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gandhi_collected works vol 98

gandhi_collected works vol 98


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Published by: Nrusimha ( नृसिंह ) on Jan 29, 2009
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Two weeks ago I hinted in the Gujarati columns that the Harijan
printed in the Urdu script was likely to be stopped as its sale was
steadily dwindling. Apart even from financial considerations, I saw no
meaning in publishing it, if there was no demand for it. The dwindle
to me was a sign of resentment against its publication. I would be
foolish if I failed to profit by it.
My view remains unalterable especially at this critical juncture in
our history. It is wrong to ruffle Muslim or any other person’s feeling
when there is no question of ethics. Those who take the trouble of
learning the Urdu script in addition to the Nagari, will surely lose
nothing. They will gain a knowledge of the Urdu script, which many
of our countrymen know. If it was not for cussedness, this proposition
will be admitted without any argument. The limitations of this script in
terms of perfection are many. But for elegance and grace it will equal
any script in the world. It will not die so long at least as Arabic and
Persian live, though it has achieved a status all its own without outside
aid. With a little adaptation it can serve the purpose of shorthand. As a
national script, if it is set free from the bondage of orthodoxy, it is
capable of improvement so as to enable one to transcribe Sanskrit
verses without the slightest difficulty.
Lastly, those who in anger boycott the Urdu script, put a wanton
affront upon the Muslims of the Union who, in the eyes of many
Hindus, have become aliens in their own land. This is copying the bad
manners of Pakistan with a vengeance. I invite every inhabitant of
India to join me in a stern refusal to copy bad manners. If they will
enter the heart of what I have written, they will prevent the impending
collapse of the Nagari and Urdu editions of the Harijan. Will Muslim
friends rise to the occasion and do two things—subscribe to the Urdu
edition and diligently learn the Nagari script and enrich their
intellectual capital?
NEW DELHI, January 11 , 1 948

Harijan, 18-1 -1948



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