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gandhi_collected works vol 98

gandhi_collected works vol 98


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Published by: Nrusimha ( नृसिंह ) on Jan 29, 2009
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December 25, 1947


I got your letter about Barwani. I have been doing what I can
ever since the first telegram came. The local Muslims have some
staunch Hindus for their friends. I am also in correspondence with
them. They are working hard. Isn’t there exaggeration in what you
write? It happened in the case of Junagadh. My informants were
well-placed Muslims. They had exaggerated matters to such an extent
that at last they had to publicly issue a correction and apologize. I am
not bothered about it but at present such exaggeration gives rise to
dislike of all Muslims. And this hurts me very much. I am therefore
sounding a note of caution to you. After all the Government officers
have also taken some steps.
Please let me have whatever authoritative information you have.

From a copy of the Gujarati: Pyarelal Papers. Courtesy: Pyarelal

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