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Agriculture 1005 Writing Assignment 5

Andrew Smith

1. A benefit of transgenic crops according to Monsanto is that they are very resistant to viruses and can tolerate herbicide and insects better and produce better crops. 2. The other website says that transgenic crops are long-term economic disasters for farmers and transgenic crops dont yield potential. Transgenic crops are long-term economic disasters for farmers because the price of transgenic crops is rising dramatically thereby decreasing the amount a farmer can make of its crops. 3. I am skeptical of both websites because on the Monsanto website you can see all the brands of products they have and so I think to appeal to these brands and keep them they may overemphasize the benefits of transgenic crops. Also for the saynotogmos website seems to me to be one of those websites that always pop up whenever any new progress in made in any field of science. 4.A. The legitimacy of human health risks associated with consuming food products from transgenic crops seems to be up to debate because opponents of transgenic crops believe there could be a chance that these new crops would create a new allergen or cause unexpected allergic reaction in individuals, nut this cant be verified for sure because there havent been enough peer- reviewed long term extensive study on the effect of transgenic crops to confirm or deny this assumption. 4.B. This risk seems to apply to any transgenic crop that has a gene inserted in a plant because of the chance that crop will create a new disease or allergen. 4.C. Countries have been working to create a regulation process that will analyze thee effect of the crops and approve which ones are allowed, but the whole state of the affair seems to muddled all around the world in deciding on which method is the best. The only safeguards seem to be longterm research studies on the plants but well not know about their results for a long time. 5. I agree with the principle fully because transgenic crops are not a small thing but rather the biggest thing we all need other than water because these crops are food we eat to survive. If there is any product that humans need to go on then I believe that it should be fully investigated and tested before releasing out to the general public. Human concern should priority number one over anything else like profits from the crops. All the risks must be learnt for any technology of this scale.