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iPhone Guide
Note: IP should be configured first well on DVR machine. Recommend to test IE connection first, make sure DVR to Internet OK.

1. SuperCam 2.12(iphone) Installation (software is on software shop)

1.1 Installation via iPhone Drectly (1). Open App Store (2). Search with supercam_pro

(3). Click FREE

(4).Click INSTALL

(4). Click INSTALL

(5). InputiTunes Username and PW to download and install

1.2 Installation via PC (1). Install iTunes

(2). Connect iPhone to PC

(3). Search with supercam_pro

(4). Click FREE

(5). InputiTunes Username and PW to download

6. Synch SuperCam_Pro to iPhone

1.3. SuperCam 2.12(iphone) User Manual (1) Login

Server for Server IP or Domain Name, (above IP is just a sample) User to input user name and Password for DVR Password

(Server IP, User, Password should be configured well on DVR machine first)
Remember server to keep login information For quick login by using record login information (2) Menu



Log Logoff

Server ListLive



(3) Live

Mark 1

Channel No Channel Change Snap Close Viewing Video Single Channel Mode Up of PTZ Left of PTZ Stop of PTZ Zoom Out/Focus Out/Iris Sub

Mark 2

Channel status and selection PTZ (3 image) Record Switch Audio 4 Channel Mode Down of PTZ Right of PTZ Zoom In/Focus In/Iris Add

Preset Speed V-Reserve

Preset Selection PTZ Speed Vertical Direction Reserve

Group H-Reserve

Cruise Selection Horizontal Direction Reserve

(4) Picture of Snap

First image First piece Copy to photo album

Next piece Last Piece Delete photo

(5) Playback

Click Playback on menu Play/Pause Slow play (6) Server catch Stop Fast Play

Add a record Delete a record

Edit a record

(7) Settings

Record Record file clip size: record to another file if size of file recorded more than the setting Reservered disk space: stop record when space less than the setting Live Display mode: default mode setting (1 or 4 Channel) Remember display order: order display selection Alarm Audio AlarmPhone Voice alarm for Video Loss/Sensor/Motion Shake Alarm, Phone shake alarm for Video Loss/Sensor/Motion (8) Information

Device(DVR): Devce Name: Device ID: Software version Build date: Phone Software version Software build date :