence Lim Butterfly Hu Sir Run Run Shaw (1907-) 5.  Republic of China  Republic of China Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong actress actress Hong Kong media mogul. but most of the plaques only contain celebrities' names as they are now deceased. It is a good place to go to see the glamorous stars of HK. Cultural Centre and the Clock Tower. The Avenue of Stars on a sunny day A large replica of the 2008 Summer Olympics torch will be on permanent display here. a 4. The promenade commands a stunning panoramic view across Victoria Harbour.

29. 1957) Cheung Ying Kong 17. 22. 25. 15.5 January 1967) Tso Tat Wah (September 15. 1913-June 3. 1926-) Hung Sin Nui . starred in over 100 films and directed over 200 films.  Republic of China 23. Shek Kin (January 1. 1912  Republic of China 20. later joined TVB and retired 1982 Greatest Individual Achievement Award given by the Cultural Ministry of the People’s Republic of China Opera King of Charity Hong Kong actor and Huangmei opera star actor Taicang. Ng Wui  Republic of China Hong Kong Hong Kong  Republic of China singer and actress Hong Kong actor and co-founder of Union Film Enterprise Ltd. Lifetime Achievement Award by the Film Directors'Guild (1995) directed 58 Wong Fei Hung films  Republic of China Changzhou. Hong Hong Kong Cantonese opera star opera star 1940 and 1950s. 2009) Li Li Hua Kong Bai Guang (1921–1999) Beijing. Lo Duen Kong Griffin Yue Feng Kwan Tak Hing 27 June 1905 .Avenue of Stars. Hong Kong Hong Hong Kong actor and scriptwriter Lifetime Achievement Award of the Hong Kong Film Critics’Association (1998) Lifetime AchievementAward by the Film Directors' Guild (1991) Hong Kong actor Hong Kong film director 177 16. 19. Pak Suet Sin (April 1. later with RTV Chinese opera star Malaysia singer and actress Kong Hong Hong Kong actress Hong Hong Kong film and TV actor Hong Kong opera star Hong Hong Kong director Hong Hong Kong actor star 1930s and 1940s. Hong Kong 6. 18. 14. Ng Cho Fan Kong 13. 1915 January 13. 10.  Republic of China 7. Li Tit Kong Wu Pang Kong Yam Kim Fai December Nanhai.  Republic of China 11. 2007) 8. Hong Kong actor died in Canada 1984 24.  Republic of China Hong Hong Kong Hong Kong actress singer and film actress retired 1964 Hong Hong Kong Cantonese opera star Hong  Canada actor  Republic of China Guangzhou. 9. Tang Wing Cheung Kong Pak Yin Zhou Xuan (August 1. Zhu Shi Lin (27 July 1899 . 1918(1918-08-01) September 22. 21.28 June 1996) Cheung Wood Yau Kong 12.

award MBE 1976 Chinese opera Hong Hong Kong writer and director founded Kong Ngee Co 178 37. director Hong Hong Kong actress took her own life in 1964 Hong Kong actress and producer Hong Hong Kong Hong Hong Kong Cantonese opera star/actress Chinese opera Hong Hong Kong/San Francisco. producer director died of heart attack in 1996 retired 1964 Hong Hong Kong actor. Beijing. 27. 1947-)  Republic of China Hong Kong actress and singer . Hong Kong 26.Avenue of Stars.  Republic of China cinema owner actor interpreter for the US Army during the Korean War 44.  Republic of China Kuala Lumpur. 1926-December 17. Guangzhou. 2002) Chor Yun Kong King Hu (April 29. 1936) Li Han Hsiang (March 7. 34. 13. Linda Ching (Lin Dai) Kong Woo Fung Kong You Min . Chun Kim Kong Yu So Chow Beijing.  Republic of China Shantou.  Republic of China 28. Leung Sing Po Kong Tang Kei Chen  Republic of China Hong Kong radio anchor and radio actor/comedian. 36. screenwriter. 1932-)  Republic of China 33. 1964) 39. 43. Roy Chiao Patricia Lam Fung Kong Chang Cheh (February 10. 1996) Loke Wan Tho (14 June 1915-June 20. 42. 40.  Republic of China  Republic of China/ Kong Hong opera star director  Republic of China Hong Hong Kong Hong Kong  United States Hong Hong Kong retired 1967 and died 1976 film director actor Hong Kong Guangdong. 35. 1939) 45.Lucialla Yu Ming Patrick Tse Yin (August 9. Tang Bik Wan Kong Fong Yim Fun Kong Miranda Yang (February Shanghai. 41. Hong Kong /  Canada Hong Kong Hong Kong Cantonese operat star and actress Hong Kong film and TV actor. 1997) Ivy Ling Po (March.  Republic of China Jinxi. 38.  United States Hong Kong Cantonese opera star later wutg TVB. 1931-January 14. moved to Canada 1975 30. Hong Kong Connie Chan (January 1. 32. 29. 31. 1923-June 22.

61.Avenue of Stars. actor director Founder of Jeet Kune Do. 56. Josephine Siao Fong Fong (March 13. 1946-) David Chiang Kong 51. director and screenwriter actor and Hong Kong pop singer actress Hong Kong actor Hong Kong film actor film director director and martial arts choreographer director  United States Hong Hong Kong Hong Kong martial artist. 59. 54.  Republic of China 47. Jimmy Wang Yu (March Wuxi. 64. 63. 1947) Fung Bo Bo Kong 48. 58. 62. 57. Hong  Canada actor Hong Kong Hong Kong actor. Hong Hong Kong film and TV actress Hong Kong actress 179 52.  Republic of China 50. voted Greatest Martial Artist of All Time Hong Kong Hong Hong Kong Hong Kong publicity officer and production officer at Shaw Brothers film director later Vice Chairman at Golden Harvest Xinhu. . 66. 55. director and screenwriter actor Suzhou. producer. 60. Bruce Lee Ng See Yuen Kong Michael Hui Kong Sam Hui Kong Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia Sammo Hung Kam Po Kong Jackie Chan Kong John Woo Kong Yuen Wo Ping Kong Ann Hui On Wah Kong Tsui Hark Kong Chow Yun-fat Kong Leslie Cheung Kong Andy Lau Kong Hong Hong  Hong Kong/  Canada Hong Kong/  Hong Kong Cantopop singer and film actor Cantopop singer and film actor deceased Hong  Hong Kong TV and film actor Hong  Hong Kong director Hong  Hong Kong Hong Hong Hong  Republic of China Hong Hong Kong/  Hong Kong Hong Kong/  Hong Kong Hong Kong/  Hong Kong  Hong Kong Hong Hong Kong Hong Hong Kong comedian. Leonard Ho Kwong Cheong Raymond Chow Kong 53. Hong Kong 46. Tommy Ti Lung (August 3. 65. 1943)  Republic of China 49. 28.

and actor actor film and TV actor TV and film actor film actress director director and film actor actress Cantopop singer and film actress deceased TV and film actress film actor 180 82. 80. 74. 85. 72. Anita Mui Kong 70. 81.Avenue of Stars. 78. Hong Kong 67. 79. 75. 77. 87. 89. Kwan Shan Kong Lo Wai Kong Tong Kai Kong Nee Kwong James Wong Kong Karl Maka Kong Eric Tsang Kong Hong Hong producer. TVB MC Hong lyricist and writer deceased Hong choreographer Hong actor Hong Hong Kong actor Thailand actress and singer Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong Kong/  Hong Kong  Canada Hong Kong/  Hong Kong Hong Kong/  Hong Kong Hong Kong/  Hong Kong Hong Kong/  Hong Kong Hong Kong/  Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong/  Hong Kong Hong Kong/  Hong Kong Hong Kong/  Hong Kong scriptwriter. 73. 88. Tony Leung Chiu Wai Kong Michelle Yeoh Choo Kheng Wong Kar Wai Kong Stephen Chow Kong Ms Tsz Law Lin Kong Lam Kar Sing Wong Tin-Lam Kong Bow Fong Kong Lau Kar Leung Kong Shek Wai Fu Chi Grace Chang  People's Republic of China Hong Kong 83. Jet Li  People's Republic of China 68. Patsy Kar Ling actress retired and living in Bangkok . 76. 71. director. Maggie Cheung Kong Hong Hong Kong/  Hong Kong/  Singapore Hong Kong/  Hong Kong/  United Kingdom 69. actor and presenter film and TV actor. producer. 84. 86. director.

production designer and art director film actor TV and film actor film actress 181  Republic of film actress China Hong Hong Kong/  Hong Kong Hong Kong/  Hong Kong Hong Kong/  Hong Kong  Singapore Cantopop singer and film actor TV and film actor TV and film actor. Yvonne Chan Reference [1] DeWolf.Avenue of Stars. William Chang Suk Ping Kong 91.com. 98.com/eng/touring/ hkwalks/ta_walk_walk3.hktb. Gong Li  People's Republic of China  People's Republic of China  United States Hong Hong Hong Hong Kong/  Hong Kong TV and film actor Kong Hong Hong Hong Hong Hong Kong/  Hong Kong Hong Kong/  Hong Kong Hong Kong/  Hong Kong Hong Kong/  Hong Kong film editor. Hong Kong 90.fibcool. 93. cnngo. Cantopop singer film actress 101.com/cheap-flights/the-avenue-of-stars) .com/eng/touring/ hkiidistricts/ta_dist_ytmk4. 92.for better or worse" (http:/ / www. 27 October 2010.pdf) • Video on The Avenue of Stars (http://www. 95. 97. 94.com/pnweb/PDF/Decease_E_bio. Leon Lai Hong Kong/  Hong Kong Hong Kong TV and film actor. Cantopop singer 102. Tony Leung Ka Fai Kong Anthony Wong Chau Sang Cecilia Cheung Kong Lai Pak Hoi Kenneth Tsang Kong Sylvia Chang Jacky Cheung Kong Lau Ching Wan Kong Aaron Kwok Kong 100.hk) • Short descriptions from Hong Kong Tourism Board website (http://www.avenueofstars. Cantopop singer TV and film actress. 96. Christopher "9 Hong Kong tourist traps -. 99. com/ hong-kong/ play/ 9-hong-kongs-best-and-worst-tourist-traps-535602) CNN Go. Retrieved 2012-03-03 External links • Avenue of Stars official website (http://www.jhtml#route04) • Details from Hong Kong Tourism Board website (http://www.discoverhongkong.discoverhongkong.jhtml) • Profiles of 35 deceased film professionals commended for their achievements in the history of Hong Kong cinema (http://partnernet.

who had famously played Luca Brasi in The Godfather. which suffered the same fate as this film.527. . is a 1980 martial arts film which marked Jackie Chan's first attempt to break into the American movie market.776. The Big Brawl was a flop and led to Chan being advised to try supporting roles such as the Japanese racing car driver in Cannonball Run. The film featured an appearance from Lenny Montana. The film is set primarily in Chicago.Battle Creek Brawl 182 Battle Creek Brawl The Big Brawl Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Robert Clouse Raymond Chow Fred Weintraub Robert Clouse Jackie Chan José Ferrer Kristine DeBell Mako Rosalind Chao Lalo Schifrin Music by Cinematography Robert C.530 Release date(s) Running time Country Language Box office The Big Brawl. Chan later made another attempt to break into the American market with 1985's The Protector. It was directed by Robert Clouse and featured much of the crew from Enter the Dragon. Jessup Editing by Distributed by George Grenville Hong Kong: Golden Harvest United States: Warner Bros. a Chinese American martial artist. United States: 10 September 1980 Hong Kong: 16 October 1980 95 mins Hong Kong United States English United States: US $8. It wasn't until 1995 with Rumble in the Bronx that Chan was able to bring his signature humor mixed with impressive stunt-work to American audiences. Illinois in the 1930s (although it was shot in Texas) and follows Chan's character.743 Hong Kong: HK $5. (Chinese: 殺 手 壕) also known as Battle Creek Brawl. as he single handedly takes on the Mafia.

he is forced to join the Battle Creek Brawl fight in Texas. Retrieved 2012-05-31. Jackie gets help from a kung-fu teacher and uncle who trains for the Battle Creek Brawl. They focus on Jackie's speed and agility as he must fight very tough opponents. variety. Chan discusses the differences between Chinese and American styles of action. Hong Kong Legends. Its box office performance was less disastrous than reputed to be. kicks and taking few takes. References [1] "The Big Brawl" (http:/ / www. He answers back by taking them on and eventually catches the eye of the mob for his unique and talented fighting abilities.[1] In an interview with Chan on the region 2 DVD.imdb.Battle Creek Brawl 183 Plot Set in Chicago in the 1930s. who were expecting an Enter the Dragon-sized hit. and his family. com/ review/ VE1117789217?refcatid=31). it grossed US $1. unbeatable winner from previous battles who kisses his opponents after they are defeated. As the mob exits. all the way to the end of the action scene.025 ($4. The Big Brawl and The Protector (1985). UK. In his early US films.com/movies/movie/v5383) at AllRovi . December 31. In its opening weekend.743.792 per screen). External links • The Big Brawl (http://www. he is threatened by the mob to pay a part of his profits.527. and ended its run with US $8. In effect. Jackie enters the scene and rushes out the door to catch up with them.[2] In his autobiography "I Am Jackie Chan: My Life in Action".com/title/tt0080436/) at the Internet Movie Database • The Big Brawl (http://www.108. there was one scene in the production in which Robert Clouse is not interested in Chan's idea which is to flip out of the car and had wanted him to just walk from the car to his father restaurant. the big. [2] Battlecreek Brawl. 1979. Jerry Kwan leads a very easy-going life with his girlfriend. It wasn't until Rumble in the Bronx (1995) that Chan was allowed to use more of his preferred action style. bulky. The mob promises to return his brother's fiancèe and give him the prize money as long as Jackie wins the tournament. but was a disappointment to distributor Warner Brothers and Jackie Chan. and one day. Jackie Chan interview (DVD featurette) (DVD). one of them including Billy Kiss. His father owns a restaurant. 2001 (DVD). 1980 (film). Also is allowed to get as many takes until its right for the film. Chan had to perform the typical American fight sequences involving punches. 1980 on 231 North American screens. Nancy (Kristine DeBell). . Variety. in which he works together with his stunt team and the actors (and actresses) involved in the films he's involved in. Reception The movie received negative receptions from critics. Jackie Chan's character. Chan quote's "No one will pay money to see Jackie Chan walk!" The reason he believes this film failed because he wasn't given a chance to direct the action scenes the way he wants it for the film. Box office The Big Brawl opened on August 29.allrovi.

Plot A kid learns martial arts in order to become a Kung Fu warrior. with no known copies remaining.[1] Cast • • • • • Jackie Chan: Played a singing kid and fights a man. one clip from this film is one of the only copies. However.Big and Little Wong Tin Bar 184 Big and Little Wong Tin Bar Big and Little Wong Tin Bar Starring Jackie Chan Sammo Hung Li Hua Li Release date(s) 1962 Country Language Hong Kong Cantonese Big and Little Wong Tin Bar (Chinese: 大 小 黄 天 霸) is a 1962 Hong Kong film. Sammo Hung: Played an unknown kid. Unidentified kids: Played singing kids and fights a man. Filming Information • • • • Country: Hong Kong Language: Cantonese Video: 35 mm film Black-and-white Sound Mix: Mono . The film is notable for being Jackie Chan's film debut. He fights someone older and then sings. Li Hua Li: Played Li Li-Hua. The film is now considered a lost film. Some footage of this film is shown in Jackie Chan: My Story. Unidentified Man: Played a man fighting kids. There were 3 scenes involving Jackie and some kids. Footage Jackie showed a little clip in an interview in 1961.

Schaefer also transcribed many reported bloopers into a series of books that he published up until his death in 1979. The term blooper was popularized in the 1950s in a series of record albums entitled Pardon My Blooper." This was nominated for a Sony Award. particularly in baseball.Big and Little Wong Tin Bar 185 External links • Big and Little Wong Tin Bar [2] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www. and is short for "Blue Pencil" . The success of this series led to a further five series on Radio 2. being taken over by Dennis Norden . youtube. and Valiant. Fake bloopers are in the animation films A Bug's Life. especially on TV. imdb. is a short sequence of a film or video production. coupled with re-creations. The "blooper" in pop culture Origins The collecting of bloopers (and the coining of the term. the word "boner" had been the common term for such errors previously) was popularized in America by television producer Kermit Schaefer in the 1950s.) Humorous mistakes made by athletes are often referred to as bloopers as well. (Jackie Chan and Burt Reynolds are both famous for including such reels with the closing credits of their movies. feels that with clanger slots. Currently. Monsters. and movie studios had been producing so-called "gag reels" of outtakes (usually for employee-only viewing) since the 1930s. Inc." Bloopers are often the subject of television shows or are occasionally revealed during the credit sequence at the end of comedy movies. as well as a small number of programmes (called 'Bloopers') on BBC Radio 4. Prominent examples of films with bloopers include: Cheaper By the Dozen. was by no means the first to undertake serious study and recording of broadcast erratum. Toy Story 2. BBC Radio 2 heard of this small revolution in transmitting what were previously strictly private and personal broadcasters' collections for internal enjoyment at Christmas parties. He subsequently produced/presented a half-hour show on that station called "So you want to run a radio station. however. and Rush Hour. Jonathan Hewat was the first person in the UK to broadcast radio Bloopers [on a Bank Holiday Show on BBC Radio Bristol at the end of the 1980s].000 clips from over four decades of world-wide English-speaking broadcasting. The 'Blooper' term originates from wartime censorship. They commissioned a series of six fifteen-minute programmes called 'Can I take that again?' with the legendary Jonathan James Moore (then Head of BBC Light Entertainment. com/ title/ tt0124296/ Blooper A blooper. Schaefer produced a long-running series of Pardon My Blooper! record albums in the 50s and 60s which featured a mixture of actual recordings of errors from television and radio broadcasts. who has a personal collection of 3. com/ watch?v=R4TiIo1mrgs [2] http:/ / www. usually a deleted scene. usually in terms of misspoken words or technical errors. Radio) somewhat nervously producing the series. It also refers to an error made during a live radio or TV broadcast or news report.which was used to cross out unacceptable parts of documents and letters by the 'blue-person'. in which the definition of a blooper is thus given by the record series' narrator: "Unintended indiscretions before microphone and camera. Schaefer. also known as an outtake or boner. Jonathan Hewat. NBC's short-lived "behind-the-scenes" series Behind The Mike (1940–41) occasionally featured reconstructions of announcers' gaffes and flubs as part of the "Oddities in Radio" segment.. containing a mistake made by a member of the cast or crew.

whilst the latter was set aside for more risqué mistakes. These specials (along with a record album of radio bloopers produced by Clark in the mid-1980s) were dedicated to the memory of Kermit Schaefer. Radio Bloopers . The latter has also been criticised for being used as a simple schedule filler. many American productions are aired to fill gaps in prime time schedules. The later British show It'll be Alright on the Night. The show is now known as The Lighter Side of Sports and is still in production today. In 1985 a relatively unknown producer named Steve Rotfeld began compiling stock footage of various sports-related errors and mistakes and compiled them into a program known as Bob Uecker's Wacky World of Sports. it is now common for major film releases to include a "blooper reel" (also known as a "gag reel" or simply "outtakes") among the bonus material on the disc. and TV's Naughtiest Blunders. hosted by Paul O'Grady. much in the same way as It'll Be Alright on the Night. lecturer Jonathan Hewat started collecting bloopers and producing short radio programmes of them on BBC Local Radio. which began as a series of one-off specials in 2002. The ABC Network aired Foul-Ups. After Clark suffered a stroke. Bleeps & Blunders hosted by Steve Lawrence and Don Rickles in direct competition with the Clark TV series. and was replaced by Outtake TV. before a series was commissioned and subsequently broadcast on BBC One in 2004. and hosted by Denis Norden (replaced by Griff Rhys Jones in 2008) showed out-takes from film and TV. Rufus Hound took over in 2010. The former also singled out certain TV personalities as they related some of their most hair-raising moments. The success of both Clark's and Norden's efforts led to imitators on virtually all American and Australian TV networks. out-take. before the latter was changed to show wall-to-wall clips with voiceover by Neil Morrissey. "All New TV's Naughtiest Blunders 18"). In the UK. which has been running on ITV since 1977. often with ridiculously titled editions (e. Auntie's Sporting Bloomers. the blooper shows went on hiatus until 2007. With the coming of DVD in the 1990s. they are no longer sufficiently unusual to warrant transmitting as complete programmes. Both were presented by Steve Penk at one stage. The collection was finally released as two CDs. Auntie's Bloomers. TV producer Dick Clark revived the bloopers concept in America for a series of specials on NBC called TV's Censored Bloopers. again for the BWBF. During the 1982-83 season. Some of the earliest clips in the Hewat collection go back to Rudy Vallee corpsing with uncontrollable giggles during a recording of 'There is a Tavern in the Town' and one of the very earliest OBs (Outside Broadcasts) of the Illumination of The Fleet. Special Weakest Link themed editions were common during Robinson's tenure. This led to a weekly series which ran from 1984 through 1992 (co-hosted by Clark and Ed McMahon) and was followed by more specials that appeared on ABC irregularly until as recently as 2004.[1] .Blooper and then by Terry Wogan and several others. 186 TV shows featuring "bloopers" Comedian Dick Emery showcased his own out-takes as an epilogue entitled A Comedy of Errors to his BBC shows in the mid 1970s.involving the subtleties of language . presented by Terry Wogan (and its spin-off sporting-mistakes show. which lasted until 2009. or otherwise. as well as scores of home video releases. The BBC's answer to the show. still hosted by Clark. he then sold cassettes of bloopers to raise money for the British Wireless for the Blind Fund. ITV has also produced two other shows. As often happens.are usually considerably funnier than the visual (TV) ones which so often involve endless clips of people falling over.g. but this time hosted by Anne Robinson. ran until approximately 2001. when John O'Hurley hosted a Dick Clark Productions-packaged special for the ABC. also presented by Wogan). whether live. TV Nightmares. Outtake TV now appears in occasional one-off specials.

Examples One of the earliest known bloopers is attributed to 1930s radio broadcaster Harry Von Zell. although the exact circumstances of the event have been debated. The scene involved Whitney introducing a challenge by throwing a water balloon from hand to hand and delivering the line. Unanticipated incidents (e. props and sets being improperly prepared. presenters and contestants who may have forgotten to turn them off or put them in silent mode. and we'd play with water balloons? You'd throw them all over the place and they'd burst and water would go all over the place. hosted by former cricketer Mike Whitney. who accidentally referred to then-US President Herbert Hoover as "Hoobert Heever" during an introduction. However. Similarly. when we were kids.[2] A similar situation occurred decades later when then-new president Gerald Ford was introduced as "Gerald Smith".g.g. Many of them belong to actors. A third type of blooper is caused by failure of inanimate objects. Some common examples include: • • • • Uncontrollable laughter (called in television and acting circles." • "Remember when we were young.. and we'd play with water balloons? You'd throw them all over the place and they'd burst and water would go everywhere everywhere. when we were young. The effect is especially pronounced when the film setting is before the modern era (e. Where actors need to memorize large numbers of lines or perform a series of actions in quick succession. Whereupon the audience laughed uncontrollably. the cow defecated on-stage during the live broadcast. a skit involving Red's "country bumpkin" character "Clem Kadiddlehopper". especially those who have no acting experience.. mistakes can be expected. newsreaders have only a short time to deliver a large amount of information and are prone to mispronounce place names and people's names. aired after the credits of the show. when we were kids. with some actors expressing extreme annoyance while others enjoy the stress relief brought on by the unexpected event. "Remember when we were young." • "Remember when we were young. this blooper is rarely seen in recent films but commonly used in fake bloopers for animations. mobile phones have been a new source of bloopers with them frequently going off. Ancient Greece or Rome). animals are very likely to do things not in the script. The reaction to bloopers is often intensified in the stressful environment of a movie or television set. but frequently involves doorknobs (and doors) not working or breaking. feature Whitney delivering the line in the following ways: • "Remember when we were young.Blooper 187 Causes Bloopers are usually accidental and humorous. and Skelton resorted to the use of the . [Pause] That's two all over the places. the same name as an American Fascist leader from the 1930s. Reportedly it was upon hearing of this mistake that Kermit Schafer was inspired to begin collecting bloopers. had him leading a cow onto the stage. Similarly. generally involving bodily functions. deliver the wrong lines or make comments which are particularly embarrassing. This can be as simple as a sound effect being mistimed or a microphone not working. as in a slip-of-the-tongue or Freudian slip. Forgotten lines. a prop falling or breaking). Several seconds into the skit. In recent years. corpsing). when we were kids. as well as props working in ways they should not work." [Laughter] On an episode of The Red Skelton Show in the 1950s. when we were young . The famous old chestnut of show business "Never work with children or animals" demonstrates two other causes of out-takes: Children. often miss cues. when we were kids. One famous out-take from Australian television is from the gameshow Who Dares Wins. or switch a name or word without realizing it. and we'd play with water balloons? You'd throw them all over the place and they'd burst and water would go everywhere". when we were kids. The out-takes of this scene. or Deliberate sabotage of an actor's performance by a fellow actor (to evoke laughter)..

However. apparently. I'm goin' off my nut!" This recording was first made available to the public by Kermit Schaefer in Volume 1 of his Pardon My Blooper album series for Jubilee Records in the late 1950s. With sound effects providing the sound of horses' hoofs galloping and guns firing. eventually leading to the show's cancellation and "Uncle Don"'s disgrace. As a discredited urban legend has it. . not only did the alleged incident never happen. America's favorite comedian. A much-bootlegged recording of Bing Crosby has him singing to a recording of a band playing "Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams". Carney himself would tell the story of his blooper. "Castles may tumble. she's a great cow! Not only does she give milk. A public-service announcement urging young women to volunteer as nurses during a critical shortage thereof ended with the appeal "Volunteer to be one of America's white-clapped angels of mercy. Tracer of Lost Persons was presumably introduced as "Mr. "Why didn't you think of that earlier?". friends." a clear example of how unintentional double-entendre can translate into blooper material. that oughta hold the little bastards" after signing off on his show one night. especially it became popular after the release of Schaefer's records." (Bob and Ray once did their own parody of this program under the title "Mr. the remarks went to air. enthusiastically promised: "Bob Hope.) An episode of the radio drama Mr. saying "Boy. a radio ad for children's bedding cashing in on same had the line ". Hey Hey!/ They cut out eight bars. On the Wild Bill Hickok radio series in the early 1950s." all the while breaking out in fits of uncontrollable laughter trying to get the line right. "You have bad breath too!" and finally. and Jane Russell. {long pause} Get it out of your system!" Red then finally broke into laughter.what a pair!" 188 .. {pause} she gives Pet-Ritz Pies!" He followed up with. which costarred buxom actress Jane Russell. when he realizes that the master tape had not been fully rewound.. Keener Than Most Persons". hot or cold — Orange Tekoe Pee" and a bakery advertising itself as having "the breast bed and rolls you ever tasted. the much distributed recording of the incident was a fabrication.. with scenes of Davy Crockett in action on the mattress. a newsflash caused an unexpected blooper when it broke into the show. Keen. we'll play it back/ See what it sounds like.. He begins. it's like in psychiatry.[3] (The alleged incident was even parodied in the 1993 Simpsons episode "Krusty Gets Kancelled"." At this point. "Well. according to the debunking website Snopes. Lavrenti Beria.Blooper ad-lib. .. Andy Devine (as Jingles) was delivering the line "Well... Trace. and the network cut to a commercial.) A popular story among Texas broadcasting circles has it that a station manager's late change in programming from Les Brown's orchestra to a religious programme marking the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur led to the staff announcer's billboard urging his listeners to "Stay tuned for the dance music of Yom Kippur's Orchestra. the dirty bastards/ I didn't know which eight bars he was gonna cut/ Why don't somebody tell me these things around here?/ Holy Christ. Keen.com. New York children's radio show host "Uncle Don" Carney supposedly delivered the ad-libbed line "Are we off? Good.and be sure to visit your nearby A & Food P Store!" In much the same vein was an ad for instant tea as came out in the end "Instant White Rose." Realizing the shortened music. and ad-libbed vocals to the truncated music. Bill!" In a similar vein. that's fate after all/ Life's really funny that way." confusing a slang term for infection with syphilis with "white-clad. thinking his studio microphone was switched off." (Many gentile DJ's have urged their Jewish listeners to "Have a happy Yom Kippur!") A radio commercial for A&P food stores ended with the announcer excitedly blurting out ". During the Davy Crockett mania of the mid-1950s. he ad-libs.. former head of the Soviet secret police." The announcer of a radio ad for the 1948 Bob Hope film The Paleface. Jingles!" Whereupon an announcer interrupted with. Guy Madison spoke the line "Cut him off at the pass. Loser of Traced Persons. has just been executed! We now return you to Wild Bill Hickok. I knew that would happen one night. "Sang the wrong melody. "We interrupt this program to bring you a bulletin from the Mutual newsroom in New York! According to an announcement from Moscow radio. that oughta hold him for a little while.well.

. Additionally. Spock. the silverware's obviously not in the house. which were shown to the delight of fans at gatherings over the years and have been extensively bootlegged. however. Similarly there were also mishaps while filming in exterior. responds. in one case. The makers of another computer-animated film.) comments. It must been stolen". in which guest actress Diana Muldaur recited the line. series star William Shatner breaks character during a scene and starts complaining about the food served in the studio commissary. Avery. Sr.Blooper A Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio announcer's station-identification message once allegedly came out "This is the Dominion Network of the Canadian Broadcorping Castration. likewise also created a faux blooper reel showing the characters playing practical jokes and. sitting on his ass — a word that could refer either to the buttocks or to the animal. These bloopers are technical errors within the system. blown dialogue. who plays the supposedly emotionless Mr. Home Improvement. Feet. instead of saying the line "The plants act as a repository". don't fail me now!" Another sitcom. causing blurred characters or the characters bodies going through objects. In another out-take. often lampooned by Will Smith. Like other blooper recordings distributed by Schaefer. Many of these involved malapropisms on the part of the cast..until tomorrow at the same time. One famous example shows actor Leonard Nimoy. so here we leave Don Quixote. says "The plants act as a suppository". "We've come to the end of an eventful. though blooper reels were not shown during the closing credits of the show during the first. Smith appears in the shot and. with aircraft flying over supposedly alien planets. a recreation was created as the original recording was not preserved. Since Pixar's films are painstakingly computer-animated. A radio adaptation of Don Quixote over the BBC had one episode ending with the announcer explaining where "I'm afraid we've run out of time. in 1939 Warner Bros. jackass -. the movie Shrek has actual bloopers that were released on DVD. usually with the actor or actors requiring several tries to get a line right. breaking into laughter when. such as a bush or the crown Lord Farquaad wears. and other mishaps. Going back decades earlier. "I don't know what you've been taking. As an homage to its inspiration. in the first season episode "This Side of Paradise"." 189 Contemporary examples The American sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air had a tradition of airing outtakes over the closing credits. to which Shatner replies. ending in most cases with the correctly delivered line. Pixar also has a tradition of including blooper-like material during the end credits of such films as Toy Story 2 and A Bug's Life.. An example of this is when Uncle Phil (James L. the latter was at one point reissued to theatres with a major selling feature being the addition of extra "bloopers".. "Well. these scenes are in fact staged to provide additional audience enjoyment. leading to debate over whether the event actually happened. some episodes featured a tag scene over the credits in lieu of a blooper reel. making actual blunders of this sort impossible. many Jackie Chan movies end with footage of failed stunts. Chan was inspired to do this by Burt Reynolds' films of the early 1980s (in particular Smokey and the Bandit II and The Cannonball Run) that also featured end-credits bloopers. the closing-credits blooper reel for Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy actually featured one outtake from Smokey and the Bandit II. also showcased outtakes over its closing credits. For example. bursting into laughter when one "sneezes" during a dramatic sequence. trip". in an exaggerated accent. "It must been stolen. Hee Haw often showed bloopers in the show itself. before realizing the line was "It must have been stolen" and correcting himself. A third example begins with the third season episode "Is There in Truth No Beauty?". Many theatrical motion pictures feature bloopers during the end credits." in turn coining an oft-used sarcastic term for the public broadcaster. cartoon director Bob Clampett produced a short "blooper" film (for the studio's annual in-house gag reel) of Looney Tunes character Porky Pig smashing his thumb with a . People bumping into supposedly automatic doors when the backstage personnel mistimed opening them was a common accident depicted. fifth (except for one episode) and sixth seasons. Star Trek: The Original Series produced many famous out-takes. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within." — a reference to the then-topical issue of drug-induced hallucinations or "trips". However. Smith would reference black culture in setting up mistakes made by the rest of the cast.

being impaled with a fish hook. televised or released product. which stands for no good/not good. as well as practical jokes played on the host by his guests and film crew (and vice versa). The fishing television series Bill Dance Outdoors has produced four videos (two VHS and two DVD) focusing entirely on bloopers occurring during production of the show and associated commercials. author Phil Farrand published a series of Nit-Picker's Guides books in . and not "bloopers" since they did not occur in outtake footage or a live broadcast. or equipment malfunctions). which (unknown to him) had real alcohol in it. These NG's would usually feature hosts forgetting their words by mistake and admit they make mistakes on occasion. accidents during filming (including falling into the water. Alternative definition The term "blooper" is often applied to describe continuity errors and other mistakes that have escaped the notice of film editors and directors and have made it into a final. which is broadcast in a live-like format. which was intended as a practical joke. had various bloopers in television specials but unreleased bloopers were leaked containing cast members using profanity to express their mistakes in a family-friendly program. which are usually quite spectacular and/or embarrassing when they do occur. where these errors are subsequently identified by viewers. other actors complain that out-takes are demeaning to themselves and/or the craft and refuse to allow them to be made public. In the mid-1990s. in a film taking place in the Old West.[4] The television show. Or it might be a piece of clothing. has received mixed response by actors and directors. these are film errors. In the 2007 film Underdog (film) in the end credits the super hero Underdog mistakes his lines. is sometimes blamed for Sellers' failure to win that year's Academy Award for Best Actor (for which he was nominated).Blooper hammer and cursing. such as minor injuries suffered by the cast. One blooper for Back to the Future. such as shoes. Among his other issues with Star Trek's producer Gene Roddenberry. For example. would sometimes air bloopers titled NG's. and wrote a letter to Roddenberry asking him to stop. a viewer might spot a twentieth century vehicle driving in the distance of one shot. causing him to spit it all over the car and co-star Lea Thompson. an actor may have forgotten to remove his wristwatch and it was caught on film. In a final blooper he gets his line right but the police car's door falls off. that change for one shot then change back with no explanation. for example. Strictly speaking. Fox taking a drink from a prop bottle. Roddenberry's answer was to send Nimoy a blooper reel of his own should he have wished to show it at conventions. Leonard Nimoy was not happy that Roddenberry showed the show's blooper reels to fans at conventions in the early 1970s. The Discovery Channel series MythBusters will often keep some bloopers included in the actual episodes. In Asia. Director Hal Ashby's decision to include a blooper reel of star Peter Sellers in his 1979 film Being There. often showing various mishaps such as missed lines (which sometimes take several takes to finally deliver correctly). variety shows. Some of the outtakes shown on these videos would sometimes be shown over the end credits. featured Michael J. Sellers had reportedly urged Ashby not to include the outtakes in the final edit of the film. usually various mishaps that occur on the show. especially on recent DVD releases. The Internet Movie Database website uses the term goofs instead. or various other accidents and malfunctions. however. While many do not mind the extra publicity offered by such material being shown to the public and others simply enjoy seeing the mistakes. or in a film taking place in ancient Greece. to no avail. 190 Acceptance of out-takes The proliferation of out-takes/gag reels/blooper reels. He felt actors needed to be free to make mistakes without expecting that they would be shown to the public. Full House.

[2] Marketing In a tactic similar to deceptive marketing. Bruce Liang (also known as Bruce Leung). Movie makers in mainland China. blind. Myron Bruce Lee. When Enter the Dragon became a box office success worldwide. org. asp). was also given roles where he was promoted as the next Bruce Lee. . Bruce Le (呂(Lǔ)小 龍 from his real name Wong Kin Lung). 2009. . Bronson Lee. with actors who looked like Lee changing their stage names to sound similar to “Bruce Lee.” such as Bruce Li and Bruce Le. This tactic was very successful in the mid-1970s when many of Bruce Lee’s earlier films such as Fist of Fury and The Big Boss were being released in “Chinese” theaters in America after Bruce’s death.com. Bruce Thai. [2] "Harry von Zell and Hoobert Heever" (http:/ / www. many actors assumed Lee-like stage names. snopes. External links • A film clip of Warner Brothers "Break Downs" and "Blow Ups" 1936-1947 (http://archive. Retrieved 2012-06-22. . Snopes. some of these films were advertised as genuine Bruce Lee movies when in fact they were not.uk. so some studios decided to play on Lee’s sudden international fame by making movies that vaguely sounded like Bruce Lee starring vehicles. Bruce Ly (real name Binhslee). com/ radiotv/ radio/ vonzell. who started his movie career as an extra and stunt artist in some of Bruce Lee’s movies. Bruce Li (黎(Lí)小 龍 from his real name Ho Chung Tao (何 宗 道)). Retrieved March 8. Retrieved 2012-06-22. uk/ ). Retrieved February 21. Bruce Lei. many Hong Kong studios feared that a movie without their most famous star in it would not be financially successful. snopes.[1] “Bruceploitation” is a portmanteau of the name “Bruce” and exploitation. 1973. com/ watch?v=o8Ie3_H_uY8). com/ radiotv/ radio/ bastards. Youtube. (黃 建 龍 )). Bruce K. [3] "That Oughta Hold the Little Bastards" (http:/ / www. 2009. often with alternate and confusing names.org. The Vietnam-era M79 grenade launcher also has the nickname "Blooper" due to its distinctive firing noise. and Dragon Lee were hired by studios to play Lee-styled roles. Lee Bruce.com. Hong Kong and Taiwan hired a great number of Bruce Lee look-alike actors to star in many cheap knock-off martial arts movies to cash in on his success after his death. Lea.uk" (http:/ / www. . he was Hong Kong’s most famous martial arts actor. snopes.com.org. youtube.[3] Jackie Chan. At the time of Lee’s death. such as New Fist of Fury (1976). Bruce Lai. asp). [4] "Porky Pig Sonofabitch" (http:/ / www. . The Beginning The Hong Kong action cinema scene was shocked when Bruce Lee died in a Hong Kong hospital on July 20. Bruce Lie.Blooper which he collected continuity errors and other on-screen "bloopers" from various Star Trek series that had been identified by either himself or fans.org/details/ Breakdowns_Blowups_1936-1947) is available for free download at the Internet Archive [more] Bruceploitation Bruceploitation is a cultural phenomenon mostly seen in the 1970s after the 1973 death of martial artist and actor Bruce Lee. It was only when he made some comedically themed movies for another studio that he was able to gain box-office success. Actors After his death. Brute Lee. 191 References [1] "blind. Bruce Chen.A. blind.

who is also modeled after Lee’s physique and mannerisms in the same way as his nephew. known to western audiences as Fist of the North Star. such as Re-Enter the Dragon. he became more similar to Gibson in physique in the rest of the work. the characters Mighty Guy and Rock Lee were modeled by him after Bruce Lee. Others. Return of Bruce. actor/director Sammo Hung. such as his fighting style and battle cries. although he is rarely credited. Video game characters synonymous with Bruce Lee are usually spotted by fighting techniques and signature “jumping stance. Although Kenshiro’s appearance initially resembled more that of Lee in the first chapters of the manga. in Japanese comic books. Video games Many video games have characters based on Bruce Lee. named Kenshiro Kasumi. featured Lee imitators but with a plot having nothing to do with Bruce Lee. Additionally. blending it with Mel Gibson’s likeness. clothing. and iconic battle cries and yells similar to those of Bruce Lee. Comic Books The comic book medium also gave birth to several characters inspired by Bruce Lee. Enter the Tiger (where Bruce Li is asked by Bruce Lee to replace him after his death). One of Lee’s fight choreographers. • • • • • • • • Fei Long—Street Fighter series Kim Dragon—World Heroes series Jann Lee—Dead or Alive series Marshall Law—Tekken series Forrest Law—Tekken series Liu Kang—Mortal Kombat series Kenshiro—Fist of the North Star series Rock Lee—Naruto series .[4] from the Mad Max film franchise. Exit the Dragon. most notably. or manga.Bruceploitation 192 Movies Some of the movies were simply rehashes of Bruce Lee’s classics. Enter Two Dragons. In Tetsuo Hara and Buronson’s influential manga Hokuto no Ken. such as Bruce Lee’s Secret (a farcical rehash starring Bruce-clone Bruce Li in San Francisco defending Chinese immigrants from thugs). Others simply told crazy stories such as The Clones of Bruce Lee (where clones of Bruce Lee portrayed by some of the above actors are created by scientists) or The Dragon Lives Again (where Bruce Lee fights James Bond and Dracula in Hell). Kenshiro. such as Bruce Lee Fights Back from the Grave. the main character.” physical appearances. famously satirized the phenomenon of Bruceploitation in his 1978 film. Enter the Fat Dragon. Return of the Fists of Fury or Enter the Game of Death. in Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto manga. Others told the life story of Bruce Lee and explored his mysteries. Similarly. Enter Another Dragon. was deliberately created by them drawing inspiration from Bruce Lee and Max Rockatansky. They Call Me Bruce? and Bruce’s Fist of Vengeance. the main character is Kenshiro’s uncle. but retaining all mannerisms inspired by Lee. in Hokuto no Ken’s prequel Souten no Ken.

Rebirth However in the recent years. [4] http:/ / www.grindhousedatabase. advfilms.php/Brucesploitation) @ THE DEUCE: Grindhouse Cinema Database • Clones of Bruce Lee (http://www. Since the end of the trend. authors of Hokuto no Ken External links • Brucesploitation (http://www. com/ reviews/ 3421/ true-game-of-death/ ). . entitled Here Come the Kung Fu Clones. . 2007-03-23.kungfucinema. wired.clonesofbrucelee.amazon. Retrieved 2010-12-17. starting with movies such as Five Deadly Venoms.com/index. establishing him as the new king of Hong Kong martial arts cinema. Due to constant production of various movies and TV shows. Bruce Lee’s influence on Hong Kong action cinema remained strong. Business World Online. Retrieved 2010-12-17.com/articles/2003-04-27-01. [3] "Lee remembered for more than movies" (http:/ / www. However. and the films generally began to take a more comedic approach. Another factor was the beginning of the Shaw Brothers film era in the late ’70s. References [1] "True Game of Death" (http:/ / www. com/ titles/ fistofthenorthstar/ interview. and The Last Dragon used Bruce Lee as a marketing hook and the genre continues to be a source of exploration for fans of the late Little Dragon and his doppelgangers. Wired News.co.uk/) • The Bruceploitation Trilogy (http://www. but also explores the actors and movies among the best and worst the genre has to offer. Retrieved 2010-12-17. it primarily focuses on a particular Lee-a-like. dvdtalk. html Interview to Buronson and Tetsuo Hara. No Surrender. com/ entertainment/ hollywood/ news/ 2007/ 03/ bruce_lee0323). com/ weekender/ content. the trend has seemingly returned due to the sudden surge of popularity of Bruce Lee’s teacher. Touch of Death told a fictional life story of the star.co. [2] "Bruce Lee Lives On" (http:/ / www.htm) by Dean Meadows • Here Come the Kung fu Clones (http://www. No Retreat. Bruceploitation continued in the US in a somewhat muted form since the 1970s. bworldonline. . Ho Chung Tao.uk/Here-Come-Kung-Fu-Clones/dp/0956012310) by Carl Jones . Fist of Fear. this could be looked at as Yiploitation. php?id=9678). Films such as Force-Five. DVD Talk.Bruceploitation 193 End of a trend Bruceploitation ended in Chinese cinema after Jackie Chan broke out of the mould to make a name for himself after the success of the kung-fu comedies Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow and Drunken Master. Yip Man. but the actors began establishing their own personalities. In May 2010 a book about Bruceploitation was published by Carl Jones.

"[2] Unfortunately. 1933–1936) Eleanor Norris (m. arguably. the American Film Institute ranked Keaton the 21st-greatest male star of all time.[3] In 1999. the greatest Civil War film ever made. his death) Joseph Frank "Buster" Keaton (October 4. director. However. Los Angeles. producer and writer. remarried and successfully revived his career to a degree as an honored comic performer for the rest of his life.[1] He was best known for his silent films. earning plaudits like an Academy Honorary Award in 1958."[4] . 1966) was an American comic actor. filmmaker. producer and writer 1898–1966 Jackie Chan. Buster Keaton (his lifelong stage name) was recognized as the seventh-greatest director of all time by Entertainment Weekly. 1895 – February 1. and perhaps the greatest film ever made. 1940-1966. Kansas. California. United States February 1. United States Died Cause of death Lung cancer Occupation Years active Influenced Spouse(s) Actor. 1966 (aged 70) Woodland Hills. Orson Welles stated that Keaton's The General is "the greatest comedy ever made.Buster Keaton 194 Buster Keaton Buster Keaton Born Joseph Frank Keaton October 4. earning him the nickname "The Great Stone Face". deadpan expression. his career declined afterward with a dispiriting loss of his artistic independence when he hired on to MGM which fueled a crippling alcoholism that ruined his family life. Donald O'Connor Natalie Talmadge (m. [when] he worked without interruption on a series of films that make him. he later recovered in the 1940s. Critic Roger Ebert wrote of Keaton's "extraordinary period from 1920 to 1929. in which his trademark was physical comedy with a [2] consistently stoic. 1895 Piqua. 1921–1932) Mae Scriven (m. the greatest actor-director in the history of the movies.

Several times I'd have been killed if I hadn't been able to land like a cat. After this. who disapproved of the parents' union. where Buster Keaton's career swiftly moved from vaudeville to film. "That was a real buster!" According to Keaton. but only attended for part of one day. Jr." with the overall act being advertised as "'The Roughest Act That Was Ever in the History of the Stage. Indiana. Myra Keaton (née Myra Edith Cutler). he served in World War I. A suitcase handle was sewn into Keaton's clothing to aid with the constant tossing. the word "buster" was used to refer to a spill or a fall that had the potential to produce injury. He was named "Joseph" to continue a tradition on his father's side—he was sixth in a line bearing the name Joseph Keaton[6]—and "Frank" for his maternal grandfather. The act evolved as Keaton learned to take trick falls safely. He was eventually billed as "The Little Boy Who Can't Be Damaged. into the orchestra pit. then pointed to the boy's mother. Buster Keaton was always able to show the authorities that he had no bruises or broken bones. "I don't know. Keaton was a rising star in the theater. Keaton stated that he learned to read and write late.[6] His father was Joseph Hallie "Joe" Keaton. Noticing that this drew fewer laughs from the audience.[12] Although he did not see active combat. Keaton retold the anecdote over the years. Buster Keaton was born in Piqua.[8] Keaton acquired the nickname "Buster" at about eighteen months of age. and The Navigator. The act was mainly a comedy sketch. including during a 1964 interview with the CBC's Telescope. Delaware. Houdini remarked. the stagehand. happened to go into labor. and occasionally. he adopted his famous deadpan expression whenever he was working. ask his wife!" According to one biographer.[10] so Keaton and his mother. when one official saw Keaton in full costume and makeup and asked a stagehand how old he was. This knockabout style of comedy led to accusations of child abuse. The young Keaton would goad his father by disobeying him. saying. Myra. during which time he suffered an ear infection that permanently impaired his hearing. Keaton changed his middle name to "Francis". Keaton began performing with his parents in The Three Keatons. in those days. Keaton said that he was never hurt by his father and that the falls and physical comedy were a matter of proper technical execution.[13][14] . his father's alcoholism threatened the reputation of the family act. Imitators of our act don't last long. After the infant sat up and shook off his experience. while Joe and Buster performed on center stage. he was rarely injured or bruised on stage. or even into the audience. Despite tangles with the law and a disastrous tour of music halls in the United Kingdom. Later. Joe Keaton owned a traveling show with Harry Houdini called the "Mohawk Indian Medicine Company". It's a knack. It is said that. because they can't stand the treatment. He first appeared on stage in 1899 in Wilmington.. aware of the situation with the Keatons. Kansas.[11] The act ran up against laws banning child performers in vaudeville. Myra played the saxophone to one side. which may be apocryphal. left for New York. the small town where his mother.[9] At the age of three.[7] According to a frequently-repeated story. a native of Vigo County. and the elder Keaton would respond by throwing him against the scenery. arrest.[5] 195 Early life in vaudeville Keaton was born Joseph Frank Keaton[6] into a vaudeville family. and was taught by his mother."[10] Decades later.Buster Keaton A 2002 worldwide poll by Sight & Sound ranked Keaton's The General as the 15th best film of all time. In 1914. it was Keaton's father who began to use the nickname to refer to the youngster. which performed on stage and sold patent medicine on the side. Three other Keaton films received votes in the magazine's survey: Our Hospitality. I started so young that landing right is second nature with me.[10] Keaton claimed he was having so much fun that he would sometimes begin laughing as his father threw him across the stage. Keaton told interviewer Fletcher Markle that Harry Houdini happened to be present one day when the young Keaton took a tumble down a long flight of stairs without injury. Sherlock. Keaton told the Detroit News: The secret is in landing limp and breaking the fall with a foot or a hand. However. By the time he was 21. Keaton was made to go to school while performing in New York.

[19] Aside from Steamboat Bill Jr. but the most ingenious gags were generally conceived by Keaton himself. (1924). even while noting it had a "few laughs". The Playhouse (1921). "All of us tried to steal each other's gagmen. Keaton later claimed that he was soon Arbuckle's second director and his entire gag department. Keaton's writers included Clyde Bruckman. the facade of a two-story building toppled forward on top of Keaton. Keaton met Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle at the Talmadge Studios in New York City. and The General (1927). and his career in the early sound era was hurt as a result. he asked to borrow one of the cameras to get a feel for how it worked. (1928). so vividly expressive of inner life. which had already been filmed once. Keaton and Arbuckle became close friends. by subtle inflections.[21] .."[17] Gilberto Perez describes "Keaton's genius as an actor to keep a face so nearly deadpan and yet render it."[18] Keaton even inspired full academic study. During the railroad water-tank scene in Sherlock Jr.[16] The film critic David Thomson later described Keaton's style of comedy: "Buster plainly is a man inclined towards a belief in nothing but mathematics and absurdity . During his first meeting with Arbuckle. United Artists. But we had no luck with Keaton. Employing picturesque locations. The General. in which Keaton had his first starring role in a full-length feature. required Keaton to run into the shot and stand still on a particular spot.. with merely a stare he can convey a wide range of emotions. Comedy director Leo McCarey. The stunt required precision. recalling the freewheeling days of making slapstick comedies. under the title "The Lamb" with Douglas Fairbanks playing the lead. Schenck. his first starring role being in The Saphead (1920). His large deep eyes are the most eloquent feature. because he thought up his best gags himself and we couldn't steal him!"[15] The more adventurous ideas called for dangerous stunts. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM). the film received mixed reviews at the time. asking for work. and Buster also had reservations about the medium. Joe Keaton disapproved of films. The sequence became one of the iconic images of Keaton's career. Buster Keaton Comedies. and the window only offered a few inches of space around Keaton's body. where Arbuckle was under contract to Joseph M. since the film was to have a comic slant. Joseph Mitchell and Jean Havez. insisted on a production manager who monitored expenses and interfered with certain story elements. set during the American Civil War. including an epic locomotive chase. He was hired as a co-star and gag man. Sherlock Jr. Fairbanks recommended Keaton to take up the role for the remake five years later.. and Keaton was never entrusted with total control over his films again. In 1920. After Keaton's successful work with Arbuckle. from puzzlement to sorrow. The New Henrietta. A scene from Steamboat Bill Jr. Though it would come to be regarded as Keaton's proudest achievement. Schenck gave him his own production unit. like a number that has always been searching for the right equation. performed by Keaton at great physical risk. It was too dramatic for some filmgoers expecting a lightweight comedy.Buster Keaton 196 Silent film era In February 1917.[20] It was an expensive misfire. because the prop house weighed two tons. said. Cops (1922). Keaton endured this treatment for two more feature films. It was based on a successful play. and then exchanged his independent setup for employment at Hollywood's biggest studio. Seven Chances (1925). including One Week (1920). With this rough understanding of the mechanics of the moving pictures. The Saphead was released. Keaton's loss of independence as a filmmaker coincided with the coming of sound films (although he was interested in making the transition) and mounting personal problems. The Cameraman (1928). making his first appearance in The Butcher Boy. from longing to mistrust. Keaton then moved to full-length features. Keaton's most enduring feature-length films include Our Hospitality (1923). combined physical comedy with Keaton's love of trains. His distributor. The Navigator (1924). he returned the next day. camera in hand. and reviewers questioned Keaton's judgment in making a comedic film about the Civil War. but he did not realize it until years afterward. He took the camera back to his hotel room. and The Electric House (1922). He made a series of two-reel comedies. Keaton's character emerged unscathed. Then. the film's storyline reenacted an actual wartime incident. thanks to a single open window which passed directly over him. Keaton broke his neck when a torrent of water fell on him from a water tower. Look at his face — as beautiful but as inhuman as a butterfly — and you see that utter failure to identify sentiment. dismantled and reassembled it.

Moviegoers and exhibitors welcomed Keaton's Columbia comedies. Keaton's Columbia shorts rank as the worst comedies he made. he and his fellow actors would shoot each scene three times: one in English. With Charlotte Greenwood in one of his first Educational Pictures Upon Keaton's return to Hollywood. and Keaton swore he would never again "make another crummy two-reeler. Keaton accepted an offer to make an independent film in Paris. he made a screen comeback in a series of 16 two-reel comedies for Educational Pictures. MGM tried teaming the laconic Keaton with the rambunctious Jimmy Durante in a series of films. The films proved popular. Speak Easily. but continued to perform and made some of his most financially successful films for the studio.Buster Keaton 197 Sound era and television Keaton signed with MGM in 1928. it was directed not by White but by Del Lord. The actors would phonetically memorize the foreign-language scripts a few lines at time and shoot immediately after. In 1934.[22] Columbia Pictures In 1939. This is discussed in the TCM documentary Buster Keaton: So Funny it Hurt. 1928. The Invader (released in America as An Old Spanish Custom in 1936). During this period. Columbia Pictures hired Keaton to star in ten two-reel comedies. The high point in the Educational series is Grand Slam Opera. whose emphasis on slapstick made most of these films resemble White's Three Stooges comedies. taken as a whole. Keaton was so depleted during the production of 1933's What! No Beer? that MGM fired him after the filming was complete. he was obliged to adhere to dialogue-laden scripts. with many of the gags supplied by Keaton himself. He realized too late that the studio system MGM represented would severely limit his creative input. Pest from the West. running for two years. both Keaton and Durante had cameo roles in It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World. Most of these are simple visual comedies. Keaton returned to MGM as a gag writer. (Thirty years later. Le Roi des Champs-Élysées. However. Keaton was forced to use a stunt double during some of the more "talkies". and providing material for Red Skelton. However. . MGM did allow Keaton to direct his last originally developed/written silent film The Cameraman. which was his first project under contract with MGM."[23] These Columbia films are his final starring series for any film studio. as a sound film and after the studio converted. an assessment he concurred with in his autobiography. He also helped and advised Lucille Ball in her comedic work in films and television. 1931s Parlor. He also stopped directing. Keaton's personal favorite was the series' debut entry.[23] The final entry was She's Oil Mine. The Passionate Plumber. the studio refused his request to make his early project. a business decision that he would later call the worst of his life. featuring Buster in his own screenplay as an amateur-hour contestant. For instance. tighter remake of Keaton's little-viewed 1935 feature The Invader. including the Marx Brothers films At the Circus (1939) and Go West (1940). When the series lapsed in 1937. a veteran director for Mack Sennett. one in Spanish. Spite Marriage. Bedroom and Bath dangerous scenes. a shorter. with Keaton complaining about having to shoot lousy films not just once. The director was usually Jules White. proving that the comedian had not lost his appeal. as MGM wanted badly to protect its investment. but three times. and What! No Beer? The latter would be Keaton's last starring feature.) In the first Keaton pictures with sound. despite the film being a resounding hit. he made one other film in Europe. and one in either French or German.

1950s and television In 1950. Jr. comedian Ed Wynn invited Keaton to appear on his CBS Television comedy-variety show. Keaton was given more screen time in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (1966). Mad. Sunset Boulevard (1950). Keaton also had a small bit part as Jimmy. which was televised live on the West Coast. Culpepper. With the exception of Seeing Stars. and held the awkward position in midair for a moment before crashing to the stage floor. which allowed the program to be broadcast nationwide. "I asked (Keaton) how he did all those falls. . a minor publicity film produced in 1922. In 1954. Mad World (1963). G. appearing near the end of the film It's A Mad." Keaton pretending to have his foot stuck in the railroad tracks of a train ride at Knott's Berry Farm in 1956 Unlike his contemporary Harold Lloyd. was fashioned from the series. Presents. Keaton said he canceled the filmed series himself because he was unable to create enough fresh material to produce a new show each week. which was broadcast live on a local Los Angeles station. About this time. abandoning Columbia for the less strenuous field of feature films. Keaton also appeared in a comedy routine about two inept stage musicians in Charlie Chaplin's Limelight (1952). Critics rediscovered Keaton in 1949 and producers occasionally hired him for bigger "prestige" pictures. I've Got a Secret host Garry Moore recalled. He had cameos in such films as In the Good Old Summertime (1949). Keaton had a successful television series. Captain C. In 1949. The Ed Wynn Show. 'I'll show you'. The Misadventures of Buster Keaton. Keaton also appeared on Ed Wynn's variety show. in which he propped one foot onto a table. was less well received. The appearance is all the more touching since it was Keaton's last public appearance. He opened his jacket and he was all bruised. So that's how he did it—it hurt—but you had to care enough not to care. Keaton played character roles in both "A" and "B" features. Keaton's periodic television appearances helped to revive interest in his silent films in the 1950s and 1960s. then swung the second foot up next to it.. At the age of 55. Throughout the 1940s. recalling the vaudeville of The Playhouse. in storing his police car in a shoreline garage. An attempt to recreate the first series on film as Life with Buster Keaton (1951). Mad. he successfully recreated one of the stunts of his youth. and now he was taking life a little easier. Keaton played his first television dramatic role in "The Awakening". and Around the World in Eighty Days (1956). Limelight was the only time in which the two would ever appear together on film. he also appeared on NBC's The Martha Raye Show. Kinescopes were made for distribution of the programs to other parts of the country since there was no transcontinental coaxial cable until September 1951. The Buster Keaton Show. He also appeared in the early television series Faye Emerson's Wonderful Town.Buster Keaton 198 1940s and feature films Keaton's personal life had stabilized with his 1940 marriage. Jimmy assisted Spencer Tracy's character. A theatrical feature film. and he said. who kept his films from being televised (and therefore became lesser known to today's audiences). an episode of the syndicated anthology series Douglas Fairbanks.

"Once Upon a Time". That same year." recalls in the book "The Fall of Buster Keaton" (2010. including a popular series of silent ads for Simon Pure Beer made in 1962 by Jim Mohr in Buffalo. The half hour program. When the tour landed in Los Angeles. single sheet. Now You Don't". then back. a gag first seen in his 1921 short The High Sign. by means of a special helmet. she fielded questions directed at her husband. The Lucy Show. He returned to the program in 1965 in the episode "Now You See It. and entertained them by singing vaudeville songs. he appeared on Lucille Ball's CBS television show. Keaton invited the entire cast and crew to a spaghetti party at his Woodland Hills home. which doubled for the Mississippi River setting of Twain's original book.[24] In December 1958. Keaton appeared with Joan Blondell and Joe E. Harvey Korman played a policeman in the scene. In 1964. 1957. I never saw anything like it before or since. Much of the film was shot on location on the Sacramento River." 199 episode. summarized Keaton's life and career up to that point. he starred in The Twilight Zone episode "Once Upon a Time". The 1958 episode has been included in the DVD release of Donna Reed's television programs. and during rehearsals. a successful Broadway musical. who traveled from 1890 to 1960. Keaton also found steady work as an actor in TV commercials. Keaton was a guest star as a hospital janitor who provides gifts to sick children in a special Christmas episode of The Donna Reed Show on ABC. which he gradually unfolded into a huge. reading a newspaper. according to Fritzi Burr. in an episode ("A Day in the Park") filmed in color but initially televised in black and white. Eleanor Keaton was cast in the chorus. The Greatest Show on Earth. November 1961.[27] In 1961. Keaton warmed up to the rest of the cast with his "utterly delicious sense of humor".[25] Actor Paul Peterson. Keaton played time traveler Mulligan. The program was titled "A Very Merry Christmas". creating difficulties in communication. In 1963. Keaton was surprised by Ralph Edwards for the weekly NBC program This Is Your Life.[28] . Scarecrow Press) that Keaton "put together an incredible physical skit. After a few days. His skills were amazing.Buster Keaton On April 3. starring Jack Palance. Keaton appeared in the episode "Think Mink" of ABC's Mr. In August 1960. starring Fess Parker. Keaton returned to MGM for the final time. which included both silent and sound sequences. Keaton accepted the role of mute King Sextimus the Silent in the national touring company of Once Upon A Mattress. which also promoted the release of the biographical film The Buster Keaton Story with Donald O'Connor. Brown in the final episode of ABC's circus drama. this featured him sitting on a park bench. who played opposite him as his wife Keaton as a time traveler in The Twilight Zone Queen Aggravaine. NY in which he revisited some of the gags from his silent film days. Smith Goes to Washington sitcom. playing a lion tamer in a 1960 adaptation of Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.[26] In 1960. a regular on "The Donna Reed Show.

Keaton's last film appearance was in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (1966) which was filmed in Spain in late 1965. expressing concerns for Keaton's health. James (1922–2007) and Robert (1924–2009)." Mason found numerous cans of previously . but after the birth of Robert. Brown in a The Railrodder was made in tandem with a behind-the-scenes 1962 episode of Route 66. Also in 1965. Keaton's "Italian Villa" can be seen in Keaton's film Parlor. he traveled to Italy to play a role in Due Marini e un Generale. "I took a lot of pratfalls to build that dump. As he had done in the past. Keaton suggested that.000 to build a 10. Her extravagance was another factor in the breakdown of the marriage. Keaton starred in a short film called The Railrodder for the National Film Board of Canada. Keaton was reunited with them about a decade later when his older son Keaton with family in 1922 turned 18.000-square-foot (930 m2) home in Beverly Hills. directed by Alan Schneider. taking his entire fortune and refusing to allow any contact between Keaton and his sons. She co-starred with Keaton in Our Hospitality.[30] According to Keaton's autobiography. Norm. whose last name she had changed to Talmadge.[31] After attempts at reconciliation. although Thames Television said [29] his increasingly ill health did force the use of a stunt double for some scenes. The couple had two sons. co-starring alongside with the famous Italian comedian duo of Franco Franchi and Ciccio Ingrassia. With the failure of his marriage. performing gags similar to those in films he made 50 years before. He played the central role in Samuel Beckett's Film (1965). Keaton married Natalie Talmadge. and the loss of his independence as a filmmaker. "I won't hurt myself. Keaton with fellow comedian Joe E. Wearing his traditional porkpie hat. The film is also notable for being Keaton's last silent screen performance. he dated actress Kathleen Key. Keaton also provided gags for the four AIP films in which he appeared.Buster Keaton At the age of 70. Bedroom and Bath. called Buster Keaton Rides Again. for his appearance in the 1965 film Sergeant Deadhead. the relationship began to suffer.[21] In 1926. When director Norman Taurog balked. documentary about Keaton's life and times. In 1965. He amazed the cast and crew by doing many of his own stunts. Keaton lapsed into a period of alcoholism. and sister of actresses Norma Talmadge and Constance Talmadge. he travelled from one end of Canada to the other on a motorized handcar. Natalie divorced Keaton in 1932. Natalie turned him out of their bedroom and hired detectives to follow him. he run past the end of a firehose into a six-foot-high flip and crash. 200 Personal life In 1921. sister-in-law of his boss. which was later owned by James Mason and Cary Grant. according to his autobiography. also made for the National Film Board. and How to Stuff a Wild Bikini). Keaton spent $300. During the 1920s. Pajama Party. Keaton later said. Joseph Schenck. Keaton said. I've done it for years!" Keaton also starred in three other films for American International Pictures (Beach Blanket Bingo.

Jacques Tati is described as "taking a page from Buster Keaton's [39] playbook. Among the discovered films was Keaton's long-lost classic The Boat. Keaton married Eleanor Norris (1918–1998). She has been credited with saving his life by stopping his heavy drinking. Between 1947 and 1954. The Buster Keaton Story. The 1987 documentary. Keaton escaped a straitjacket with tricks learned during his vaudeville days.[41] Hirschfeld said that modern film stars were more difficult to depict. he married his nurse. Keaton was awarded The George Eastman Award by George Eastman House for distinguished contribution to the art of film. Movie Star A 1957 film biography. She came to know his routines so well that she often participated in them on TV revivals. during an alcoholic binge about which he afterwards claimed to remember nothing (Keaton himself later called that period an "alcoholic blackout"). Scriven herself would later claim that she didn't know Keaton's real first name until after the marriage. Keaton thought that he was recovering from bronchitis.[33] Keaton was at one point briefly institutionalized. according to the TCM documentary So Funny it Hurt. Confined to a hospital during his final days." Buster Keaton. Eleanor Keaton died in 1998. who was 23 years his junior.[32] The house suffered approximately $10. died the same day. and helped to salvage his career. starred Donald O'Connor as Keaton. from emphysema and lung cancer. California.[35] In 1940. The singular event that triggered Mae filing for divorce in 1935 was her finding Keaton in flagrante delicto with the infamous Leah Clampitt Sewell on July 4 the same year in a hotel in Santa Barbara. and his wife and children escaped unharmed.[40] In 1994. his widow Eleanor told producers of Thames Television that Keaton was up out of bed and moving around. which won two Emmy Awards and was directed by Kevin Brownlow and David Gill. is considered a much more accurate telling of Keaton’s story. Mae Scriven. 1966. Buster Keaton: A Hard Act to Follow. was vaguely based on his life. he was never told that he was terminally ill or that he had cancer. and 6321 Hollywood Boulevard (for television).[37] His Speak Easily costar. [38] . by Sidney Sheldon (who also directed the film). Influence and legacy Keaton has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: 6619 Hollywood Boulevard (for motion pictures). in Woodland Hills. In 1933.Buster Keaton "lost" Keaton films in the house in the 1950s. but contained many factual errors and merged his three wives into one character. The screenplay.000 worth of damage from a fire in the nursery and dining room in 1931. that silent film comedians such as Laurel and Hardy and Keaton "looked like their caricatures". Keaton was not at home at the time. The marriage lasted until his death. aged 80. it was again at great financial cost to Keaton. the films were quickly transferred by Raymond Rohauer to safety film before the original cellulose nitrate prints further deteriorated. Hedda Hopper. desiring to return home. including Rudolph Valentino and Keaton.[36] Despite being diagnosed with cancer in January 1966.[34] When they divorced in 1936. staying at the home of Tom Mix until the following morning. they appeared regularly in the Cirque Medrano in Paris as a double act. 201 Death Keaton died of lung cancer on February 1. however. Most of the story centered on his drinking problem. and even played cards with friends who came to visit at their house the day before he died. Keaton was restless and paced the room endlessly. caricaturist Al Hirschfeld penned a series of silent film stars for the United States Post Office.[42] . aged 70. given In 1955. In a British television documentary about his career.

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Singapore and China.php?CISOROOT=/ sayrepublic&CISOPTR=928&CISO) (Univ. Mongkok.lib. The mission of the company is to help members live better through fitness.jsp?participantId=99741) at the TCM Movie Database • The International Buster Keaton Society (http://www. of Washington/Sayre collection) • Buster Keaton's Silent Shorts (1920-1923) by James L. Raffles . Tuen Mun Town Plaza.com) • Buster Keaton in Five Easy Clips (http://provocativepenguin. Orchard. California Fitness launched Hong Kong’s first human-powered exercise machines designed to power a gym building in 2007. The first California Fitness club was established in 1996 in the business district of Hong Kong near Lan Kwai Fong.busterkeaton.html) (includes rare images of BK smiling and laughing) • Buster Keaton as a child performer (http://content. Tsim Sha Tsui. there are 16 clubs in Hong Kong. Mongkok Pakpolee.Buster Keaton 205 External links • Buster Keaton (http://www. Megabox.com/ISBN/ 9780810887411) California Fitness California Fitness is a wholly owned subsidiary of 24 Hour Fitness Worldwide which has around 400 clubs serving more than three million members.com/2011/08/five-easy-clips-buster-keaton/) • Buster Keaton Photo Galleries (http://silentgents. Whampoa • Singapore (4) Bugis.com/participant/participant. Neibaur and Terri Niemi (https://rowman. Wan Chai.org/busterkeatonmuseum.htm) • Buster Keaton and the Muskegon Connection (http://www. Central.washington.com) • Buster Keaton Museum (http://kansastravel. Novena Square.com/name/nm36/) at the Internet Movie Database • Buster Keaton (http://tcmdb. Shanghai (Infiniti Plaza) • Hong Kong (10) Causeway Bay. Currently.com/PKeaton.edu/cdm4/item_viewer.[1] California Fitness Tsim Sha Tsui club Clubs • Mainland China (2) Beijing (The Place).imdb. Quarry Bay.actorscolony.

Most of its clubs have steam and sauna rooms and there is an outdoor swimming pool in one of its Hong Kong clubs. • The Thai and Korean chains were spun off into California WOW Xperience in early 2000s. Jackie Chan[2] and Yao Ming[3] . California WOW Xperience found itself entangled in a financial dispute and was sued in Thailand's Bankruptcy Court by Bangkok Bank Plc. filed complaints against the company in hopes of being refunded. California WOW Xperience California WOW Xperience (SET: CAWOW [5]). free weights. There were two California Fitness-Yao Ming Sport clubs in Mainland China which were re-branded as normal California Fitness in 2010. California WOW Xperience shut down seven of its eight Thailand branches. California Fitness partnered with two fitness superstars. to Unveil New Beijing Club 11 April 2007 [4] (http:/ / www. com/ news/ local/ 290566/ california-wow-faces-bankruptcy-suit) California WOW faces bankruptcy suit 26 April 2012 [7] (http:/ / www. a totally separate company. In 2012. californiafitness. com/ hk/ en/ node/ 589) World's Leading Health Club Company Appoints Basketball Superstar. com/ national/ Club-members-sign-complaints-30188899. services and facilities In addition to cardio and resistance equipment. In August 2008. Despite company changes. • Three former Malaysian clubs were acquired by Celebrity Fitness in 2009. com/ 2007/ 03/ 08/ human-powered-gyms-in-hong-kong/ ) Inhabitat » Human-powered gyms in Hong Kong 8 March 2007 [2] (http:/ / www.California Fitness Beginning in 2005. many of whom found themselves unable to travel to California WOW Xperience's single remaining Thailand branch to make use of longterm or lifetime memberships. which sought the repayment of a 72 million baht loan including 4 million [6] baht in interest. com/ hk/ en/ node/ 28088) California Fitness Refocuses on Key Markets in Asia 29 September 2010 [5] http:/ / www. do?symbol=cawow [6] (http:/ / www. Yao Ming. html) Club members sign complaints 23 August 2012 . th/ set/ companyprofile. group exercise studios. was established when Thailand and Korea locations were spun off from California Fitness in early 2000s. more than 200 members. californiafitness. com/ hk/ en/ node/ 539) Winning Partnership – Jackie Chan Teams Up with California Fitness to open New Blockbuster Signature Health Clubs 15 March 2005 [3] (http:/ / www.[4] 206 Products. there are a total of four California Fitness-Jackie Chan Sport clubs in Asia (two in Hong Kong and two in Singapore). or. to create signature clubs in the region. cross-membership agreements between California WOW Xperience and California Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness were terminated. bangkokpost. The company faced much criticism for continuing to sign up customers at the various branches until their date of closing. The Foundation for Consumers along with 100 former customers have filed a lawsuit against California WOW Xperience which is now awaiting a court order. As a result. with the California Fitness founder Eric Levine as the CEO. all California Fitness clubs have free internet access (wifi or in-club kiosks). In August 2012. California WOW Xperience is still frequently confused with California Fitness. Currently. • Six former Taiwan clubs were acquired by World Gym in September 2010.[7] References [1] (http:/ / inhabitat. californiafitness. nationmultimedia. set.

Connie Chan Po-chu is generally considered to be Hong Kong's first teen idol. Cheng Kuan-min (鄭 君 綿). Hong Kong remains the most significant hub of the genre. rhythm and blues. Indonesia. Western culture was at the time equated with education and sophistication. . Cantonese music in Hong Kong was still limited largely to traditional Cantonese opera and comic renditions of western music. electronic music. Tang Kee-chan (鄧 寄 塵). Hong Kong. The baby boomer generation at the time preferred British and American exports. It is sometimes referred to as HK-pop. as well as Mandarin music. and was possibly the first Chinese pop star. Cantopop draws its influence not only from other forms of Chinese music. Josephine Siao is also another artist of the era. one of the first actions taken by the government was to denounce pop music as pornography.com/) Cantopop Cantopop (Chinese: 粵 語 流 行 音 樂) is a colloquialism for "Cantonese popular music". Cheng Kum-cheung and Chan Chai-chung (陳 齊 頌) were two popular Cantonese singers who specifically targeted the younger generation. It is categorized as a subgenre of Chinese popular music within C-pop. mostly due to her career longevity. Boasting a multinational fanbase especially in Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia. those who preferred Cantonese music were considered old-fashioned or uneducated. In 1949 when the People's Republic of China was established by the Communist Party.[2] Beginning in the 1950s. and in the Guangdong province of mainland China. rock and roll. and Tam Ping-man (譚 炳 文) were among the earliest artists releasing Cantonese records.[2] 1960s: Cultural acceptance By the 1960s. but from international styles. Johnny Mathis and The Beatles were popular. Singapore.[2] Conversely. short for "Hong Kong popular music". massive waves of immigrants fled Shanghai to destinations like North Point in Hong Kong. specifically to Shanghai. including jazz. Thailand. Western pop music and others. Cantopop songs are almost invariably performed in Cantonese.[1] History 1920s: Shanghai origins Western-influenced music first came to the Republic of China in the 1920s.California Fitness 207 External links China.[4] and Elvis. Singapore • California Fitness (http://www. many first generation Cantopop artists and composers hail from Shanghai.[3] As a result.[2] Artists like Zhou Xuan (周 璇) acted in films and recorded popular songs.californiafitness.

Cantopop stars such as Anita Mui. The industry used Cantopop songs in TV dramas and movies. Sally Yeh.Cantopop 208 1970s: Rise of television and the modern industry Local bands mimicked British and American bands. and coverage in magazines. and Danny Chan quickly became household names. a minor singer who had never sung Cantopop before. was invited to sing the first Cantonese TV theme song "The Yuanfen of a Wedding that Cries and Laughs" (啼 笑 姻 緣). with some of the biggest soundtracks coming from films such as A Better Tomorrow. Priscilla Chan. Three of the most famous TV soap opera singers were Jenny Tseng.[2] Other groups that profited from TV promotion included the Four Golden Flowers. As Cantopop gained large followings in Chinese communities worldwide. She achieved commercial success with her original Cantonese Hits under the Polygram Label in the early 1980s. This song was a collaboration between songwriters Yip Siu-dak (葉 紹 德) and the legendary Joseph Koo. Priscilla Chan.[7] . It was ground-breaking and topped local charts. signed onto Polydor in 1972. 1990s: Four Heavenly Kings era In the early 1990s. Leslie Cheung. Hong Kong entrepreneurs' ingenious use of the then new Laserdisc technology prompted yet another explosion in the market. namely Jacky Cheung. During the late 1990s. Andy Lau. 1980s: Beginning of the Golden Age During the 1980s. Jenny Tseng was a notable addition from Macau. the Cantopop stars Alan Tam. Notable singers from the era include Liza Wang and Paula Tsui. Liza Wang and Adam Cheng. The sovereignty handover created a culturally challenging atmosphere for the industry. producers and record companies working in harmony. Cantopop soared to great heights with artists. Leslie Cheung. also starring Hui. Two types of local Cantonese music appeared in the market nearly concurrently in 1973: one type cashed in on the popularity of TVB's drama series based on the more traditional lyrical styles. Sally Yeh.[2] Around 1971. Samuel Hui. Sponsors and record companies became comfortable with the idea of lucrative contracts and million-dollar signings. TV. Sandra Lang. Establishment of Basic Law and language ordinances made the adoption of Mandarin official. Polydor became PolyGram in 1978. the lead singer of the band Lotus formed in the late 1960s. Sandy Lam. The star of TV theme tunes was Roman Tam. and popular Cantonese songs became TV theme songs. There are also Japanese songs with Cantonese lyrics. the songwriter Joseph Koo.[2] The Wynners and George Lam also amassed a big fan base with their new style. The other was more western style music largely from Polydor Hong Kong. The most successful Chinese female recording artist. advertisements and cinema. Shirley Kwan also made her mark with 難 得 有 情 人 . The song that made him famous was the theme song to the movie Games Gamblers Play. and others either retired or lessened their activity. Aaron Kwok and Leon Lai dominated music. Samuel Hui continued to dominate the charts and won the Centennial Best Sales Award in the first and second IFPI Gold Disc Presentations twice in a row in 1977 and 1978. Sandy Lam. "Queen of Mandarin songs" Teresa Teng also crossed over to Cantopop. Chan left Hong Kong to pursue her studies at Syracuse University while the rest left Hong Kong amid the uncertainty surrounding the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989. Samuel Hui. Alan Tam. the "Four Heavenly Kings" (四 大 天 王). Soap operas were needed to fill TV air time. Sammi Cheng and Faye Wong emerged as contenders.[5][6] New talents such as Beyond.

Some of the successful performers of the era are G. Ivana Wong. Twins at the height of the group's popularity In 2005 Cantopop began a new upswing. accompanied by piano.[11] and The Guardian. The largest was the Edison Chen photo scandal involving Edison Chen and high-profile female celebrities like Gillian Chung. drum set. Kenny Kwan and Renee Li. Mag Lam. C AllStar and Khalil Fong. but has become part of a larger Pan-Chinese music movement. Gold Label). Janice Vidal. The scandal garnered the attention of international media including CNN[10] and MSNBC. Some of the most successful performers of the era include Joey Yung. Practically all early Cantopop songs feature a descending bassline. Leo Ku. Sunboy'z. sometimes with a band.Cantopop 209 2000s At the turn of the century. and bass guitar. Alfred Hui. Cantonese was still dominant in the domain of C-pop. Bobo Chan and Cecilia Cheung caught in sexual acts with explicit photos uploaded online. synthesizer. East Asia Entertainment and Amusic and Emperor Entertainment Group.[9] A number of incidents also took place. Miriam Yeung. The musicians soon gave up traditional Chinese musical instruments like zheng and erhu fiddle in favor of western style arrangements. Mr..M. Record of the Year. Other events include the street fight between Gary Chaw and Justin Lo. Twins. The decade has also been dubbed a People's singer era (親 民 歌 星). Soler.E. guitar.[12] The scandal raised a number of questions regarding legal issues and netizen's online rights that went far beyond the usual music discussion. the 11 JSG award was again controversial since one of the biggest awards. As a result Cantopop is no longer restricted to Hong Kong. was handed to Raymond Lam with his unpopular song “Chok”. and Rubberband. Kary Ng. This is as opposed to the 1990s and previous era Big-card singers (大 牌 歌 星). . Sugar Club. Hotcha. Eason Chan. as most performers promote frequently in public. Major companies that drove much of the HK segment included Gold Typhoon Music Entertainment (EMI.[13] As well as Jill Vidal and Kelvin Kwan drug-trafficking to Japan. In January 2012.[8] The deaths of stars Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui in 2003 rocked the industry. The new era also saw an explosion of bands such as at17. A transitional phase also took place with many overseas-raised Chinese artists such as Nicholas Tse and Coco Lee gaining recognition. Characteristics Instruments and setups Early Cantopop was developed from cantonese opera music hybridized with western pop. Universal Music Group. Many artists later ended up going solo such as Stephy Tang. The case was reportedly solved in early 2012 though. who were impossible to approach. Cantopop songs are usually sung by one singer.[14] 2010s The first major award of the decade 09 JSG award was a highly controversial one with the on-going HKRIA tax case. They are composed under verse-chorus form and are generally monophonic.

They immediately expand to the Mandarin market once their fame is established. 2. and "Can't afford" (負 擔 不 起 ) by Jade Kwan were originally composed outside of Hong Kong. according to some reports. Songs written in this style are usually reserved for TV shows about ancient China. The last word of every phrase ends with '–oeng'. The following is an example from the song "Impression" (印 象) by Samuel Hui. those that followed have more stock phrases for reference. By definition hybrids are still considered Cantonese songs due to Cantonese lyrics. as one piece of news could make or break a future. Industry Cantopop stars Usually talent is secondary to the success of a Cantopop singer in Hong Kong. Outside of the music sales. Modern Chinese lyrics The second type is less formal. Relatively few Cantopop songs use truly colloquial Cantonese terms. though some big names like Roman Tam stayed true to traditional techniques. Most songs share an overriding characteristic. Historically the practice is done for business reasons of filling up albums and re-capitalizing on songs with a proven record. Matching Cantonese lyrics to Western music was particularly difficult because the Western musical scale has 12 semi-tones. 4. their success can also be gauged by their income. as it is one of the characteristic of mainstream music similarly mirrored in the United States and Japan. For example Yumiko Cheng owed her company thousands of dollars. Chinese cover versions of many Western music and Japanese traditional and pop compositions have been made. For example. 4. In the past. Songs like "Tomorrow sounds like today" (明 日 話 今 天) by Jenny Tseng. "Life to seek" (一 生 何 求) by Danny Chan. Most of the time. Classical Chinese lyrics The first type is the poetic lyrics written in literary or classical Wenyan Chinese. Others include . hence pure Cantopop stars are almost nonexistent. Lyrics Romanized in Jyutping seoi4 ling6 ngo5 dong1 maan5 geoi2 zi2 sat1 soeng4 naan4 zi6 gam1 mong6 gwan1 nei5 nang4 gin3 loeng6 daan6 gok3 maan6 fan1 gan2 zoeng1 gaai1 jan1 gan1 nei5 jyu6 soeng5 seoi4 ling6 ngo5 dat6 jin4 cung1 mun5 waan6 soeng2 Covers of foreign compositions Since the 1970s. and fewer songs contain lyrics. and many albums glory themselves as "cover-free". Sammi Cheng earned HK$46M (around US$6M) from advertisement and merchandise endorsements in one month alone. The word carries a different meaning when sung in a different relative pitch. though the rights borrowed varies country to country. Publicity is vital to an idol's career. TV shows filmed under modern contexts will utilize songs written with these lyrics. James Wong and Lo Kwok Jim. increasing numbers of singers have departed from this tradition. 3. Since the 1980s.Cantopop 210 Lyrics Cantonese is a pitch sensitive tonal language. Cantopop maintained the Cantonese Opera tradition of matching the musical notes with tones of the language. 2. 誰令我當 晚舉止失常 難自禁望君你 能見諒 但覺萬分緊張皆因 跟你 遇上 誰令我突然充滿幻想 1. Through the work of pioneers like Sam Hui.[15] Many artists however begin with financial hardships. Chinese original lyrics 1. Almost all modern Cantopop stars go into the movie business regardless of their ability to act. The lyrics written in colloquial Cantonese make up the majority with compositions done in modern written Chinese. Many critics disapprove this practice of covering foreign music as lack of originality. the image sells the albums. 3. in which every last word of a phrase is rhymed. "Snowing" (飄 雪) by Priscilla Chan.

there was a shortage of creative talent due to the rising demand for Chinese songs. since most stars tend to sing songs with similar topics with emphasis on "maudlin love ballads". Wing Hang Records (永 恆). market power soon drifted to the multi-national labels. EMI. Sony. there are still many sideline musicians like Beyond (who emerged from the "band fever" of the 1960s) and Tat Ming Pair whose songs reflect the darker. Renowned legendary lyricist Wong Jim wrote his 2003 thesis on the subject. Cantopop featured many songs edited or inspired by English or Cantonese opera songs. China and Taiwan had nurtured their own local industries posing serious competition to Cantopop. Local record companies such as Crown Records (娛 樂 唱 片). Artists Male This list is incomplete. which persisted during the 1980s golden era. less-expressed side of society.[18] One critic portrays the Cantopop industry in this period as "favoring smiling saccharine pap over actual substance" while Chinese academic Stephen Cheung described Cantopop as 'the worst thing to have come out of China since the plague'. Sales are tracked at the IFPI HK Annual Sales Chart. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Albert Au Kenny Bee Danny Chan Daniel Chan Eason Chan Jackie Chan Jaycee Chan Jordan Chan Jason Chan Sammul Chan William Chan Pak Ho Chau Edison Chen • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Adam Cheng Ekin Cheng Kevin Cheng Ronald Cheng Hins Cheung Julian Cheung Ryan Lau Alfred Hui Jacky Cheung Leslie Cheung Louis Koo Louis Cheung Benji Chiang Endy Chow Alex Fong Khalil Fong • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Andy Hui Ken Hung Kelvin Kwan Kenny Kwan Leo Ku Aaron Kwok Roger Kwok Leon Lai Bowie Lam Chet Lam George Lam Jan Lamb Andy Lau • • • • • • • • • • • • Wilfred Lau Gene Lee Hacken Lee Tony Leung Don Li Gallen Lo Justin Lo Lowell Lo Douglas Low Juno Mak Dennis Mak Pong Nan Deep Ng • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Ron Ng Edwin Siu William So Alan Tam Roman Tam Patrick Tang Alex To Nicholas Tse Wong Cho Lam Deric Wan Dave Wang Philip Wei Xiong Chris Wong Paul Wong Bosco Wong Anthony Wong James Wong • • • • • Charles Ying Shawn Yue Samuel Hui Yip Sai Wing MC Jin Edmond Leung • Michael Kwan • Wakin (Emil) Chau • Steven Cheung • Raymond Lam • . Manchi Records (文 志) and Capital Artists in the past have become successful local labels. Warner and BMG were established in Hong Kong since the 1970s.[19] However.[17] Criticism Unoriginality Cantopop has been criticised as being bland and unoriginal. meanwhile. As TV drama themes lost favor in the mid-1980s. In the late 1990s.[16] 211 Labels PolyGram.Cantopop Elanne Kong crying in public with only HK$58 left. Even in its early form.

E.Cantopop 212 Female This list is incomplete. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Bobo Chan Connie Chan Chelsia Chan Flora Chan Kit Chan Priscilla Chan Vincy Chan Kelly Chen Joyce Cheng Sammi Cheng Yumiko Cheng Cecilia Cheung Teresa Cheung Lesley Chiang Mandy Chiang Maggie Fu • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Charlene Choi Gillian Chung • • Grace Ip Elanne Kong Ella Koon Kellyjackie Jade Kwan Shirley Kwan Susanna Kwan Gigi Lai Vivian Lai Mag Lam Sandy Lam Winnie Lau Coco Lee Eunix Lee • • • • • • • • • • • • • Tiffany Lee Cathy Leung Gigi Leung Toby Leung Rain Li Candy Lo Mimi Lo Karen Morris Anita Mui Kary Ng Yan Ng Cass Phang • • • • • • • • • • • • • Fiona Sit June Tang Stephy Tang Vangie Tang Teresa Teng Kay Tse Jenny Tseng Kate Tsui Paula Tsui Janice Vidal Jill Vidal Liza Wang Emme Wong Faye Wong • • • • • • • • • • • Ivana Wong Linda Wong Bianca Wu Myolie Wu Sally Yeh Charlie Yeung Miriam Yeung Frances Yip Veronica Yip Joey Yung Ivana Wong AMA Huen Ning Isabella Leong • Rachelle Chung • Sherman Chung • Linda Chung Niki Chow Vivian Chow Renee Dai Theresa Fu Fiona Fung G. Cherry Ho Denise Ho Paisley Hu Deanie Ip • • • • • • • • • • • Prudence Liew • Jessica Hsuan • Stephanie Cheng • Annabelle Louie • Bands • • • • • • • • • • • • 2R 4ando(son) AMK At17 Benji and Lesley Beyond Bliss Dear Jane Dry E-Kids Echo EO2 • • • • • • • • • • • Grasshopper kolor Krusty I Love You Boy'z The Jade Band LMF Mister (Mr) MP4 Online Ping Pung PixelToy • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Purple Nine Raidas Rubberband Royals Shine Sky Softhard SohBim Soler Square Swing tonick Tai Chi Tat Ming Pair • • • • • • • • The Pancakes The Raiders The Wynners VEGA YLK Organization Zarahn Zzzsh Zen • 24 Herbs Major awards .M.

95. and Internet live streaming (channel 2) 1480AM when it is not doing the news and talkshows 1450 AM 1430 AM 1400 AM 1320 AM 1470 AM.1 FM 1430 AM.3 FM and internet stream media 90.9 FM 94.9 FM. 96.3 FM. 96.3 FM 94.4 FM. 99.0 FM.Cantopop 213 Award IFPI Gold Disc Presentation Year started 1977 Origin Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong RTHK Top 10 Gold Songs Awards 1978 Jade Solid Gold Top 10 Awards CASH Golden Sail Awards Ultimate Songs Awards Metro Hit Music Awards 1983 1987 1988 1994 A record chart which includes all genres of C-pop is the Global Chinese Pop Chart. 96. 95.7 FM .7 FM 93.9 FM.6 FM. (proprietary receivers) (proprietary receivers) Frequencies and Platform . Cantopop radio stations Station CRHK Radio 2 RTHK Radio 2 Chinese Radio New York WNWR KEST KMRB KVTO CHMB Fairchild Radio Fairchild Radio Fairchild Radio Music FM Radio Guangdong SYN FM 2AC 澳 洲 華 人 電 台 2CR Location Hong Kong Hong Kong New York Philadelphia San Francisco Los Angeles San Francisco Vancouver Vancouver Toronto Calgary Guangdong Melbourne Sydney Sydney Melbourne 90. 88. 96. 96.8 FM.3 FM.Cantopop show as part of Asian Pop Night.

Media in China: Consumption. [7] "Action Plan to Raise Language Standards in Hong Kong" (http:/ / cd1. htm). and more. com/ video/ #/ video/ world/ 2008/ 02/ 05/ lustout. The rise and decline of Cantopop : a study of Hong Kong popular music (1949-1997)/粵 語 流 行 曲 的 發 展 與 興 衰 : 香 港 流 行 音 樂 研 究 (1949-1997) (http:/ / prdlaarchive. ISBN 0-7007-1614-9. lovehkfilm. [6] 163. on.com/viewthread-3694. html) • Hong Kong Vintage Pop Radio (http://www. • Pop Saves Hong Kong. ISBN 988-98673-1-1 [2] Broughton. com/ archive/ 2008/ 02/ 14/ 665099. php?langsel=0& catid=3& rkey=salesaward& awardyear=2006). ISBN Volume One 962-7283-59-2 [5] Xinhuanet. Retrieved on 2010-01-03.com (http:/ / ent. hkedcity.cc (http:/ / orientaldaily. hk/ record/ 281511?ln=es) [19] Lovehkfilm. " Anhui news." International Federation of Phonographic Industry. thestandard. Rough Guides Publishing Company.com) • www. html). hku.hp.cc. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press. . Streets: Exploring Hong Kong Island.com. [2004] (2004) Business Guide to the Greater Pearl River Delta. photos. Keane.fightclub.htm) Disc index • Come back to love (http://comebacktolove. Msnbc.net/newVersion/pages/popshk. " IFPIHK (http:/ / www. [17] IFPI HK Annual Sales Chart. 2008-02-05. " Xinhuanet.Cantopop 214 References [1] China Briefing Media. video shows. htm).infoseek. [14] "Prison break as Wei Si admits heroin charge" (http:/ / www.tofu-magazine. emb. anhuinews. [18] Wong. big5. "China riveted by stolen sex photos of Hong Kong stars" (http:/ / www. (http://www. hk/ breaking_news_detail. Content and Crisis.com) blog • Lee HC's 黑 膠 樂 園 (http://www. co. Standing Committee on Language Education and Research. Ellingham.com.Volume One. 2008-02-14. Retrieved on 2010-12-27." 是 星 就 不 愁 沒 錢 鄭 秀 文 一 個 月 賺1022萬. com. net/ cd/ scolar/ html/ finalreport_en. uk/ world/ 2008/ feb/ 13/ china. " 163. cc/ cnt/ news/ 20090924/ 00174_001. Retrieved 2008-02-11. Hong Kong: Text Form Asia books Ltd. Routledge Mass media policy. cnn.html) .hkvpradio. Simon. com/ article/ 080927/ 4/ 8fzi. news. [First published 1987] (republished & reduced 2003). providing lyrics. aspx). Richard.com.c-pop. ISBN 962-209-563-1. London: The Guardian.on.blogspot. com/ jdwt/ 2007-05/ 29/ content_10156535.com (http:/ / www. com/ reviews_2/ heavenly_kings.com.on. [11] "Sex scandal rocks Hong Kong" (http:/ / worldblog.hkmusic. " Yahoo. msn. Trillo.net/) .hkmusic. [4] Wiltshire. Retrieved on 2007-04-07. Mark. pg 113 [9] 星 星 同 學 會 episode 3 [10] "Celebrity Sex Scandal" (http:/ / edition. Yin." 四 大 天 王. Retrieved on 2010-12-27. lib.com (http:/ / hk. [15] Anhui news.pk/text/t-45118-p-1.mysongspage. [13] Orientaldaily. Jonathan (2008-02-13). [2002] (2002).com. in Tofu Magazine #2 (http://www.cn: Cantopop song listings (in chinese) (http://www. asp?id=13906). org/ www/ public/ dcm/ dis_dcmcontent." 側 田 曹 格 肉 搏 街 頭. Hong. yahoo.com (http:/ / entertainment.html) article • [音 乐 评 论][粤 语 流 行 四 十 年] (http://web. xinhuanet. " Orientaldaily. msnbc. lyrics and chords for Cantonese. sex. ISBN 1-85828-636-0 [3] Wordie. 24 April 2009. ifpihk. . Central. hong. a satire of the industry starring Daniel Wu External links • C-Pop Fantasie (http://www. kong.cn) • www. Trea. [16] Yahoo. Jason (2002). Old Hong Kong .com (http:/ / www. . mysongspage. [8] Donald. Retrieved on 2010-01-02. gs. shtml). Michael.com/LPCollec.htm) Disc index • 香 港 樂 壇25年 的 發 展 (http://ent." 四 大 天 王. English & Mandarin songs.vinylparadise. Retrieved 2008-02-15. pdf). cnn)." 鄭 希 怡 : 江 若 琳 得$58不 慘. html). com/ edit/ 020111/ 020111_111393. com)'s review of Heavenly Kings (http:/ / www. CNN. China Briefing Media Ltd.jp/5080.e077. [2000] (2000) World Music: The Rough Guide.co. html). downloads.com) • 香 港 50-80年 代 粵 語 流 行 曲 唱 片 目 錄 (http://robokon1234567. The Standard. .Online resource for c-pop. Retrieved on 2007-02-25. 163. Retrieved 2008-02-15. guardian. lovehkfilm. Stephanie. Retrieved on 2010-01-02.com. news). [12] Watts. com/ system/ 2003/ 02/ 18/ 000247633. James.

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org/w/index. Nethac DIU.0 Unported  Contributors: Neo-Jay File:Donation box for earthquake victims.wikipedia.php?title=File:Flag_of_Hong_Kong.org/w/index.php?title=File:Arnold_Schwarzenegger_edit(ws).svg  Source: http://en.wikipedia.php?title=File:SichuanEarthquake1.php?title=File:Flag_of_Austria.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3..JPG  Source: http://en.pdf  License: Public Domain  Contributors: USGS Image:USGS map at 30 deg N lat.gif  License: Public Domain  Contributors: United States Geological Survey File:2008 Sichuan Earthquake aftershockes through May 28.0.wikipedia.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Drawn by User:SKopp.wikipedia.org/w/index.org/w/index. Denelson83.jpg  Source: http://en.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Drawn by User:Pumbaa80.php?title=File:SchwarzeneggerJan2010.theora.ogv  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.org/w/index.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=File:Flag_of_Pakistan._2008-05-19_(Cropped). Rocket000.org/w/index.php?title=File:R0013449.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Connormah.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: User:SKopp File:Arnold Schwarzenegger and Karyn Marshall. Bestalex. Shizhao.org/w/index.org/w/index.wikipedia.JPG  Source: http://en.org/w/index. Kibinsky. Abner1069. Mifter File:Flag of Pakistan. Mattes. Federal Government.5  Contributors: Steve Fauer. Licenses and Contributors File:Jackie Chan by Gage Skidmore.php?title=File:Flag_of_the_Republic_of_China.0  Contributors: Georges Biard File:Jackie Chan star in Hollywood.wikipedia.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3. Neq00.org/w/index.Tiananmen Square. Gzdavidwong.wikipedia. Licenses and Contributors 221 Image Sources.wikipedia.Image Sources.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Lưu Ly vẽ lại theo nguồn trên File:Flag of Thailand. Wladyslaw (Cropped) .php?title=File:Jackie_Chan_by_Gage_Skidmore. Müller.org/w/index.2.php?title=File:Flag_of_India. photographer File:Arnold Schwarzenegger edit(ws).php?title=File:Collapsed_Building_in_Dujiangyan_-_2008_Sichuan_earthquake.php?title=File:Flag_of_Thailand.0  Contributors: 人 神 之 间 Image:Sichuan earthquake wenchuan.wikipedia.ogv  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Arnold_Schwarzenegger_and_Karyn_Marshall.org/w/index.0  Contributors: Tony Shek File:Jackie meets hu jintao and Obama.JPG  Source: http://en. Mirithing.svg  Source: http://en. Zscout370. Isletakee.wikipedia. R.php?title=File:May12_2008_Sichuan.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: PhiLiP File:Flag of Vietnam. Gnosygnu. 75 anonymous edits File:Flag of Mongolia.org/w/index.gif  Source: http://en.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.org Image:Collapsed Building in Dujiangyan .jpg  Source: http://en.wikipedia.JPG  Source: http://en.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Designed by Chinese languageChinese: zh:何 弢 File:Flag of Macau. A-ma Temple.php?title=File:Arnold_Schwarzenegger_Signature._105_deg_E_long_(2008-05-18). Shanmugamp7.wikipedia. Arnold Schwarzenegger File:Loudspeaker.php?title=File:Flag_of_Nepal. Frank C.JPG  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.jpg  Source: http://en.org/w/index. ZooFari.php?title=File:Donation_box_for_earthquake_victims.org/w/index. Iamunknown.php?title=File:Flag_of_Vietnam. China earthquake shake map.wikipedia. Rkt2312. 2008-05-19 (Cropped).svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Bayo.php?title=File:2008_Sichuan_Earthquake_aftershockes_through_May_28.org/w/index.org/w/index.JPG  License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0  Contributors: John Hill File:SichuanEarthquake1.1.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: User:SKopp File:Flag of Nepal.php?title=File:Reagan+Schwarzenegger1984. Samwingkit.php?title=File:Flag_of_Mongolia. Nickpo.wikipedia.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.php?title=File:Sichuan_earthquake_jundao.jpg  Source: http://en. Husky.php?title=File:Jackie_Chan_star_in_Hollywood. 105 deg E long (2008-05-18).wikipedia. Zscout370 File:Chengdu on May 12 night.jpg  Source: http://en.svg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.wikipedia.svg  Source: http://en.svg  Source: http://en. Kakoui. Ed veg. The Evil IP address.wikipedia. Rocket000. Herbythyme.(code).wikipedia.jpg  Source: http://en.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Anomie. Bigmorr.wikipedia.O.php?title=File:Sichuan_earthquake_wenchuan.php?title=File:Flag_of_the_People's_Republic_of_China.org/w/index.php?title=File:Flag_of_Russia.0  Contributors: User:Juneglp Image:Sichuanearthquake Jiangyou pic9.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: User:Zscout370 File:Flag of Russia.wikipedia.5.org/w/index.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Jackie_meets_hu_jintao_and_Obama.php?title=File:ADBC_Branch_in_BeiChuan_after_earthquake. Kallerna.wikipedia.php?title=File:Chengdu_on_May_12_night. Beijing.0  Contributors: AlexHe34 Image:May12 2008 Sichuan. Reuvenk.php?title=File:Flag_of_Macau.jpg  Source: http://en.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: 555.svg  Source: http://en. Nightstallion.org/w/index.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: White House Photographer Michael Arthur Worden Evans UNIQ-ref-0-d24886b2b6831f2f-QINU (1944–2005) File:Flag of Austria.0  Contributors: AlexHe34 Image:ADBC Branch in BeiChuan after earthquake.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.wikipedia.0  Contributors: asiu1990 File:Jackie Chan TIFF 2005.org/w/index.php?title=File:Loudspeaker.svg  Source: http://en.C.0  Contributors: Gage Skidmore File:Jackie Chan Cannes. Tabasco..0 Unported  Contributors: Miniwiki File:Miaoziping Bridge damaged in 2008 earthquake. Mizunoryu. Myself488.svg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.org/w/index.svg  Source: http://en.wikipedia. redrawn by User:Denelson83 and User:Zscout370 Recode by cs:User:-xfi.php?title=File:Miaoziping_Bridge_damaged_in_2008_earthquake.wikipedia.wikipedia.pdf  Source: http://en. Macao May.org/w/index.JPG  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Courtesy of Miniwiki.0  Contributors: old bacon Image:R0013449.0  Contributors: User:Hezhenjie File:Flag of the People's Republic of China.org/w/index.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: USGS Image:Sichuan earthquake jundao.0  Contributors: old bacon Image:Sichuan earthquake save.php?title=File:Jackie_Chan_Cannes.org Image:Smashed Car in Dujiangyan .JPG  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: U. User:Shizhao (colors) Image:Map of epicenter of may 12 2008 earthquake in sichuan province china.wikipedia.org/w/index._A-ma_Temple.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Anomie.wikipedia.org/w/index.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0  Contributors: Bob Doran File:Arnold Schwarzenegger Signature.JPG  Source: http://en.2. Sasha Krotov.wikipedia._2008.org/w/index.org/w/index.org/w/index.JPG  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Courtesy of Miniwiki.svg  Source: http://en. Runningfridgesrule.org/w/index.org/w/index.svg  Source: http://en.wikipedia.svg  Source: http://en. Odder.org/w/index. 2008.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.php?title=File:Flag_of_Bangladesh.2008 Sichuan earthquake.org/w/index.wikipedia.png  Source: http://en.org/w/index.org/w/index.wikipedia.php?title=File:Jackie_Chan_TIFF_2005.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.php?title=File:National_mourning_for_2008_Sichuan_earthquake_victims_-_Tiananmen_Square.php?title=File:Sichuan_earthquake_save.0  Contributors: Archey Firefly file:SchwarzeneggerJan2010.wikipedia.org/w/index.jpg  Source: http://en. Pymouss.wikipedia.S.wikipedia.JPG  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Courtesy of Miniwiki.wikipedia. Wouterhagens.org Image:National mourning for 2008 Sichuan earthquake victims ._Beijing. 23 anonymous edits File:Reagan+Schwarzenegger1984.jpg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Zscout370 File:Flag of the Republic of China. Gmaxwell.png  License: Public Domain  Contributors: USGS File:Flag of Hong Kong.php?title=File:Smashed_Car_in_Dujiangyan_-_2008_Sichuan_earthquake_(1).jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.org/w/index.wikipedia.jpg  Source: http://en.wikipedia.2008 Sichuan earthquake (1). Reisio.jpg  Source: http://en. Wrightbus.php?title=File:Map_of_epicenter_of_may_12_2008_earthquake_in_sichuan_province_china.jpg  Source: http://en.0.svg  Source: http://en.svg  Source: http://en.wikipedia.php?title=File:Sichuanearthquake_Jiangyou_pic9. Omegatron. Vzb83.php?title=File:USGS_map_at_30_deg_N_lat.JPG  Source: http://en._Macao_May.theora.wikipedia.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: User:Zscout370 File:Flag of Bangladesh._China_earthquake_shake_map.wikipedia. User:Achim1999 File:Flag of India.svg  Source: http://en.

VAIO HK. Tryphon.jpg  Source: http://en.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Anomie Image:Flag of Hong Kong 1959.php?title=File:Flag_of_the_United_Kingdom.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3. Stilfehler.JPG  License: Public Domain  Contributors: CBS Television.php?title=File:The_ONE_California_Fitness._and_Marine_Sgt.wikipedia.wikipedia.php?title=File:Arnold_Schwarzenegger_sexual_harassment_protestors750. Keraunoscopia._Bedroom_and_Bath_(1).svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Anomie File:Flag of Malaysia. FlickreviewR.5. Melesse File:Ash-270410. KTo288 . DarknessVisitor. Infrogmation. Closeapple.org/w/index. Reisio.wikipedia.jpg  Source: http://en.1.php?title=File:Arnold_Schwarzenegger_2012.org/w/index.wikipedia.5.0  Contributors: Author unknown.org/w/index.svg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Ash-270410.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=File:AshMarkHamilton.wikipedia.jpg  Source: http://en.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Anomie. Avala.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Chazzyb31 Image:Ash in BKK.org/w/index.JPG  Source: http://en. Nick.jpg  Source: http://en.5  Contributors: Johnson Lau._Patrick_A.php?title=File:Avenue_of_Stars_movie_camera.jpg  Source: http://en.wikipedia File:Arnold Schwarzenegger's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.jpg  Source: http://en.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Various File:Flag of the United Kingdom.org/w/index.jpg  License: GNU Free Documentation License  Contributors: Original uploader was Hephaestos at en.jpg  Source: http://en. Photo courtesy Orange County Archives File:Buster Keaton Twilight Zone 1961.0. JJ Georges. Wombacs. Sarang. Licenses and Contributors File:Chth arnold schwarzenegger.php?title=File:Avenue_of_Stars_Statue.0  Contributors: Benjwong. Tamba52 File:Buster Keaton.wikipedia.wikipedia Image:Hong kong bruce lee statue.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Docu.wikipedia.php?title=File:TwinsConcert2007.wikipedia.wikipedia.org/w/index. Jamin.php?title=File:Parlor._Wilkins  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Benchill File:Arnold Schwarzenegger sexual harassment protestors750.php?title=File:Arnold-Cheney.jpg  Source: http://en.wikipedia.svg  Source: http://en.0  Contributors: Sry85 File:AshMarkHamilton.JPG  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Schwarzenegger_Bush.org/w/index.org/w/index. Klemen Kocjancic.php?title=File:BusterKeatonKBF1956.org/w/index.org/w/index.org/w/index.wikipedia. Ah Cong Strike.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: User:Alexknight12 File:The ONE California Fitness. Duduziq. Zscout370.0  Contributors: Bapti.svg  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en.org/w/index.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Baldeadly (talk) file:Avenue of Stars movie camera.org/w/index.php?title=File:Buster_Keaton_with_Family_1922. Juiced lemon.org/w/index.php?title=File:Flag_of_the_United_States.php?title=File:Arnold_Schwarzenegger_and_Maria_Schriver-mod.0  Contributors: BrokenSphere Image:HKAvenueOfStar.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Flag_of_Malaysia.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Designed by Chinese languageChinese: 英 國 紋 章 院 File:Flag of Canada.php?title=File:Flag_of_Hong_Kong_1959.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.php?title=File:Flag_of_Japan.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:AroundWorld80D_GBAcover.JPG  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  Source: http://en.0  Contributors: WiNG File:TwinsConcert2007.wikipedia. Patrick A. Frank C.wikipedia.svg  Source: http://en.svg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Buster_Keaton_Joe_E_Brown_Route_66_1962. Grook Da Oger. Wilkinson .php?title=File:Busterkeaton_edit.2. and Marine Sgt.wikipedia.wikipedia.php?title=File:Buster_Keaton.org/w/index. Müller.0  Contributors: User:Visitor7 File:KeatonPorkpie.wikipedia.org/w/index.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.wikipedia.wikipedia.wikipedia.org/w/index.jpg  License: GNU Free Documentation License  Contributors: Original uploader was Richardw at nl.org/w/index.0  Contributors: Jim Greenhill from Arlington and Durango. center.wikipedia.0.org/w/index.0.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: AvicAWB.Image Sources.wikipedia. Nightscream.org/w/index.wikipedia.php?title=File:Flag_of_Canada.org/w/index. Arteyu. Rogerd File:Schwarzenegger Bush.org/w/index. File:Buster Keaton Joe E Brown Route 66 1962.wikipedia.org/w/index. AnonMoos. File:Visit wildfires 2007.wikipedia.wikipedia.jpg  License: unknown  Contributors: File:AroundWorld80D GBAcover.php?title=File:US_Navy_100729-N-0208R-156_California_Gov. Quibik.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Achim1999.svg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Anomie File:Flag of Singapore.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Betty Kerner.org/w/index.wikipedia. Cycn. Bedroom and Bath (1).jpg  Source: http://en. Maj.org/w/index.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.jpg  Source: http://en.0.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: film screenshot (MGM) File:BusterKeatonKBF1956. Fibonacci.wikipedia.org/w/index.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution 2. Fry1989.JPG  License: Public Domain  Contributors: CBS Television File:Buster Keaton with Family 1922.org/w/index.2.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2. Er Komandante.org/w/index. 3 anonymous edits Image:Avenue of Stars Statue.org/w/index.wikipedia.jpg  Source: http://en.wikipedia. SKopp._Maj.wikipedia. Leit.org/w/index.jpg  Source: http://en.jpeg  License: Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3. Morio. Olivier2.jpg  Source: http://en.2. Stefan4 File:Arnold-Cheney.php?title=File:Visit_wildfires_2007.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: White House photo by Eric Draper.org/w/index.wikipedia.php?title=File:Flag_of_Singapore. Homo lupus.wikipedia.jpg  License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.jpg  Source: http://en. Herbythyme.wikipedia File:Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Schriver-mod.org/w/index.0  Contributors: WiNG File:Flag of Japan. Fred J.JPG  Source: http://en.0  Contributors: cs:User:DaBler File:Arnold Schwarzenegger 2012._Arnold_Schwarzenegger_speaks_with_Hospital_Corpsman_3rd_Class_Anthony_Ameen.org/w/index.php?title=File:Ash_in_BKK.jpg  License: Public Domain  Contributors: Bain News Service File:Parlor.1.wikipedia.2. Mifter File:Busterkeaton edit.jpg  Source: http://en.jpg  License: GNU Free Documentation License  Contributors: Original uploader was Alanmak at en.svg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:HKAvenueOfStar. Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks with Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Anthony Ameen. Ludger1961.jpg  Source: http://en.php?title=File:Chth_arnold_schwarzenegger. Millevache. 20 anonymous edits File:Flag of the United States. 白 布 飘 扬. Jackie Stuntmaster.jpeg  Source: http://en. Good Olfactory.php?title=File:Arnold_Schwarzenegger's_star_on_the_Hollywood_Walk_of_Fame. Rocket000.php?title=File:KeatonPorkpie.php?title=File:Buster_Keaton_Twilight_Zone_1961._center. USA 222 File:US Navy 100729-N-0208R-156 California Gov.php?title=File:Hong_kong_bruce_lee_statue.jpg  Source: http://en. Jeriby.svg  Source: http://en.

org/licenses/by-sa/3.License 223 License Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0/ .0 Unported //creativecommons.

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