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48 Testing Words

Every Student Should Know

Analyze Assess Calculate Classify Compare Complete Conclusion Contrast Decode Defend Define Demonstrate Describe Details Diagram Discuss Draft Evaluate Examine Example Explain Formulate Identify Infer Interpret

Break apart; study the pieces Judge; consider Work out; compute Put in order; sort Tell how alike; judge against Finish; end Ending; wrapping up Tell how things are different; draw a distinction Make out; break apart Support; uphold Describe; characterize Show; make plain Tell about; explain Provide exact items; be specific Label the parts of the drawing; make a drawing, chart, or plan Talk about; argue Plan; rough copy Judge; consider Look at; inspect Give an instance; case Make clear; put in your own words Put together; create Name: label Make a good guess; read between the lines Explain the meaning; make clear

Justify Label List Observe Order Organize Outline Passage Predict Reflect Reproduce Restate Result Retell Review Revise Sequence Sort State Summarize Support Trace Visualize

Give good reason; defend Name; identify Record; name Watch; notice Sort; organize Put in order; arrange Give a rough idea; plan Part; section Guess; tell what will happen next Think about; wonder about Copy; repeat Repeat; say again Give an answer; consequence Repeat; say again Look at; study Change; alter Put in order; put in a series Group; classify Say; affirm Sum it up; give a short version Give the facts; back up with details Outline; map out Imagine; think about