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gandhi_collected works vol 98

gandhi_collected works vol 98


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January 21, 1948

I do not find this as shocking as you do.1

Because if I say no,
the Sardar and Jawaharlal, who are hemmed in by so many
worries, will be haunted by the added worry concerning my
safety. These friends are shouldering a great responsibility
today. I personally believe that I am in the keeping of Rama. If He
wants to take me away, even a hundred thousand men cannot
save me. But those in the Government do not share my faith in
ahimsa and if they believe that I can be protected by these police
guards, so be it. Today perhaps I am the only one left who has faith in
ahimsa. I pray to God that He may grant me the strength to
demonstrate this ahimsa even if it be in my own person. So it is all the
same to me whether there are or there are not all these police and
military personnel posted here for my protection. Because it is Rama
who protects me and I become more and more convinced that
everything else is futile.2

[From Gujarati]

Dilhiman Gandhiji—II, p. 364


The addressee had expressed his fear that Gandhiji might not allow so many
police personnel to be posted in the Birla House.


After the bomb explosion on January 20 and on receiving information from
the Bombay Government about a conspiracy to assassinate Gandhiji, Vallabhbhai
Patel tightened the security measures at Birla House by posting army and police
personnel along with plainclothes men. As a precautionary measure the police wanted
to search everyone entering the compound. According to a statement made by
Vallabhbhai Patel in Parliament on February 6 “the D. I. G. met Gandhiji and
represented to him that there was danger and they should be allowed the facilities
asked for, otherwise they would be discredited if anything untoward happened, but
Gandhiji would not agree. He said that his life was in the hands of God, that if he had
to die, no precautions could save him and that he would not agree to anybody being
restricted from coming to prayer meetings or anybody being allowed to come between
his audience and himself. I myself pleaded with Gandhiji for allowing the police to do
their duty in regard to his protection, but without success.”



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