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W hat is in a Brand Identity Value Image Reputation W hat is Identity A"Name,term,sign,symbol,ordesign,or acombinationofthem,intendedtoidentifythegoods andservicesofoneselleror groupofsellersandtodifferentiatethemfromthoseofcompetit ion.

" Thebrandnameisoftenusedinterchangeablywithin"brand" A"brandname"constitutesaty peof trademarkwhichidentifiesthepromoter Brand Identity A name that iscatchy and easy toremember Effective Communicationcreates a brandIde ntity. Product attributes and qualityof service or utility to clientele. BRANDS HAVE A VALUE When I wear Levis , I tuck my shirt in as I want the world to know that I am wea ring Levis.When I wear Newport, I wear my shirt out asI dont want Rs. 399 breathi ng down my hip