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lodge thatrelativity may explain the negativo results of the ether-seeking experiments (up to his time of course) but

that it doesn't appeal to common sense. [rt's say you bave an rigid iron rod, one light year long. You turn one end and according to relativity it would take one year for the other end to turn, but if such an expcrimcnt could be sct up (which is the problem with most of theorctical physics -the conccptscannot bc testedin the real physical world of scnsation in which we live) you would probably find that the other end would turn simultancously, just as corrlmon sense would indicate. As far as thc qualities of the ether I would suggcst to you as a serious researcherto find out what thcy arc -- you are missing one of the great pillars of thougth in this realn. Recommonded reading on tbe subjectis The Etheric Formatlve Forces ln Cosmos Earth and Man by Guenther Wachsmuth, which we reprinted, like Krafft's works, for those interestcd in kecping no stone unturned in their scarchfor an understandingof the finer forces of the universe. Other books available which describc a non-reductionist approach to the ether are Toward a Phenomenology of the Etheric edited by Jochen Bockemuel, Physical and Etherial Spaces by George Adams, Projective Geometry by Olive Whicher, Man or Matter by Ernst lrhrs, The Cosmic Pulse of Life by TrevorConstable, andMetal Power by Alison Davidson, all available from BSRF. The qualities of life, light and wannth are more than mere physical me asurement-- they touch upon our spirit. And spirit is completely absent from your entire viewpoint -- yet it propels you to discover what is happening. There are definite spiritual qualities to this universe -- completely interwoven with the physical mattcrwe are comprised of. This has always been -- fron the very beginnings of Bordcrland in 1945 -- of primary interest to us. The ether is comprehended as the final formative stagesof the universal intelligence (or spirit) on its path to matter. Physical scientists -- for the most part -- sem to reject this concept out ofhand, and that wiU not stop us from reaching beyond the physical to the ultimate energies of the universe. Ether theories have already been thrown on the dung heap -- Wilhelm Reich died in a U.S. prison for refusing to stop his scientific experimentation of living etheric energy. The historical demise of ether theories has more to do with the disappearancesof books on the subject from universities and libraries and a concerted effort by those with the means to stop people from considering a universal energy which Tesla described as a source of ultimate free power. And as far as math is concerned it is a very useful tool in many circrrmstances,

yet it is quito obvious that the force that animates scientists absent is from their equationsl Whenyou canconvincebat} mystics and physiciststhen you arc making serious headway the Borderlands... in

ORANTJRREPORT Dear Peter Lindemann, In theJuly-August92JBR Fldx Korner you presented excellentaccountofyour an experiences with what you call ORANUR (I call lt DORbut that lsjusta semantlcnote), and your discoveryof how to clear lt out of an area using electronlc instruments. It is an excellentarticle and I congratulateyou for it. However, ln the piece you stated TWTCE that Dr. Reich had never flgured out how to get rld of it -- how to clean an area. I begto differ with you on thls point. I was Dr. Reichtsresearchassoclate the at timeandhedidfinda wayto brlngthelevels down to tolerablelimlts. I am attachingan accountofjust how this wasaccomplished. We never did clear it out completely-- for example-- the building rocks of the observatory were heavlly lnfested -- suffused -with the very noxiousMELANOR and we nevergot to attendto clearingtbem up. But we did make the buildings habitable for personnel. ORANIJR seasoned Again - Thanks for your excellent, insightful report. Bob McCullough Horseshoe Bend, Akansas Sequence EventsLeading to the Chemiof cal Removalof ORANUR (DOR) from [nfested Buildings at Orgonon, Rangeley, Maine: For sometime following the ORANIJR Experiment, the Observatory at Orgonon wasalmosttotally uninhabitable.Onecould only remain in it for no more that l0 or 15 minuteson goodsunnydays,and on stormy DORish days one could hardly enter the building. At the doorway,onewasimmediately hil by an all encompassing pressure from all sides,sharp and heavyheadaches, palpitations, extremeflushing, etc. Oneafternoon,Dr.Reich placeda large bluish glassashtroyon the top ofthe tank of a toilet in the centerof the main floor of tbe observatory. We put somewater in it and a stick of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) - lye. I cantt recall him ever sayingjust why he did this (then or later). The following morning on ourdailycheckwewereamazed to seethat the NaOH solution had climbed up the sidesof the glass,over the rim, down to the tank top and over it to the edgeand

evencontinuedon the floor! We were very amazed-- I wasflabbergasted.It wasa very impressivesight. But the atmosphere the ln buildingdid not seem oppresslve usual. as as We decidedto verify this observation. ccramlc Soweput out severalunglazed (dinner) plateson the tablesand lab benches. We addedwater and NaOH sticks (the clze and shapeofschoolchelk). The next morning all the plates had lncruststlons of a moist chalky material around the edges. None of the material however, extended beyondthe plates-- the ashtray cvent wss unique. The lnflorescenoewa6 moist and under a microscopewas very alive looking (E"). The plateswere allowed to dry out the incrustatlons also died and uhder the microscope showed black and full of Tbacilli. The drled plates had to be remoistenedor removed from the area to continue the clearlng. The drled plates were quite noxlous. The oppressivelychargedatmosphere of the observatoryclearedup dramatlcally and it becsmeposslbleto work ln it again fro extendedperiods. Later we tried using other solutionsin the plates. Most bases seemed work well to -- but none as well as NaOH. Acids either had no effector wereevennegstivein thelr reaction. Surprislngly sodium chlorlde (NaCl), table salt, worked qulte well and it was used in further development of the Process. Why did this work? I{e did not know for certain, Dr. Reich speculatedthat the heavyconcentratlonofDOR was ofsuch a dehydrating nature that it actedaswould a herd of ertremely thirsty cattlecominginto a watrr hole. Pure water would not do it .but thesebasic solutions did thejob. But this was pure speculation-- we never did find out the why. After clearing out the noxious atmosphere of the observatory, we simllarly cleanedthe student's laboratory and other buildings ot Orgonon. We never did clean them completely, but did reduce the contamination to tolerable levelsexcepton the worst days. Robert A. McCullough 24 Angust92 Peter'sresponse: Thankyou very much for your kind letter of acknowledgment recognition and concerning my recent Fizix Korner column in the Joumal of BarderlandResearch.While the article caused small storm ofresponse,no a letter I receivedwas more enlightening than yours. Thank you for restatingDr. Reich's procedures cleaningDOR infestedbuildfor

Page26, November-December 1992 Journal of Borderland Research

ings. Wbile I vaguely remember reading of this procedure,I guessit didn't leave a deep impression in my memory becauseit was not a complete cure for the problem. In contrastto Dr. Reich's chemicalmethods, the SpaceCrafter and Radiation Rectilier devicescompletelyclearsand neutralizes IOQToof the DOR and Oranur infestations witb a single passuntil actedupon by another disruptive source. Reich did not bavc this level ofsuccess,by your own admission,and this is wby I statcdit assuchin my article. Dr. Reich was a great gcnius and I have no doubt that he would bave solved these problcms completcly bad be lived. I want you to know that I have only tbe deepcst respect for Dr. Reich and any of his associates (including you, sir) who participated in tbose very important discoverics. this bringsme to somethinginyourletter thitt troubled me. You state that what I call Oranur you call DOR and tbat the difference is just a semanticone. With all due respect,I could not disagrec witb you more. My understanding is that DOR and Oranur are definitely two separateand distinct qualitics of Orgone and tbeir important to enumerate.First and foremost is the fact tbat Reich never gave any of his discoveriesmore thanone namecach. Without presumingto do anytbingotber than refreshyour memory, my undcrstandingof tbesematters is as follows. DOR was discoveredas an outgrowth of Reich's early work in characteranalysis,but it was the Oranur Experiment that provided large quantitiesof DOR in the open environment for him to study. As viewed in the open atmosphere, DOR appears as black energy particles moving around where as healthy Orgone appearsas white energy particles. In high enough concentrations,DOR precipitatesinto tbe physicalasa non-elemental fomr of matter called Melanor, which is a black powder. Thus, in all of its forms, DOR is black and totally non-luminous. Also, DOR is contained and segregatedfrom healthy Orgone by the processof sequestration.DOR is formed under a wide variety of circumstances that inhibit the natural pulsatory behavior of tbe Orgone, sucb as blocked orgasms or unexpressed rage. Oranur, on the otber hand, is a chainreaction in the Orgone Energy field. In higb concentrationsit illuminates as a reddishpurple color, otherwise it is invisible and it never precipitates as visible matter. Healthy Orgone cannot contain or sequester Oranur and is quite often infected and transforrred into it. Oranur is formed asa specific response of the Orgone to the action of nuclear decaying material and never forms spontaneously as a by-product of a disturbed character struc-

ture. While there are other differences between DOR and Oranur tbat I know of, those mentioned are enough to make my point. While Reich's writings make these distinctions plain, to most it may seem like knitpicking at the fringc of a totally obscure topic. For the puryoses of clariry, however, the differences are important. I am grateful to you for bringing to my attention the fact that the distinctions betweenDOR and Oranur arenot always clear even to seasonedresearchers. In my article, I describe DOR as patterns within the Life Force that are destructive to living procosseswhile I describe Oranur as a condition in which the Life Force has lost its ability to be patternod at all. This simplified description of the characterof thesetwo deadly fornrs of Orgone energy is an attempt tomake a very complex topic a little more understandable to the average reader. I hope that my introduction ofthe conceptof ' 'patternability' ' helps to clarify the differences between DOR and Oranur. Your dcscription of Reich's chemical methods of DOR clearing is very instructivc and I am surethe BSRFAssociates will appreciate the information. So, if you have anything to add to all of this, scnd it in and we'll be happy to include anything more you care to submit. thank you, again,for your kind letter and may God bless you. Sincerely yours, Peter A. I-indemann Fizix Komer

Mark A. Simpson Box 71008,Dallas Texas75371

MWO CORNER First of all I would like to say how much I enJoyTheJournal of Borderland Research. There havebeena number of artlclesln your publicatlon concerning Multi-lVave Oscillators. 'fhere is some questionas to how effectivc is the modern MWO suchas built by Super Sclence, DaytonrOhlo. 'Ihe following sre the results I have obtainedwith the SuperScience unit: Tension headaches (1007oeffectlve), Hay Fever (95Voeffective), Arthrltls (957oeffective), Leg Cramps (1fi)7o effectlve),Poor Leg Circulation (lMVo effective), Early Stages of Stomach Cancer (1007o effective), and Conjunctivitis (lfi)% effective). 'l'he Super ScienceMWO may not be built alongthe Iinesof a LakhovskyMWO, but it works! [t's not how it's buil! but the '{end resultsttthat count! The Super ScienceMWO is a quality built unit and anyonewho would like to write or telephoueme pleasefeel free to do Yours truly, WinstonGandy,Jr. D.D. 3336N. GovernorWilliams Hwv. Darlington,S.C-. 29540 (803)393-6239 youfor yourreport. Weencourage all othcrs using''borderland"typedevices to tell us of their experiences. the research protocol usedin gaining the abovepercentagesvzouldbe most useful, and of course wouldbenecessary scientificverification. for Werc theseconditionsverified via medical diagnosis beforeandafter.heatments? Wbat were treatmonttimes and lrow were results measured?In the inshuction for his equipmentKlarkasks users tokeepaccuraterecords. fhis infrrrmation very importantfor future is research. Please readon.... 'Ilank

THE RIFE WAY The gentleman who introduced my partner and I to the Rife technology was visited three times by the F.D.A. in March 92. Our research was already at a crawl, but this put every piece of equipment in hiding. In the meantime I'ye been given a diathermy machine, which is probably against the law for me to plug in the wall. My goal is to get this diathermy machine to resonate or explode microbes through the air under the microscope and on video. I plan on placing gated audio range square wayes on the2TMHz that diatherrny units put out. The units have what looks like a "ray tubett. Diathermy machirres were popular in the 70's for physical therapy. They heat muscle tissue. The insurance costs on diathermy machines has tsken them more or less off the rnarket, Anyone who has schematic plans or any paperwork on a Burdick M.W. 200, please photocopy and send on. I'll keep you all postcd on my research through the Journal,

TES'I REST]LTS OF TI{E ELECTROSTA'I'IC MWO I havt,just completeda three-monthresearchproject with the Ele,:trostaticM\{O designed by Peter Lindernann. Being a researcherof subtle energy devicesand a connoisseurof altered ststes of consciousness,I am very pleasedwith this exceptional instrument. The Ele.:trostatic MWO is uniquein many ways. F,rst of all, it uses zo high voltage. Its only el:ctrical poweris 110r'oitsusedto drive or prrlse antenna. the Secondly, it does not crsrte TV interfer-

pagezT Journal of Borderland Research November-December 1992,

Back in the 1970's, I was studying tbe works of tbe great geniusesof this century. Among thoseI studiedwerethe works of Wilhetn ReichandRuthDrown. I discoveredoarly tbeworksofgreatminds, oo,tbatwhenshrdying it is very importantto readthe worts that they haveauthored. Most "followers" themselves of aromly capable following andusuallydonot the comprebend intimatedetailsof the master toacherr. Reich's work was so vast that I concentalod ou the energy and pbysics side of his couldveriff the I discoveries. spoculatedthatifl of and basicbehaviors chancteristics this "orgoaeeioelgy" spokeof,thenI couldconsider he To therestofhisprooouncemeotstobereliable. One do this, I built threeorgoneaccumulators. fortwo people wrs 4ftx 4ft x 6ft, largeeaough to getinto. Onewasl2in x l8in x 24in,about lftx Thelastonewas lft thesizeofmicechest. x 1ft, eetup asan "orgone shooter". For over using 6 monthsI did many,manyexperimeats Seso accumulators.Everything I saw during ftis priod convincedme that Wilhelm Reich proportion who wasa geniusof extraordinary ofthe mostimportantdiscoverhadmade some that iesofthis century.Everyexperiment I tried seemod producethe rezultsthat Reich deto scribedin his writings. in occasions the on Forinstance, trumenous wene measures whenextneme largeaccrmulator, bkeir to block all light from the outside,a bluegny fog wasstillvisible insidetbeaccumulator, prmctuatod periodic flashes ofyellow light. by phenomeoa my werealsovisiblewhether Thoso cyosweropenor closedl Therwasa distinct innermetallicsideof warmingeffectfeltnearthe but tbo accurnulator, the metal was cold to the an touch. Also, afterspending houra day in the for eccumulator threeweeks,I had extemely stamina. discoveredthis while I uncharacteristic sq'immingin the ocean. I simply could swim aodsn im andswim without gettingtired. The energychargingeflectswere obviousandblatant. The other noteworthyeventwas that an wisdomtooththatmy dentistwas ready infected to xtract,completely healedin the first4 days, witbout anyotherheahent andhasneverbothrodme again. I dso did a wide variety of experiments warerin themediun sizeaccumulator. charging effectswere these. The Tho most remarftable cial in msximumbnefi charge thewaterseemed

to bereachedafterabors 30 hours in the accumulator. If the water was taken out before this, its charge was not as stong. If the water was removed laterthaathis, the charge wastro stronger but the quality ofthe energy was degraded and stalefeeling. The 30 hourwatr had I very active energy charge. IfI drank a 16 oz glass of the water quickly, tbe eoergy cbarge would enter my body all at once. .Also, when cut flowers were placed in this water, they would invariably wilt within 2 minutes. Rosesu'ould start dropping petals within 30 seconds. The flowerexperimentsprovedtome,morethan any others, that orgone energy definitely moves from low concentrations to higber concentratioos spontaneously.The highly chargedwater rapidly suckal the life right out o fthe cut flowers. Nothiug could illustrate this process more graphically. [n contrast, using this water on potted, growing plants only made them stronger. The little "shooter" also gave wonderful results. The pain from scratchesandbums could be eliminated in short periods ranging from 10 to 30 minutes. On two occasions,I used it to eliminate all the pain from a major tooth extraction. AftertheNovocain wore oIf, therewas no pain and no infection. This effect usually took about 45 minutes to accomplish when it was started immediately after the oral surgery. results, After seeingall ofthese spectacular you might thiuk that I would advocate mass public useoforgone accumulaton. Well, I don't and I'll tell you why. Reich also did some experimeutsin 1950 and l95l where he placed small amounts of radioactive elemeutsin his orgone accumulators. By doing this, he inadvertentlyplaced his entire staffat graverisk ofdeath, butwas subsequently able to clearly identiff the zosfdangerous pollutant in the environment. Wbat this experiment produced Reich named "oranur". It stands for the ORgone Anti-NUclear Reaction. Reich describesoranuras orgone energy tbat has been excited into a state of extreme frenzy by the actiou ol'nuclear material. At its creation, this is quite often tue. But after the extreme excitation wean off, oranur simply becomes orgone energy that has lost all ofits normal behavior characteristics.Gone are the natural elasticity andprimary pulsatory actions. It is still "life force", but it baslost it's life. For a complete account of Reich's experiences,I

' recommendrcading "The Oranur Experimenf Writings by Wilin the book entitled Selected oforanwexpohetm Reich. The consequences sure described by Reich were severe. lnitially, all ofthe experimental aoimals within l/2 mile of the epiceoter of his experiment died. His entire laboratory staffwas forced to evacuatethe facility immediarcly after the experiment was shut down. Maay ueeded immediate medical attention and one assistaut almost died. The laboratory remained uninhabitable for weeks. But the oranur unleashed at Reich's laboratory caused wide spread consequences. The most glaring ofwhich was the factthat "backgound" radiation counts tripled for a 600 mile radius. Oranurwas so dangerous, that I decided to take Reich's word for it and NOT attempt to duplicate any of these experiments, I was, after all, not a competent researcher. I was just a college drop-out fooling around in my back yard. But very shortly after making that decision, I was confronted with a full blown oranur emergencyof my own witbout even tying. In October of I 977, a few weeks after Mao Tse Tung died, the governmentofthe People's Republic of China detonateda large hydrogen bomb in the ahosphere on a testing raoge at a location in the remote interior of China. I was living on the west sideofthe Island of Hawaii at the time. The media covered the story of the movements of tbe cloud of radioactive fall-out as it drifted to the east and eventually was dropped on the eastcoast of the USA in a rain storm. That ended the "big story" for the media. For Hawaii, the big story was still coming. The Island of Hawaii is over 6000 miles from the nuclear test site in China. From my home, outside the little town of Kamuela, at an elevationof about2 500 ft ., I bad a commanding view of tbe island including 40 miles of coastline to the westand clearview of two 14,000ft. mountains, Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. We thattberadiationhadpassed had all beenassured well north of us and that there was no danger. Then two weeks later the oranur arrived. That morning, as I looked out overthe island, I noticed a formation in the sky that I hadnot seen before or since. A thin band of white was arcbing acrossthe southwestem sky from south the to west. As the day progressed, bandcontinued to move slowly over the island. By midday, it was over the mountains and I could estimateits altitude at about 50,000 ft. By this time, I had decidedthat I was looking at a section of a huge,expanding ring. I alsonoticed that to by tbe west, out over tbe ocean,it was preceded a group ofblack clouds that were at the 2000 to 3000 ft. level. These were the classic DOR clouds as Reicb describesthem. Behind the white, high altitudeband the sky wasabsolutely clear. After that day, my accumulators were shangely different. But that wasn't all. By the

1992 tournal of BorderlandReseorch Pagef 8, Juty-Aug

middle ofDecember, about 6 weeks later, everyoneontbeBig Islandgotsickwith anodd "flu". Forme, itwas aseverestomachailmentthatkept me in bed for 24 hours. Others were down for overaweekwithvarious complaints. Everyooe's symptoms were diflerent but everyone had symptoms at the sametime. The docton on the islaudwereswampedanddidn'tknowwhatwas happening. The media made no mention of anythins. At the time, it seemedthat I was the only one who knew what was happening and I was nearly immobilized by the horror of it. In the end, tbere was nothing I could do but watch. (lJp until the writing of this article, I have always assumed that the oranur that poisoned Hawaii in I 977 was from the Cbinesebombtest. However, the oranur clearly cnme from the southwest. If it had come from the Chinese test it would have had to come from the northwest. For all of theseyean, I have not beeu able to resolvethis difference. Now that I am olderand more sefaware, I have no tnouble drawing the obvious conclusion. I now believe that this oranur came from an unannounced nuclear test somewhere the South Pacific, possibly by tbe in French, Itwas absolutely anatmospheric nuclear test that causedit. Only the French were known to be testing in that area.) By Febnrary, 1978, the island was locked into a severe drought. Day afterday afterday of cloudlessskies. Then the winds came. With no storms near, the Big Island had two three week periods through February and March with sustainedwinds ofover 40 mph and gustsup to 60 mph. I can remembertimes driving along at 55 mph and watching the shadowsof clouds on the roadpassingme in the samedirection. Then one day a seriesofhigh wind gustswere clocked at over 90 mph. That same day, a green house in my back yard was deshoyed by wiud. Even afterthe winds subsided, the drought continued. But my wouderful orgone accumulators were now making me sick. I had to dismantle themand leavethem outsideall the time. I could no longer use them. But that wasn't the only problem. On the day the oranur camethrough, the medium sized accumulator had been in my oflice. Within threeweeks I realizedhow badly contaminated was and took it outside. But that it didn't end the problem. My office still retained the severe eflectsof oranur poisoning even after the accumulatorwas removed. By this time I had begun studying tbe works of Ruth Drown and radionics. On an intuitive guess,I ordered a piece of equipment from Dr. Bruce Copen in England called tbe "radiation rectifier". When it arrive4 I immediately weut into my office and plugged it in. Within 5 secondsthe residual oranur field collapsedfrom the action ofthe device. To this day, it remains ooe of the most frighteuing and enli ghteningexperiences fmy life. As the orgone o eaergy inmy offcewas transformed ftom oranur

back to healthy life force, the nature oforanur was dramatically revealed- Words are completely inadequate to describe what took place but I have described it as the dousing of a traosparent cold fire. Before I hrmed the device on, Ithoughttherewas aproblem. Afterltumed the deviceon, Iwas immediatelyeducated about the gigantic proportion ofthe problem and witnessed its solution simultaneously. I was iu ecstasyand shock. Reich had neverknown how to clear oranur, but now I knew how. I made some design changes to my orgone accumulators and shifted my focus ofstudy to radionics. After all, if radionic research in England had solved the oranurdilemma, I wanted to know all about it. Radionics is a study of all of the zubtle patterns or tunings that exist within the living euergy field. A radioaic tuner can hrae to any pattem that exists. But after years of shrdy and experimentation, I found that there were conditiousthatradionics wasunableto detect. Symptoms existed and persisted, but I could not isolate a specific tuning that could be ideotified as the primary cause. It was being obscured or masked in some way, and I had to find out how before a cure could be realized. After years of work, I discovered that the problem was my old nemesis, oranur. But now I was seeing it in radionic terms, far from any orgone accumulaIOrS. Eventually, I invented a vocabulary to describe the problem and its solution which I now give to you. OrgoueenergyQifeforce,chemical ether, chi or whatever you want to call it) is the everprcsentenergy fieldthat all living processes depend on for existence. The most important aspectofthis energy field in relation to living things, besides its pulsatory oature, is its inherent ability to be impressedwith and to hold a wide variety of pattems. To describe this, I coined the term "pattemability". Orgone energy pulsates and has pattemability. Out in the environmen! orgone is pattemable but generally unpattemed,Witbin organisms, orgone the energy MUST conform to the pattem impressed into it by DNA, otherwise it cannot function as the living energy that animates that individual organism.Now, therearepatterns within the life force that are good for us. Thesepatternsgenerally correspood to substances that we call foods, vitamins, minerals, nutrients, aod remedies. There are also pattenls within the life force that are not good for us. These patterns generally correspond to substancesthat we call poisons,toxius orwast products. On a purely euergeticlevel, Reich referred to this toxic life force as Deadly Qrgone ladiation or by the acronym DOR. A competent radionic operator can easily tuue to all of these positive and negative pattems within the life forre. Then there is oranur. In radionic terms, oranur is life force that has lost its ability to be pattemed.

Herein lies the understanding of the extreme denger it presents. First of dl, it is undetectable by radionics. Radiooics, remember isthe study and detection ofallthepattems inthe living energy field. Ifthe eoergy you are dealing with is incapable of supporting aoy pattems, there is nothing there forradionics to detect. Also, many patterns that would normally be detectable now invisibly are masked by the simultaneous presenceoforanur. After studying this problem and working with ir for l4 years,l can saywithcomplete confidence, it is not possible to detect either the presenceor quantity of oranur using radionics or dowsing. Itis possibletogetindicationson fte equipmenl but the specific qualitative and quautitative measurementsare unreliable and useless. So, whatdoes oranurlook like ifit getsinto the body? First of all, the healthy life force has uo natural defense against it. Becauseoranur is completely unresponsive, the healthy life force cannot even get a handle on it to "sequester" it as it does to other toxic zubstances. That is why all body systemsare taxed. Symptoms show up as the emergence ofthe weakest system breaking down. That meansthat the sameproblem, oranur poisoning, looks diflerent in each individual case. Ifa sufficient quantity oforanur beginsanimating cells,thosecellscan no longer respond to the DNA in the nucleus, the patteming force, and they cease to function as an integratedpart of the whole organism. When this condition arises,it is usually calledcancer. Now there are certain types ofcancer that are causedby situations unrelated to the presenceof oranur, but the presenceofsuflicient quantities of oranur will always causecancerousgrowths These kinds of cancers will always be fatal unless the pattemability of the life force is reestablished.The presence oforanur is alwaysa predisposing factor toward failing health. And now the bad news, just about everybody has some oranur in theirbody right now. Have you ever had an X-ray? X-rays pnrduce oranur. Exposure to radioactive materials,like the smoke detectorsin most people's bomes, produce oranur. And the list goeson. Nuclear testing,asweknow, producesoranurthattravels hundreds of miles frrom the test site. even from uaderground tests. Operating nuclear power plantsproduce active and sustainedoranur fi elds many miles in radius. And ordinary, every day appliancesinourhomescollectit. Actually, any eoclosure that even remotely behaves like an orgone accumulatorwill collect oranur. These include metal file cabioets,ovens, microwave ovens, and other metal boxes that bave been painted or covered with enamel or plastic. If you're not scarcdyeq ir probably because your emotions are too immobilized by oranur. Fortunately,the tecbnology existsto eliminate oranur. The first device I found was the Copen Radiation Rectifier. It works very well.

t lournal of Borderlond Reseorch July-Auggg2, page 19

I have two of them and still use them. My understanding is that Copen no longer builds this model, but hasreplaceditwith newerunits. In all of my research, I have not found any devicesortecbniques developedpriorto Copen's work, so I believe he is the one who solved this hideous problem. For that, I nominate him for the Nobel Prize in Physics. Since then, I have developed small, battery powered devices that also do tbe job beautifully. I have also developed a technique for clearing oranur using the SE-5, which I have taught in workshops to advanced users. Their reports back from the field zuggest that the techniques work quite well. I strongly advise any and all radionic practitioners to add oranur clearing capability to your repertoire. Its the missing link. The procedure I use is this. First, clear oranru. Since it cannot be reliably detected, I start with the assumptionthat it is there. Tbe clearingprocess willeitherclearsomething ornot. Everyonethat I have attempted to clear, needed it. Next, stimulatethe DNA function up to 100%. Then finally, stimulatetheRNA functionup to 100%. the Sinceoranur suppresses action ofDNA and RNA, thesetwo functions must be broughtback to normal after tbe oranur is cleared. Do these three steps before bothering with a radionic analysis. Only after this procedurewill a radionic analysis be accurateand the body able to respond fully to radionic heatrnent. Plus, the oranurclearingby itselfusually clearsup a wide range of odd, seemingly unrelated and penistent symptoms. I sell a porlable device I manufacturecalled the Spacecrattcr. It can clear oranur aswell as and all other all fomrs ofgeopathic disturbances irregularities in the life force. It sells for $500 and car be purchasednow through BSRF. For SE-5 owners, give me a call at (503) 895-3724 andlwill explain the oranurclearing procedure you. Or, organizea group and I will to come and teach a workshop. And finally, for you do-it-yourselfers, the following is the schematicof the circuit of the original Copen Radiation Rectifier. I know this circuit very well but have never built one. The two that I have, Ibougbt from Dr. Copen. I can tell you that during the research phase for the electronic comdwelopmentofthe Spacecrafter, ponents had to be selectednot only for their circuitvalues but also fortheirchemical composition. Certain resistorshad to be carbon and critical diodes bad to be silicon. Capacitor values and composition were also critical for proper function. Only brying various componentsofsimilarvaluewill show youwhatis best. When its right, the effect of having your haod near the circuit board will feel like a soft cool breeze going toward the circuit right through your hand. Ifthis energeticfeeling feelswarm or hot, keep trying.













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Neon Fhsh Bulb With ctopping resistor for l2oVAC

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For those of you who are skilled in the art ofelechonic circuitdesign, I add thesewords of caution. Contrary to everything youwere taught, each separateresistor on this board may serve a purpose other than that necessaryto pmduce a specific total resistance. The six pain of510 ohm resistors and diodes that have one end attached to the circuit and the other end free constitute the "antenna" of the system. All resistorsare l/4 watt carbon resistorsexcept for the six 510 ohm oneswhich are l/2 watt carbon resistors. The six capacitors tbe output section in are electolytic and the capacitor in the power supply sectioncanbe ceramic. The six diodesin the output section are a German component labeledEM5-04,the exactAmerican equivalent I do not know. Try various silicon and germanium diodes here. Each diflereut kind of diode

placedherewill givethedevice a slightly different "feel" so experiment around and let us know what works best. These "free end" diodes are the heart ofthe system aod are the most important compooeDt to get right. The Spacecrafterunit buildusesthe lN4 148diode. I Itmaynotwortaswell in the Copen circuit, but its a place to start. Also, I recommend thatyou use only lead-free solder for all connections. The output from the secondaryoftbetransformer is extrenoelysmall. In measurementswe havemade,we could not distinguish it from the backgroundnoise ofourmeasuring set-up.But DON'TBE FOOLED. Theoutputoftbiscircuit runs on very low excitation that this power supply more thau adequately provides. In closing, I would just like ro recap. In I 95 I , Wilhelm Reich discovered andnamed the

most insidious pollutant in the environment. He called it oranur. It is invisible and undetectable by even radiouic means. Its presence causes leukemia and cancer. He never found a way to get rid of it. In the 1970's, Dr. Bruce Copen discovered how to neufralize it. Today, oranur rcmains the leastknown ofthe majorpollutants in ttre environment and everyone suffers from this ignorance.The technologyexiststo healthe life force ofthe disastous effecs causedby its encounters with nuclear energy. For anyone who is interestedin healing the planet,the problem oforaour can oo longer be ignorred. In 1951, Wilhelm Reich declared that the atnosphere was is a state of exteme dishess. The situation has become steadily worse. It is way past time for this work l,o begin in earnest.

In the Jan/Feb 1992 issueof the Joumal. I wrote avery short book review of Crop Circle Secrets(editedby Douald Cyrincluding several other coutr,outing authors).Sincethat time, we receivql Crop Circle Secrets - Part Two, (botbvolumesavailablefrom Stonehenge Viewpoint, 2261 Las Positas, Santa Barbara, CA 93105) and as I really didn't have the spaceto expoundou my thoughtsconcemiugtheir ideas, I will go into detail here. The way a crop circle is formed, say these researchers, that lightning generatedon one is part of the globe transmitsvery low frequency radio waves through the earth,/ionosphere waveguideand this energy impinges upon a field of com (wheat) thousandsof miles away, causinga crop circle.Tbis type ofVLF emission is called a 'whistler' becauseof the souod it makes, (a descending, swooshing tone) and, anyonecan hearthem with the properreceiving equtpmentin the neighborhood of lOKC to about 6KC. Wbistlers are the cause of crop circles -- so say thesepeople. Before I dig in and dismantlethis theory, I wisb to presentsomeofthe otber amusing ideas fcrundin thesetexts. In one particular instance they casually hypothesizewhy no crop circles have occuned in lreland and a few pages later they explaiu away megalithic sites as being nothing more than the protodruids' construction of commemorative mouumeuts to early crop circle sites.How doesthat explain the large

number of stonecircles in Ireland or the megaliths' astronomicalalignments?They say these "protodruids simply moved the crop circle panem a bit, to an optimum astrcrnomical sighting position"lll Alrc included are things like "The Tesla Connection" - an article about the aszumed properties of ball ligbtning and nothing to do with anythiug Tesla was really working with (the word TESLA draws a lot of attention), and many other miscellaaeousmisconceptionsabout radio wave propagation. Returning to the whistler pbenomenon, I find many of the things said about whistlers in particularto be quite contradictory.Tbe editors of Crop Circle Secrets seemedto have latched on to their misinformation via theirrelationship with 'VLF radio engiueer extraordinaire', Michael Mideke, who seems know a lot about to the souods he hean, but nothing zubstantial aboutwbat's really bappening. The first thing ofmention is the inhoduction to whistlers in Vol 1 of Crop Circle Se. crets. The editors cite historically that the German physicist, Heinrich Barkhausen,while listening to allied teleptroneconversations, heard inaddition to verbalcommrmications, sounds the of whistlers. They statetbat Barkhausen"iad placed two prods in the ground, several hundred yards apart" (eaphasis mioe). They immediately go on to couclude that the sounds originatediu the atmosphere. This doesn'tquite

addup tome. Theproblem occursdueto the fact that everyone has become so immersed in the idea that radio propagation only works in the HerEian fashionwhichwe've all becomeaccustomed to. This is what prompted me to begin experimenting with Barkhausen's setup. I even eliminated the long lengths ofwires separating the rods and obtained the samequality results. Followiog Mideke's instructionsforlistening to VLF, I coostnrcted several types ofantennas to see if reception of the so+alled atuospheric soundscould be more effrciently obtained.Not muchto my surprise,I foundthe optimrrmsetup was with tbe two rods fully inserted into the earth (seeBorderlandOuakesl in the May-June 1992 JBR). I recently cameacrossan articleby Mideke in ScienceProbel lvly 1992 entitled Listening to Nature's Radio in which he states, "A good grouod connectionis essential forbest results. A metal stake driven into tbe soil, as showu here, makes a good ground.' ' This statement was accompanied by a photo of a ground rod nearly identical to ones that I have been usingl The use ofantennas has distinctly been ingrainedinto ourpsyches.Although they obviously work, they are not very efficient nor are they necessary all (antennas, psyches). at not Now, if it is the case that these sounds actually originate in the earth, I shall need to explain further. In Guentber Wachsmuth's The Etheric Formative Forcer in Cormoc, Earth, and Man, he fully details the breathiug processof the earth organism which coincides with all extemal phenomena,that is, what is occurring on the surfaceofthe planet. All one needsfor an understaudingofthis is to realisethat the earth is a living, vital entity and notjust a deadrock floating about in space.Wacbsmuth mentions Goethe's observationthat the rising aod falling barometeris not due to "influences outsidethe continued on page 24

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a severe nose-divein Januaryof I 978,he and David thought it might have somethingto do with the accunaulator.Seancalled me on the Big Island after he found out that I had given Paulthe directions howto build it. Hetold on me what the situationwas audI told him what I thought he should do. After I hung up the phon, I realized that the situation might be Therewassuchstronginterestin myarticle on integratingcharacter ofthe life force I have more seriousthan they could appreciate, I so the oranuremergercyin Hawaii in 1978,that describedas its patteNnability.Oranuris life wrote out 6 pagesof detailed instructionson I thoughtit would beworth while to expandon force that haslost its patternability; its ability how to handle what I consideredan emerthe subjectfurther. Oranuris a pollutant ia the to be patterned. gency. Keep in mind that when the oranur environmNrt very fewpeople that knowabout. Here is anotherway of looking at the poisoned accumulators late October, my in I Even fewer understand its unique danger. subject. ln simplistic terms,if we think of dismantledthem within a few weeks. This With that inmind, I will relatea few more of orgoneenergyas "good", thenDOR canbe acc'mulatoronMaui wasleft assembled until my experiences.(Also seethe bulletin board thought of as "bad." This good-baddiJanuaryand was in a much 661s dangerous in this issuefor clarifrcation on the differeoce chotomydescribes boundaries system conditionby then. the ofa betweenoranur and DOR.) of moral values. Oranur then would be a Sean showed David my letter whe,lrit (For thosewho are readi.g this article purelyamoral completely act, obliviousto the arrived. David was skepticalofthe ueedfor fust, it is a follow-up to the Fizix Korner previously established good-badsystemof theextreme precautions my letterrecomthat article in the July-August1992issueof this values. It is neither "good" (moral) nor mended. Being an accomplished dowser, Journal.) "bad" (immeral),but its effect is to the David decidedon a simpler,more directap Forthepurposes ofclarity, I wouldlike to detriment of "good." I hope this frrther proach;he wouldjust dowseout the problem startthisarticlebyelaborating onthenatureof elaborationhelpsthe readerunderstand the andits solutionhimself. HeandSeanwent up oranuragain. Oranuris so rrnlikeany other natureof oranura litlle better. Now, on with into his room, openedthe accumulator and bio-energetic conditionthat alnost everyone the story. stepped inside. David got out his pendulum I have spokento about it cannotdescribeit Theoranwthatpassed throughHawaiiin and startedaskingquestions.No matterwhat backto me in their own words. The concept lateOctober 1977 of originated from anatmoDavidasked, pendullm wouldonly swing the is simply too foreip. First of all, oranuris spheric nucleartest,somewhere the South in a counter-clockwise in direction. Affer 5 orgone energy a particularlydisrupted in state. Pacific. All of my orgoneaccumulators beminutesof this, both David andSean beceme It consists l00Vo of life force. Wherever cameunusable afterthat. However, worst the frightened. The pendulum was totally unreoranurexists,it is part ofthe orgoneenergy emergency iavolving an orgoneaccumulator sponsive,and neither of them had ever encontinuum. Oranuris orgotreenergythat has occurredon the island of Maui in the little countered before.Theydropped this backand beenactedupon and taken on some of the town ofKula. Earlier,inttre summer 1911, decided look at my letter again. of to characteristics nucleardecaying of material. a friend of mine namedPaul, who lived in My lrst recommendation to find the was So called radioactivematerial can be deKula, hadbeenin anaccident. Hephonedand perimeter ofthe affected area.I hadsuggested scribdasmatter that haslost its integrity. In askedme for directionson how to build an thatit maybesome distance fromtheaccumuotherwords, it is dis-integrating. Ifyou think orgoneaccumulator, he hadseen units as my lator. They evenfually foundthe perimeterof ofeach elementashaving an identity, suchas on anearliervisit. I gavehim theinstructions, the oranur field being supportedby this orcarbonor uranium,then the radioactiveeleandhe subsequently built a4-layer accumula- goneaccumulator over 120yardsaway! At mentsare the onesthat are losing their identor and usedit successfully accelerale to his this point, in shockand terror, they setup a tity. They are in the processef fscsming recovery. (I[is gentlemanis a recording base of operationsto clean up the problem somethingother than what they are now. artist andconcert pianistofsome renown,so from over a block and a halfaway from the Sinceorgoneenergyis so fundamental and I will refrainfrom usinghis full name.)After house. By this time, they knew they were in primal,it cannot become something else.But his recovery,the speedof which emazed his way over their heads, so they decided to it cantakeonthecharacteristic ofdis-integra- doctors, Paulleft Maui onanextended concert follow my instructions. tion, which is the antithesisof its essential tour andrentedhis houseoutto somefriends. It mustbe difficult for theaverage reader nafue. As it turnedout, Paulhadleft his orgone to comprehend, the areaaffectedby severe but Normally,orgone energy theself-orga- accumulator up in a closetand when the is set DOR and oranur from this accumulatorwas aizing,integrating, t/rth of a mile in diameter.To compound anim61i1g forcein nature. oranurc4me tbrough,it becamebadly poithe When actedupon by nuclear decayingmatesoned.The person who renledthat room was problem,it was locatedin a residential area. rial, it looses self-organizing integrat- a student a locally famoushealeron Maui its and of Many inne6gntpeople were exposedto a ing characteristics, remain3 enimsthg but tls at the time namedDavid Linle. David wasa deadlyinllueucefor monthsduringthis inciforce in nature. The presenceof oranur imgifted healerwho bad studiednutrition, hodent. pedes sellorgenizing @ealing) the activities meopathy, dowsing, radionics andmuch more. Thelrst thingto dowasto bringdonathe of living organis6ssn4 promotes their disin([his person'sreal name slippedmymind, high levels of oranurchargein the accumulahas tegration (death). Oranur is living energy s6| will sall him Sean.)Seanhad studied with tor while limiting personal exposureto this whoseessentialnaturehasbeenso disrupted David Little for over a year andwas in exceldeadlyenergy. Sinceorgoneenergyis readily that it can no longer function as part of the lent healthwhenhe movedinto Paul'shouse. absorbedby water, the procedurethey used wholeof Life, andnowbehaves asthough is it He uever usedthe accumulator,but did sleep wasasfollows. (Keepin mind,thatwe didnot a mortal enemy. The self-organizing and within l0 feetof it. WhenSean's healthtook know aboutthe CopenRadiationRectifierat


by Peter Lindemann A.

Journal of Borderland ResearchNovember-December lgg2, page 19

this time.) Onepe:rson a time wasto run into at the accumulatorwith a bucket of water and a sponge,rinse dorm one inside wall of tbe accumulator with water while wearingrubber gloves, run back out and take a 15 minute shower.This procedue wasrepeated each for inside wall, floor and ceiling. After this was done,over 907oofthe noxious energywas in the 6 bucketsofwater. Compressed from air a ssubatank was bubbled 1fo16rrgh water the until the DOR was clearedandthen the water was porued onto somehealthy plants. After this,theaccrmulatorwas rapidly disassembled. The organic materials and the frame were burned. The sheetmetal was cut up into six inch squares buried two feet underground and in the woods with markings on tle container indicating extreme danger from radioactive materials. After the accumulatorwas gone, they stoutto clearthemselves fthe noxious o energies.David found that a great deal ofthe DOR and oranur had lodged in the testicles and in the blood. Homeopathicradiation reilredies,yogic breathing exercisesand repea.tedmasturbation clearedtheseenergyresiduesout oftheirbodies. Homeopathic radiation remedieswere radionically broadcastto the whole area until the neighborhood was clear. Within a shortperiod, Sean'sodd blood decomposingcondition cleared up and by March of 1978, the orailu emergency on Maui wasovr. Paulwasabit nonplused the at destructionofhis accumulatorin his absence. To this day,I'm not sureheunderstoodwhy it warnecessary. Seanwas rapidly developing leuke,miaandwouldhave diedwithin6 months (I surmise) iflsthing hadbeendone. Today, a SpaceCrafter CopenRadiation Rectiher or could clearthewhole messout in a few hours, but without thesetools, the situatiouwasvery d?ngerorN. Anothet,smallerincidenthappened about six mooths later a half mile from where I lived. A friend of my girlfriend had begun noticing that she felt very uneasygoing near oveu.Ithad gottentothepoint hermicrowave that sheno longerliked to useit. Her reaction was purely emotional; she simply dreaded going nearit andshedid not know why. When I heardaboutthis, I told hr that I understood what her problem was and reassured that her she was not crazy. At the same time, her husbaad didn't notice anything different or unusualarormdthe oven. The next day I went down to her house with my Copen Radiation Rectifier. Sure her ,nough, microwave oven wffl poisoned with orauur. I determinedthisby a few simple t6ts. First, I tried to put my head inside the afterI madesureit wasunplugged I was ov,n .

pressure with animmediate head- of radioactiveelements. On top of that, confronted have ache. I pulled my headout andthe headache millions of radioactive smokedetectors been installed in buildings that we frequent. instantly went away. Next, I put my hand Exposure low levelsof oranuris, for most to insidethe ovenandwithin J seconds, odd an ofus, almosta daily occurrence. tingling feelingwas evident. When I pulled Herearea few thingsyou cando to limit my hand out, however,this weird tingling yourexposure oranur.First,ifyou ownany to feeling came with it and clung to my hand. smokedetectors, ifthey containradioacsee The oranurfelt stuck to my haodlike a gluey energyresidue. Washingmy handsunder tive materials.Ifthey do,it is listedona label runningwaterdidnot completely removethis on the bottom. Usually,thesesmokedeteceeriefeeling. I put the RadiationRectifierin tors areofthe "ionization" type andcontain the oven and ran it for about 30 minutes. .8 to 1.0microcuries ofAmericium, element Whenit wasdone,all the oranurwas cleared. 95. If you own one of these,I,et rid of it (safely) and replaceit with a smokedetector Puttingmy heador handinsidethe oventhis sensations all. A thatoperates onthe"photo-electric" method. time produced unusual no at the so monthlaterI wentbackand re-tested oven FirstAlertmakesbothtlpes, makesureyou andit wasstill clearoforanur.Theoranur that are buying the right replaceme,nt. Second orantn, had beenclearedlrom this microwaveoven considerbuyinganappliancethatclears had not beenproduced its normal opera- like the Copen Radiation Rectifier or the by tion. It musthavepickedup the oranurfrom SpaceCrafter. Third, you can lobby your (Probably same anexternal source. the source government officials to stop the nuclear (bomb) testing program and shut down all that poisoned accumulators.) my I havealsoencountered gradeoranur nuclear research facilities. Fourth,donotbuy low conditions that had built up to dangerous or eat irradiatedfoodsas they containa siglevelsin otherordinaryhousehold appliances. nihcantresidueoforanur. Last,nevertravel nuclearpower One hling cabinet,for instance, was sufTi- within I 0 milesof anoperating cientlypoisoned with oranurto produce nonstationand dehnitely don't take the guided specificanxietyand splittingheadaches its toru. (And if you are inclined, work to get for bewilderedowner. All of theseslmptoms them all shut down. Also, avoid being stavanishedand neverrefumedafter using the submationedon or visiting nuclearpowered RadiationRectiher.This filing cabinethad rines, aircraft carriers,weapons depots, etc. becomepoisoned oranurwhenradioac- e t c .e t c . . . . . ) with a tive smokedetector beenleft sitting on it had In closing, I would just like to 'hank for a few daysbeforeit was installed. everyonewho responded the first article to It is important to understand that any aboutoranur. Many of you are building the metal enclosure can,underthe right circumCopen Radiation Rectifier, have bought a stances, behave like an orgoneaccumulator. SpaceCrafter, areusingtheclearingproceor Filing cabinets, ovens, microwaveovens, metal dureforthe SE-5.Forhumanitytosuwivethe cookiejarsandothermetal enclosures and can global oranur emergency, will need an we do quite often accumulate orgoneenergyat army of people with this tecbnologycondensities abovethe atmospheric norm. This is stantlyclearing their own localify. Thankyou fertile groundfor Jroxious energies gather, for volunteering for this sacredserviceto the to stagnateand fester. Periodic exposureto Life Force. A specialthanksgoesto Lutie these energy helds is a severestresson a Larsenfor printing the completeoranurclearperson's healththateventually appears the as ing procedure for the SE-5 in her SepVOct breakdown the weakest of system. In situa- newsletter SE-5users. Thanksfor getting to tionssuchasthis,each person's symptoms are the word out! differentandthereappears be no cofilmon to Well, 1992hasbeenan:mazingyearfor conneclion, The common causeof oranur high quality information. I expect1993to be exposure neversuspected. is Also, the pres- evenbetter. Until theq havea happyholiday enceof oranurmasksothersymptoms is and season in spiteof all thespiralingmadness and undetectable radiesthetic, by radionic,or any in this world, be mindful of all we haveto be othermedicalmeans. Only penodic use of thankful for. devices the Copen like RadiationRectiheror the SpaceCrafter keepan areaclearofthe can problemspresented oranur. you by Practice...ondmoysuceed unbelievin I hopethese honor stories serve a wake as ing o lot oFunnecessority unbelievoble up call to our readership. live in a world We stuff.Afterthot,you will hove ploce o to that hasexperienced hundreds ofatomic bomb putsomerealknowledge about foas. real explosions.Thesenucleardetonations have laced environrnent billionsof srams the vtith Richard Shaver S.

Page20, November-December 1992 Journal of Borderland Research